Onlooker, 1945

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Onlooker, 1945
Amache High School
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Grenada, Colo.
Amache High School
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Onlooker, 1945, yearbook of Amache High School in the Grenada War Relocation Center, Grenada, Colorado.

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___fMUtHtlil _______
mn£T£n fortv -fiv£

rPHREE YEARS of work and play three years of
friendship with many whom we would not have
met had it not been for the mass evacuation from the
Pacific Coastthree years of school life where we have
learned to be useful in war and good citizens in peace
to our country, the United States.
Yes, in these three years we have strived to reach
the high goal of being forward lookers and thinkers,
sometimes slipping, but always looking toward that aim.
Within the covers of this year book, we bring to you
our life of the past year in work and play, in striving
to be "Onlookers" into tomorrow's world.

We, the students of Amache, dedicate this book to all our
friends in the armed services who are not only fighting and
dying for victory, but also for world peace and understanding.



TO THE STUDENTS of the Amache High School; to the Advisory School
Board; to school officials, teachers, janitors and yardmen; to parents of
school children and to residents and organizations interested in the school,
I extend my thanks for your interest and cooperation. This is the last school
year for Amache. That is as it should be. You and your boys and. girls can
now go out from Amache to any desired place in the United States. There are
no strings on this graduation.
To the Class of 1945, Amache High School, greetings! You and the other
students have had an opportunity to advance in your school work, limited only
by your own application to work and study. For you during your life in the
Center the world has not stood still. I wish you a successful future; may you
continue your education, and may you lead worthy and useful lives as you
take your places in America among Americans. That you keep your faces
ever to the front, and your feet upon a rising road is the sincere wish of your
friend, the Project Director.

SEPTEMBER, 1942'1 10,00Qjpeople, Japanese-Amencans, their parents and friends,
started a unique history-making chapter in the story of their lives. These evacuees
as they were called, found themselves stranded on barren desolate stretches of America;
previously inhabited only by-desert denizens and covered with sage brush. "Relocation
centers" was the name attacfied to tries places.
One of these centers was established in southeastern Colorado and named
"Amache." The first inhabitants of tm&^jfisakeshift community were transferred from
the Merced and Santa Anita assembly cenfe^^qter Tuleans and Jeromites also became
residents of this community.
Realizing the need of establishing and mairSqA^^jt<^s many institutions of "normal
living as possible, the center administration hec^dtfJ^Ar^'rrdley in comunction with
evacuees immediately began to Sft-up facilities Existing demands. One of
the first things considered was the sbhool system.
We shall probably never know br'-realize the many difffcu^SjSrdjp^rplexing prob-
lems which confronted our educational leaders, Mr. Terry and, MrO^y.. However, we
may be gratified that through their tireless efforts, the doors ohgur re flung
open to waiting students in slightly mqresthan^one month after4$ie -op^sfl^ of the
project. It's true that rooms crowded with crude hurriedly-constructed jfelis and
benches, with poor heating and ventilating sygiems, and walls thro^h^^itih dust
seeped on windy days are humble and inq^quaillNfqcilities for modeilgjpfeation.
And yet the important and significant thing wtlj&dhe faaffltgt both teachers aftd
had the right and wholesome spirit of learning!
spite of physical limitations. This alone probak
book learning ever did.
As time passed, additions and improvements we3l
school supplies and equipment. Finally our new sch£
thus we were afforded untold opportunities to expand
attitudes toward the making of better qualified citizens,
progressed; our efforts have culminated in our being evali
Association. -
Three years have passed. This chapter in our lives is
elusion. And as we are about to write finis, let's think back
at least could have gained invaluable ideas and attitudes m
and progressing, m
j^res more than any
ent our meager
completed and
minds and
ly but surely
orth Central
le demands of and contribute
o its con-
...._e have or
est o|i>J>eing pre-
society and the.'sodfety of the
ihqve gained are our ngydY acquired attitudes
y we realize that'an of us need to progress
4rr*>rder to realize our desires of "freedom,
pared to m
PerhapsSSeJtmost important thitp,!
and ideals lifjtgrpi f socie^l lirtfife.'"
farJag^ond our prroenj-^^hd*^^'
liberty, ariefpuTSWof happlffess
Another important thing' which we have learned is living without desired and
convenient, articles of everyday living which we once took for granted. A fuller appre-
ciation-bf these physical and also mental gifts is now ours.
i#?'*Lastly, we learned of technical subjects such as mathematics and sciences, these
things aided those interested in specialized fields as future vocations.
The accumulation of these traits and skill should greatly aid in making belter
Americans in a greater America and a greater world.



Top rowDr. Terami, T. Kawasaki, S. Okuno.
1st rowB. Kaneko, A. Ohama.
adviwiy trm
THE smooth functioning of an educational system is dependent upon numer-
ous people and groups who perform their duties quietly and without recog-
nition. And is they who play an important part in planning and formulating
school policies and functions.
One such group in our midst was the Amache Advisory Board which was
organized in January, 1943. It was an integral part of the regular administrative
program of the War Relocation Authority. Its function was purely advisory in
nature, as its name implies, and met, upon call, with our Superintendent of
Education, Dr. Garrison, and our principal, Mr. Walther. Discussions relating to
all phases of educational activities were considered at such meetings.
The members of this, board were appointed by our Project Director, Mr.
Lindley, and are all residents of our community. They were Dr. Takashi Terami,
President; Mr. Tokuyoshi Kawasaki, Mrs. Alice Ohama, Mr. Seijiro Okuno, and
Mr. Robbin Kaneko.
The entire student body of Amache High School as well as the other citizens
of our community may well bow their heads in deep and humble gratitude
and appreciation to this group of people who have wholeheartedly and unself-
ishly contributed their time and effort to better our school. Through their interest
in us we.have been afforded many opportunities to gain a wider knowledge and
a richer understanding of the art of living amid people of a thousand different
ways of thinking.

THIS is the last edition of the "Onlooker." Next year
we will be living in many different places doing
many different things. Teachers will be working in
other schools. These halls and classrooms will be cold,
dusty, and vacant. Amache High School will exist only
in the files of some impersonal government agency and
in our memories.
Records are dead, inanimate things, but memories are
alive and ever growing. They are the sum, the total, of
experience. We who have guided your school experi-
ences here have tried to direct you into opportunities
for fun. We hope you have enjoyed them. More im-
portant, we have tried to help you become the master
of the basic tools of learning; to develop in you con-
structive attitudes toward life and living with others;
to develop critical, honest habits of thinking.
We sincerely hope that wherever you go, whatever
you do, your memories of Amache High School will be
happy ones and that your experiences will be good
tools, intelligently used, in building happy, useful lives.
In your living Amache High School will also live.
4 m me/M
THREE YEARS ago your lives and plans were sud-
denly interrupted, and as a consequence Amache
High School came into being. It is my sincere hope that
here your hopes and dreams have been reborn, and
that you have gained the courage, faith and deter-
mination that will help you build new tomorrows.
To me our experiences together will always be a
vivid and treasured memory. I have appreciated your
willingness to study, your unfailing cheerfulness, your
quiet courtesy and your friendship.
It was my privilege to help plan this school. I re-
member its opening days, its first growing pains in 8H
block, our excitement at moving into America's "most
talked of" high school building and especially of its
125 sons and daughters who are fighting for our country
on the battlefields of the world.
Soon its doors will close. On my lips and in my heart,
as I watch you leave after our final day of school, will
be the old Hebrew prayer, "Mizpah," God be with you
'till we meet again.

chummmuM mm^anc
NEXT YEAR Amache High School will be an empty building
on a sand hill. Whether it will be remembered or not
depends on the accomplishments of the people who have at-
tended it. We like to think that, in spite of the handicaps inherent
in this unusual situation, we have together, teachers and stu-
dents, developed and maintained an American high school in
the best American tradition.
You who go out from us now into new and challenging
situations will provide the measure of whether or not all of us
have been successful in working together toward realizing the
common goals of individual growth and social responsibility.
You will think often of this hill, of friendships formed, of
good times realized, of teachers who influenced you. It is our
hope that in the coming years it will be proved that you who
attended school here have learned much which will be instru-
mental in developing a high type of citizenship for use in a
world which will need you.
( tin-) -) m

AS I sit writing this message, I can see from my window the
dry, barren sands of Amache and the bleak, drab rows of
barracks homes. Since September, 1942, when most of us came
to Amache, there has been little improvement in our physical
surroundings. Most of us still live in the one room to which
we were assigned the day we arrived. True, we do have a few
trees, a lawn or two, and a high school building, but on the
whole, Amache is the same dust-covered prairie town it was
that day.
A bell rings, the scene is no longer bleak and discourag-
ing. The halls are thronged with laughing groups of students
eagerly talking, radiant and alive. I marvel at the change in
ypu since you came to Amache. How you have grown not only
in knowledge but in spiritual and moral qualities! Most of you,
because you have the courage of your fighting brothers, have
learned to live and grow and be happy under sometimes trying
conditions. Perspectives are becoming focused; thinking is
being broadened; sympathies are being extended to those who
suffer elsewhere.
Soon we will tell each other goodbye and will leave to
make our homes in widely scattered parts of the country. Be-
cause I have watched you develop radiant and attractive per-
sonalities at Amache, I know that wherever you go you can
learn to live happily and in such a way as to win many, many
I will not forget the time which I spent here nor will 1 forget
you as individuals. May you have much happiness and a long
and useful life.

DORIS L. ADCOCK taught Mathematics and Sciences and
was chairman of the Visual Aids program. She holds a
B.S. from Kansas State Teachers College and an M.A. from
Colorado State College of Education.
MARGUERITE ANDERSON taught in the Commercial Depart-
ment and holds an A.B. from McMurray College. She once
taught Negroes in an evening school in Chicago.
WILLIAM O. ANDERSON taught boys' Physical Education,
directed "Spring Fever," and all boys' sports activities. He
holds an A.B. from Wabash College and the honor of being
a Phi Beta Kappa.
ELLEN J. BEERY taught English-Social Studies and sponsored
the eighth grade class, the Junior High SPOTLIGHT, and the
Junior High Student Council. She holds an A.B. from the
University of Washington in Seattle.
HORACE W. COLVIN taught arts, crafts, and science and
sponsored the Art Club. .He holds a B.S. from Central Mis-
souri Teachers College.
EMILY L. DONER taught Spanish and English-Social Studies
and also sponsored the Spanish Club. She holds an A.B.
from the University of Colorado.
WILLIAM A. EASTON, Librarian, was a substitute Spanish
teacher and sponsored the Discussion Club. He holds an
A.B. from the University of Denver.
ROXENE R. EVERETTS taught English-Social Studies and
was also the sponsor of the Junior Class. She holds an A.B.
from University of Illinois.

GERALD V. GRIFFITH taught Agriculture and sponsored the
F.F.A. He holds an M.S. ircm Kansas State Teachers
CHARLES HINMAN taught Instrumental Music and Physical
Education and sponsored the Band and Orchestra. He holds
an A.B. from Western State College.
DORIS HINMAN taught English-Social Studies and holds a
Life Teacher's Certificate from Western State College.
MARGARET HOPCRAFT taught English-Social Studies and
sponsored the Sophomore class, and the National Honor
Society. She holds a B.A. from Arizona State College and
an M.A. from New Mexico University.
JEWEL C. HULQUIST taught Homemaking and sponsored
the Junior Homemakers' Club. She holds a B.S. from Colo-
rado State College.
LOWELL M. JACKSON taught Vocal Music and English-
Social Studies. He sponsored the boys' and girls Glee
Clubs and the A Cappella Choir. He holds an A.B. from
Adams State Teachers College.
DR. CLARENCE JAYNE taught Science and holds an A.B.
from the University of Washington at Seattle, a Ph.M. and
Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin.
FLORENCE JEFFERS taught English-Social Studies and
sponsored the seventh grade. She holds a B.A. from the
University of Oklahoma.

HAZEL M. KECK taught Mathematics and sponsored the
Math Club. She was the only teacher from the Jerome
Relocation Center and holds a B.S., B.A., and M.A. from
the University of Arkansas.
LEO W. KRAUS taught Woodworking and Mechanical
Drawing and holds a B.A. from the University of Nebraska.
EDMUND KUBO taught Woodworking.
LYDIA A. LINDSEY taught English-Social Studies and holds
an A.B. and M.A. from the University of Kansas. She has
also taught in Japan.
MARGUERITE LOEFFLER taught girls' Physical Education
and sponsored the Boosters and G.A.A. She holds a B.S.
from Colorado University.
EULA LOESCH taught Mathematics and holds a B.S. from
N. W. Missouri State Teachers College. She sponsored the
Junior Red Cross.
JAMES F. MICHAUD taught Mathematics and Science and
was the head Scoutmaster. He holds an A.B. from St.
Mary's University.
BERTHA M. McFARLING taught in the Commercial Depart-
ment and holds a B.S. from the University of South Dakota.

MELVIN P. McGOVERN taught English-Social Studies and
used his abundant pep and energy to advise the Hi-Y and
the Junior Class. He holds an A.B. from Iowa State Teach-
ers College.
ESTHER OKUDA taught Homemaking and holds an A.B.
from Colorado State Teachers College.
MITS OMOTO taught Woodworking and took an active part
in Athletics.
GLADYS JONES SEEVERS taught English-Social Studies and
sponsored the Dramatics Club. She holds a B.A. from Colo-
rado State College of Education and also holds Life Teach-
er's Certificate.
KATHERINE STEGNER taught English-Social Studies and
sponsored the Senior class and the Las Allegrias. She
holds a B.S. from Colorado State College of Education.
TAKATOSHI TAMURA taught Woodworking and holds A.B.
and B.S. degrees from the University of Southern California.
FRIEDA TAKAHAMA taught girls' Physical Education.
TAKAKO TANIOKA was an assistant Homemaking teacher
and is a graduate of the Darvas School of Fine Arts.

