Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 2, Number 3

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 2, Number 3
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fllll-HI NOTS
Vol. 2 No. 3
5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226
February 28, 1986
At right, Bob Sakaguchi the newly elected President of the Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
is a Colorado native. Born in the Brighton area, he attended the Henderson Elemen-
tary School. He attended Brighton high School where he was quite active in sports
participating in football, wrestling and track. He was also active in Judo and
summer baseball. He went to the University of Colorado for two years before enter-
ing the Air Force for 4 years, serving a tour overseas in Thailand. Upon leaving
the Air Force, Bob reentered the College of Engineering at CU and graduated in 1974
with a degree in Civil Engineering. Since graduation, Bob has worked for the Divi-
sion of Transportation Planning of the Colorado State Highway Department. The res-
ponsibilities of his Division encompass the entire state, covering some 9200 miles
and include all roads except county and municipal roads. Bob's current task is to
convince the State Legislature to increase tha gasoline taxes for needed construc-
tion and improvements. Bob is active in many community affairs including the BJAA,
the Community Graduation Program as well as the JACL. He is also active in the
Broomfield Planning and Zoning Commission. Bob and his wife Linda have three
8 and Kristen 5.
At left, Mr. Norm Early,Denver District attorney, the guest speaker at the Mile-Hi
Chapter Installation Dinner, February 21, 1986 at the Wellshire Inn. Mr. Early was
first appointed as District Attorney by Governor Lamm in January 1983. He was since
elected for a four year term in November 1984. For 10 years, Mr. Early served as chief
Assistant District Attorney to Dale Tooley. His primary activities there was in the
felony cour room. He was also involved in the Victim Assistance Project and a Drug
Education Program. Mr. Early was born in Washington DC and educated in the District
Public Schools, he attended the American University and earned his degree in Law at
the Universityof Illinois where he was recognized as the outstanding graduating senior.
He is married to Adriana Scott Early and have one child, Norman Ali, age 11. Mr. Early
spoke to two issues the backlog in the courts and drinking drivers. Mr. Early said
that the court backog is an enormous problem and that this is the primary reason why
there are so many plea bargaining cases. Also in some cases where there may not be
enough evidence for conviction, plea bargaining may be used to satisfy the public if
the nature of the crime is repugnant. Mr. Early believes that drinking drivers are
the No. 1 crime problem to be prosecuted. He said that more children have been killed
by drunk drivers than soldiers who were killed in Vietnam.
Mile-Hi Chapter Regular meeting, Thursday, March
6th, 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post.
NISEI POST 185 Regular Post meeting, Tuesday, March
11th, 8:00 pm at the nisei Post.
Japanese American Graduation Program Regular meeting,
Wednesday, March 12th, 7:00 pm at the Nisei Post.
Oenver Central Optimist Regular dinner meeting,
Thursday, March 13th, 7:00 pm at the China City Restau-
rant. Guest speaker, Ms. Marge Taniwaki.
MIS VETERANS CLUB Regular meeting, Wednesday, March
19th, 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post.
BJAA REgular monthly meeting, Thursday, March 20th,
at the Terrace Inn, Brighton. Dinner meeting
7:00 pm.
BJAA Annual Chow Mein Dinner, Sunday, march 23rd at
the Adams County Regional Park. 11:00 am to 5:00 pm,
$6.00 each. Carry out available.
Mountain Plains District JACL District meeting will
be hosted by the Fort Lupton Chapter JACL. Tenative plans
are for a Get Acquainted Social, Friday, April 4th at
5:30 pm and a 'Welcome to Fort Lupton Dinner' hosted by
the Fort Lupton Chapter. Social and dinner to be held
at the South Campus, Ames College, 1 mile east of Fort
Lupton on State highway 52. District meetings on April 5th.

