Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 1, Number 6

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 1, Number 6
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Mile-Hi Notes
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November 1985
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Vol. 1 No. 6
3333 N. Federal 81vd., Denver, CO 80211
November 1, 1985
REDRESS Guest speaker
Min Yasui addresses
attendees at a recent
Rocky Mountain Mili-
tary Intelligence
Service (MIS) Veterans
Club dinner. Min
spoke on the current
status of the Redress
action. Min feels
that there is a win-
dow of opportunity to
get congressional
action but that the
constituents need to
contact their repre-
sentatives to stress the need for this action.
The redress bill is presently being considered by
the Judiciary Committees. The MIS Veterans Club
was fortunate enough to get Min between his trips
for his talk. The MIS club invited members of the
various Japanese organizations to attend this spe-
cial dinner.
ABOVE: Part of the group which attended the MIS dinner. 8ack
to camera, John Noguchi, Mile-Hi member and also president of
the MIS Veterans Club. Other JACL members, Hatch Kita, George
Yoshida, Kimi Noguchi, Lil Masamori, Bob and Linda Sakaguchi,
James Hada, Mits and Sachi Kaneko, Susumi and Ruth Hidaka and
Terry Sato. Not shown but in attendence, Kent and Chiyoko Yoritomo
Tom Masamori, Susumu Matsumoto and Henry Amano. In his talk,
Min cited the MIS as an example of Japanese Americans who served
their country despite the evaquation and racial discrimination.
POT-LUCK/DISCUSSJON At left, Sumi Takeno, Terry
Sato, Ayako Wada and Lil Masamori at a recent
Chapter meeting concerning a forthcoming Pot-Luck/
Discussion on Retirement. This event will be held
November 16, 1985 at the Simpson United Methodist
Church beginning at 5:00 pm. The program will begin
at about 6:30 pm and will include a video prepared
by the Nati'onal JACL on the subject of retirement.
In addition, the scheduled speakers are: Dr.
Sumiko Hennessey, Asia Pacific Development Center,
"Psychological Aspects of Retirement", Ms. Ines
Grefe, Denver Central Bank, "Personal Financial Planning", and Ms. Mary Lou Amoroso, Social Security Administration,
"Current Status of Social Security". The committee is calling all Chapter members and interested individuals for
participation in this event. Sumi Takeno and Terry Sato are coordinating the Pot-Luck dinner. The various categories
of food are: salads; main dish (meat or vegetable); and desserts. If you wish to participate and have not already
been contacted, call Sumi Takeno 756-0362 or Terry Sato 988-5438.
RIGHT: Bob Sakaguchi (center) and Kent Yoritomo
(right), both engineers ponder some obscure'arith-
metic point while Russ Sato looks on in disbelief.
Actually, the engineers were calculating how many
packets of sugar and creamers would be needed to
satisfy 100 hypothetical cups of coffee. The fine
points of such calculations are often lost on the
general public. The committe made excellent pro-
gress in spite of the best efforts of the engineers!

After a long, long sleep, the
Mile-Hi Chapter of JACL is awaken-
ing. This newsletter, published
by volunteer effort, is only one
sign of revival in an organiza-
tion that finally is taking a
necessary community leadership
The Kansha no Hi (Day for
Thanksgiving) observance a few
weeks ago, recognizing the con-
tributions of unsung Issei indi-
viduals, was a heartwarming example of what can be done
by imagination and effort. JACL's new leaders came up
with the idea, enlisted the cooperation of various other
organizations, and succeeded in staging a richly meaning
ful program attended by several hundred uniformly appre-
ciative persons. It was a long overdue demonstration of
community leadership.
Locally, JACL for a long period has encountered vast
amounts of lethargy and disinterest. It was a struggle
to persuade able individuals to accept office. Meetings
rarely attracted more than a half dozen members and often for JACL.
We have tried to keep you informed through this news-
letter about programs that we have planned. Next is the
Pot-Luck/Discussion on retirement. We recognize that many
of you are already there or will soon reach that status.
We believe, however, that with the variety of subjects that
our speakers will be covering, there will be something for
everyone. We encourage the attendence of younger people
because one of our speakers will address the subject of
financial planning, which will become even more critical as
Social Security seems to become less than a reliable crutch.
