Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 4, Number 1

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 4, Number 1
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mil-HI NOT6S
vol. 4 No. 1 5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226 January 1988
Students of Ms. Diane Lauson's Law class at Lincoln High School. Bob Sakaguchi and Kent Yoritomo were invited to
talk to these students after Ms. Lauson heard a surprisingly strong objection by some of the students to the redress
legislation. In the discussion which followed an explanation of E.O. 1099 and the evacuation, it became clear that
some of the students were not differentiating between the Japanese Americans who were being evacuated and the Imperial
Japanese forces who had bombed Pearl Harbor, a common misconception. One student, however, put things into perspective
by giving the example that if the United States and Mexico were to go to war, then all of the Mexican Americans would
be rounded up and put into camps. There was finally a rather grudging consensus that the redress legislation was
justified although some students still felt that a governmental apology was not warranted because then the government
would forever be apologizing for its actions. This is another example of the types of roles that the Mile-Hi chapter
should be prepared to perform because public education at the grass roots level will be needed for a long time before
the patriotism and loyalty of the Nikkei will not be questioned because of our ethnic origin.
Mile-Hi Chapter Regular Chapter meeting, Thursday,
January 7th, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. A number of very
important items to be discussed and decided for the chap-
ter. Members and friends are urged to attend.
Nisei Post 185 First meeting of the new year for the
Post, Tuesday, January 12th, 8:00 PM at the Nisei Post.
Gradjjgtion Proaram,Committee First meeting for the
1988 committee. Wednesday, January 13th, 7:00 PM at the
Nisei Post. Participating organizations should have their
representatives at this meeting. Chair for 1988 will be
Carrol Hiratsuka-Tsutsui.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting, Thurs-
day, January 14th, 7:00 PM at the Cathay Oriental Restau-
rant, 2015 Market Street, Denver, CO (Nisei Post 185).
Optimists should note this change in location for this
meeting. Interesting program in addition to regular club
business. Members and friends are welcome.
Japanese Association of Colorado Annual New Years
dinner, January 16th at the Lotus Room. For further in-
formation, contact Mr. Joe Ozaki 422-4045.
Uta Gassen Annual singing concert, Sunday, January
?7th at the Denver Buddhist Temple beginning at 4:30 PM.
MIS Veterans Club Regular monthly club meeting, Wed-
nesday, January 20th, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. This will
be the last meeting to be chaired by outgoing president, Dr.
Sueo Ito. At the club meeting in December, a new slate of
officers was elected. An Installation Dinner is planned
for February. Further details to follow.
Japanese Association of Colorado General meeting for
election of officers, Saturday, January 23rd, 7:30 PM at
the Nisei Post. All association members are encouraged to
attend this important meeting.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting, Thursday,
January 28th, 7:30 PM at the Clements Community Center,
Lakewood. This will be an after-dinner meeting and pre-
sent plans are for Mr. Robert Forsythe, CO/WY District
Governor and Mr. Lou Sturm, Zone 7 Vice Governor to visit
the Denver Central Optimist.
BJAA Association Installation Dinner, Saturday, January
30th at the Holiday Inn, 120th and 1-25. Call association
members for further details.

