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Mile Hi JACL Bulletin, Volume 13, Number 7
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Vol. XIII No. 7
Denver, Colorado
December JarMxgry
Bank Reconciliation
December 31, 1958
Balance Per Bank Dec. 15, 1958
Adds Intransit Deposits
$ 42.00
Less: Checks Outstanding
Adjusted Bank Balance Dec. 31, 1958
Bank Balance Per Books Jan. 1, 1958
Add: Deposits 1958
Less: Disbursements 1958
Bank Balance Per Books Dec. 31, 1958
$ 689.31
$ 506.80
$ 689.31
The annual driv$ for new
memberships and renewals for
the JACL is now under way
with a new slant added to
the Mile Hi's goal. The
Mile-Hi chapter has challen-
ged the Fort Lupton chapter
in a membership drive so
every new member is of vital
importance. Although this
is a goal both chapters wish
to reach, the challenge is
only secondary to the matter
in which the membership
drive really stands for. On
one hand the two chapters
shall be vying to reach
above their quota but on the
other hand lets combine for-
ces and really shoot fof the
Robert Uyeda, president
of the Mile-Hi JACL, parti-
cipated in the For't Lupton
JACL annual meeting in Fort
Lupton, Colorado on Saturday
January 17, 1959;. and con-
ducted the inauguration
ceremonies of the new 1959
Fort Lupton JACL chapter of-
Sam Okamoto, retiring
1958 Fort Lupron JACL chap-
ter president turned the
president's gavel over to
Jack Tsuhara, 1959 Fort Lup-
ton JACL president.
President Uyeda of the
Mile-Hi JACL chapter com-
mended the Fort Lupton JACL
for its long record of JACL
activities and pointed out
that-the Fort Lupton JACL is
Continued to column .

The annual JACL installa-
tion dinner and dance was
open to all members and
their friends. Thanks to
Jim Okazaki the program
chairman and Bob Horiuchi
the toastmaster with the
birdie golf stories and the
special dinner table arran-
gements and caring for the
finances by Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Hirokawa for a very,-
very successful night, mak-
ing possible additional
funds of $500.00 to National
Headquarters to partly pay
our quota.
The entertainment was su-
perb, many of us in the fu-
ture will hear and see more
of Miss Ethel Tanaka's and
Milton Oshiro's talents.
The college combo with
Furukawa, Sonny Madrigal,
Kenneth Namba and Amy Kanai.
made light entertainment
like on Top of the Park.
Joe Ariki, chairman of
the scholarship awards spoke
very highly of Tom Yasuda
from Dartmouth College to
whom the Harry Sakata award
was given. Mrs. Harry Saka-
ta also gave an additional
monetary scholarship with
the award. Tom assures us
he will remember and try to
live up to the ideals of
District Chairman of the
Mountain Plains District
Council. Tak Terasaki, in-
spired the new officers with
We adjourned to
at 9*00 p.m. and
the dance
the Jay
Wieder's Combo of sweet and
gentle music was ours until
1:00 a.m. Thanks to the 300
supporters, the gala New
Years's Dance with all its
merry making was successful.
Many have learned the Rhumba
the Cha Cha, the Mambo and
swing. We were highly com-
mended by the orchestra
leader personally on the en-
thusiasm and response shown
by the dancers. They have
promised to play for us
again and I'm sure the 300
will enjoy having them play
for us again before we have
to sing Auld Lang Syne in
Y. "Tak" Terasaki, re-
gional chairman of the Moun-
tain-Plains JACL, was the
principal speaker at theSan
Luis Valley JACL Inaugural
Dinner, held in Alamosa,
Colorado on Saturday, Janu-
ary 7, 1959.
Regional Chairman Terasa-
ki noted that the San Luis
Valley JACL, although one of
the newer JACL chapters in
the country, has upheld a
good record of community and
national organization parti-
cipation, and particularly
commended Roy Inouye of La
for his re-
and national activi-
the feelings of a dedicated
JACLer as he installed the
new cabinet. Congratula-
tions to President Bob Uyeda
1st Vice President Roy Na-
gai, 2nd Vice President, Z.
