Granada pioneer, November 4, 1942

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Granada pioneer, November 4, 1942
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 3

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Amache, Colorado

4* & ¥
November 4, 1942
A Sadis Hawkins dance is
; slated for Saturday night
at the SH mass hall from
?:30 to 11 p.m, and will
be sponsored by the recrea-
tion department*
Tickets are available at
tfM the,Â¥E and 12P reoreation
- hails. An admission fee of
100 a couple will be charged.
sales' mi
Colorado's two per oent
sales tax went into effect
*^t project stores Monday,
ve^ item over five cents,
except cigarettes, are sub-
ject to the tax.
To facilitate the pay-
ment of the tax, tokens
worth one fifth of a cent
are being issued by the
stores. The tax scale;
1-5 cents
6-14 "
35-44 "
45-54 M
55-64 '
65-74 "
75-84 *
85-94 "
, 95-99 "
Orders have arrived from Washington through the of-
fice of m. 0, Anderson, ohief regional supervisor of
employment in Denyer, instructing the project adminis-
tration to ban further issuance of individual 30-day
cnployment leaves of absenoe, it was revealed by Place-
ment Officer Valter Knodel yesterday. The ruling has
been effective since Saturday,,
according toEaodel,
1 token
2 tokens
3 tokens
4 tokens
1 oent
1^ and 1 token
10 and 2 tokens
10 and 3 tokens
10 and 4 tokens
2 oents
Hereafter all applica-
tions for individual leaves
for private employment will
be subject to delay pending
olearanoe by Washington.
This process will take from
one month to six weeks,
A meeting of the Amaohe
Little Theater group will
be held 6;30 p.m. tomorrow
in 8H-6L. Bobert Dierlan
will direct the group.
An organization commis-
sion of 10 men was recently
appointed to draw up a cbar-
tei for self-government
within the center. Accord-
ing to W*. Bay Johnson,head
of community service, the
commission began active
work today.
He further stated that
it will not apply to qpa*-
vised group leaves to cer-
tain counties for agricul-
tural labor and work of
similar nature.
Knodel assured that this
new order must not be con-
strued as a freezing measure
by Washington, vhioh would
be oontrary to the WRA pol-
ioy and desire of establish-
ing individuals in private,
Jasao Satow, Henry Shi-
mizu, T. Domoto, Katsuki
Iki, and Prank Tarchiya will
act for the block repre-
sentatives. Representing
the Older group will be Joe
Kayokata, Dr. T. Shlina,
B. Okubo, Torno Nishlzaki.-
and P. T. Konno*

P|g# 2.
-Mavember 4, 1942
/ The net gai£ of the cen-
ter *s various business es-
tablishment^ from Sept, 5
to 30, ms $1,871.29 ao-
aording to the community
enterprise department. The
average daily business for
the period wa? ajprox-imataly..
$440, while this month the'
average is about $580,,
Die oeater alOfch ing s tori
has opened for business on
Monday, in the administra-
tion building at tho oornor
of 5th and F street. Dry
good$, clothing and shoos
^wiilbo oarriid by thfe'sfcore
management.4 v *
"Taoicle football is def-
initely out, was the an-
nouncement made by the re-
creation department Monday,.
"Sherd are too many ohenots
pf players belag injured
Without the protection of
pr eper p\ ay .ing 6 quipme n t *'
they continued,, -hhc-vov^r,
if tho teams do not choose
to abide by this rule, tho
rooroatior. department will
not bo rcspansiblc for any
injuries sustained nor'will
the use of our b quipment
be allowed,'1*
One thousand new books
. for "-'the -elementary school
aind. the library have ar-
* rived Dr, Enoob-Dumas re-
vealed today. *


A beauty shop will open
at the 7F laundry ijautho
near future^'disclosed Mrs.
Mitzi Matsuda recently.

