Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 2, Number 8

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 2, Number 8
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Vol 2. No. 8
5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226
August 1986
JACL National Convention
At left members of the Mountain Plains District at
one of their many caucuses. From left to right, Steve
Hasegawa, Omaha Chapter, Harry Watson, Albuquerque, Paul
Shinkawa, Houston (MPD Governor), Steve Tanaka, Arkansas
Valley, Jim Hada, Mile-Hi and Gloria Shinkawa, Houston.
Also present but not shown, Betty Waki, Houston, Bob
Sakaguchi, Mile-Hi, Terry Sato, Mile-Hi alternate and
Min Yasui. The Mountain Plains District delegates were
kept in constant meetings and workshops throughout the
entire week. Jim Hada tells us that he did sneak away
one afternoon to see a Chicago Cubs-Los Angeles Dodger
baseball game! More on the convention elsewhere.
At right, newly installed officers of the Nisei
Post No. 185, American Legion. Back row from left
to right; Jay D. Vise, Adjutant, John Tezak, Chap-
lain, Don Hansen, Sgt-At-Arms, Paul Yokota, Histo-
rian and John Oya, Service Officer. Front row;
Edwin Shimabukuro, Past Commander, Tom Masamori,
Commander, Kent Yoritomo, Senior Vice Commander,
Florence Miyahara, Junior Vice Commander. Not
shown; Joe Sakato, Finance Officer. The installa-
tion dinner was held at the new Cathay Restaurant,
July 15, 1986. Past Colorado Department Commander,
Dean Hunter conducted the installation ceremonies.
The dinner was attended by more than forty Post
members, spouses and friends. Min Yasui made a
brief announcement about the upcoming Salute to
Nisei Veterans to be held on November 11, 1986.
Mile-Hi Chapter Regular Chapter meeting, Thursday, Go-For-Broke Golf Committee Regular committee meeting,
August 7th at 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post. Monday, August 25th, 7:30 am at the Wellshire Inn.
Go-For-Broke Golf Committee Regular committee meeting, Salute to Nisei Veterans Committee meeting, Wednesday,
Monday, August 11th, 7:30 am at the Wellshire Inn, 3333 August 27th, 7:30 pm at the nisei Post. Chapter members
S. Colorado Blvd. are encouraged to attend these meetings because this will
be a major fund raiser for our Chapter.
Kansha-no-Hi Dinner Meeting Special meeting of organi-
zational representatives to discuss details concerning Go-For-Broke Golf Committee Final meetings for this
the dinner for the 2nd Annual Kansha-no-Hi. Wednesday, committee, Wednesday, September 3rd and 8th, at 7:30 am
August 13th at 8:00 pm at the Denver Buddhist Temple. at the Wellshire Inn.
all participating organizations are requested to send
representatives to this important meeting. MEMBERSHIP Tom Masamori
Contained in this newsletter are two inserts concerned
Kansha-no-Hi Committee Regular meeting for the organi- with Chapter membership. One is a reminder to members who
zational representatives which comprise this committee. may have neglected to renew their membership to maintain
Monday, August 18th at 8:00 pm at the Nisei Post. Final their membership by remitting their dues. The other is a
information concerning the nominees for this year's awards membership application blank for the JACL. Please give
will be needed for this meeting such that the committee this application to anyone you feel might be interested in
can finalize the program and awards certificates. becoming a member of the MIle-Hi Chapter.

The Hyatt Regency, downtown Chicago, Illinois was the
site of the 29th Biennial Convention of the JACL. The
Chicago Chapter did an excellent job of planning and
hosting the many convention activities. The only com-
plaint, which was beyond their control, was the hot and
humid weather.
My first national convention was truly a learning,
interesting and memorable experience. I will try and
share with you in the next couple of issues of the news-
letter some of the results of the convention. A good
place to start is the new national board. They are as
President Harry Kajihara
Ventura County Chapter
Pacific Southwest District
Members of the Golf Tournament committee under the leader-
ship of Leo Goto are planning for the 2nd Annual Go-For-Broke
Golf Tournament to be held on September 12th at the Wellshire
Inn Golf Course. The committee has been meeting regularly
to iron out details concerning the major prizes, Hole Sponsors
and general publicity for the tournament. In addition to
Leo, other members of the planning committee are; Mike Naka-
mura, Jim Yoshinaga, Dennis Ioka, Chris Itano, Kent Yoritomo
Bob Sakaguchi and Tom Masamori. Golfer fee this year will
be $100 if entered before August 15th and $125 thereafter.
