Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 3, Number 2

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 3, Number 2
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Vol. 3 No. 2
5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226
March 1987
Bill Hosokawa has agreed to be the principal speaker at the Installation Dinner
for the Mile-Hi Chapter being held March 7th at the Regency Hotel, 3900 Elati St.,
38th Ave. Exit off of 1-25. Cocktails will be at 6:30 pm and dinner will be at
7:00 pm. In addition to Bills talk, the dinner will feature the recognition of
current Nikkei community leaders and the recognition of all of the past presidents
of the Mile-Hi Chapter which goes back to 1938. The dinner cost will be $20 per
person and will include London Broil, choice of soup or salad, vegetable, potatoe
or rice (steamed), rolls, butter and a choice of dessert and beverage. Members and
friends wishing to attend this dinner should contact Sumi Takeno (777-1861) or Kiyoto
Futa (987-3882). Reservations should be made by February 27th. This is a good time
for members and friends to show their support for the officers of the rejuvenated
Mile-Hi Chapter. Officers to be installed are: Bob Sakaguchi, President, Dennis
Ioka, Treasurer, Kent Yoritomo, Secretary, Bob Horiuchi, VP for Redress, Wayne Itano,
VP for Scholarship, Kiyoto Futa, VP for Singles, Jim Hada, VP for Programs, George
Johnston, VP for Jr. JACL, Terry Sato, VP for Membership and Tom Masamori, Past Pre-
sidents Group.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting, Thurs-
day, February 26th, 7:00 pm at the Clements Community
Center, 1580 Yarrow St., Lakewood. For details, call
Noboru Wakumoto (985-9493).
Denver Singles Club Cross Country Skiing, February
28th at the Frisco Nordic Center. Call Jean Kitayama
(320-7892) for details. $20 for all equipment and If
hours instruction by a professional and trail access
for one day. Meet by 7:30 am at the parking lot at
King Soopers at Villa Italia. Also call to arrange for
Task Force on Violence Against Asians Committee
report March 2nd at the Asia Pacific Center for Human
Development, 7:00 pm. Open to the public. Call Dr.
Sumiko Hennessy (393-0304) for details.
Mile-Hi Chapter Installation Dinner in lieu of the
regular Chapter meeting as noted above, March 7th, 6:30
pm at the Regency Hotel.
Nisei Post 185 Regular Post meeting Tuesday, March
10th, 8:00 pm at the Nisei Post.
Japanese American Community Graduation Program
Monthly committee meeting, Wednesday, March 11th, 7:00
pm at the Nisei Post. Participating organizations
should have their representatives at these meetings.
Coloradoans For Language Freedom Public discussion
on the 'English Only' initiative currently being pro-
psed for the Colorado legislature. Meetings are on
the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 12:00 noon at 3401 Pecos.
Meetings are open to the public.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting, Thurs-
day, March 12th, 7:00 pm at the China City Restaurant,
c660 W. Colfax Ave.
MIS Veterans Club Club Installation Dinner, March 15th
at the Banzai Restaurant, 6655 Leetsdale Dr. Tentative
plans are to begin at 1:00 pm. Costs are $12.50 per person.
Call Dr. Sueo Ito (421-1302) for reservations or details.
Minoru Yasui Symposium Thursday, March 26th, 7:30 pm at
the Tri-State Buddhist Temple. Open to the public. More
details elsewhere in this newsletter.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting, Thursday,
March 26th at the Clements Community Center, 1580 Yarrow,
Denver Taiko II The local Denver Taiko II group is spon-
soring the Ondekoza Taiko Group from Nagasaki, Japan at a
performance at George Washington High School, 655 S. Monaco
Parkway, March 26th & 27th. $10 general admission, $8 for
seniors 65+ and students through High School. Call Toni,
980-9284 or 987-4287 for tickets or details.
A reminder that applications are available for National
JACL scholarships. The deadline for applications is March
1st. Scholarships are available for undergraduates and
graduate students, including students at community colleges
and trade schools and students of the performing arts.
