Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 3, Number 4

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 3, Number 4
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5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226
May 1987
Free Networking Party for the college age to the upper 'Babyboomers1!!
Friday, May 8th, 6:30 9:30 PM at the Sundeck Lounge, 1623 Larimer St.
Take the elevator to the top! Casual dress, refreshments, music! Meet new
friends, renew acquaintances, socialize, network. Sponsored by the Mile-Hi
Chapter to stimulate interest in our younger citizens. For further informa-
tion or reservations, call Kim Ohashi (442-3494) or George Johnston (442-
8133). Discuss the issues, exchange new ideas, chew the fat or just have a
great time. Tell us what you believe will make Mile-Hi and the JACL relevant
to you and your friends. Chapter members who know of people who might be
interested in this party, please pass the word.
Mile-Hi Chapter Regular Chapter meeting, Thursday, May
7th, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. Many important and rele-
vant items to be discussed. Members and interested friends
'are welcome. Come join us at Mile-Hi!
Denver Central Optimist Annual fundraiser Garage Sale,
Saturday and Sunday, may 9th and 10th, at the Denver School
of Judo, 5418 N. Federal Blvd. Anyone having salable items
to donate please contact Yukio Furuiye (344-1296) or Kent
Yoritomo (936-4362). Optimist will pick up items.
Nisei Post #185 Regular Post meeting, Tuesday, May 12th,
8:00 PM at the Nisei Post. Final details for the annual-
Memorial Day ceremonies will be determined. All Post mem-
bers are encouraged to attend.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting, Thursday,
May 14th. 7:00 PM at the China City Restaurant, 5660 W.
Colfax Avenue, Lakewood. Friends and visitors are welcome.
Amache Pilgrimage Annual visit to the Amache monument
in commemoration of Memorial Day. This visit is coordina-
ted by the Denver Central Optimist. Anyone wishing to
join in this pilgrimage should assemble by 6:30 AM^jla^
(l6tinat either the Simpson United Methodist Church qf^the
ferWer Buddhist Temple. Transportation will be provided
at a nominal cost. Lunch will be pot-luck. The group is
scheduled to arrive at Amache by 11:00 AM for a brief
ceremony at Amache, will then travel to the Lamar court-
house for another brief ceremony and then assemble for
lunch at the Lamar city park. Party should return to the
Denver area by 7:00 PM that evening. Anyone wishing tra-
vel accomodations or information should contact Nobuo
Furuiye (287-6205) or nancy Moriya (798-0268). Reserva-
tions for travel should be made no later that May 10th to
allow time to lease sufficient vehicles.
Kansha-no-Hi Committee meeting, Monday, May 18th,
7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. Participating organizations
should have their representatives at this meeting in
order to contribute to preliminary plans and to get forms
for nominations. The deadline for Kansha-no-Hi nomina-
tions this will be July 20th. Any participating organi-
zation or individual may nominate a deserving community
volunteer for this award."
MIS Veterans Club Regular MIS club meeting, Wednes-
day, May 20th, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. MIS veterans
and interested friends are welcome to attend and learn
more about these interesting veterans and their experi-
ences. Hear first hand about the exploits of America's
'Secret Weapon' in the war with Japan int£ie Pacific.
Mile-Hi Chapter (Tri-District Convention^committee
meeting, Thursday, May 21st, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post.
Details concerning the Workshop Topics and the speech
and forensic contests will be discussed along with many,
many other items concerning the convention. Chapter
members and interested friends are encouraged to attend
and provide ideas, comments and criticisms. The Tri-
District Convention will be the major event for Mile-Hi
Chapter for this year and we must work to make this a
successful event.
Memorial Day Annual Memorial Day Ceremony hosted by
the Nisei Post #185, American Legion, Monday, May 25th,
11:00 AM at the Fairmount Cemetery, Alameda Avenue at
South Quebec. The public is welcome and encouraged to
join in this tribute to our deceased veterans.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting, Thurs-
day, May 28th, 7:30 PM at the Clements Community Center,
1580 Yarrow, lakewood. Optimist members, friends and
interested visitors are welcome. Refreshments will be
served after the meeting.