Kanegaye (1st recent Issei
and holds the record in get-
ting 1,000 club members for
JACL), 3rd Vice President,
Henry Suzuki? Corresponding
Secretary, Miss Bonnie Yama- continued -from column Z
Jara, Colorado
Terasaki was accompanied
by Mrs, Terasaki and by Roy
Takeno, formerly regional
director of the Mountain-
Plains JACL, who initiated
the organization of the San
Luis Valley JACL Chapter
about 10 years ago.
moto, & Miss Evelyn Suyehi-
ro and Recording Secretary
Miss Amy Uyeda and Treasurer
Kenneth Funakoshi. When
your cabinet asks for help
let's be honorable enough
and .give our best hand.
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kanemoto
came to dinner with guests
from Longmont and the Maye-
das, Tashiros, & the Sakatas
from Brighton helped make
the Mile Hi circle complete
and enjoyable to the eighty
the oldest JACL chapter in
the Rocky Mountain area,
having been organized prior
to World War II. Moreover,
President Uyeda commended
the Fort Luptonians for
their past cooperation with
the Mile-Hi JACL and looked
forward with anticipation
the 1959 Mountain-Plains
JACL convention to be held
in Denver during November
1959 under the co-sponsor-
ship of the Fort Lupton and
Mile-Hi JACL chapters.

Page 2
Milfc-Hi JIXCLBuUetin
Dccg.w\bft.r January
When I look back at the
job of editor for the JACL
Bulletin now it was fun-
and a wonderful experience
but at the time, it was hard
work, worry and sweat. It
really doesn't seem like a
year has gone by.
Remembering back to the
nights when we worked until
1 o'clock to 2 o'clock in
the A.M. and waking up the
next morningyawning, was
worth it because of all the
compliments we've received.
The paper itself does not
run smoothly unless you have
the cooperation and help of
your staff. I'd like to
take this time to thank Sam
Hatasaka, ray co-editor for
his help on the Editorial
Section and NICC news, John
Masunaga, Mile-Hi JACL pre-
sident for 195S, for all the
headaches I've caused him
Tammy Masunaga and Min'&sui
for all the miscellaneous
news, Seiko Kuroki for her
typing, helping with the
gossip and the Dear Yakama-
shi letter, Joyce Sawamura
for the heads, Rose Tanaka
and Mary Sakata for the news
toward Brighton way and my
special thanks to Tom Masa-
mori for my last minute re-
quests for his wonderful
pictures and to all those
whom I have not mentioned..,
thank you from the bottom of
my heart.
P.S, Will be taking over
the job as editor again for
1959. So you will just have
to bear with me again.
19 5 8
Published monthly by the
Mile-Hi Chapter of the
Japanese American Citizens
Susan Tawara
2240 Tremont Place
Denver, Colorado
Sara Nakazono
7101 Alan Drive
Denver, Colorado
Rose Mayeda
Joyce Sawamura
Tom Masamori
Rose Tanabe
Mary Sakata
Min Yasui
John Masunaga
Tammy Masunaga
Seiko Kuroki
I shall wear with pride
the pearl studded JACL pin.
It has been a gratifying ex-
perience serving as your
president for the past year.
I enjoyed working with my
cabinet and appreciated
their efforts towards help-
ing me carry out the years
program. I would like to
thank them specially at this
time Jim Okazaki, 1st vice
president; Mrs. Bea Iwasaki
and Mrs. Rose Tanabe, 2nd
vice presidents; Bob Maruya-
ma, 3rd vice president; cor-
responding secretaries, Miss
Mae Kumagai and Miss Reiko
Yoshihara; recording secre-
tary, Miss Martha Uyehara
and treasurer, Sam Nakazono;
and bulletin editors. Miss
Susan Tawara & Sam Hatasaka.
I would also like to
thank all of those who ex-
tended a helping hand when I
needed it. Being president
has certainly deepened my
respect for the JACL and my
admiration for the dedicated
leaders who work so unself-
ishly for the good of all of
us. After attending the Na-s
tional Convention at Salt
Lake this past summer, I
realized how great our or-
ganization is and how much
prestige it has earned
throughout the years. It
made me realize what an im-
portant role JACL can and
should play in my life and
that of every Nisei. I en-
joyed the many opportunities
I had for making new friends
and for becoming better ac-
quainted with other organi-
zations and their programs,
I can now well appreciate
efforts that other presi-
dents have put into the job.
