Granada pioneer, December 9, 1942

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Granada pioneer, December 9, 1942
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 14

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Auraria Library
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Auraria Library
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Vox. If No.14
Amaohe.; Colorado
Peoember 9',1942
All. nisei 18- and 19-year-old monin the Granada re-
location oontar will rGgistcy undor President Roose-
velt1 s sixth selOGtivQ servioo proclamation beginning
Friday at the office of Walter J# Knodel in the south
administration building*
Evacuees aro working outside the oentor are to
rGgister with olQCtivo sarvico officials of tho par^
tioular county in which they may happen to be during
the registration period.
Excerpts fir an the presidential proclamatioat
M(a> Thosevrtio were born *
on or after July lf 1924, iz^n has not heretofore
but not after Aug# 31,1924f
Shaol0 police, fami
block authorities yester-
day pledged their oaaplate
cooperation In the state-
wide practios black out
sh3duled for Monday* Alarm
sirens will be sounded from
military polio0 guard tow-
A 0omnittee of internal
saourity officers yester-
day met \1ith Lt* John
KiAtp§nf commanding officer
of the military police, to
map out the exact procedure
to be followed# Complete
blackout Instructions will
be carried in Saturday's
edition of the FIONELB,
PART TlfTlE Pfly
Effective sinoe Deo* lf
any regularly enrolled stu-
dent who hol<3s a center
^ob is oonsidered a part
time worker and aa auob is
not entitled to full wages,
James G# Bindley, project
director, announced yes-
terday# Exceptions will
be made ixgon mutual agroo-
mont by the employer, chiof
of employment, and the su-
perintendent of education*
Other rules stute that
no regularly enrolled stu-
dsat shaH work for pay in
excess of four hours on
school days! no student
shall v/rk for pay between
8;45 am and 3t45 p,m. on
sohool days unless on sigaed
permission from his piia-
No ohild under 14 years
of ago shall be hired for
pay on tho project; no stu-
4ntf aged 15 or 16f shall
wojrV unless on approval by
hia principal#
This new policy s
adopted to eliminate dis-
satisfaction among full
time workers and because
it fvas felt that regular
dttendanae is neoessary to
maintain suitable olass and
pupil schedules*
shall be registered on any
day during thQtW66k 00m-
manolng Friday, Deo. llf
1942, and ending Thursday,
Dqo.17* 1942;
Those who were born
on or after Sejpt# 19 1924,
but not after Oot* 31,1924,
shall be registered on any
day during the vmek com-
menoing fri<3a^t Deo* 18 #
1942, and ending Thursday#
Deo. 24# 1942;
fH 0) j6 who vfero botn
on or after Nov,1# 1924,
but not after Dec. 31,1924*
shall be registered on any
day during the period 00m-
meaoing Saturday, Dec. 26f
1942* mi exyJing Thursday*
Deo. 31t 1942;
*Hd) Duriag the conti-
nuanao of tho present war,
those v&io mxo born on or
after Jan.1,1925, shall
bo registered on tho day
they attain the 18th anni-
versary of the day of thoir
birth provided, that if
suoh anaiversary falls on
a Sunday or a legal holi-
day, thair regi s tration
shall take place on the day
following that la not a
Sunday or a legal holiday.
"Every male citizen of
the United States is re-
quired to and shall during
the time or on tho day fixed
herein for his registration
prosoat bimself for regis_
tration before a duly de-
sigaatod registration of-
ficial or aeloative aervioo
local bo^rd having juris-
(Jiotiion In th ai'aa la
he may happen to be during
that tiraa if suoh rnals oit-
been rdgistsred under the
Selective draining and Ser-
vice act of ,1940* as amend-
ed, and the regulations
prescribed ther undor,#
pfiy STfliion
CHfinGE' (HflOE
Tho workers1 pay story
on page four corrects
ed, in aooordsnoe with a
last minute change H
Head Hanson, prinoipal fis-
osl aooouatant* All pay
willh^reafter b distribut-
ed ftm the engineers1
building by the front gate
instaadof from tho PIONEER
office as origtaally sta_
Otherwise, the story is
as it appears#
Winter Stock
Winter olothing for w^
men aad: men* additional
grooeriejs, and nationally
advertised toys will be
sold by the center stores,
Joseph L* Bogers, oomraunity
aterprisQ superintendent,
annoxmood Jfoaday# aftar re-
turning fran a fou day
buying trip In Denver* Rio
Kashiwagi and George Morey
also made the trip*
Ski suits, slacks, man*a
aheep-lined jackets, heavy
maderwearf and shoos are
Included in the new stock*
Sho olothing storo will
bo remodeled by Christmas,
aocording to Kashiwagiv A
toy dopartment Is being