Preliminary screening of applicants for the community
scholarships was held on April 25th at the Tamai Towers
Penthouse. More than thirty area High School graduates
made applications for these scholarships. Those appli-
cants selected through the screening process will be
interviewed by a panel of judges on May 16, 1987. The
Japanese American Community Graduates Program is one of
the largest program of its kind in the country both in
terms of the number of scholarships offered and in the
total monetary awards made. The Graduation Banquet will
be held this year or^June 13^)1987 at the Sheraton at
the Denver Tech Center^ i-25 at Belleview.

There just doesn't seem to be enough time in a month,
it's hard to believe that it's May. April started off with
the Mountain/Plains District Council meeting in Albuquerque,
New Mexico and thanks to the New Mexico Chapter for hosting
a successful and productive meeting. A brief summary of
the activities addressed during the council session follows:
Attending George Ushiyama Arkansas Valley Chapter
Tom & Lil Masamori Mile-Hi Chapter
(Tom is also the MPDC Treasurer)
Bob Sakaguchi
(Vice Governor Colorado)
Roy Takeno
Mas Yamasaki
Paul Shinkawa
Jackie Shindo
Harry Watson
(MPDC Secretary)
Sei Tokuda
Mile-Hi Chapter
Mile-Hi Chapter
Houston Chapter
Houston Chapter
Omaha Chapter
New Mexico Chapter
New Mexico Chapter
(Vice Governor New Mexico)
Randy Shibata New Mexico Chapter
Ron Shibata New Mexico Chapter
Steve Hasegawa MPDC Governor
Business: Steve Hasegawa has proposed a change to the
MPDC by-laws. The proposal would add the immediate past
District Governor, in this case Paul Shinkawa, to the MPDC
board. The proposal requires ratification by each chapter
within the district. I support the action in that it pro-
vides additional experience and support for the current
Governor. To make the proposed change official however,
I will need the membership's opinion. I would like to in-
form Steve Hasegawa by July 1st of the Mile-Hi Chapter's
position. If you have any concerns one way or the other
please let me know, otherwise I will formally submit a
letter of support and approval to Steve.
It appears that the Headquarters Building in San Fran-
cisco is in need of repairs. Specifically, the walls need
to be painted and carpeting needs to be replaced. Addi-
tional information on the solicitation for donations will
be provided in the future.
A presentation titled "Turning Leaves", a study of early
Japanese immigrants in new Mexico was made by Elizabeth
Akiya Chestnut.
A panel discussion which included the Honorable William
Marutani (Vice President of Planning and Development, Na-
tional JACL) and moderated by Randy Shibata was to have
addressed JACL after redress. I was a little disappointed
in this discussion in that there was no clear message from
Bill Marutani on what he intends to do during the remainder
of his term to lay the groundwork for the short and long
term direction of the National JACL. It's an important
issue to confront if the organization is to remain vital
after redress. Bill Marutani will speak to the same sub-
ject matter at the Tri-District Convention here in Denver
in August. Ive asked him to be as candid about his
thoughts as possible. He really does have some thought-
provoking ideas and concepts and it's time that we begin
to hear these new ideas.
The remainder of the meeting was devoted to my presenta-
tion and status report on the planning efforts for the Tri-
District Convention. Elsewhere in this newsletter is the
schedule of upcoming meetings and activities. Please
check the dates for future meetings on the Tri-District
Convention. As the time of the conventiongrows closer,
more and more members will need to be contacted to help
on the various committees, however I would hope that you
would show up at one of the meetings and volunteer. Don't
wait to be asked!
Since Im on the topic of the Tri-District convention
let me reiterate that we need your help. This is an
opportunity for the Mile-hi Chapter to really begin a new
era. With the aid of Carolyn Takeshita, June Furuta and
Carol Miyagishima the workshops that are being put toge-
ther should stir a lot of interest not only locally but
nationally as well. I think you'll see a lot of potential
exists in this community to make this organization grow
and become revitalized. So again please get involved!
The Redress bill was introduced into the Senate (S1009)
by Senator Spark Matsunaga of Hawaii with 70 cosponsors
including Colorados two Senators, Armstrong and Wirth.
On the House side HR 442 is scheduled for a hearing by
the Judiciary subcommittee on April 29. There are only
134 Representatives who currently cosponsor the bill in
the House. In Colorado, Pat Schroeder is currently the
only co-sponsor. We all need to work on Represenatatives
David Skaggs, Ben Campbell, Hank Brown, Joel Hefley and
Dan Schaefer.
