Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 4, Number 12

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 4, Number 12
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Vol. 4 No. 12
5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226
December 1988
There was a healthy mixture of senior and newer Mile-Hi members who attended the regular meeting on November 3rd.
It was encouraging to see so many of the younger people beginning to take an active interest in the functions of the
Chapter. After the meeting, a short informal social session was held which was enjoyed by all who attended. Shown
above, some of the many who attended. At extreme left, Dr. James Taguchi, who reported on the efforts leading to an
Asian American Cultural Center and the results of the Nominations Committee. Above center, Tak Terasaki and Lorraine
Hisamoto. Below center, Emilie Ito and Dave Yamaguchi. Emilie reported on the results of distributing the Department
of Justice forms for the redress application to those who attended our Seminar on Redress last October 8th. Dave is
the Chapter's newest member and he volunteered to take on several major responsibilities for the Chapter. Above right,
Michi Terasaki.
Mile-Hi Chapter Last regular meeting for this year,
Thursday, December 1st, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. The
results of the election and details concerning the In-
stallation Dinner will be discussed.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting, Thursday,
December 8th, 7:00 PM at the China City Restaurant. The
Optimists are holding their annual Holiday Fruit Basket
sales with baskets at $8.50 each. Anyone interested call
Jim Hada (237-2159) or Kent Yoritomo (936-7625).
Nisei Post 185 Regular meeting of the Post, Tuesday,
December 13th, 8:00 PM at the Nisei Post.
MIS Veterans Club Regular club meeting, Wednesday, De-
cember, 21st, 7:30 PM at the Nisei Post. Annual elections
for the club will be held. All are welcome to attend.
Enclosed with this Mile-Hi Notes is the ballot on which
is submitted the new slate of nominees for the 1989 Mile-Hi
Chapter Board. This represents a refreshing change for the
addition of eight, new members, most of whom are Sansei,
will generate much needed fresh enthusiasm. The new board
format and the increased number of members on the board
assures a wider array of activities and new porgrams. We
urge you to vote, add any write-in candidates and promptly
return your ballot so that the newly elected board can
begin determining the assignments of its members.
In addition, the nominations committee has recommended
that although the major work of the chapter be conducted
by monthly board meetings as in the past, that quarterly
general membership meetings aimed at the needs of members
be established. At these meetings brief reports by the
board on chapter activities and plans will encourage much
needed membership input.
Lets all get behind this new board and give our youth
our full support so they can be shown that our membership
means much more than just the payment of dues!!! The
future of our JACL lies in the hands of the youth and we
cannot afford to fail them at this critical time. Your
support will be demonstrated by participating in general
membership meetings or an occasional board meeting. Your
presence will mean a lot to your Board members.
Lets make 1989 a new beginning!!!!

We welcome these new members: Eoreen Ishimoto,
Henry Sc Aiko Ckubo, Shunji Hamano, Masato & Sallie
Suyama, Chiye Horlucbi, Evelyn Suyehiro, Dr. EUvid
Yanaguchi, dendrochronoligist, from Seattle, and
life member, Sam Shinto. We extend our best wishes
for quick recovery to Isao Kuge in St. Lukes
Hospital. Among our members, who have lost their
loved ones, our deepest sympathies to Pat Hayashi,
chapter, treasurer, Sam Mayeda, Irene Iritani, and
Alice Kuramoto.
In 1989 national dues will increase $2.00 for
regular, $5*00 for 1000 club and century club
memberships. Encouraging to see old and new members
at the last monthly meeting.
Congratulations to Jim Kanemoto for receiving
an award frcm Japanese government the 5th class
Order of the Rising Sun with gold and silver rays.
Jim has been involved in ccrmiunity service in Long-
mont and Denver for many years.
With the current hair-raising and heart pounding
deadlines for Kent a change in the monthly news-
letter is a must. Besides for the time consuming
and costly printing process we have decided to cut
the newsletter down in size. Seme months the
current style may be received and on other times
a shorter version will be received.
Over the past year Barry Kita and rryself have
been watching the process that Kent takes in putting
together the newsletter. We realize that this is
no easy task and it can not be done alone. With
two main people and other helpers it will take the
load off one person. The reason that this is an
issue is because at the last monthly meeting Kent
informed the board and the members that were present
that he can no longer afford the time that he has
been putting in the newsletter. He will step down
frcm being editor next year. This will be a new
and difflcut transition to make in getting dedicated
people to write the newsletter.
I believe this newsletter is vital to our
members as it informs them of the issues and
decisions that the board has made in JACL events
whether it is regional or national and cairaunity
events that we have been involved lately.
I urge everyone to help out. If you have an
interesting article of something that you think
the other members would enjoy, just send it in.
We all will enjoy the ccnments that you have.
The question and answer session regarding the
"Civil Liberties Act of 1988" served a vital purpose
in screening out the ccmrmly asked questions in this
region. We are finding out that many people have
different questions depending on the region that they
were dispursed frcm.
One of the most asked questions in the State of
Colorado is whether or not state income tax is
effected. In a rather lengthy letter frcm the department
of revenue the compensation is not subjected to Colorado
income tax. There are of course exceptions to the
rule. Below is the letter that we received frcm them.
October 13, 1 988
Japanese American Citizens League
3451 So. Ash Street
Denver, Colorado 80222
Your organization has asked the Colorado Department of Revenue to
rule on the taxability of compensation paid to eligible Individual!
by virtue of Public Law 100-383.
In general, Colorado taxable income is based on federal taxable
income. In addition there are certain "modifications" in Colorado
law to either add to, or subtract from federal taxable income. As a
result, to determine Colorado taxable income one begins with federal
taxable income then checks the enumerated modifications to determine
what changes, if any, to make.
Under Public Law 100-383, compensation received by eligible
individuals is not included in federal taxable income. Since
Colorado taxable income is federal taxable income with certain
modifications, and since there are no Colorado modifications adding
Public Law 100-363 compensation back to federal taxable income, this
income would not be included in Colorado taxable income and is
therefore not subject to Colorado income tax.
hooe this letter has been responsive to your inquiry. If I may be
of further assistance, please advise.
The Department of Justice has announced that representa-
tives will be visiting the Denver area on December 10th,
Saturday, to discuss and answer questions concerning the
recently passed redress legislation. A time and place will
be announced. Meanwhile, contact Bob Sakaguchi (469-4337)
or Kent Yoritomo (936-8625) for the latest information con-
cerning this visit.

