Colorado: A Historical Atlas

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Colorado: A Historical Atlas
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Colorado: A Historical Atlas
Lamm, Richard D.
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Denver, CO
Center for Colorado and the West
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Auraria Library
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Auraria Library
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Colorado: A Historical Atlas | Center for Colorado & the West at Auraria Library[12/7/2015 3:07:53 PM] Home Colorado: A Historical AtlasColorado: A Historical AtlasSubmitted by barlowk on 7-22-2015 09:51 PMAuthor: By Thomas J. Noel with cartography by Carol Zuber-Mallison Publishing: Colorado: A Historical Atlas By Thomas J. Noel with cartography by Carol Zuber-Mallison. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 2015. 368 pages. Color photographs; maps. 12 x 9. $39.95 hardcover. Reviewer: Richard D. Lamm Reviewer Affiliation: University of Denver Few things are more impressive in the world of arts than to watch an accomplished author at the height of his or her powers. Tom Noel has written widely on a myriad of historical subjects but this is surely his magnum opus An ambitious, comprehensive book, its lateral reach is breathtaking. Noel accomplishes the near impossible: to capture the essence of a state in one (admittedly large) book.This work is a thoroughly revised edition of Noels book of the same name first published in 1994. Laid out in this eminently readable book is Colorado in all its natural, historical, and economic glory with over one hundred new maps and a hundred new photos enriching his earlier work. This book won the Angie Debo Prize for the most distinguished book published by the University of Oklahoma Press.When an author tries to capture the essence of a state and its people, the challenge is to balance specific details with the goal of capturing a panorama of the state. We need to know about the history, geography, economy of Colorado, as well as its significant personalities, as they fit into the total picture, all the while knowing that many details must of necessity be left to more in-depth works (which are cited in the comprehensive bibliography). Leave too much out, and we feel frustrated; put too much in, and we lose the full impact of the total picture. Noel walks this line skillfully. We see enough of the details, but they dont distract us from the bigger picture. Like a sculptor, the author has to know what to cut away what to cut leave intact. Historians tend to look in depth, and Noel has earned his well-deserved reputation as a historian by a lifetime of traditional work. Beyond his more academic work, Noel has shown his whimsical side in such works as Colorado: A Liquid History and Tavern Guide to the Highest State and has led many tours of Denvers historical architecture and drinking establishments to the delight of locals and tourists alike. The philosopher Spinoza used to hide sugar cookies among his papers so that deep in work, late at night, he would come across one of the hidden sugar cookies to his immense delight. Similarly, this book is filled with sugar cookie stories about Colorado. Maps and histories of hot springs, lynchings and legal executions, state parks and natural areas, sacred sites, museums, national historical landmarks, World War II and Cold War sitesthis book is filled with gems of all types that enrich and edify the reader and will give many unexpected surprises through hours of reading. Here is a wonderful way to review Colorado in all its splendor. EXPLORE BY MEDIABook Reviews Photographs Video Biographies New Publications Resource Guides County Newspaper HistoriesEXPLORE BY TOPICLand & Natural Resources Government & Law Agriculture Mining Commerce & Industry Transportation People & Places Communication Healthcare & Medicine Education & Libraries Cultural Communities Recreation & Entertainment Tourism ReligionEXPLORE BY CULTUREHispanic Native AmericanNow, thats wrong! Some of these Japanese are citizens of the United States. Colorado Gov. Ralph Carrs response to Executive Order 9066 forcing Japanese into internment camps during WWII.


Colorado: A Historical Atlas | Center for Colorado & the West at Auraria Library[12/7/2015 3:07:53 PM] Auraria Library 303-556-4587 1100 Lawrence Street Denver, Colorado 80204 In the News Partners & Donations About Us Contact Us Reviewer Info: Richard D. Lamm is a three-term governor of Colorado (1975) and the author or coauthor of seven books, including The Angry West and Pioneers and Politicians: Colorado Governors in Profile. He is a professor of public policy at the University of Denver.