Ghost over Boulder Creek

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Ghost over Boulder Creek
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Ghost over Boulder Creek
Megan, Ellie, and Alexus
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Denver, CO
Center for Colorado and the West
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Auraria Library
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Auraria Library
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Ghost over Boulder Creek | Center for Colorado & the West at Auraria Library[12/8/2015 11:40:29 AM] Home Ghost over Boulder CreekGhost over Boulder CreekSubmitted by jainlayconley on 4-8-2011 01:04 PMAuthor: Elaine Pease Publishing: Palmer Lake, CO: Filter Press LLC, 2010. 148 pages. 5 x 8. $8.95 paperback. Reviewer: Megan, Ellie, and Alexus (Youth Reviewers) Editors note: This is a review written by sixth-grade students of a historical fiction book for young readers. Ghost over Boulder Creek by Elaine Pease is an exciting Native American historical mystery book. The book is about a young Cheyenne boy named Run Through Fire, who is half white. He believes that he must go on a journey to find the spirit being. The spirit being is supposed to be able to tell whether a boy is ready to become a warrior or not. Just as Run Through Fire is ready to give up he encounters the spirit being. The spirit being tells him that he is not ready to become a warrior. Enraged, he goes back to his tribe only to find that it is under attack. The white men are quickly killing off the warriors of the village; Run Through Fire is not able to help because he is helping his injured mother. Soon, they are captured by the white men and are taken back to their camp. The soldiers assumed that Run Through Fire is a white child who had been captured at a young age and taught to be Cheyenne. The white men decide to send Run Through Fire to another camp, under the escort of the famous Buffalo Bill. Soon Buffalo Bill comes to get Run Through Fire to begin their journey. After much traveling on horseback, Buffalo Bill and Run Through Fire encounter the Cheyenne tribe. Run Through Fire persuades them to let Buffalo Bill live, telling them that it will help the tribe get free. That day Run Through Fire changes his name to Billy Tull, after his father. He thinks that if he finds his father, who is working in Boulder as a farmhand, that he may be able to help. That night Billy runs away, in search of his father. Soon enough Billy reaches Boulder and finds a farm to tie his horse up. Billy encounters Rebecca Conner, a farmers daughter. She treats him warmly, letting him stay overnight and agrees to ask her father to let him work as a farm hand. In the morning Billy meets her father, Horace Conner, only to find that his father worked as a farmhand for him. Conner chases Billy out of the house. Billy is confused as to why Rebeccas father treats him so coldly. Soon after, Rebecca, nicknamed Orange Head, tells Billy that his father was hanged for being a horse thief. After seeing a ghostly image of his father, he sets out to find the dark secrets behind his dads death. After he solves his dads murder, the story ends with Billy joining Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. Pease grew up in San Rafael, California, and now lives in Colorado. This author writes for children in preschool through elementary school. She previously wrote two childrens picture books, Even Sharks Need Friends and Ill Never Leave. In Ghost over Boulder Creek, geared towards readers eight and up, she combines history and mystery to create an exciting adventure story. She got the idea to write this book because when her children were learning about history, all their books were boring, so she decided to write EXPLORE BY MEDIABook Reviews Photographs Video Biographies New Publications Resource Guides County Newspaper HistoriesEXPLORE BY TOPICLand & Natural Resources Government & Law Agriculture Mining Commerce & Industry Transportation People & Places Communication Healthcare & Medicine Education & Libraries Cultural Communities Recreation & Entertainment Tourism ReligionEXPLORE BY CULTUREHispanic Native AmericanWhile on the Dominguez-Escalante expedition in 1776, Bernardo de Miera y Pacheco drew the first map of Colorado.


Ghost over Boulder Creek | Center for Colorado & the West at Auraria Library[12/8/2015 11:40:29 AM] an interesting historical fiction. She is now working on the sequel to Ghost over Boulder Creek. The author has her own website called, which has more information on her books. We thought that the storyline flowed well. There were some points in the book where we felt it could have used more detail or description. For example, we would have liked for Pease to have described the scenery more. Most importantly, we liked the twist at the end. We would recommend this to children third grade and up who like a little mystery mixed in with some exciting adventure. It would be a good book for anyone who likes historical fiction or mysteries that are a little bit scary at times. Ghost over Boulder Creek is a great book. Her other books are Unsinkable: The Molly Brown Story (Filter Press, 2006), Emily Griffith: Opportunity's Teacher (Filter Press, 2005), and A Yellowstone Savage: Life in Nature's Wonderland (J. D. Charles Publishing, 1988). General William Palmer has only 91 pages but packs many facts on Palmer and much information on other historical figures. This book is a must-read for young people who need information about General William Palmer. Reviewer Info: Megan, Ellie, and Alexus live in Colorado and are sixth graders at a Jefferson County Public School. They are members of the Dozen Bananasa club for students who have exceptional writing abilities. Megan loves to play soccer. When she grows up she wants to be a singer or an author. Ellie loves the sweet, sugary taste of candy and her hobby is talking a lot. She is always planted in front of the television when her favorite womens basketball team is playing. Alexus loves to read books like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and can be caught reading manga or watching anime. When she grows up she wants to become a counselor or a doctor so she can help people. Add new commentComments Awesome job! Permalink Submitted by Anonymous on 4-8-2011 02:44 PMYou guys did a great job in your book review. I bet you have future careers in writing! I hope you had fun reading this book. reply This book review makes me Permalink Submitted by Anonymous on 4-8-2011 02:48 PMThis book review makes me want to read the actual book. reply