Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 3, Number 1

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 3, Number 1
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Vol. 3 NO. 1
5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226
January 1987
At the invita-
tion of the Arkan-
sas Valley Chapter,
some members of the
Mile-Hi Chapter
joined them in a
meeting. Bob Saka-
guchi spoke briefly
concerning the MPDC
Meeting held in
Houston and requested
support for the
redress effort and
the forthcoming Tri-
District Convention. The Video "Yankee Samurai" was also shown. After a short business meeting, we were entertained
by Virgil and Cindy Ortega. In addition to Bob Sakaguchi, Jim Hada, Kent Yoritomo and Roy Takeno made the trip to the
Arkansas Valley. Bob Sakaguchi, as the Vice Governor for Colorado plans to meet with all of the JACL Chapters in this
Japanese American Community Graduation Program
Committee chair, Chris Itano has scheduled the first
meeting for this committee for this year on Wednesday,
January 14th, 7:00 pm at the Nisei Post. Member organi-
zations and at-large members should attend this meeting.
Mile-Hi Chapter Regular Chapter meeting to be held
on Thursday, January 15th, 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post.
This meeting was rescheduled for the 3rd Thursday be-
cause of the holidays. JACL members are urged to attend
MIS Veterans Club Regular club meeting, Wednesday,
January 21st, 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post. Club elections
and discussion of the Installation Dinner will be held.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting to be
held on Thursday, January 22nd, 7:00 pm at the China
City Restaurant.
Denver Central Optimist January Board meeting to
be held on Saturday, January 24th, 7:00 pm at 3010
Gardenia St., Golden, CO 80401.
Japanese Association of Colorado Annual New Years
Dinner, Sunday, January 25th, 4:00 pm at the Lotus
Room Restaurant. For information contact Mr. Joe Ozaki,
The Rocky Mountain MIS Veterans Club has made a
generous donation to the Japanese language schools of
both the Denver Buddhist Temple and the Simpson United
Methodist Church to encourage the teaching and under-
standing of the Japanese language. In addition, this
club is making a donation to Ms. Loni Ding for her work
in making a film documentary concerning the Military
Intelligence Service (MIS).
Applications are availagle from Wayne Itano for the
National JACL scholarshipa. There are altogether over 40
awards, totaling over $45,000. Scholarships are available
for undergraduate and graduate students, including students
at community colleges and trade schools and students of the
performing arts. Most of the awards are for college fresh-
men. The deadline for applications is March 1. JACL mem-
bers, their children, or any American of Japanese ancestry
may apply. This scholarship program is separate from the
local Denver area program, which has an April deadline.
For information, call of write to Wayne Itano, 1995 Dartmouth
Ave., Boulder, CO 80303. (Phone) 499-4248
George Ushiyama, longtime JACL
member is currently the President
of the Arkansas Valley Chapter.
Largely thorough his efforts, this
Chapter is maintaining its members
and activities. This Chapter is
somewhat at a disadvantage because
of the relatively sparse population
and the distances between communi-
ties. Nevertheless this Chapter
and its members have responded in
support of community activities.
In particular, the members parti-
cipate in the annual Memorial Day
activities at the Amache Memorial.

