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Report of the Municipal Administration Service
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261 Broadway, New York City
For the year ending August 31, 1931

For the year ending August 31, 1931
The Municipal Administration Service was organized under the joint auspices
of the National Municipal League and the Governmental Research Association to
serve as a non-partisan olearing house of information on all phases of munici-
pal administration for research bureaus, public officials, leagues of municipal-
ities, libraries and other organizations and individuals working for the better-
ment of oity government. Beginning operations on October 1, 1926, the organiz-
ation is now closing its fifth year of work.
Organization and Staff
The activities of the Municipal Administration Servioe are oarried on und-
er the direction of the governing committee composed of thirteen members. Three
members are appointed by each of four organizations., the American Municipal Asso-
ciation, the Governmental Research Association, the International City Managers'
Association and the National Municipal League, with the president of the Nation-
al Municipal league acting as ex offioio chairman.
The present personnel of the governing committee is as follows:
1. From the American Municipal Association
Don C. Sowers, Secretary, Colorado Municipal League
John G. Stutz, Executive Secretary, League of Kansas Municipalities
Morton L. Wallerstein, Executive Secretary, League of Virginia Municipalities
2. From the Governmental Research Assooiation
William C. Beyer, Director, Philadelphia Bureau of Municipal Research
Luther Guliok, Director, National Institute of Fublio Administration
Lent D. Upson, Director, Detroit Bureau of Governmental Research
3. From the International City Managers' Association
H. F. Burkholder, City Manager, Edgeworth, Pa.
R. W. B. Hart, City Manager, Lynohburg, Va.
Stephen B. Story, City Manager, Rochester, N. Y.
4. From the National Municipal League
Harold W. Dodds, Editor, National Municipal Review
Harold S. Buttenheim, Editor, The American City
Henry M. Waite, Former President, National Municipal 3 4 ileague and The Interna-
tional City Managers' Association
Ex offioio chairman, Richard S. Childs, President, National Municipal League
Staff. The staff now consists of a director, an assistant direotor, a
researoh seoretary and three olerioal assistants. Changes in personnel during
the year inoluded the resignation of Miss Ethel Ostrow, who for two years serv-
ed most efficiently as librarian, the addition to the staff of Miss Edna Trull
to take over the handling of a part of the increasing volume of special researoh
work and inquiry service, and the addition of one assistant to the olerioal staff.

The activities of the Municipal Administration Servioe oonsist fundament-
ally in publication, research and the maintenance of an inquiry servioe.
Publication. The publication program Includes the issuanoe of a series
of technical monographs on important funotione and activities in the field of
municipal administration, of a series of statistical studies in this field, and
of mimeographed summaries of noteworthy reports made by, researoh bureaus. The
teohnioal monographs and statistical studies are written for publication by the
Municipal Administration Service largely by authorities in the various fields
of municipal administration who give their services without compensation.
Researoh. The policy of the organization is not only to solioit manuscripts
based on independent studies which are being oarried on, but to seleot qualified
experts and induoe them to prepare studies on important phases of municipal ad-
ministration not adequately treated in existing publications. The Municipal Ad-
ministration Service oooperates in the publication of many of these studies not
only by editorial supervision but by the gathering and organization of data as
well, a funotion which occupies a considerable portion of the time of the staff.
The members of the staff are also undertaking? as one of their functions, the
preparation of studies whioh can best be oarried on direotly under the auspioes
of the organization itself. Miss Trull has reoently completed a thorough and
timely report on Municipal Auditoriums and she and the other members of the staff
have further studies in progress whioh will appear during the ooming year.
Inquiry Servioe. The inquiry servioe continues to demand an increasing
part of the time of the staff. Researoh bureaus, leagues of municipalities,
oity managers and other public officials, chambers>of commerce, and libraries,
as well as private individuals are increasingly using the Municipal Administra-
tion Servioe as a souroe of information on municipal problems where looal sources
of information are not available. In supplying this demand, the organization
uses its own facilities, utilizes the aid of consulting experts, serves as an
information exohange and oarrieB on special investigation and researoh.
Library. As a supplementary agency for promoting these activities, the
Municipal Administration Service is maintaining and developing a library of ma-
terials on municipal administration whioh also serves as a depository for re-
ports of governmental researoh agencies. These publications include survey re-
ports, research bulletins, press releases and other materials. In addition to
the material received from members of the Governmental Research Association, the
library contains books, periodicals, pamphlets and other literature of a tech-
nical character.
Governmental Researoh Association. Ever since its establishment, the Muni-
cipal Administration Service has served as the secretariat of the Governmental Re-
search Association. Although the Association is small, the secretarial duties are
almost as many and varied as for a large organization. The preparation and publi-
cation of the annual Proceedings, the editing of the monthly section of "Government-
al Researoh Association Notes in the National Municipal Review, the answering of
many letters of inquiry concerning the origin, purpose, and aooomplishments of gov-
ernmental researoh, the sale of the Association's publications, the collection of
the annual dues, the handling of details in connection with the annual meeting
these are some of the activities devolving upon the secretary, who serves without