Pa£e 2

tos# Maxine Horimoto and
tos# Kiay Iwatomi were elec-
ted co-chairmen of the chil-
dren^ division of the 12Cx
social planning committee.
Shizue Honda, 6H-1C, left
yesterday to join members
of her family in Honey-
ville, Utah# ,
A new a mlDUlanc^ and
hearse arrived here from
New Mexico Sunday, revealed
Cornmunity Services Head W.
Ray Johnson yesterday.

Mrs. Lili Sasakifs hand-
icraft 'students are asked
to pick up their lampshades
et the 8H leundry*
Lampshades which are not
claimed will *be donated to
the school#
Connie Furuta, Zb, be-
came the bride of Sam Kuri-
hare, 28in a simple cere-
mony performed by Judge R.
E. Jones in %he Lcmar comty
courthouse on Nov. 21* The
ceremony'was followed a
reception in the apartment
of the §room,s parents*

Persons or organizations
desiring the use of recre-
ation halls' or the public
address system are asked
to eppiy oneueek in advance
at the 7E recreation hall.
Move resists were add-
ed to tlie project this v#eek
when iiatsuy\iKi' kakudo ar-
rived from CIiinbok/ Lont^,
and tho jIII Shirai family
and Clarence Uyemtsu, from
Idaho Fells, revealed Faul
Freier, housing superin-
tendent ,

A rtKcwdy party" v/as held
ty the high school seriior
students at Terry hall Fri-
day evening from 7 to 10:30,
Principal Clay Coy de-
clared Londay.'*
A Japanese song hour is
scheduled for tomorrow from
7:30 *to 9:30 p.m* at 12H
mess hall Terry Mae f/jura-
kami and Sam Buor'ishita are
in charge*

Glasses in Japanese v^rrit-
ing witxi pen and fude will
be 'open sooxu Interested
persons are asked to aee
Yutalca Su2uki in Block 8K.
Beceniber 9,1242
r GRA^NADA PIONEER---------------------------^
Published >Vednesdays and Saturdays *by the WRA and
distributed free to every Editorial of-
fice:- PIONEER building,. Amaclxe, Colo*
Oski Tuni^aki, director Bob Hireno, editor
Staffs Joseph Ide, Tsuime Akaki George ^ama-
mot| John Tsuruta, kurai, Christopiier Isfiii,
harry Ioke, I3dith- Kodama, Hoy nanaji, Suyeo Sake#
Walter Puchifeami, Jiro IUien Komai,'Takako
Kusunoki, Jack I to, ?red llyomoto, Robert AsacK>to,
Tomoko Yatabe, Jaine Oi, Alice Taketa*1
How it works
c>ince it came into existence njore then e month ago,
wc heve never explained tihe operation of tl PIOI^EEHS
Jipenoec section. After hearing some complaints from
some of our issei roeders, we hevo decided to cleer up
a few misunderstandings.
We realize of course, that o\xv Japanese section is
not suited entirely to the tastes of many of our issei
readers, ffe are limited, under /RA regulations, to the
printing of translations of tlie Ixiglish news stories
which are usually written for the consumption of nisei
To those who'point out that the Japanese sections
of other JRa center papers are more complete, we offer
a second exjiahatioii; that we only have tv;o translators
at the present time*
To improve and expand the sectiori,we have attempted
to obtain more translators and reporters but find that
capable ones are hard to get*
vith limited znan-power and scope we have been doing
our beat and will continue to do so in the futurei -
Hubert. Asamoto
We will not take aiiy
more shoes until further
rjotice Se are over-crowded
this month and Cannot pos-
sibly handle any more re-
Y?e ould appreciate it
greetly if eroiyone cooper-
ated nith us.
Tiiank you_
A copy of your Nov* 18
PIuNEER found its vsav into
our home and since hearing
from the state president
of our //omen1 Christian
Temperance Union tiiat we
have some very good unions
in the west composed of
Japanese, XWe "been wonder-
ing If it would be possible
through your paper to find
whether there are any WCTU
merobers in -Amache? If so,
would you pesa the word to
them that we would "be glad
to hear from them?
Please accept our !^!^
for anything you may do
about it.
It may interest you to
kn7? that re ere sending
the peper to our son in
Golden* Also? my niece
Vera 'Tiorrpson teaches third
grade at Airache,
-.B. 7. V/HI7S
Your splendid journal
has been regu-
larly.* Thank you vei^y much
for puttin us on your
complimentary list
As there are many Bud-
dhiists liere from Santa Ani-
ta, I am sure that your
puMication will "be of in-
terest to them, especially
your adopted, mascot, hi*
If at any time v?e may
bo of. service to yon, please
do not hesitate to call on
our organizetion.