Mathematics and was President of
the Advisory Board of our school.
He holds a Ph.D. from the Univer-
sity of California.
ROSALIND WALLS taught English-
Social Studies and sponsored the
IT, the ONLOOKER, Press Club,
Quill and Scroll, and the Discus-
sion Club. She holds an A.B. from
Northwestern University.
MARY WATANABE taught Piano
and holds a Life Teacher's Certifi-
cate from the St. Joseph Academy
of Music.
ence and sponsored the Science
Club. He holds an M.A. from the
University of Missouri.

Mrs. Doris Adcock............
Miss Fumi Amemiya ....
Mrs. Marguerite Anderson . .
Mr. William Anderson ....
Mr. Fred Arimoto.............
Miss Muriel Beck.............
Miss Ellen Berry.............
Mr. Jack Boyd................
Mr. Horace Colvin............
Mr. Clay Coy.................
Miss Coradell Crain ....
Mr. Robert Dierlam...........
Miss Emily Doner.............
Mr. Donald Drummond
Mr. William Easton ....
Miss Roxene Everetts ....
Miss Lucille Friedman ....
Mr. Robert George............
Miss Grace Good..............
Miss Louise Goodson ....
Mrs. Florine Greenwood . . .
Mr. .Gerald Griffith.........
Mr. Jack Hagihara............
Mr. Orin Hascall.............
Mr. Iven Hensley.............
Mr. Charles Hinman ....
Mrs. Doris Hinman............
Mr. Shigeki Hiratsuka ....
Mr. John Hoke................
Mrs. Margaret Hopcraft .
Miss Jewel Hulquist ....
Mr. Lowell Jackson ....
Dr. Clarence Jayne ....
Mrs. Florence Jeffers ....
Mr. Kiyoshi Kasai . . ... .
Miss Hazel Keck..............
Miss Noreen Klein............
Miss Josephine Korsoski . . .
Mr. Leo Kraus................
Mr. Edmund Kubo..............
Mr. George Kubota ....
Miss Yachiyo Kusunoki . . .
Miss Grace Lewis.............
Mrs. Leonna D. Lilljeberg . .
Miss Lydia Lindsey ....
Miss Marguerite Loeffler . . .
Mrs. Eula Loesch.............
Miss Catherine Ludy ....
Mr. Peter Masuoka............
Miss Bertha McFarling
Mr. Melvin McGovern ....
Mr. Donald McNaughton .
Mrs. Lottie More.............
Mr. James Michaud ....
Mr. Joe Nishihara............
Mr. Susumu Nishihara . . .
Miss Agnes Norioka . . . .
Miss Ami Okazaki.............
Miss Esther Okuda............
/) mif Mr. Mits Omoto...............
t/fk/>HrT/iK Mr- Shogi niki..........................
Miss Julia Prescott..........
I 0 Bf T ft ft U Mr. Harold Provancha ....
1 W% EU Ef ft Miss Dorothy Saito......................
ft (Jf Mrs. Gladys Seevers . . . .
^ Mrs. Katherine Stegner . . .
Mrs. Fae Stillinger..........
Mr. Okley Stillinger . . , .
Miss Mary Suzuki.............
Mr. Lynn Takagaki............
Mrs. Mary Takeyama . . . .
* Miss Takako Tanioka . . . .
Dr. Takashi Terami .
Mr. Paul Terry...............
Mrs. Betty Tinsman . . . .
Mr. Takatoshi Tamura . .
Miss Martha Tsuchiya . .
Miss Mary Wada...............
Miss Rosalind Walls . . . .
Mr. Herbert Walther . . . .
Miss Mary Watanabe . . . .
Miss Helen Wilcoxon'. . . .
Mr. Harry Williams . . . .
Miss Ada Winans..............
Mrs. Ruth Wood...............
Mrs. Catherine Woods . . .
Ill W. Jefferson, Pittsburg, Kansas.
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main a,
We owe much io the office clerks, who have
served the students with their untiring efforts
during the past year, and take this means of
demonstrating our thanks.

Top rowY. Uyemura, H. Kochi.
1st rowM. Kumasaki, H. lofuku.
(ihm mint
Since the day Amache High School
opened its doors on September 5, 1944,
to the hundreds of Junior and Senior
High students, the library has been one
of the centers of attraction, both for
pleasure and acquirement of knowl-
Mr. William A. Easton, Librarian, with
his able assistants, Miss Kumasaki,
circulation; Haruko Kochi, reference,
have worked industriously to make our
library one of the best in Colorado.
During the first part of the year the
library was enlarged because the Junior
and Senior High Libraries were com-
Our heartiest thanks to you, Mr.
Easton, and to your staff for the service
you have given us in the library.
(kuulaiw &JJm
"Miss Lewis! Miss Lewis!" that is a
familiar cry of many students who
sought advice for their future. This is
the department where everyone checks
his schedule and credits, makes plans
for his vocation and higher education.
Many thanks to Miss Lewis and her
hard-working staff for their untiring
service and aid given for the betterment
of our school.
Top rowA. Takamatsu. S. Hamaoka.
1st row]. Kumasaki, M. Miyao.

luAim /; I VO III!I
J ir



Top rowT. Matsushita, M. Tonai, E. Kubota, H. Fujihara, T. Jofuku.
2nd rowM. Sumada, F. Goi, C. Kitazumi, R. Hiratsuka, K. Yamaga, O. Hirano.
1st rowE. Nimura, F. Sotomura, L. Kochi, R. Takata, S. Washino.
OthersJ. Ogawa, P. Sugimoto.
jt moi /tuj/i atude/rit amune'S
We, the Associated Student Body of Amache Senior High School, had the
privilege of setting up our own student government. Our student governing
body was known as the Student Council. It is composed of the student body
cabinet and representatives from each English-Social Studies class.
The Student Council with the help of its sponsor, Miss Lewis, efficiently
served the students whom it represented. With the cabinet acting as an
executive committee to handle emergencies, it did a great deal towards pro-
moting the general welfare of the students. It spent many hours meeting after
school discussing problems which confronted students. During the first semester,
the constitution was revised and permanent acting committees were set up to
handle problems concerning athletics, awards, social events, the charting of
clubs, and other such services.

1st rowS. Hashimoto, E. Hinoki.
Student government played an important part in the development of lead-
ership and a feeling of self government among the Junior High students. The
Junior High Student Council closely followed the pattern of the Senior High
Council in its membership and duties.
The first semester group was actively led by George Hatamiya, President;
Hideo Karatsu, Boys' Vice President; Karumo Hamahashi, Girls' Vice President;
Terumi Uyesugi, Secretary; Marion Yoshiwara, Treasurer. The second semester
group, which assembled in February, was equally well served by the new
student body officers: Tsuyoshi Yamauchi, President; Joe Maruyama, Boys'
Vice President; Sumiko Hashimoto, Secretary; and Earsei Hinoki, Treasurer.
This group owed much of its success to its advisor, Miss Beery, who
willingly gave them advice in discussions and solutions of many perplexing
problems which confronted them.

Top rowE. Moritani, K. Tateishi, M. Otani, G. Hatamiya.
2nd rowN. Mitobe, Tr Uyesugi, M. Yoshiwara, K. Hamahashi, G. Yasumura.
1st rowT. Toyama, E. Hinoki, Y. Morimoto.
minim /unfi
n 1/

; ;

Edna Nimura
Vice Prexy 2
Mrs. K. Stegner
Class Advisor
Louie Watanabe
Treasurer 1
Mitsugu Sumada
Vice Prexy 2
iM .. -
Calvert Kitazumi
President 1-2
Joe Hamade
Treasurer 2
With commencement exercises over, the high and mighty Seniors can look back
through their last year in Amache with pride and have the satisfaction of knowing theirs
was a job well done.
With the first semester cabinet consisting of Calvert Kitazumi, President; Edna Nimura,
Vice President; Aster Fujikawa, Secretary, and Louie Watanabe, Treasurer, the Senior
Class planned and promoted numerous activities.
None of them will ever forget the enjoyable time they had at their all-Senior get
together nor the colorful Mid-Term Prom held in honor of the January graduates.
The second semester found an almost new cabinet consisting of Cal as President;
Mits Sumada, Vice President; Namiko Ota, Secretary, and Joe Hamade, Treasurer.
In April, the Seniors presented a delightful comedy "Spring Fever" which was a
huge success. Then came the Senior Banquet, sooner than expected. And when "ditch
day" rolled around, they knew it would be their last activity of the year, so with this in
mind, the day was spent on the sunny banks of the Arkansas in an atmosphere of
freedom and gaiety, a day which they will always remember.
Although the Seniors were very busy with their class activities, they contributed a
great deal towards other school activities.
With parting words they say, "We, the Seniors of '45, really enjoyed working with the
student body and extend our sincerest and deepest appreciation to our advisor, Mrs.
Katherine Stegner, who encouraged and spurred the class towards its success."

Akiyama, Akiye, Courtland, Calif.
Akutagawa, Mieko, Sebastopol, Calif.
Aoki, Jun, Woodland, Calif.
"B" Basketball.
Atagi, Richard, Turlock, Calif.
Press Club, IT Staff.
Doi, Peter, Sacramento, Calif.
Band, Boy Scouts.
Fujikawa, Aster, Los Angeles, Calif.
G.A.A., F.H.C., Sr. Class Secretary, Boosters Club,
Honor Society, Syncopators Club.
Fukuda, Takako, Sacramento, Calif.
Fukui, Tom, Modesto, Calif.
Hamamoto, Norma, Sebastopol, Calif.
F.H.C., G.A.A.
Hatanaka, Jack, Winters, Calif.
Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll, IT Staff.
Heya, Sho, Yuba City, Calif.
Hiratsuka, Roy, Byron, Calif.
Student Body President, Hi-Y, Honor Society, Stu-
dent Council.
Ikeda, Mitsuru, Alameda, Calif.
Hi-Y, Boy Scouts, Spanish Club.
Ikeda, Yoshiye, Los Angeles, Calif.
Inouye, Lily, Sacramento, Calif.
Majorette, Annual Staff, Las Allegrias.
Ishigaki, Mits, Colusa, Calif.

Kakita, Edward, Colusa, Calif.
Hi-Y, A Cappella Choir.
Kaneko, Dave, Los Angeles, Calif.
"B" Basketball.
Kawamura, Saburo, Walnut Grove, Cal.
IT Staff, Press Club, F.F.A., "B" Basketball.
Kawana, Lilly, Livingston, Calif.
Las Allegrias.
Kawashima, Mary, Livingston, Calif.
Kimura, Koichi, Livingston, Calif.
Kimura, Manabu, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Band, F.F.A., IT Staff.
Kinoshita, Tom, Yuba City, Calif.
Boy Scouts.
Kochi, Yoneko, Los Angeles, Calif.
G.A.A., F.H.C.
Konishi, James, Los Angeles, Calif.
Syncopators Club.
Kubo, Haruko, Cortez, Calif.
Kubochi, Janet, Sebastopol, Calif.
Las Allegrias, G.A.A., F.H.C., Co-op President.
Kunimoto, Ayame, Sebastopol, Calif.
Kurihara, Lorraine, Yuba City, Calif.
Student Council, Las Allegrias, F.H.C., Honor
Kuwatani, Hiroko, Ceres, Calif.
Matsutani, Gene, Esparto, Calif.
Mayahara, Tsugiko, Sacramento, Calif.
Mayeda, Fred, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Hi-Y, Discussion Club.

Minabe, Chizuko, Livingston, Calif.
Mitobe, Lizzie, Livingston, Calif.
F.H.C., IT Staff.
Muira, Takashi, Yuba City, Calif.
Miya, Frank, Hanford, Calif.
"A" Football, "A" Basketball.
Miyano, Teruko, Riverside, Calif.
Morikawa, Mary, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Morishige, George, Woodland, Calif.
Press Club, Student Council, IT Staff, Lettermen's
Club, A Cappella Choir.
Morita, Fumi, Los Angeles, Calif.
Press Club, G.A.A., F.H.C., Boosters Club, Honor
Society, A Cappella Choir.
Murata, Dorthy, Marysville, Calif.
Nagai, Jane, Colusa, Calif.
G.A.A., Band.
Nagai, Sam, Colusa, Calif.
Lettermen's Club, Band, "B" Basketball.
Nagasugi, Florence, Woodland, Calif.
Press Club, Student Council, G.A.A., Las Allegrias,
Annual Staff, Honor Society.
Nakamoto, Anna, Los Angeles, Calif.
F. H.C., Boosters Club, Syncopators Club. *
Nakayama, Aiko, Los Angeles, Calif.
G. A.A., Boosters Club, Syncopators Club.
Nomura, Harue, Los Angeles, Calif.
G.A.A., Boosters Club, Spanish Club, Syncopators
Oda, Roy, Florin, Calif.
Ogata, Aiko, Cortez, Calif.
Band, Latin Club, G.A.A.
Okikawa, Jiro, Colusa, Calif.