Mrs. Kay Sagahara has
taken*over the position of
soobhd grade teacher in
Uln co of Alico Gillespie
who loft tho colter last
Memorial services will
be held for Pat Chioko Yp-
azwa on Saturday at 2 p.m,
in the 7!i recreation hall,
A request for donations
pf old ,toys, garner,, and
similarthings has been
made by*, the center:s four
nursery schnoif.c' A.l* par-
ents with available items
of "this- nature 'may take
them to'anyone of the fol-
lowing recreation halls:
7K, 9K, Hi or UK.
o "
< More girls than boys
are attending the senior
high school, Principal S.
Olay Coy said today.
Out of 474 in a ttendance,
253 arc girls and' 221 are
boys. This is probebiy due
to the fact that mere boys
arc ,either:working in the
project cr out in the beet
fields, C15y''£bc.Lared.
Weekly rehearsals of the
girls' glee club will be
held in 8I!~Hh at 2 p.m,
every Saturday instead' of
on Tuesday and Thursday
evenings-. -
flora voices are needed,
says Marie Mizutani, dir-
* ****'
. 'v A
Allnotices posted on
polioo bulletin boardV re-
quire special permits from
police authorities. Ure-
authorized notices will b#
destroyed, the department
A young people's meeting
ofthe Seventh Day Adventist
group will be held in the
7G recreation hall on Fri-
day at 7;30 p.m.

Frieda' Fullert, former
secretary to the reoreation
supervisor at Morood as-'
scnbly obntor, loft for Den-
ver Saturday where shq wili
take up j^Npework.
Mail boxes'v^ave been
placed intjul 29 %ock laun-
vdri^,vth^ p&qt dfcfice de-
rurounoefd y es-

Aya Yoshii, Santa Anita
evacuee, left for Denver or
Monday morning to join he;
.'sister,' Mi.5, Higashi, She
left in company of Wesley
Oynma, rbc had been visiting
his sister, Mrs. Yasuo Sa--
Beginners wishing to-
le :rn the fundamentals of
go cr shogi will be accomo-
dated by instruct or Momojiro
Kubayashi at the 8G recrea-
tion hall between 8 a.m.
and 5 p.m. daily,
* .
James' Yamamoto,' Taisa
Miyahara, and Cam Wakakuwa
arc tho operators of the
center barbershop. Tomio
Baba, is the cashier.

November 4, 1942
Breaking into the lime-
light is a lady, Mrs. Hanan
Arai, probably the oldest
living nisei from the Pacif-
io ooast.
Mrs. Arai is 58 years old
and never left California
until evacuation orders
forced her to do so.
She was born in San Fran-
oisoo in 1884 and attended
f-he La Count primary, Den-
lan grammar, and Girls high
schools. Until Mrs. Arai
was 15 years old she never
saw a Japanese of her own
Her parents operated the
first Japanese boarding
House at Stockton and Clay
streets from 1860-1906 when
the disastrous earthquake
on April.18,1906, destroyed
the building.
In 1896, she witnessed
the first fair ever held in
San Francisco, the Mid-win-
ter fair at Golden .Gate
Mrs. Arai attended the
Panama exposition at San
Francisoo in 1915, and had
the honor of shaking hands
with Vice President Mar-
Although a citizen of
the United States, Mrs.
Arai did not vote until
1941. She had married K.
Arai, an alien, in 1905,
therefore she thought her
voting rights automatically
became void. In 1941, when
a registration of all al-
iens was made she discov-
ered that if a citizen had
married an alien before
1907 she retained'her citi-
zenship.---Suyeo Sako
Food for infants, new-
born to 18 months of age*,
may be obtained upon regis-
tration at the main baby
station located at 6G-2D.
The station will be open
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.
The deadline for the
registration will be Satur-
day. It is important that
the babies be registered
in order that the proper
amount of food oan be or-
John N. Sayre, represent-
ing the Fellowship of Re-
conciliation, whose offices
are located in Berkeley and
New York, visited the proj-
ect last weekend.
His organization pub-
lishes booklets and pam-
phlets distributed to thou-
sands of citizens explaining
the losses incurred by the
evaouees, the problems of
post-war. adjustments, and
the demoralizing influences
met in relocation centers.
Sayre stated that speech-
es over radio stations and
oivio meetings have been
conduoted to present the
evacuees side of the story.
DUT-y OF ITlfliy
A sermon on "The Highest
Duty of Ifen" by Rev. Akira
Kuroda, formerly of the Los
Angeles Holiness churoh,
featured the English wor-
ship service' of the Granada
Protestant church Sunday
morning. Rev. Chiaki Kuzu-
hara was chairman for the
meeting at ths8Graess hall.
______________Page 3
Paced by the elusive
running of Dave Matsushima,
Santa Anitas veteran foot-
ball eleven ran roughshod
over a hapless Modesto team,
25-6, in a taokle contest
at the 10G playground Sat-
urday afternoon. Matsushi-
ma was responsible for two
touchdowns and tallied the
only oonver s i on of the game.
Tad Mukaihata and Bob Nita-
hara also contributed to
the Santa Anita score col-
Modestos lone tally
came as the result Of the
age-old "sleeper" play that
caught the Anitans flat-
footed. Vo tor an "Soapy'
Miyashima passed to end
Jimmie Kimoto who raoed 20
yards to soore standing up.
GREELEY, Oot. 29Wild
rumors about Japanese in
relocation oenters have
been refuted by Congressman
William S. Hill, a recent
edition of the Greeley Tri-
bune said.
"I have had many letters
protesting the fine -treat-
ment received by Japanese
in relocation centers,
Hill stated. "The publlo
is alarmed because reports
from the press
tell of many atrocities in-
flicted on our boys who are
Japanese- prisoners.
He squelohed rumors with
facts about housing, work,
public subsistence grants,
and clothing allowances in
relocation oenters.