December 9,1942_______________________PIONEEH__________________________________Page 3
New changes in the ad-
ministrative personnel mte
aunounoed by the project
direatoi*fs offioa yesterday,
Willis J Hanson has
been appointed leave offi-
cer under the emplojmient
division and will har^ie all
leaves from the center*
His offices will be desig-
nated latoi*.
John J* 040or<3 is tho
new^ head of
tho public vjalfare division
of oommuaity .'sorviocs. In
a(3dit Ioq to handling cloth-
ing issuance/liis division
is to h&ndla public assist-
anoe grants, und problems
of a personal nature re
qulriag the attention of a
trained oase ¥^orkar.
population of the
oenter has been swelled,by
the arrival of 62 parsons
since Nov, 9, revealed Paul
H* Freier* housing super-
intend ent.
Of this number,11 are
woaem 0 oamo in Su_y
with mwly born babies
HosdaniGS Yo^i*
SE-E;Patriia 20aoko Ik
saki, 12F-53* llzyo liiouyQ,
9L-1A? Betty 12&*2Fi
Aiico ; mi May^da. IXH-llOi JoaMko
Sakai# 10H-6F*, Tern Ial shl, 11K-3G; Sue Toyama,
7H-UG;.lIisa. Yokot% 80-3E;
and Maaako Yoshiya*aa# 7H-4B*
i m b
A system of auxiliary
firemeu Inaugurated xa lule
Lake will bo installed in
this 0611tert declared Wil-
liam i. Hoffman, fire pro-
tsotion supervisor of the
V/BA oentars,v&p is visiting
Two or re voluntoGrs
from oaoh barrack will set
up a fire filiating unit in
each bluok au^mlX be gi^en
s traliiiag .ar^a on fire
ftiag.n;auidss he said
In case of.a hospital
fira, details will be sent
Mulford Off
for Denver
Charles .luiford, prinoi-
pal of adult edudatioa, left
S. turd ay for Denver where
assistant labor economist,
Paul J. ?erry,.supsrintan-
dont of education announooa
ThQ v^canoy created by
Mul ford Is e^^otod to be
filled tday fey Eamuel (Jor-
don of Oolorado- Springs.
t ion d i v in ion, ha s antiav.naod
Its schsrdul^ ofwMtly meet-
inga' follows;.
Haih and Shir ilaid-an
ill ba taugii*- at 7 p.m#
on Moadaysvol^ose toterestod
from qaoh'-blpok to assist
to re^xtlar, ftromen, 110
man furtlier stated,* During
fires in an adjoining block,
voluatocrs v;iil bo asknd to
stand b^f tkeir equipment
for call#
Aside from these excep-
tions thQ funotioix of the
auxiliary feroo will be
viittxln, their own 13100k,
Iiofflnan oonoiudo<3*
Girl Scouts
Hold Session
Miss Stances Leo? imtion-
al girl soout oxecmtivQ
secretary of Boston,Mass,9
visited the oorxtsr Satur-
