The Role of skin microbiota in lipid production and skin disease

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The Role of skin microbiota in lipid production and skin disease
Rietz, Gabrielle ( Author, Primary )
Roane, Timberley ( Faculty mentor )
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Denver, CO
University of Colorado Denver
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Bacteria are known to be a vital part of human health, and in illuminating their role in maintaining health, their spatial organization and metabolic contributions to different organ and tissue systems is increasingly being recognized. Much of what is known about the human skin microbiome is limited to diseased skin, which often shows a lipid imbalance: either too dry or too oily. There is little information available that addresses the role of microorganisms in a healthy skin environment; in particular the connection between skin microorganisms and skin lipid content. The objectives of this research are to identify the bacteria, one of the most prevalent types of skin-associated microorganisms, associated with different layers of the skin, and to link the presence of skin lipids with the bacterial distribution. To accomplish the objectives, a tape-stripping method used in forensics has been modified for the collection of skin bacteria and lipids. A combination of bacterial genetic sequencing techniques along with chemical lipid analyses will elucidate the relationship between skin microorganisms and skin lipids.

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