Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 2, Number 5

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 2, Number 5
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Vol. 2 No. 5
5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226
May 1986
At left, Bill Hosokawa MC, Rep. Norman Mineta
(D-CA), Rep. Tim Wirth (D-CO) and Bob Sakaguchi.
Rep. Mineta held a benefit luncheon for Tim Wirth
who is a candidate from Colorado for the US Senate.
Wirth with Rep. Pat Schroeder are the two sponsors
from Colorado for HR 442 (redress) in congress.
The luncheon, held on April 4th was relatively well
attended in spite of the blizzard which left 18
inches of snow in the metropolitan Denver area.
Rep. Mineta extended his stay to join in the opening
of the Mountain Plains District Council meeting
hosted by the Fort Lupton Chapter. More on council
in the following pages.
Mile-Hi Chapter Regular Chapter meeting, Thursday,
May 1st at 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post, 2015 Market St.
Simpson United Methodist Church Annual Oriental
Food Bazaar, Saturday, May 3rd. Chow Mein dinner with
Teriyaki. Also Sushi and Manju. Serving 11:00 am to
7:00 pm. 60th and Wolff, Arvada, CO. Dinner $6.00.
Community Graduation Program Committee Regular com-
mittee meetings, Wednesdays, May 7, 14, 21 and 28, 1986,
7:00 pm at the Nisei Post.
Denver Central Optimist Club Regular dinner meeting,
Thursday, May 8th, 7:00 pm at the China City Restaurant.
Guest speaker, Reiko Urano who will perform and demons-
trate the Japanese musical instrument, Koto.
Nisei Post 185 REgular Post meeting, Tuesday, May
13th, 8:00 pm at the Nisei Post.
Cherry Blossom Queen Contest Judging to be held on
Saturday, May 31st at the Denver Buddhist Temple. Can-
didates are being sought for Miss Cherry Blossom, single,
ages between 18 25, candidates to be no less than k
Japanese ancestry. Contact Kyoto Restaurant 297-9330.
Sakura Festival Saturday and Sunday, June 7-8,
TriState Buddhist Temple, 1947 Lawrence St.
Denver Central Optimist Annual Garage Sale, Saturday
and Sunday, June 7-8, at Denver School of Judo, 5418 N.
Federal Blvd.
Community Graduation Banquet Saturday, June 14th,
cocktails and mixer at 5:30 pm and dinner at 6:30 pm.
Sheraton Inn-Lakewood, 360 Union Blvd. Adult tickets,
$22 each, Student and Senior Citizen, $18. Contact
Bob Sakaguchi for tickets and seating arrangements
Brighton Nisei Womens Club Graduation-Installation
Dinner, May 17th, 7:00 pm at Zadel Restaurant in Fort
MIS Veterans Club Regular club meeting, Wednesday,
May 21st, at 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post.
Denver Central Optimist Annual pilgrimage to Amache
to be combined this year with the Dedication of the
Veterans Memorial at Lamar, CO. Vehicles will leave
the Denver area at 7:00 am, Saturday, May 24th with
expected return to the Denver area by 8:30 pm. Con-
tact Kent Yoritomo 936-4362 or Jim Hada 237-2159 if
interested in joining the group.
Community Memorial Day Observance Monday, May 26th,
at 11:00 am, Fairmount Cemetery. Public welcome.
MEMBERSHIP Tom Masacnori
We are well into our 1986 year and as you may have
noticed your cabinet is heavily involved with various
organizations in the community. What about Mile-Hi JACL?
Well, there are several things that Bob has already plan-
ned and I'm sure he will be getting all of us involved.
My goal is still to increase the membership, and in
line with this I am asking for your help (again). If you
know of a potential member, call me with their names and
I was not surprized during the recent MPDC meeting to
see that all the Chapters represented were under the
leadership of Sansei, including our District Governor,
Paul Shinkawa. It has been my contention that for the
sake of continuity the younger generation must take over
the reins of leadership. That does not mean that the
Nisei abandon their support and contribute in whatever
capacity necessary. This was shown recently during the
(Cont'd on Page 4)