My first comments in this newsletter will be philo-
sophical as well as sustantive because I am frankly
feeling my way into this new job. My general goal how-
ever is to provide a movement of the Chapter toward
the youth Sansei and Y-onsei while still drawing on
the experience and background of the Nisei for the sake
of continuity. As i envision the job ahead, I feel that
the local Chapter may have to take on more social func-
tions initially to generate interest. I envision such
ideas as a Travel Club or a Ski Club because these are
the kinds of activities that the younger Nikkei are
interested in. There could also be activities that go
into our cultural background even to the point of assem-
bling authentic costumes which could have an educational
aspect as well as the publicity that this type of acti-
vity might generate.
Concerning the current efforts on Redress, I believe
in what I call the secondary effects of Redress which
has more to do with the educational aspects than the
monetary. I believe that a large percentage of Colo-
radoans don't know that there was once a concentration
camp in their state. A successful action on Redress
will ensure that the books on Colorado history will note
that there was a time when, in spite of our Constitution,
citizens were hearded without justification or due pro-
cess of law into concentration camps. While the monetary
aspects are important, the educational part will be more
long lasting.
In my term in office, I have made a personal commit-
ment to visit as many of the known Nikkei organizations,
including the churches, that I can. My objectives will
be to increase the visibility of the JACL, to ask if we
can be of any help and frankly to solicit ideas on what
the people feel will make for a stronger and more use-
ful Chapter and will bring in new members.
As you may know, the Mountain Plains District meeting
will be held or^April 4^5,^198.^ hosted by the Fort Lupton
JACL. I will be'in contact with the District and the
Fort Lupton Chapter. Also, the National JACL Convention
will be held in Chicago, July 20-25, 1986. We should
be making plans concerning that convention.
I want to thank the membership for your support in
the recent election. I want to also solicit your support
for my term in office. I have a feeling that I will be
needing it!
Nearly 70 members and guests enjoyed the Mile-Hi
Cahpter Installation Dinner, February 21st at the Well-
shire Inn. Manager Leo Goto served a traditional
Chinese New Years dinner for the occasion. Dennis Ioka
was the general MC for the dinner. Prof. Kuniaki Hata
from CU and a new Chapter member provided the entertain-
ment. The guest speaker was Mr. Norm Early, Denver
District Attorney. Mr. Min Yasui was the Installing
Officer and spoke briefly on the status of the Redress
Joanna Sakata
Seventy-one persons, both young and old, participated at
the Brighton Women's Club bowling party ehld on February
16th at the Front Range Bowling Alley in Brighton. Those
unable to participate in bowling were there to watch the
bowling activities.
On February 21, 1986, members of the BNWC prepared and
served the American Fertilizer Company's annual Chow Mein
and Beef Teriyaki dinner. Meetings have also been held
with the BJAA to plan for the annual BJAA Chow Mein-Shrimp
dinner to be held on'March 23rd )at the Adams County Fair-
grounds. The BNWC will have their annual bake sake at
this event also.
The March meeting is scheduled to be a dinner meeting
and will be held at the Brighton Buddhist Church.
Min Yasui reports that a very important hearing on
Redress is scheduled by the House Judiciary Subcommittee
for March 19, 1986. While the Redress action has four
votes in the subcommittee, a fifth vote is needed and a
key individual will be Rep. Hank Brown (R) from the 4th
Congressional District (Northern and Eastern Colorado
including the Arkansas Valley). Voters in his district
should write to Rep. Hank Brown, 1510 Longworth Bldg.,
Washington, DC 20515 or call his office at (202) 225 4676.
Other House cosponsors of HR 442 from Colorado are Tim .
Wirth and Pat Schroeder.
Min further reports that he
along with JACL President Frank
Sato and executive director
Grayce Uyehara will be in Wash-
ington to attend the hearing
and to testify if required. If
HR 442 is ever enacted, it will
be largely due to untiring
efforts of dedicated Nikkei
One of the thoughts currently-being discussed among the
officers of the Chapter concerning the expenses of this
newsletter is that of soliciting periodic sponsors for each
issue. The basic costs for producing the newsletter are
in the printing and postage. It averages about $50 an
issue. If organizations, merchants or individuals can be
solicited as sponsors, this would largely offset the cost.
In return the newsletter will devote space which could
include photographs and a write-up about the sponsor.
What do you think about the idea? Is this idea viable?
Can you think of likely sponsors? Your thoughts and ideas
are badly needed!

*} vU'fatt&tioti 19%6

The first organizational meeting for this year of
the Kansha-no-Hi committee was held on February 18, at
the Nisei Post. There was little business conducted
because so manyof the member organizations did not have
representation. Chairman Dave Tagawa has called for
another meeting on Tuesday, march 4th starting at 7:00
pm again at the Nisei Post. As one of the most success-
ful community efforts in the past years, it is very
important to continue the momentum gained from last
year. Last year, the consensus of the committee was
to limit nominations to the older Nikkei. This year,
there will be no limitation by age with the general
stipulation that the nominee should have devoted a
number of years to voluntary efforts without receiving
community recognition.
The next regular meeting of the Mile-Hi Chapter will
be held on Thursday, March 6th, 7:30 pm at the Nisei
Post. As this will be the first full meeting of the
new Chapter officers, they should all make every effort
to attend this meeting. There are a number of important
issues to be discussed.
Minutes of previous meeting
Treasurers REport
Status of fund raisers
Kent Yoritomo
Tom Masamori
Dennis Ioka
New Business
Mountain Plains District Meeting
Heart Mountain Dedication
JACL National Convention
---------------- -
I'm sure almost everyone has heard about or had an
experience with an electrical 'brown-out*. This usually
happens in the hot summer time when the demand for elec-
trical power exceeds the capacity of the power plant and
the system goes on reduced voltage to conserve power.
Well, I think I'm having an editorial 'brown-out'! No,
all the systems are functioning but at a very reduced
rate to conserve something, I guess. At any rate, if
this editorial reads rather anemic, well you know the
This does bring me to a serious pddjit. It seems that
the Nikkei community in the metropolitan Oenver area
relies heavily on a very few capable individuals. Also,
there are a large number of Nikkei organizations, each
of which have a particular function but which also relies
on the same few capable people. This may mean that the
efforts of these people may be fragmented, reducing the
net effect of their efforts.
I wonder if the time has come for the various organi-
zations to pool their resources and share their calendars
such that there will not be duplication of effort and
needless conflicts?
Just a thought, but maybe it's because of the 'brown-
out' !
Kent Yoritomo
5946 W. Iowa PI.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Telephone (303) 936-4362
Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
5946 W. Iowa PI.
Lakewood, CO 80226
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