Sakakura, Emiko, Los Angeles, Calif.
G.A.A., F.H.C.
Sakamoto, Shigeko Mae, Alameda, Calif.
G.A.A., Las Allegrias, Spanish Club, Honor So-
ciety, Assembly Council.
Shimada, Reiko, Woodland, Calif.
Sugimoto, Kiyoshi, Terminal Island, Cal.
Hi-Y, Band.
Sugimoto, Tadashi, Terminal Island, Cal.
Hi-Y, Annual Staff, Honor Society.
Takahashi, Akira, Livingston, Calif.
Takata, Ruth, Los Angeles, Calif.
Press Club, G.A.A., Honor Society, Co-op Business
Manager, Pep Club, Glee Club, F.H.C., Student
Council, Las Allegrias, Student Body Treasurer.
Takeuchi, Toshiko, Woodland, Calif.
Glee Club, F.H.C., A Cappella Choir.
Tanji, Laffayette, Livingston, Calif.
F.F.A., Band.
Tokunaga, Tom, Woodland, Calif.
Press Club, Sophomore Treasurer, Lettermen's
Club, Boy Scouts, IT Staff, "C" Basketball.
Uyemura, Fusako, Cortez, Calif.
G.A.A., Latin Club.
Washino, Sadayo, Sacramento, Calif.
Student Council, Las Allegrias, G.A.A., Student
Body Girls' Vice President.
Watanabe, Louie, Walnut Grove, Calif.
Sr. Class Treasurer, "A" Basketball, Lettermen's
Yagi, Kimi, Walnut Grove, Calif.
Yamasaki, Jean, Marysville, Calif.
Yamashiro, Tamiko, Los Angeles, Calif.
A Cappella Choir, G.A.A., F.H.C., Glee Club,
Boosters Club, Sextet.
Yonemura, George, Ceres, Calif.
Hi-Y, A Cappella Choir, Press Club, Discussion
Club, Honor Society, Annual Staff, Quill and
Yoshida, Christy, Hughson, Calif.
Boy Scouts.-

Aiboshi, Joe, Los Angeles, Calif.
Band, "A" Football.
Ando, Amy Emi, Sebastopol, Calif.
Asai, Kiyoko, Cortez, Calif.
Asano, Shugi, Los Angeles, Calif.
Baba, Yoshiko, Broderick, Calif.
F.H.C., Boosters Club.
Enomoto, Marvin, Merced, Calif.
Fujihara, Edna, Sebastopol, Calif.
Fujihara, Molly, Sebastopol, Calif.
Press Club, IT Staff, Glee Club.
Fukuda, Satoru, Los Angeles, Calif,
Fukuda, Shigeko, Los Angeles, Calif.
Fukui, Jerry, Modesto, Calif.
Fukusawa, Fred, Los Angeles, Calif.
Syncopators Club, IT Staff.
Furukawa, Roy, Broderick, Calif.
Lettermen's Club, "C" Basketball.
Goi, Mitsuo, Sacramento, Calif.
Hamade, Joe, Wilmington, Calif.
Annual Staff, Syncopators Club, Officials Club,
IT Staff, Dramatic Club, Sr. Class Treasurer, "B
and "A" Football, "A" Basketball.

Hamakawa, Teruko, Winters, Calif.
G.A.A., F.H.C.
Hamaoka, Shigeko, Delano, Calif.
Press Club, G.A.A., Pep Club, Glee Club, Yell
Leader, Annual Staff, Las Allegrias, Co-op Secre-
tary, A Cappella Choir.
Hamatani, Minoru, Franklin, Calif.
Hi-Y, Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, A Cappella
Haratani, Grace, Livingston, Calif.
Spanish Club, Boosters Club, Press Club, Sr. Play,
Las Allegrias.
Hirai, Roy, Alameda, Calif.
Lettermen's Club, "C" Basketball.
Hirakawa, Mary Jean, WalnutGrove, Cal.
Hirano, Irvin, San Jose, Calif.
Boy Scouts.
Itano, Takeo, Los Angeles, Calif.
Assembly Council.
Ito, Minoru, Sebastopol, Calif.
Annual Staff, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Band, A Cap-
pella Choir, Discussion Club, Quill and Scroll.
Iwata, Mitsue, Turlock, Calif.
Annual Staff, Orchestra, IT Staff, Quill and Scroll,
Discussion Club, Latin Club, Las Allegrias, Press
Joe, Takaji, Terminal Island, Calif.
Lettermen's Club, Officials Club, Spanish Club
Syncopators Club, B" Basketball, Quiz Kid.
Kamada, James, Los Angeles, Calif.
Hi-Y, Boy Scouts, Co-op President, Sr. Play.
Kamikawa, May, Sacramento, Calif.
Boosters Club, Syncopators Club.
Kanagaki, Chiyo, Colusa, Calif.
Band, G.A.A.
Kasai, Asano, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Las Allegrias, F.H.C.
Kato, Mae, Auburn, Calif.
Boosters Club.
Kawamoto, Mae, San Rafael, Calif.
Press Club, IT Staff, Glee Club.
Kinoshita, Leonard, Winton, Calif.
IT Staff.

Kinoshita, Namiye, Walnut Grove, Calif.
Press Club, G.A.A., Las Allegrias, IT Staff.
Kitazumi, Calvert, Sacramento, Calif.
Hi-Y, Sr. Class President, A Cappella Choir, Latin
Club, Student Council,- Lettermen's Club, "A" Bas-
ketball, Sr. Play.
Kohaya, William, Perkins, Calif.
Hi-Y, Latin Club.
Komatsubara, Betty, Yuba City, Calif.
Komatsubara, Shigeru, Yuba City, Calif.
Press Club, IT Staff, Boy Scouts.
Kubota, Eddie, Los Angeles, Calif.
Press Club, Student Council, Hi-Y, Co-op Business
Manager, Annual Staff, IT Staff, Math Club, Quill
and Scroll.
Kumagai, Eunice, Sacramento, Calif.
Press Club, Las Allegrias, Annual Staff.
Kumasaki, June, Fresno, Calif.
Press Club, Las Allegrias, Band, Pep Club.
Kunimoto, Shinobu, Sebastopol, Calif.
Kuwahara, Lillian, Hilo, Hawaii.
Boosters Club, Syncopators Club, Latin Club, G. A. A.
Makino, Margaret, Marysville, Calif.
Maruyama, Henry, Los Angeles, Calif.
Syncopators Club.
Masuda, Shorge, Gardena, Calif.
Matoba, Mary, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Matsuda, Yoshito, Livingston, Calif.
Matsumoto, Gladys, Elk Grove, Calif.
Las Allegrias, Boosters Club, G.A.A.
Matsushita, Taira, Winters, Calif.
Student Council, Lettermen's Club, Spanish Club,
"B" Basketball, Sr. Play.
Mayeda, Minoru, Lomita, Calif.
IT Staff, Annual Staff, F.F.A., Sr. Play.

Menda, Shizue, Sacramento, Calif.
Minakata, Susie, Loomis, Calif.
Miyahara, Helen, Sacramento, Calif.
Miyamoto, Joe, Elk Grove, Calif.
Press Club, Spanish Club, "A" Football, A Cap-
pella Choir.
Miyasaki, Sam, Riverside, Calif.
Hi-Y, A Cappella Choir.
Miyashima, Ernest, Modesto, Calif.
Boy Scouts, Band, IT Staff.
Mizutani, Henry, Walnut Grove, Calif.
Boy Scouts.
Morita, Johnny, Modesto, Calif.
IT Staff, Press Club.
Murakami, Henry, Los Angeles, Calif.
Boy Scout, Band.
Murakami, Martha, Pacific Grove, Calif.
Las Allegrias, Quill and Scroll, IT Staff.
Nakabe, Audrey, Healdsburg, Calif.
Art Club, Press Club, Annual Staff, Quill and
Scroll, IT Staff.
Nakamura, Tom, Yuba City, Calif.
Nakano, Akiko, Berkeley, Calif.
F.H.C., Science Club.
Nakano, Henry, Woodland, Calif.
Lettermen's Club.
Nakano, Herbert, Makaweli,Kawai,T.H.
Nakano, Lucy, Los Angeles, Calif.
Syncopators Club, Dramatics Club, Sr. Play, Boost-
ers Club, Royal Ball Queen.
Nakatani, Sam, Sacramento, Calif.
Boy Scout, Officials Club, "B" Basketball, "A '
Nakatogawa, Ken, Sacramento, Calif.
Boy Scout, Student Body President, Syncopators
Club, Latin Club, "A" Basketball, "A" Football.

Naruse, James, Los Angeles, Calif.
Math Club, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Science Club.
Niizawa, Floyd, Hilmar, Calif.
Lettermen's Club, Boy Scouts, Science Club, "A"
Football, "B" Basketball.
Nimura, Edna, Los Angeles, Calif.
F.H.C., Student Council, Boosters Club, Syncopators
Club, Dramatics Club, Student Body Girls Vice
President, Annual Staff, Sr. Class Vice President,
Sr. Play.
Norikane, Frank, Walnut Grove, Calif.
Oda, Yoshiko, Los Angeles, Calif.
Press Club, Student Council, Boosters Club, Glee
Club, Syncopators Club, Dramatics Club, Assem-
bly Council.
Ogata, Hitomi, Los Angeles, Calif.
Ogata, Sue, Woodland, Calif.
G.A.A., F.H.C., Latin Club.
Ogawa, James, Woodland, Calif.
Boy Scouts, Student Council.
Okamura, Virginia, Hood River, Ore.
Press Club, Boosters Club, Syncopators Club, IT
Staff, Flag Twirler.
Oshita, Tom, Yuba City, Calif.
Band, Hi-Y, Boy Scout, Student Council, Sr. Play.
Ota, Namiko, Los Angeles, Calif.
Press Club, Assembly Council, Glee Club, Student
Council, Boosters Club, Sr. Class Secretary, Synco-
pators Club.
Otani, Margaret, Petaluma, Calif.
Saito, Setsumi, Los Angeles, Calif.
Student Council, Glee Club, Annual Staff, Sr. Play,
Boosters Club, Syncopators Club, IT Staff, Press
Club, Dramatics Club, Quill and Scroll, Co-op
Treasurer, Flag Twirler.
Sakamoto, Toshiko, Los Angeles, Calif.
F.H.C., Las Allegrias, Press Club, Sr. Play, Boosters
Club, Co-op Secretary.
Sakamoto, Willie, Sacramento, Calif.
Student Council, Boy Scouts, Annual Staff.
Sakurai, Chiyo, Los Angeles, Calif.
Sasai, Tadashi, Sacramento, Calif.
Shiotsu, Ethel, Torrance, Calif.
Syncopators Club, Boosters Club.

Sotomura, Fumi, Los Angeles, Calif.
Student Council, Student Body Secretary, Press
Club, G.A.A., Las Allegrias, Sophomore Secretary,
Boosters Club, F.H.C.
Sugamura, Fumiko, San Pedro, Calif.
Sugiura, Misao, Cortez, Calif.
F.H.C., Boosters Club, Latin Club.
Sumada, Mitsugu, Tacoma, Wash.
Hi-Y, Student Council, A Cappella Choir, Sr. Class
Vice President, Sr. Play.
Tagawa, Kiyoko, Yuba City, Calif.
Taguma, Bill, Broderick, Calif.
Taguma, Goichi, Broderick, Calif.
Takahashi, George, Los Angeles, Calif.
Officials Club, Annual Staff, A Cappella Choir,
Sr. Play.
Takai, Toshiko, Los Angeles, Calif.
Takemoto, Shiro, Sacramento, Calif.
Hi-Y, Latin Club, Discussion Club, Sr. Play, A Cap-
pella Choir.
Taketa, Koharu, Clarksburg, Calif.
F.H.C., Boosters Club, Sr. Play.
Taketa, Pat, Sacramento, Calif.
A Cappella Choir, Annual Staff, IT Staff, Hi-Y,
Press Club, Quill and Scroll.
Taketa, Wataru, Sacramento, Calif.
A Cappella Choir, Annual Staff, IT Staff, Hi-Y,
Press Club, Quill and Scroll.
Takeyama, Joy, Los Angeles, Calif.
A Cappella Choir, Press Club, Student Council,
Las Allegrias, Discussion Club, N.H.S., Quill and
Scroll, Annual Staff, IT Staff, Co-op Pres.
Tamai, Hiromu, Woodland, Calif.
Tani, Daniel, Los Angeles, Calif.
Taniguchi, Mae, Cortez, Calif.
Tashiro, Frank, Turlock, Calif.
Boy Scouts.

Tokunaga, Kiyoko, Sacramento, Calif.
Toyama, Evan, Walnut Grove, Calif.
Tsumori, Paul, Los Angeles, Calif.
Boy Scouts, Sr. Play.
Uda, Alice, Perkins, Calif.
Boosters Club, Latin Club.
Uyeda, Janet, Los Angeles, Calif.
Uyehara, Mieko, Los Angeles, Calif.
Uyekubo, Sumie, Modesto, Calif.
Washizu, Miyoko, Isleton, Calif.
Press Club, G.A.A.
Yahiro, Esther, Los Angeles, Calif.
Yamaga, Kenji, Walnut Grove, Calif.
Lettermen's Club, Hi-Y, Boy Scouts, Spanish Club,
Student Council, Annual Staff, "B" Basketball.
Yamaguchi, Grace, Cortez, Calif.
Latin Club, Boosters Club.
Yamamoto, Yuriko, Walnut Grove, Calif.
Boosters Club.
Yamane, Miyoko, Hilo, Hawaii.
Press Club, Boosters Club.
Yamasaki, Jimmie, Petaluma, Calif.
Boy Scouts, F.F.A.
Yamaura, Joyce, Los Angeles, Calif
Yasaki, Mas, San Pedro, Calif.
Yokohari, Roy, Red Bluff, Calif.
Boy Scouts, F.F.A.
Yokoi, Mas, Turlock, Calif.
Boy Scouts, Science Club.

