Granada pioneer, December 5, 1942

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Granada pioneer, December 5, 1942
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 13

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HLAN COURSE ffiNCt I ii ifM?Sff)
through efforts of Projeot Director James (J. Lind-
ley, contractors yesterday reoeived notion to romove
the barbed wire fence between the administration area
and the rest of the oentor.
Wien it was discovered that the interior fence* or-
dered by tli Western Def^nso aoinmand f ssparatod the
hospital and administrativ;- staff from .vacucc. living
quarters, Lindley protested to Bagion&l Dirgotor Joseph
H. that the fence "served no wrpose
Smart imediataly raaohed Hov^alt, assistant
WRa direotor in. Washington, D.G#f who in turn referred
tile matter to the assistant secretary of war.
Tho fencing betwaoix the OGatcr and the guard towers
will ba rotainod, however#
The i}r.nada center le^ds
the various WRA centers in
aiding the wr effort by
initiating a Ja^janesa lan-
^aage ^refresher'* course,
announced acting Registrar
Levyis y# Panslan, today*
nNot only is the addi-
tional language a necessary
qualification for array or
navy ^ut it vvill arx as-
set during pTOe time*"
added Franslan who urgos
oitiz^xxs of draft ago to
sign uA) who hve been
^ItdUng to qualify and get
Into this war.*'
Inter estod- q i t i z ens
should register at the per-
sonnel office in the south
adiniais tration building
this iviondijy ut 9 s30 a.ui*
1our teuciiers have already
baan secured.
To register 18- and 19-
year-old m^les for selective
service, '..alter J# i&odel
was designated by the proj-
ect director and sworn in
4s registrar for the proj-
ect in Lur today.
Begistr^tioa will take
pl^ae in tbe south adminis-
tration builcJing from Dec.
11 to 17. Complete details
will appear in the next
edition of the PI01IELR,
In aocordanoe with the
suggestion by Joseph anart,
regional director of the
WIiAta revision of the ohar-
tet subnitted by the assem-
bly is being made by the
organizing oomittee*
Smart believed that the
oharter should conform more
strictly to the pattern ad-
vised by th^?WRA of using
Amer iaaa oitizons* The
oumbersomeness of a large
assembly of issai and nisei
to aot in an advisory ca-
pacity ,not provided for in
the WHA instructions, met
his disapproval.
The older elemant, said
the direotxjr, can play their
part in the ocnanuaity
serving on oommittees, oaa-
missions, boards, and other
appointive administrative
positions where their wis-
dom and experience will be
Hevised plans call for
a couuoil of 29 represen-
tatives eleoted by the peo-
ple of BBQh blook; and an
executive ocramittee of five
membors f ele-otod by the
oounoil* eaoh ropres^nting
a district#
Director Lindley ex-
pressed a desire to sot up
a committee of five older
men appointed by him to aot
as liaison betv/een the di-
rector1 s offioe and the
other two bodies*
A sermon by Eev. fokuyu
Shirakawa xml lii&^li-ght
the informal gathering of
too Buddhist young people
to be held at 1:30 p.m# in
12G- SuMIiist hail tomorrow.
'EfCUÂ¥N CfDUKE DlifflJIil)
?01SLAKD, Ore* -diner u
Yasui, 26-year-old Hood Hi-
V6rt Oreg^a, nisei attorxiay,
mus sentenced to one year
in u road oamp and also
fined #5000 in a Portland t
Oregon, court# 11 o had de-
liberately violated the
alien ourfew lav to create
a test oasQ. John H* Col-
lier, Yasuifs attorney, de-
clarad he would
Federal Judge Jeuaes a*
Fqq, who pronounced the
sentaaoe, questioned the
Validity of Lieutenant-
General John L* Dewitt1 s
proclamation of evacuating
Amor loans of Japanese n-
osstrj as tcIX as aliens,
Poe uphold the civil
rignts but fburd Yasui guil-
ty of being a ^propaganda
agent of tha emperor since
he held a position as at-
torney to the JapanesQ con-
sulate general of Chicago#
A. L* \^in# counsel for
tli American Civil Liber-
ties Union, states in the
Pacifio Gitisen that HJudg
Fqq is th first jurist to
question military authority
exeroisecS during t3ie pres-
ent war*
Judge Fcefs vigorous
aiKi ocuragsous ohalleagw of
the const itu|:ionality of
military autliority ovr
crioan citizens established
a ^raoedent of great value
to the ACLU in the other
test cases pending in the
courts# involving the oon-
stltutionality of the mili-
tary evaouatioa orders, as
affecting Amerioan citizens
of Japanese ancestry#'1

