Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 3, Number 5

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 3, Number 5
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Vol. 3 No. 5
5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO
June 1987
At left, members
of the Japanese
American Community
Graduation Program
Committee at a re-
cent meeting. Back
row, left to right,
Mike Shibata (Tri-
State/Denver Budd-
hist Temple), Tom
Sera (Nisei Post),
Dr Ann Nakamura with
Christopher (Tri-
State/Denver Buddhist Temple), Paul Sasa (Brighton Japanese American Association), Linda Yamamoto (Yamamoto Award),
Dr. Mike Nakamura (Tri-State/DenverBuddhist Temple), Debby Nozawa (at large), Mary Higa (Higa Award), Brian Asano
(Nisei Bowling Association), Nancy Miyahara (Simpson United Methodist Church), Frank Higa (Higa Award), Ruth Kawamura
(Simpson United Methodist Church), George Johnston (Mile-Hi Chapter), Jim Hada (Denver Central Optimist) and Dennis
Ioka (Treasurer). Front row, Leslie Sasa, Bob Sakaguchi (Mile-Hi Chapter), Carrol Tsutsui (Chairperson Elect), Dr.
Chris Yoshinaga Itano (Chairperson), John Noguchi (Nisei Post), Tom Masamori (Mile-Hi Chapter) and Carolyn Takeshita
(Secretary). Not shown, Pat Hayashi (Simpson United Methodist Church), Lorraine Hisamoto (Tri-State/Denver Buddhist
Temple), Naomi Hisamoto (Higa Award), Dr. Wayne Itano (Mile-hi Chapter), Gwen Kiyotake (Nisei Bowling Association),
Cindy Kondo (Nisei Bowling Association), Joyce Mizunaga (Higa Award), Jim Yamane (Nisei Post) and Kent Yoritomo (Den-
ver Central Optimist). This committee determines all of the eligible High School graduates from the metropolitan
area, solicits applications for scholarships, makes preliminary and final selections for scholarship winners and
arranges for the presenting of these scholarships at a community awards program and banquet.
Community Graduation Program Committee meeting,
Wednesday, June 3rd, 7:00 PM at the Nisei Post.
Mile-Hi Chapter Monthly Chapter meeting Thursday,
June 4th, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post.
June 6th, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Sunday, June 7th,
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Denver Buddhist Temple,
1947 Lawrence St. $6.00 donation for Teriyaki Chicken
or Chow Mein Dinner. Bonsai and Ikebana displays.
Nisei Post 185 Monthly Post meeting Tuesday, June
9th, 8:00 PM at the Nisei Post.
Community Graduation Program Final committee meeting
before the awards program, 7:00 PM at the Nisei Post.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting, Thurs-
day, June 11th, 7:00 PM at the China City Restaurant.
T^s will be the final regulaj^jneeting for this term.
Community Gradu^ioruBtogganr Awards Program and Ban-
quet, Saturday, June 13th, 5:30 PM at the Shgiateo-Dea-*
ver Tech Center, 1-25jtJjglleMiew____Anyone wishing
tickets should contact Bob Sakaguchi (469-4337). Tickets
are $24 each or $20 each for senior citizens (65 or older)
or for full-time students.
Kansha-no-Hi Monthly committee meeting, Monday, June
15th, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. All organizational rep-
resentatives should attend to help determine the details
for this community event.
MIS Veterans Club Monthly meeting, Wednesday, June
17th, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. The general public is
welcome to attend these meetings to learn more about the
exploits of some of the least know Nisei veterans of
Mile-Hi Chapter Tri-District Convention Committee
meeting, Thursday,0une_18th, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post.
With time getting critically short, all members of this
committee and anyone interested in helping out should
attend these crucial meetings.
Oenver Central Optimist Annual Country Western fund
raiser, Thursday, June 18th, 7:00 PM at the Corcoran
Theater, Houston Center for the Fine Arts, Quebec at
MOntview Blvd. Public is welcome to this free concert.
