Mile Hi JACL Bulletin, Volume 14, Summer Edition

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Mile Hi JACL Bulletin, Volume 14, Summer Edition
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Mr. Z.
ScpT. General Meeting
Vice President Roy Nagai
is busily completing plans
for the Fall Quarter General
Meeting to be held on Satur-
day. September 26th. As a
feature of the occasion,
Colorado Senators George L.
Brown and Carl W. Fulghum,
and Representative Robert E.
Allen will be recognized for
their roles in the passage
of the Colorado Fair Housing
Act.of 1959* Also to be ho-
nored will be the leaders of
the organizations which have
responded with their cooper-
ation by participating in
the Centennial Coordinating
Council which our Chapter
undertook to sponsor in the
community for the first tim^
Following the meeting? a
session of "dry run" bingo
will be conducted with many
valuable prizes to be given
to those who help the commit*
tee iron out the technique
of managing games in prepa-
ration for our coming Commu-
nity Bazaar.
A nursery will be provid-
ed for the children during
the meeting, after which re-
freshments will be served
and the "dry run (free)bin-
go will be held.
Llile-Hi Chapter Vice Pre-
sident and Vice President of
the Colorado Nipponjin Kai,
Mr. Kanegaye had been recog-
nized by National JACL Head-
quarters as the most out-
standing solicitor of the
Thousand Club for his ef-
forts in behalf of our Chap-
ter. In October of 195$, he
was awarded the National JA-
CL Sapphire Pin in recogni-
tion of his many years of
faithful support of the or-
ganization. In 1946, in the
darkest hour of JACL when
survival was in question.Mr,
Kanegaye personally helped
underwrite the reopening of
a national office in Salt
Lake City. Subsequently, he
personally traveled through
26 states and brought back
$26,000 for the effective or-
ganization of the JACL. An-
ti-Discrimination Commission
and the Kika Kisei Domei (a
group working for naturaliza-
tion of Isseis). His devo-
tion to the JACL and its
purpose was evidenced still
earlier in pre-World War II
years when Mr. Kanegaye aid-
ed the Stockton Chapter in
its efforts to acquire title
to property for an office
and activity hall.
First Issei elected to
office in our Chapter. Mr.
Kanegaye was, as National
Director Mas Satow stated,
"JACL*s most outstanding
supporter". His many years
faithful devotion to, and
wholehearted support of the
JACL, will long be remember-
ed and will serve as an in-
spiration to all JACLers.
JiftCLefts fiewsmbe*?
these dfltes:
Ocr. n, sic
Community 8rt2AAR
Nov. jr., Sun.
pioNeeft Niittr
Planned for
In keeping with the theme
of the Centennial Year, and
to honor our Isseis, our
Chapter will sponsor a Pio-
neer Night on Sunday, Novem-
ber 29th, during the Thanks-
giving weekend. Vice Presi-
dent Henry Suzuki haw al-
ready laid the plans for the
program, which will feature
a "nihonshoku" banquet and
an evening of appropriate en-
tertainment for the Isseis.
All of the Isseis to be hon-
ored will be sponsored by
Nisei and Sansei JACLers,and
will be individually recog-
nized. It has been felt
that the event will be most
fitting in this Centennial
year and that the recogni-
tion of our pioneer parents
is most appropriate.
The Annual Memorial Day
Service, With the theme
"Lest We Forget", was joint-
ly sponsored by our Chapter
and Cathay Post No* 185, Am-
erican Legion, on May 30th
at the Tri-State Buddhist
Church. Greetings were ex-
tended by Commander John Na-
kashima and by President Bob
Uyeda, following the open-
ing ceremony conducted by
the Cathay Post Color Guard
of Nob Furuiye, Tom Hikida,
John Noguchi, and Harry Shi-
bao. Vice President Roy Na-
gai and Henry Suzuki intro-
duced Rev. N. Tsunoda of
the TSBC and Rev. M. Goto of
the CSMC, who gave the prin-
cipal addresses in Japanese
and English respectively. A
moment of silent prayer con-
cluded the program followed
by"Taps", sounded by Scout
Bonnie Sakayama of Troop 38.
