Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 3, Number 9

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 3, Number 9
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Vol. 3 No. 9
5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226
October 1987
Group photograph of the
Kansha no Hi committee and
award winners for 1987.
Photo taken after the awards
ceremony, September 12, 1987.
Extreme back row, left to
right, Edwin Shimabukuro,
Simpson United Methodist
Church, Kent Yoritomo, Den-
ver Central Optimist, Fuzzy
Hisamoto, Fort Lupton JACL,
Mike Shibata, Denver Budd-
hist Temple, Youko Yamasaki,
Denver Buddhist Temple, Jim
Tochihara, Brighton Japanese
American Association, Tom
Masamori, Mile-Hi JACL, Karen
Tagawa, Brighton Nisei Womens
Club (BNWC), Ruth Suekama,
Denver Buddhist Temple, Lil
Kuge, MIS Veterans Club,
Ben Murakami, Nisei Post 185,
Joe Ozaki and Isao Kuge, MIS
Veterans Club. Seated, Russ Sato, Denver Central Optimist, Sadako Tsubokawa, Japanese Association of Colorado, Gerry
Murakami, Nisei Post 185, Hisa Shimabukuro, Simpson United Methodist Church, Rose Tanabe, 8NWC, Ayako Wada, Denver Sister
Cities Takayama Committee and Lil Masamori, Mile-Hi JACL. Award Honorees, standing, Dr. Takashi Mayeda, nominated by
Mile-Hi JACL, Roy Inouye, Tri-State Buddhist Temples, Mary Nakamura, Simpson United Methodist Church, Terry Sato, Kansha
no Hi Chairperson, Frank Nakagawa, Brighton Japanese American Association, John Noguchi, Nisei Post 185, Ruth Yamauchi,
Denver Sister Cities Takayama Committee. Front row, Keishi Murata, Tri-State Buddhist Temples, Dick Tanino, Japanese
Association of Colorado, Shigeo Yanaru, Tri-State Buddhist Temples, Misayo Mizoue, Simpson United Methodist Church and
Masano Nakatsuka, Mile-Hi JACL. Not shown are Dave Tagawa, Kansha no Hi Vice Chairman, Jim Hada, Denver Central Optimist
and Bob Sakaguchi, Mile-hi JACL. More on Kansha no Hi in this issue. The committee and award winners are to be con-
gratulated for another very successful event.
Mile-Hi Chapter Monthly Chapter meeting Thursday,
October 8th, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. This meeting is
being postponed for one week because so many chapter
officers will be in Washinton, D.C. for the dedication
of the Smithsonian Exhibit.
Denver Central Optimist Regular meeting of the club,
Thursday, October 8th, 7:00 PM at the China City Restau-
rant. There will be an interesting program as well as
the regular club meeting. Optimist members and friends
are encouraged to attend.
Brighton Buddhist Temple Benefit Beef Tereiyaki and
Chow Mein Dinner, Sunday, October 11th, 11:00 AM to 5:00
PM at the Adams County Regional Park. Donation, $6.00.
Nisei Post 185 Regular Post meeting, Tuesday, Octo-
ber 13th, 8:00 PM at the Nisei Post. Post members are
encouraged to attend. Work on the renovation and en-
largement of the dining area is proceeding and the jrestau-.
rant should reopen soon under new management.
MIS Veterans Club Regular monthly meeting, Wednesday,
October ?lst, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. Primary item
for discussion will be the 1988 Nisei Veterans Reunion
(NVR) to be held in Reno, NV. Of interest to club members
will be events at the reunion specifically intended for
MIS Veterans.
Denver Central Optimist Regular meeting of the Optimist,
Thursday, October 22nd, 7:30 PM at the Clements Community
Center, 1580 Yarrow, Lakewood. This will not be a dinner
meeting, however, refreshments will be served after the
meeting. The speaker for the evening will be Dr. James
Taguchi, Cardiologist, who will speak on the general sub-
ject of health. Members are encouraged to attend to hear
this Interesting and timely talk. Friends are also wel-
come to attend, participate in the program and meet the

Its hard to believe that its the 1st of October, but the
days are getting shorter, the football season has started,
the matsutake hunters are busily scurrying around the moun-
tains searching for that elusive fungus and the kids are
back in school and therefore, it must be fall.
The month of September was again a busy but yet exciting
one. Two major events took place during the month. The
first, was the Kansha no Hi program, honoring eleven unsung
heros within our community. I would like to extend my per-
sonal congratulations and thanks to all the recipients and
a special acknowledgement to Dr. Takashi Mayeda, Mary Naka-
mura, John Noguchi and Ruth Yamauchi, all JACL and Mile-Hi
members. The program, under the direction of Terry Sato
was again a very successful endeavor. The second activity
was the 'Go For Broke' golf tournament. The tournament is
a major fundraising effort of the Japanese American Commu-
nity Graduation Program. The proceeds help defray costs
associated with honoring Denver metro area high school
seniors. The tournament, based on the success over the
past three years, will continue to grow and will only be
limited by the degree of effort that is put forth.