Denver Central Optimist Annual Summer Social, Sun-
day, June 28th, 2:00 PM at the Bear Creek Park, Hampden
Avenue near Sheridan. Off of Sheridan, go East on Dart-
mouth to Raleigh St., South on Raleigh, under Hampden
to Bear Creek Park. Games, food (pot-Luck), fun and
fellowship. Come meet the Optimists!
festival of Asian Arts and Culture Advanced notice
for this festival to be held Saturday, August 29th and
Sunday, August 30th at the Boettcher Concert Hall, 930
13th Avenue. Merchant and food booths, Asian Folk Vil-
lage and Asian Cinema. More details later.

Kudos to George Johnston and Kim Ohashi for their
efforts in putting together a party for young adults.
The event turned out to be an overwhelming success with
30 individuals attending. Perhaps our Chapter should
sponsor more of these!
Amache, as most of you know was one of the ten reloca-
tion centers that were scattered through our nation.
Amache is located in the southeastern corner of our state
in the lower Arkansas Valley, approximately 2 miles west
of the town of Granada. The only remaining evidence that
the area was once a concentration camp for 7000 Japanese
Americans, is the few deteriorating concrete foundations
and two stone monuments.
Annually, The Denver Central Optimist, conducts a one-
day pilgrimage to Amache as a day of remembrance. I had
the good fortune of making this trio this year and even
though it was a long day, much of which was spent riding
in a van, I found it very enriching and rewarding. Every-
one, particularly a Nikkei, should view the site at least
once. My only disappointments were the poor accessibility,
signage and the lack of a historical designation for the
site. Maybe this could be a future project for the three
JACL chapters in Colorado.
My thanks to the Denver Central Optimist for their
gracious hospitality and efforts.
Tom Masamori and I have been making periodic presenta-
tions about the relocation centers _and the redress move-
ment throughout the. Denver area. It does become a little
taxing and at times difficult to take time out from our
jobs, but it's one of those activities that are so im-
portant with respect to education that we never say no.
I've told to call other members to help out, but I'd
rather have those members that are interested in making
these types of presentations. Anyone who may be inte-
rested, particularly those who may have personal know-
ledge or experiences with the relocation, please contact
Tom or myself. ~ ' '
The Tri-District Convention is less than two months
away. We~neecTthe entire membership and more in making
this a successful event.
MEMBERSHIP Jerry Sato.,,
It's almost June. Already? The Tri-District Conven-
tion will be upon us before we know it. I hope our Mile-
Hi Chapter members will participate in the daily events
to the fullest extent, as it promises tobe an enjoyable
experience. And it is always a pleasure to renew friend-
ships with members from other chapters.
Through a missprint last month, we created a new club
for Dr. Kanai. Actually, it is still the 1000 Club, and
well worth supporting.
Welcome to new members Yosh and Mas Nakayama. And our
grateful thanks to Miyoko Aoyagi. David Sakamoto and Mr.
and Mrs. Yoshito_ Tsuchimoto for their donations to the
redress_fund. See you in July!
The 5th annual Festival of Asian Arts and Culture will
be held August 29~30j_Jl987 at the Boettcher Concert Hall,
930 13th Avenue, Denver. The Festival will be in two
phases, an all day festival with visual entertainment,
merchant booths, food booths, Asian Folk Village and an
Asian Cinema. All of these events will be free to the
public. The second phase of the festival will be an eve-
ning of entertainment on Saturday in Boettcher Concert
Hall. There will be an admission fee for the evening of
Festival booths for food or merchandise will be avail-
able for rent. A 10' x 10' merchant booth will rent for
$50-$75 for non-profit organizations and $100 for businesses.
The food booths rent for 25% of gross receipts. Anyone
interested should srite or contact the Asian American
Foundation of Colorado, 1825 York St., Denver, CO 80206
or call Martha Lee (399-2120).
Above, the committee for the Workshops and Video pre-
sentation for the convention at a recent meeting. From
left, George^Johnston, Bob Sakaguchi, Jim Hada, June
Furuta and Carolyn Takeshita. Carolyn is spearheading
theefforts on the Workshops and June is formatting the
Video presentations. The committee has selected some
very provocative topics for the Workshops and the Videos.