Page 2--------------------------------------PIONEER__________________________.Doccnibor 5,1942
Published V/edneedays end Saturdays'ty the WR4 and
distributed free to every apartment* Editorial of
ficei PIONEER building, ivnache, Colo#
Joe IvicClellandp adviser
Oski Taniwaki, director Bo"b Hirano^ editor
Staffs Alice Taketa,tJoseph Idf Tsufelme Akaki,
George Hamamoto, John Tsuxnita, kfieaji Murai# Cliris_
toplxer Ishii, Harry Ioka, Edith Kodama# Roy Hameji,
Suyeo Sako, Walter PucMgamiJlro Sumita, Khan Komei,
Takako Kusunoki, Jaok lto9 ?red Myamoto, Robert
^ Aearaoto, Tomoko Yatabe, Jaine 01*
A Different World
On tonday, America will have been actively partici*
peting in the war for one year* Since Pear l Harbor
there heve teen profound changes in the American way of
life; changes which are perheps not so obvious to those
of us who are in relocation centers "betause of oiir li-
mited contacts wlth'the outside# Beoause we rerely go
out to buy those oomrodities, we ere not fUlly aware
the sugar end coffee shortages; because we no longer
drive automobiles, we are not faced with gasoline and
rubber tire shortages.
Under its new policy, the WRA hopes that at least
one-fourth of us will once again take our places in
American society* We must realize, however, that we are
returning to a far different world from the one we left
last spring, and thoxigh v/e may look to the WRA for eoow.
aid, tho principal tasks of readjustment lie \;ith us*
Theyve come to tho
fore. They may heve "babiaB
end household duties, but
they1re going to do their
share for the comrounity as
they have done "bcifore. A
planning comitteo with
dynamic Mrs Aral aB chair-
man me t last night.
Watch for them#
The B and I girls arc
busy in the thick of ecti-
vitics. Several duts hevo
started the ball rolling
and now many are in the
formetivo stage of getting
eetetlished. They ero pre-
paring e follcw-up meeting
of tho Nov. 22 Employment
Porum on Doc.13 and a tig
gathering for after Christ_
Vfith Chri stmts eliuoet
upon us, the Girl Reserves
arc planning to spread a
tit of cheer* They111
spend tho next for/ weeks
decorating halle, distri-
buting gift fer center
children, end participating
in other services* Tho
girls aro going to have
YMC_A Ho ids
Songs and games will
highlight the informal
gathering from 2 to 4
in Terry hall toniorraw of
Gli persons interested in
Yl.KJA and boys* dub leader-
ship fir "this center. George
Ono will act ae ohairman,
George Yuzavja will be in
charge of games, and Itoiry
Suzukidawlll lead the song
An open discussion v.ill
feature "brief tetlks "by Reo-
roation Suporvieor Harvey
Turk; Paul J. Terry, super-
intindent of oduoation;
Dorothy Tekeolii, YffCA lead-
er; James Yemeneke, end
Mesao Setow#
A talont progrem will
bo hold Sund&y by Blocks
9E end 8P in their respec-
tive mess halls at 7 p.m.
Talents recruited from tho
blocks wil provide the on-
Christmes parties "by meil
vith other GRfs ell over
the US. Letter exchanges
hove started naong them
c.nd others of the 25,000
v;ho ccanprise the YTOA younger
members. Y^u can bo sure
vjq9 rc all looking forward
to the holidtys*
Women rnd music should
never "be drt&d.
The girls hc.vo stepped
davn from their trtlo-top
perches, rnd tho extermi-
net or is no longer needed.
L^st woelcfs mouse hes been
crpturodrll four inches
end four ouncoe of It*
After running wild in tho
office with Josephs MtsClel-
Irnd rnd Ide in hot pursuit,
It rr.n Into e corner > emit-
ted on squenk and
si^rrondered* Crptor Ide
b&rmed with Prcnk Buck-ish
pride rs he retrieved the
unruly rodent; but the
smile evtporated to be re-
plr.oed by n most "beautitic
look of pein. Yelped he;
"It "bit me IM
A me.n mny flrunt
i hie Pii* D*
* Us winmin donft,
boouz you see*.*#
To, a Ph# D*
meens ^Oh-oh,
Petticort Hvnging
Down "below:
Pro'bn'bly the nioost
sight we saw during the
last snowfall was that of
an elderly man clinging
tightly to his wifef6 hand
ae he carefully helped her
Goross the road. So that's
what they mean when they
speak of the ^age^ of ohi-
Hw does one feel sit-
ting under b permanent ma-
chine for an hour longer
than a pernanent ordinfirily
requires? Ask, Sliinoo Mae-
kewa* She was receiving a
permanent from fellow-
"beauty-operator Hama-
hashi when the electricity
did its periodical 23-skidoo
right in the niiddle of the
perinf*neut i n g process*
What price boeutyJ
And. now that )7e hsve tiio
men*s ettc;^ion, we echo
the posbm?r.?s yearly lamenti
,f?irhy don;*c f]Ic?s mnil141011
Christm&ia things eerly?M
So plec.BQ rc&dcr(s}, meke
our postman ixappy this yar*
Meil yours eerlyi

