Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 4, Number 2

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 4, Number 2
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mil-HI NOT6S
* National Commander John "Jake" Comer paid a surprise visit to the Nisei Post 185 during his recent tour to Colorado.
Comer had time for only three visitations and the Nisei Post was one of those chosen. Comer, in a brief statement,
said that he is in favor of redress for the Japanese Americans and also praised the Nisei vets on their outstanding
war record. Shown above with Commander Comer, Nisei Post members, standing, left to right, Ben Murakami, Joe Sakato,
John Oya, Bill Chikuma, Harry Nakagawa, Tom Masamori and Harry Kuga. Seated, J. D. Vise (Adjutant), John Noguchi,
Comer, George Yoshida ( Commander) and Yosh Arai.
Mile-Hi Chapter Regular Chapter meeting, Thursday,
February 4th, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. Final details
for the Installation Dinner to be determined. Members
and friends are encouraged to attend.
Nisei Post 185 Monthly meeting for the Post, Tuesday,
February 9th, 8:00 PM at the Nisei Post.
Community Graduates Program Monthly meeting for the
h ^/committee, Wednesday, February 10th, 7:00 PM at the
y^^'Nisei Post. Participating organizations are urged to
,^?£have representatives at these important meetings.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting, Thurs-
day, February 11th, 7:00 PM at the Cathay Oriental
Restaurant, 2015 Market St.
MIS Veterans Club Regular monthly club meeting, Wed-
nesday, February 17th, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. First
meeting for newly elected club president, Akira Nakamura.
Japanese Association of Colorado First meeting for
the newly elected officers of the association. Many im-
portant details to be discussed and determined. The
functions of the Treasurer will be transferred.
.Mile-Hi Chapter Annual Installation Dinner, .Saturday,
February 20th, at the Cathay Oriental. Cocktails at
6:30, dinner at 7:00 PM. Guest speaker will be the Rev.
Alan Maruyama of the Montview Presbyterian Church.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting, Thurs-
day, February 25th, 7:30 PM at the Clements Community
Center. This will be an after dinner meeting, refresh-
ments will be served. Visitors are welcome.
Three young adults have agreed to assist in putting
out our monthly newsletter. Pictured above, standing,
Emilie Ito and seated, Barry Kita and Lynn Sugiyama.
These individuals are going to help in gathering items
for articles, in typing and in addressing and mailing
the newsletter. Our chapter is greatly in need of the
infusion of ideas and directions as well as the energy
and enthusiasm to be provided by these people. Hopefully
they will encourage and attract other youths to the work
and contributions of the JACL. Meanwhile, our sincere
thanks to these thoughtful people!

In an election held January 15th, the association mem-
bers elected the following officers. President, Mrs.
Sadako Tsubokawa, Vice Presidents Joe Ozaki, John Hanatani
and Tomjjte^amojl, Secretary, Nobuo_Furuiye and Treasurer,
Susumi Hidaka. Auditors, Dick Tanino and Kent Yoritomo
and Board of Directors, Shun Aoyagi, Susumu Matsumoto,
Jim Shinbara, Sam Suekama, Harushi Tsuchimoto, Fred Sasa-
moto, Yoshito Tsuchimoto, Dr. Takashi Jjayeda, Bob Saka-
guchi and Jim Hada. Congratulations to all of the new
ancf"continuing officers. The Japanese Association of Colo-
rado ranks as one of the oldest Japanese American organi-
zations in this state having been organized some eighty
years ago. Mrs. Tsubokawa succeeds seven term president,
Henry Suzuki.
The following is a synopsis of the minutes of the chap-
ter meeting held January 7, 1988.
Prior to the formal meeting, elements of the chapter
newsletter were discussed with Emilie Ito, Barry Kita and
Lynn Sugiyama who had expressed an interest in helping with
the newsletter. A general agreement was reached on the
portions of the work that the young people could best help.
We are particularly interested in the articles and ideas
that would appeal to their peers.
The Musical Review initially scheduled for February 27th
is still pending but the chapter has been having difficulty
contacting Aki Hata who had agreed to chair this event.
True Yasui has reiterated that she wishes to initiate a
Minoru Yasui Memorial Scholarship. We will contact True to
work out the details.
A tentative slate of officers for 1988 was agreed upon
as follows:
President Bob Sakaguchi
Treasurer Pat Hayashi
Secretary Kent Yoritomo
VP Membership Sumi Takeno
VP Scholarship Wayne Itano
VP Singles Jim Hada
VP Civics Jim Taguchi
VP Redress Bob Horiuchi
VP Public Relations Tom Masamori
Appointed Positons
Newsletter Editor Emilie Ito
Newsletter Editor Barry Kita
Newsletter Editor Lynn Sugiyama
Past Presidents Group Tom Masamori
It was agreed that a sample ballot will be included in
the February issue of the newsletter.
There was a discussion on administering the Chapter acti-
vities in a board format with rotating terms such that an
annual change of officers would not occur. No decision was
made on this approach.
