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Mile Hi JACL Bulletin, Volume 13, Number 2
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MamcK. Iftfifl
A man who has been con-
vinced that American ideals
are not only worth fighting
for but worth paying for has
been honored by the Japan-
ese American community of
Cleveland. Master Sgt.
Charles Jordan of Cleveland
has dedicated his efforts in
promoting international un-
derstanding and good will by
tossing his $3,000 savings,
$10^000 life insurance pol-
icy, and a $100 a month al-
lotment into a fund to bring
Japanese students to the
United States for their ed-
ucation. Jordan started the
International Student Trust
Fund in an answer to the
hate America feeling he
found in Japan. Other Amer-
icans who want to help in-
ternational relations might
take a hint. Here is e
truly person-to-person pro-
In his acceptance speech,
he pointed out that the ef-
forts of the International
Student Trust "to spread
democratic ideals and in-
ternational good will have
been recognized by the JACL,
whose principles were wei-
ghed upon the scales of
Justice in the Supreme
Court." "The JACL has ch-
ampioned these principles
upon which our nation was
founded." "The manner in
which the JACL has defended
these principles bears the
stamps of patriots." "To be
as an individual distin-
guished by the JACL is like
hearing one^ name spoken on
the lips of heros." "Ho man
who kno^s the history of the
JACL can doubt that it is a
force for democracy whose
ultimate objective is to
achieve a lasting democratic
unity of mankind, based more
on intellect ana sympathy
than upon law and treaty.
Kenji Miyazawa, a student
from Japan who received aid
from the fund, payed his
tribute to a "man who did
more to promote understand-
ing of American ideals- in
the Far East than any number
of diplomats."
In appreciation of past
efforts and to remind every-
one that his good works were
not forgotten, a delegation
of Mile-Hi JACL^rs attended
a Lincoln's Day banquet here
to honor Minnesota Congress-
man, ..'alter H. Judd*
The program was slightly
altered in order that Min
Yasui's letter of apprecia-
tion recalling his outstand-
ing efforts during the post-
war years to win equality in
naturalization could be read.
The. delegation included
Tak Terasaki, John Masunaga,
and Z* Kanegaye of the Kika
Kisei Domei* President In-
man of the Lincoln Club wel-
comed JACL representation at
this occasion*
Vihat should be the JACI
policy on U*S* Japan rela-
tions? Dr. ltoy Nishikawa,
National President, feels
that the Nisei can help to
promote peace in the world
through good will and under-
standing, especially between
Japan ana the United States
in view of his cultural
heritage. Dr. Hishikawa
urges that the JACL must be
flexible in its outlook if
it is to serve its community;
and meet the demands of a
changing world.
Saburo Kido (past Nation-
al President; in a speech at
Dan Francisco appeared to
take the stand that the JACL
should not be involved in
international relations by
asking "Isn't there confu-
sion in our thinking by mix-
ing the role of the Nisei as
individuals and the JACL, a
united group of Nisei from
all walks of life?"
President Nishikawa*s
conviction that the Nisei
can and must help promote
world peace is his own and
represents a point of view
that looms to stimulate del-
egates at the National con-
vention in August when they
decide whether the current
'hands-off" policy on U.3, -
Japan affairs should be
On April 27, the JACL is
sponsoring a benefit movie
at the i'ri-State isuddhist
church. The movie is in
color with English sub-
titles. Please keep this
date in mind and plan to at-
Do you have a son or
daugnter 16 to 21 years of
age during 1956? If not,
pass your bulletin to some-
one interested in the fol-
1. National Oratorical
2. National Essay
Theme: "What JACL Means
to the Japanese American
Youth". The same subject
will apply for both contests
but enter only one contest.
Oratorical Contest Rules
Each contestant shall
prepare a written manuscript
of his or her speech, the
length of delivery not to
exceed 12 minutes. Contes-
tants must be sponsored by a
chapter of the JACL. Con-
testants will be limited to
one 3" x 5M card for notes
In the finals.
Speeches will be judged
upon the basis of content,
organization of material,
and presentation.