day and hold a training
session ^ith the girl soouts#
,Journalism enthusiasts
of Croop 162 assisted by
talented boys in aasooiate
fcroops will plisli a scout
newispaper. tT2he first edi-
tlon is expected to be
issued by Christmas# It
vbq said*
in Car^af poems ,. pyose t and
spaoiai caaavs fa^ 0 01111manxty
eduoaticn ,m^Q: at ,? pm*
Wediios^aya, and Sear^u
Glaases meet at ? p#m,
Q?ary Friday,
SIniaui IM3iiiand Karatsu
Unosuk^ isill be in charge
at 12F recreation hall*
Shows Increase tha Sar Labor board as
he is to Job um^loydd "by
Weekly Meeting Announced
The (Jrauada Jap a nos e
Literary Mea:s group, with
the 3ai).3tioa of tlift eauca-
C-0[?Ss ff03TÂ¥QJ
Tills is toe first ia^
a se?5,Q^ of srtX-A^H ty .
E. E*
o oum ^ 11 j ^qui&v ^ ^ .
ectot% ^0_ ;
.quaint re iioBaths'i'th
th e ous ^ a t i ? d mev m^.ent
'aiKl priiit'ip^as^- '
She eooaomJ a pro.blein. fee-,
for-e ,wrxw iji tlife eight-
eeath owtury tvas prj3uo-
tiori^ ;/5unomio gooo s mie
scarce, and noarly n^e^y-
fic lived tfcoaVfeany of
the noocssitics* '51l:fc*
Thedomesticst rf pro-
duction hioii each
worker/ dwfiscM s (
and did /lfis v/ork iix bis.- own.
shop or home;
The prodiioi of his labor
belong ad .to him to use or
.sell* '
....Ihe'ixiventioa of mahims
,suli -as the ^pirumig jenny and the V.teaa an-
gine a decani later ms a
direot attack upo prGb-..
len of productln>( Some
craftsman ^ra^ped t'm c.p-
,pprtuixit3^ be'^ane' owao^s of
the ngw and mere yffipt^rit
tools, air thus retained
tl3,exr owner no ip of tlia fin-
ished prociuots waiali tuey
i3ti wre able te st
a profit- uthfs css for-
tuna-cc,bj luti^^rocc^s lost
Uic ir bcoamo
-wage earners vi.tiiout .ade-
quate' purca^'aiug' power,,
Ma0laine3"y pa^ad' the ^ay
f.ox, mass j)rb^i'tln mo.thods
v411011 acraplad'.Tith effiolent
busin35s manageme rit iiav 0
solved tho. problem of p^o*
duction ia tnis aoatury*
Wo arc in a r/oj'ld of afeun-
daaoatyot'wo have >111 ions
? vi rh t' ovmo r s S 5 p ant3 \iri th-
ou t -caoUgh of the ,goods
'aro turnc-d out in
.pr e lifi 0 raa nt i t ^ 0 s # .
She' nroblcmi vie face then
is oxie of distribution.
Ualsas a satisfactory sys-
tem of distribntica is set
in operations the world may
rQ"/srI: tc an age of tribal-
i$m-f of "blc^d fsuds for
survival beixmen groups,
Vfe know this must not be#
but v/hat system of distri-
bution^shall wq dkooae?
E. H* Runoorn