The Denver Central Optimist annualy presents their Youth App-
reciation Award to deserving youth-of the community- This year's
winners were Lynnette Namba who was nominated by the Simpson Uni-
ted Methodist Church and Keith Nitta who was nominated by the
Denver Buddhist Temple. Lynnette, shown at left receiving her
award from Optimist Art Moriya is a senior at Pomona High School.
She is a member of the National Honor Society and the All Stars,
(A student program geared toward lowering student drunk driving).
She plans to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder and
major in anthropology. Lynnette is active at her church and is
presently president of the Methodist youth Foundation (MYF). She
is the daughter of Ken and Charlotte Namba.
Another Youth Appreciation award winner Keith Nitta, shown
here receiving his award from Art Moriya also attends Pomona High
School. Keith is also a member of the National Honor Society, is
on the school's Yearbook Staff and is active in the International
Affairs Club. Keith once served as the treasurer of the Young
Buddhist League (YBL) and is currently president of the Tri-State
YBL. Keith is the son of Steve and Mitsuko Nitta. The motto of
the Optimist is 'Friend of Youth' and they actively support pro-
grams and projects aimed at recognizing and encouraging the youth
of our nation. In other activities, the Denver Central Optimist
annually makes a donation of food items to the Wheatridge Regional
Center (Ridge Home) in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Thanks to all the members of the Mile-Hi Chapter and
special thanks to the officers who assisted me ove the
last three years. I feel the Chapter has made great st-
rides and progress and one e again establishing itself
within the community.
There's a lot of services, programs and assistance that
the JACL can and should be providing, not only, within the
Japanese American community but also within the entire
Asian American community. There's many obstacles that
continue to confront minorities and organizations such as
the JACL need to monitor, respond and support civil and
human rights activities.
I've said it before and I'll continue to ask for your
support in planning the 1992 National JACL Convention. A
lot of work, coordination and most of all volunteers will
be necessary to make this event a successful endeavor.
I will continue to support and remain active in the
Mile-Hi Chapter but the time has come to allow some new
ideas and direction to be infused into the organization.
I wish the new cabinet well in 1989 and urge that all of
you do the same.
Thank You!
Tom & Lil Masamori
Kent Yoritomo
Jim Hada
Sumi Takeno
Emilie Ito
Barry Kita
Jim & Tillie Taguchi
Dennis Ioka
Wayne Itano
Pat Hayashi
Rocky Mountain MIS Veterans Club
Shown above are the current editorial staff of the MIS
Veterans Club responsible for the monthly club newsletter.
Back row, left to right, John Noguchi, Aki Nakamura and
Kent Yoritomo. Seated, Ike Matsumonji and Sus Hidaka. The
club is beginning its 5th year after organization and remains
active in community programs. The current officers are:
Akira Nakamura, President, A1 Kushihashi, Vice-President,
Ken Aiba, Treasurer and Ike Matsumonji, Secretary. John
Noguchi was the Charter President and was instrumental in
organizing the club. Sus Hidaka has taken on the onerous
job of editing the monthly newsletter with regular contri-
butions from individuals such as Russ and Terry Sato and
occasional photos from Kent Yoritomo. The club is pre-
sently engaged in soliciting personal MIS biographies from
its members in order to publish an informal collection of
personal MIS histories. The club meets regularly on the
third Wednesday of each month except for the summer months
of July and August. Everyone is welcome to attend these
informal and informative meetings whereby the little known
adventures of the MIS veterans are discussed.

