Granada pioneer, November 7, 1942

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Granada pioneer, November 7, 1942
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 4

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Auraria Library
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Vol. I, No. 4
! -!
Four oars loaded with
over 50 tons of evacuees'
personal household goods
came unexpectedly last week
from Sacramento, it was an-
nounced by Balpto Jw Mitch-
ell, property offiflfer. The
Shipment came from the gov-
ernment storage warehouse
and the cost of shipping
'is paid by the government.
At the present date some of
the goods which have ar-
rived have already been
distributed while others
will be held in the ware-
Persons who wish their
personal and government-
stored goods brought in
may fill out requisition
forms obtained from their
block managers, Henry F.
Halliday, senior adminis-
trative officer, announced.
He also added that this is
just a survey and when the
delivery can be completed
is not known.
The Sadie Hawkins danoe
is tonight at the 811 mess
hall. The time' is 7:30,
IQ aents is the cost, stag-
ettes are invited.
Gat a guy, gal-let*a go!.
Amaohe, Colorado November 7, 1942
The following story has been released by the Mil-
itary Intelligence Service language school, Savage,
Minnesota. It is printed verbatim and is not to be
re-published nor quoted in any newspaper or other
publication outside of relocation oenters,Ed.
In an effort towards amelioration of its rulings un-
der the Selective Service whereby enlistment of nisei
personnel has been suspended sinae the outbreak of the
war, and in response to urgent requests from nisei cir-
cles pleading that nisei men of draft age be granted
the opportunity to prove their loyalty by enlisting in
the armed services of the United States, the War depart-
ment has now inaugurated a
tunity is now presented to
Ihis opportunity is being
extended to nisei who can
meet the following quali-
fications, and is open to
both single and married
men alike:
. 1. Applicant should have
at least a high school edu-
cation in this country, and
must have a fluent oommand
of the English language.
2. He must have an ade-
quate oommand of the Japa-
nese language, both oral
and written. He should
have facile use of "hira-
kana", "Kata-kana" and a
good number of. "Kanji" nor-
mally used in written Jap-
3. He must be jhysioally
fit for field service.
Men meeting the above
qualifications will be given
the opportunity of volun-
teering for enlistment in
the United States Army.
Beoruiting officers will be
visiting this center in the
immediate future, and fur-
ther detailed information
may be had from them.
'Applicants, after passing
the regular army phisical
examinations, will be in-
ducted and sent to the Army
language school for a fur-
ther intensive training of
six months, and upon com-
oo ntinued on page 3
plan thereby such an oppor-
qualified nisei personnel.
Evacuees who are con-
templating on leaving this
center for private employ-
ment must file application
form 74 at the employment
office, whether or not they
have a specific job in mind,
advised Clarence Moore,
chief of employment and
The application must be
cleared in Washington be-
fore an indefinite leave
oan be issued,Such an ad-
vance clearance will prevent
unnecessary delay when the
evacuee has an immediate
prospect of a job.
Said Moore, "Due to the
large number of Japanese
already in Denver, evacuees
should consider jobs in
eastern cities."
Santa Anita ohecks cov-
ering a period from Aug.
15 to Sept, 15 are now a-
vailable at the building
opposite the fire depart-
ment according to Delbert
E. Love, fiscal accountant.

Page 21_----<-------
: ,
; Duelling chiefly on the
neoessity and subsequent
problems of. evacuation, Pro-
ject Director James 0.
Lindley addressed members
of the Granada Womens fed-
eration who met Thursday in
the 7H :,recreB,tion hall,
airs, Chiztfyo Kanazawa pre-
sided at the meeting.
Other speakers inoluded
Paul J. Terry, superintend-
ent of schools, who in turn
introduced Dr, Enooh Dumas,
prinoipal of the elementary
division; Her bar t K, Walt her,
junior high prinoipal; and
Mrs. Lottie E. More, home-
making department super-
visor. Also present at the
meeting' was ¥/, Bay Johnson,
head of oommunity service.
During the business ses-
sion that followed, Mrs.
Kanazawa arranged for a
tentative nominating com-
mittee oanposed of one mem-
ber from every blook. This
group will prepare a list
of candidates for presenta-
tion at a meeting next
The following classes
are open to post graduate
students*, economics, physios
(beginners), solid geome-
try, trigonometry, algebra
II, senior soienoe, agri-
culture (beginners and ad-
vanced), commercial law,
bookkeeping II, and short-
hand I. In two weeks Eng-
lish and social study class-
es will open.
Students may enroll from
9;30 to 11 p.ra. in 8H-5P.
Residents with oollege
degrees or those who oan
qualify are asked to regis-
ter with Dr. Enooh Dumas,
elementary school prinoipal,
for substitute teaching at
Substitutes are needed
for kindergarten, elemen-
tary, junior, and senior
hi$i olasses,
Electric lines too olose
together are the oause of
many minor fire3, stated
Varner Campbell, fire pro-
tection offioer.