Happy New Year and thanks to everyone for your
support during the past year.
As promised, the Chapter did not sell teriyaki
chicken wings. Our primary fundraiser, which was a
tremendous success, was the Salute to Nisei Veterans
in November. Similar events will be planned and
hosted in the future. Its still my feeling that edu-
cational and informational programs like the showing
of the documentary Yankee Samurai are one of the
functions of the local chapter. I also believe that
these types of activities are one of the best ways
of gaining interest in the organization. But remem-
ber it takes your assistance and help to make these
programs successful.
In the past, criteria have not been established
for measuring the organizations success. If one is
satisfied with the status quo the goals, objectives
and targets are not important. I feel very differ-
ently, however, and I will ask each of the cabinet
members to report in the next newsletter how well
the Cahpter did in each of the various areas. I will
also ask each cabinet member to set an objective for
the new year, e.g. membership 25 new members, fund-
raising $5,000, etc.
Thanks to the Fort Lupton and Arkansas Valley Chap-
ters for allowing me to visit with you. As I had noted
during my visits, the Mile-Hi Chapter will need your
support during the Tri-District Convention in August.
I look forward to increasing the Chapter's parti-
cipation and activities during 1987 and again ask for
your continued support. (Editor's note: Bob has
agreed to again run for the office of president)
It is again time for the annual election of Chap-
ter officers. Members are asked to attend the next
meeting for this election or to mail in a marked
ballot showing their selections and suggestions.
Sample ballot is contained in this newsletter.
For those who were unable to obtain a copy of
this book, a Second Edition has been published and
is available for $22. People interested should
contact Jeanne Nozawa 466-3030. Proceeds from the
sale of this book will be used by the Onizuka Memo-
rial Committee to establish a memorial and educa-
tional program honoring Ellison.
Chapter meeting was held on December 4, 1986.
Tom Masamori presided.
Minutes of the November meeting were read and
approved as read.
Dennis Ioka gave the treasurer's report. The
current balance for the Chapter was $981. This
amount should be considerably improved by the re-
sults of the Salute and the proceeds from the PC
Holiday Ads.
Thank you notes have been received from Ron Waka-
bayashi, Gene Takamine and Susan Kamei.
It was noted that the deadline is nearing for the annual
National JACL Scholarships. It was agreed that a notice will
be placed in the next newsletter.
The Tri-District Convention was discussed. One item was
an oratorical contest for which a subject has already been
selected by National JACL. If we are to have such a contest
then decisions need to be made on Chapter contensts and cri-
teria established on who will compete at the Tri-District.
Topics for workshops at the convention was also discussed
with the general conclusion that subjects selected should
match the broad interests of those planning to attend. We
will need to get inputs from the other Districts.
Arrangements are complete for the Thank-You reception to
be held on December 7th for the people who helped at the
Salute to Nisei Veterans and the Go For Broke Exhibit.
The subject of an Associate membership in the Mile-Hi
Chapter was discussed. Such a membership would enable indi-
viduals to participate in Chapter activities and receive the
Mile-Hi Notes newsletter. This membership will be limited
in time as a trial period to determine if the individuals
want to join as regular members in the JACL. Various member-
ship fees were discussed but no decisions were made.
The slate of candidates for Chapter offices for the next
year was discussed. Individuals contacted who have indicated
a willingness to serve are as follows:
Bob Sakaguchi
Dennis Ioka
Kent Yoritomo
Bob Horiuchi
Wayne Itano
Kiyoto Futa
Jim Hada
George Johnston
Tom Masamori
Candidates are needed for the following offices:
VP for Membership
VP for Womens Concerns
VP for Finance
We enjoyed our most successful year with the Holiday Issue
of PC. 2\ pages of ads were solicited which netted the Chap-
ter nearly $700 in commissions. Thanks to the individual
members and the business and civic organizations for their
A very successful New Year's Eve Party was held at the
Denver Buddhist Temple. More that 200 people attended the
festivities which included a Las Vegas Casino which featured
many very attractive prizes. Among the may individuals who
worked very hard to plan and carry out this event were: Susie
Asano, Tim Cleary, Carrol Tsutsui, Dean Tsutsui, Joe Sakato,
Eddie Nozawa, Debbie nozawa, Jeanne Nozawa, Gwen Kiyotake,
Pam Shibao, Tom masamori, Bob Sakaguchi, George Kanda, John
Kondo, Tay Kondo, Mike nakamura, Randy nakagawa, Jovie Yoshi-
oka, Didi masaki, Perry Yamashita and Howard Wanifuchi.
VP for Redress
VP for Scholarship
VP for Singles
VP for Programs
VP for Jr. JACL
Past Presidents Group

August 5,6,7,8,9, 1987 Denver, Colorado "A Mile-Hi Experience"
Friday Saturday Sunday
Aerobics Aerobics
Optional Registration
Sports Events
District Meetings
Convention Opening
Mile-Hi Slide Show
Min Yasui Memorial
Official Welcome
Keynote Speaker
Redress Status Report
Concurrent Workshops
Luncheon Speaker
Concurrent Workshops
District meetings Optional District
Joint Business Session
Convention Speaker
Convention Closing
Informal Mixer Western Barbeque
Banquet Speaker
Plans are proceeding on the Tri-District Convention to be
hosted by the Mountain/Plains District Council. A contract
for convention facilities has been made with the Marriott
Southeast, 1-25 and Hampden. A general schedule of events
for the convention is shown above. The tenative committee
for the convention is:
Convention Chairman
Program Chairman
Public Relations
Bob Sakaguchi
Jim Hada
Kent Yqritomo
Tom Masamori
Sam Terasaki
Lorraine Hisamoto
Kim Ohashi
Mike Nakamura
Dennis- Ioka
George Johnston
George Johnston
Carolyn Takeshita
Members of the planning committee for the Tri-District
Convention at a recent meeting. Back row, left to right,
Jim Hada, Tom Masamori and Dennis Ioka. Front row, Roy
Takeno, Bob Sakaguchi and Sumi Takeno.
Future meetings for the convention have been set for Feb- Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
ruary 5, March 5, April 2, May 7, May 21, June 4, June 18, 5946 W. iowa PI.
and July 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30. Lakewood, CO 80226
The convention will be a major effort for the Mountain/
Plains District and will require the active participation
and contribution from all of the Chapters and members.
We have been informed by Tom Masamori that the free source
for half-tone screens for the photographs used in this news-
letter will not be available soon. A decision must then be
made whether to discontinue the use of photographs which
will detract greatly from the effectiveness of the newsletter
or to seek commercial sources for the screen with the added
expense. This decision cannot be made in a vacuum, we need
member input on the effectiveness or the lack of effective-
ness and whether the illustrations make enough of a differ-
ence to justify the cost. So please let us know your thoughts
on this subject.
Mrs. True Yasui
1150 S. Williams St.
Denver, CO 80210

Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
1987 Election Ballot
VP for Redress
VP for Scholarship
VP for Singles
VP for Programs
VP for Jr. JACL
Past Presidents Group
VP for Membership
VP for Womens Concerns
VP for Finance
Bob Sakaguchi
Dennis Ioka
Kent Yoritomo
Bob Horiuchi
Wayne Itano
Kiyoto Futa
Jim Hada
George Johnston
Tom Masamori
Please bring in your ballot to the next meeting, January 15th
or mail to Mile-Hi Chapter JACL, 5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226.