frank M Yamaguohi rea-
lized an eight montUs1 am-
bition to oontributo to war
production .:*en he left
this week for /ork in the
C^rtiss-Wright corporation
of axffalo, N. I# An ua-
dying interest in airoraft
building and a long employ-
meixt record paved the way
for the Curtiss-Wri^it of-
Meclianioally and eleo-
trioally minded from early
boyhood, Frank showed an
unusual interest in radio
at the age of 10t and it
was in a radio shop that
he was first employed af-
ter graduating from Pasa-
dena JC in 1331*
As time passeo, a desire
to fly and construct air-
planes replaced his first
Xovq xe electricity* De-
termined to make real his
aev? ambit ion, he studied at
the CurtiBs-Wright Insti-
tute of Aeronautios in 1933-
Jhroe years of employ*
mnl at various airoraft
plants followed until ho
w&s hired in 1937 bj/ Doug-
las Airoraft company in-
oorporated, Santa ilonioa,
Cal# He was Douglas1 first
nisei employee was the
center of much att$ntioa*
Life magazine raa pictux-as
last year featuring him at
v/ork aM at home
His knowledge of his
field is all inclusive. He
has been a liceuseQ meohanio
for four years and a li-
censed pilot for twice that
ilodest and retiring, he
is waiting for the day 'n
he oan fly a plane of bis
own, Until that day comos,
he plans to help turn cut
war plan@s until there is
no longer any moesBitf
for thorn*
Suyoo Salco
Rev. Hashirnoto
Gives Message
.What of the Night?" was
the topic of Hqv* Harry
Hashirnoto1s sermon at the
morning worship service of
the Granada Protestant
ohuroh Surui^, Victor Fujiu
vvaa ohairman for tae meet-
ing held in Terry hall#
Hospital Gets
Installation in the cen-
ter hospital of an auto-
matic sprinkler systezn and
pressure type fire extin-
guishers in the x-ray and
two surgery rooms was an-
nounced yesterday by
Ohiof fern Cam-pbell. Camp-
bell and Assistant Fire
Chief Sullivajaare currently
familiarising themselves
with the sprinkler set-up
in the hospital.
Late workers ar^ urgou
to come to the PICE'IEER
buildlag for their Septem-
ber v/agss duriitg the spe-
cially arraagad even ing
hours from 6 to 8 p.m. to-
day and Churs day, said
Principal Eisoal Acaouataat
S. Bead Hanson.
In the event of any com-
plaint as to the amotmt re-
ceived svaouess should
coutaot tiiQ tikeeper of
the particular division
for \vhioh thoy worked, add-
ed Hanson* Gash payments
can be made only to the
worker but relatives may
file forwarding adarebses
with the pa^mastar,Herbert
./eilsr, in the fiscal
?he ceutar' s Saioho no
lye religious group meets
eveji'y Thursday and Saturday
roatiorx liall, the Siiyu kai
said today*
se¥ewh-%y Mmimss
Sabbath sohool
The projoot is in the
process of getting bids and
quotations on materials for
quarters to hous some 140
staff families including
school teachers, u ta te d
o cmr Qiiie nt 0 ff i ci 91* Ai t on
0. Mead.
nTho naed for high p^i-
------^.^.peoember 9 ,1942
ThQ coal hauling situa-
tion has been slleviatetS
due to the fact that work-
ers are getting on the job
and actually delivering
the coal, informed Senior
Transportation and Supply
Officer Ivferk W* Badoliffe*
transportation and sup-
ply* and the mess manage-
ment offices have moved to
the 0r^inoerst building by
the front gate* The new
arrangement sets up an in-
ter-offioe working unit
that will facilitate the
entire transportation sup
ply and property aoaount-
i3ag system for the project,
stated Bacioliffe,
Denver fire
Officers Here
An extensive survey of
the oanter in regard to
fire hasards and fire pre-
volition is being made by
Firo Chief Healey, Assist-
ant Fire Chief Gain, and
Fireman Louis Kemper of
Denver. Shey are expected
to present recommendations
to the local fire depart-
meat offioials.
School Holds
Lost Garments
A numb or of children1 s
monts ^ich wero Githcr
lost or forgotten at the
8E sohoolgr ounds may be
olalined by contacting Molly
Ito in 8H-12F, Herbert K#
Walther, principal of the
junior high school, says.
Time Hec Hall
9:00 a 7G
10:00 a^m* 7Gr
oritios and the extreme
scarcity of certain types
of material will have a
direct influence on the
da to wliioh these buildings
oan be completed1 explained
iiead #in questioned as to
the probable data of con-