-November.. .7, 1942
to-fift eiiPR'o-
ro fei ceosEo
*. With the seleoti6n of*
a nominating committee, the
senior.high students will
choose a board of direotors
for the cooperative store
in the near future. Over
275 students have bought
shares, in the store.
Fine and commercial art
classes will begin next
idonday evening from 7-9,
Prinoipal Charles Mulford
announced yesterday. For
further information, stu-
dents are asked to contact
the night school office.
Classes in drafting and
basia clothing construction
has the largest enrollment
with 150 or more adults.
Thus far about 350 adults
have enrolled for adult ed-
ucation with the women out-
numbering the men 10 to one.
Amy: I nou ye, 7 F-1 IE- Kb
came the bride of Fred firi-
moto, 7F-12B, in a simple
home wedding performed hefe
Tuesday afternoon by Rev.
Agotfuma of tile Granada
Protestant church,

"There is some confusion
as to the corroot name of
this center judging from
the fuming lettersstat^ j
ed Joe McClelland, reports
officer* "Although the
post office address is M-
che, Colorado, the name of
the WRA project still re-
mains, Granada Relocation
Project," ho oonoluded.
Thoro are a limited num-
ber of jobs awaiting export
ohick sexors in Alabama ac-
cording to word received
at the Pioneer office.
For further details write
to P.Q. Box 1387, Birrain g 1
ham, Alabama,
Tokio Ueyama and Koiohi
Momiyama, two we11-known
artists, who studied for
many years in Paris, will
supervise the art depart-
ment under the recreation
program, beginning Monday.
Classes will be held at
the 7E recreation hall on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri-
days, The hours are'from
9 to 11 in the morning,
1:30 to 4:30 in the after-
noon and 6:30 to 9 in the
A change in the daily-
library schedules and night
hours lias been announced
by the three sohool libra-
ries. Adults are invited
to use the facilities of-
fered by all of them.
The senior high library
is open from 8 a.n, to 5
p.m. Mondays through Fri-
days, Saturdays from 8 a.m.
to 3 p.m. and 2 to 4 p.m.
on Sundays. Libraries are
open nightly except Satur-
days and Sundays from'7 to
9 oclock.
The junior hours
are from 1 to 4 on Satur-
days and 2 to 4 on Sundays,
Parties and gatherings
in recreation halls must
be okayed by the recreation
department and forwarded
to the police department 1
for a permit.
Mess hall gatherings
must be okayed by the mess
department' and forwarded
to the polioe department
fof perciit. Per^i ts for #
gatherings may be obtained
at the polioe office, 6F-6D,
Boys and girls are asked
to attend tho Protestant
church ohoir p^aotioo in
811-1 IE, every Tuosday and
Thursday at 7*30 p.m.

The fbllowing girls left
the center on Wednesday Jto
fill jobs, as houseworkgfs
in Denver: Susie Yamaolia,
Se'tsu. Fuyuno, Lily Narita,
Amy Ishizu,Peggy Faniguchi,
Lois Xaromura and Yae 10koi.

A meeting of -as Amis oh e
little th*?afer group wi 11
bo L *ft3Sday, i'ov. ID,
at i,n 8.ti-4E*.
. All bhoqo 'who-.arei in-
terested' 'in acting, dir-
ecting, stage design, make-
up, costuming or properties
arc invited to attend.
Direotor Robert. Dier-
lan bad assistant Cherry
YCshtt.omi will instfuct the*

November 7, 1942.
.Page 3

# 4 4 4 4 -4 to
blished Wednesdays and Saturdays by the WRA and
distributed free to every apartment. Editorial of-
fioe* 8F reoreation hall, Amache, Colo.-
Joe MoClelland, adviser Oski Taniwaki, direotor
Bob Hirano, editor Tosbio Ninorniya, manager
Staff: Suyeo Sako, Walter Puohigami, Jiro Suraita,-
Takako KusuAoki, Jack Ito, Tomoko Yatabe, Jaihe Oi,
Alioe Taketa, Joseph Ide, David Sugimoto, Tsugime
Akaki, G-eorge Hamamoto, John Isuruta, Masaji Mural,
Chris Ishii, Harry I oka, Sdith'Kodama, Kyo Hirano,
'Roy Hamajl.,__* 1 *_______^______________^
A top-notch touoh foot-
ball duel is to take place
tomorrow afternoon at the
10G playground when Sebasto-
pol and Santa Anita tangle
for the oenter's gridiron
supremacy. Both teams are
lined with seasoned players.
The contest will begin
2 p.m.
Heading the Santa Anita
aggregation will be Tad
Hukaihata, Woody Odanaka,
Dave Matsushima and Hiroshi
Ito, Sepol will rely on
the famed backfield quartet
of Pete Masuoka, Johnny

