Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 1, Number 5

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 1, Number 5
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Vol. 1 No. 5
3333 N. Federal Blvd., Denver, CO 80211
September 28, 1985
KANSHA-NO-HI Recipients
and committee members
of the first annual
Kansha-no-Hi after
the awards ceremony.
Committee members at
back left to right
are: Kiyoto Futa,
Min Yasui, Sumi Masu-
naga, Tom Masamori,
Fuzzy Hisamoto, John
Noguchi, Sumi Takeno,
SusJffii Hidaka, Nobuo
Furuiye, Lil Masamori,
Dave Tagawa, Henry
Suzuki, Dorothy Fujino
and Dale Arnold. Not
shown: Brian Hayashi, Dennis Ioka, Kenzo Fujimori, Mits Kaneko, Sain Koshio, Katy Koshio, Hubert Sakaguchi, Sadako
Tsubokawa, Kent Yoritomo and John Sakayama. Recipients seated in front are: Mr. Shizuo Yamada, Mrs. Noye Kawakami,
Mrs. Kayo Hidaka, Mrs. Yoshi Shibao, Mrs. Rose Tanabe accepting for Mrs. Kiku Tanaka, Mr. Frank Shimono, Mrs. Masayo
Shigetomi. Committee members are reminded that there will be a post-mortem dinner for members and spouses on Wednesday,
1985 at 7:00 pm at the Cathay Post restaurant.
October 3,
Mrs. Fusaye (Fuzzy) Hisamoto, Brighton Nisei Womens Club, presents
Kansha-no-Hi award to Mrs. Yoshi Shibao. Mrs. Shibao, 92, was cited
for her many years of service to the community. The Shibaos were one
of the eleven families in Brighton that felt the need of a Buddhist
Church and constructed the building over a period of several years.
From its inception, Mrs. Shibao was an active member serving at times
as president of the Fujinkai, Vice President, Church Auditor and is
presently Advisor. Mrs. Shibao, served as CoChairpersons for numerous
food preparations at weddings, festivals and bazaars. Despite her
age, she can always be found ready to help and is still supervising
the Annual Food Bazaar preparation. Mrs. Shibao lives by herself in
an apartment in.Brighton and spends her time visiting friends and
hosting dinners. Mrs. Shibao exemplifies type of individual that the
Kansha-no-Hi was intended to honor.
Mrs. Janice Tsuhara, Fort Lupton Chapter, JACL, presents award to Mrs,
Masayo Shigetomi. Mrs. Shigetomi was born in Fukuoka Ken, Japan in
1896. She married Masakichi Shigetomi in 1918. The following year
they sailed to the United States. They had five children: Mary,
Cissy, Jack, Mike and Carl. Mr. Shigetomi passed away in 1955, fol-
lowed by son Mike and most recently by son Jack. Despite her tragic
times, Mrs. Shigetomi never complains about her problems but shows
her feeling for others. She has dedicated her time to the Church
and at 89 still does more than her share. She has contributed many
hours to the Fort Lupton Seniors Program, teaching others many of
her craft ideas. The entire metropolitan community is richer for
presence of someone like Mrs. Shigetomi. More on following page.

Dave Tagawa, Brighton Japanese American Association, presents award for
Mrs. Kiku Tanaka.* Mrs. Rose Tanabe, daughter of Mrs. Tanaka accepted
the award in her behalf. Mrs. Tanaka was born in 1896 in Nagano Ken,
Japan. She arrived in Seattle, Washington in 1916 and was married in
the same year. The Tanakas came first to Henderson, CO, spent two years
farming in Rocky Ford, CO then moved to Globe, AZ for six years. In
1923, they returned to Colorado and then settlet permanently in Henderson,
CO. The Tanakas have four daughters, Rose Tanabe and Helen Sasaki who
live in this area, Sadaki Hori lives in Los Altos, CA and Chieko Kakehi
lives in Tokyo. Mrs. Tanaka cohaired with Mrs. Shibao many events in the
Brighton area. She is a faithful Buddhist and served as president of the
Fujinkai for twenty five years.
Mr. Kay Nitta, Tri-State Buddhist Temple presents award to Mr. Frank F.
Shimono. Mr. Shimono was born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1904. He came to
the United States with his family in 1916 to the Brighton area where he
helped his family farm. For a short time, he attended Brighton Grammer
School where he learned a little English. Frank married Kimiko Hiyama
of Ovid, Colorado and they had a son and a daughter. Mrs. Shimono died
in 1944. In 1937, Mr. Shimono quit farming and moved to Denver where he
found employment at the Denver Club. He retired in 1972 and moved to
Tamai Tower where he continues to reside. Although officially retired,
Frank is 'employed' by the Sakura Square Management where he is a daily
fixture. His hobbies are gardening and reading and he is an avid watcher
of baseball and Bronco games.