Bob Sakaquchi
It was a very busy, exciting and rewarding 1987. The
Mile-Hi Chapter hosted and participated in a number of
community activites. We not only need to continue this
participation, but also need to expand our (JACL) role
in providing additional connumity service. I've always
felt that that's how we gain interest in the organization,
by being visible, active and functional. The JACL fills
a necessary gap in providing community services that other
Nikkei organizations cannot provide. It's been a slow
and tough uphill battle to get people excited about the
JACL, but I think we've made tremendous progress in gain-
ing support, interest and membership. We've come a long
ways but we also have a lot of work ahead of us to really
make this Chapter a stronger community organization.
As I noted earlier, the JACL has been involved in nu-
merous activities. The planning and work that it takes
to put a program or function together requires a great
deal of time and effort. During my tenure as president
the same individuals seemed to always be there when I
needed them. I would like to thank the following indi-
viduals for their extra special support, hard work and
Tom Masamori Kent Yoritomo
Jim Hada Jim Taguchi
Tilly Taguchi Lil Masamori
Terry Sato Sumi Takeno
Carolyn Takeshita Lorraine Hisamoto
I'd also like to thank the membership and community
for their continued support. Again, I hope everyone has
a very happy, healthy and prosperous 1988.
Membership Terry Sato
In a few days, it will be 1988. This past year has
gone by so swiftly, that at times, it was difficult to
catch my breath, it has been a very rewarding year for
me, and also an enjoyable one. Through this column, I
have been able to visit with JACL friends, both old and
new; it has also been a hectic year, as each month it
was not only a simple matter of renewing memberships,
and adding new ones, but numerous problems arose to be
untangled, and I believe that they have been happily re-
The time has come for election of new officers and
cabinet members, it has been a pleasure to serve as Vice
President Membership for 1987, but now the position is
open for someone new to take over. Volunteers, anyone?
A warm welcome to Junko Asakawa and Yukie Nogami who
joined our chapter recently. We are very happy to have
both of you with us. We also have a few more copies of
They Call Me Moses Masaoka left. This is wonderful read-
ing; phone me for your copy.
Tank you for all the good wishes that I have received.
I am slowly improving each day from injuries sustained,
unfortunately, at Thanksgiving. A happy new year, and a
good and prosperous 1988 tO all.
Above, winners of the annual Denver Central Optimist
Youth Appreciation Award. At left, Debi Hayashi, daughter
of Joseph and Pat Hayashi and at right, Mitzi Kimura, dau-
ghter of Jack and Alice Kimura. Debi was honored for her
activities at the Bear Creek High School and Simpson United
Methodist Church. Among her many achievements were: Pro-
gram Chair for the Key Club, Associate Yearbook Editor,
National Honor Society, Peer counselor for the Asia Pacific
Center for Human Development and Methodist Youth Fellowship
(MYF) treasurer and president. Mitzi was honored for her
activities at the East High School. Mitzi has served on
the Yearbook Staff, Class Representative for the Student
Council and participates in lacrosse, field hockey and is
the manager for the soccer team. Mitzi is very active at
the Denver Buddhist Temple, having served as president of
the Young Buddhist Association (YBA) and is currently presi-
dent of the Young Buddhist League (YBL). The Optimists
annually recognizes outstanding youths for their scholastic
and community service.
Lorraine Hisamoto and Bob Sakaguchi are all smiles as
Lorraine, who served as team manager for the Mile-Hi spon-
sored Kamikaze's volleyball team, presents the North Jeffco
League trophy to the Mile-Hi Chapter. Lorraine's team won
first place in league competition and second place in the
league tournament. The Mile-Hi Chapter also sponsored thi
team in the Colorado State Coed Volleyball Tournament. Tht
round robin format did not suit the teams style and the
Kamikaze's did not fare too well in this tournament.