Another discussion was held concerning the relatively
poor attendence at the Chapter meetings. There is apparent-
ly a perception by the general membership that the meetings
held on the first Thursday of each month are a cabinet
meeting rather than a general meeting. It has therefore
been suggested that general meetins be scheduled perhaps
associated with a pot-luck dinner. Specific assignments
could be made to various individuals to encourage parti-
cipation by as many as possible. It was agreed that the
Chapter should attempt such meetings this year.
Tentative plans were made for the Installation Dinner
for the Chapter. The date agreed upon was February 20th
with cocktails at 6:30 and dinner at 7:00 PM at the
Cathay Oriental Restaurant. Rev. Alan Maruyama will be
contacted as a possible speaker. A telephone committee
will be assigned to encourage members to attend this
Meeting adjourned.
REDRESS Bob Horiuchi
Although^S100^/was a priority bill for the Bicentennial
of the Constitution, its introduction was delayed due to
the October 19th stock market crash and budget considera-
The bill will be presented in the second session be-
ginning January 25th. The leadership is planning to
introduce the bill early before any unknown can control
the congressional agenda.
At the time of the set-aside, a check by Senator Spark
Matsunaga and the JACL-LEC revealed that there were enough
votes to pass the bill through the senate.
In the meantime, JACL-LEC will express their redress
concerns to the staffs of the While House, Justice Dept,
and the Office of Management and Budget.
Please write or call your senator (especially Sen.
Armstrong) and the President to vote for and sign S1009.
The time has come for all good things to come to an
end, or so the saying goes. Hopefully, we will have a
volunteer for the Membership Chair for 1988.
As previously state, it has been an enjoyable and
rewarding 1987 for me, and I will definitely miss my con-
tact with each and every one of you. I wish my successor
the best, and hope he or she enjoys the position as much
as I have.
A belated, but very warm welcome to Dr. Jim Taguchi,
who, along with his vivacious wife, Matilde, decided in
1987 to once again make Colorado their home. These two
have been very, very active and supportive and have
pitched in to assist with our Mile-Hi Chapter activities
on every occasion. National Headquarters did transfer
Matilde's membership to our Mile-Hi Chapter in 1987, but
somehow, they overlooked transferring Jims. I am now
in the process of having your membership transferred to
our Mile-Hi Chapter retroactive to 1987, Jim.
And we have our first new member for 1988. Please
join me in welcoming Mrs. Ben T. Matoba to our Chapter.
She was formerly a member along with her late husband,
Dr. Ben T. Matoba.
Although I will no longer be your membership chair,
I will still be available to assist our Chapter in what-
ever way needed. As our editor-in-chief stated to me
today, this will be my valedictory, my swan song, so
farewell, and my very best to all for 1988!!!

CHANGES Emilie Ito
Season changes, people come and go, kids grow-up and
people die. Something is always changing in the world
that we live in. Some changes are noticeable while others
go virtually unseen. As with the JACL, each year brings
new faces and new responsiblities from each of us. The
newsletter, that each of you are receiving, is no exception.
Some of the younger people have decided to add our views
and insight to the newsletter. This will be a new exper-
ience for most of us, and at times frustrating. But all
of us believe that we can contribute a lot to the news-
letter. Let this year be the year to start new things.
The NatjLonal Association for Asiaruand^Pacific American
Education is an organization of educators, researchers,
human service professionals, community workers and others
interested in Asian and Pacific American (APA) education.
Its purposes include: 1) advocating bilingual, multicul-
tural and other programs and policies which will improve
the education of APAs; 2) promoting the inclusion of the
histories and cultures of APAs in the educational curri-
culum; 3) encouraging research on APA educational topics;
A) increasing public awareness of APA educational concerns,
needs and contributions; and 5) maintaining a communica-
tions network among individuals committed to quality edu-
cation for APAs.
The Association will be holding its tenth annual con-
ference from April 7-9, 1988 at the Radisson Hotel in
Denver. The conference will feature prominent speakers,
institutes and numerous sessions. For more information
about the converence, contact Dr. Siri Vongthieres, Con-
ference Co-Chair at (303) 866-6784,
The conference organizers are actively soliciting pro-
posals for paper, panel and workshop presentations on a
wide variety of topics related to APA education. If in-
terested in making a presentation at the conference, con-
tact Dr, Russell Endo, Program Committee Chair, at (303)
443-9587?~~ ^
Arizona's Governor Evan Mecham has brought himself more
trouble lately. Arizonans want him impeached on the charges
of felony, connected with alleged illegal campaign loans.
Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, and recently Japanese, don't like
Governor Mecham because of his racial comments.
It was reported that Governor Mecham told some Japanese
businessmen about golfing in Arizona. Since they were avid
golf fans, they became bery interested. The "slanted" eyes
of the Japanese lit up and became "round" eyes, said Gover-
nor Mecham.
This comment prompted the JACL to speak out against
Governor Mecham. One must wonder how Mecham got to be a
top official without making those types of comments during
his election. With so many allegations against him, Gover-
nor Mecham will surely be thrown out of office.