It is a stimulating and
challenging one and I wish
my successor the best of
The Board of the Fair-
mount Cemetery Association
on Dec. 12, 1958, adopted a
non-discriminatory resolu-
tion, opening up the facili-
ties of the Fairmount Mauso-
leum to all persons, regard-
less of race, color, nation-
ality, or religion. Up
to this time the policy of
the Association discrimina-
ted against persons of
Japanese ancestry. Through
the efforts of the Colorado
branch of the American Civil
Liberties Union, the Denver
office of the Anti-defama-
tion League, the Denver Com-
mission on Human Relations,
the Nikkei-jin Kai and the
Japanese American Citizens
League, represented by Min
Yasui, the matter was
brought before the Anti-Dis-
crimination Commission of
the State of Colorado, which
1st Vice President (Program)
2nd Vice President (Membership)
Robert Uyeda
470 South Canosa Court
Denver, Colorado
WE 4-1301
Roy Nagai
Mr. Z. Kanegai
3rd Vice President
(Public Relations)
Henry Suzuki
Recording Secretary.
Amy Uyeda
Corresponding Secretary,
Evelyn Suyehiro
Bonnie Yamamoto
ruled that the mausoleum--
constituted "a place of pu-
blic accommodation" under
the Civil Rights Act of the
State of Colorado. Two for-
mal written complaints were
filed involving persons of
Japanese ancestry; a formal
notification to show cause
was served upon the Fair-
mount Cemetery Association.
The action of the Board of
the Association then result-
The JACL has again played
perhaps a small but import-
ant part in alleviating dis-
crimination. It might be
well to mention at this time
some other matters in which
JACL has played a part
through committees, indivi-
duals, or office:
(1) First fishing licen-
ses for alien Japanese.
(2) Placement of the
first Nisei on the Denver
Police Force.
(3) Placement of the
first Nisei in the Denver
tramway service.
(4) Placement of the
first Nisei at the Public-
Service Company.
(5) Removal of Bar ag-
ainst naturalization of
Issei because of non-service
in World War I.
(6) An active part in
reducing of neighborhood-
pressures in home buying in
various sections of Denver.
There will always contin-
ue to be a need for alert
organizational action on a
community-wide basis and
JACL members should be aware
of this and get behind the
organization and give it
their support.
Kenneth Funakoshi
Tom Masamori, a commer-
cial photographer, who has
been contributing pictures
free of cost to the Mile-Hi
JACL Bulletin has been more
than willing to pull his
share of the load and doing
a wonderful job. A veteran
for more than ten years on
the staff, Tom's pictures
have always added a special
attraction to our monthly
publication. For all his
special efforts and hard
work, the staff and readers
wish to gratefully acknow-
ledge their appreciation for
a job well done.
Although Tom Masamori is
and shall continue to con-
tribute pictures, we need
more contributors who will
volunteer to send materials
to the editor,
all you have
forward it to
we shall have
Even though
is a negative,
the editor ana
it finished.
Send change of address to:
Susan Tawara
2240 Tremont Place
Denver 5> Colorado

December"January Mi\e-Hi_JACl Bulletin ...... P9'7- ? _
December 9th, Gene Amole of KLZ-TV featured the Japan
ese American community of Denver.
Amole indicated that the TV show would depict the Japan
ese American community, from the standpoint of cultural
contributions to the community, as we7 1 as the average
Nisei in this region.
The TV program featured Masano Nakatsuka on the koto,
Geo. Y. Inai and the "Shigen" group; Lily Ariki dancing
odori with Kineya Chisono accorapaning on the samisen;
Frank Torisawa of Granda Fish Market; Mrs. Jinzo Noda dem-
onstrating ikebana; Mrs. Takino Takamatsu with the Japan-
ese school group; and several Nisei participated in the

Mila-Hi JACL Bultatin
December- January
* The Brighton J.A.A. will
be honoring their new of-
ficers of 159 with a dinner
and dance to be held at the
Officers Club on the Rocky
Mountain Arsenal grounds on
January 30th. They have a
membership of 62.