Hole Sponsorships are $250 which includes one golfer entry.
Last year's tournament was a big success with perfect wea-
ther conditions and the same conditions are expected this
year. For further information or registration call Oennis
Ioka (534-7623), Kent Yoritomo (936-4362) or Leo Goto (759-
V.P. Public Affairs
V.P. Membership
V.P. Planning &
V.P. General Operations
Secretary/T reasurer
It was interesting to note that in two of the contested
races that Sansei ran against Sansei. The positions were
won by Mary Nishimoto and Alan Nishi.
Each district had the opportunity to interview each
candidate and I can safely state that each elected indi-
vidual has the potential to do an excellent job over the
next two years. I was most impressed with Bill Marutani,
V.P. For Planning and Development. His views and philo-
sophy with respect to setting long range as well as short
term goals and objectives are the types of direction that
this program needs focus on. I think you might be sur-
prised over the next couple of years on some of the ideas
that will be coming out of this board position.
The newly elected President, Harry Kajihara, although
not quite as articulate as Ms. Rose Ochi, has the neces-
sary experience,commitment, dedication and savvy to pro-
vide the leadership and direction for the organization.
The traits that best characterize our new national Presi-
dent are his sincerity and devotion to JACL. If the need
arises, and it has with respect to REDRESS, let's all get
behind not only Harry, but also the movement in seeing
that HR 442 becomes law.
Cherry Kinoshita
Seattle Chapter
Pacific Northwest District
Mary Nishimoto
Downtown LA Chapter
Pacific Southwest District
William Marutani
Philadelphia Chapter
Eastern District
Yosh Nakashima
Eden Township Chapter
Northern Cal/Western Nev/
Pacific District
Alan Nishi
French Camp Chapter
Northern Cal/Western Nev/
Pacific District
Plans are being firmed up for the 2nd annual Kansha-no-
Hi ceremonies honoring community volunteers. This year's
event will be held on Saturday, September 20th beginning at
4:00 pm at the Denver Buddhist Temple. Nominations have
been made for deserving individuals who have served their
community without regard for recognition or renumeration.
Participating organizations have been sending representa-
tives to the planning meetings. Participating organizations
are: Fort Lupton JACL, Brighton Nisei Womens Club, Brighton
Japanese American Association, Nisei Post No. 185, Denver
Central Optimist Club, Japanese Association of Colorado,
Mile-Hi Chapter JACL, Simpson United Methodist Church and
the Denver Buddhist Temple.
JACL headquarters has announced the winners of the 1986
National Scholarship Program. Area recipients are: Keith
Yoshio Hora, Westminster, CO and Jamie Kiku Kawamura, Denver,
CO. Mile-Hi Chapter members are reminded that JACL members,
their dependents or any American of Japanese Ancestry may
apply for one of the many national scholarships. Scholar-
ships are offered for freshman, undergraduate/graduate,
community college/vocational school or in the creative arts.
While applications may be made directly, the Mile-Hi Chapter
can assist in obtaining application forms and in processing
the applications.
Mile-Hi Chapter has obtained preliminary information
concerning supplemental Medicare insurance which will be
available to JACL members. The underwriter is the North
American Life and Casualty Company and promotion and
administration is the responsibility of the Albert H.
Wohlers & Co. If you are interested, contact Bob Saka-
guchi (469-4337) or Kent Yoritomo (936-4362) for further
Welcome to new Mile-Hi members:
Pat Hayashi
Kenzo Fujimori

Recognizing that the gallantry and hero
ism of Nisei GI's in battlefield action,
both in the European and Pacific Theatre
of Operations, 1943-1945, dramatically
turned the tide of virulent hatred focused
on the Nikkei in the United States during
World War II, Bob Sakaguchi announced that
the Mile-Hi Chapter is proposing a Salute
to Nisei Veterans' in November 1986.
'Their sacrifices and unwavering adherence
to the ideals of our nation,' said Saka-
guchi, 'assured for us, as persons of Japanese ancestry,
a respected place in America'.