Partially to compensate the Municipal Administration Service for its carrying
of the secretariat, the Governmental Researoh Association contributed $300 to our
budget for the past year. We hope that this contribution will be continued or in-
creased during the ensuing year.
The present membership of the Association is 132, of which 121 are aotive mem-
bers and 11 are associate members. This membership comes from 56 researoh organis-
ations of the United States and Canada. In number of individuals and organisations
represented, the membership is greater than ever before in the Association's history.
During the past year, six new researoh organisations were established. In eaoh
oase, the Association's educational booklets were U6ed in "selling" the researoh idea.
Sinoe the supply of Twenty Years of Municipal Researoh is exhausted, this educational
booklet is being rewritten for early publication under the title of A Quarter Century
of Governmental Researoh.
Current Publications
During the past year six teohnioal monographs were issued as follows:
No. 17
No. 18
No. 19
No. 20
No. 21
No. 22
Standards for Modern Publio Utility Franchises, by Dr. U0hn
Bauer. Edition of1 3,000.
Municipal, School and University Stadia, by Randolph 0. Huus .
and Dorothy I. dline. Edition of 3,566.
Public Reporting, by the National Committee on Municipal Re-
porting. Edition of 6,000.
House Number Signs, by Joseph W. Nicholson. Edition of 5,000.
Municipal Auditoriums, by Edna Trull. Edition of 3,500.
The Administration of Municipally Owned Utilities, by Delos F.
Wilcox. Edition of 4,C00.
In addition it was neoessary to print second editions of the following two
No. 11. The Appraisal of Urban Land and Buildings, by Cuthbert E. Reeves,
fedition of l,00o.
No. 15. The Administration of the Gasoline Tax in the United States, by
Finla G. Crawford. Edition of 1,000.
Two numbers of the statistical series were also published:
No. 3. Taxation of Private and Common-Carrier Motor Yehioles by Municipal-
ities, by dame's' W. Martin and C. M. Stephenson. Edl-fclon of 5.224.
No. 4. Selected List of Repent Municipal Researoh Reports. Edition of 3,289.
Also four mimeographed abstracts of researoh reports were issued:
No. 11. Munloipal Licenses for Hawkers and Peddlers and Transient Merohants,
by Rolland W. Maddox for the Miohigan Municipal League. Edition of 400.
No. 12. The Regulation of Miniature Golf Courses. Edition of 500.
No. 13
Selected Bibliography on Garbage and Waste Disposal, by E. K. Ostrow.
Edition of 300.

No. 14. The Regulation of Junk Dealers, by Wisconsin League of Munici-
palities. Ed it ion of* 660.
Distribution of Publications
The following table shows the distribution of publications issued during
the past fiscal year as well as of other publications which .are still in print.
The distribution of current publications i6, as indicated, handled toa large
extent by arrangements with other organizations which pay annual fees oovering
bulk consignments of eaoh publication as issued. Suoh an arrangement exists
with the eleven leagues of municipalities listed below, with the Governmental
Research Association, the International City Managers' Association and the Na-
tional Uunioipal League. There is, however, a steady and growing demand for
our publications from publio officials and other interested individuals not
reaohed by these organizations. Suoh sales have more than doubled during the
past year.
Leagues of Municipalities Receiving M. A. S. Publications
Colorado Municipal League
League of Illinois Municipalities
Miohigan Municipal League
League of Minnesota Municipalities
League of New Jersey Municipalities
Municipal State League of Oklahoma
League of Texas Municipalities
State Municipal League of Utah
League of Virginia Municipalities
League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Union of Canadian Municipalities
As indicated by the table, the Municipal Administration Service sold dur-
ing the past year 23,008 copies of its publications and distributed 5,810 compli-
mentary copies. In addition, leagues of municipalities purchased at cost and
issued as supplements to their magazines 11,900 copies of part I of Publio Re-
porting and ten thousand reprints of separate chapters of this publication were
distributed free of oharge to interested oity officials. Thus the total distri-
bution for the year was 50,718.
Distribution of Mimeographed Series 1930-1931
Sold C omp limentary
No. 4. Speoial Assessment Procedure 10 o out of print
No. 5. Selection of Patrolmen in Syracuse 22 ^ n n n
No. 6. Survey of the Buffalo City hospital 19 12
No. 7. Model Boise Ordinance 52 88
No. 8. Condemnation Procedure of 23 Cities 42 3 out of print
No. 9. Survey of the Purchasing and Stores Dept. 15 4 ti n n
No. 10. Regulation of Minor highway Privileges 34 5
No. 11. Municipal Licenses for Hawkers, Peddlers, etc. 286 54
No. 12. Regulation of Miniature Golf Courses 440 60 out of print
No. 13. Selected Bibliography on Garbage Disposal 199 51
No. 14. Regulation of Junk Dealers 363 40
Total TTS