December S$
Report Lists
____________Page 5
Paul J* Terry, superin-
tendent of education^ will
address a meeting of the
College council scheduled
for Frid&y At 7 pm# in the
7¢ recreation hall* Those
interested in nisei problem
ate urged to attend.
Topics^-o^ t d i^cug^ion
will inolvidelciinai^ty xace
relatiotsV v6cat4dfiaa ^re-
location, and' otixei^jfeesent
and future phases of life
both within ^nd without
the center*
Utei (Japanese music)
classes will be conducted
by Yoshisada Yamanaka$ at
9L r.ecreation hall on ton-
days, Wednesdays, and Fri-
days from 1 to 5 p*m, and
on Tuej^aysj Thursdays! and
Saturdays from 7 to 10 p*m
The first meeting of tlae
caroling group will isxe held
tomorrow at 7 p*ni. in Tery
hall, kayme Kishi announced,
Monday# It is open to,
After caroling on Christ-
mas eve, the group will
Jiold a party at Terry hall
wi*th entertainment and games
feeinfe planned "by Dorothy
Takechi*. A nominal fee of
10 cents will be charged.
The center^e farm has
£00 laying hens and has
purchased 125 pullets> ac-
cording to the November
report of Warren Bennisonfs
agriculture department#
Other livestock on hand
include 25 ho^s, 41 cattle f
2 xoiLesf and a saddle horse.
The "^ofiuc.t ion for
the month was 49^ dozen
end the milk production
was 4,045 pounds#
Bridfeo enthueiasts are_
invited to take lessons
end play at clssaes offered
et the* 11K reerreetion hall#
Roy Iiz,uke is the teecher.
Glasses ere held on Tues-
day and Thursday afternoons
from .1 tj 4 p*m and on
Tuesday, Th.ux'sdayt find Sat_
urdyey eirenlngs from 7 to 10
No Catholic
Mass Saturday
The Granada Catholic
chapel has been moved to
the west end of I1K recsea-
tion haEL, ennounces Father
Michael Laher. The regular
Saturday morning mass will
not be held this Saturday
because Aether halxer, who
is state chaplain for the
American Legion, will be
in Denver#
All persons interested
in enrolling in beginning
English classes are asked
to meet in 12F rrcreation
hall at 7 ofclock t iis eve-
ning when resist i tion and
plans for setting, up work
will be completed, the night
school office announced.
Mrs* Tamiko, kuto will be
in charge of the .groups.-'
Within e few 'day&# clas-
ses in sewing handicraft,
and other subjects*will te
$500 JC
An off^r of $500 to aid
prospective Lamar JC stu-
dents from th^ center to
pay their tuition fees was
made by tb. Am^lcan Beptist
Home LiB8ion of New York#
Paul.J. Terry, superinten-
dent of e&aoationi revealed*
Approximately 75 chil-
dren attended the lock X2E
circus party Pride evening
in the X2E mess h3ll Games
and entertainment were the
div6i ions*
Chris Ishii,.creator of
lil Neebo, drew caricatures
of the gu^ts* Dianne EDdo>
hula dancer; Buddy Pujita,
harmonica, artist; and Tom
Sasaki^ imitator, were the
_ ,fWhy have non-citizens
been 'denied the privilege
of holding elective offices
in WRA centers?*1
Since this question lias
oome up in so many centerst
the Heart Lountain Sentinel
made contacts end rtceivtd
the following replies from
Jotrn H# Provinse, chief of
the comunity management
division in Heshiufeton;
ftIu tlie first place, the
citizenship status and priv-
ilege of evacuees who were
boi'n in the United States
.need to be given special
recognition*" Provinse ex-
plained further that since
citizens as well as non-
citizens were evacuated,
the nisei have been won^er-
ing wiieisiier they l\avB lost
their citizenship or not.
"It is our intention,
therefore, to help mice up
for .this fact, as much as
possible, by giving special
recognition to the citizen-
ship status of the* nisei.r,
P ro vinse aleo stated
that, the nisei will "be
fciven preference in obtain-
ing release for outside work
and in other respects* *In
general, he declared, "the
liisei are mucii iuoro Ameri*
cenized than the la&ei
This has Dotbing to do
the question of loyalty
to the United States *but
is eimply "& product of the
fact tlxat the nisei ara,
to a greater extent*, prod-
ucts of American institu-
Further In^rina'tion from
Provinoe reveals that the
WRA- wishes to have Ameri-
cans of Japanese ancestry
become amalgamated with the
general population*
May I emphasize that
the iseei have not been
completely b arred from
holding office in agencies
of community self-govern-
ment. It is only the elec
tive offices that have been
closed #to the alien evac-
rtThe alien evacuees are
eligible to hold e; oointive
offices. Thu s ey can
serve on committees ap-
pointed by the community
council. X .am confident
that the wisdom and experi-
ence of jnany of the alien
evacuees ^nill become avail-
able through their being
appednted to such offices.n