Bill Hosokawa, as master of ceremonies,
will highlight an evening's activities on
Tuesday, November 11, 1986, with a showing
of 'Yankee Samurai* (a film by Katriel
Schory, depicting the appreciation of
villagers of Bruyures, France which was
liberated during World War II by Nisei
troops), followed by a program honoring
the Nisei veterans.
Most of the Nisei veterans of World War II are now
well into their 60's and time is growing short to express
everlasting gratitude to those men and women who came
out of evacuations camps in 1943 to defend the United
States against the forces of aggression and totalitarian-
ism. The Nisei GI's of World War II performed far beyond
the call of duty for those who were left behind. In too
many cases, Nisei GI's gave their lives as attested
by the stark memorials in Denver, Amache, Lamar and
Heart Mountain.
Minoru Yasui will serve as general chair-
man of this event. Others on the organizing
committee are Tom Masamori, George Johnston,
Kent Yoritomo, Harold Riebesell, John Noguchi
Henry Suzuki, Bob Horiuchi, Edward Imatani,
Kenzo Fujimori, Sam Koshio and Dave Tagawa.
Yutaka 'Tak' Terasaki has agreed to serve
as over-all Finance Chair for the Salute. He
will oversee the various committees charged
with the responsibilities of distributing
and selling tickets for this event. Sponsor,
Patron and Individuals tickets will be dis-
Gold Star families and all Nisei veterans will be
invited as honored guests and a special reserved sec-
tion of seats will be held for them at the showing of
'Yankee Samurai'. An informal reception, headed by Dr.
Ann Nakamura, will be held for all attendees after the
Jim Hada
The 29th JACL convention was held in Chicago July 20th
through the 26th, and it was with great anticipation that
I looked forward to the week of fun and parties in the Windy
City not so from the moment that we arrived we were in
meetings or caucuses and this pace seemed to intensify as
the week progressed. The normal day began at 7:00 am break-
fast, 8:00 am to 12:00 noon business meetings, 2:00 pm to
5:00 pm workshop, 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm candidate forum or
banquet, 10:00 pm to 1:30 am caucus to interview candidates
or meetings to discuss dandidates and their platforms.
My oveview of the convention was the huge amount of plan-
ning that must have gone on 2 years prior, from the selec-
tion of key people to head dozens of committees, to define
their functions and to coordinate all this with National
headquarters staff. The logistics 'boggles' my mind yet
every meeting whether it was discussions of resolutions or
redress was done with much thought and planning, there were
no problems and every meeting was conducted on schedule.
The banquets were elegant and the speakers' topics were
both timely and thought provoking.
Finally, I went to the convention with much ambivalence
about the Nisei, relocation, redress, about the JACL, womens
issues, about Nisei aging, about Sansei and beyond and about
Asiasn and coalitions. All of these critical issues were
addressed forthrightly^and JACL's role in our lives in this
generation and generations to come was reassured in my mind.
Our Chapter is very fortunate to have a President with Bob
Sakaguchi*s caliber and enthusiasm representing us. We
should all work to help him gain a National office.
The following is a brief synopsis of the minutes of the
regular Mile-Hi Chapter meeting held on July 10th.
The treasurer's report shows a balance of $1349 as of
the end of June 1986.
, Bob Sakaguchi has assembled a notebook containing current
correspondence, notices and future activities concerning
the Chapter. Some of these items will be included in the
Min Yasui reported on the Salute to Nisei Veterans planned
for November 11th. A site for the Go-For-Broke exhibit has
not yet been located. Eric Saul has been confirmed as the
keynote speaker. Bill hosokawa will be the master of cere-
monies and Dr. Ann Nakamura will arrange for an informal
reception after the ceremonies. A rental agreement has
been made for the Corcoran Theater. George Johnston is in
touch with a Victor Cook in Long Beach for help in designing
art work for a poster and program.
Comments concerning the newsletter were as follows: 1)
Keep the format as is with 4 pages. 2) Include a JACL
membership application blank in some issues of the news-
letter. 3) Put a note reminding those on the mailing list
who may have not renewed their membership. 4) Develop a
standard billing for sponsors of the newsletter.