As a related story to the redress effort I must share
with you an experience that I encountered a few days ago.
I live in Broomfield and therefore reside in Congressional
District 2 which is represented by David Skaggs. Cong-
ressman Skaggs, periodically conducts town meetings and
one such meeting was scheduled in Broomfield on April 13.
Being the Chairman of the Broomfield Planning and Zoning
Commission, which is responsible for development of the
City's capital improvements budget and being a state high-
way employee, I wanted to thank Congressman Skaggs for
his support of the recently approved highway bill as well
as ask him for his support of the Redress legislation.
After making my presentation and upon conclusion of the
town meeting I was approached by a young gentleman who
wanted additional information on the internment camps.
As I was explaining the events leading up to the forced
evacuation, I was interrupted by an elderly gentleman who
adruptly said to me "I disagree with you about the Redress
and that YOU JAPS deserved everything that was coming to
you. Well, needless to say, I was shocked. This had
never happened to me before. My attempts at explaining
some facts unfortunately fell on deaf ears. It did prove
to me, however, that we all have a lot of work to do, to
overcome such misconceptions and extreme prejudice.
In the April issue of this newsletter,
we did not point out that Marge Taniwaki,
shown at right was the first and only woman
to be elected to serve as president of the
Mile-Hi Chapter. As a civil rights organi-
zation, this is a situation which should
and shall be addressed and corrected. We
need the active participation of all in
our limited community.

Having just taken over the reins of Mile-Hi Membership
from our capable Tom Masamori plus the Chairmanship of the
1987 Kansha-no-Hi, this past month has been a busy one!
We have just returned from a eleven day drive through the
Eastern and Southern states and I am beginning to think
our early travel was a good idea as our projects for 1987
will be time consuming but worthwhile.
Last night, our Editor in Chief advised me that it was
newsletter time and I am taking this opportunity to greet
old friends and new. Looking over our membership list, it
is gratifying to see some names from the San Luis Valley.
A warm welcome to new members Byron and Deanna Kunugi, 2000
Cluber Dr. Koji Kanai and thank you to Gerri Tanaka and to
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tanaka for their generous donation to
the redress fund. Over the years, most of the Nikkei have
become an affluent minority but there remains much to be
accomplished. Recently our Sansei president, Bob Sakaguchi
was exposed to recial prejudice while attending a political
meeting in Broomfield. I am sure he was extremely taken
aback as our Sansei and Yonsei have been assimilated into
the community as 'Caucasian' persons. So we would like to
think. Through JACL we can continue our efforts to erase
this prejudice. Let's encourage more Nisei, Sansei and
Yonsei to joiri 'oar-local Chapter and become active. Con-
sider joining as a 1000 Cluber too as i^ not only assists
national headquarters but is beneficial to our local chap-
ter. See you next month!
Chapter meeting was held April 2nd with seven members
and friends in attendence.
All bills for the Salute to Nisei Veterans have finally
been received.^ -Wfl-oeBafiow close thg^bani^account for this
event and di-^ide- ttl'e'proceeds betjrteeh the^Rational Histori-
cal Scoeity"and^he^MiTe-Hi Chap|^r.-fyf&
The Min'YapLi^-Symposium was sl'ddr*# success with
an estimateGL&fcikeFrffgfTC^of over 200. Medial publicity was
--^gry good'1?hBm1^T<^ efforts of Ge'OTgre Johnston and
The MPDC meeting will be held in Albuquerque, April
3-5. There will be a proposed change in the MPDC by-laws
introduced at this meeting.
Concerning the Tri-District convention, the following
actions have been taken:
A letter has been written to the office of Senator
Daniel Inouye inviting him as a guest speaker.
There is an indication of interest from other JACL
Districts in attending the convention. Bob Sakaguchi
will ask the MPDC for their opinion on this attendence.
National JACL office has asked for copies of our cor-
respondence concerning the convention.
Bob Sakaguchi asked for general letters of invitation
to be sent to the national officers.
The Midwest District Council meeting will be held on
April 11-12. Bob Sakaguchi plans to attend.
A meeting has been set for the Workshop Committee on
April 22nd.
The Monaco Racquet Club has agreed to rent their courts
for the tennis tournament. A deposit will be needed.
and a request for JACL membership. Tom Masamori will
answer this request.
Terry Sato has taken over the Membership duties.