Togashi, Takashi, Modesto, Calif.
IT Staff.
Tsurumoto, Mary, Sebastopol, Calif.
Boosters Club, F.H.C., Art Club, Band.
Yoshino, Michiko, Los Angeles, Calif.
Yoshioka, Grace, Suisun, Calif.
Yotsuya, Kenii, Cortez, Calif.
"A" Football.
Yuasa, Peggy, Long Beach, Calif.
Syncopators Club, Press Club, Glee Club,
Boosters Club.
Yuki, Richard, Los Angeles, Calif.
Boy's Glee Club.
Itano, Sadao, Los Angeles, Calif.
Math Club.
Murakami, George, Sebastopol, Calif.
Band, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Glee Club.
Okubo, Henry, Los Angeles, Calif.
Spanish Club, Boy Scouts.
Watanabe, Kim, Yuba City, Calif.
Yoshino, Eiichi, Los Angeles, Calif.
Band, Math Club, "C" Basketball.

aomdul Jiotfr
1. And now ....
2. The last mile.
3. So you see, folks!
4. Swell music, eh what?
5. Congratulations, Shigeko!
6. Ah just loves watermelon.
7. Well, shut mah eyes.
8. That Pepsodent smile.
9. Quit making faces.
10. Let go, Anna, you won't lose him!
11. Tell us the joke now.
12. Hold it!

1. I'll get you now.
2. Whatcha grinning at, Cal?
3. That's what I mean!
4. Turn that sun off.
5. Ugh!
6. Gimme that rope.
7. Neah.
8. Don't swoon, gals.
9. How's the water?
10. Not bad!
11. Taste good, Fudge?
12. George!

1. Some papers for
you, sir?
2. Ah, tomatoes.
3. Hi!
4. Tired?
5. School's out.
6. Something new is in
the making.
7. What's cooking, fel-
8. Any luck, Sadayo?
9. Shucks! Sun's in our
10. Whatcha lookin' at,

We the Winter Graduates of January, 1945, will our talents, possessions, and oddities to
the following benefactors:
I, Aki "Ox" Akiyama, will my good naturedness to anyone who had an overdose of lemon juice
in his circulatory system.
I, Mieko "Mike-o-leeno Akutagawa, will my unique manner of sputtering out my words to
Mr. Colvin's car.
I, Jun "Tiger" Aoki, will my nickname to the Amache desert; rattlesnakes and crickets are get-
ting to be quite a monotony.
I, Richard "Ricardo" Atagi, will my doll face look to "Quasimodo."
I, Peter "Wabbit" Doi, will my ambitious intentions to Norio Owashi.
I, Aster "Corky" Fujikawa, will my "brief-forms" to any gal taking shorthand in the future.
I, Takako "Mouthpiece" Fukuda, will my untiring vocal cords to Rumi Tonai.
I, Norma "Dead-eye" Hamamoto, will my basketball shorts to Tsuyako Watanabe.
I, Jack "Hot-Tamale" Hatanaka, will my ability to sing those "buchi" lyrics to Mr. Jackson.
I, Sho "Moe" Heya, will my trombone to the future "Sho-Moe" Junior.
I, Roy "Rick" Hiratsuka, will my "Van Johnson" look to Hubei Kaji.
I, Mits "Sun-tan" Ikeda, will my healthy look to any T. B. fiend.
I, Yoshie "Yo" Ikeda, will my title "9L chick" to Justine "Pachook" Swkiyama.
I, Tom "Tomikin" Fukui, will my tiny physique to Roy Mayeda.
I, Lily "Chick" Inouye, will my most cool peppy strut to Mr. Colvin.
I, Mitsuye "Bones" Ishigaki, will my 16" waist and 16" hip to "Ceito" Shigaki.
I, Ed "Gunga" Kakita, will my ability to argue so beautifully to any tongue-tied Junior.
I, Dave "Denver-bound" Kaneko, will my nice shy smile to any jerk with a wolfish smirk.
I, Saburo "Sab" Kawamura, will my position as 1st semester "It" mimeographer to Aki Iwanaga.
I, Lily "Shanghai Lil" Kawana, will my cool shorthand scratches to any person who's ambition
is to become a secretary.
I, Mary "Mare" Kawashima, will my sweet quiet ways to Joanna Nakamura.
I, Koichi "Smokey" Kimura, will my hoe and shovel to any future victory gardener.
I, Manabu "Mabo" Kimura, will my mule stubborn ways to June Sato.
I, Tom "Pee Wee" Kinoshita, will my extreme height to Clarence Ichikawa.
I, Yoneko "Yone-bo" Kochi, will my oriental look to Madame Chiang Kai Shek.
I, Jimmie "Curly" Konishi, will my volume of "How to Become a Casanova" to the 6E Squarehead.
I, Haruko "Kobu" Kubo, will my all to the Amache High School attendance office.
I, Janet "Reet-siuff"Kubochi, will my likable ways and cool basketball plays to any "allbeat rag."
I, Ayame "Aya" Kunimoto, will my catcher's mit to anyone who wants to become a "star catcher."
I, Lorraine "Sweetness" Kurihara, will my title as "Sweetest .of the Sweetest" to any sourpuss.
I, Hiroko "Hiro" Kuwatani, will my silent ways to the journalism room F.
I, Gene "Ann" Matsutani, will-my overalls to Herbert Nimura.
I, Tsugiko "Tsug" Mayahara, will my Pepsodent sparkle to anyone with a mouthful of nicotine
I, Fred "Slim" Mayeda, will my Japanese-English dictionary to any future Snelling bound soldier.
I, Chiz "Sundown" Minabe, will my neat, petite, and strictly feminine look to "Gravel Gertie."

111 ILLS
I, Lizzie "Lizard" Mitobe, will my five monogram sweater to any future "sweater gal."
I, Takashi "Taxie" Miura, will my nickname "Taxie" to "Cookie" so that I can drive my'fair
maiden wherever she wants. (Or wherever her voice commands.)
I, Frank "Sharp-shooter" Miya, will my athletic ability to Mr. Anderson.
I, Teruko "Teru" Miyano, will my points made in basketball to Walter Oi.
I, Mary "Mare" Morikawa, will my shortness to Mrs. Anderson.
I, George "Star" Morishige, will my sharp, natural wavy hair to Phillip Horimoto.
I, Fumiko "Fum-bo" Morita, will my always helpful, dependable ways to Sam Takechi.
I, Dorothy "Daffy" Murata, will my happy-go-lucky air to Kiyoshi Hasegawa.
I, Jane "Chick" Nagai, will my hepped up jitterbugging to any old-fashioned fogey.
I, Sam "Sam-bo" Nagai, will my quiet ways to Thomas Griffith.
I, Florence "Floppie" Nagasugi, will my slow drawl of an accent to Rumi Tonai.
I, Anna "Pruny" Nakamoto, will my long thumb nail to anyone who wants a substitute for a
I, Aiko "Beautiful" Nakayama, will my charming looks to any sour junior.
I, Harue "Haroo" Nomura, will my childish, innocent ways to the "Child Life" Magazine.
I, Aiko "Aik" Ogata, will that certain serious look on my face to anyone who has a mean smile
they could do without.
I, Jiro "Jit" Okikawa, will my technique of being unnoticed due to my silence to any lassie with
an over-energetic mouthpiece.
I, Emiko "Emy" Sakakura, will my pet exclamations, "Ohhh, gosh, geese!" to anyone who wants
to add variety to their speech.
I, Shigeko "Shig" Sakamoto, will my simple, yet cute hairdo to Miyoko Takahashi.
I, Reiko "Jolly" Shimada, will my friendly smile to these ever hated "Gripers."
I, Kiyoshi "Kiyo" Sugimoto, will my twin brother to anyone who wants to get people confused as
to who you are.
I, Tadashi "Tad" Sugimoto, will my characteristic of always being on the job to Thomas Shigekuni.
I, Akira "Aki" Takahashi, will my book, "How to Grow a Victory Garden," to Mr. Easton.
I, Ruth "Rufus" Takata, will my pleasing personality plus to any hard up wall-flower.
I, Toshiko "Tosh" Takeuchi, will my cute way of talking to Tom Nogawa.
I, Laffayette K. Tanji, will my classy name to Ruli Nagao.
I, Tom "Casanova" Tokunaga, will my saddles to "Kays Newport."
I, Fusako "Fuzzie" Uyemura, will my shrill jerky way of talking to Kiyo Matsuda.
I, Sadayo "Sad" Washino, will my characteristic of being an "all-around girl to any future
senior who wants to be successful.
I, Kim "Anna" Watanabe, will my "going steady" to Boogie Morikawa, who's doing all-reet for
I, Kimi "Kim" Yagi, will my nice pleasant smile to "Colgates."
I, Jean "Hide" Yamasaki, will my sharp wardrobe to Monkey Wards.
I, Tamiko "Tommie" Yamashiro, will my ability to do back-bends and forward rolls to any
stiff-jointed person who needs limbering up.
I, George "Hee-Hee" Yonemura, will my weird laugh to Raymond Toyama.
I, Christy "Don Juan" Yoshida, will my silent shy ways to Hank Kuwatani.
I, Kenji "Ken" Yotsuya, will my soft voice to anyone who needs a little tuning down.

We, the graduating class of summer '45, being of sound mind (?) and body (?) do hereby
bequeath our most treasured possessions to the following people:
I, Joe "Mary" Aiboshi, will my football padding to Iwao Okuno.
I, Amy "Sleepy Ando, will my sleepy eyes to Mr. McGovern's classes.
I, Kiyoko "Korky" Asai, will my modesty to any conceited fool.
I, Shuji "Letterman" Asano, will my shyness to Cookie Takano.
I, Yoshiko "Yosh" Baba, will my last name to Mary's little lamb.
I, Marvin "Doc" Enomoto, will my intelligent features to any person lacking along this line.
I, Edna "Eddy" Fujihara, will my always neat hair do to Iwao Okuno with the porcupine haircut.
I, Molly "Kiyo" Fujihara, will my big beautiful eyes to Babe Kochi.
I, Satoru "Otto" Fukuda, will my turned up collar and dark coat to Alan Ladd.
I, Shigeko "Chiquita" Fukuda, will my nickname "Chiquita" ("small" in Espanol) to Clarence
"Leaning" Ichikawa.
I, Jerry "Jairless" Fukui, will my "roundhead" to any four-cornered "square" who wishes he
were a "round" like me.
I, Fred "Squeaks" Fukusawa, will my black "zooter" and set of white flashy ivory teeth to any-
one who wants it.
I, Roy "Fco" Furukawa, will my manly strut to Charlie Chaplin.
I, Mitsuo "Mits" Goi, will my biology lessons to anyone who wants to know why the human body
has red and white corpuscles that fight and fight. It's a terrible battle.
I, Joe "Superman" Hamade, will my manly Atlas physique to Shig Kiguchi.
I, Teruko "Terry" Hamakawa, will my quietness to any chick that could stand some.
I, Shigeko "Shig" Hamaoka, will my first name to anyone who wants to get people confused
whether it be a "male" or "female."
I, Minoru "Min" Hamatani, will my job as cameraman to any one interested in becoming an
M. G. M. photographer.
I, Grace "Harat" Haratani, will my peppy ways to any droop of a kill joy.
I, Roy "Brother Rat" Hirai, will my Mickey Mouse looks to my Father Rat.
I, Mary Jean "Maji" Hirakawa, will my shy quiet ways to "Pachook."
I, Irvin "Mo Mo Taro" Hirano, will my intelligent and intellectual ways to Louise Sasano.
I, Sadao "Lover" Itano, will my wolfing qualities to any quiet boy.
I, Takeo "Tak" Itano, will my ability to drape crepe paper all over the auditorium so purty like,
and mystically, to any future decoration committee.
I, Mitsue "Musclehead" Iwata, will my title "Musclehead" to any dumb (and I do mean Dumb)
I, Minoru "Min" Ito, will my simple ways to Betty Hasegawa.
I, Takaji "Tak" Joe, cannot will my sugar (FOO) away because it's rationed fellas. Sorry!
I, James "Jimmy" Kamada, will my cute little tricycle to "Baby Snooks."
I, May "Kaz" Kamikawa, will my glasses to sister Amy so she can look studious in the future.
I, Chiyo Kanagaki, will my bright green rogue shirt to any envious Girl Reserve.
I, Asano "Kiyo" Kasai, will sweet lovable ways to Paul Sugimoto.
I, Michi "Mae" Kato, will nothing away to no one, just to be different.
I, Mae "Mamie" Kawamoto, will my peach and cream complextion to Capt. Midnight, Alice
I, Leonard "Lindy" Kinoshita, will my cool nickname to any person who hasn't one.
I, Namiye "Nami" Kinoshita, will my sweet self to the service of anyone who needs it.
I, Calvert "Birdlegs" Kitazumi, will my birdlegs to Toshi Nishinouchi.
I, William "Willy" Kohaya, will my bashfullness to Rumi Tonai.
I, Betty "Bet" Komatsubara, will my ability to stay cool at all times to Amache High's Boiler Room.
I, Shigeru "Einstein" Komatsubara, will my middle name to myself, I need it.
I, Eddie "Thunderbolt" Kubota, will my steamboat sound effect to Shoge Kimura.
I, Eunice "Venus" Kumagai, will my flat top hairdo to Dick Tracy to figure out.
I, June "June Bug" Kumasaki, will my high Minnie Mouse voice to Satoshi Hayashi.
I, Shinobu "Sher-bo" Kunimoto, will my silent ways to the famed "Green Dragon."
I, Lillian "Butch" Kuwahara, will my hula skirt and lets to my silent love. Kyaw.