______PIONEER___________________Page 3
Former Students Tel! of
Life in Granadai Center
December .5,1942_______
Teachers of both elemen-
tary and high schools from
Rooky Ford and Colorado
Springs visited tlid center
last week, the elementary
school office deola"re'd*
Also, a s eniol1 high
sohool class from Ulysses,
Kansas, was here to inspect
An article, appearing
in the iiodesto Collegian,
Modesto Junior Oollego pa-
per ,depicts the life of
this center as seen through
the eyes of former LilO stu-
dents. Letters have bean
written to Frederick Knorr
Among the / -s-tude nts aro
Llary Suzuki, now working
in Denver; Gladys Ishida,
attending Washington Uni-
versity at St. Louis, Mis-
souri; Ben Hashimoto, Esther
Okuda, and 3unioe ITodg,
v/ho were relocate to Col-
and tour the oeater
Warden Yoichi Nakamura,
6E-6Df was appointed as
special detail officer by
Police Chief H, ivl, T oral in-
son to replace Saburo 2ani,
10 left for Boulder last
Prior to evacuation Na-
kamura handled oases in
Los Angeles in ooimeotioa
with insnigratiou, labor 9
and agriculture problems,
it v/as made kno\m.
and other faculty members.
talse Alarm
The firo alar sounded
with r epeated fxonzy.
The 6E boiler room s
on firel
An alort crow hurried
to its job. Arriving at
the soeney the disgusted
firemen saw the source
of the alarm*
A uouohalant boiler-
^an was roLeasing a blast
of steam from the over-
heated boiler.
The now WRa policy of
relocation outsiae the pro-
ject as it affects center
residents was clarified in
aa interview by Josqx1i H.
Smart,director of the De:i-
ver regional ofxico, *
We caught him betwoen
Goaforcncos- in tho trim
cubiolG that serves as Pro-
ject Director Lind.1 ey* c
office. 3jirtyisha bluo-
eyed and slightly grayed
at the temples. Smart spoke
to us willingly and frankly.
Resettlement will henoe-
fbrth be the aim of the \VSAt
he stated. But, he added ,
this does not mean that
operation of the center will
be neglected. The V/RA rea-
lizes that jobs oannot be
found for 110,000 people at
one time and accordingly
plans to follow the sa*ne
policy of making life with-
in the center as normal as
Smart does not believe
that those left in thG cen-
ter will anticipate reloca-
tion to the extent that
they will neglect their du-
ties, Oa the contrary, he
asserted, thQv will probably
work harder and attempt to
establish good employment
records, for it largely will
be on the basis of these
records that jobs will be
The man power shortage
in the US was stressed by
Smart. E^ery capable man
and woman should be doing
work of some kind, he said*
To meet the need for sldljed
workers in specialized
fields f 3r.urt said that a
training progxara would be
iinaugurated to prepare res-
idonts for project and out-
side jobs.
As for workers who went
out this year, Smart said
of them, "She response in
meeting the emergent need
for manpaver this fall was
magnificent^ With few ex-
ceptions the workers1 oon-
duot was v;nderful.M
--Roy Hamaji
Kiyowara on
Legal Staff
Danzo Kiyov/are joined
tha legal aid staff as i;a-
suranco ocunsellor, Projeot
Attorney Donald Horn
notified tho press today.
Eiyowara has had 15 years
of cxocricnoc in this typo
of v;rk.
The project attorney* s
office would like to allay
recent romors by announcing
that there is ao moratorium
on the payment of insurance
orado State Teachers' Col-
Knorr was the adviser
for the Japanese Students1
Club who is now helping to
find employment for them.
?rank M. Yarnaguchi* matnl
and mechanical dxamng in-
structor f r $ signed last
week to accept work for the
Curtiss-Wright Corporation
in Buffalo, S, fclay
Ooy, principal of the senior
high soi^ool 9 announoed #
Jr, High Gets
Piano Teacher
Llary Wa tana be has been
appointed piano instructor
for the project schools,
the junior high school of-
fice announaed this week,
x^very ch in sohool
v;ill have theiprivilege of
taking piano lessons in
groups of six to 10 pupils,
250 Attend
Record Hour
More than 250 people
attended tlpe first Japanese
record hour last woet at
tho 11F mess liall* Terry
i..iae .lurakami and S. Mori-
shita v/ero in ohargo*
Songs weru rendorod by
I.Irs, Sugioka, ivlrs. Imamura,
Terry Mao Murakami, Graoo
Imato f Messrs. Yokoyaaia,
Suiui, Uyeda, Ozakif Kakakif
Kawasaki, Nakaguchi, Haradti,
ITakao, and ugii.ito.
P r i n c ipa Herbert K.
V/alther addressed the en-
tire junior hi school
student body for the first
ti.iie at an assembly at Ter-
ry ball last week.
The thane of the program
was 'thanksgiving11 and' the
ohaijnnanwas Coradell Crain,
music instructor.