For those already at retirement, Dr. Hennessey will talk
about the psychological aspects of retirement. The third
speaker, Ms. Amoroso will tell you what Social Security will
and will not do for you. We will also have a video made
for JACL, featuring George (Star Trek) Takei. Sound interest-
ing? 8e there!
We have reached the crossroads with this issue of Mile-
Hi Notes, although we have tried to produce a quality news-
letter at minumum cost. All the photos are donated; all the
halftones (screening of photos for printing) are donated;
the time and typing are provided and even the paper which
is needed but with our limited budget, I purchased the paper
Obviously none of us regrets the time expended
appeared to be no more than an exercise in futility.
but when it becomes a financial burden, volunteerism has its
There seemed to be other more pressing, more interesting, limits.
matters to tend to.
But now a happy combination of oldtimers, who have
been persuaded to take a renewed interest in JACL, and
It costs about 500 for each paper that you recieve and
that is just for the printing and postage. With our limited
run, that is about the bottom costs. What are our alterna-
younger people who have begun to understand the potential tives? Do we go back to the mineographed meeting notice
value of the organization, have provided a nucleus of
manpower to get it moving.
The chapter's next important activity is to sell ad-
which costs less but the postage will be the same? We are
not complaining but it is also not our prerogative to deplete
the treasury on just the newsletter. If you have any sug-
vertising for the holiday issue of Pacific Citizen, JACL'sgestions, please give us a call.
weekly newpaper and the one national publication carrying
news of Japanese Americans. Although the Denver area
has many potential supporters, both individuals and busi-
nesses, they have been poorly represented in Pacific
Citizen mainly because no one bothered to solicit them.
No that's being done,
and also helps the local chapter since it pays a commis-
sion. Volunteers are making calls and they deserve your
Thanks to contributors Bill
for this issue.
Hosokawa and Kiyoto Futa
Belated thanks to George Kuramoto for his generous dona-
Advertising supports the newspaper tion to the Mile-Hi Chapter.
Thanks to Sam Koshio, Fort Lupton JACL, for his donation
for the newsletter.
Thanks to Ben and Jerry Murakami for their donation for
Over the years JACL has made enemies, which any active the newsletter.
organization is likely to do. But its greatest foe has
been lethargy. We don't have to agree with every part
of JACL's program. For example, I don't support Redress
the way Min Yasui does, yet we manage to remain friends
The next regular meeting of the Mile-Hi Chapter will be
held on Thursday, November 7th at 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post
and respect each other. And since JACL is the only nation-183, 2013 Market St. Will we see you there?
al organization of Japanese Americans, we would be fool- AGENDA
ish not to take an interest in it. As members, we can
have a voice in changing the program if we don't like
what the organization is doing nationally or locally.
But it doesn't make a lick of sense to stand on the
outside taking potshots.
Some very dedicated people are trying to make JACL
work here, trying to rebuild an organization capable of
meeting unmet community needs. They deserve your support.
Minutes of previous meeting
Treasurers Report
PC Holiday Ads
Other old business
New Business
Mits Kaneko
Bob Sakaguchi
Dennis Ioka
Kent Yoritomo
Kent Yoritomo

PRINCE HIRO Prince Hiro, grandson of the emperor,
on his recent visit to Denver. Shown here with
Consul General Seo (San Francisco) and Honorary
Consul Wiliam Hosokawa. The Prince was honored
at a reception held at the Brown Palace hosted by
the Japanese Association of Colorado (Nikkeijin Kai).
The Prince was fluent in English and seemed most at
ease with young people near his age. In addition
to his visit in Denver, the Prince visited the
campus at Colorado University in Boulder and the
Sakata Farms in Brighton.
Prince Hiro examines momentos presented
to him upon his visit to the University
of Colorado. At CU, the Prince visited
with students of the Japanese language.
Shown with the Prince, Stuart Takeuchi,
Asian Studies, University of Colorado.
Prince Hiro greets Bob and Joanna Sakata of Brighton. The Prince
also visited the Sakata Farms. Bob is a member of the Mile-Hi
Chapter, a community leader and one of the largest growers of
vegetables in Colorado. His farm is particularly known for
sweet corn in the summer and supplies much of the locally grown
corn in the Denver area.
RIGHT: The Prince with other attendees at the
reception. .From left to right: Jodi Fushima, .
the Prince, Frank Torizawa, owner of the Granada
,Fish Market, Naomi Nakano and Aileen Okimoto.