JACL members, their children, or any American of Japanese
ancestry may apply. This scholarship program is separate
from the local Denver area program, which has an April
deadline. For information, call or write to Wayne Itano,
1955 Dartmouth Ave., Boulder, CO 80303. Phone (499-4248)
There are altogether over 40 scholarships totaling over
$45,000. Most of the awards are for college freshmen.
Remember that the deadline for applications is March 1st.

COMMENTS Tom Masamori
Kent asked me to put down a few thoughts so here are
some things that come to mind.
We sometimes are so close to the source that we over-
look the obvious. Case in point, we are always looking
outside of our own group for speakers for our various
functions and overlooked one of the most dynamic orators
of our time, Min Yasui. I recall suggesting Min for one
of our graduation dinners and met with less that enthu-
siastic response because he was usually available. I'm
sure that we are all the losers for that decision, but
I'm even more sorry that some of our young people did
not get to hear Min speak.
Although it may seem that our Chapter is not doing
anything at the moment, the cabinet has been busy with
several projects that we will want all of the member-
ship to become involved with. First, there is the
Minoru Yasui Coram Nobis Symposium to be held on March
26th at 7:00 pm at the Tri-State Buddhist Temple. The
principal speakers will be Peter Irons, who did the re-
search that uncovered the apparent coverup of evidence
by the Government in Min's case and Peggy Nagae who is
currently the lead attorney contesting the court ruling
in its most recent decision. This should be a very in-
teresting and informative evening. The affair is spon-
sored by the Mile-Hi Chapter and the Yasui family.
There is no charge for this symposium.
Another huge project hosted by the Mile-Hi Chapter
that will require a lot of help is the Tri-District
JACL Convention to be held in August here in Denver.
Please make your availability known.
We are going to form a Past Presidents group and I
really need your help on this because, as the years
passed, I've lost count and have not kept track of
who served. Give me a call and we can compare names,
my number is 237-3041. We would like to have as many
of our past presidents as possible at the Installation
Dinner to recognize them for their service to our Chap-
ter. The Installation Dinner will be held on March
7th at the Regency Hotel.
We needed a volunteer to take over the Membership
VP for our Chapter and Terry Sato stepped forward and
offered her services. Thanks, Terry!
Speaking of Installations, I heard some groans when
I told them that it was to be held at the Regency, but
our first two choices, Marriott SE and Marriott West
were totally booked and time did not allow us the luxery
of shopping around. Bill Hosokawa will be our speaker
and he has some interesting things to tell us about the
Colorado delegation's trip to drum up trade with Japan
and our new sister state(Prefecture) Yamagata.
Chapter meeting was held on February 5, 1987, Bob
Sakaguchi presiding.
Treasurer's report was submitted by Dennis Ioka,
Chapter balance was approximately $1,200.
Minutes of the previous meeting was read and approved
as read.
Kent Yoritomo gave a final report on the Holiday Ads
in the Pacific Citizen. He reported 2j pages of ads and
a Chapter net of $726.
Assignments were made to clear up details concerning the
recent Salute to Nisei Veterans. The exhibit items have
been returned to the Japanese American National Historical
Society. A financial report will be prepared and proceeds
sent to the Historical Society.
Results of the 1987 Chapter Elections were reported by
Kent Yoritomo. He noted that there were no changes to the
suggested ballot in the last newsletter. He also reported
that there were write-in candidates for VP for Membership
and VP for Womens Concerns. These individuals will be con-
tacted for willingness to serve.
Details concerning the Installation Dinner for Officers
were finalized. The date and time were fixed for March 7th
beginning at 6:30 pm. Jim Hada and Kent Yoritomo reported
on their research into a suitable location for the dinner.
Tom Masamori will call Bill Hosokawa to see if Bill will
agree to be our speaker for the installation. Mr. Steve
Hasegawa, Governor of the Mountain/Plains District Council
has agreed to be the installing officer.