Paga 4________________,____PIONEER________________Da comber 5,1942
To better serve the oom-
ffluaity with properly trained
police offioera, a poli-oe
school has been opened at
6P-6E with Chief of Police
H A% Tomlinson as^ the in-
l lTtomexi are being
hbw to investigate orimi-
nal ca&es, to hancEL crovid's,
aad other police tactics

BVQIlt fitOTLSTiiOT dfime Beo Hall
Sunrise ^prayer nesting 6:15 a.m. 7G
Sunday sohool 8t45 am. 8H
Japanese service 13100 am_ 71 1011
English scrviQG 10:15 a.m* ' 8H
Yj? matting BUCi)EIS2 7:00 p,m# 8H
Sunday sohool 9 5^0 *a,m* 70-12G
IP masting XOiOO .sni# 7G-12G
SS teachers seating 110Q a9^. 7G-12a
'Found' Items
The following articles
have been found and y be
claimed at the polio de-
partment, 6F-6C, upon itien-
Ladys glovosi aye glas-
ses ,t^o boy* s sport jack-
3ts9 two ladys sweaters,
hymn took, ooin pur se#^ bas-
ketball, green ombf kay.f
g irlfs sno^ hat# boy1 a
sweater, and znaxi1 s glove*
The first performance
of the newly-formed Engex
kai tdrama club) will be
held on New Year* s day..
Tnose wishing to take part
are asked to report to
(xndof 9K-12E, or Uye-
no 1211#
Lorna J. Tuttle,, gener-
al secretary of tli Denv^
YWOA; (} Bird, National 4
Branch TjiGk rstired seore-"
tary, Ii^aination and Por-
eign Co,^ununities division;
EXI^abotli rAom]?6n, Indus-
trial secretary of the Don-
One-Act Plays
The -tlmaohe Little Chea-
ter group will ^ esent a
program of one-act plays
on Deo.16 and 17 in Terry
hall, it was auaounaed by
Dire o tor Hobart MerlM
V/odne^sday. Detailed infor-
mation will be released at
a later date, he added*
Taos a iatorwStcd ibe-
ooiiiiixg manbers of tha busi-
icss, ^roxxrty# or stage
committee ar requested to
attixid a meeting in 8H-6D
at 6i'3 p.m. on 40rxday^

She Press Bulletin^ Pos-
ton publication, will soon
appear in linotype print
but unlike .-laii^anar and
Heart fountain tLey will
own the presses, ffiie Li-
notype *uBQl'iiuQ was pur-
chused with toe profits
made by the cooperatives.
Twenty-one kibei and
nisei at Janidoka have on-
tered tha IntelXigoaGo Ser-
vice language school at
Savage, d. innesota. f2he
community 000perative will
show free movies to child-
.ran of higli sohool age and
rndor but will charga adults
The Gila center will
stage a mess liall contest
with tho follomng^points
judged: cleanliness-* pro-
per pre^ration, of food,
ooaduct t)f mess hall per-
sonnel and outward a^poar-
tincc of mess liall# The
first priise will be a pen-
nant Mith a white S on a
blue field and the second
a^ard a ite cresaent on
a blue field
A committee on t2ie pre-
vention-and disposition of
juvenile ^delinquenoy has
been formed to act as an
advisory board to the ju-
dioiary committee in tho
trying of juvenile Gases
at Heart wlourxtaia. Iin.broi.
dery work displayed during
a reoent exhibit will be
displayed at Oody, Sowell,
and at 1310 WR:vregional of-,
fioc in Denver.
Volunteer workers are
knitting overv 400 sweaters
for the I!ed Cross at tli
2ule Lake ojeot. 5rl
L* Delano, procurement
fioerf is a fifth cousin
to President Boceevalt#
ver YWOA; and Peg Stewart,
group worker and adviser
of the Denver Nisei olub,
mro reoont visitor!* of the
iunaohe YV/GA.
All girls who are work-
ing in Denvor and those who
arc planning to go thoro
for employment arq asked
to Q|itMt the branch of-
fice any information
or aid-
Where does the* money
taken in at danaes go?"
That1 s the qaestiobe-
ing asked of members of the
r gcreation d !! s
dance oommittco time and
time again*
.Members of tho danoo
oommittee want it to be
made knv;n that the money
is used to buy reoords and
decorations *
Up to now, all. of the
mmabers of the .dar,ae oon-
uiittee have been .on, and
they are looking f.jr a boy
to help them out. things
like moving th& oh^i.r^ in
?erry hall arta plenty of
mrk for the gi^rls. They
need sane msoullm brawn.
Fellows interested in
iKljing put oti dances havG
b^en asked to inquire about
the job at the 7t reorea-
tion hall* A work order
goes .wittt the position.
F Meetinq$
Motifioation of gather-
ings in msss halls or reo-
reation nails must reach
police head quarters for
olearanoe three Qays before
the event, the police de-
Toartmant annoumed Wednes*-
day. Blooic meetings are
an cxoCiption#

