Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 2, Number 9

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 2, Number 9
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Vol 2. No. 9
5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226
September 1986
At right, members of the Kansha-no-Hi committee
at a recent meeting. Back row left to right: Don
Tanabe, Nominations Chairman, Kent Yoritomo, Awards,
Dave Tagawa, Committee Chairman, Bob Sakaguchi,
Program Chairman. Front row: Lil Masamori, Dinner
Committee, Rose Tanabe, Floral Committee, Karen
Tagawa, Secretary and Jim hada, Awards Chairman.
Not shown; Youko Yamasaki, Dinner Chairperson,
George Hishinuma, Nominations Committee, Dorothy
Fujino, Program MC and Tom Masamori, Committee
Vice Chairman. This committee has been meeting
regularly to plan this year's program which will
be held September 20, 1986 beginning at 4:00 pm
at the Denver buddhist Temple. A buffet dinner
will be served after the awards ceremony. Tic-
kets for the dinner are $10 and are available
from the representatives of the participating
organizations. Participating organizations are: Simpson United Methodist Church, Tri-State Buddhist Temples, Mile-Hi
Chapter JACL, Japanese Association of Colorado, Denver Central Optimist, Brighton Japanese American Association, Fort
Lupton Chapter JACL, Brighton Nisei Womens Club and the Nisei Post 185. More about the program and award nominees in
this newsletter.
Go-For-Broke Golf Committee Regular committee meeting,
Wednesday, September 3rd, 7:30 am at the Wellshire Inn.
Mile-Hi Chapter JACL Regular Chapter meeting, thurs-
day, September 4th, 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post. This will
be a very important meeting because we will discuss among
other items the Tri-District Conference that our Chapter
will host in 1987.
Go-For-Broke Golf Committee Final regular committee
meeting before the tournament, Monday, September 8th,
7:30 am at the Wellshire Inn. Committee members and
friends will also meet at the Wellshire Inn on the
evening of September 11th to assemble all of the prizes
to be awarded to the golfers.
Nisei Post 185 Regular Post meeting, Tuesday, Sept-
ember 9th, at 8:00 pm at the Nisei Post.
Denver Central Optimist First regular meeting for
the fall season, Thursday, September 11th, 7:00 pm at
the China City Restaurant. Visitors are welcome.
Go-For-Broke Golf Tournament Second annual tourna-
ment hosted by the Japanese American Community Gradua-
tion Program, Friday, September 12th at the Wellshire
Inn Golf Course. More that 100 golfers (25 teams) have
entered this year's tournament. Among other prizes,
there will be three Hole-in-One prizes; a Porsche, a
Honda and a Jeep Wrangler.
MIS Veterans Club First regular club meeting for the
fall season, Wednesday, September 17th, 7:30 pm at the
Nisei Post.
Kansha-no-Hi Program Second annual program to recognize
deserving community volunteers, Saturday, September 20th,
4:00 pm at the Denver Buddhist Temple. A buffet dinner wil
follow the awards ceremony.
Salute to Nisei Veterans Regular committee meeting, Wed
nesday, September 24th, 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post. Chapter
members are encouraged to attend and participate in this
very important meeting.
Denver Central Optimist Regular meeting, Thursday, Sept
ember 25th, 7:00 pm at the China City Restaurant. Guest
speaker will be Mr. Bill Roth from the University of Colo-
rado who will talk about the Golden Buffalo's football
Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award Tenth Anniversar
observance of this program, Monday, September 29th. Past
Nikkei award winners are A1 Kushihashi, Leo Goto,
Dorothy Fujino, George Kuramoto and Tom Masamori.
JACL In Quest of Justice
Bill Hosokawa's definitive history of the JACL should be
required reading by all Americans, particularly by the
Japanese Americans who may have wondered about the JACL's
role during WWII. Book available from the Mile-Hi Chapter,
$15, call Bob Sakaguchi or Tom Masamori.

The following are excerpts from the major resolutions
adopted at the National JACL Convention -
land and Seattle for their outstanding effort on behalf of
Korematsu, Hirabayashi and Yasui.
That, the JACL encourage all members to urge their
congressmen to support HR700, the Civil Rights Restora-
tion Act, and to exclude from it all crippling amend-
ments .
That, the National Council of the 1986 Chicago National
Convention generate a plan for involvement in US-Japan
Relations that is acceptable to the general membership
and consistent with the JACL Constitution.