To give meaning to our
policy of offering community
leadership through service,
and to, foster cooperation a-
mong the many organizations
in our community,our Chapter
will sponsor a Community Ba-
zaar on Saturday. October 17
at the Grange Hail, located
at 2475 W. 26th Ave,, north
Denver. Treasurer Ken Funa-
koshi, Chairman of the Fi-
nance Committee, who will be
in charge of the event, as-
sures adequate parking in
the adjacent lot*
While the Chapter will
occupy the main space, co-
operating organizations of
the Centennial Coordinating
Council have been invited to
participate in the event.
Early committments have been
already received from the
NICC through President Dave
Furukawa for sales of "Pop
and Popcorn", CSMC Bowling
League through Chairman Meach
Nogami for Food sales, and
from the TSBC YBL through
President Tom Nakata for a
game of skill. Our hearti-
est thanks to those groups
and their leaders ...... .we
feel assured that with every
one "pitching in", that the
Community Bazaar will be a
festive event for all.fij.ease
be sure to come, ..fand- bring
your friends, topj /] .
Pastor, has been appointed
to Ontario, Oregon; and Rev.
MASAJI GOTO, Nisei Pastor,
has been appointed to Palo
Alto, California. Farewell
and Godspeed.
Appointed as Issei Pastor,
Re. Jonathan Fujita, from
Tokyo, Japan; and as Nisei
Pastor, Re. Paul Hqgiya, of
Santa Maria, California.Wel-
come and Godspeed.

Mile-Hi |3ia11erlM
Daniel K. Inouye, the
first of Japanese ancestry
ever to sit in the Congress,
was welcomed to Washington
with an unprecedented ges-
ture--a motorcade delegation
made up of freshman Democra-
tic congressmen. The 34-
year-old Nisei war hero will
take his seat immediately
after the President official-
ly declares that Hawaii is
the 50th state in the Union.
The admission ceremonies are
expected to held at the White
House about Aug. 20 of 21.
Inouye's terra will last un-
til i960, when all members
of the House will have to
seek re-election.
He calls himself a "moder-
ate liberal" but declimed to
take any position on any
specific bill now before the
Congress. He favors civil
rights legislation and felt
that his State of Hawaii can
make a "unique" contribution
to the rest of the nation in
the field of human relations
as "we are people of all ra-
cial back-grounds."
Rep. Inouye will be the
principal speaker of the EDC
IvIDC JACL Convention banquet
to be held on Sept. 6 at the
Park Sheraton Hotel in New
York City. This will be the
Nisei congressman's first ma-
jor public address before a
Japanese American audience cn
the mainland since his elec-
tion. Several Mile-JACLers
are planning to attend this
convention, among them will
be Mr. and Mrs. Bob Horiuchi,
Hr. and Mrs. Tak Terasaki,
Dr. and Mrs. Tony Kawano.
V/e believe that the BULLE-
TIN is the lifeline of our
Chapter, and of primacy is
the communication to the mem-
bership of the activities of
the organization and of the
plans, actions, and deci-
sions of the elected offi-
Trudy Hirokawa
Henry Hirokawa
Bob Uyeda
John Hasunaga
Tami Masunaga
Tom Masanori (Cathay Post)
Ed Shiraabukuro (Undokai)
The first Community Grad-
uation Prom co-sponsored by
our Chapter with the Brigh-
ton JAA, the California
Methodist Church, the Color-
ado Nipponjin Kai, the NICC
and -the Tri-State Buddhist
Church, on May 29th at the
YWCA, was unanimously voted
an excellent activity by re-
presentatives of the spon-
soring organizations present
at a meeting last week of
the Centennial Coordinating
Council. To continue and im-
prove the event held in re-
cognition of high school and
college graduates in the com-
munity and belonging to the
organizations, the represen-
tatives held a critique and
voted that while the first
affair was excellent in or-
ganization, that better pub-
licity, further cbnsider-
ation of the date,and a stu-
dy of the possibility of an
informal dinner to precede
the dance were in order. The
organizations will return in-
formation as soon as avail-
able as to Spring,I960 grad-
uation schedules and will
meet at that time to start
planning for the second an-
nual event.