On the evening of January 17th, the Kohaku Uta Gassen
was held at the Denver Buddhist Temple. It was a singing
contest which had the "red" team, amde up of female
singers, going against the "blue" team, the male singers,
there were 36 singers involved in the contest.
Several well known Japanese songs were performed.
The Minyo Group performed a couple of dances and there
was a short play done during the contest also.
It was an enjoyable evening with the "red" team
winning the contest. The Kohaku Uta Gassen is an annual
Its been said that there is nothing more dangerous
than a tyro with a loaded gun. Well, how about a rank
amateur with a loaded typewriter, blank space to fill
and a deadline breathing down his neck? It has also
been said that if you set a monkey down with a type-
writer hitting the keys that eventually the monkey will
write a novel! So I've been out looking for a few idle
monkeys to set at this typewriter but no such luck.
Seriously, however, I believe that the Japanese
American community does need to think seriously about
the JACL and its role in the community. The Denver
metropolitan area is somewhat unique in its composure
of the Japanese Americans. There are perhaps more of
us in this area than in other communities but we are
very diversely spread both in community ties and geo-
graphically. Our physical number results in a very
large number of social, civic, religious and community
service organizations. Most of the Japanese Americans
belong to several such organizations and many hold res-
ponsible positions in these organizations. Further,
the local Japanese Americans are peculiar in that most
are very reticent about freely offering their talents
to these organizations. The result is that the few
people who do come forward are swamped with responsi-
bilities and there is a critical competition for the
services of these few.
Now, where does that leave the Mile-Hi Chapter and
the JACL? Most of the other organizations have a rea-
sonably straightforward objective either by design or
by the very nature of the organization. Not so with
the JACL although its general charter is to work for
the civil rights of all Americans and also to safeguard
these rights for the Japanese Americans. This very
broad charter if undirected for long can result in
serious questions about the purpose of the Mile-Hi and
even about the need for its existence. If you couple
that situation with a recent history of-relative in-
activity, then we come to the present condition of our
Chapter and its relations with the community.
We have made progress in the last few years, pri-
marily because of the efforts of a few dedicated mem-
bers but it is unrealistic to believe that that situa-
tion can long continue. What we are saying is that we
desperately need your input and your help!
So much for this monkey!

Shown above some of the crowd that enjoyed the casino night at the annual Japanese American Community New Years Eve
party. The volunteer committee headed up by Debby Nozawa and Carrol and Dean Tsutsui again did a marvelous job in
planning and organizing the community-wide celebration of the New Year. While the attendence was somewhat smaller
than last year probably because of the extremely cold weather, those who did chose to attend had a wonderful time.
Music was provided by "Fastlane Productions" which featured 40's to the 80's recordings that helped bridge the years
represented by the various age groups. Community thanks and congratulations to the committee and to the Denver Budd-
hist Temple which made its facilities available.
Since our last publication, we were able to locate
three bright, young individuals who have expressed an in-
terest in helping with this newsletter and we gratefully
accepted their offer. Their contributions are included
in this edition and hopefully the trend will continue and
extend to other interested people. These people will also
help with the distribution of the newsletter which will
be a big help. Thanks again to Emilie Ito, Barry Kita
and Lynn Sugiyama.
We have been soliciting inputs from a variety of sour-
ces and will for the most part publish articles without
editing. While the opinions or comments expressed may be
somewhat controverial or not in keeping with the majority
opinion, it is our duty and responsibility as citizens
to look at issues from all sides. Therefore, if you have
a counteropinion or a point of view, why not submit an
article or statement? This newsletter should reflect the
thinking of Mile-Hi members but we can't do that if we
dont know.
We were able after lengthy discussion and some serious
arm twisting to come up with a slate of officers for the
coming term. A sample ballot is included in this news-
letter for chapter members to cast their votes for their
choices for office. Provisions are made for write-in
candidates such that members need not feel that they are
limited or restricted to the published names on the ballot.
The appointed positions are also included in the ballot
for completness but these positions are not subject to a
This may sound like an old, old song and all of you
are probably tired of reading it but it does bear repeating,
in my opinion, that the chapter is skating on very thin
ice by relying solely upon a dedicated few to plan and
ideas and particularly your help in maintaining a well
rounded and interesting program. We will follow through
as suggested and feature general meetings for the pub-
lic in the hopes of generating interest and participa-
tion. These meetings will probably feature speakers or
panels discussing a wide range of topics. Call or
write us if you have a particular topic that would in-
terest you.
The Installation Dinner for the new officers will be
held on February 20th at the Cathay Oriental Restaurant.
Rev. Alan Maruyama will be our guest speaker. Although
there will be a telephone committee to contact all of
the members, why don't you save them the trouble and
call Lil Masamori (237-3041), Terry Sato (989-1976) or
Sumi Takeno. Cocktails at 6:30 and dinner at 7:00 PM,
dinner costs, $12.50 each. ^
ffcB 'o'
Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
5946 W. Iowa PI.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Mrs, True Yasui
1150 S. Williams St.
Denver, CO 80210