Hirooka, Sam Miyano and Tom
This afternoon, gridders
from Livingston and Modesto
will take to the field at
1QG playground to settle
the 6-6 deadlock of two
weeks ago; Modesto is a
slight favorite,
Adult Protestant ohurcb
services will be held at
the 10H reoreation hall as
well as at the 7H re creation
hall tomorrow at 10 a.m.
(.continued from page 1)
pletion of the oourse will
be sent out into the field
with combat troops. The
duties definitely will not
be of "espionage nor "se-
cret agent" type of work.
A limited number of students
who show .special aptitude
and temperament for teaching
will be retained at school
as enlisted instructors with
rating of sergeants or bet-
Prospective applicants
and those interested should
try to settle personal af-
fairs so as to be ready to
leave this center with these
of nisei under the Selective
Service, and the standing
and treatment to be aooorded
to nisei under future ohang-
os in the Selective Service,
as well as their post-war
status, will depend to a
great degree on the nisei
reaction to this plan whioh
Army officers sympathetic
to the nisei have worked
out with no small amount
of deliberation and trouble
expounding the nisei side
. of the pioture with the
Seleotive Servioe system.
Teams wishing to enter
a nine-man touoh football
league are to Send their
managers to a meeting 7:30
p.ra. Monday at tho 7E reo-
reation hall, announced
Koe Yosbida of the recrea-
tion staff.
A and B leagues' Pre-
planned and the managers
are to discuss rules and
regulations and draw sched-
Plans are being made to
fojrm an intramural teach
football league among the
Junior high sohool boys
according to Coach John
Hoke. Rules and regulations
used in taokle football
will be observed except for
the use of body blocks and
Meanwhilo, the girls
under the direction of in-
structors Freda Mahoney
and Maymc Kishi, are woll
underway in volleyball at
the playground.
Pete Masuoka, former
Santa Rosa junior college
star athlete, has been
named successor to Hilton
E. Starr as center high
sohool recreation leader,
the education department
announced this week.
Starr resigned to seek
employment outside the
center. Masuoka starred
in football and track at
Analy high school and Santa
Rosa JC.
The response to. this plan Event Time Reo Hall
for nisei to enlist in the PROTESTANT u
Army will be lboked upon Sunday school 8 a 45 a.m. ¥ 8H
as the aoid test of whether English servioe 10* 15 3#ni* 8H
or not the requests for Issei servioe 10* 00 3 #31* 711
opportunity to enlist being Y.P. meeting 700 p#m. 8H
made through various nisei BUDDHIST
publications ara^, made J.n . Sunday sohool 900 3.m* ' 1107G
real sincerity baokod up Y.P. servioe 13:00 a.m. 11G-7G
with aotion. S.S. teachers' mtg. 11:00 a.m. 11G-7G
It is the first step Adult servioe 2:00 p.m. 11G-7G
in re-appraising the' status ... .. , ...