Tne winner of the Nation-
al finals will be awarded a
trophy by the National Con-
vention Board and the Na-
tional JACL will present a
9200 government bond; the
second-place winner will re-
ceive a $100 government bond
and the third-place winner a
950 government bond.
Essay Contest Rules
Each contestant will sub-
mit an essay between 800 and
1,000 words in length. This
should be typed double-
spaced on regular letter-
size bond. The deadline for
such essays is postmarked
not later than midnight,
July 1, 1956.
Essays will be judged up-
on the basis of content,
originality of thought, ef-
fectiveness of presentation,
and good English.
First-place winner in the
Essay Contest will be given
a trophy by the National
Convention Board and will
also receive a $100 govern-
ment bond from the National
JACL. Second-place winner
in the Essay Contest will
receive a 950 bond, and
third-place winner will re-
ceive a $2$ government bond.
The purpose of these con-
tests is to encourage Japa-
nese American youth to fami-
liarize themselves with the
growth, development, and
contributions of the Japa-
nese American Citizens Lea-
gue in order that they might
understand and appreciate
the security and acceptance
which Americans of Japanese
ancestry enjoy today; and
also, to stimulate indepen-
dent thinking and develop
Chapter members, here is
a chance to encourage and
assist participants.
Roy H. Mayeda, a past
president of the Mile Hi
JACL, headed the annual Ag-
cultural Institute in Bri-
ghton, Colorado which has
become a community and re-
gion-wide activity for farm-
ers in Northern Colorado.
In a survey of the vege*
table indis try in Colorado,
it was noted that of the
eight prominent vegetable
growers in Northern Colora-
do, four Nisei were named
as authorities and outstan*
ding farmers-. The four are j
Mike Tashiro, Harry Fukaye,
Jess Masunaga and Roy H*
Mayeda, all of Brighton.
It was noted* that in
1914, there was 5,448 vege*
table farmers in Colorado,
but in 1954, only 2,139 veg-
etable farmers remained in
Colorado. It was observed
that competition from other
states, particularly Ariz.,
Calif, and Texas, and the
growth of volume buying by
grocery chains has made veg-
table production a precari-
ous business in Colorado..
The Brighton Agricultur-
al Institute was commenced
by leading Nisei, and past
chairmen have included Seiji
Horiuchl and Robert Sakata.

Mil*- Hi JACL Bulletin
Pa ge 2
March ,1958
Although very inexperi-
enced in this field, we have
undertaken the task of fill-
ing the shoes of Oski Tani-
v;aki, his staff, and preced-
ing editors to publish a
bulletin which we hope will
be readable and interesting.
We welcome any criticisms
:and suggestions to make it a
better bulletin.
We would like to initiate
a "Letter-to-the Editor
column. We ask that the
length of your letters be
kept to a minimum in ex-
pressing your thoughts.
We are deeply indebted
to: Oski Taniwaki for his
suggestions and general in-
troduction to the procedures
and mechanics; John Masunaga
for his encouragement; Min
Yasui, Bob Maruyama, Jim
Okazaki, and Rose Tanabe for
submitting articles; Tom
Masamori for his photographs;
Rose Mayeda for her wonder-
ful drawings; and last but
not least, Amy Uyeda and
Seiko Kuroki for their typ-
ing. We hope our green
thumbs turn greenish-yellow
by the time a couple of
issues reach you.