December 1942
Page 5
A* I^uise Goodaon, so-
cinl studies Instructor*.
was treated for second de-
gree burns at the center
hospital Wednesday whcaa she
accidentally stepped iato
a gully filled wit^i 'hot
LBhes at the northwest ctor-
ner of Blook 6G, S. Clay
Coy, principal of senior
high echool announced yes-
School-nurse Kobata ad-
ministered first aid treat-
ment to Miss Goodaon*
Young People's
Social Held
Twenty-two young people
held a get*ac quaint ed so-t
cial the HP recreation
hell Wednesdey evening*
Gemes, dancing 6n& refresh^
mente \?ere tlie diversions*
In charge were Katherine
MatsUmoto, Terry Mura-
kami, end Roy Hemaji#
* This is the first of a
series of sociels plnxmed
to better1' ecqueint "the
young people of one block
with those of another*
Police'/. Fire
Chiefs Speak
Chief of Police H* li
Tomlinson end Fire Chief
Vern Cunpbell spoke "before
en rssenxbly of the entire
junior high school student
"body, ^ursday morning, Prin-
cipe 1 Herbert K. Neither
declered yeaterdey*
The two officials lec-
tured on trrffic sufty
and methods of fire prevon-
On B4ay# 111ey eddressed
the elementary students >n
the stcae subjeots
A Let in-American art ex-
hibit sponsored by the US
Depertment of Education
will "be displayed ot 8H-2P
on Monday, Tuesday, end
Wednesday,: Art lastnietor
Torn Oicpmoltb dtrtod Thura-
(ley* . :
Residents arc invited
to etliend endyieir tho col
lection of pi<5turc?s# weev*
ingsv pottery, rnd litere^
turc, r-ndclso iief*r record-
d Lrtin*Acaoriccn music
The following people
^ whose nrmes rvc not listci
on the mrll directory tre
to olaim letters held
for them rt the post of-
K." 3). Abe, Mrry Pujimu-
rrf S. Pukuyrmr t Yoshb Fu-
jimoto, Krziio Hrmnnura* Srm
Hirrdo, Georgo Hyr shjbr.ra,
Nubuko Ito, Pujio Inouye,
Y^eno Kitrgrwe#
T* KobayFshi, Michiko
Kogr.wa, J* Koimo, to*
sudr, Takejiro Mc.tsui# W#
Mctstunotoetsussuro Mo.
ri, M^su Nekef George N-
krimirr., T* Nfk^ruurr*
Krnji Nojimc 9 Frank Oice-
znki, T* Srgrwe, E-rrgrret
rndYosJaiko Scmeshima, Hc-r-
^ry H. S^ito, Aiko Sftow,
Srtautr., Don Hiroshi
Shigcki, Sunny Acre Fr.rm
N* Trgrwc p Kimiz^me Ta-
kate, K. Taraichi, Tedaoki
Taneke, Fred S^uchi T&uru-
da, Iviasaru Uda, Tomy Vd&,
Ikaily Uycde, idkuo and Hg-
len Ii^uto YomemotOf Metsuo
Yemno, Msy Y- mesaki, R*
Yo^pyeme, and Tetsuo Yote*
that will bo played#
Iu conjunotion with the
art QXhil>H0 the principal
of th Colony Grade school
in Lamar is expected to
describe and lecture on the
various exhibits on Tues-
day evening*
All elementary school
children will be given free
dental examlnstions and
treatmentsf starting Jbn-
day, Dr* EdocIi Dumasprin-
cipal of tlie elementary
school announced this neok.
The students, scoomps-
nied by a teacher, will go
to the dental clinic In
groups of 15 to 20.
A meeting of teachers
and parents of pre-school
children was held Thursday
to discuss child problems,
the elementary office re-
tea lod y :st e The
guest speater was Dr. Enoch
Dumas, principal of the
elementary school.
Rev. Root is
Guest Speaker
Rev# Dunald Root of the
Lunar G;vristian churcli was
guest speaker at the Pro-
testant young peoplef s
meeting in Terry hall Sun-
day evening, his topic
being ^Forward.*'
Bcv* Root was accompa-
nied here by members of his
congregation who met,.with
the Granada young people.
Meary Nr-kemura was chairtaan*
CO0PE 11| aWSfiUCIICN l?ffW
Otto R* Rossmen," hc^d
of coiumunity enterprises
of ell projects, instruct-
ed members of the incorpo-
ration end enterprise com-
mittees of this center on
the organization end out-
line of cooperctives ton-
day* Present et the meet-
ing were J*L. .Rogers,' com-*
muuity enterprise superin-
tendent, E/H* Runcorn, as'^-
a 1st ant comunity enter-
prise superintendent; and
H. K. ^althor, junior high
school principal*
The cornmittees h£ve been
meeting deily end ere stu^
iyitig fhe setups of cooper-
ctivcB* They will drew up
e charter with "by-l^ws end
rules in the nce.r future*
The cornrunity cooperative
is expected to "be incbrpo-
rerfced sometime during 3)6-
cember, according to Run**
corn. Sharts will then bq
Discussion groups will
"be set up in the center to
familiarize the public a-
bout coops &6 soon as the
cooperative Is Incorporated#
Manbcrs of the incorpo-
retionrcommittee sre Frank
Tuchiyef chairman;*tsu-
shi Ntaruse, Ben Kawashima,
assembly members; end To**
yogi Konno, Tuichi Domoto,
and Nobuhei Kurita, members
at large*
Tlie mterprise coin&ittee
is cdfnposed of M# SoitOj
chairman T* Nishizaki,
secretary; T# aima, A. Kc-
jioka, &nd K Oki; plus the
first three members of the
incorporerfcion coirsnittoe*