Working on a budget of
$150.00 contributed equally
by the sponsoring organiza-
tions at $25.00 each, plus
gate admissions of $35*^0,
the financial settlement re-
port of Chapter Treasurer
Ken Funakoshi of a balance
of $10.73 was accepted. The
representatives voted to re-
tain the balance as a work-
ing fund for the i960 acti-
Present at the meeting
were: Meach Nogami, Official
Board Kember-CSMC; Chapter
Vice Pres. Henry Suzuki,lia-
ison officer for the Color-
ado Nipponjin Kai; Dave Fu-
rukav/a, Pres. NICC; Yoshi-
ko Taniguchi, who will serve
as secretary for the group;
Tom Nakata, Pres.-YBL-TSBC 5
Secretary Amy Uyeda; Vice
Pres, Roy Kagai and Pres.Bob
Uyeda, who served as chair-
man of the group. The repre-
sentatives Voted to continue
as a committee, to be joined
by their successors, through
the I960 event, thus assur-
ing- a core group for organ-
ization and a continuity of
policy until the orientation
and installation of the suc-
ceeding representatives.
The joint promotion was
the result of the idea sug-
gested by Stephen Osuga, im-
mediate past pres, of NICC,
at the first Centennial Co-
ordinating Council meeting.
The JACL Thousand Club,
under National Chairman Bill
Matsumoto of Sacramento, Ca-
lifornia, has adopted as its
1959 slogan "Shoot for Two"
signifying the object of the
current drive for 2000 mem-
bers. As reported by Moun-
tain Plains District Thou-
sand Club Chairman John Ma-
sunaga, the Mile-Hi Chapter
currently has 23 active and
65 lapsed members.
For 1959, the Mile-Hi
Chapter has appointed as Ho-
norary Chairmen, Dr. Charles
K. Fujisaki, George R.Ohashi
and Bessie shiyomura, all
Life Members. Jim I.Iraatani
will spearhead the local
drive for the assigned quota
of 74 current memberships as
Chairman of the Mile-Hi chap-
ter Thousand Club.
Current Hile-Hi Chapter
members are:
Kanega ye, J. ZensukeHonorary
Fujisaki,Dr.Charles K.Life
Ohashi,George R.-------Life
Shiyomura .Mrs. BessieLife
Hosokawa.William K.8 years
Imatani,James H.---8 years
Kobayashi.Dr. T.K.--8 years
Kaneko,Mits G.5 years
Sakata,Mrs. Mary----5 years
Iwasaki ,Carl------4 years
Masunaga,George---4 years
Terasaki,Yutaka-----3 years
Hayano.Dr.F.E,------2 years
Hoshijima,Kazuishi--2 years
Ida,Harry----------2 years
Kumagai.Ikuji-------2 years
Mizoue,Kakuzo-------2 years
Masunaga,John-------2 years
Nakasugi,Nunejiro---2 years
Suzuki,Henry--------2 years
Tsutsui,Mrs, Kinu2 years
Yamaguchi.Rikizo2 years
Horiuchi, Robert----1 year
Kumagai ,Sam------1 year
Suzuki,Jack-1 year
Uyeda,Robert Y.1 year
Some people would do any-
thing for money,.but most
of us end up working for
with the acceptance of
the bid for the coning annu-
al bowlfest submitted by im-
mediate past President of
the Chapter, John Masunaga,
and John Noguchi of the Den-
ver Nisei Bowling Organi-
zation, plans have been es-
tablished for the organ! -
zation of committees for the
event to be held here in
Denver in 1960. At a meet-
ing of the bowling groups at
the Cathay Post, the follow-
ing tournament chairmen were
elected and appointed:
General Chairman-John Sake -
yama; Men's Division- Chair-
man Jim Ota, Secretary Iwao
Nishikawa, and Treasurer Jim
Hanamura; Women's Division -
Chairman Jane Hada, Secre-
tary Mary Riga,and Treasurer
Tay Rondo; and Committee
Chairmen-Hooch Okumura,Book-
let; Frank.Sehara, Schedule;
John Noguchi and Sally Sa-
hara, Rules; Tom Riraoka,
Tabulation; George Kodama,
Trophies; Meach Nogami ,
Publicity;Tom Hikida, Score-
keeping; Dr. Takashi Mayeda,
Mixer; Tom Masamori and Tom
Mayeda, Transportation and
Housing;Don Miyake and Michi
Iwata, Registration;John Ka-
jiwara, Mimeograph; Bob No-
guchi, Tom Hasegawa, Casey
Hayashida, and Harry Furuka-
wa. Ragtime Event. Our Chap-
ter will be responsible for
the Award Dinner-Dance,Audit
ing, Hostesses, and for gen-
eral correspondence. Secre-
tary Bonnie Yamamoto will
organize the staff for cor-
respondence and general ser-
vice for the tournament. For
the tournament Coordinating
Council, President Bob Uyeda
immediately announced the
appointment of Sally Sehara
and John Noguchi, who are
both members of the National
JACL Bowling Advisory Coun-
cil, and Tournament General
Chairman John Sakayama. Ad-
ditional appointments will
be made to assure a working
committee to carry on beyond
the year-end election of our
Chapter Officers.
