Susan Anderson: Colorado’s Doc Susie

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Susan Anderson: Colorado’s Doc Susie
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Susan Anderson: Colorado’s Doc Susie
Lia, Natalie, and Kalene
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Denver, CO
Center for Colorado and the West
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Auraria Library
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Auraria Library
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Susan Anderson: Colorados Doc Susie | Center for Colorado & the West at Auraria Library[12/8/2015 11:39:33 AM] Home Susan Anderson: Colorados Doc SusieSusan Anderson: Colorados Doc SusieSubmitted by jainlayconley on 4-8-2011 01:25 PMAuthor: Lydia Griffin Publishing: Palmer Lake, CO: Filter Press LLC, 2010. Black and white photos, index, sources. 72 pages. 5 x 8. $8.95 paperback. Reviewer: Lia, Natalie, and Kalene (Youth Reviewers) Note: Three six-grade students wrote this review of Susan Anderson: Colorados Doc Susie, a juvenile nonfiction book. Lydia Griffin wrote Susan Anderson: Colorados Doc Susie for ages ten and up. However, the book might be appropriate for advanced third-grade readers. This book or subject might appeal to doctors, people who love history, or people who need facts about Doc Susie. We would rate this book three out of five stars. This is a nonfiction book about achievement and loss. Susan Anderson, who went by Susie, was born on January 31, 1870. When she was at a very young age, her mother and father were divorced, and Susan and her younger brother, John, were shipped off to Barry, Coloradowhere headlines shouted Gold Found! As a kid, Susie wanted to be a telegrapher. But as she grew older she dreamed about being a doctor, which at that time was unusual for women. After she graduated from high school her father remarried. In 1893, she headed off to medical school with little money in her pocket. Her stepmother, who did not like Susan, convinced her father to stop paying for college. Luckily Susan met a classmate named Mary Lapham, who had a disease called tuberculosis. Mary came from a very wealthy family and helped Susie out by loaning her money for college. Sadly, in 1900 Susies brother, whom she was very close with, died of pneumonia. In 1904, Susan was chosen to be Grand County coroner. In the late 1800s and early 1900s it was dangerous to build railroads. Many workers were killed. She investigated deadly accidents including some that happened while constructing the Moffat Tunnel. After the tunnel was finished, she became a local doctor in Fraser and traveled over mountains to get to patients. We would encourage nonfiction lovers to read this book, which is very descriptive, and has lots of information and pictures. When one of us got this book, she thought to herself, Oh, I hate nonfiction, but I guess Ill try it out. Being a fiction junkie, she enjoyed this refreshing read and learned a lot. We would recommend this book to anyone who feels they struggle finding nonfiction they like, or people who are looking for another good nonfiction book to read. Susan Anderson is Griffins first nonfiction book. You may ask, why did she write about Doc Susie? In Griffins other book, Prunes and Rupe Doctor Susan Anderson makes an appearance, which sparked the EXPLORE BY MEDIABook Reviews Photographs Video Biographies New Publications Resource Guides County Newspaper HistoriesEXPLORE BY TOPICLand & Natural Resources Government & Law Agriculture Mining Commerce & Industry Transportation People & Places Communication Healthcare & Medicine Education & Libraries Cultural Communities Recreation & Entertainment Tourism ReligionEXPLORE BY CULTUREHispanic Native AmericanKatherine Lee Bates wrote the lyrics of America the Beautiful after an awe-inspiring trip to the top of Pikes Peak in 1893.


Susan Anderson: Colorados Doc Susie | Center for Colorado & the West at Auraria Library[12/8/2015 11:39:33 AM] author to learn more about her. Susan Anderson: Colorados Doc Susie is written chronologically, beginning with her birth and ending with her death. It has a table of contents and is organized very neatly. Susan Anderson has a timeline, glossary, bibliography, index, and acknowledgments. This book is so well written you would think that some of it is made up. Though its factual, it is entertaining. Its also good for people who hate nonfiction. It is great for people who need facts about Doc Susie. Reviewer Info: Kalene, Lia, and Natalie live in Colorado and are tackling sixth grade at a Jefferson County Public School. They are members of the Dozen Bananasa club for students who have exceptional writing abilities. Kalene probably grabbed a book in her first moments of life, she loves to read. Lias favorite subject is math and as a hobby she decorates cakes. She loves to go four-wheeling with her family in the summer. Natalie likes to write fiction. She also enjoys math, summer, and spending time with friends. Add new commentComments Nice review Permalink Submitted by Anonymous on 4-8-2011 02:50 PMThat review really made me want to read the book and learn about Doc Susie!~MRG reply comment Permalink Submitted by Anonymous on 4-8-2011 02:51 PMI like the voice in this book. I now want to read this. reply Book Review Comment Permalink Submitted by Anonymous on 4-8-2011 02:56 PMThis review really got my attention. Reading it makes me want to read and learn about Susan. Also, this book really helped me decide if I this book is worth reading or not. reply