Every game has its un-
sung herof the player wlio
rates m space on the sports
page, but without whom vic-
tory oould not be won* Ibis'
is especially true in foot-
ball. * *
He is the blocker who
p^ves the way. Without himf
the brilliant passer and
ruimer would be just another
player, *'
II q taises bruises and
knocks without rocognition.
Hs is on the bottozu of ev-
ery play. He stays in there
for almost 60 minutes of
every game aad then v;alks
off tho field with few
cheers from the sideliaos.
fiut he is a vital oog
ia teai inHohinery^ ?/hth-
or he wins a in the
hsadliMs or not, ho keeps
pitebing. Watch his play
ia the next game.
That was a firiandly ges-
ture "by the Gramda high
school in iaviting the oen-.
ter1 s school boys to
a basketball contest, We
hope similar steps will "be
taken by other nearby oc^n-
nu-initias so tiiat better re-
lations will result all a-
Our boys appreciated the
move* They agree th6rofs
nothing like friendly ath-
latio oompe-tition to bring
out sportsmanship and fair
John Yan^moto, center
athletic supervisor and co-
s^owar of the new quarter-
back Club, hitsthe Mlseye
Yaiaamoto received his BE
at San Diega state college,
?tore li broad jumped in
track, played *baokfiold in
football,guard in basiiat-*
bail, aiid both infiald and
outfield in Tiasebsll, He
oaptainod" tha San Diego
elovon om year.
The work be is doing is
directly in line with his
past experience and love
of sports. It was his en-
deavors that not long ago
got us a supply of athletic
oqui^ment from tho physioal
education director of San
Dgo stator
Paga 6
Erfibition fcotball games
arc axp3ted to wind up the
activities Of the newly-
orgajxlzed ^aartarbaok 01ubt
according to John Yamamoto,
athletic supervisor and
co-instructor" with Harvey
Turk, reareation head.
^ The first organized
.scrimmage is scheduled to
take place Monday at 3:30
p.m. at the 9G playground.
Classes on football
theory will b "held every
Tliursday at the 7S reoroa-
tion hall* #
ThQ second group of 20
center hi^i school boys
traveled to Granada hi^i
school Wednesday and sorim-
maged agsdnst their varsity
in a basketball o on test.
Although the score was not
aooountod for* Goaob John
Hoke who acoanpanied the
boys stated that they were
known to have come out on
Taking note of the game,
Hoke said that every boy
participated in. the scrim-
mage and though they had
never a or immaged before
they played a good brand
of ball.
Yesterday 40 more boys
from the canter schools
participated against the
Granada five. Hoke also
o^pcots to schodulo a prac-
tice contest for his junior
high school boys sometime
next v/ek
tanaka Takes
Shogi Tourney
I, Tanaka won first
piaoe in tm center^ ini-
tial shogi tamiament Thurs-
day, Miyabashi and S.
^lorimoto plsoed second and
third respectively.
DeoemDer 5f 1942
Gome Sunday afternoon,
the 9G gridiron will "be the
centar of two fbotball olas-
sios as an American league
doubleh'oadar, on tap# j
In the opening/ gamej
starting at 1;30 p.m,, the
strong Kau Kau Lane 2eros
will taolilQ the Merood Yo-
gores# The Laners, who
have woa a game and 16st
another, aro given a slight
edge over the Yogores. Yot,
whatever may be the out-
QxmiQt tho Zeros with Art
Faruno and tho ^goros with
Swede Famkawa carrying ths
offensive burden should
prove very interesting.
The uabeatan Mong Gong
Maggots are expected to
rmUB over the li^it Bou^i-
riders in the second oon-
test. Having already reg-
istered tv;o victories, they
aro going after thoir .third
triumph ovor a team that
*has lost one and tied an-
Biq -laggots with thoir
array of stellar players
such ^s, Hiro Ito, Qoro Sa-
saki, aad Buggy Igasaki
will line up against the
Houghriderstandouts, Koe
Hiaoki, Mas Uyesugi, and
new addition Pate ilasuoka,
A model reareation hall
has been set up at llfi'by
Mits Ilashiguchi of the re*
creation departments Equip-
ment offered includes two
plug pong tables, table
games and badminton sup-
Hours are from 8:30 a.m.
to 4330 p*m. and ovory one
is wGloaao. Mark Hayaahi
is supervisor with Joyce
Madhida assisting.
The SS rcoroation hall
will also be open to the
public in a fow days.