Mrs. Sadako Tsubokawa, Japanese Association of Colorado, presents
award to Mrs. Noye Kawakami. Mrs. Kawakami was born in Okayama,
Japan in 1899. In 1918, she married and settled in Arvada, CO where
they farmed until 1921. In 1921, the Kawakamis began manufacturing
noodle products at 27th and Lawrence Sts. They and their seven child-
ren operated the concern until 1941. Mr. Kawakami was an active mem-
ber of the Japanese Association of Colorado and Mrs. Kawakami was
called upon to to organize and prepare food for festive occasions.
From as early as 1920, Mrs. Kawakami helped organize a Japanese
Methodist Church at 23th and California. In 1924, the California
Street Methodist Church Fujinkai under her leadership started an annual
project to clean up the grave sites of Japanese pioneers buried at
Riverside Cemetery. She is still active at Simpson United Methodist.
Mr. Tom Masamori, Mile-Hi Chapter JACL presents award to Mrs. Kayo Hidaka.
Mrs. Hidaka was born in Shimane Ken, Japan in 1894. She came to this
country and has lived in Colorado since 1917. The Hidakas operated a
boarding house in Pueblo until 1923. From 1925 to 1962, they farmed in
Pueblo. In 1963, Mrs. hidaka moved to the Denver area and presently
lives in Golden. Mrs. hidaka has five children: Fred Hidaka in Pueblo,
Susumi Hidaka in Golden, May Nagata in Honolulu, Minnie Yoritomo in
Golden and Mitsuru Hidaka in Chicago. She has 8 grandchildren and 4
great grandchildren. Mrs. Hidaka has been a faithful member of the Simp-
son United Methodist Church for 20 years. She served for 6 years as
treasurer for the Simpson Issei Fujinkai.
Mr. Henry Suzuki, Japanese Association of Colorado presents award to Mr.
Shizuo Yamada. Mr. Yamada was born in Hilo, Hawaii in 1901. He was sent
to Hiroshima, Japan at the age of 5 for his education. In 1916, he
returned to Penryn, CA and stayed with his family in that area until they
were forced to evacuate in 1942 to Tule Lake. Mr. Yamada married in 1926
and had three children. He suffere huge losses due to the evacuation.
From Tule Lake, Mr. Yamada was transferred to the relocation center at
Topaz, UT. Leaving Topaz in 1944, he moved his family to Denver and
opened Franks Mart at 28th and Downing. Later he opened Franks Food Mart
at 2800 Madison St.. He was an active member of the Japanese Association
of Colorado and served as its Vice President for ten years. He was also
President of the Hiroshima Kenjin Kai from 1975 to 1982.

The next regular meeting of the Mile-Hi Chapter will bb
held on Thursday, October 3rd at 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post
185, 2015 Market St. Se you all there!
Minutes of previous meeting
Treasurers Report
Singles Club
Other Old Business
Bob Sakaguchi
Dennis Ioka
Kent Yoritomo
Kiyoto Futa
Tom Masamori
New Business
Fundraising Activities
Pacific Citizen Holiday Issue Ads
Possible change of meeting date
Other New Business
DENVER CENTRAL OPTIMIST Regular meetings on October 10th
and 24th, 7:00 pm at China City Restaurant, 5660 W. Colfax
Ave. Board of Directors meeting at 7:00 pm, October 5th at
5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO.
NISEI POST 185 Regular Post meeting October 8th, 8:00 pm
at Nisei Post 185, 2015 Market St.
MIS VETERANS CLUB Special dinner meeting October 19th at
Cathay Post Restaurant for members, guests and spouses. Cock-
tails at 6:30 pm and dinner at 7:00. Guest speaker, Min
Yasui who will speak on the current status of the Redress.
JACL members are encouraged to attend. Dinner costs will be
$12.00 per person. Call Dr. Sueo Ito 421-1302 or John Noguchi
237-5314 for reservations.
KANSHA-NO-HI Above, Ben Hamano, Yasuko Nor.aka, Mike Higa and
Kathy Sakai provide entertainment at the ceremonies. Some
240 people attended the first of what is hoped to be an annual
event. The entire occasion was extremely successful in that
it proved that the entire metropolitan area can work closely
together to plan and carry out a community event. The groups
from Brighton and Fort Lupton are particularly to be commended
for commuting the distance to attend meetings, providing essen-
tial supplies and services and giving their wholehearted sup-
port to this event.