Over the past few years the chapter has made a slow but
yet positive impact in the community and as a result we
have realized a small monetary increase in our treasury.
This has given us the opportunity to once again become a
vital participant in other community projects. At the Sep-
tember 3rd meeting, funds were allocated to the following
$250 Go For Broke' golf tournament Sponsor
$250 Sponsorship of a coed volleyball team
$150 T-Shirts for the volleyball team
$50 Ellison Onizuka Memorial Trust Fund
Its important for the chapter to support more of these
program, but the only way that we can increase our partici-
pation and effectiveness is to develop other revenue genera-
ting program. Your ideas and comments, excluding the sales
of teriyaki chicken wings, would be greatly appreciated!
On September 17th, the nation celebrated the bicentennial
of the Constitution and the same day the House of Representa-
tives passed HR442 (Redress Legislation). The vote was 243
for and 141 against. Congressmen Campbell, Skaggs and Brown
voted for the bill and Congressmen Hefley and Schaefer voted
against. Congresswoman Schroeder was absent. I encourage
all of you to write to Congressmen Campbell, Skaggs and
Brown thanking them for their support of the bill. Their
addresses are as follows:
Congressman David Skaggs
1723 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-0602
Congressman Hank Brown
1424 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-0604
Congressman Ben Nighthorse Campbell
1724 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-0603
The bill moves to the Senate where there is sufficient
support for passage. The last major step, however, will
be the President's signature.
A last few notes. The Intermountain District Council hosting a Thousand Club anniversary in beautiful
Jackpot, Nevada on November 21 and 22. 1 have a few
registration forms so if you are interested give me a
call at 469-4337. If you have not already noted, the
regular meeting for October has been pushed back a week
to October 8.
We are now into the autumn of the year. Our member-
ship roster has remained fairly constant in 1987. We
have added several new members, and we have a few that
have perhaps forgotten to renew, and I hope to hear from
you before your subscription to the Pacific Citizen ex-
pires, and before your name is removed from the mailing
list for our Mile-Hi Chapter newsletter.
Ahearty welcome to our new members this month. Isao
Kuge has been added to our Mile-Hi Chapter, and just the
other day, Shun Aoyagi, John Hanatani and Dick Tanino
joined us. Very nice to have you aboard!
There are so many activities going on during the next
few weeks, that for now. Ill say "see you in November"!
Shown at left, Duane Maye-
da, one of the 108 golfers
entered into this year's 'Go
For Broke' golf tournament
and winner of the putting con-
test. Other individual win-
ners were Kyle Nagai, longest
drive and Mr. Belgerlund, a
trip to Las Vegas, courtesy
of MEM Travel. Stan Doida's
team won the Men's Team tro-
phy with a phenomenonal score
of 58, 14 under par! The Womens Team trophy was won by
Carol Kishiyama's team. After days of inclement weather,
the golfers were greeted by perfect fall conditions. The
tournament was hosted by the Wellshire Inn Golf Course
and Leo Goto who provided breakfast, lunch and a buffet
dinner. A very good time was had by all and most impor-
tantly, the Graduation Program should net sizeable gain.
As reported by Bob Sakaguchi in his column, our Chap-
ter is the sponsor of a coed volleyball team in the North
Jeffco Recreation League. The team, the "KAMIKAZE"-is
managed by Lorraine Hisamoto and includes as players:
Joyce Mizunaga, Naomi Hisamoto, Karen Miller, Wendy Mizu-
naga, Lorraine Hisamoto, Ken Nakamura, Ken Takahashi and
Ron Matsushima. The team plays on Wednesday nights at
either the Moore Junior High School, 8455 W. 88th Ave.,
or the Mandalay Junior High School, 9651 N, Pierce. The
schedule calls for all games at Moore through October 7th
and at Mandalay through November 9th. The October 7th
game at Moore begins at 6:30 PM, October 14th at 8:00,
October 21st at 8:45, October 28th at 8:00 and November
4th at 6:30. Visitors are welcome to cheer on the Mile-
Hi Kamikaze's. Our players will be wearing their new
T-Shirts sponsored by our chapter. Way to go!

Photos taken at the recent awards cere-
monies for the Kansha no Hi. Extreme upper
left, Mrs Masano Nakatsuka presented her
award by Tom Masamori for the Mile-Hi JACL,
Mrs. Ruth Yamauchi presented by Dr. Ayako
Wada, Denver Sister Cities Takayama Committee,
John Noguchi presented by Commander George
Yoshida of the Nisei Post 185. Above right,
Dr. Ted Tsumura, Master of Ceremonies. In
succession, Mr. Keishi Murata presented by
the Rev. Eijun Kujo, Tri-State Buddhist Tem-
ples, Mr. Roy Inouye presented by Mr. Ed
Nakagawa, President, Tri-State Buddhist Tem-
ples, Mr. Frank Fukashi Nakagawa presented
by Mr. Jim Tochihara, Brighton Japanese
American Association, Mr. Shigeo Yanaru,
Mike Shibata, Denver Buddhist Temple, Mr.
