[ Craig Barnes for congress pamphlet, 1970 ]

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[ Craig Barnes for congress pamphlet, 1970 ]
Committe to Defeat Mike McKevitt
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Denver, CO
Committe to Defeat Mike McKevitt
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Campaign flier for Craig Barnes (D), who ran for Colorado's first congressional district in 1970

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Craig Barnes
will keep
the first district

Craig Barnes believes we must have peace. He
believes the present congress has abdicated its
responsibilty to seek that peace. He believes
the congress can require that all American
troops be home by January 1, 1971. Only with
the war ended can we begin a calm and rational
discussion of our national purpose. Only with
peace in America, as well as Indochina, can we
achieve a more realistic balance between our
domestic needs and our responsibilities as a
world power.
Craig Barnes has long worked to end the de-
struction of our environment. Since helping to
draft Colorados air and water pollution legis-
lation, he has urged national air and water pol-
lution technical standards to replace conflict-
ing state standards, development of rapid
transit for Denver metro, and an expansion of
wilderness areas and national park recreation
Craig Barnes believes the high cost of cam-
paigning and inflated congressional salaries are
a national scandal. A $42,500 annual congres-
sional salary serves only to swell campaign war
chests and keep old men in power. If elected,
Craig Barnes pledges to place $10,000 of his
yearly salary in a public trust fund, adminis-
tered by a non partisan committee, to serve
the Health, Education and Welfare needs of the
first congressional district.
Craig Barnes believes the abolition of the con-
gressional seniority system is mandatory. A
congress controlled by men born in another
century will never solve our domestic crisis nor
bring an end to inflationary military budgets.
Craig Barnes believes the government must be
recaptured and brought home to the people.
As long as political power is in the hands of a
few old men and a few powerful interest
groups, wewill continue to be bogged down in
disastrous foreign wars, our tax laws will dis-
criminate against the'middle American, and our
serious domestic problems will go unsolved.
Only through the efforts of citizen politicians
can we reclaim our government, and only
through the election of men like Craig Barnes
can we make that government responsive to
our real needs.

Craig Barnes, a 33 year old Denver attorney,
and his wife Micki have four children.
Only an imaginative and vigorous campaign can defeat the
aggressive threat of Mike McKevitt. Thousands of students have
proclaimed their desire to become involved
in the November elections. They will support Craig Barnes.
Craig Barnes will keep the first district Democratic.
Paid for by the Barnes for Congress Committee, Robert T. Connery, chairman.