19 5 8
Published monthly by the
Mile-Hi Chapter of the
Japanese American Citizens
Sam Hatasaka
2745 Adams Street
Denver, Colorado
Susan Tawara
2240 Tremont Place
Denver, Colorado
Sam Nakazono
7101 Alan Drive
Denver, Colorado
Rose Mayeda
Tom Masamori
Rose Tanabe
Mary Sakata
Min Yasui
John Masunaga
Tammy Masunaga
Lorina Hatasaka
Seiko Kuroki
Amy Uyeda
Marcn 20, 195
How's everything in Ley-
ton Flace? I nope all the
exciting stories you wrote
about in your last letter
have turned out okay. How
can so many extraordinary
tnings happen in suen a
small town. Simply ravisn-
As for Denver, 1 haven't
heard very muen news or gos-
sip since we moved out to
the suburb. But every so
often I hear things wnieh
floor me, but are tantaliz-
ing, even though they might
not be true. Tnat's gossip
bid you hear, Bob Iwata
and Ester Xuwata had their
wedding reception at the Ca-
thay, February 1. We hear
Paul Osuga was a sober toast
master. Oh yeah, I hear Sam
Ota and Louise Ota are ex-
pecting a small problem. 1
wonder if it could be a
baby l
You know, this Evelyn Ko-
dama, the 1958 nICC Sweet-
heart Queen, is really a
sweet dish. She's a junior
in elementary education at
Greeley. Tnose lucky kids
who'll nave her for a teach-
Do you know who was al-
ways bidding for dates -at
the Henkyu service auction?
Bev. Tani. Better watch out
On, I never did tell you
about the JACL's Hew Year's
Eve Dance, did I? What a
blast. Hay Sakagucni got
bored with the party, so he
decided (?) to go to sleep.
He couldn't drive nome, so
he accepted the hospitality
of the Albany Hotel and used
their couch in the lobby. I
don't think an H-bomb explo-
sion or even his wife could
have woke him up. And Bud
Uchida got up and tried to
make a speech about mid-
night. For some reason, nis
speech wasn't normal and X
couldn't understand what he
said and his face was
white as a sheet. Might've
been a touch of the Asian
Flu or something. I can't
tell vou anything that hap-
pened after midnight. I.
blacked out.
Be good and don't cio any-
thing I wouldnt do.
In keeping with their foreign theme, tfapan, which ali
Protestant Churches of the United States are following,
this year, the Women's Group of the Messiah Lutheran
,Church, 1/50 Colorado Blvd., held a Family Night Program
called "Off to Adventure in Japan", held March 2nd.
Sirs. Edward Harboepresided over the program arranged
by Mrs, John B. Baird, Jr. Prof. C. Bridenhagen of C7/C,
gave background on the geographyand history of Japan.
Next, a panel with Kenji Konishi, Prof, at Tokyo--Univ.
now studying as a Fulbright Scholar at the Colo. School
of Mines, and Dr. and Mrs. Toshio Takeuchi led a dis-
cussion. Dr. Takeuchi is
studying American methods of
treating chest ailments and
'chest surgery at the Natl.
Jewish Hospital under the
auspices of the Fulbright
Exchange. Mrs. Bob Horiuchi
acted as:interpreter for the
The panel members answer-
ed questions on various cus-
toms and traditions of Japan
and changes which have taken
place since the War. Both
Prof. Konishi and Dr. Takeu-
chi agreed that the man is
still the head of the house-
hold in Japan. Mrs. Takeuchi
attired in a beautiful tied
silk and brocade kimono, in-
formed the group on Girls *
Day and the Tea Ceremony.
Mrs. Leeland Soker. Pres,
of the Rocky Mtn. Region Sy-
nod of Lutheran Women, spoke
on the Lutheran Missionary
Movement in Japan. Mrs. So-
ker pointed out. that among
the numberous orphanages they
have founded on the Island
of Kyushu, Lutheran Church
is subsidized 69% by their
own Japanese Community Chest
and only % by the Lutheran
Church. There was no govern-
ment interference in their
method of schooling the tots
despite the large economic
John Masunaga, President
of Mile*-Hi JACL, who assist-
ed in arranging the program,
was introduced to the group.
Mr;..Takefusa Sasamori, D.U.
music student, concluded the
program with his arrangement
of Japanese Folk Songs. Typ-
ical of numerous study pro-
grams, which other churdfr
groups have had, the program
left the group a better in-
formed and understanding one.
The Mile-Hi JACL's mem-
bership goal for 195S is
1000 members. Support the
JACL by getting your local
membership renewed. Send
your check 133*50 for sin-
gles, §6.00 for married
couples, $2.00 for college
students) to Mrs. Carl Itva-
saki, 1465 Monroe, Denver,
Colo, or Mrs. Don Tanabe,
Route 1, Henderson, Colo.