Dear Me! Another deadline time again and a whole blank
page waiting placidly in front in the typewriter. This will
be a junior grade valedictory for me because as Emilie Ito
has written, I will be taking a sabbatical after four years
at the keyboard. With a new cabinet taking over the leader-
ship of the Chapter and because I was beginning to burn out,
I asked to be relieved of the job of putting out this news-
letter. I feel that I need the time off to recharge my
batteries and to gain a new perspective on the JACL and the
Mile-Hi Chapter. After being so close to the leadership
and to the center of activities, I felt that I was getting
rather jaundiced in my views and relationships with the
other members. Besides, after some AO issues the membership
is probably getting rather tired of the same old stuff and
the same old typo's.
I certainly wish the new leadership well. There will be
no shortages of challenges! With the passage of the redress
legislation, there will be a constant need of new informa-
tion and guidance to the prospective recipients of the re-
parations. And, as Bob Sakaguchi rnemtioned in his column,
we Japanese Americans need to examine our relationships
with the larger Asian American community. Such as the pro-
posed Asian American Cultural Center. What is the concensus
opinion of the Japanese Americans? I know that many cherish
the thought of a center exclusively for the Japanese but is
that idea feasible or for the greater good of the entire
Asian American community?
The newly passed amendment to the Colorado constitution
designating English as the Official Language of Colorado
will need to be carefully monitored. If past experiences
in other states that have passed similar legislation serves
as a model, then we can expect that nothing will happen in
the near future. However, there will surely be issues and
incidents in the coming years which will bear the unmistake-
able earmarks of racial and ethnic prejudice which will use
the English as the Official Language as the pretext, reason
or justification for these actions. Will the JACL and the
Mile-Hi Chapter be up to the challenge if and when that
happens? Also, what will be our position when the inevitable
legal challenges in the courts will take place?
Many of the Japanese community organizations are facing
similar problems in the aging of their leadership. In many
instances, the available leadership is stretched to cover
similar positions in several organizations. From what ex-
periences that I have had, I feel that there is no real
shortage of talent. We have the young and aggressive people
who can take these leadership positions. What we don't have
is a conducive atmosphere in the established organizations
for the growth of the younger leaders. In many instances,
the old leadership is recycled which create an impression
if not a condition whereby the younger prospective leaders
feel stifled. In this situation, the Mile-Hi Chapter is an
ideal organization for the recruiting and training of our
future leaders. The JACL has a national organization and
a stature. It has the experience of working with the lar-
ger community, and it has the structure and working rela-
tionships which will be valuable in any community organi-
zation. In short, it is the ideal training place for our
future community leaders. For this reason if not for any
other, it will up to us the elder generation to lend our
support, experience and encouragements to the new cabinet.
At the request of Bob Sakaguchi, I have completed a
rather brief study on a possible organizational struc-
ture for planning and managing the upcoming 1992 national
JACL convention. I have also completed a short survey
of available hotel resources in the metropolitan area.
From these I have concluded that the area has sufficient
personal talents and adequate physical facilities to host
the national convention. I have also concluded that the
area faces a leadership problem in planning arid conducting
a major conference. The problem as I see it is not that
of talent but of a philosophical attitudinal nature. As
a relative outsider looking in, I see a great reluctance
for the necessary formality in conducting a major function
In the past events that I have participated in, there has
oeen almost a total lack or aversion to putting plans or
expectations into writing. In all of my professional
and community experience outside of the Denver area, that
condition is a sure prescription for later disappointments
Perhaps the people and their methods are different and
they have been successful in hosting major functions*
Well, enough of the heavy stuff! What am I going to
do with all the time that I have been spending at the
keyboard, you ask me? Well, I hope to do some of the
things that I really enjoy, such as golfing, fishing,
serious photography, traveling. I hope that my time and
money lasts as long as my interests!!
Lynnette Namba and Keith Nitta

Mile-Hi Chapter Members:
The Nominations Committee of your Mile-Hi Chapter respectfully
submits the following names for your consideration for the 1989 Mile
Hi Chapter Board. These nominees have indicated their willingness
to serve on the Board. As explained elsewhere in the newsletter,
the nominees will be voted on as a block and the Board members them-
selves will determine their respective offices and duties. Please
mark this ballot and return to the address shown on the back. Your
ballot should be returned by December 1, 1988.
Karen Toyota
Barry Kita
Emilie Ito
Dale Arnold
Dave Yamaguchi
Bob Horiuchi
Sumi Takeno
Kiyoto Futa
Tom Masamori
Pat Hayashi
Lorraine Hisamoto
Eddie Seo
Jim Hada
On this
It will
on this
you have a recommendation for additional candidates to serve
Board, please indicate their names on the space provided,
be assumed that you have verified their willingness to serve