[ Craig Barnes "Politics of Hope " pamphlet, 1970 ]

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[ Craig Barnes "Politics of Hope " pamphlet, 1970 ]
Committe to Defeat Mike McKevitt
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Denver, CO
Committe to Defeat Mike McKevitt
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Campaign flier for Craig Barnes (D), who ran for Colorado's first congressional district in 1970

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Craig Barnes
for Congress/Democrat
80V -
The Politics of Hope

Take him on.
Feel free. Craig Barnes has never ducked
a question.
Courage: it comes through. Integrity: it comes
through. Decency: it comes through. Craig
Barnes. Congressman Craig Barnes. At 34. Wow!
Hes already done what they said wouldnt
be done. By 30 votes. Will you ever again doubt
the importance of your vote?
Craig Barnes is a Democrat. A good,
concerned, solid, responsive, working Democrat.
Democrats dont believe in solving inflation by
putting people out of work. Democrats dont
believe in vetoing sound health, education and
welfare legislation in the name of economy.
Democrats, by history and logic, are the ones to
find the real solutions to making our
neighborhoods safe again.
Thats why Craig Barnes is a Democrat.
The men we send to Congress to represent us
seem to reflect what we most believe ourselves
to be when we elect them.
November 3rd
is another
Craig Barnes Day.
When your good side votes.

Paid for by the
Barnes for Congress Committee,
Robert T. Connery, Chairman
Phone 757-8338
The Barneses

( Strange
that the Republicans and the Republican District Attorney-should
make Law and Order an issue in the 1970 version of their Politics of Fear.
Crime has been their responsibility for two years now. Yet, in Denver, only
one out of four felons caught by police is convicted by the district attorney
of the offense charged. Denvers national crime ranking (in crimes per
100,000 population) has risen from 24th to 11th in two years.
Craig Barnes wants to see our neighborhoods made safe again for decent
citizens of every color. Through more efficient courts, improved police
departments and better correctional institutions. Through the
eradication of poverty.
Craig Barnes believes it is wrong to put the priorities of the munitions
makers ahead of the priorities of the People. Craig Barnes believes it is
wrong to permit one major illness to wipe out a familys life savings
while we squander billions on supersonic transportation for business
executives commuting across the Atlantic. Craig Barnes believes it is
wrong to talk about cleaning up the environment and go on extending
Industrys special license to pollute our air and water.
The Nixon policies are paid for at the expense of Middle Americans of
both parties. Business is not hurt. People are. Tight money doesnt impair
the ability of Business to function. But it puts housing out of the
reach of many, makes rents skyrocket, hurts those who must live
on fixed incomes.
Craig Barnes will oppose the spending policies of the Nixon administration
wherever they put the priorities of the special pleaders ahead of the
priorities of the People.
There is a man for a Time. Denvers time is Now.
The Man is Craig Barnes.