Participants in the 100th birthday anniversary for former Colorado governor, Ralph Carr. The observance was held
December 11, 1987 in the Rotunda of the State Capitol. Above left, Henry Amano, Nisei Post 185 American Legion leads
the group in the Pledge of Allegiance, Mr. Bennett Buenconsejo, Colorado state deputy administrative director, repre-
sented Governor Roy Romer, Mrs. Sadako Tsubokawa represented the Oriental Culture Society of Colorado in behalf of
Mr. Takeshi Nakata who was unable to attend, and right, Mr. Robert F. Carr, son of the former governor recalled items
of historical interest concerning his father. Below left, the Reverand Joseph Sakakibara from the Simpson United
Methodist Church interepreted Mrs. Tsubokawa's comments which were in Japanese. Bob Sakaguchi, representing the Mile-
Hi Chapter who sponsored the observance in conjunction with the Oriental Culture Society. The observance was repeated
at Sakura Square with comments by Mr. Yutaka Inai and Dr. Takashi Mayeda. Below right, assistance to the informal
reception at the Tamai Tower Penthouse following the observances was provided by Mrs. Moto Uchiyama, Mrs. Amy Tsumura
and Mrs. Sadako Tsubokawa. Refreshments were provided by Mr. Inai. Attendence at both observances was very good
considering the cool weather and the fact that the ceremonies were held on a Friday. Media representatives from the
Rocky Mountain News and television station KCNC attended the observance at the state capitol.
Team members accompanying Lorraine Hisamoto to
present the tournament trophy to the Mile-Hi chap-
ter. Back row from left, Glenn Sapp, Steve and
Shannon Szekula, Ken Nakamura and Ron Matsushima.
Front, Maureen Fujii, Joyce Mizunaga and Lorraine.
Other team members unable to attend were Ken Taka-
hashi, Karen Miller, Naomi Hisamoto-Tamura and
Wendy Mizunaga. Sponsoring these types of activi-
ties is another way that the chapter can show its
support to community activities and spread the word
on the work of the JACL. Copies of this newsletter
are being sent on a temporary basis to the team

Scene of a presentation at the December Nisei
Post meeting. Commander George Yoshida presents
a largejcontribution to Mr_. Paul Targoff, Director^
of the(^Sunada Learning Center.) At left, Mr. John
Noguchi, Chairman for Fundraising for the Nisei
Post and President of the Nisei Post Board. At
right, Mr. Yosh Aral, Vice President of the Board.
The Board directs the many activities of the Legion
Home at 2015 Market St. The operation of the lounge
and the Cathay Oriental Restaurant comes under the
direction of the Board. The Sunada Learning Center
is one of the many community activities that bene-
fit from the fundraising activities of the Nisei
Post. The Post also sponsors many youth sports
On a more somber note, we have learned that the U.S.
Supreme Court has declined to consider the petition for
a writ of error coram nobis for the late Minoru Yasui.
Yasui's petition was denied in January of 1984 and was
on appeal in the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
when he died. The government counsel moved to dismiss
the petition and the court decided in the counsel's
favor. The Yasui family filed a petition writ certiorari
to the U.S. Supreme Court in June 1987. While a final
determination has not been made, there are considerations
that the funds remaining in the Minoru Yasui Memorial
Fund be provided to the redress movement.
friends are interested io helping or if you know of anyone
willing to help, please let us know so we can follow up.
If you have any thoughts about the current direction of
the chapter or the activities of the officers, let them
know in a manner that can result in an explanation or a
Let's see, the Broncos may be on national television
three more times. Does that mean that we have to face
three more blizzards?
Well, if the Denver Broncos are on national television,
then there must be a blizzard but the last time was re-
diculous! The measurement (on the top of the pick-up)
was 21 inches and of course our street being a suburban
area the citizens were left to plow our own roads. After
we painfully shoveled the driveways and portions of the
streets, the local government sent their equipment out
and plowed the streets and filled up our driveways again!
Kinda reminds me of the Mile-Hi chapter activities-just
when you begin to see the bottom of the barrel, the new
and current responsibilities surfaces.
While all of this may sound humorous, the chapter
situation is serious. The individuals, including myself,
who are carrying on the brunt of the work are facing or
have reached a state of burn-out. Further, the sacrifices
by the families in order that the individuals can carry
on, is very unfair. The response to a direct telephone
appeal to serve on chapter positions was extremely small.
On a more positive note, Dr. Jim Taguchi has identified
individuals who are willing to help put out this news-
letter and we will follow up on that. This may mean that
the format and contents of the newsletter will change to
suit the tastes and talents of the new contributors. We
will be discussing this situation at the next meeting
and your opinions and input are needed and critical to
any decision concerning the future of this newsletter.
Please contact anyone on the current cabinet and let them
know how you feel.
We are still searching for candidates for most of the
psitions in the cabinet and committees. If you or your

Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
5946 W. iowa PI.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Mrs. True Yasui
1150 S. Williams St.
Denver, CO 80210