Page 4
A traveler t historian!
and athlete la Bev. Leater
1. Suzuki, ohairman of the
English division of the
Granada Christian ohuroh.
For six years preoedihg
the evacuation order, Bev.
Suzuki was a minister at
the Eos Angeles Japanese
Methodist ohuroh and helped
to construct the first ni-
sei ohapel in the United
Bev. Suzuki spent his
early childhood in Hawaii
and later moved to the main-
land. He graduated from
San Jose high school in
1927 and was the first ni-
sei to receive a degree
from San Jose State college
when he graduated in 1931.
During his college years
he was a varsity task star.
A year of study at the
lluff School of Theology
in Denver and further post
graduate work at the Drew
Theological seminary in New
Jer sey followed, and in 1934
and 1935 he received degrees
of baohelor of divinity and
master of arts at the sem-
inary. His first ezgsrlenoe
as a full-fledged minister
asms at Wapata, Wash., in
In the following year,
Bev. Suukl made a extensive
tour throughout the Far
last and visited Shanghai,
Hongkong, Manila, and many
Japanese oities.
Bev. Suzuki has had per-
sonal oontaats with sudh
reknown men as Bishop Abe,
organizer of the Japanese
Church of Christ, and Father
Divine, idol of millions
of negroes.Suyeo Sako
xThe Japanese "suioide sub-
marine" of Ba& H&tjbor .made
local headlines, agairu"** '
' ThV' two'-daii* stfbmfir iile
captured, after the attack
oh Pearl Harbor collided
with a Greyhound bus as it
was being towed dn a truck
to the civic oenfef to be
placed on exhibition.
At a downtown corner it
swung wide and the propeller
blades knocked against the
bus window. One woman re-
ceived minor outs,accord-
ing to a recent A.? story.
_____PIONEEB__________November 7, 1942
A temporary advisory
committee met last webk to
plan a well-rounded center
YWCA program, the first
activity of which is to be
a get-together rally.
Members Of the advisory
committee are W. Bay John-
son, Bev. Hester Suzuki,
Bev. Maaao Hirate, Keiji
Matauhiro; Mesdamea Y. Bama-
land, Lotie More, Margaret
Walthere, Akira Aral, Koto
Hattori, Kiyo Doiuohi, Bio
Kashiwagi, Thomas Saito,
Bokuzo Qhi, Georg* Y* Ta-
keyama, Tomomitsu Yamasaki;
and Misses Catherine Ludy,
liana Unof Yuri Domdt(\ Dor-
othy Takeohi, and Alio e
The purpose of the YWCA*
"To build a fellowship of
women and girls devoted to*
the task of realizing in
our ooomon life those ideals
of personal and social liv-
ing to which we are commit-
ted by our faith as Chris-
"In this endeavor we
seek to understand Jesus,
to share His love for all
people and to grow in the
knowledge and love of God."#
Further information on
the YWCA and its activities
are to be had at 10H-3A
and at 12G-2B, according
to. members.
Louis 1. Glinkman, Chief
executive, and Jack Brit-
tain, field executive of
the BookyMountain boy soout
counoil, were present at a
meeting of the Center soout
leaders at 71 recreation
hall Monday evening to an-
swer questions and advise
the leaders on future or-
Mikio Fujimoto, former
soout commissioner of the
Meroed assembly oenter, was
appointed chairman for the
nominating group of the
district soout committee.,
A four-mile observation
hike is planned by the boy
scouts tomorrow at 9 a.m
Bftey GIRL BORfl
Mrs. George Kimoto gave
birth to a baty girl at the
Meroed hoqaltal on Oot* 30,
according to word received
here this week. The father,
George Kiraoto, 12F-2F, is
now working near Denver.
Both are former Modesto
The possibility of ob-
taining larger quantities
of bottled pasteurized milk
than are now being reo&ved
daily was reported by Dr.
G. A. Duffy, chief medloal
offioer, this week.
However, due to the un-
certainly of the plan, a
requisition for a larger
supply of S.M.A,, powdered
milk and evaporated milk
has been made to supply the
babies under a year and a
Preliminary work of grad-
lag the blooks to drain
the water away from the
barracks and mess halls
during the wet weather has
been started and will be
harried on as rapidly as
more equipment beoomes a-
vailable, announced Louis
Temple, senior construction
Blocks requiring extra-
heavy grading will be at-
tended to at a later date,
he added.
Desoriptive literature perintendent of education,
from oolleges and univer- All available newspapers
sities is being filed in from other WRA centers have
the high school library, been awarded to the public
8II-5A, for the use of the library, publication dir-
general public wishing*en- ector, Oski Taniwaki, an-
rollment information, ao- nounoed. Ten center pepers
oording to Paul Terry, eu- will be on file, ho said.