,4 mu i
I, Margaret "Maggie" Makino, will my tail-scraping figure to Mary Kofcuke.
I, Henry "Hank" Maruyama, will my natural curly dark looks to Boogie Morikawa.
I, Shorge "Poison" Masuda, will my porcupine headpiece to any wild Indian who wants to scalp
the priceless thing.
I, Mary "Sweetness" Matoba, will my fuchsia jacket to Miki Wada.
I, Yoshito "Yosh" Ma suda, can't think of anything to will away, so shall fool you dear readers
and will everything I have to you.
I, Gladys "Beautiful" Matsumoto, will my looks, clothes and personality to Yoneko Ibusuki.
I, Taira "Stuff" Matsushita, will my Pepsodent smile to Bob Hope.
I, Minoru "Simple" Mayeda, will my simple and corny jokes to no one cuz they wouldn't want
I, Shizue "See" Menda, will my smile to Joe E. Brown.
I, Helen "Sugar" Miyahara, will my fouls (in basketball) to the Granada Fish Market.
I, Joe "Jodie" Miyamoto, will my shortness to Long John Matsushita.
I, Sam "Physique" Miyasaki, will my title "Physique" to Nathan Osajima.
I, Ernest "Lanky" Miyashima, will my cool legs to any envious bow legged junior.
1, Henry "Hank" Mizutani, will my studious look on my face to anyone who wants to deceive
his teacher.
I, Johnny "Quietness" Morita, will my bashfulness to William Yasumura.
I, George "Hollywood" Murakami, will my musical talents to Mr. McGovern.
I, Henry "Hank" Murakami, will my personality to Mary Oda.
I, Martha "Moron" Murakami, will my ability to write witty columns to Joanna Nakamura.
I, Audrey "Peanut" Nakabe, will my bow ties to Frank Sinatra.
I, Roy "Roy-san" Nakahara, will my unknown self to Frank Goi.
I, Tom "Tommie" Nakamura, will my glasses to the missing window pane.
I, Akiko Aki" Nakano, will my ability to play a sharp game of basketball to Bill Fukumitusu.
I, Henry "Yone" Nakano, will my masculine body to Henry Okubo.
I, Herbert "Roxie" Na'kano, will my classy nickname "Roxie" to Miss Everetts.
I, Lucy "Soapy" Nakano, will my sweet original ways to Tomio Jofuku.
I, Sam "Sam-bo" Nakatani, will my wind-blown coiffure to "Gash-head."
I, Ken "Dag" Nakatogawa, will my flashy purple jacketto anyone who wants to be popular.
I, James "Jame-bo" Naruse, will my brains to "Cookie" who could use some in Shorthand, Gen-
eral Education, and Typing.
I, Floyd "Flo-bo" Niizawa, will my athletic talents to Roy Ito.
I, Edna "Fudge" Nimura, will my huge pomp to any quiet flat top.
I, Frank "Good-egg" Norikane, will my talent of being helpful to anyone.
I, Roy "Roy-bo" Oda, will my short name to Michiharu Yoshimura.
I, Yoshiko "Yoshi" Oda, will my slenderness, tenderness and tallness to no one, because they're
taken for the duration.
I, Hitomi "Hito" Ogata, will my good grades to the envying Niseis in Professor McGovern's
11-3 class.
I, Sue "Susie" Ogata, will "S. O." to B. O. Lifebuoy.
I, James "Jim" Ogawa, will my artistic ability to Rembrandt.
I, Virginia "Virgie" Okamura, will my title "Blondie" to my "Dagwood."
I, Henry "Hank" Okubo, will my ability as a bookworm to Raymond Toyama.
I, Tom "Tiny" Oshita, will my co-operative spirit to anyone who needs it.
I, Namiko "Jive" Ota, will my educated fingers that give out with that solid and fine boogie
woogie, to anyone who wants to become another "Count" Basie.
I, Margaret "Maggie" Otani, will my dancing ability to Arthur Murray.
I, William "Willie" Sakamoto, will my many inches to my buddy Long John.
I, Toshiko "Satoshiko" Sakamoto, will my title as the "Walking dictionary" to "Pachook."
I, Setsumi "Sets" Sai o, will my powerful punches to my boxing instructor Masashi Itano.
I, Chiyo "Silent" Sakurai, will my most shy quiet ways to the terror of 6E George Hikawa.
I, Tadashi "Tad" Sasai, will my auietness to Grace Yamaguchi.
I, Ethel "Taisho" Shiotsu, will all of little me, plus my peek-a-boo bangs to my one and only
"Ben Bcogie."
I, Fumi "Fop" Sotomura, will my swell personality and sweet lovable character to no one but
my "boy."

I, Fumi "Fum-boo" Sugamura, will my quietness to Grace Yatabe, my future sister-in-law.
I, Misao "Neatness" Sugiura, will my neat looks to the art room shelf.
I, Mitsugu "Mits" Sumada, will my enlightening poisonality to anyone who will have it; it's
free, no charge.
I, Kiyoko "Kiyo" Tagawa, will my "Awagat" (Tagawa spelled backwards) to Serutan.
I, Bill "Bi-vill" Taguma, will my "bill" to any chick who wants to hen-peck her "boy."
I, Goichi "Go-cho" Taguma, will my intriguing name to Walter Oi.
I, Toshiko "Toshi" Takai, will my Shirley Temple curls to Mamoru Furuya.
I, Shiro "F. S." Takemoto, will my big beautiful eyes and nickname "Voice" to any guy who
has trouble trying to date a chick.
I, Koharu "Katie" Taketa, will my Peggy Ryan looks to anyone who wants to feel like a movie
I, Pat "Patson" Taketa, will my other half to anyone who wants to know what it feels like to
have a twin.
I, Wataru "Ward" Taketa, will my artistic talents to any poor sucker who gets three legged A's
in Art.
I, Joy "fegutovich" Takeyama, will my bows (beaus) to June Sato.
I, George "Hakatash" Takahashi, will my vitality to the seniors to be.
I, Hiromu "Hiro" Tonai, will my silent ways to The Shadow.
I, Daniel "Drowsy" Tani, will my sleeply look to the Boogey man.
I, Mae "Slim" Taniguchi, will my figure of slimness to any chick that's tried everything from
their reducing pills to starvation.
I, Frank "Casanova" Tashiro, will my craving for my favorite sweet "Babe Ruth" to the Curtis
Candy Company.
I, Kiyoko "Kiyo" Tokunaga, will my sun tan to any blood drained T. B. fiends.
I, Takashi "Tak" Togashi, will my musical name to the "Syncopatcrs" Club.
I, Evan "Ev" Toyama, will my sharp accent to anyone who wants to change his way of talking.
I, Mary "Mare" Tsurumoto, will my simple first name to anyone who might have one like Hor-
tense or Camelia-puss.
I, Paul "Pa-head" Tsumori, will my "Gravel Gertie-like" voice to Bob Uragami.
I, Alice "AT' Uda, will my ability to sleep anywhere to Akio Iwanaga.
I, Janet "Jan" Uyeda, will my tiny self to "Giant Ichikawa."
I, Mieko "Cutie" Uyehara, will my fine long elegant fingernails to anyone who want his ears
cleaned out.
I, Sumiye "Sumi" Uyekubo, will my studious expressions to Masashi Itano.
I, Miyoko "Miyo" Washizu, will my secretarial abilities to any future secretary to be.
I, Louie "Poo-Poo" Watanabe, will my quiet intelligent look on my face to "Cookie."
I, Esther "Eth" Yahiro, will my newly acquired nickname "Eth" to anyone who wants it.
I, Kenji "Van Johnson" Yamaga, will my cute accent to Frank Hikawa.
I, Grace "Yamie" Yamaguchi, will my loudness to Rumi Tonai so she may claim the title, as
being the noisiest gal in the history of Amache High School.
I, Yuriko "Yuri" Yamamoto, will my light complexion to Sam Shimono.
I, Miyoko "Miyo" Yamane, will my cool Hawaiian accent to any "Katonk."
I, James "Jimmy" Yamasaki, will my brainy self to anyone who plans to take a test in the future.
I, Joyce "Joycie" Yamaura, will my likable personality to an unlikable person who wants to
be liked.
I, Mas "Pee Wee" Yasaki, will my good humor to the good humor man.
I, Roy "Farmer Jones" Yokohari, will my position as FFA president to James Shoji.
I, Mas "Masa" Yokoi, will my slim build to Mr. Williams.
I, Eiichi "Eight Ball" Yoshino, will my nickname to any billiard player.
I, Michiko "Mich" Yoshino, will my erect way of walking to "Pachook."
I, Grace "Shorty" Yoshioka, will my cuteness to any wallflower.
I, Peggy "Sunshine" Yuasa, will my everlasting vitality to Shiro Kawamura.
I, Richard "Six-Footer" Yuki, will my height to Roy Mayeda.

Top rowM. Itano, H. Fujihara.
1st rowJ. Sekiyama, I. Takano.
"Future Seniors," the Junior Class climaxed its activities in the month of
June, the end of Amache High's last school year. A social calendar complete
in every detail made the year successful. Many Amache High Juniors will
vividly recall our social affairs when they are Seniors in schools all over the
nation beyond the barbed wires next yearthat day at the center farm harvest-
ing valuable crops in answer to the needy call of manpower, and the many
other significant things that meant school life for the class.
President Masashi Itano was ably assisted by Harry Fujihara, Vice Presi-
dent; Cookie Takano, Secretary; and Justine Sekiyama, Treasurer, to form the
executive board. The class chose red and white as its class colors.
Under the sponsorship of Melvin P. McGovern, it boasted both "brains" and
"personality plus." It had "brainy" Junior Quiz Kids that took the top two
honors in both Senior High Quiz Kid Programs. Not to be outclassed in sports,
Junior athletes showed outstanding ability in every field of school competition.
Topping the class social calendar was the Junior-Senior Prom. Also on the
social side was the strictly Junior Dance in March.
Such were the highlights of the Junior Class this year. The last year in
Amache will be remembered by every Junior as one of his best years.

Top rowM. Funayama, G. Hikawa, O. Nagai, T. Sugamura, H. Fujihara, A. Maruyama, G. Hayase. ^
2nd rowD. Atagi, R. Abe, S. Matsuda, M. Miura, R. Yokohari, G. Mukaida, Y. Mayeda, B. Fukumitsu, S. Sako, S. Hayashi,
]. Ikesaki, E. Yahiro, N. Masato, S. Iwatsuru.
1st rowR. Saito, M. Taniguchi, N. Takahashi, E. Yoshino, R. Toyama, M. Sugimoto, D. Takahama, T. Wakamatsu, A. Yokomi.
L. Yamamoto, S. Sugioka.
Top rowT. Nakamura, S. Matsuoka, F. Goi, C. Ichikawa, J, Sugihara, J. Endo, J. Ogawa, Y. Shibata, M. Shigezani.
2nd rowR. Masato, H. Funatsu, W. Shiro, M. Yoshimura, T. Furuya, T. Uyesugi, G. T. Taguma, R. Enomoto.
1st rowF. Kunitake, B. Hasegawa, F. Makita, Y. Tsubota, L. Sakaeda, M. Tokunaga.

Top rowH. Matsushita, A. Iwanaqa, S. Kimura, R. Hatamiya, R. Ogawa, F. Yamaji, W. Yasumura, I. Hirano, B. Morikawa,
N. Osajima, P. Sugimoto, I. Okuno, S. Saneto.
2nd rowY. Oda, L. Nakano, S. Fukuda, Y. Yamamoto, H. Uyeda, L. Sasano, F. Sotomura, G. Yatabe, M. Hatanaka,
K. Hamamoto, F. Norikane.
1st rowS. Saito, J. Nakamura, E. Hagihara, K. Naruto, E. Fujihara, Mr. M. McGovern, M. I. Hirakawa, S. Nagoshi, C. Kanagaki,
S. Uyekubo, K. Asai.

Top rowS. Itano, G. Murakami, D. Tani, B. Nitahara, ]. Suqihara, O. Hamatani, R. Kitagawa, M. Itano.
3rd rowJ. Naruse, B. Uragami, T. Hatamiya, W. Horita, G. Nomura, N. Kawasaki, M. Kimura.
2nd rowT. Jofuku, R. Morita, A. Miyano, R. Nagao, M. Oda, J. Sekiyama, J. Watanabe, E. Toyama, T. Oshita.
1st rowT. Sakamoto, E. Nakagawa, S. Terada, F. Yamamoto, A. Kasai, Mr. McGovern, A. Sasaki. T. Ogata, M. Yamamoto
N. Ota, L Takano.
Top row-Y. Nakamura, J. Shoji, F. Okuda, R. Hidaka, S. Higuchi, E. Kubota, A. Sawa, S. Kawamura.
2nd rowG. Nagai, S. Kuge, F. Hikawa, Y. Matsuda, M. Maruyama, M. Seta, S. Tanaka, Y. Ibusuki, G. Haratani, S. Hayashi,
K. Oshima, H. Okubo, H. Tamai.
1st rowS. Kajimura, G. Okamoto, M. Iwata, D. Otsuka, M. Nakakihara, H. Kimura, A, Tsujimoto, G. Yamaguchi, R. Tonai,
S. One, M. Mori.

When our high school doors opened in the year of 1943, we were only
poor 'freshies" admitted to the ways of the higher institution of learning. This
year as Sophomores we boast of our good spirit and class activities.
Heading the class were Minoru Tonai, President; Roy Ito, Vice President;
June Sato, Secretary, and Sumiya Nakai, Treasurer. During the second semester
Mamoru Furuya, Roy Ito, Miwako Karatsu, and Sumiya Nakai were elected to
fill the offices, respectively. Our advisor was Mrs. Margaret Hopcraft.
Carrying the class motto, "Looking Ahead," we went to work energetically.
Our first event was an enjoyable farewell picnic in honor of Miss Catherine
Ludy at the Amache Bowl. How well we remember the day we participated
at the farm. Because of our fine cooperation, it has been reported that we
harvested the most potatoes.
Many of the Sophomores were members of the Glee Clubs. Then, too, we
have many boys who took active parts in sports.
As the year progressed we discovered many outstanding students in the
scholastic field. "Genius" May Yasumura and Joe Wada represented the class
in the "Quiz Kids" program and June Sato smiled for the sophomores as at-
tendant at the Royal Ball.
The highlight of the class was the unforgettable "Sophomore Hop" with
Min Tonai as the Master of Ceremonies.