Wow! That about sums up the reaction to the first
Kansha-no-Hi'. I only wish that more JACLers could have
been in attendence. Those of us who were there can only
have a very uplifting feeling in having been a part of a
new and successful project. Hopefully this is only a
small beginning to an annual event that this community
will look forward to celebrating.
While the initial impetus came from Mile Hi, we were
part of a nine organization project, which is as it should
The seven who were honored this year were, as requested,
senior members of the community who had not previously
gotton any recognition for their volunteer efforts. As
of next year, there will be no such age requirements
although there are still a number of Issei who sL >jld be
considered for recognition.
With the sudden appearance to cold weather, I wish to
remind you that the Holiday Issue of the Pacific Citizen
is soliciting both advertising and name greetings. Here
is one way of sending your best wishes for the Holidays
to a lot of friends and help bring recognition to our
Chapter. Those of you who have seen pase issues know
that some chapters run a full page of greetings. I'm
afraid Mile-Hi has not done much about this in recent
years so let's all cooperate. We need telephone volunteers
Dont forget that we have a general meeting the first
Thursday of each month. This month it will be October
3rd at 7:30 pm. It's hard to conduct any business with
only four in attendence as it was last month!
I'm not sure you can take Tom and me back to back,
but that's the way its working out for this issue. I
was one of those absent at the last meeting but I was
out of town. Echoing Tom's thoughts, its also pretty
hard to keep writing if there is no feedback. I feel
like someone with bad breath but no one bothers to tell
me about it. The question is: What are we doing wrong,
if anything? I think we have made a pretty good case
for a strong and viable local and national JACL but the
silence is deafening. As Tom says, the Holiday Issue
of Pacific Citizen gives our Chapter a good opportunity
to participate. Greetings and ads can be purchased at
$10.00 per column inch. A full page contains 84 column
inches. Purchasing space not only provides individuals,
professionals and companies an opportunity for national
greetings and advertising but it also gives us an chance
to show each other, the community and the nation that
we as citizens care. The deadline for reservations for
the Holiday Issue is November 1, 1985. As Tom says, we
need volunteers to organize a telephone committee to
solicit ads and greetings. So if you can help or if
you or your company would like to talk about a greeting
or ad, call Tom or me.

The first annual Go-
For-Broke golf tournament
sponsored by the Japanese
American Community Graduates
Program was successfully
held at the Wellshire Inn
golf course on September
6, 1985. 63 golfers were
greeted by perfect weather
and playing conditions.
The only comment was on
the tough pro-quality of
pin placement. This tour-
nament was supported by
17 Hole Sponsors and 21
Patrons as well as the
players. The Golf Com-
mittee heade^ by Mike
Nakamura is to be com-
mended for the great work of planning and executing the tournament. Tournament Chairman Leo Goto is also to be congratu-
lated for hosting this fun event. Shown above is part of the Golf Committee, front row left to right: Ann Nakamura,
Lorraine Hisamoto, Jan Tagawa, Chris Itano, Kiyo Fujimoto and Aileen Okimoto. Back row: Mike Nakamura, Mary Higa, Vi
Nishiyama, Mary Nishiyama, Mike Shibata, Wayne Itano, Gwen Kiyotake, Kathy Kuge, Naomi Hisamoto, Nancy Miyahara, Isao
Kuge, Charlotte Namba and Leo Goto. Not shown: Bob Sakaguchi, Dennis Ioka, Frank Higa, Kent Yoritomo, Bob Fujimoto,
Tom Masamori, Tom Ioka and Joyce Mizunaga. Photos by Tom and Ron Masamori.
At left, officials pose after the
observance of the 10th Anniversary
of the Governor Ralph L. Carr bust.
From left to right: James Kanemoto,
Floyd Koshio, John Noguchi, Yutaka
Inai, Sadako Tsubokawa and Kenzo
Fujimori. Not shown: Henry Suzuki,
Bill Hosokawa, Rev. Harold Oda and
Rev. Joseph Sakakibara. Gov. Carr
is honor annually because of his
couragous act of welcoming the
evacuated Japanese from the West
Coast. This action eventually cost
him his political career. The event
was held August 25, 1985. ..
At right, Henry Suzuki, President
Japanese Association of Colorado
addresses the attendees at the
'Kansha-no-Hi' ceremonies. Henry
served on the committee and also
was Master of Ceremony along with
Mr. Tom Masamori. The Japanese
Association of Colorado was one
of the sponsoring organizations.
Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
3333 N. Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80211