Pas*- 4 ...
... H~05E7It.
.Xov:s' 4, IS42-
, Medical examinations for
mess hall worfeara will con-
tinue at the hospital elin-
io this week, according, to
Dr. George Takeyama.
Workers from 8G and 8H
mess halls will be examined
today /between 2:30 and 4
p.m.; ?G 81 and 8F mess
workers will report between
2}30 and 4 p.m, tomorrow}'
and 7E and 7F mess workers,
are scheduled for Friday
from.2:30 to 4 p.m.
WINS, 2-0
A second quarter fumble
by the Livingston qutrter-
baok behind his .own goal
line proved the margin of
victory for the bepol grid-
dera, 2-0, in, an evenly
fought nine-man touch foot-
ball at t,he 1QG playground,;
Sunday afternoon,
., Field ing. a team of vet-
erans, the Sonoma oounty-
boys displayed A fast run-
ning.and passing,;attack but
lacked the final punch tfcen
they entered pay dirt ter-
ritory, Outstanding was
their scat-baok,' Tom 3hi-
mazu toils Koe Hinokl and
Lefty Kitagawa starred for:
the losers.
Evacuees from the Mefoed assembly center whose names
are listed below are asked by the fiscal department to
call for their work checks, room 5, nbrtjh^gministratum
build ing.-, immediately.
If any of the persons are working outside of the
center, the office should be contacted by friends or
relatives so that the oheoks will be mailed to them,
according to D. E. Love.
Hashimpto, Hisao 1880
Hayashi, Soshiko 182B
Hironaka, George 791J
Ikeda, Denichi 891A
Imamura, Ilona 1222A
Ito, George 2090
Kai, Mary 568A
Kajiyama, Takeo 1050A
Kakiki, Mitsuo 554B
Kakishiba, George. 1072B
Kamezaki, led 1170A
Kanda, Ukiohi 285A
Kasai, Fred 5500
Kasai, Takeo 554B
Kato, Tatsuo 567A
7/CCA oheoks have arrived
from Santa Anita, it was
announced by Bead Hanson,
projeot finance officer,
and will be.ready for dis-
tribution at his. office,
room 5, north administra-
tion building, this weekv
These 448 checks constitute
the last remittance from
that assembly center,' '
1 CMJRCW SitJpspSf .. H
Event .lime
Sabbath sohool 9:00 a.m. 1/ 7G
Sermon, CATHOLIC 10:00 SttQi r 7G
Mass 7s00 ' 7G
Kazumura, Sueo 1282A
Kiraura, Hisao 356A
Koike, Soichi 1047A
Makita, Harry 256D
Marumo,t o, Gepr ge. 457A
Matsuda,- Kideakl 3831
Miyaga.wa, Kazuo 1120A
Miyahara, Taesaburo 505A
Morika.wayTom 424A
Morimoto, Frank 8.43D
Marita, Toshio 4050
Morizono, Ichiro 237B
Morizono, Kazuo 2370
Morizono, Mariko 237D
Morizono, Marika 237D
Nagafcani, Saji 155A
Nakamoto, Frank 130A
Nakamura, Donald, S71A
Nakano, Sam 1700
Nakamura, Jimmy 634A
Noda, Grant 286F
Ogata, Mitsuko 88E
Okamoto, Nido 1233A
Oshiro, Thomas 1237A
Sakamaki, Mitsuro 1253B
Sakamaki, Takeshi 1234A
Sakamoto, Itsuko 1034A
Ssmeshima, Yuki 353C
Sumida, Tomoye 194A
Tagarni. Such! 189A
Takasawa, Miho 481A.
Take ta, George 132A
Tashiro, Qhiyo .. ; 93F
Tsujioka, Tsumoru 538A
Tamaye, Kama 94A
Ujita, Takihiko 595A
Uno, Matsuki 1254A
tyakataki, Minoru 633A
Yamashiro., Chas 1238A
Yasui, Yasuiyuki 423H
Y.okoyama, Jin 624A
Yoshidako, Sakai 166A