Dick Tanino, Mr. Joe Ozaki,Acting President,
Japanese Association of Colorado, Mrs. Mary
Nakamura, Mrs. Hisa Shimabukuro, Simpson
United Methodist Church, Mrs. Misayo Mizoue,
Mr. Edwin Shimabukuro, Simpson United Metho-
dist Church and Dr. Takashi Mayeda, Bob Saka-
guchi, President, Mile-Hi Chapter JACL. All
photos by Tom Masamori. After the ceremonies,
a pleasant buffet dinner prepared by member
organizations of Kansha no Hi was enjoyed
by an estimated attendence of 250. The Kan-
sha no Hi program has been one of the most
successful community program by and for the
Nikkei in the metropolitan area. Cooperation
by the individuals and organizations has
been excellent. Mrs. Terry Sato is to be
congratulated for her excellent performance
as chair for the 1987 committee.
It is not too early to. start thinking about the elections
for the various Chapter offices. Most of the current cabinet
have been in various offices for several years now and new
names and faces will be a welcome addition. The Chapter is
on a firmer footing than a few years ago but it still needs
the infusion of new ideas and directions. So if anyone who
reads this newsletter would like to help or if you know of
any person who might be interested, please let any of the
current officers know so that a proper slate can be prepared.
The elections are held during December so there will be two
months in which to prepare. The Chapter belongs to all of
the members and it succeeds or fails based on the effort and
energies provided by the members. Let's not rely on the
dedicated few but make the Chapter a group effort. t
Bob Sakaguchi wrote about fundraisers for the chapter.
One of the easiest and productive ways is the annual holi-
day issue of the PC. As a JACL chapter, we can get bulk
rates for any ad placed in the paper with a sizable com-
mission for each ad placed. Last v ea r^we-ear ned-e-v-er
$7QQ in -pommissinns. The soliciting of ads is best done
through a committee which can organize telephone crews
and make direct solicitations for ads. The prices of
the ads has not been set as yet by the PC but we can of
course get a jump on the season by organizing committees
and securing volunteers. If you are interested in helping
this year, contact Bob Sakaguchi (469-4337), Kent Yori-
tomo (935-4362) or Sumi Takeno (777-1861) and say that
you want to help. We really need you!

Congressman Norman
Mineta, speaker for
the Tri-District JACL
Convention and Bob
Sakaguchi, convention
chair are shown with
the bronze sculpture
by local artist and
Mile-Hi chapter mem-
ber, 'Tsuyako'. The
bronze bas relief de-
picts the dignity of
the Nikkei under the
trauma and stress of
their treatment during
World War II. Tsuyako was relocated to Poston, AZ during the evacuation but she says that she never lost sight of ho'p§ ;* i
and faith in America. One of her brothers went to Europe as part of the 442nd RCT and another went to Japan during the
U.S. occupation. She says, "I am one of those who lived thru this period of blood,sweat and tears. When I became a
sculptor, my dream was to record in bronze something of the sorrow, courage and dignity with which the Japanese people
this difficult phase of our history. I created the bronze bas relief in memory of our Nisei J
were incarcerated and to remind ourselves that, "Freedom is Fragile".".
of the U.S. lived thru
soldiers and those who
Photograph taken at a dinner honoring Bill Hoso-
kawa who was awarded the Rising Sun with Golden Rays
by the Japanese government. Back row, left to right,
Peter Hosokawa, Lloyd Harveson, Patrick Hosokawa,
Sheryl Hosokawa, Jon Harveson, Matthew Marveson,
Christie harveson, Susan Boatright and Warren Boat-
right. Front row, Tiffany Harveson, Alice and Bill
Hosokawa, Stephanie Boatright and Steven Boatright.
The dinner held on August 16th was attended by near-
ly 200 and hosted by the Japanese Association of
Colorado. In addition to his many efforts in behalf
of the state of Colorado and community efforts, Bill
has been a tireless contributor to events in behalf
of the.Mile-Hi Chapter.
One of the items discussed during the chapter meeting
on September 3rd was the continued concern for the cos^of
producing this newsletter. The accountable costs per issue
is about $100 In addition, there have been requests from
non Mile-Hi members or JACL members for the newsletter. In
summary, a decision was made on the distribution and cost
allocation for the newsletter as follows:
a. Mile-Hi members will recieve the newsletter as a
part of their membership.
b. JACL members from other chapters will be assessed
a subscription of $12.30 per year to partially cover the
cost of publication.
c. Non-JACL members will be assessed a subscription of
$15.00 per year. It was recognized that this may not cover
the cost of publication but the interest may later result
in JACL membership.
Further discussion was held concerning various methods
for covering the cost of publication. Ideas discussed
were monthly sponsors and advertizing. No decisions were
made on this item. Your comments will be appreciated.
Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
5946 W. Iowa PI.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Mrs. True Yasui
1150 S. Williams St
Denver, CO 80210