It was announced by gen-
eral Chairman John Sakayama
that a large delegation from
Hawaii has been assured for
the 1960 Tournament,and that
the Denver Hilton Hotel has
been chosen as headquarters
for tournament activities.
Our Chapter, through the
Bulletin, will continue to
publish the latest informa-
tion released by the many
committees and would urge
the voluntary support of the
committee chairmen by the
many active bowlers to make
the 1960 National JACL Bowl-
ing Tournament a successful

Mite- Hi 0UU_ Pe*s. 606 (UYDA and assistants
Back-L to R: Funakoshi, Honda? Torizawa, Suzuki,
Namba, Aoyagi, Kajiwara, Hoshijima
Front-L to R; Uyeda, Suyehiro, Fukuma, Sato,Matoba,
Terasakij Nagai, Takamine, Suzuki, Iguchi, Hayano,
Miyamoto, Nakamura, Kumagai
Tug -of-wftR---------
PftN-CftK£ DERBY ?
Over 500 people attended
the picnic co-sponsored by
the Colorado Nipponjin Kai
and our Kile-Hi Chapter at
Berkeley Park on Sunday, Ju-
ly 26th. After their lun-
ches for which free cold
drinks were served, the pic-
nickers enjoyed a full after
noon of games conducted by
the JACLers. Children pre-
sent were given favors and
all who participated in
their age-group games were
awarded prizes. Capping the
activities of the day was
the "fukubiki" for the hun-
dreds of dollars in prizes
which had been procured by
the Nipponjin Kai.
The successful event mar-
ked the first co-sponsorship
of the Community Undokai by
our Chapter with the Color-
ado Nipponjin Kai. which
group, under President Dr.F.
E. Hayano, budgeted over
$500.00 for the program. Our
Mile-Hi Chapter provided the
service of manpower for con-
ducting the Undokai with ca-
pable Vice President Henry
Suzuki successfully serving
as Coordinator for the Colo-
rado Nipponjin Kai and JACL.
Chapter President Bob Uyeda
was Co-chairman with Dr. Ha-
Under Games Chairman Oski
Taniwaki, a full committee
of JACLers conducted the
highly enjoyed contests. As-
sisting were: Ken Funakoshi,
Dr. Mas Giima, Bob Horiuchi,
Lander Ito, John Masunaga,DB
T. Mayeda, Roy Nagai, Henry
Suzuki, Buddy Uchida and Bob
Uyeda. Vice President Roy
Nagai and Treasurer Ken Fu-
nakoshi were in charge of
transportation and Secretary
Amy Uyeda helped in the dis-
tributing of prizes. Oski
Taniwaki also served as an-
nouncer for the Fukubiki.
The Chapter officers felt
that the co-sponsorship mar-
ked effectively the policy
of offering community lea-
dership through service, and
the Colorado Nipponjin Kai
through President Dr. Hayano
confirmed our efforts. Dr.
Hayano expressed the appre-
ciation of the Isseis for
the support of the JACL and
the hope that the Niseis in
the future will gradually as-
sume responsibility and lea-
dership in continuing cer-
tain annual events such as
the undokai, and further
stated through Henry Suzuki,
that they were gratified to
see that our Chapter was
sustaining a positive pro-
gram and position in commun-
ity events.
&Af*\es CK a'iri^an
OsK'i ~T>i NiUA Ki

Mi te H i BulLCT iw

The Honorable George C.D.