November 4, 194-______

This space is to be devoted to all residents vwi.b have
something to say and who can say it in a few wcfusi.
Unsigned letters will not be published but if a writer
desires, his name will be withheld,
The progress
ter farm project
greatly* hampered
shortage of labor
f oho cea-
t is being
by the ?
Just to oall your atta n
tion to a very unfortunate
incident..Recently an eld-
erly man was stricken of
heart attack} a witness to
this tragedy ran to the
nearest mess hall for pos-
iblo aid or means of com-
munication to the hospital.
No such ,luckl In the mean-
time curious japs had gath-
ered. Half an hour iator.
still no help.
Id hate very muoh to
have my dad in the same
prodicament. Immediate aid
oould have boon adminis-
tered if every mess hall
or block information was
equipped with telephones,
Como on,administration,
get o-n your horscJJ
A oc-ntcr resident
We, the members of the
police force, feel it is
necessary to have a polios
court in the center. We
suggest the Poston ensrp
serious man sick in the
hospital and given up hope
by the doctor. In this
case why cm51 member of
the family stay at his bed-
side? Putting aside the
hospital rule that no one
can stay? Tho famil;s one
dosir> is to stay with him
till the last moment also
the sick person would want
his family to be with him.
It is only human that thoy
would all want to bo to-
gether at such a time in-
stead of being told he is
gone after it is too late.
So for future cases we
hope to ask moderate con-
sideration at such a time-
life or death.
Lack of nurses and doc-
tors and their busy routine
is well understood, so if
only members of a family
oan stay with the sick
person it would help out
tho feelings of both con-
Henry W. Schmitz, farm su-
perintendent, in stressing
the importance of agricul-
ture as part of the war
relocation program this
It was revealed that
only 18 mon arc actually
bo i ng employ a d where as there
is the immediate need for
Approximately 40 acres
have already been plowed
but more manpower is ne-
cessary before the rest of
the 2,000 aores oan be put
into readiness for next
years planting. Schmitz
added that the recent rain
has. greatly impeded the
progress of the work,'
- Much satisfaction was
expressed by him in an-
nouncing that eight acres
of Chinese cabbago will bo
re.jdy f->r harvest this month
Furthermore, 4,000 gallons
of milk from the project
dairy, h.*ve found Sts way
to the mess tables. *Tp
shio llinomiya.
rules be used as examples
for "our rules and regula-
tions. They ecu. be drawn
up. by Aesis t-ent Chief feka-
shi Kegs'} Captains Honda,
Oncv, Liberia, and Oga-
wa} Special Detail. Offi a hr?
ilurotaai and TariiS and he;;-

. 4 ...* *
t op u r i c;u -,- e d ns 3 d a y £
F> f! ffi! H i,? (| fa)
f ij 1W IhJ li tg-. ji
r & yt & v H
id baturbo.vs bv the WRA .-*a
tO Ir V i
* 0
8F recreation ho :.l, .l-wche,
ys by the WRA .-and
apartment.. Editorial of-
'TVt r. i \vr\ 1'

retury Kitagawa, with the
advice of center iavyers,
Police d opa r tnent
Suppose there' is .a very
{Bob l&ror-o, editor Sccrio llinoraiya, manager
! Staff- O.uir, Say of Sako, Walter Fuchigami,
Takako Kusunwki, Deck I-to, .Tiro Somite, Toraoko Yata-
b Ide, Ireoigs lfamamoJ c', John Tsuruta, idasajr Harai,