* Under the very capable
chairmanship of Mary Matsuno
the Brighton Nisei Womens
Club v/ill be serving dinner
to 350 guests at the Soil
Conservations Annual Banquet
* The sunny climate of Cal-
ifornia had quite a few
Colorado visitors over the
holidays. They were Frank
and Ruby Nikaido, The Eddie
Okadas, Jess Kasunagas, Bill
Satos, Harry Tazawas, Bill
Okubos and Harry Ida.
* Prank Hiyarca was passing
out cigars for a new baby
* Henry Morimitsu left for
Japan on the 25th of Dec.
Vacation Hank?
* Mr. and Mrs. Bill Yamagu-
cM (n'ee Louise Mikawa) be-
came the proud parents of a
baby boy.
The Rev. Eizo Sakamoto,
pastor at the Rocky Ford
Christian Church, has been
awarded the first- American-
ism Medal for patriotic ser-
vice ever presented by the
Daughters of the American
The 48-year-old minister
received the medal for his
work in helping nearly all
eligible Japanese aliens in
the Arkansas Valley become
naturalized American citi-
zens .
The Rev. Mr. Sakamoto re-
ceived the medal at natural-
ization ceremonies for 13
persons of Japanese origin
in La Junta District Court*
Mrs. Bert Oldham, DAR regent
for Colorado, made the pre-
The Americanism Medal,
created by the DAR last year
for adult naturalized citi-
zens, is awarded on the ba-
sis of trustworthiness, ser-
vice, leadership and patri-
The Rev. Mr. Sakamoto
wrote an 18-page booklet on
American history and the
Constitution of the United
States to help Japanese at-
tain their American citizen-
ship. It' was mimeographed
in Japanese and English.
Continued to f>Q. col. 2
Saturday, February 14, at
the AAUW Hall, 1400 Jose-
phine Street, from 9:00 til
The highlight of the Ball
will' be the crowning of a
"Sweetheart 3ueen of 1959"
chosen from a field of four
candidates from various
Colorado colleges and Unive-
Bev Tani, general chair-
man, and her committee urges
everyone to attend. Tickets
may be purchased from NICC
members and at the door for
$2.50 per couple and $1.50
per ^erson.
Music will be provided by
the Ray Lipson Band.
O.ueen Candidates are:
Florence Ozaki, DU; Amy
Kanai, CU; Florence Koshio,
CSC; Elsie Shimabukuro, Gre
An industrial engineering
specialist team from Japan
arrived in Denver on Jan.
20 for a look at a few Colo-
rado small business and in-
dustrial projects.
The group, composed of 12
leading management execu-
tives and engineers repre-
senting key industries in
Japan made a one day
stop in Colorado as part of
a six week tour that is to
take them throughout the na-
Purpose of the nationwide
tour, according to Samuel F.
Neville of Washington, D. C.
ICA project manager who is
traveling with the group, is
to allow the Japanese to
study modern industrial en-
gineering as practiced here
and its application to sci-
entific management of pro-
Wednesday, Jan. 21st, the
visitorsj attended a dinner-
meeting at the Continental-
Denvjer Kotor Hotel with var-
ious JACL members in attend-
ance. Individuals attending
the dinner were Y. 'Terasaki,
Mitchie Terasaki, Robert
Uyeda, James Imatani, Sum!
Imatani, John Sakavama and
Min Yasui. Following the
dinner, the visitors were
taken to the residence of
Dr. K. K. Miyamoto. Dr. F.
E. Hayano, president of the
Mikke'i-Jin Kai and Fumio Ta-
ni, secretary, arranged for
about 20 Issei to meet this
Dear Yakamashi:
Hi! It's been a long
time since I've written, but
youll Just have to excuse
me because Im still recu-
perating from the holidays.
Hope you had a Kerry
Christmas and a Very Happy
New Year.
So what have you been do-
ing these wonderful snov/y
days? My gosh, you know, it
se^ms like almost everyone
is taking up skiing, and
bov/ling is going down with
the younger groups as well
as the older ones. So far
I've been lucky no bro-
ken bones or what not. Gee,
Cathay Post Ski Club is
really a hum-dinger. Guess
the event of the year for
them is the trip -to Aspen
over the weekend. Man, what
a ball it'll be.
Remember the gypsy I. men-
tioned a few letters ago?