Doub, Assistant Attorney Ge-
neral of the U. S. in charge
of the Civil Division of the
Department of Justice, was
remembered by JACL on the
occasion of his visit to Den-
ver as the guest speaker at
the Federal Bar Association
Annual Banquet at the Albany
Hotel, Mr, Doub was presen-
ted with a letter from the
JACL Mountain-Plains Dis-
trict Council and our Chap-
ter during the program as a
special recognition. After
the banquet, to BILL KUROKI,
District Treasurer, and BOB
UYEDA, Chapter Pres, Mr,Doub
expressed his personal appre-
ciation and stated. "I shall
treasure this (letier) very
much." He was also present-
ed with the Kay 22nd issue
of the PC which announced the
completion of the program
for the restoration of citi-
zenship to renunciants, (see
PC 5/22)
In 195S, Mr. Doub as the
principal speaker at the JA-
CL Biennial Convention at
Salt Lake City, was honored
at that time for his effec-
tive direction of the evacu-
ation claims settlement pro-
gram and for his personal ef-
fort in advancing the resto-
ration of citizenship to re-
nunciants ,
.Subsea 1 be NoujI
"Pacific Ci+iAetO-^ -
For further details,
please refer to the Pacific
Citizen issue of July 31st1'
or more simply,M(seePC7/31)"
'we hope to be using many
such references more often in
our BULLETIN pages hereafter.
The Pacific Citizen more
affectionately known as "PC"
is the official publication
of the JACL, and through its
efficient staff, under Edi-
tor Harry K. Honda and Ra-
tional Executive Director
Mas Satow, and its excellent
contributors (including our
own Bill Hosokawa and Larry
Tajiri), publishes each week
all the news of interest to
Americans of Japanese ances-
try. The BULLETIN will take
advantage of the immediate
coverage and timely opinions
of the PC" which presents
thoroughly and completely
the JACL news on the nation-
al, districts and local
fronts, as well as selected
articles of interest to our
community from throughout
the fifty states and Japan,
We would like to remind
many of you that the "spe-
cial introductory" subscrip-
tions of twenty issues will
be expiring now. or shortly
hereafterdonl let your
subscriptions lapse. The
BULLETIN cannot hope to pre-
sent all items completely---
though they be of vital in-
terest so reference will be
made to "PC articles. Thus,
in many cases, "you won't be
able to enjoy your BULLETIN
without the "PC",
If you are not already a
subscriber, we will be call-
ing upon you shortly through
our Membership Committee.
Outfitted in their new
blue and gold uniforms some
twenty-four members made an
outstanding unit of marchers,
one of the largest single
post representation in the
parade, Japanese Americans
should be proud of the unit
who conscientiously spent
their holiday so unselfish-
Color guards and color
bearers, John Noguchi. Harry
Shibao, Toro Hikida ana Nob
Furuiye also participated in
the JACL Memorial Services,
OF evENrs
The Community Calendar of
Events, originally proposed
for the entire Centennial
Year of 1959? is finally be-
ing issued for use by co-
operating organizations and
their members and for dis-
tribution to th£ entire com-
munity, Our Chapter had pro-
posed the schedule to the
council of community commun-
ity organizations, which it
had sponsored, as a measure
of offering community lea-
dership through meaningful
service. The group unani-
mously approved the plan to
coordinate the activities of
the many organizations with-
in the community and to re-
duce the possibility of con-
flicts in scheduling events
especially where general pu-
blic support was being
sought. While some events
are limited to the member-
ships of the participating
groups it was agreed that si-
multaneously conducted acti-
vities would probably de-
tract from the response and
thus reduce the success of
any event because of devided
attendance. Further, by
meeting and planning the
schedules proposed by the co-
operating organizations, it
During the Installation
Dinner held earlier this sum-
mer, John Nakashima was in-
stalled as new Commander.
Shown here is Yosh Arai,
out-going Commander, receiv-
ing the Post Commander's pin
and congratulations of John
New officers installed at
the dinner were:
CommanderJohn Nakashima
Sr.Vice Cdr....,Ben Murakami
Jr.Vice Cdr......Joe Sakato
Adjutant..Alfred Miyagishima
Finance Officer...Tom Hikida
Historian.......Tom Masanori
Chaplain.........James ICuga
Sgt.-at-Arms.....Eddie Osumi
Pres.-V/omen's Auxiliary.....
Iris Kakagawa
was agreed that better work-
ing relations in the commun-
ity itself would be achieved.
It is with these purposes in
mind that the Calendar of E-
vents is herewith presented.
Provision has been made for
the addition of events which
are announced subsequent to
publication. The BULLETIN
will continue to offer sup-
port through publicity of
events for all cooperating
Return gu* ed
Mile-Hi JACL BulleTW
33 Fd*esT ST.
Derive* 1, Cl Sec. 34.U,Pi.
Permit No, 304-8