Top rowJ. Furuno, L. Otera, M. Wada, H. Yagi, B. Niizawa, J. Naruishi, S. Mukaihata, L. Hiraga.
2nd rowB, Tsurumoto, G. Hidaka, E. Kawawaki, D. Toyama, M. Kinoshita, F. Yamaji, F. Miyahara, N. Washizu, A. Kawana,
A. Okamoto, E. Kihara, L. Kochi, K. Yoshida, A. Kunisaki, E. Yasaki.
1st rowA. Wada, M. Yasumura, S. Kishi, E. Yoshida, T. Yasutake, A. Adachi, M. Hayashi, A. Kodama, T. Matoba, T. Inouye,
Y. Hirata.
Top rowB. Nakamoto, S. Yoshino, J. Wada, R. Nakano, Mr. Jackson, L. Yamasaki, H. Ogata, S. Shimono, G. Shimono.
2nd rowH. Sakogawa, R. Tanji, T. Nakashima, P. Yoshino, S. Tateishi, F. Tomita, S. Suyeoka, T. Takai, L. Yamaga.
1st rowP. Honda, H. Kawashima, Y. Kuge. M. Harada, M. Karatsu, H. Murakami. M. Kikuchi, T. Ogino, M. Miyake.

Top rowJ. Heya, A. Sakakura, T. Shigekuni, S. Yagi, T. Hamahashi, K. Yoshimura, H. Iba, J. Fujimori, S. Nakai, T. Domoto,
B. Asamoto, T. Okuno, G. Saiki.
2nd rowK. Hamamoto, K. Kajioka, L. Miyamoto, A. Murakami, B. Tsuruoka, G. Hamada, L. Honda, L. Takechi, H. Nimura,
N. Yasaki, M. Kimura.
1st rowS. Iwatsuru, O. Hirano, V. Tsukimura, M. Morimoto, J. Uyemura, M. Nishikawa, M. Kagawa, M. Kobuke, J. Uyesugi,
R. Ito.
Top rowA. Yokoi, M. Hayashigawa, M. Tonai, M. Shigaki, W. Koseki, T. Arii, B. Murakami, Y. Otani, T. Harada, B. Okano,
A. Maruyama.
2nd rowJ. Nakamura, J, Wakayama, P. Shizuru, J. Sato, I. Tanji, M. Takayama, K. Tanaka, M. Furuya, W. Matsuoka, S. Kuroki.
1st rowH. Fujii, I. Nakamura, A. Kimura, W. Oi, M. Oyama, K. Yasaki, S. Asano, R. Nakatani, G. Nomura, G. Kimura.

Top rowK. Nakagcrwa, K. Tateishi, H. Kaji, S. Kono, H. Yamashita.
3rd rowH. Inouye, H. Tateishi, N. Tatara, K. Kitajima, T. Nogawa, J. Uyemura, M. Shimizu, T. Baba, M. Takahashi, F. Murakami.
2nd rowJ. Kuge, J. Kashiwagi, K. Yamane, A. Fujimoto, S. Naruto, H. Kunimoto, A. Kusumi, A. Matsumura, H. S. Kawamoto,
Y. Tokunaga, H. Taketa, M. Fukutama, B. Kimura. C. Shimono.
1st rowA. Kawamoto, H. Udo, T. Negoro, T. Nishihara. K. Kanda, B. Okubo, S. Kawamoto, T. Ando, M. Iida, K. Matsuda,
T. Hamade, S. Ioka.
l/t onuL
The 9-1 Class had a successful year with the following officers for the first
semester: President, Toshiko Ando; Vice President, Martin Shimizu; Secretary,
Toyoko Hamade; Treasurer, Kiyo Matsuda; Student Council Representative,
Kiyoshi Tateishi.
The following class officers served during the second semester: President,
Toshiko Ando; Vice President, Kiyo Matsuda; Secretary, Marguerite Iida;
Treasurer, Toyoko Hamade; Student Council Representative, Kiyoshi Tateishi.

Top rowA. Miyashima, B. Tani, G. Hatamiya, G. Wakabayashi, D. Yamaguchi, F. Toyama, L. Nakamura, M. Matsunaga,
T. Yamamoto, J. Kajioka, E. Ecklor, H. Okuda, R. Morita, H. Kagawa, J. Maruyama.
2nd rowG. Kuniyoshi, L. Kishi, M. Shoji, K. Hamahashi, F. Kiguchi, D. Hanson, J. Muramoto, H. Horibe, L. Uyeda, Y. Yamaga.
J. Nakamura.
3rd rowL. Hanamoto, R. Horita, S. Saneto, M. Yoshiwara, Y. Hatanoka, L. Sugioka, H. Sako, K. Kawasaki, G. Yasumura.
The 9-2 class officers for the first semester were: President, Dagne Hanson; Vice
President, Marion Yoshiwara; Secretary, Lila Hanamoto; Treasurer, George Hata-
miya; Student Council Representative, Karumo Hamahashi.
The second semester officers were as follows: President, George Hatamiya;
Vice President, George Wakabayashi; Secretary, Satomi Saneto; Treasurer, Ben
Tani; Student Council Representative, Hideo Okuda.
George Hatamiya was student body president; Karumo Hamahashi was girls'
vice president and editor of the Junior High School annual; Marion Yoshiwara, stu-
dent body treasurer.

Top rowI. Hasegawa, M. Murata, M. Miyake, C. Kubochi, G. Kawase, T. Yamauchi, J. Murakami. I. Mametsuka, F. Sakuma,
E. Kitagawa, K. Shibata, G. Honda, E, Takao, D. Matsuoka, T. Sugioka.
1st rowT. Sasaki, M. Taguma, D. Otani, M. Kunitake, N. Mitobe, K. Kitahra, A. Komatsubara, M. Aiboshi, F. Kanda,
D. Iseri, S. Muranaga, T. Tagawa, N. Wada, L. Naruse. M. Ishimoto, T. Uyesugi, T. Nakayama.
The 9-3 class elected the following students as their officers: President,
Lyn Naruse; Vice President, Mary Aiboshi; Secretary, Alice Komatsubara;
Treasurer, Terumi Uyesugi; Student Council Representative, Nobu Mitobe.
Second semester officers were as follows: President, Charles Kubochi;
Vice President, Ned Taniguchi; Secretary Elihu Takao; Treasurer, Tommy
Uratsu; Student Council Representative, Isamu Hasegawa.

Top rowR. Kado, S. Ito, M. Ogino, E. Moritani, H. Kuwatani, T. Griffith, P. Horimoto, D. Mizukami, S. Takechi, J. Yoshida,
A. Yonemura, E. Nakano.
2nd rowT. Watanabe, P. Suzuki, R. Mayeda, R. Fuchigami, T. Kashihara, M. Sugimoto, K. Hasegawa, A. Takemura, J. Ono,
G. Shiro, J. Nakabe, M. Shimada, Y. Tamai, I. Kimura.
1st rowP. Mori, A. Kamikawa, M. Sano, M. Wada, M. Kubo, C. Okuno, M. Masuoka, D. Toyama, A. Ishimoto, M. Yoshida.
The 9-4 class started the year with the following officers for the first semester:
President, Dan Mizukami, Margaret Masuoka; Vice President, Phillips Horimoto;
Secretary, Sue Hashimoto; Treasurer, Robert Fuchigami; Student Council Repre-
sentative, Eugene Moritani.
Second semester officers were as follows: President, Jerry Jayne; Vice
President, Bobby Matsunaga; Secretary, Junichi One; Treasurer, Roy Mayeda;
Student Council Representative, Margaret Masuoka.
Pat Mori and Sam Ito served as Editor and Assistant Editor on the Spotlight
staff. Doris Toyama and Mary Yoshida won first and second place, respectively,
in the Fire Prevention Essay Contest, while Henry Kuwatani won second place
in the Fire Prevention Poster Contest.
The first social event of the 9-4 class was the gala Christmas Hop on De-
cember 18, 1944.

Top rowH. Funatsu, D. Fukuda, N. Fukumitsu, M.-Kado, I. Doi, M. Hashioka, G. Kawamura, K. Ichikawa, E. Fujihara,
!. Hamamoto, T. Ishikawa, I. Hamada, I. Hironaga. \
2nd rowD. Kanameishi, M. Kasai, J. Kashiwase, M. Iseri, A. Kawamoto, M. Itano, I. Fukui, S. Hirano, H. Karatsu,
F. Itano. t |
1st rowD. Fuchigami, J. Hirano, F. Kajiwara, A. Ikesaki, T. Kamaki, K. Minakaki, F. Furuta, H. Aritshita, E. Ito, Y. Fujii.
The first semester officers of the 8-1 class were as follows: President, Hideo
Karatsu; Secretary, Henry Arishita; Treasurer, Jack Hamada; Student Council
Representative, Eddie Ito; Co-op Representatives, Alice Ikesaki and Mieko Iseri.
For the second semester the officers were: President, Agnes Kawamoto;
Vice President, Joy Kawamura; Secretary, Joyce Hirano; Treasurer, Joyce

Top rowK. Masato, L. Hata, J. Naruishi, Y. Kuwatani, A. Okano, P. Otera, E. Tamura, J. Kimura, J. Lindley, M Kuroki.
2nd rowG. Kunitake, J. Takaya. K. Matsushima, A. Kubota, T. Yoshiyama, S. Mizukami, T. Nagai, P. Kinoshita,
M. Mizutani, S. Kitagawa, A. Watanabe.
1st rowG. Kimura, K. Washino, M. Hida, H. Kato, A. Kawana, A. Cross, S. Matsumoto, A. Makita, K. Nagasugi,
J. Nishida, K. Nakano, S. Yoshida.
The following officers were elected by the 8-2 class to serve for the first
semester: President, Kazuo Washino; Vice President, Ann Kawana; Secretary,
Agnes Kubota; Treasurer, Paul Otera; Red Cross Representative, Jane Lindley;
Co-op Representative, Kumiko Matsushita. Second semester: President, Paul
Otera; Vice President, Agnes Kubota; Secretary, Ann Kawana; Treasurer,
Satoru Mizukami; Student Council Representative, Naomi Tanikawa.

Top rowG. Sueoka, J. Takai, M. Shimamoto, E. Sato, M. Miura, K. Arakawa, N. Nonaka, C. Sato, B. Endo, L. Watanabe,
K. Miyano.
2nd rowJ. Sudoko, K. Kaihara, R. Otamura, T. Sekiyama, A, Ogawa, L. Nitahara, J. Kitajima, M. Otani, G. Yokoi, I. Sugiura.
1st rowH. Otsuka, Y. Morimoto, K. Sakaguchi, L. Shinozaki, S. Takai, R. Yamamoto, T. Naruto, S. Shimamoto H Otani
W. Otani.
The election of the following officers took place during the first semester:
President, Matomi Otsuka; Vice President, Mary Miura; Secretary, Hiroki Otsuki;
Treasurer, Nancy Nonaka; Student Council Representative, Yuriye Morimoto;
Red Cross Representative, Roy Otamura. Second semester: President, Yuriye
Morimoto; Vice President, Lily Nitahara; Secretary, Clare Sato; Treasurer, Nancy
Nonaka; Student Council Representative, Ruby Yamamoto.
Nancy Nonaka took first prize in the Fire Prevention Poster Contest.

Top rowE. Ota, G. Kobayashi, H. Uyesugi, M. Yonemura, J. Okamoto, M. Tanioka, M. Hayashi, E. Wada, K. Matobe, J. Shimada.
2nd rowH. Yasuda, J. Hasuike, G. Yagi, S. Tamai, H. Tomita, Y. Tateishi, A. Matsunaga, L. Kitagawa, T. Mayeda, Y. Tonai,
D. Tsutsui, R. Tamura, H, Tashiro.
1st rowS. Yahiro, R. Tokunaga, L. Yonemura, M. Tanioka, Y. Yamane, H. Uyehara, J. Yamaoka, M. Kunimoto, E. Mayeda,
M. Takano, B. Taniguchi, J. Miura, S. Nabeta.
The students of the 8-4 class elected the following officers to lead their
activities: President, Midori Hayashi; Secretary, Eloise Wada; Treasurer, Helen
Uyesugi; Student Council Representative, Jack Shimada.
At the end of the first semester, another election was held: President, Yutaka
Tonai; Vice President, Eloise Wada; Secretary, Eddie Ota; Treasurer, Masaki

Top rowW. Hamamoto, B. Hidaka, S. Wakakuwa, H. Kikuchi, M. Nagai, L. Kitagawa, J. Kuwatani, S. Domoto, M. Kato, K. Wakida,
K. Yamaga.
2nd rowY. Kobuke, ]. Nakakihara, J. Otera, W. Hikido, G. Goto, H. Inouye, S. Nakamura, H. Kasai, J. Hirai, I. Yamamoto,
I. Yamamoto, M. Tanaka, R. Nagamoto, J. Shimozono, T. Toyama, J. Yoshino, P. Yamamoto.
1st rowN. Mukaida, T. Kawasaki, J. Kawasaki, J. Kawauchi, B. Kinoshita, H. Tanabe, E. Tagawa, S. Uyeda, M. Uyemoto,
L. Yasumura, S. Yamamoto, S. Kuge,'M. Tateishi.
Class 7-1 officers for the first semester were: President, Thomas Toyama;
Vice President, Yoshio Kobuke; Secretary, Robert Nagamoto; Treasurer, John
Otera; Sergeant-at-Arms, Lokie Takai.
Class officers for the second semester were: President, John Otera; Secre-
tary, Lillian Kitagawa; Treasurer, Thomas Toyama; Student Council Repre-
sentative, Thomas Toyama.