December 5,1942 .
Page 7
Boys are to wear their
lettermen^ sweaters and
girls are to wear typical
co-ed apperel et tonight^s
Collegiate dance at Terry
Oski Tani^eki will serve
83 master of ceremonies*
The usual admittenoe price
of 10 cents per couple will
t)e chsrged.
Ari/t '
A eon was born et 11:42
a.m. Nov. 23 to tos# Liiia-
ru listsumoto, 7H-12C, end
hes "been nemed Aiki.

People interested in
caroling during Christxoes
week ere urged to attend a
meeting at Terry hall on
Thursday evening, Dec* 10,
from 7 oclock, I-^yme Ki*
shi announced today.

Iv^a. i\iji Oniki, 52, £L
7C, died at 4s38 Wed-
nesday in tiie center hos-
pital. She is survived by
her husband, Ered, and sons,
511021 and Joe. The lest-
named resides in umahe 9
tj?s* Kixai Kinomiye, 6?-
4B, has announced the msr-
riege lest Saturday of her
daughter Rinko to Hiro
in Denver.
A daughter ^as born et
3:45 e.m* Sunday to I.*rs*
John Yasudc,1113-23, in
tiie centre! hospitel.
Mrs* Amy Sato, v^ho will
instruct the "ballet and in-
terpretive dancing class,
asks thet til who are In-
terested attend a meeting
6E recreation hallf 2
p*m. today*

Bordens will officially
be known es police in the
near future#
WRA Ofiicia!
In Vis it Here
Malcolm E# Fitts, 7RA
regional sduinistretive
officer, visited the center
yesterday with Denver Fire
Chief Joixn F.lleely, his
aesistsnt, Jeocs GcLxkp end
firemen Louis Kenper.
In order to better clas-
sify pupils according to
their ebilitics end inter-
tsts, tht Orlcens Algebrc
Prognosis, the Kulxlmonn-
Anderson Mcntrl, and the
Progressive Achievement
tests were given in the
junior high school, Prin-
cipcl Herbert K. Welther
dcclrrcd yv st-.rdry.
Ctth^rinc Ludy is in
chrrge of the examinrtions
rnd the strtisticrl deta
is being compiled by Dr* T
Tcrerai, he rd^ed.
Jr. College
Plans Dropped
Arr^guracnts far rttond-
ing tiie Lrmr.r junior col-
luge dissolved rs not
enjugh students v(crc in-
torested, Prul J. Terry,
superintendent of education,
rcvcrl^d yeeterdry,.
Studf.nts v^ho ere still
interested in enrolling
should r.rkc individurl rr-
ruxganerLtB hith the junior
college offioielb through
Superintendent Terry*
Music Hour
To Begin
The first ausic appre-
ciation hour, sponsored im-
der 'the reoreetionprcgrair^
-will "be held Ibnrisy 7 p*zn*
in 7G resreatiem lxe]:lith
ELesnor Terite iu charge.
Select ijxio tbe played
include e 6uet fr:ra KTrg-
v iat e,Tl Cherub in i s ,TAna-
crejn,u ,fLouiseT, and 'Coa-
certcM "by Tschaikoweky#
Vern Campbell, fire pro-
tection officer, haa re
leased the following in-
structions on hov? to fire
the apartmtnt hc&ters
(/en rirst fire is built,
rreke s\ire g gooi "bed jf hot
coals cover grfct-bG-
fore addirig raor fuel#
D. n.^t fill hcetcr above
the t^p wf briak flues*
Any size cf coal uoy "be
usud "but smell aiz^e are
prbforc'blo ferbetter burn-
Alv/^ys close the
pit do^r and slide draft
register n asix pit door
'whe-n rcplcnisixin^ fuel to
evoid Bin^kc in tho r^m*
Tentative plane for
Christmas activities with-
in the center pere discus-
sed during the meeting
Thursday morning of tht
Granada Womens federation
in 7H recreation hall* Mrs*
Chizuyo Ifenezawa, co-cheir-
men, presided#
Included among other
discussions was a plan to
provide nursing mothers
end smell children with
special 'between-me&l food,
o sanitation report ty 8.
Aiico Hori, possible loca-
tion for block sewing ma-
chines, aid the distribution
of smell Christine 8 gifts
to children in the center* ^
Nisei soldiers visiting
in the center this week
Sgt. Peul S. Tsutpui,
Cpl Yoshiaki Nose, CpI^
Shozo Seito, Camp Berkley,
Tex; Pfc* Hideo Nakano,
pfc Skelly Ycjnaguchi, Ceiap
Robinson, Ark.; Pfc. Masao
Harada, Ft. Bliss Tex;
pfCa Kei ichi Yamf guchi,
CaiEj) Crowder, Lo.; Ffc*
Shigeo TelDUChi, Pt. Benje-
min Hr.rrlson, Ind.; Pvt*
Tom Hori Ft. Riley, Ken.;
S£t George Suzuki, Pfc*
Ichiro Kitnueto., C^mp Phil-
lips, Krn.; Pvt, Shigeru
Ibe9 Sgt. Uratsu,
Cpl* Tom Uyeda, Cpl. Sa-
tsuki Ten^kPtsubo, Cpl.
George M*rfco, Cpl* Minoru
Nrnibr, Ft. S^vfge, Hiim*
After fresh cocl hr.s
bcenrddod, close ftod door*
Push slide dreft register
in feed doer the right
for air. Open dr? ft re-
gister in eshpit slightly#
Koep pit doer closed*
Aftr fleme hrs started
to envelope the t:-p of fuel
bod, fr:nt drrft slide may
be regulated in Fccordence
with the desired warmth of
the room*
To present dust from
getting into the room when
shaking the fire, insert
shaker hendle through drsft
register in £sh pit door
Keep tah pit -rly empty
for "best results*