Mrs. Masunaga
Hood" luncheon
On February 13, in ob-
servance of Brotherhood Week
the Mile-Hi, Denver and De-
vorah Chapters of the B'nai
B'rith V/omen's League gave a
luncheon featuring foreign
dishes at the beautiful
Temple Emanuel. Among the
guests were representatives
of various organizations.
Mrs. John Masunaga of the
Mile Hi JACL was among those
attending. The menu con-
sisted of Turkish lentils.
Spanish rice, Chinese fried
rice, apple strudel, mar-
rinated herring, borscht,
lasonnia, lettuce with Cae-
sar's dressing, pizza, jello
salads and manael bread.
An interesting program
was arranged by the Anti-
Defamation League and was
presented following the
luncheon. A short skit en-
titled, "What Is A Line?"
dramatized by a group of Jr.
High students touched upon
the subject of name calling
and racial tension. The
"Rumor Clinic" in which the
audience participated was
moderated by Mr. Sheldon
Steinhauser, director of the
Anti-Defamation League.
Walter Kataoka, a student
at Manual High School was
commended for his fine per-
formance in the City's bas-
ketball league and State
Tournament. Though diminui-
tive compared to his oppon-
ents, his speed and agility
was commendable.

M ilc- W\ JACL Bulletin
Page 3
Petite Bvelyn nodama of Hawaii who is attending CSCE was
crowned "Miss Sweetheart" by sniriey Yasuaa, Miss Sweet-
neart of 1957 attenaents were Misses Bernice hoshic*
Mako Iwahashi, CwC; and Toshiico bumagaij CU. Hay Lipson
and his orchestra furnisned the incomparable music for
the Sweetheart Bail held at the AAUW Hall*
It looks like Frank Kamibayashi and Kaz Kanda have put
handcuffs on Genji Yamamoto at the annual intra-post
basketball game* Looking on are A1 Miyagishima and Bea-
ver Asano* Time has shown its affect as these old tim-
ers trotted or dragged wearily from basket to basket.
The team under Sam Momii is said to have won we don't
know whether it was shirts or skins.
1000 CLUB
Following is a list of
Local 1000" Club Members*
The National JACL appreci-
ates your interest and gen-
erous support for aiding the
National Program*
Mr, George T, Fukuma
Mr, Nakao Hoshijima
Mr, Shikano Iritani
Mrs. Hatsuko Menda
Mr# Minejiro Nakasugi
Mrs, Tatsuno Oka
Mr* Moroku Suyehiro
Mr, Uhachi Teshima
Mr, Rikizo F, Yamaguchi
Mr, Shigeru Ozawa
Dr, K. K. Miyamoto
Mr. Genjiro Matoba -
(2nd Year)
Mr, J. T. Furukawa
Mr. Takeo Kasa
Mrs, Kino Tsutsui
Mr# Kazuichi Hoshijima
Mr, Masakuni Iguchi
Mr. Ikuji Kumagai
Mr. Kakuzo Mizoue
Mr, Teizo Nonaka
Mr, H. M. Otsuki
Mr. Fusakichi Takamine
Mr. Tom Yamada
Mrs. Ichiyo Uyeno
Mr. J. Z. Kanegaye
Dr# E, Hayano
Mrs. Tone Doi
Mr. J. N# Joryo
Mr. Chotaro Nagashima
Mr, Yotaro Takeshita
Mr. Shiobe Yashiro
Mr. D. S. Omiya
Dr. T. K. Kobayashi
HCPMRinc ^Eftvicmc
N/ictor. Iaiuarr
fany yyp> w
2240 TRsmonT pl.
Mr. William K. Hosakawa
Milton Oshiro, a piano
student from Hawaii, now a
student at the Lamont School
of Music, of Denver Univer-
sity, presented a junior pi-
ano recital on Feb^ 17#
For his recitalj Oshiro
rendered compositions from
Hayd and Chopin with master-
ful brilliance.