That, the JACL initiate and fund, with participation
of the public, the creationof a library to store, catalog,
file, and to make available for study by the public,
documents relating to the redress effort, including the
Coram Nobis efforts, the Legislative as well as the
Judicial approaches.
That the National Women's Concerns Committee be con-
tinued as a select National standing committee of the
National organization for the next two bienniums.
That the National Council of the JACL go on record
as opposing the constitutional amendment initiative to
have English proclaimed as the official language of
the UNited States.
That the JACL support the non-violent and spiritual
resistance of those Navajo people who are choosing to
stay on their land in defiance of P.L. 93-531.
That this National Council in the strongest possible
terms, reaffirms that Redress for the Nikkei and the
aleuts still remains our top goal, until we have either
won or lost the battle for Redress.
That, the JACL, nationally and locally, work with
other civil rights organizations to restore the US Commi-
ssion of Civil Rights to its former independent status
or to seek alternatives to the Commission so that our
efforts to seek a more just and equitable society will
have an effective ally and spokesman.
That the National Council approve a continuation of
the Endowment Fund line of credit under the same terms
and conditions as previously approved, for an additional
two years of $200,000 on an 'as needed' basis, coordinated
with the chapter pledge repayment plan, to specifically
support the LEC abd to enable it to concentrate on its
primary purpose of lobbying for passage of a redress bill
in the 100th Session of Congress.
That the JACL support the establishment of the Japanese
American national Museum by encouraging each chapter to
designate a liaison person to work with the Museum in
identifying and collecting historical and cultural resources
That the JACL national Council give due recognition
to the members of the legal teams in San Francisco, Port-
That the JACL Washington D.C. representative position
be reinstituted and filled at the earliest feasible time.
That the National Council extend the Honolulu Resolution
#5-Internal Operations-Resolutions Report of Lillian Kimura,
Resolutions Chair; that we seek a minumum goal of 2000
National Life Trust Fund members.
That the JACL urge President Reagan to abandon his policy
of 'constructive engagement' in favor of a more direct
policy that would include sanctions, and recommendations
that companies cease business transactions in South Africa.
The following is a brief synopsis of the minutes of the
regular Mile-Hi Chapter meeting held on August 7, 1986.
The treasurer's report revealed no significant change
from the July report.
The minutes of the July meeting were read and approved
as read.
Concerning the Salute to Nisei Veterans, the Exhibition
Hall of the Colorado National Bank is being explored as a
possible site for the 'Go-Far-Broke' Exhibit, if the
exhibit is shown, Bob Sakaguchi is following up on some
leads with Airborne Express for possible free transit of
the exhibit from California. Goerge Johnston will visit
his friend in Long Beach for possible help on the art work
for posters and programs. George Johnston also discussed
news releases through the media. He has potential addresses
for sending news releases.
No further word on the Musical Review.
1987 Tri-District Convention-Proposed dates are August
7,8 and 9, 1987. Tentative schedule is to have a prelimi-
nary program by October 1986, application Forms by November
and a list of activities by December. Dennis Ioka will
arrange for the banquet, sports activities and the accomo-
dations. Bob Sakaguchi will be the overall chairman, Jim
Hada will develop the program. 'Mile-Hi Experience' was
suggested as an general theme for the conference. One of
the major emphases of the conference will be on how to
attract and hold the youth for the JACL.
The Mountain Plains District meeting will be held in
Houston on November 8-9, 1986. District elections will
be held at this meeting.
Bob Sakaguchi passed around a draft Program for Action
which is required from the national Council according to
the National JACL Bylaws. A copy was made for the Chapter
Bob Sakaguchi has received a letter from Kaz Mayeda
concerning Redress.
Tom Masamori has received a letter requesting support
for Melvin Okamoto who is a candidate for a vacancy in
the Denver District Court. It was pointed out that while
Mr. Okamoto is a member of the Denver Central Optimist,
he is not a member of the Mile-Hi Chapter.
There was some discussion on forming a Past President's
Club within the Mile-Hi Chapter.

Can you believe that fall is just around the corner?
I hope you all had a nice summer!
A personal thanks to the Japanese Association of Colo-
rado for again conducting a successful Community picnic.