It has been suggested that theMile-Hi Chapter have
events for the general membership and friends rather
than the regular meetings which are being construed as
cabinet meetings. A pot-luck meeting was suggested and
several potential meeting places were discissed. After
there is agreement on the time and location, a telephone
committee was suggested to encourage participation.
The Mile-hi Chapter has been approached as a poten-
tial sponsor for a Cherry Blossom Queen contest to be
held in May. After much discussion, a motion to con-
sider being a sponsor was rejected, some of the reasons
were the lateness of the request and the fact that a
Cherry Blossom Queen would have limited value to the
Mile-Hi Chapter.
The second committee meeting Tor this program was
held on April 20th at the Nisei Post. The primary pur-
pose of this meeting was to appoint chairpersons for
various committees. Terry Sato appointed the following
individuals as chairs as follows:
Nominations Chairperson
Program and Entertainment
Dinner Chairperson
Donations and Tickets
Set-up & Clean-up
Kent Yoritomo
Dave Tagawa
To be named
Rose Tanabe
Karen Tagawa
Karen Tagawa
Russ Sato
Edwin Shimabukuro
Dave Tagawa
During a discussion on the nominations packets, it
was suggested that a graphically designed and printed
flyer would be much more attractive. It was agreed that
such a flyer would be designed. Kent Yoritomo agreed
to come up with a draft for approval.
The Program Chairperson (Dave Tagawa) will secure a
Master of Ceremonies for the presentation program.
The list of Issei names and addresses need to be up-
dated. The list will be sent to the churches and other
Nikkei organizations for updating in June.
The awards certificate and letters of invitation also
need to be updated. Mrs. Fumiye Ogawa was suggested as
a possible volunteer to help with the Japanese language
portions of these items.
The Treasurers report was presented by Dave Tagawa.
It shows that an outstanding check is causing excessive
service charges in the bank account. The recipient of
that check will be contacted to encourage that person
to process the check.
The next meeting of this committee will be held on
May 18th, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post.
In a subsequent action, Mrs. Terry Sato talked to
Dr. Ayako Wada and the Sister Cites Committee has agreed
to participate in the Kansha-no-Hi program. The official
title is: Denver Sister Cities Takayama Committee.
Mile-Hi has received a thank you note from Naomi Horii

More photos from the Mile-Hi Installation Dinner. Above,
Marge Taniwaki with Lil Masamori. Marge was Mile-Hi presi-
dent during 1973 and 1974.
Above, left to right, Henry Tobo, Chapter president 1966,
Don and Rose Tanabe. Don is very active in the Brighton
Japanese American Association and Rose is equally active in
The Brighton Nisei Womens Club.
Welcome aboard to Terry Sato for bringing a much
needed talent and vitality to our Chapter! I want also
to thank her for promoting me to Editor-in-Chief although
in an office of one, I didn't move up a whole lot.
The incident that Bob Sakaguchi just suffered through
in Broomfield is a painful and perhaps necessary remin-
der that distorted memories and prejudices are just
below the surface of many minds and need only an indi-
dent to bring out. In total, it might have been a use-
ful event in that it reinforced in Bob's mind that many
of the events he had only read about can really happen
and to remind many of us who may have forgotten what it
means to be called a 'Jap' with all of its negative
connotations. It should also help prepare us if and
when we are again confronted with such an occurance.
Most of these prejudiced individuals have a logic-tight
mindset. That is, no amount of document or history can
convince these people that there is a difference be-
tween native born Americans of various ancestry and
citizens of the ancestral lands. So be it.
Karen and Dave Tagawa with Roy and Jan Mayeda. Karen is the Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
Treasurer of the kansha-no-Hi Committee and Dave is Vice Chair- 5946 W. iowa PI.
person. Roy Mayeda was the president of Mile-Hi in 1952 and is Lakewood, CO 80226
the current president of the Brighton Japanese American Associa-
Mrs. True Yasui
1150 S. Williams St.
Denver, CO 80210
Bob and Linda Sakaguchi, Sharon and Dennis Ioka with Chris and
Wayne Itano. Chris is the presentChairperson of the Japanese
American Community Graduation Program and Wayne is a past chair-
prson and current VP for Scholarship for Mile-Hi. All of the in-
dividuals are active participants in community functions which
cpT\/P a vital and Resent.ial community need.