November 7, 1942-------
Long-lost cousins are
traditional joke characters,
but Goichi Maeda, 6H-3D,
really found his as an in-
direct result of relocation
to Colorado,
It all happened when
Kantaro Maeda, La Junta
hotel proprietor, recently
met Masaki Hiratsuka, a res-
All persons under. # 18
years of age must be accom-
panied by their parents or
guardians for dental ap-
pointments, announced Dr.
George H. Nagamoto, chief
of staff, Friday. This is
in compliance with the Col-
orado state law that re-
quires the signature of the
parent or guardian.
Despite -the inadequate
amount of supplies, the
dental clinic is handling
an average of 70 patients
a day. At the present
time, the work is limited
to extractions and fillings,
but on completion of the
laboratory, all types of
dentistry will be possible.
The clinic Is located
in the 4th ward of the hos-
pital. The hours are from
8 to 12 a.m. and 1 to 6 p.m.
daily, and Scorn 8 to 12 noon
on Saturdays.
The police department
announced that their tem-
porary headquarters are-
located at 6F-C&D and their-
two sub-stations are es-
tablished at 11F and 11H'
recreation halls.
The department has di-
vided the camp blocks into
three districts and reports
on each are to be handled
by the three district of-
District lj Blocks, 6E,
6F, 6G, 6H, 7E, 7F, 7G, 7H,
District 2* Blocks, 8E,
8F, 8G, 9E, 10E, 11E, 11F,
11G, 12E, 12F, 12G.
District 3; Blocks, 8H,
8K, 9H, 9K 9L, 10H, 11H,
11X, 12H, 12K.
Eleven trucks arriving
today will bring to 75 the
number now being used here.
____PIONEER________________Page 5
ident of the center, who
was on a business trip in
that city. Maeda asked Hi-
ratsuka to contact for him
any former residents of 0-
take-machi, Soiki-gun, Hi-
roshima, Japan, who now
live at Amache.
Hiratsuka's search led
him to the apartment of Go-
With the whole world up-
set, life must go on as
usual. So, would someone
take pity on two lonely
Japan ese-Canadian road
workers? We like to go
places and see things, but
can't; so the next best is
to hear about them. Ace
is 23, five feet, three
inches, and would like to
correspond with boys and
girls between the ages of
18 to 23. Rusty is IS and
five feet, two inches, and
would also like to cor-
respond with boys and girls
between the ages of 16 to
18. We like all outdoor
sports, dancing and shows.
Our hobbies are practical-
ly everything under the sun.
Will exchange snaps with
everyone who writes, so
come on, sling some ink our
way. We'll be waiting.
Ace Irie
Rusty Miike
Unit No. 1
Solsqua, British Columbia
Yoneo Sakai, former cor-
respondent of a Tokyo paper
and editor of Los Angeles
News, will conduct an Issei
class in "Current Topics."
He will speak in Japanese
on current events and prob-
Classes will be held ev-
ery Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday from 6*30 to 8 p.m.
at 8H-1E,
An adult class In tex-
tiles and interior decora-
tion is being held every
Monday, Wednesday, and Fri-
day evening from 7 to 9 o'-
clock at 8H-6C.
Mtb. Shizue Watanabe is
the instructor, a night
school announcement said.
ichi Maeda. After checking
names and dates, Maeda dis-
covered that the La Junta
hotel man was a cousin from
whom he had not' heard for
the past 30 years.
After an exchange of
letters, the cousins are
planning a meeting here
next week.
I've noticed many block
managers are passing out a
roll of toilet tissue to
every person in their re-
spective blocks. I realize
why this action has been
taken but I am wondering
if they haven't overlooked
The complaint is what
are individuals who cannot
go back to his own block
during the day supposed to
Is he or she supposed to
run home for his musical
roll or string it around
his neck every time it is
necessary to go to the
What if the distance to
home is too great? Then
what happens?
Suyeo Sako
Nisei soldiers who vis-
ited the center last week*
Pfc. Kazuo Tsujihara, Corp.
George Tominaga, Ft. Custer,
Mich.; Sgt. Mas Chomori,
Pvt. Shig Tera ji, Camp Crow-
der, Mo.; Corp.Ken Kaneoka,
Sgt. Victor Wakano, Camp
Barkley, Tex.} Pfc. Sedao
Hamaoka, Pfc. Masahiko Fu-
jimoto, Pfc. Michio Terao,
Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Pvt. George Yamaahiro,
Ft. 3enjamin Harrison, Ind.;
Pfc. Kaoru Masuda, Ft. Ri-
ley, Kan.; Corp. Hisashi
Nakmoto, Camp Savage, Minn.;
Pvt. Shigeru Cgawa, FtT
Warren, Wyo.; Pvt. Theodore
H. Kaneko, Camp Grant, 111.}
Corp. Takao Noguchi, Ft.
Leonard Wood,Mo.; and Pvt.
Kenji Uyesugi, Camp Robin-
son, Ark.
Pvt. and Mrs. Ted Inaba
from Fort Warren, Wyo., are
here to stay with relatives
for a few days.

This map of Granada pro-*
ject is a- reproduction from
map prepared by the U. S. de-
partment of agriculture. The
site of the camp, the former
XY ranch and Koen ranch,and the
location of the project veg-
etable and farm areas have teen
added by the staff artist.
Contrary to popular belief,
the town of Granada is excluded
from* the project area. The'
squares indicate one square mile
showing approximately 15 square
miles as the area of the Grana-
da center.
* *


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__ - -p ? 1*1 at ? 5
Hif t
S/9/vr^ *A<> 77! "^'pj f f (i * & v
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