Young Oshiro is being con-
sidered far a summer schol-
arship for the Aspen Music
Festival this year. He has
performed for various local
JACL and NIOC functions#
The following appeared in
Bennet Cerf's Cerfboard in
The Denver Post. Bennet
discovered a new language
from his son now in prep
"Jap" means an unexpected
tough exam, and "shafted"
means "gypea", Next time
your youngster says "Did I
get shafted on that Jap,"
you know he's just achieved
an r'Fn on a test sprung by
some unfeeling professor*
* .Mrs, Rose Fujisaki was
named Valentine queen of
Gama Psi chapter- of Beta
Sigma.Phi sorority, at their
Valentine dinner-dance held
at Henritze's Restaurant in
Denver on February 8th.
* Big Date is cooking for
the Brighton JAA. They are
planning a Chow Mein and
Shrimp Dinner at the 4-H
Building on Saturday, April
5th. The dinner will be
served from 4:30 to 8:00 PM
with the help of their good
wives (Nisei Women's Club)
doing the cooking and serv-
* Sum! and Jimmie Imatani
flew to San Diego to attend
the Pickle Convention. They
wiil return after visiting
with friends in and around
Los Angeles. Also headed
for warmer climate down Ari-
zona way is Harry Ida on a
business trip.
* The Brighton YBA will
honor the Issel parents
Sunday, March 23d. They
will hold "Keiro-Kai" start-
ing at 5*00 PM with en-
tertainment following the
supper which will be served
by all YBA members.
* Kenzo Kagiyama will be
returning from J span where
he has been visiting. We
understand that he is a very
happy man bringing-back a
lovely bride.
* The JAA bowling enthu-
siasts will be sorry to see
the bowling season coming to
an end. With one more night
of league bowling they have
set March 19th for the Grand
Sweeper and the banquet fol-
lowing on March 26th.
* Brighton Nisei Women's
Club held their Annual Pot
Luck Supper on the night of
February 14th at the Budd-
hist Church. The event was
for the entire family and
enjoyed by everyone.
* The mailman now delivers
mail to east Brighton where
Sam Chikuma's have moved re-
cently. Also on the moving
list were the Hank Doi's.
They reside west of Brighton
* Mr. T. Katagiri will be
leaving for the Orient on
an extended tour. He will
head the tour group leaving
from Denver and vicinity.

Mile -H\ JACL Bulletin
Wedding bells will ring
for Louise Mikawa of Denver
and Bill Yamaguchi of Hen-
derson. They will be mar-
ried at the Tri State Budd-
hist Church on March 22nd.
Our best wishes to them.
* Dont be too surprised
if Fireman Kaz Kuroda sur-
prises everybody by getting
engaged pretty soon. Wonder
who the lucky girl is?
* Bride-to-be is lovely
Grace Kiyota, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. U. Kiyota of
Ft Lupton. She will become
the- bride of Sam Tochihara
in the very near future.
* It's never too late -
sixty year old T. Kajita
married S. Shiba on February
23d at the California St.
Methodist Church. Mr. Kaji-
ta is the "Shigeen Sensei.
* Evelyn Imada and Harry
Sasaki will be united in
marriage on June 15th.
* A hat tip from up Boulder
way. Seems the CD coeds are
enjoying the sunny Saturday:
afternoons in bathing suits,
no less, around "the dorms by5
the -millions. Could be an
exaggeration, but dorit for-
get t& take your glasses.
* Another hat tip. Theres
going to be about 20 single,
nice-looking girls from
Greeley here for the NICC
Conference. Get your tic-
kets early, you guys. Hav-
ent heard yet how the male
situationjRilX be-
* By the way, the editor
had a request from a reader
to find him a young, rich,
beautiful, charming girl for
him. He was admitted to the
State Hospital last week.
* Miss Carolyn Yano, past
secretary for the JACL Bul-
letin, will become the bride
of Micky Takeshita sometime
in May or early June.
* On the expecting list
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Nagata
(nee Sachi Morlkawa)
sometime in April.
