The realities of teacher learning in urban schools

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The realities of teacher learning in urban schools contexts, constraints, collaboration, and school reform
Boland, Patricia M
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Includes bibliographical references (leaves 268-285).
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School of Education and Human Development
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by Patricia M. Boland.

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Learning as Community


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inquiry as stance

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Exploring Blue Highways

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features features

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"creating meaningful opportunities for teachers to come together across subgroups

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build play community playing community

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"Institutionalizing change, sustaining it, and generalizing it are some of the fundamental tasks of large-scale educational refonn and of leadership within and beyond the school" (Hargreaves, Earl, Moore, Manning, 2001, p. 158).

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knowledge/or practice.

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Learning as Community learning as community

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My research confirms the importance of situating school restructuring in social and cultural context. found that educators' cooperative efforts and opportunities to change policy were profoundly influenced by their ideological dispositions, the culture of the school and school district, and the structuring of race, class, and power in multiple contexts (Lipman, p.

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Learning as Community

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and sustain

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Frameworkfor Poverty

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Teachers' Perceptions of Their Leadership and Learning/or Urban School Improvement

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Thank participants. telling

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This survey is designed gain information about your experiences as urban educator. This is confidential survey so please thoughtful and honest in your answers. Please complete both sides this survey. Instructions; For each question, circle the answer that most accurately represents your experiences in urban education and the teaching profession. Please turn over and complete other side.

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lrc e t e response t at most ose y a zgns wz 'th your e le

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Democratic principles

PAGE 286

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PAGE 287

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PAGE 288

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PAGE 289

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PAGE 290

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PAGE 291

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PAGE 292

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PAGE 293

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PAGE 294

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PAGE 295

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PAGE 296

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PAGE 297

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PAGE 298

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PAGE 299

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PAGE 300

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PAGE 302

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PAGE 303

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