.November 4, 1942
$ -x>tp>. l.L i% yL/'fetA as *y;'Tj l,n
ARE Hi. : /l '
The project senior high
sohool standards are equi-
valent to those of the La-
mar high school, Principal
S. Olay Coy announced yes-
Therefore, any diplomas
or certificates given to
graduates will carry the
same value as those of any
high school in Colorado.
Any high sohool gradu-
ate who is interested in
enrolling in post graduate
classes, is asked to con-
tact 8H-6F office from 9:30
to 11 a.m.
One requirement is that
tho' studont must have grad-
uated within tho last five
The distribution of the
entire consignment of San-
ta Anita government issue
clothing w;ll be completed
today or tomorrow.
Errors in shipment and
failure to till original
orders will be reported
back to the finance dir-
ector at Santa Xnita but
no assurance is given that
those mistakes will be rec-
A list of persons who
haVe not called for their
clothing has been Compiled
and' those whose names are
listed are requested to call
for their packages at the
second building west of tho
post office,
Rikuzo Obi, Joe Kodama,
Miki Moriwaki, Neal Juri
Suddan .death bano at
noon Monday to Ilohei Waca-
nabe,. 49', of 12II-12C., fol-
lowing a oollapso on 0
street, between 8th and 9tli.
At the time he 'was stricken,
Watanabo had been returning
home from the administra-
tion area with his issue
Of Sears-Eoetuok clothing.
The deceased, a former
Los Angeles merchant, is
Excerpt from a little
orange card found within
this Centers
Need not bo mates. Con-
ditions unimportant. Un-
limited offor.
mar, Colo.
(Would frdzon ones do?)
survived by his wife and
daughter., Tire latter, Ruth
Watanabe, is a former honor
studeut of USC, and recent-
ly left the center to study
at the Eastman School of
Music, Rochester, New York,
We regret that today's
edition of the Granada
Pioneer was slightly de-
layed due to transpor-
tation difficulties.
FOUNDA pair of shell-
rimroed colored glasses with
leather case. If no one
olaims it within a few days
at the senior high school
office, it will be turned
over to the police depart-
Nomura; Mamoru Nir la, Shi-
getoshi Sniki, Yr ..m Abe,
George Kazuo Okamura, Nobuo
Morimoto,Moriso Nishihara,
Ycshiyuko Hoshizaki, Toku
Suzukida, Cuaries. M. Izumi,
Tsugio Fuminioto, Ilarukichi
Nishimoto, Cbelle Jwasaki,
Masaru Kitano, Yoshiko Fu-
rukawa, Masao Katai, Isono
basuji Ike, Riohard Kaya,
Bunjiro Akahoshi, Anko Hi-
rashiki, Kichizo lUkishima
Paul Yamamoto, George T.
Takaoka, Tom T. Shigaki,
Kichibei Furuye, Toshici
Takesako Chiyasake,Takeo
Kitsuda, Jun Matsushita,
George Yamada, Jensaki Ma-
eshima, Masaji Tamaki, Ta-
mo tsu Mi.yu, Ishlmatsu Naka-
mura, Rith K. Sato, Yasutaro
lura , K.: iPukysma, Mitsuko
Nakamura, Tom Uyeda, Yoshiko
Paul Ken Fujiol: .. Teruko
Sato, Takehiko y Sasaki,
George Nozava, Fra oos Se-
nada, Yasuo Yoshiuc, Hiez
Hibino, Takeshi Hori, Ishi-
mitsu Hus.himoto, Keishi
Hirose, Fujio Natcamura, Hi-
doo F. I to, Tomeji Kawasaki,
Hiroshi Nagao.
Saikishi Tatsu, John M.
SUjioka, Harry H. Higa,
Horse Sugars, Talumatsu Ha-
shimoto, Kusumo Nakaye, Ya-
sukc Fuji.Tatsuo Furukawa,
Alice Ono, Roy S. Shino,
Robert M. Tatagai, Tokumatsu
Satoru Kawashima, Satoru
Katayama, Frank Y. Shigeno,
Win. Noburo Hayakawa, Rith
. Okano, George T. Morishige,
Dr. George Nagamoto, Miyeko
Furukawa, Georga Shimadn.