[ Ron Pred state congress campaign pamphlet, 1970 ]

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[ Ron Pred state congress campaign pamphlet, 1970 ]
Committee to Elect Ronald S. Pred to the State House of Representatives from District 18
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Campaign pamphlet for Ronald Pred, who ran for Colorado State House of Representatives from District 18 in 1970

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NOV 1970

This is a private residence phone number.
322-4662 is an important number
you should put in your personal book.
It is the number to call when you want
personal representation. Anytime.
The man who lives there is a dynamic
young attorney who wants to be your State
Representative. It is the number of a
man of vision and a man of action.
It is the number of RON PRED.
RON PRED grew up in District 18.
He attended Smiley Junior High, East
High and Colorado University. He
graduated first in his class from
the University of Denver Law School.
PRED is a trial specialist and a partner
in a Denver law firm, and a member of the
American, Colorado and Denver Bar
Associations, and the Colorado and
American Trial Lawyers Associations.
He received the Award of Service for his
efforts in the cause of judicial reform.
RON PRED was the Bill Clerk in the
1965 Session of the Colorado State
Legislature. He knows how State
government works and he can make
a difference. He will represent all the
people of District 18. He will represent you.
You can do something on November 3rd.
your State Representative.
RON PRED speaks to the issues,
not around them. This is what he
says about:
We must not allow a large percentage
of our children to leave our schools
unprepared to lead productive
lives. We need to place a new emphasis
on development of vocational and trade
schools. We must make funds available
to provide urgently needed special-
education programs as well as
programs for the mentally retarded
and emotionally disturbed; more and
better qualified counsellors and para-
medical people to work with individual
children; provide special program^ for
disadvantaged children. We must
make it possible for our schools
to educate children as individuals
rather than assembly-line products.
Better education for all our children
today can and will reduce the crime
rate and welfare rolls of tomorrow.
Denvers crime rate is increasing at
alarming proportions, especially among
the young. We wont stop crime until we
stop talking about it and do something;
until we make an all-out attack on the
drug problem by providing specially
trained people to work with and
educate school administrators,
parents, students and lawmakers;
until we crack down hard on the sources
of drug supply and distribution; until our
Judges are given the tools to distinguish
between dangerous offenders who must
be isolated from society and those
individuals who truly can and should be
rehabilitated; until our prison system
functions to prevent further crimes
not cause them; until the State does
more to assist cities and counties with
the critical task of financing and training
local law enforcement personnel; until
we implement the social programs
needed to build a society which
produces fewer criminals.
Many of our older citizens who have
lived useful and productive lives now
live inpoverty. Inthisageofdemonstrations
and protests, their concerns have been
ignored. Old-age pensions are inadequate
and must be increased. The aged must
be given property tax relief. We need
tighter State regulation of homes
for the aged and nursing homes in
order to prevent abuses of our aged
citizens. Our older people represent
a source of valuable experience which
can and should be put to positive
use in oui society.
We must make the necessary hard
decisions to stop the uncontrolled
growth of pollution that is swiftly
destroying resources which cannot
be replaced. I am determined to see that
Colorado utilizes the scientific knowledge
now availableand translates that knowledge
into legislation to prevent the uncontrolled
growth of all forms of pollution. Special-
interest groups must no longer prevail
over the people of this State.
The growing cost of education should
be shifted away from the property
owner to the State where it belongs.
Our State surplus is now in excess
of $120,000,000.00. We in Colorado are
victims of high taxes but we dont get the
services that those taxes should pay for.
I object to the Republican philosophy
of banking tax money for unexpected
emergencies when those emergencies
are, in fact, already here.
Prepared By The Committee to Elect
Ronald S. Pred to the State House
of Representatives from District 18.