Bob Sakaguchi reported on a meeting held by the Asian
Coalition with Mayor Federico Pena. A number of issues
were discussed including the absence of Asians in adminis-
trative positions. These meetings are to be held quarterly
and Bob Sakaguchi would like possible issues to be brought
to his attention.

The Japanese Association of Colorado hosted a farewell
dinner for Rev. Harold Oda who has been assigned to Los
Angeles. The dinner was held July 11th at the Akebono
Restaurant. Above, Rev. Oda speaks to the attendees,
Min Yasui is at Rev. Oda's right and Frank Torizawa to
his left. Below, Nobuo and Toshie Furuiye talks with
Rev. Oda with Sam and Ruth Suekama in the background.
The Rev. Oda and his family were also honored at a fare-
well dinner at the Denver Buddhist Temple July 20th.
to read excerpts from the essays written by the students
in their application for a scholarship. While they varied
in their theme, a common thought was expressed in most.
This thought was that while almost all of the students
function in a heterogeneous group where they are a tiny
minority, they are becoming aware of their Japanese heri-
tage-and proud of it! I believe that this factor may be
a new direction for the JACL. Too often, in the past, we
emphasized the defensive reasons for the existence of the
JACL-we need to pool our numbers because we are a tiny
minority. Well, that certainly is true but what about
the positive reasons for existence? The Chapter is a
great place to gather and exchange experiences and back-
ground? To learn more about our heritage and history,
particularly the experience in America. To be truly
ourselves without pretense or apology. To meet others
who share a common bond. I wonder if this concept will
sell? What a contrast to my generation where we did all
we could to hide our Japanese identity.
This month we were unable to get a sponsor. If any
member has a suggestion, please contact Bob Sakaguchi,
Tom Masamori or Kent Yoritomo.
A term which is often used by politicians particularly
during elections is 'Grass Roots'. This term is supposed
to describe society or a common understanding among peo-
ple in rural areas as distinguished from the centers of
political leadership. Well, what does this term have
to do with the Mile-Hi Chapter? Quite frankly, I'm con-
fused. Our members who just came back from the National
JACL convention were amazed and impressed with the energy
and enthusiasm with which the proceedings were conducted.
Now contrast this with the seeming lethargy which char-
acterizes many of our activities. Do the Nikkei in our
area have a 'Grass Root' philosophy or is it grassless
roots-deep convictions which have no apparent outlet;
or is it rootless grass- a superficial philosophy with
no conviction? In the short time that I have been re-
introduced to the Nikkei society, I can't tell. There
are certainly enough opinions but little in the way of
specific suggestions on what to do. It is most likely
that there is a 'Grass Roots' perhaps dormant, but there
nonetheless. It may take an incident or occurance to
bring the feeling to the surface but I believe it is
there. The evidence? Our youth! At the recent commu-
nity graduation banquet, Dr. Ted Tsumura wisely chose
Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
5946 W. Iowa PI.
Lakewood, CO 80226
i 150 S u NX L.L I AMS
Li T >

August 1986
Mile-Hi Chapter Member,
This is a reminder to those members who may have for-
gotten or neglected to renew their membership in the JACL.
In the National JACL Convention just concluded and in the
stirrings of activity within our own Chapter, there is a
growing evidence of the revitalization of the JACL and,
most encouragingly, an awakening Interest in the JACL by
the younger Nikkei Sansei's and Yonsei's. We need to
continue to encourage that revitalization and interest -
and there is no better way than to show by example that
you care. Please renew your membership and if Mile-Hi
is not performing to your satisfaction, let us know.
Ghecks may be made payable to the Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
and sent to Mr. Tom Masamori, 2010 lamar St., Denver, CO
(Membership period is for 12 months from date of application)
Please Check
Regular Member $ 40.00 _______
Family Member (Husband and wife) $ 65.00 _______
1000 Club Member $ 55.00 _______
Century Club Member $110.00 _______
Spouse of 1000 or Century Club Member $ 30.00 ________
Please enclose check payable to the Mile-Hi Chapter JACL for
the selected membership and concurrent membership in the National
JACL and subscription to the Pacific Citizen.
Name _________________________
Spouse (If applying for membership)__________________________
Address _________________________
City, State and Zipcode _________________________
Date of application ___________Telephone ____________________
Please mail to: Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
c/o Mr. Tom Masamori
2010 Lamar St.
Denver, CO 80214