Bob Sakaguchi and Tom Masamori reported on a recent
meeting- they attended on the Minoru Yasui Coram Nobis Sym-
posium. The date has been set for March 26th to be held
at the Tri-State Buddhist Temple beginning at 7:30 pm. A
documentary film "Unfinished Business" will be shown and
the principal speakers will be Professor Peter Irons and Ms.
Peggy Nagae.
A discussion was held on the Tri-District JACL Conven-
tion to be hosted by our Chapter. Kent Yoritomo presented
a detailed budgetary estimate for the convention which in-
dicates that the Chapter will break even if we get good
attendence. A dra.ft .registration .form was discussed and
changes suggested. Program details were discussed by Jim
Hada and Bob Sakaguchi who attended a previous meeting with
Carolyn Takeshita and June Furuta who will head up the work-
shops. Tom Masamori will contact the various speakers for
the convention. A check was received from the Mountain/
Plains District to open a separate checking account for the
convention. A draft letter to all of theChapters in the
Eastern and Midwest District was discussed. Bob Sakaguchi
will send these letters out.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
The Japanese American Community Graduation Program is
actively seeking qualified applicants for their scholar-
ships. This year, 16 scholarships will be awarded valued
up to $1000. This program ranks as one of the largest Nikkei
scholarship programs in the nation. To be considered, com-
pleted applications must be received postmarked no later
than Friday, April 3rd. There will be no exceptions granted
on this deadline. Any 1987 High School graduate from the
Denver metropolitan area including Brighton, Longmont, Fort
Lupton and Boulder may apply for these scholarships. Gradu-
ates from outside this geographical area must be from a fam-
ily who are members of any of the participating organizations.
Participating organizations ar.e: Tri-State Buddhist Temples,
Simpson United methodist Church, Mile-Hi JACL, Denver Central
Optimist, Nisei Post 185, Fort Lupton JACL, Brighton JAA,
Japanese Association of Colorado, Nisei Bowling Association.
For applications, contact your local school counselor or
call Lorraine Hisamoto (288-6083).

The Minoru Yasui Coram Nobis
Symposium sponsored by the Mile-
Hi Chapter in conjunction with
the Yasui family will be held
on Thursday, March 26th, at the
Tri-State Buddhist Temple Audi-
torium, 1947 Lawrence St begin-
ning at 7:30 pm. There will be
no charge for this program and
the public is invited. The
documentary film "Unfinished
Business", will be shown. This
hour long film is about the
three legal cases brought before the U.S. Supreme Court
in 1942-1943, challenging the constitutionality of the
curfew, evacuation and relocation of persons of Japanese
ancestry from the West Coast. This film was produced by
t Steven Okazaki of Mouchette Films in 1984. It was the
winner that year of the Cine Golden Eagle award. His-
torical comments will be provided by Professor Peter
Irons, legal historian who uncovered the documents indica-
ting that the government suppressed and withheld evidence
in the wartime cases, thus enabling a "writ of error
coram nobis" to be filed by Minoru Yasui in 1983. Irons'
book "Justice at War" is the definitive history of the
wartime Supreme Court cases on the evacuation and relo-
cation of Japanese Americans. Irons is a graduate of
Harvard Law School and holds a PhD from Boston Univer-
sity. Irons currently teaches Political Science at the
University of California, San Diego. Ms. Peggy Nagae,
Attorney at Law, Minoru Yasui's lead counsel on the coram
nobis case will discuss the current status of the case.
Nagae has represented Yasui pro bono and will provide
an explanation of the proceedings and substance of the
current case with emphasis on the constitutional signi-
ficance of the case and an update on the progress of the
case. Peggy Nagae graduated from Vassar College, majoring
in Asian Studies. She received her law degree from Lewis
and Clark College. She is currently employed in private
practice in Seattle. Nagae's parents were relocated to
Minidoka Relocation Camp in Idaho. Peggy is shown at
b£iQw right with Dalton Tanonaka who was with TV Channel
'74-ln Denver before
'for Portland,
Oregon. 'Peggy and
Dalton attended the
Minoru Yasui Memo-
rial Service held
at Hood River, Ore-
gon. Min Yasuis
petition filed in
1983 was denied on
^Janqary 1984 and is
orf cfcpeal. it was
flino^u Yasui' s last
wish that his coram
^npb^Lsf case be success-
fully* resolved.