Lorina Hatasaka is the one I
mean, by the long grape vine
I heard she's engaged to a
tall, dark, and handsome
fellow in California.
CSKC had a bowling tour-
nament last weekend, January
24th and 25th. Darn it,
guess I better practice
bowling a little bit more
cuz I didnt place anywhere
not even for the crying
towel for being in the all
events. Just the same, they
had a great turn out.
By the way, did you see
the movie, "Inn of the Sixth
Happiness"? Golly, it was
awfully eir.barrasing because
my goil friend, Joyce,
started crying before the
curtain even went up. She
.heard ahead of time that the
imovie was going to be sad so
jshe took a box of kleenex
!and honestly, she Just
flooded the balcony with
tears. Really, though, it
v/as a. good movie. Who knows
it might even win the Acade-
my Award.
Hey, how come I didnt
see you at the JACL's new
year dance guess you
know it was at the Albany
Hotel. Well, I remembered
that much anyway. You
should have seen all the'
people there, on second
thought, maybe it's a good
thing you didn't. Of course
the usual characters were
there, and the unusual char-
acters, too.
As for myself, I had a
grand, grand, time. .
that's because I didnt have
anything to drink, except
Well, I hope I'll be
'.earing from you soon, may-
ihe next issue, huh?

December- January
Mile-Hi JfcCL Bulletin
William K. Hosokawa, assistant managing editor of The
Denver Post, and selected Nisei of the Biennium, 1956-56"
at the 15th Biennial national convention of the JACL at
Salt Lake City, Utah during August 1956, was honored guest
of the Mountain-Plains JACL, at a dinner-dance on November
28, in Denver, Colorado*
Page B
December 2, 1958
Mr. John Masunaga
President, Mile-Hi JACL
3360 Forest Street
Denver 7, Colorado
Dear John,
I want to thank you, and through you the members of the
Mile-Hi Chapter of the JACL, for your friendship, support
and goodwill that led to my designation as Nisei of the
Biennium. The banquet last Friday, made possible in large
part by the efforts of members of the Mile-Hi chapters,
was a moving and meaningful climax to the honors.
But what has impressed me more than any personal hon-
ors I have received is the warm regard and goodwill exten-
ded me, especially by my Nisei friends.
I hope to continue to be worthy of that high regard,
and your continued encouragement and support of my efforts
will be deeply appreciated. I would be grateful if ray
feelings could be communicated to the chapter manbership
at a convenient time.
Bill Hosokawa

Pd9t 6
The Tri-State Young Budd-
hist League celebrated their
25th Silver Anniversary, Dec
18 thru the 21st,
The most colorful event
of the conference was the
Sayonara Ball in the Silver
Glade Room of the Cosmopoli-
tan Hotel. The reigning
queen, Miss Rose Chikuma,
crowned her successor Miss
Fort Lupton, Florence Koshio
as Miss BusBei of 1959
Miss Koshio accepted the
honor and had the tradition-
al dance with Reverend Tsu-
noda. Attendants: Miss-Sa-
yako Nishii, Greeley, Miss
Marian Nitta, Denver, and
Miss Sue Yamamoto, Brighton.
Mike DiSalle and his or-
chestra furnished the music
for the ball*
MvU-VVv fJACl. ftuUgtln
December- January
Cont from pq.5 GENE AHOIX SHOW
aU photos in tha tyctembar-January
\s&ue o\ J ACL
BULLETIN courtesy
2010 LAMAR ST.
The Mothers Club held their annual Christmas party on
December 14-th at the CSKC and a gala time was had by all
the youngsters, in fact we're sure the parents enjoyed it
just as much if not more so. After dinner, the children
and parents enjoyed cartoons.
continued -from pfl.4. col.2
A native of Kagoshima-Ken
Japan, the Rev. Mr. Sakamoto
came to the United States in
1924, when he was 14. He
attended schools in River-
side, San Bernardino, Calif,
,and the University of Red-
elands. He also did graduate
work at Xliff School of The-
ology in Denver,
He is married and has one
daughter. He is minister at
large for Japanese Americans
in the Arkansas Valley.
Return Po&teqe guaranteed Sec. 54.66,P.L$R.
2240 Tremont Place
Denver 5, Colorado