Jodi was Miss Cherry Blossom 1985 and Aileen is
the secretary for the Japanese American Community
Graduates Program, a very responsible position.
Jodi, Naomi and Aileen represented the youth of
the Denver area.
LEFT: Prince Hiro with some of the Japanese com-
munity leaders at the reception. From left to
right: Eichi and Yoriko Imada, publishers of the
Rocky Mountain JIHO, Prince Hiro, Henry Suzuki,
President Japanese Association, Takeshi Nakata,
advisor to the Association and previous recipient
of imperial honors and Mrs. Sadako Tsubokawa,
Vice President, Japanese Association. The Associa-
tion was the official host of the reception.

Considering the need for lines of
communication among the Japanese
American singles within the Denver
metropolitan area, the Mile-Hi Chapter
can help to organize a group which
can serve the singles population in
various capacities. Limited communi-
cations among the Japanese American
singles stems from a lack of socially
acceptable forums. Singles are 'into'
many social events connected wither
with work, social organizations or long-time friends but
few have an acceptable method of expanding their spheres
of influence. Whether the expansion of spheres is neces-
sary, particularly with the limited amount of time avail-
able to most people,or not is an individual decision.
But the author feels that the Mile-Hi Chapter can benefit
from the fresh viewpoint of 'singularly' minded persons
and in return offer a forum in which to express ones
desires and needs.
An exchange of talents both professionally and socially
a unification by a common ancestral heritage (meaning some
common problems are experienced by many Americans of Japan
ese ancestry), a socially acceptable and more importantly,
a socially interesting occasion to participate with Japan-
ese Americans who are natives and 'aliens with refresh-
ingly new influences' to the Denver area are possibilities
that accomplished. If thats not enough incentive,
then create your own reasons and add them to a list of
suggestions with the idea of participating.
Japanese American singles do exist! But do they wish
to meet other Japanese American singles or are they con-
tent with their present social existance? Single status
is acquired by numerous reasons like choice or non-choice,
divorce, death of spouse, and victims of circumstance
(whatever that means). For those happy with their single
status,this note need not touch them, although they may
wish to participate. However for those not quite fully
content with their single status, this article asks for
your help and input to organize and acceptable mechanism
to bring people together. Thus write, call, leave a mes-
sage on my recorder or better yet, take the initiative
and organize a get-together; discussion session; Friday
afternoon club; party; picnic; mountain outing; trip to
Hawaii or places North, South, East or West; dinner;
gripe session; skiing; mid-life crisis orientation; bull
session; barbeque; rafting; suchi eating contest (limited
by money); concerts; both classical and modern; computer
familarization night; wine tasting party; stocks or eco-
nomic advising session; photo slide show; etc.
(Editors Note: Kiyoto is nothing if he is not flexible!)
The planning meeting for the Pot-Luck/Discussion on Retire-
ment and the solicitation for the PC holiday ads was a refresh
ing change of pace. Not only did the meeting start on time
but there was enthusiasm and cooperation from the outset!
It looks like we should have another successful event in
the discussion. The committee is hard at work getting
commitments for the Pot-Luck, so if you are called, please
pitch in and bring what you can and participate in the dis-
cussion. We have arranged to some fine speakers and they
deserve a fine audience.
The solicitation for holiday ads exceeded our early ex-
pectations! Tom and I thought we would be doing well if we
succeeded in getting nearly a page (84 $10 ads). At present
count however, we have commitments for 110 ads! This will
not only mean a nice commission for the Chapter to provide
badly needed funds (note Tom's comments) but perhaps more
importantly it means that there is a latent interest and
support for the JACL. Our goal at the outset was to try to
rejuvenate interest to gain more members and participation.
We have not done as well as we initially wanted but there
,is reason to be hopeful in the future.
The next challenge for the membership is to think of a
-slate of officers to build on the beginnings of renewed
interest. So, put on your thinking caps and come in with
some ideas.
Mile-Hi Notes
Comments or suggestions should be sent to:
Kent Yoritomo
5946 W. Iowa Pi.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Telephone (303) 936-4362
Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
3333 N. Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80211
Terry and Russ Sato, Shunji and Mrs. hamano at the MIS
dinner. Russ and Shunji are both Mis veterans.