Mr. & Mrs. Tootsie
Tsutsui in late sum-
Mr. & Mrs. Herb On-
odera are expecting
period 1
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Okada
(nee Kim Okugawa) will
welcome their /first
child sometime in the
Attractive nancy Yamagucni
and Jim Ouye were united in
holy matrimony at the beau-
tiful Warren Metnodist
Cnurch in February.
recently graduated from
Denver University. To Mr. &
Mrs. Jim Ouye may we extend
our best wishes.
JACL Bids'go
BowuNCf Tourney
John Noguchi, member of
the National JACL Bowling
Committee, and president of
the Denver Nisei Bowling
League, announced that
Denver has entered a bid for
the I960 National JACL Bowl-
ing Tournament.
The 1958 tournament will
be held in Seattle. Wash-
Page 4*
has been awarded to
Angeles, California.
With more than 200 bowl-
ing enthusiasts in the
Denver area, and with assur-
ances of support from Salt
Lake City and the Utah area,
as well as from Chicago,
Illinois, and the Mid-west,
it was hoped that Denver
could bring back the Nat-
ional JACL Bowling Tourna-
ment .
Noguchi headed the only
National JACL Bowling Tour-
nament held here in Denver
in 1952, which attracted
more than 500 bowlers from
all over the country for the
6th annual Nisei keg clas-
John Masunaga, president
of the Mile-Hi JACL, joined
the bid to National JACL for
the i960 date.
Bob Noguchi, president of
the mens majors, and Jim
Ota, president or the mens
minors, and Helen Sasaki,
president of the Womens
league, also joined the bid
to bring the 14th Annuel
National JACL Bowling Tour-
nament to Denver, Colorado.
4500 Lowell Blvd. GR 7-8413 JINZO NODA 3211 Clayton, FR 7-1C65 SAM Y. MATSUMOTO
Renders op, fcolo. AT 8-2536: LAWYERS fosHio Ando 1942 Larimer AC S-53i5' FRED KAV/ANO 1221 19th St. KE 4-6358 LLOYD SHINSATO Railway Exchange Building AM 6-1753 MINORU YASUI 20th St. CH 4-2239 OPTOMETRISTS BEN MATOBA OD
2801 E. Oollax 150 8-1666: SAMUEL KUMAGAI
Majestic Bldg. TA 5-3325 ROY T.TKRADA
Brighton, Colorado IMILTON HAYANO. DDS
|2l03 Larimer St. MA 3-9400 Imichael T. HORI. PDS
I92V Larimer KE 4-1941 MISAO MATOBA OD
1211 E. 18th Ave. cH 4-1617 ITO DENTAL GROUP
joS'O 12th St. KE 4-8680 [ T. Ito, DDS Y. Ito, DDS Sueo Ito, DDS r Sets Ito, DDS TONY KAV/ANO
4o n. Main Brighton 418 f.K. KOBAYASIII. MD
1^2T 27th St. KE 4-3104 -RICHARD MOMII. MD
1404 E. 18th Ave. KE 4-3004 ROBERT MAYEDA. DDS
1227 27th St. KE 4-3104 ISAMU OZAMOTO. MD
>300 Interstate Trust Bldg. TA 5-6962 TAKASHI MAYEDA. DDS
.501 Interstate Trust 31dg. TA 5-1596 HOWARD SUENAGA. HD 1
300 Interstate Trust Bldg. TA 5-6961 K. K. MIYAMOTO. DDS
.^SC'-'TOth S't. AC 2-1314! 1 :AYAK0 WADA. MD
[1952 Larimer Ta 5-4307 FGENTA NAKAMURA. DDS
;S3U lyth St,. .TA 5rQ783
IS'oO Interstat'e Trust Bldg. TA 5-7598, jMAHITO UBA/DO LL'230 SisT'SS. MA 3-3743]
1 Im. (/ ppEsc|l|ig||§ AL 5 ¥825 2700Milk i
the finest in fh
Return Postage guaranteed
1225 Twentieth Stre^fcf'
Denver 2, Colorado
Rmi 80V
DF,ay coi.o