[ Craig Barnes resume, 1970 ]

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[ Craig Barnes resume, 1970 ]
Committe to Defeat Mike McKevitt
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Denver, CO
Committe to Defeat Mike McKevitt
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Campaign flier for Craig Barnes (D), who ran for Colorado's first congressional district in 1970

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EDUCATIONAL: Park Hill Elementary, Littleton High Schools, Stanford
University (A.B., L.L.B.), Tufts University (M.A. International Affairs),
Rangoon University, Burma (Southeast Asian Studies).
PERSONAL: Native Denverite, married, 4 children; age 3^, Attorney
for 5 years in Denver. General practice with extensive legislative
drafting experience in fields of air and water pollution.
MILITARY: Two years in Germany as infantry officer. Received Commen-
dation Medal for exceptionally meritorious service.
POLITICAL: Active in Colorado Democratic politics since 1965. Has
served as precinct committeeman, captain-at-large of ^the Denver
Democratic Central Committee and President of the Denver Young Democrats.
ECONOMIC: Craig Barnes advocates that the government create a war
conversion fund in an amount at least equal to the current expenditures
on the Southeast Asian War. The fund and tax incentives to businesses
presently producing war materials could be diverted to a peace time
economy. American workers could be retrained to attack such serious
domestic problems as pollution, expanded health care, crime, poverty,
and mass transit. He has urged the President to recommend wage-price
guidelines to help curb inflation which cuts so deeply into the pocket
to every American.
PEACE: Craig Barnes calls upon Congress to require that all American
troops leave Southeast Asia by January 1, 1971 contingent only upon an
agreement for return of war prisoners. Further appropriations should
only facilitate the withdrawal effort and provide relocation assistance t
to those South Vietnamese people whose lives will be in jeopardy because
of their association with the American military. The united States
should offer open immigration to these people and should encourage
Asian and Pacific nations to do likewise. A vocal opponent of the war
since the mid-sixties, Barnes introduced the successful anti-war reso-
lution at the 1968 Colorado Democratic Convention.
ENVIRONMENT: Craig Barnes feels that the recent crippling of the East
Coast by environmental pollution should serve as severe warning to Denver
and the rest of the country. He feels that our present Congressman has
not pushed for effective environmental legislation nor has he provided
the leadership necessary to activate citizens and industry to deal with
this crucial problem.
CRIME: Craig Barnes feels that the Democratic Party has too long ignored
the mounting crime problems in this country. He is a strong advocate
of Federal Aid to modernize our police forces. Barnes is also dismayed
at the lack of attention paid to organized crime by the Congress and
especially by our present Congressman "an all out investigation and
attack should-be made on this growing menace to our citizens by the
organized underworld,"