Sci-fi Animation and Documentary Films pamphlet

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Sci-fi Animation and Documentary Films pamphlet
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Japan Week, 1983
Japan Information Service
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San Francisco, CA
Consulate General of Japan
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^ S (5~H)
A Special Japanese Film Series
November 7-11
Denver Center Cinema
presented by
JAPAN INFORMATION SERVICE, Consulate General of Japan
San Francisco

6:00 pm Invitation to Tea A non-narrative film capturing the beauty, grace and soothing spirit of a traditional Japanese ritual: the tea ceremony.
6:25 pm The Architecture of Japan The traditional style featuring interlocking columns, beams and pure lines is contrasted with contem- porary structures of steel, glass and concrete in Tokyo.
7:00 pm Kako Moriguchi, Yuzen Kimono Artist The ageless and intricate technique of hand-dyeing silk kimono fabric is presented.
7:35 pm Tagayusa Den & The Ondeko-za Musical Troupe The dream to inspire modern youth with the rhythm and feeling of Japans traditional music, contrasts contemporary Japan with sounds of nature and the past. Intermission
8:15 pm Phoenix2772-Feature Film by Osamu Tezuka A romantic space-fantasy set in an over-populated future where society is rigidly stratified and the Science Center is losing the energy crisis. An outstanding Space-Hunter is sent out to capture the secret of immortality from the legendary Firebird.
TUESDAY, NOV. 8 Animation for Children
5:00 pm A Grateful Crane
In this folktale of kindness and appreciation, an old
man and his wife live deep in the woods. He finds a
beautiful crane in a trap, sets it free, and a wonderful
story follows.
5:30 pm The Snow Fairy Feature Film
The snow fairy is sent to bring peace to earth. She
saves a village from the villainous Tomedo. Having
passed her first test, the farmers tell her of a strange
god whom she must next meet.
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 9 Business in Japan
6:00 pm Human Relations in Japan
Emphasizing interpersonal relations, this film
introduces the structure of Japanese companies, the
role of the family, and the experiences of an
American businessman.
6:35 pm Bridges & Barriers
The unique style of doing business in Japan and the
commitment to human relations through harmony
and shared responsibility presents some cultural
differences Americans are likely to face in Japan.
7:05 pm Kacho: A Section Chief and His Day
Features the professional responsibilities and daily
routine of a Tokyo department store section head.
7:30 pm The Colonel Comes to Japan
When an American company goes abroad, special
considerations must come into play as evidenced
by this chronicle of Kentucky Fried Chickens entry
into the Japanese fast-food market.
8:25 pm Career Escalator
The executives of Japans top commercial com-
panies and the young men seeking a career with
them, face hard work and competition. The educa-
tion system reflects these demands.
9:00 pm Working Couple
Most Japanese live in big cities, many of them
salaried company workers, living in apartments
long distances from work. We examine the life of a
couple who both work.
9:30 pm Lifetime Employment
Manufactured exports are basic to Japans survival.
Here we examine the automotive industry, auto-
mation, small sub-contractors, productivity circles,
unions, day-laborers and nuclear power.
THURSDAY, NOV.10 Family Entertainment
5:00 pm A Boy and A Straw
An animated folktale about a poor orphan boy and a
simple straw that changed his life.
5:30 pm The Glacier Fox Feature Film
A documentation of life for a family of exquisite and
endangered glacier fox, as they struggle for life and
freedom in the untamed, magnificent setting of
FRIDAY, NOV. 11 Films for Educators
6:00 pm Teaching About Japan A film for teachers presenting practical techniques and ideas for classroom use, many of which are applicable to other culture areas.
6:50 pm Japan: An Overview A comprehensive and excellent introduction to modem Japans economic, political and social structure and its relationship with the world.
7:30pm Haiku: Short Poetry of Japan Describes the ancient 17-syllable Japanese poem and chronicles school childrens attempts to capture the essence of the Haiku spirit. Discussion and Intermission
8:30 pm Farm Song Four generations of a rural Japanese family speak frankly about their strenuous work, their relation- ships with each other and the seasonal celebrations that enliven their world.
9:15 pm Full Moon Lunch Vignettes of a family who provide boxed lunches to Buddhist temples give insight into the traditional and contemporary ways of living, working and relaxing.

Subject to change without notice
Seats are limited
First come first serve
All films free

Outstanding films from and about Japan
Monday For Artists and Art Lovers
Documentaries on various traditional
Japanese arts.
For Science Fiction Fans
A space fantasy directed by the highly
acclaimed Osamu Tezuka.
Tuesday Animation Films for Children
Wednesday A Business Theme focusing on inter-
cultural relations between Japanese and
Americans and the work environment in
Thursday Family Entertainment
An animated folktale plus a record-
breaking, extremely popular documentary
about a family of glacier fox.
Friday Especially for Teachers
Films and discussion on how to teach
about Japan in your classroom.
For reservations call 595-5768
Trade Obstacles & Opportunities
ITAC Seminar & Dinner
Tuesday, November 8, 3:30 pm & 6:30 pm
Wellshire Inn, Denver
For reservations call 595-5768
American Media & Japan
A Discussion of International Coverage
Friday, November 11, 4:00-6:00 pm
Denver Press Club
For reservations call 595-5768
Japan US Culture Learning
A Teachers Workshop
Saturday, November 12, 8:30 am-4:30 pm
University of Denver, CTIR
For reservations call 753-3106
Rhythm, Harmony & Motion
Taiko Drummers of Japan
Wednesday, November 9, 6:00 pm
Greek Theater, Denver Civic Center
In case of rain, Buddhist Temple, Sakura Square
Contemporary Life in Japan
Photography Exhibit
November 7-11, 7:00 am-7:00 pm
Great West Life Building
1675 Broadway, Denver
CALL 595-5768