S' Cv ^ 'i >i ^ y w |a V
v? _ ^!
e*^ ^ X*
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fif #N p A ^
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ftf A \f \ f7

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W tiie',
*>_\V1 > *r w^'
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tl ^^.<2-^^
ir^4*\l S it s ^^'1
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4^ v*^ ^^tA-i."C. ^3
^^^i^'iup ^i'
4 M 4^ w
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'^# V. *^"V
2^5 I < ,
*i-V vj'';e W '
>*/ d/hv < <4G
0s?l V^'e iH^1'' 4 i^t)-t~b c
Ce i44? v-(1V a s..$_|
A r / #W |iV vi *sj
?; -V4pjl-^^-. >*0-|
¢1 '\ a | ^ ^ y i?
#ti,4 >> |> --vjC>'$ -^M^i-|
>V forv^ |$ r v e1^|
|!Hi ij
*-'o P h PW^!d S _#> I
< i:C cct4|
¥ \ H £>e
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<'!'^^:4 $ V CC11r t! '
.^.'v 0 -' <-A'V V
d V <1^.*^^ ; v
TsW a
v X i!
c W
e s£i4^

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a '.#^^^$ j#|03^.4||'1
01'|1<|-^\ % j^frs^JIl^'t^^^'v'^p/t-l^qv^^c^^-f'^^^
*v V \ i .lei i
1-'iI^J^A ,\
nyy K k--3 j
x vv^il^\Al'^v'l
ia/i.\r;t v'i.^-^
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#^|-^-^,V Z
1.'17'^5^ "^
11 s.c<^'ill-bp I '1-'^^'11-
V*%/'#..lifc^/^)?-f#-s i
#^s<^'f*r?.-t1' v^1^^-45J
l-^?ix%d-^v/b_f^d^vus>i |
W M J' ^^^g- g |
>^./^___ |
W #.'.4'1!1
f 1/,*#^5:40!3|
SI ¥.f@#
- nr-r.fn raiiJQ
% v<2pBf1fil^f:*r;§-s
~ J
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Q \'^- 1 ^-'-<0~^^
ny liI '3..
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Aff<(sclr^r#: U&V-1
VA^rf'Y^ c5!0y^^luf^^ <
^#' ^ X
S57fJ /tt'tijka¥>_v^^
.Al\^4 H Tes.______


ilv ^ $1^ f i
o o
y o
lQr a
n r *o
-:- Good
m h o s ut s^c,
t c o r s c a Q- a & a ^ ^0
so o o A
rllQ*tcmitr TO*^a'&a
CIPP0L HJAC DH0pullrJaf w u Y

^ N,s,aov)

A nisei staff sergeant# Aiucrioan citizans bot'^ocn 18 and 40 years of ago,
graduate of the language v*i ate physically fit and have any knowledge of the
school nov/ on combat duty, Japanese language* ere called to volunteer for the
in a letter has this to Military Intelligonoo Service Language school, Savaget
say about his impressions: Uinam9 by tt* Roy M# Hirano and his staff wftio arrived
Lots of hardships, yet here today,
a ohanoe to have the ex- Nisdi man ill sooner or later be subject to the
perience of a lifetime, draft and they now have a chance to serve where they
the ohanoe to serve our will be most useful and whore the acJvancQmant is rapidf
country...a ohanoe to meet Lt* Hirano stated.
people* .that are more than Enlistmant is voluntary and there is no espionage
just aoqualnteptoesf because oonnootod with the v;rk, it was oniphasizad. After six
you have been throu^i so months of intensive training in the Japanese languagey
muoh together. the enlistee will ba appointed a oorporal or higher in
MI have a good oha of rank*
not ooming out of it (the If superior aptitude is showa, appointment s staff
war) alive and I tall you sergeant or teohaioal sergeant will be grante(nd the
that I dont mind dying enlistee will bo retained as an instructor*
but I i?oaf t stand for any- Interested persons are to apply at the employment
one undoing all the work office in tho south administration, building between
that you, our olassmatos, the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p#m. Saturday will be the
and all of us are doing.11 last day to enlist, it was stated.
r lejy
i f
|5 ri

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>t tt r-
q H

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H. 2 $

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