Lost on Venus, 1963, cover

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Lost on Venus, 1963, cover
Series Title:
Lost on Venus
Burroughs, Edgar Rice ( Author, Primary )
Frazetta, Frank ( Artist )
Place of Publication:
New York
Ace Books
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Science fiction

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Auraria Library
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In the Room of the Seven Doors, Carson
Napier faced the choice of his life. Six doors
led to terrible deaths the seventh was the
door of life. But for him, this door too
would lead only to the new dangers of a
planet whose beasts were more frightful
than those of his native Earth.
But Carson sought the rescue of the
planet's fairest princess, and even though
he stepped from one danger to meet an-
other, he was determined to make good an
Earthman's pledge.
LOST ON VENUS is an Edgar Rice
Burroughs adventure in the colorful and
exciting tradition of his Tarzan and
Martian novels.