Because of the limited number of items to report in this
issue of the newsletter, I'm left with all this space for
myself and I will indulge in some philosophical thoughts.
After a three year struggle, our Chapter has finally come
to a point of some stability in leadership and programs.
For this we owe thanks to Tom Masamori and Bob Sakaguchi
for their leadership and to a select few members who gave
of their time and talents to achieve that interim stability.
Because of a successful Holiday Ad campaign in the PC (for
which we thank the members and friends for their ads) and
a very successful Salute to Nisei Veterans', the Chapter
has also reach a fragile financial stability whereby we can
begin to consider programs without being totally bound by
the potential costs. If the Chapter is also able to put on
a reasonably successful Tri-District Convention in August,
we will gain additional funds but far more importantly, we
will gain some much needed national recognition as a Chapter
and membership capable of handling real responsibilities.
These are very worthwhile goals to strive for.
But thus far, the Chapter has been totally dependent on
a very limited few to plan and carry on the work. It should
follow that this trend cannot continue. The very same few
are also involved in numerous other community activities
and there is a definite limit to their energies and enthu-
siasm. Perhaps we have not asked hard enough, but thus far
our appeals for help has gone largely unanswered.
In addition to the national issues such as redress and
violence against Asians, the Denver metropolitan area is
faced with a number of issues that we as a Chapter need to
come to a philosophy and an approach. For example, very
recently a number of individuals with Japanese surnames have
been mentioned as possible suspects in criminal investiga-
tions. What is the Chapter's responsibilities if any with
regard to these individuals? Do we simply look the other
way or do we at least investigate to see that the indivi-
duals have adequate legal representation and a fair hearing.
Also, the Colorado legislature is considering an 'English
as the Official Language' issue. On the surface it seems
like a simple idea because English is the predominant lan-
guage in business or governmental interchange. The real
danger is that the proponents of this issue may have much
more sinister motives than a simple one line addition to
the state Constitution. Again, what is our Chapter's posi-
tion on this issue? Consider the so-called Asian Coalition.
Because of the very limited number of Asians in the metro
area, we have a very limited political influence. It would
seem that the Chapter with membership in one of the oldest
Asian organizations, the JACL should have some sort of active
role in the coalition but our participation thus far has
been limited to individual attendence at a few meetings.
Thus, again, the Chapter officers need to hear your voice
and opinions on these subjects and any other items which
are of general interest to the Nikkei community. More than
ever, we need your ideas and criticisms to help us formulate
pollcy^ and programs which will offer the greatest return
for our efforts. After all, this Is your Chapter and we
rise or fall depending upon the response we get.
Please consider these thoughts and let us hear what you
think and believe.

Shown above, some of the people who attended and enjoyed
the Las Vegas Casino night at the New Years Eve Party. More
than 200 people attended this party making it one of the
largest and most successful in recent community history.
Much of the credit for the successful planning and carrying
out of the numerous activities which went into the party
goes to our younger people like Brian Asano, Debbie Nozawa,
Carol Tsutsui, Pam Shibao, Randy Nakagawa, Susie Asano,' Gwen
Kiyotake and to our community regulars like Eddie and Jeanne
Nozawa, Tom Masamori, Joe Sakato, John and Tay Kondo and
many others. Our sincere thanks to these dedicated people!
Bob Noguchi, John Noguchi and Lil Masamori enjoy the
calm before the storm at the Super Bowl in Pasadena. At
least they enjoyed the warm weather! Just wait until
next year. Many members of the Nikkei community are avid
Broncomanias, most are season ticket holders and often
travel following the team in out-of-town games. During
the professional football season, the game schedule is
the first item checked before planning meetings or other
community functions.

Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
5946 W. Iowa PI.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Mrs. True Yasui
1150 S. Williams St.
Denver, CO 80210