Top rowS. Shimada, M. Shimizu, G. Takeuchi, T. Muira, A. Shiotani, P. Yagi, T. Yamasaki, M, Asamoto, E. Hinoki, K. Takemura,
T. Kohata, A. Tagawa.
2nd rowB. Funatsu, H. Morita, J. Matsuura, G. Doi, M. Iba, K. Fujita, K. Inouye, K. Ishizaki, D. Yagi, A. Sakamoto, C. Mamesuka,
S. Taguma, B. Kohama, A. Yamamoto, T. Hamatani, T, Handa, T. Funayama, T. Kuritsubo.
1st rowR. Nakahara, P. Tanji, N. Baba, M. Uyemura, H. Kimura, S. Harada, Y. Sumi, L. Chikuda, M. Kagawa, J. Sekiyama, S, Kagi,
H. Dairiki.
The 7-2's started their first semester in Junior High School with the following
officers: President, Earsei Hinoki; Vice President, Yasuko Sumi; Secretary, Kay
Takemura; Treasurer, Grace Doi; Student Council Representative, Earsei Hinoki.
The second semester officers were: President, Earsei Hinoki; Vice President,
Kiyoko Ishizaki; Secretary, Peter Yagi; Treasurer, Kay Takemura; Student
Council Representative, Donald Yagi.
One of the outstanding students of 7-2 has been Earsei Hinoki. He is also
Treasurer of the Student Body.

Top row- D. Sakagawa, R. Kohaya, P, Okuye, G. Kawamoto, A. Miyoshi, W. Kamibayashi, M. Otani, M. Niizawa, B. Nimura, I
H. Ota, A. Okamura, T. Okamura. |
2nd rowJ. Holly, H. Muranaga, K. Ono, R. Nakahara, M. Oshita, E. Nakagawa, A. Oki, E. Spencer, J, Saito, L, Nakai, I. Nagai, i
F. Kashiwagi, S. Nakano, N. Nakamura, A. Ninomiya. !
1st rowJ. Makimoto, T. Okada, K. Tanaka, S. Oshita, M. Komatsubara, A. Mizutani, M. Nakatani, K, Ogawa, A. Sasano,
S.......... B. Nomura, F. Nakano, R. Kohaya, G. Sagara, H. Nishihara, 1
The 7-3 class officers for the first semester were: President, George Sagara;
Vice President, Bobby Nomura; Secretary, May Oshita; Treasurer, Misao
Niizawa; Student Council Representative, Marton Otani.
Officers for the second semester were: President, George Sagara; Vice
President, Alice Ninomiya; Secretary, Marton Otani; Treasurer, Bobby Nomura.

on mini
1. Nice saw.
2. Yay, Shig!
3. Attention!
4. Mos' cool like.
5. Misao.
6. Hot clarinetist.
7. Jazzy brasses.
8. Period's over.
9. Mi, mi, mi.
10. See this?

1. Get to work there!
2. Looks easy.
3. Mrs. Stegner's chil-
4. I'm gettin' out of
5. Yeah, man!
6. Fighting already?
7. Having fun, gals?
8. Big fight.
9. Boosters.
10. All smiles.
11. Mr. Myer.
12. This is no laughing



own'll a iuuvMton
Our Physical Education Coach, Mr. Otto Anderson,
hails from Wabash, Indiana. He graduated from Wa-
bash College, then enrolled at Fletcher School of Inter-
national Law and Diplomacy under the direction oi
Harvard University at Boston, Massachusetts. Later he
attended the Japanese Naval Language School at
Boulder, Colorado.
He is a person of many hobbies. He takes special
interest in American history, foreign languages, and
Mr. Anderson has worked hard with the boys of
Amache High School to further the program of Physical
Education by organizing the Intramural Football League,
Intramural Basketball and Inter-class Basketball.
The boys of Amache High School should be thankful
for the successful year-which Mr. Anderson has made
Top rowS. Masuda, A. Kunisaki, H. Matsushita, P. Sugimoto, G. Takahashi, H. Nakano,
T. Nakamura, M. Shigezane, B. Morikawa, K. Yasaki, D. Mizukami.
2nd rowF. Fukusawa, J. Hamade, C. Ichikawa, F. Goi, T. Nogawa.
1st rowM. Yoshimurg, T. Joe, J. Endo, K. Nakatogawa, B. Nitahara.
OtherK. Yamaga.
The Officials Club was spon-
sored by Frank Goi under the
direction of Mr. Anderson. The
purpose of this organization was
to referee all A, B, and C Intra-
mural Basketball games. Two
boys were assigned as officials
for each game.

Top rowF. Fukusawa, O. Nagai, J. Endo, H. Nakano, P. Sugimoto, T. Togashi.
1st rowS. Nakatani, K. Yotsuya, A. Iwanaga, T. Nakamura, K. Sugimoto.
OthersR. Ogawa, T. Sugamura, H. Nakano.
The football season this year was very successful due to the cooperation
of the students. The two top teams were Sam Nakatani's with one loss, one tie;
and loe Hamade's with no losses and one tie. These two teams were to play
the championship game of the intramural league which was canceled on
account of bad weather.
Top rowB. Nitahara, T. loe, ]. Endo, G. Takahashi, I. Hirano, F. Norikane, S. Matsuoka.
2nd rowJ. Hamade, C. Ichikawa, A. Kunisaki, M. Shigaki.
1st rowT. Nogawa, M. Shigezani, H. Matsushita, B. Morikawa, S. Masuda.
OthersF. Miva. S. Itano. J. Heya, G. Morishige, W, Koseki.

Top rowC. Kitazumi, S. Nagai, I. Maruyama.
1st rowB. Nitahara, M, Shigaki, D. Nakatogawa, F. Goi, T. Joe.
The Athletic Board under the spon-
sorship of Mr. Anderson was organized
by Frank Goi. They discussed and
planned school sports leagues, pro-
grams, schedules, operation of score-
board, admission prices, benefit dances,
and other such problems.
The members were Frank Goi, Chair-
man; Ken Nakatogawa, Bob Nitahara,
Osamu Nagai, Calvert Kitazumi, Kenji
Yamaga, and George Morishige.
The chairman and his board have
done an excellent job and should be
praised for their untiring work.
The All-Star Team was chosen
by the five intramural football cap-
tains. They were scheduled to play
Wiley but due to some misunder-
standing the game was canceled.
The team was split and played each
other as an exhibition game at the
10-F field.
Top rowH. Maruyama, K. Nakatogawa, B. Nitahara, J. Aiboshi,
J. Morita, T. Nakamura, G. Takahashi, H. Nakano,
H. Matsushita, B. Morikawa, S. Masuda.
1st rowY. Mayeda, M. Yoshimura, T. Joe, J, Hamade, J. Endo,
C. Ichikawa, P. Sugimoto.
OthersG. Morishige, T. Tokunaga, S. Nakatani, M. Shigaki, T. Okuno.

Top rowF. Niizawa, K. Yamaga, C. Kitazumi, T. Joe, J. Hamade.
1st rowF. Fukusawa, K. Nakatogawa, T. Matsushita, S. Nakatani.
As it should be, the masterful Senior class basketball team took
all the lower classmen down and ran away with the inter-class cham-
pionship. With the star-studded line up that the Seniors had, the
championship was theirs from the start.

nil to m H im league ermmpe
The classy clicking, fast moving, brain exercising Globe Trotters team
bowled over all the other teams in the league with a single sweep. Their
ability in basketball and in showmanship always gave the spectators a thrill.
They were predicted champs from the beginning.
Top rowS. Nakatani, T. Joe, F. Niizawa.
1st rowB. Nitahara, K. Nakatogawa, F.'Goi, H. Maruvama.

Seventy-five eager charter members, with their aim of
developing a good school spirit in Amache High School,
organized the Boosters Club on October 4, 1944, under
the sponsorship of Miss Marguerite Loeffler.
The cabinet members were: President, Edna Nimura;
Vice President, Rumi Tonai; Secretary, Aster Fujikawa;
Treasurer, Justine Sekiyama; Historian, Louise Sasano.
The Boosters Club girls have made many showings
of their well prepared stunts and drills at our school
football and basketball games.
In November, 1944, an assembly was sponsored for
the students of Amache High, introducing the song
leaders, Grace Yamaguchi, June Sato, and Peggy
Yuasa; yell leaders Ikuko Takano, Rumi Tonai, and
Shigeko Hamaoka; flag drillers, Virgie Okumura, Set-
sumi Saito, and Loretta Kochi; majorettes, Lily Inouye,
Mary Shoji, and Lucy Kishi.
One of the outstanding socials sponsored by this
organization was the "Pigskin Frolic" in honor of the
Amache High football team.
We are sure that the Boosters Club has shown its
ability, and we are all proud of this group.
Top rowT. Sakamoto, G. Haratani, J. Kumasaki, H. Nomura, M. Kato, B. Niizawa, G. Yamaguchi, C. Kanagaki, R. Morita,
N. Takahashi, H. Yogi,'A. Yokimi, A. Fujikawa, M. Nishikawa, M. Kamikawa, A. Wada, H. Ogata, B. Tsuruoka,
M. Kagawa, A. Miyano, M. Takeyama, Y. Yamamoto, G. Hamada.
2nd rowL. Sasano, R. Nagao, M. Oda, T. Nishinouchi, G. Yatabe, L. Inouye, J. Naruishi, R. Nakano, I. Takano, S. Saito,
A. Nakayama, F. Morita, J. Matsuo, M. Morimoto, J. Sato, L. Hiraga, F. Yamaji, Y. Baba, L. Tomiko.
1st row F. Sotomura, M. Harada, F. Makita, M. Tsurumoto, M. Mori, A. Murakami, B. Kochi, V. Okamura, G. Matsumoto,
M. Sugiura. E. Shiotsu, A. Nakamoto, P. Yuasa, H. Murakami, M. Karatsu, M. Kobuke, M, Yasumura, M. Kinoshita.

Top rowS. Hamaoka, M. Akutagawa, N. Hama-
1st rowJ. Kubochi, I. Takano, J. Furuno.
With the idea of fair play and good sportsman-
ship in mind as well as having fun, the G. A. A.
of the Amache High School attained another suc-
cessful year under the supervision of Miss Mar-
guerite Loeffler.
Games were played every Saturday afternoon
in the form of a tournament. At the end of the
season the champs were named and an "All-Star
team was selected by the members of the organi-
The basketball champs were the Cheez-its; its
members were Nami Kinoshita, Shiz Nagoshi,
Cookie Takano, Grace Yatabe, Fumi Sotomura,
Amy Miyano, Helen Yagi, and Katie Taketa.
The All-Stars for basketball were Michiyo Kino-
shita, Mary Kobuke, Agnes Wada, Fumi Sotomura,
Amy Miyano, Nami Kinoshita, and Shiz Nagoshi.
The G. A. A. officers were as follows: President,
Norma Hanamoto; Vice President, Mieko Aku-
togawa; Secretary, Janet Kubochi; Treasurer,
Shigeko Hamaoka; Members-at-Large, Cookie
Takano, and Jean Furuno.
Top rowS. Washino, G. Yamaguchi, C. Kanagciki, M. Washizu, N. Hamamoto, M. Akutagawa.
2nd rowH. Nomura, A. Fujikawa, F. Morita, R. Morita, J. Furuno, Y. Hirata, S. Hamaoka.
1st rowG. Yatabe, J. Sato, H. Yagi, A. Wada, S. Nagoshi, M. Yasumura.

Top rovt~ A. Wada, F. Sotomura, I. Takano, M. KobuJce.
1st rowt-M. Kinoshila, N. Kinoshita, A. Miyano, S. Nagoshi.

Cheez-its vs. Jerketts........Won
Cheez-iis vs. Teentimers......Won

Teentimers vs. Jerketts......Won
Teentimers vs. Cheez-its.....Lost
Jerketts vs. Cheez-its........Lost
Jerketts vs. Teentimers.......Lost

\ . .. T
. s'

G_ \ cunaquchi
**<>/o If fhj
&o£ L. ^ura L- Kochi-

. V*

Top rowM. Iseri, M. Masuoka. H. Sako, Y. Yamaga, T. Ando, M. Takahashi, H. Taketa, B. Kimura, P. Mori, C. Shimono,
K. Matsuda, A. Kawamoto, F. Murakami, T. Hamade, E. Wada, A. Watanabe, I. Okamoto.
1st rowH. Uyesugi, K. Kawasaki, A. Ishimoto, M. Shimada, A. Kamikawa, S. Hashimoto, M. Iida, Y. Hatanaka,
Y. Tokunaga, B. Okubo, S. Kawamoto, A. Ikesaki.
iirnw i fuoh
Teams Won
Dashliters ........................... 5
Elo-ettes ............................ 4
Sakos ................................ 3
S. O. S...............................2
Jokers ............................... ]
Flashettes ........................... q
Active Junior High girls supervised by Miss Marguerite Loeffler opened
their basketball league on January 13. There were five teams competing with
one another: Elo-ettes, Highlighters, Dashounds, Speedball, and Rockettes.
Each morning in the High School gym at 8:00 A. M. we were able to see many
exciting games.
Dashounds, Elo-ettes, and Highlighters played the last three games be-
cause each team had tied with four wins and one loss.
By January 31st, the competition games ended with Elo-ettes at the top,
followed by the Highlighters and the Dashounds.