Publication .. ... . N. M. L. G R* A* St. Leagues City Managers At Office C omo1imentary
Long Term Financial Procram 30 6
Codification of Ordinances 59 2
Street Name Signs 51 8
Reporting Municipal Government 40 6
Enforcement of Real Estate Tax Liens 7 20
Appraisal of Urban Land and Buildings 574 13
Photostat Recording 35 7
Pub. Works Dept, in American Cities 64 42
Municipal Motor Equipment 54 18
Admin, of Gasoline Tax in U. s. 279 22
Mun. ftrjr. for Street Traffic Control 201 16
Standards for Modern Pub. Ut. French. 557 131 1260 271 189 191
Municipal, School and Univ. Stadia 587 142 1360 269 179 244
Public Reporting 588 142 1360 269 238 2728
House Number Signs 620 142 1360 278 230 1251
Municipal Auditoriums 615 142 1360 253 163 383
Admin, of Mun. Owned Utilities 637 152 1360 264 244 161
STATISTICAL SERIES: Salaries of Polioe 1928 24 7
Salaries of Police 1929 42 28
Taxation of Priv. and Com. Vehicles 609 136 1360 145 80 272
Selected List of Recent Mun. Reports 609 136 1360 145 74 67
TOTALS 4,822 1,123 10,780 1,894 2,907 5,492

Publications in Preparation
As the Municipal Administration Service becomes better known and establish-
ed it is becoming increasingly easy to soliolt and secure the services of lead-
ing authorities in the'writing of our publications. Whereas a year ago we had
only seven technical monographs in the process of preparation, there are at this
date twenty-five. As the writing is done largely by busy officials and other au-
thorities who must use such spare time as they can find for this purpose, it is
impossible to fix definite publication dates, but all of the following list have
already been undertaken and the majority of them will be ready for publication
during the coming fiscal year. Several very significant studies not listed are
being arranged for and some of these will also appear during the coming year.
The general list includes the following:
The Regulation of Minor Highway Privileges, by Donald C. Stone
Preparation and Enforcement of Specifications in Municipal Purchasing,
by Russell Forbes
Municipal Smoke Abatement, by toward C. Murphy
Public Comfort Stations, by A. R. MoGonegal
Municipal Retirement Systems, by Geo. B. Buck
The Appraisal of Urban Land and Buildings (Revised), by Cuthbert E. Reeves
Municipal Inspeotional Service, by Edna Trull
Model Publjo Utility Franchises, by John Bauer and Frederick L. Bird
The Managerial Personnel of Municipal Lighting Plants, by Arthur W. and
Edna C. Maomahon
The Financing of Munioipally Owned Utilities, by Frederick L. Bird
Public Relations at the City Hall, by Burton L. Hunter
Federal Services to Municipalities, by Paul V, Betters
Office of the City Clerk, by John Pfiffner
Administrative Problems of Small Cities. In view of the faot that very
little has been written on the administrative problems of the oities under
26,000 population, which comprise 88 per o*nt of the total number of municipal-
ities in the United States, the Municipal Administration Servioe is undertaking
a series of publications dealing with the important subjeots in this field. The
first number, Budgeting for Small Cities by A. E. Buok, is now in press. The
following studies, most of which are already in preparation, will appear at the
rate of one each month over the coming year.
Budgeting, by A. E. Buok
Purchasing, by Russell Forbes