It was the first such picnic that I've attended since
my youth. It was nice to see such an overwhelming turn-
As noted in my last article, I will conclude my re-
port of the national Convention activities
During the week I attended several business and social
functions the highlight of which was the Sayonara Banquet.
In attendence were Congressmen Norman Mineta and Bob
Matsui with the keynote speaker for the evening being
Majority Leader Jim Wright of Texas. Congressman Wright
has been a very strong supporter of redress legislation.
A very moving moment of the program was the presentation
of the Japanese of the Biennium Award to Lorna Onizuka,
who accepted the award for her late husband Lt. Col.
Ellison Onizuka. In addition, Congressman Mineta announ-
ced that the Sunnvale Air Force Facility would be renamed
for the late Astronaut.
The budget that was approved for the next biennium
includes an increase in dues of $2.00 in 1987 with no
increase in 1988. $1.00 of the increase is dedicated
to postal rate increases for the PC. The other dollar
is for general operating expenses. Included elsewhere
in this newsletter is a list of resolutions adopted at
the 29th biennieal convention.
That concludes my report on the convention activities.
Don't forget November 11, A Salute to Nisei Veterans.
Ticket information will be available in next month's
newsletter. Till October, Go Broncos!, Go Buffs!.
Above left, Mrs. Nao Arai nominated by the Nisei
Post 185. Right, Mr. Hideichi Yoshida nominated by the
Japanese Association of Colorado. There were twelve
nominations for awards this year. A healthy trend for
the program has been established by the cross-section
in age and voluntary work by the nominees. Deserving
individuals regardless of age are now being considered
for this award. An impressive awards ceremony is being
planned to honor these individuals. Participating
organizations are also assisting in the dinner.
Above, two of the nominees for the Kansha-no-Hi Award.
At left, Mr. Motoichi Ozaki nominated by the Japanese
Association of Colorado. Right, Mr. Yoshinaga 'Frank'
Uyenishi nominated by the Simpson United Methodist Church.
Above left, Carol Miyagishima nominated by Mr. Jon Tsuda,
Multicultural Center for Counseling and Community Develop-
ment, University of Colorado. Right, Mr. John T. Matsuno
nominated by the Brighton Japanese American Association.
Above left and right, Ruth and Sam Suekama nominated by
the Tri-State Buddhist Temples.

up on having Airborne Express deliver the Go for Broke
Exhibit at reduced or no costs. George Johnston has re-
turned from Long Beach with some preliminary sketches for
a poster. These were examined and suggestions made. A
tentative date for completing the posters is the end of
September. About 100 posters will be made. Bob Sakaguchi
has agreed to work on the financial plan. He will contact
Edward Imatani who has a list of potential corporate spon-
sors. George Johnston will prepare news releases for radio,
TV and the newspapers. He is also working on a brochure
for the Mile-Hi Chapter JACL which could be handed out at
the Salute. The brochure will have an application blank
for membership in the JACL. The next meeting of this
committee will be held on Spetember 10th, 7:30 pm at the
Sakura Square. Another meeting is scheduled for September
24th at which time the tickets will be distributed.
Above left, Mrs. Kathryn Kawakami nominated by the
Denver Central Optimist. Right, Mrs. Florence Nakata
nominated by the Brighton Nisei Womens Club.
We were again unable to get a sponsor for the September
newsletter. Anyone with a suggestion please contact Bob
Sakaguchi or Kent Yoritomo.
At left, Mr. Frank
Yamaguchi, nominated by
the Fort Lupton Chapter
JACL. The photograph
of Mr. Shun Aoyagi, also
nominated by the Japan-
ese Association of Colo-
rado was not available
at press time. Letters
of invitation to this
program are being sent
to all known addresses
of Issei's in the greater
metropolitan area.
Welcome to new Mile-Hi Members:
Kiyoko Matsushima
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Suzuki
1000 Club Members:
Dennis Ioka
Dr. Tsuru Okagawa
Dale Arnold
Tom Ioka
Yutaka Terasaki
July 15th
July 15th
July 15th
July 7th
July 21st
Get well soon to Minoru Yasui in for a check-up at
Mercy Medical Center.
Committee meeting was held August 27th at the Nisei
Post. The Colorado National Bank has turned down our
request to place the 'Go For Broke' exhibit in their
building. A decision was therefore made to have the
exhibit at Sakura Square. Bob Sakaguchi is following
Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
5946 W. Iowa PI.
Lakewood, CO 80226