Top rowT. Ando, M. Iseri, A. Watanabe, E. Wada, M. Yonemura, F. Inouye, L. Yasumura, S. Uyeda.
1st rowN. Mukaida, J. vw/auchi, P. Mori, S. Hashimoto, A. Kamikawa, M. Shimada, S. Domoto, S. Kuge, K. Yamaga.
iwnww UL
Teams Won Lost
Elo-ettes 4 1
Dashounds 3 2
Highlighters 3 2
Rockettes 1 4
Speedball 0 5
With anxiety to win as well as good sportsmanship in mind, the ambitious
Junior High girls joined the volleyball tournament this season. The six teams:
Dashlighters, Elo-ettes, Flasherettes, Jokers, Sakos, and S. O. S., played their
exciting games before school and Saturday afternoons. The rugged Dash-
lighters with victory over five teams were the champs with Elo-ettes following
with four wins and one loss.
We give credit to the Flasherettes consisting of 7th grade girls who tried
their very best.

Elo-ettes named themselves very
originally, taking their captain's first
name, Eloise Wada. The team itself
was energetic and cooperative.
Alice Watanabe led the team with
43 points in 6 games followed by
Captain Eloise Wada with 41 points.
The mighty Dashlighters came through with-
out a single loss in 5 tries. With plenty of co-
operation and sportsmanship, they were led by
their captains, Toyoko Hamade and Pat Mori.
Among the rugged girls, Happy Taketa led
the service points of 51 in 6 games followed by
Chiyoko Shimono with 28 service points.
Top rowH. Taketa, C. Shimono, B. Kimura.
2nd rowT. Ando, Y. Tokunaga, I. Kimura.
1st rowS. Hashimoto, A, Kamikawa, P, Mori.


tmuwnt 'i m
Made up solely of inexperienced journalism students, the ONLOOKER staff has
endeavored to present a clear concise picture of our school. We have used the talent
and abilities of each to the best possible advantage in our efforts to publish this volume
of the ONLOOKER.
However, we would never have realized our desires had we not had the help and
constructive criticisms of many students and teachers. To them, who will not receive the
recognition they so rightfully deserve, the entire staff and its advisor, Miss Rosalind Walls,
wish to express their sincere appreciation and thanks.
One of the most successful dances of the school year was sponsored by this group.
On the night of March 10, the Annual Queen, Lucy Nakano, and her four attendants, June
Sato, Asano Kasai, Yoshiko Oda, and Fumi Sotomura, were revealed to a large throng
of dancers at the colorful Royal Ball held in the auditorium.
The following is the complete staff:
Editor-in-Chief............................................... Mitsue Iwata
Associate Editor....................................' . . George Yonemura
Business Manager................................................Tadashi Sugimoto
Associate Business Manager ........ Florence Nagasugi
Make-up Editor.......................................................Masashi Itano
Artists . .............................Pat Taketa, Ward Taketa, Eddie Kubota
Photographers . . . ............................Min Ito, Min Hamatani
Circulation..........................................................Setsumi Saito
Copy Editor..........................................................Audrey Nakabe
Boys' Sports
Girls' Sports
Eighth .
Seventh .
...........................................Joanna Nakamura
and Community....................................Tomio Jofuku
Eunice Kumagai, Miyoko, Washizu, Lawrence Nakamura, Amy Kamikawa
Joe Hamade, William Sakamoto, George Takahashi
...................................Helen Yagi, Michiyo Kinoshita
.....................Kenji Yamaga, Edna Nimura
...................................................Satoshi Hayashi
..................................................... June Sato
..................................Sue Hashimoto
...............................................Mary Kuroki
..........................Thomas Toyama
Editor .....................................................Karumo Hamahashi
Associate Editor ................................................Joyce Hirano
Business Manager ................................................Roy Mayeda
Associate Business Manager ......................................Earsei Hinoki
Artists........................ Dagne Hanson, Agnes Kawamoto, Kenneth Ichikawa
Photographers ..... Terumi Uyesugi, Margaret Masuoka, Tom Griffith
Circulation Manager.........................................Tsuyako Watanabe
Copy Editor.........................................Marguerite Iida, Mary Shoji
President ..........................................................Joy Takeyama
Secretary.......................................................Shigeko Hamaoka
Advisor.............................................................Rosalind Walls
Though the staff was large, at times it seemed not large enough, for as usual, the very
hard workers were in the minority. The success of the ONLOOKER was due largely to the
several students who gave all their spare time working into the' dark hours of the night to
beat the deadlineMitsue Iwata, who did much more than her share willingly; George
Yonemura, whose valuable assistance was measureless; Tad Sugimoto, who gave un-
tiring help; Min Hamatani and Min Ito, Photographers, to whom a great deal of credit is
due for a thankless but important job; Ward and Pat Taketa, Masashi Itano, and Eddie
Kubota, on whose shoulders rested a great majority of the work and to whom the beautiful
artistic touches are due; and last but not least, Miss Rosalind Walls, the advisor, whose
supervision and helpful suggestions gave us the encouragement we needed. To these, and
many others who will not receive due credit, we of the annual staff owe our appreciation.

Top rowS. Hayashi, P. Taketa, E, Kubota, T. Sugimoto, G, Yonemura, M. Itano, M. Hamatani, W. Taketa, M. Ito. T. J
K. Yamaga. j_a
1st rowA. Nakabe, E. Kumagai, S. Saito, J. Nakamura, H. Yagi, M. Kinoshita, J. Takeyama, F. Nagasugi, S. Hama
M. Iwata, Miss Walls.
ju nior (ugh OnLOOKER STAFF
Top rowL. Nakamura, T. Griffith, K. Ichikawa, S. Hashimoto.
2nd rowD. Hanson, M. Masuoka, A. Kawamoto, T. Uyesugi, K. Hamahashi.
1st rowM. lida, J. Hirano, E. Hinoki, T. Toyama, R. Mayeda, A. Kamikawa.

Top row-
lst row-
The monthly edition of the Junior High SPOTLIGHT was started early in
the year.
The name for the paper was chosen in a contest conducted through the
English-Social Studies classes.
The name "SPOTLIGHT" was chosen by the students. The SPOTLIGHT
Staff, with the help of the Amache Junior High students, made the paper a
The following is the complete staff:
Editor.................;......................Pat Mori
Associate Editors . . . . . . . Sam Ito, Joyce Hirano
Feature Editor ......... Amy Kamikawa
Sports Editor ...........................Larry Nakamura
Speedoscope...............'. . Henry Arishita, Haruo Kasai
Artists................Dagne Hanson, Jane Lindley, Kiyo Matsuda
Proofreader...................................Lucy Kishi
Mimeographers . . George Goto, Thomas Griffith, Phillip Horimoto,
Dorothy Iseri, May Yonemura
Reporters . . Toshiko Ando, Robert Fuchigami, Joy Kawamura, Margaret
Masuoka, Lily Nakai, Bobby Nimura, Mariko Shimada,
. Pat Suzuki, Eloise Wada, Peter Yagi, George Yokoi
Advisor ........................... Miss Beery
-S Ito, L. Nakamura, L. Nakai, T. Ando, K. Matsuda, T. Griffith, D. Hanson, J. Lindley, M. Yonemura, I. Kawamura.
-Miss Berry, B. Nimura, G. Yokoi, H. Arishita, M. Masuoka, ]. Hirano, A. Kamikawa, E. Wad a, P. Mori, L. Kishi.

Top rowJ. Miyamoto, Ft. Alagi, S. Kawamura, S. Komatsubara, G. Morishige, T. Tokunaga, T. Miura, M. Kimura, W. Taketa,
S. Hayashi.
1st rowP. Yuasa, A. Nakabe, M. Takayama, J. Nakamura, M. Murakami, L. Mitobe, J. Takeyama, V. Okamura, H. Niizcwa,
Miss Walls.
Thirteen would-be journalists in September without an inkling of how to
put out a paperthis was the raw material from which a seasoned December
IT staff developed. It took four weeks for the struggling novices to publish their
first issue, which was greeted with both Hallelujias and razberries by the student
body. In time, the staff became a well-organized body of journalists who put
out the IT regularly, every two weeks. Their crowning efforts were a colorful
Christmas edition and a Senior Class issue which featured Amache alumni
in the armed services.
CiAJft Mt
aa+tvv 0+ r*l
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sh*w** frf
lent*, rritn*
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onoMtHaid I
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Mfh* i*6
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md 4fii _
HU kf
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_ red J*tfer iftti
to* affhvt <*
^+** US.Army
At Porfi*,ftPrt/
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Mil Gt-*4p
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.** #4* k *
Onboit* Stiff*
*Fy*nt 4**W
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f9*P h**4 irt
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wi A*h*n. *ft rray
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ec>Yt4*'4 boAt,
w J - . JByoF toMlMm;
My*r UUtft e*ca,Af*^w
j i
. ...
MattyfBOdI Mtjf
*** t/abv** rHur%fAtirdtHa*

Las Allegrias, the Amache High girls service club, was organized in the
spring of 1943. Their activities have included Christmas Seal and March of
Dimes campaigns, serving refreshments at the President's Ball, sponsoring the
Campus Canteen, ushering for many school programs, a picnic at the farm, and
a number of socials besides their own get-togethers.
During the past two years, Las Allegrias has had fifty-nine members. They
were: Jane Kubota, Neva Inouye, Helen Akahoshi, Charlotte Iwata, Dorothy
Sato, Mary Rikimaru, Betty Seki, Jayne Shimada, Molly Fujihara, Mary Furuta,
Emiko Nakano, Momoyo Kinoshita, Betty Kanameishi, Emiko Kuzuhara, Shizuye
Marumoto, Lily Nagatoshi, Mary Namba, Frances Sasano, Barbara Nakano,
Kay Yamachi, Akiko Morimoto, Yayoi Uyesugi, Takeko Natsumeda, May
Yoshioka, Lily Inouye, Mama Miura, Frances Naruse, Joy Takeyama, Florence
Nagasugi, Ruth Takata, Aiko Kuroki, Janet Kubochi, Ruth Takamura, Toshiko
Nishihara, Gladys Nakagawa, Boots Sotomura, Teruko Hamakawa, Grace
Haratani, Asano Kasai, Lilly Kawana, Namiye Kinoshita, Eunice Kumagai,
Mitsue Iwata, Lorraine Kurihara, Martha Murakami, Cookie Takano, Shig Mae
Sakamoto, Louise Sasano, Fumi Sotomura, Sadayo Washino, Rumi Tonai,
Shiz Terada, Toshiko Sakamoto, Namiko Ota, Mary Oda, Elsie Nakagawa,
Gladys Matsumoto, June Kumasaki, and Mary Endo.
Top rowM. Murakami, N. Kinoshita, R. Takata. C. Takano. F. Nagasugi, L. Sasano, F. Sotomura, S. M. Sakamoto,
I. Kubochi, J. Takeyama.
1st rowA. Kasai, L. Kawana, E. Kumagai, R. Tonai, Mrs. Stegner, G. Haratani, L. Kurihara, T. Hamakawa, S. Washino.

"To create, maintain, and extend throughout the
school and community high standards of char-
With this purpose in mind, some thirty-five boys
assembled last fall under the sponsorship of Mr.
M. McGovern to start a new Hi-Y, since most of
last year's members had either relocated or were
serving in the armed forces of Uncle Sam.
At the first meeting, an election of officers was
held at which Calvert Kitazumi was elected Pres-
ident; Jack Hatanaka, Vice President; Pat Taketa,
Secretary; Raymond Toyama, Treasurer.
Various activities and conferences were on the
The success of the Hi-Y was due largely to the
effort of their sponsor, Mr. McGovern.
Hi-Y calendar. The outstanding date was Febru-
ary 10,' 1945, because it marked the first anni-
versary of the organization. At that time an
edition of the IT was published by this group.
This club was responsible for a display on the
bulletin board, and as a climax to the year a
banquet was held.
Top rowK. Sugimoto, S. Takemoto. M. KmnoHo M t r v..\_.. ,, . . .
r, R. Hiratsuka.

Top row-R. Hiratsuka, T. Sugimoto, G. Yonemura.
2nd rowR. Takata, J. Takeyama, -M. Miyao, F. Nagasugi, A. Fujikawa.
1st rowL. Kurihara, S. Washino, S. Sakamoto.
national konmo oeiet
The National Honor Society was composed of students, each of
whom must have had a high scholastic record, as well as leadership
ability, sociability, and judgment. Ten per cent of the graduating
senior class and five per cent of the junior class were eligible for
An executive committee consisting of Dr. Garrison, Mr. Walther,
Mrs. Hopcraft, Mrs. Stegner, Miss Lewis, and Mrs. Anderson chose
the members after considering their qualifications and student
This year we had twelve active members. Five of them, Mary
Miyao, Florence Nagasugi, Ruth Takata, Joy Takeyama, and Sadayo
Washino were members of last year's organization. Out of this
winter's graduates, Aster Fujikawa, Roy Hiratsuka, Lorraine Kuri-
hara, Fumi Morita, Shigeko Mae Sakamoto, Tad Sugimoto, and
George Yonemura were given membership.
The officers of this organization were elected to serve for the
entire semester. They are: President, George Yonemura; Vice Presi-
dent, Shigeko Mae Sakamoto; Secretary, Lorraine Kurihara; and
Treasurer, Joy Takeyama.
Their activities included the sponsorship of an assembly as well
as several "get-togethers.'1