Aooounting and Auditing, by C. C. Ludwig
Debt Administration
Collection, Custody, and Disbursement of Funds
The Custody of City Property, by H. H. Barton
Personnel Administration, by Fred Telford
Polioe Administration, by August Vollmer and E. W. Garrett
Public Works Administration, by C. A. Bingham
Fire Department Administration
City Planning, by Russell Van Nest Black
Drafting and Codifioation of Ordinances, by John F. Sly
Other studies to be dealt with in succeeding numbers
The Municipal Administration Servioe during the first four year of its
operations was financed almost entirely by grants from the Spelman Fund. The
grant for the past year, however* was conditional upon the raising of certain
funds by the. organisation itself. For each $1 received by the Municipal Ad-
ministration Service the Spelman Fund agreed to contribute $3 up to a total
of $15,000. As the Municipal Administration Servioe was successful in raising
the requisite $5,000, the full amount of the grant was scoured, thus enabling
a $5,000 increase in the budget which greatly facilitated the expansion of
our work. Contributions for services were received from the following organ-
isations :
Colorado Municipal League
League of Illinois Municipalities
Michigan Municipal League
League of Minnesota Municipalities
League of New Jersey Municipalities
Municipal State League of Oklahoma
league of Texas Municipalities
State Municipal League of Utah
League of Virginia Municipalities
League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Union of Canadian Municipalities
Commission on Governmental Efficiency and Economy of Baltimore
finance Commission of Boston
Buffalo Municipal Research Bureau
Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce
Dayton Research Association
Taxpayers' Researoh League of Delaware
Bureau of Municipal Researoh of Des Moines, Inc.
Detroit Bureau of Governmental Researoh
Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce

Bureau of Governmental Research, Kansas City, Kans.
Kansas City Public Service Institute, Kansas City, Mo.
Division of Municipal and Industrial Researoh, Cambridge, Mass.
Minneapolis Taxpayers' Association
Taxpayers' Association of New Mexioo
The Ohio Institute
Schenectady Bureau of Municipal Researoh
Taxpayers' League of St. Louis County
St. Paul Bureau of Municipal Research
Stamford Taxpayers' Association
Commission of Publicity and Efficiency of Toledo
Bureau of Public Administration, University of California
A contribution of $500 was also secured from the Haynes Foundation of
Los Angeles to aid in financing the publication of The Administration of Muni-
cipally Owned Utilities by Delos F. Wiloox. In addition, to the $5,000 raised
to make the full amount of the Spelman grant available, the National Committee
on Municipal Reporting contributed $1,253 to aid in the publication of Public
The following statement of cash receipts and disbursements taken from the
auditors report indicates that the Munioipal Administration Service dosed the
past year with a surplus of $822.87 in the treasury.

The Spelman Fund
Contributions Towards Publication
Cost of "Public Reporting"
Sale of Publications
Interest on Bank Balances
Assistant Direotor
Researoh Secretary
Stationery, Printing and
Offloe Supplies
Books and subscriptions
Furniture and Fixtures
Telephone and Telegraph
Sundry Expenses
Balanoe, September 1, 1930 -
Cash in Banks:
New York Trust Company
Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank
Cash on Hand

The current depression has so affeoted the financial resources of the
various contributors to the Municipal Administration Service as to render
its financial prospects for the coming year somewhat uncertain. Whereas a
large number of heretofore dependable contributors have indicated their in-
ability to continue their financial support, the provisions of the Spelman
grant oall for the raising of $2 by the Municipal Administration Service for
each $3 to be secured from the Spelman Fund. In the event, however, of our
being able to seoure the necessary funds, the following budget ha6 been pre-
pared to cover the current needs of the organization based on its present
scope of operations.
Budget for the Year 1931-32
Salaries ------------------------------
Rent ------------------------------------
Telephone and Telegraph------------------
Postage ----------------------------------
Books and Subscriptions ------------------
Printing and Stationery --------------
Furniture and Fixtures --------------
Traveling----------------------- ------
Expenses of Authors--------------
Sundry ------------- ---------------
TOTAL ----------------------------
Generally indicative of the expanding activities of the Municipal Admin-
istration Servioe are the following date. With no increase in the salary to-
tal, rent, or general office facilities for the year just closed over the pre
oeding year, the amount expended on the issuance of publications increased
from $1,671.53 to $4,679.94 or 179 per cent, the postage covering office mail
ing activity from $618.30 to $1,407.16 or 127 per cent, and the total number
of publications distributed increased from 15,780 to 50,712 or 221 per cent*
Russell Forbes