Examples of Workshops topics are: 'Asian Identity Con-
Flict', 1Nisei/Sansei/Yonsei Roles-What do They Expect?1,
'Identity Conflicts in Racially Mixed Children', 'Por-
trayal of Asian Men/Women in the Media', and 'Asian Men/
Asian Women-Roles in Transition', workshops for the
youths are also planned with topics such as: Taboo Topics-
Safe Sex, Homosexuality, Teen Pregnancy, Premarital Sex',
'The Importance of Developing Relationships', 'Techniques
of Public Speaking', and 'Interviewing and Resume Writing'.
Proposed Video titles include: 'Tattoo City' by Emiko
Omori, 'Emiko' by Emiko Omori, 'Gaman' by Bob Miyamoto,
'Fools Dance* by Robert Nakamura and Karen Ishizuka,
^ 'Unfinished Business: Jiv Studs Terkel. 'Talking History'
produced and directed by Spencer Nakasako, 'Jazz is My
Native Language' by Renee Cho, 'Four Women by Loni Ding
and 'Frankly Speaking' by Loni Ding.
Plans are firming up for this convention and requests
for registration are beginning to come in. It will take
an active interest by the local members of the Colorado
Chapters to make this convention a real success. As we
are in the host Mountain/Plains District Council, we need
to do our part and more to make our visitors feel wel-
come and glad to be a part of the convention. We have
the distinct advantage of our city and state but we need
also to add the human element.

Networking party for young adults sponsored by the Mile-Hi Chapter JACL

At left, part of the.
party of 41 who made the
annual pilgrimage to the
Amache memorial in com-
memoration of the Memo-
rial Day observance.
Organizations represented
were the Denver Central
Optimist, Mile-Hi Chap-
ter JACL, Arkansas Val-
ley Chapter JACL, Nisei
Post #185-American Legion.
Japanese Association of
Colorado, Simpson United
Methodist Church and private citizens. The photo below left
shows the ornamental chain fence designed and erected by mem-
bers of the Denver Central Optimist Club. This club is the
custodian of the Amache Memorial Fund, a small portion of
which was used to purchase the materials for the fence. The
Fund is also maintained to defray expenses for cleaning and
upkeep of the memorial site. In his comments, President Bob
Sakaguchi is suggesting that the three JACL chapters in Colo-
rado undertake an effort to have the site designated as a
national historical site which would place the area under
Federal jurisdiction and provide further recognition and
protection. The site and Memorial are important reminders
to all of the relocation effort and the ironic fact that
Nisei's volunteered, fought and were killed in action while
their families were incarcerated without due process or cause
behind barbed wire'. While our nation celebrates the 200th
anniversary of the Constitution of the United States, it is
important that we remind ourselves and the nation that those
provision of the constitution can be abused.
Every month at about this time as the newsletter dead-
line stares me in the face, I get that feeling in the pit
of my stomach of "What am I doing here?". I had sought
an early retirement to enjoy some part of my adult life
while I still had reasonable health but now, I find my-
self busier than ever. It is true that I enjoy much of
this activity but there are times when my conscience begins
to bother me. Well, this might be a passing phase.
On a more serious note, I have felt since my return
to the Denver area that there needs to be more coordina-
tion between the various Nikkei organizations not only
to avoid conflicts in the yearly calendar but also to
examine various roles and missions. *Roles and Missions'
is a bureaucratic phrase used particularly by the mili-
tary to define areas of responsibilities and to provide
a focus for organizational activities. I, of course, am
not suggesting such a formal and restricting definition
but I am asking the question of whether the Nikkei commu-
nity might not be better off if the various organizations
understood and defined their perceived areas of influence
and responsibilities. One method of shared responsibili-
ties is the Ad Hoc committees of which there are many
examples such as the Graduation Program committee and the
Kansha-no-Hi. These committees have a narrow and defined
purpose and so long as this is understood and accepted by.
the participating organizations, there is a good possibility
of cooperation and achievements. There may be instances
however, where the particular community event may be so
broad that it may infringe upon the perceived function of
more than one organization, a ready source for conflict
and misunderstandings. Should there be a Standing Coor-
dinating Committee for the Nikkei community? Fpod^or
thought! y
Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
5946 W. Iowa PI.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Mrs. True Yasui
1150 S. Williams St.
Denver, CO 80210