Happy Spring! Mother Nature took us all for fools
this year. I trust that everyone made it through the
torm without any major problems.
The month of April not only greeted us with a bliz-
zard but several activities were planned for the first
few days of the month. Our regular monthly meeting,
which by the way, is on the first Thursday of each
month at the Nisei Post, was cancelled. A day later,
April 4, was a typical Colorado day after a storm,
with snow covered fields and blue sky. It was also
the day that a luncheon for Congressmen Tim Wirth and
Norman Mineta from California was scheduled for the
Kyoto. Although it was to be well attednded, the nearly
impassable streets and roads kept many supporters away.
The event, however, turned out to very enjoyable.
The following morning Congressman Mineta was gracious
enough to take part in a breakfast gathering at the
Branding Iron Restaurant in Fort Lupton. It was a
great way to kick off the Mountain Plains District
Council meeting.
Since Fort Lupton is in the 4th Congressional Dis-
trict and represented by Hank Brown, Congressman Mineta
urged all that an effort be made for people within the
District to write to Congressman Brown requesting his
support for HR 442 (redress). Thanks to all of you
who could dig out and attend either the luncheon or
I personally find the District meetings not only
interesting but refreshing and stimulating. Its nice
to be able to meet other Nikkei from other parts of
the country. The Mountain Plains District includes
chapters from Omaha, NB, Albuquerque, NM, Houston, TX
and Fort Lupton, Arkansas Valley and Denver. The cur-
rent District Governor is Paul Shinkawa, a sansei at-
torney from Houston. Sharon Ishi Jordan, a sansei
school teacher from Omaha, serves as the District
secretary and our own Tom Masamori takes care of the
District funds. Besides representation from each
chapter, the Council is rounded out by District Vice
Governors from each state. Sam Koshio from the Fort
Lupton Chapter represents Colorado, Steve Hasakawa
(sansei) Nebraska, Betty Waki (sansei) Texas, and
Rand Shibata (sansei) New Mexico. We in the Mile-Hi
Chapter have often spoken of a youth movement and you
can see that at the District level it has already
occured. the District Council meetings are held in
the spring and fall of each year. The next council
meeting is scheduled for Houston in November.
The business taken up by the Council included dis-
cussions on the upcoming national Convention in Chicago
(July 21-26), Redress and a new slate of Council offi-
cers to be elected in Houston.
Last fall, I attended a Tri-District Council meeting
(Midwest, Eastern and Mountain Plains) in Milwaukee,
WS. it was requested .at that time that the Mountain
Plains District host the Tri-District forum. Based
on this request, Paul Shinkawa asked the Mile-Hi Chap-
ter if they would be willing to undertake such a task
next year (1987). I informed the Council that the
Chapter would take the matter under consideration and
would give them a definitive answer by June. At a special
cabinet meeting on April 16 it was agreed that this might
be an activity that could spark some interest in the organi-
zation. A final decision will be made at the May meeting.
If you have any opinion or concerns please let me know or
If we commit to the project it will require a lot of work
from the ENTIRE Chapter and then some. I personally feel
that the Chapter should do it.
Thanks to the Fort Lupton Chapter and its President Don
Tomoi for being so hospitable during the two-day District
Council meeting.
Till next month, Happy Gardening!
REDRESS Bob Horiuchi
As suggested by Congressman Norman Mineta, the Mile-Hi
Chapter is urging all constituients in the Colorado 4th
Congressional District to write to Congressman Hank Brown
requesting his support for HR 442. If anyone is wondering
what kind of letter might be sent to Rep. Hank Brown, the
following is suggested:
I am requesting your vote in favor of HR 442
compensating those Japanese who were incarcerated
during World War II drom 1942 to 1944 without in-
dividual regard to their demonstrated loyalty to the
United States.
The Commission of Wartime Relocation and Interment
of Civilians concluded that there was no justification
for the military necessity cited for the evacuation
and detention.
The evacuees suffered enormous damages and losses
both material and intangible resulting in disrupted
years of career and professional lives, as well as
the long term losses of income, earnings and oppor-
tunities. The losses are estimated in 1983 dollars
to be from $810 million to $2 billion.
In view of the fact which have been revealed since
that time, Congress should take action to redress the
internees and pass a resolution recognizing that the
matter was a grave injustice.
Twenty-five members and one guest attended the Brighton
Nisei Women's Club dinner-meeting held at the Brighton De-
pot on April 3. Their next scheduled event will be the
annual Issei AppreciationDay to be held on April 27th at
the Brighton Buddhist Church at 12:00 noon. All members,
their spouses and families are invited to join the cele-
bration. Members are asked to bring one hot dish and one
cold dish for the potluck lunch. Special entertainment
will be provided by the Kayo Club and the Minyo Club of
The Graduation-Installation Dinner will be held on May
17th at Zadel Restaurant in Fort Lupton at 7:00 pm. Six
graduates will be honored at this dinner.

Mountain Plains District Council (MPDC) delegates and friends meet with California Congressman Norman Mineta of San
Jose (seated 4th from left) at a breakfast opening of the MPDC meeting April 4-5 in Fort Lupton, CO.
Guests at the evening banquet.

MEMBERSHIP (Cont'd from front page)
lunch with Rep. Mineta for Tim Wirth when the
Nisei made a good showing in spite of the
It would be nice to have some of.our former
members rejoin JACL. What do we need to re-
gain their interest? Unfortunately we have had
to raise our dues this year but with the in-
creased assessment to National we had little
recourse to do otherwise. I hope I can count
on you to make our Chapter a bigger and better
MEM Travel-Sponsor of the May Newsletter. In business since
October 1984, MEM is the only Nisei owned Travel Agency in the
Denver area. Please remember to patronize our sponsor of the
At right, back row,
left to right, Carol
Tsutsui, Ellen Saka- v
moto, Grace Moroye
Rev. Joe Sakakibara,
Debby Nozawa, Carrie.
Ann Sakamoto, Eddie
Nozawa, Ed Shimabu-
kuro- Front row,
Jeanne Nozawa, Ray
Moroye, Joe Ariki,
Art Arita and Bob
Sakaguchi. Below,
Tom Masamori, Drs. Ann and Mike Nakamura, D J Tatsumi, Kaz
Sakamoto, Dorothy Fujino and Lorraine Hisamoto.
Mile-Hi Notes
Comments or articles should be
sent to:
Kent Yoritomo
5946 W. Iowa PI-
Lakewood, CO 80226
Telephone (303) 936-4362
The committee shown above have established the Ellison
Onizuka memorial Trust in memory of the first American
of Japanese ancestry to travel in space. The committee
has made a solicitation to the general public through
the mail and is also seeking donations from the major
corporations in the metropolitan area. The Community
Graduates Committee is also dedicating this year's
program to Ellison. Tax deductible donations may be
made payable to the Ellison Onizuka Memorial Trust and
remitted to the Tri-State Buddhist Temple or the Japan-
ese American Community Graduates Program, P.0. Box 13737,
Denver, CO 80201-3737.
Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
5946 W. Iowa PI.
Lakewood, CO 80226