A National league touch
football doutleheader is
scheduled for Saturday at
the 9G gridiron#
The first contest at Is30
will feature a dash for top
honors between the undefeat-
ed 7F Skitos and 9E Haiders*
The Skibos will turn loose
%he deadly pass combination
f Ka^iamura to Tokunaga,
while the Raiders will bank
pn tlieir speedy '^forina-
tion boysH Uyesufei^ Hama-
Eashi, Hinoki, and Furu-
n* A lively tussle is in
store for the fans#
The second game "brin£6
together the livingston
Wolverines the I-odesto
Clarence Kahler was ap-
pointed as junior high
school physical education
instructor last week re-
pleciB§ John C xioke, who
has been promoted to head
coach, of the senior high
school boys* He will be
assisted by Pete Masuoka.
Erior to his coming here
Kahler was head coach at
Eads high school# He was
also a former physical ed.
ucation instructor in Gre~
Ping pong tables have
been set up in the follow-
ing recreation halls: 6G,
12E, 11G, and X2H, and the
6H and 9H latxndries, the
recreation depertmeirt an-
nounced Monday.
G- oel-hlf s have been
placed at the 11G, UJC, 7G,
and 9E recreation halls.
Table games y be played
at 6E, US. end 1IK.
The Axaach high school
five will Invade Lamar to-
day and tangle with the
strong Lamar varsity in a
practice game at the high
school gynmasiuin.
Both teams have chalked
up wins over Gramda in pre-
vious games and todeyfs tus-
sle should be a toss-up.
CoechHoke has named the
following "boys to make the
trip: ylBa^ I ga sski, Hoy
Ckuda, Romeo Mtagawa, Lefty
Kitagawa, Hideo Aril, Kenji
Yamaha, Russell Yamge, and
Bill Yoshiwara*
The sixth, period gym
class captained "by Slug
YotsuyB, and the third per-
iod class led tosao Iga-
saki, T>/ere named co-tolders
of the center high school
touch, football daamjionship,
according to Pete Masuoka,
who had charge of the "boys.
An important meeting of
raanagers end captains of
both the National and Imer^
lean league teams will be
held Friday at 7 p*m in
the 7E recreation hall, ,an-
nounced Koe Yoshida of the
Recreation department
The Quarterback club will
meet tomorrow at 7 p.m* in
the ?E recreation hall*
Skibos _
The Pirate s, Granada
town basketball team, and
the Granada high school
girls* basketball team wi|,l
be the opponents for two
squads from the center this
eiezdng at the Granada high
school gytimasiuan*
Upholding the honor of
the center will be the
PIONEER Newshawks and the
Lee Etoiles. Both teams
vvIU take the floor for the
first time this season as
neither as able to ork
in a single practice ses
The Pirates who teke
on the Newshawks boast a
flashy team composed of
former high school stars
and have taken numerous
trophies whicli ere on dis*"
play at the Granada drug
store. The Granada high
girls1 team, hostesses to
the Les Etoiles, is com-
posed of girls from high
school gym classes.
Members of the Newshawk
team: Walt Fuchigami, Jack
Itc^ Suyeo Sako, Chris Ishi
3ob Hirano Tosh Ninomiya,
Shi§ Sug&no, John Tsuruta,
Fred Liyamoto, George Ha.
mamoto, ^ Khan Komai, and
Jiro Sumita,
Tlxe Les Etoiles roster:
Mary Oi, Jeine Oi, Yoshiko
I to, Ibdsiko Nozaw, Sstella
Hoshixaiya, Margie Takata,
and 1'ichiko Nomura.
Approximately 40 boys
and leaders of Troops 152
and 177 reported for volun-
tary work at the 2JY ranch
Sunday to bundle kindling
wood for the center in pre-
pcrction of the cold wiiiter
yet to come. Center scouts
will continue this f,good
turn*1 deed over a riiaiiber of
l got s
kau Kau
Rough Aiders
Nev^ sharks
T o o o 11 o
L o o 111 2
w 2 2 1 o o o
L o o 111 2

CWWiKS 4iKfD I mm iOKS
A list of book, owners v/bo havo not oalled for books oonfiscated at the Merced
assembly center was today released by Masajl Mural*
The 1300ks must be claimed by Deo* 16 at 10E-10B < 3r they will be sent back,
Murai said.
Aiga# A. C-2-12 Kuwatani 9 Yutaka D-2-14 Sagarat George II-3-10
Akahira, Hay S-2-X Saishot Tanl C+iO
AmanOf Ken M&metsuka ,J. H-4-29 Salto, Toshio B-2-6
Aki, Noboru l'iatsuQ, T E-l-9 Sakamakif f. C28
Asaif George H+22 ilatsumoto .K. H-4-12 Sakamoto, II* wmwmtm
Ataoki, fomi 0-1-15 Matsumoto ,1C. J-l-6 Sa-.iamtot H. J-3-19
Aoki, N# 1-2-6 Matsumoto t Shintaro E-2-18 Sakurdda, Heit^ro 0-5-10
Matsunaga K, G-l-16 SamQShimaf Pundo G-39
Pukamizu, K. C-l-7 Misukamif Nobulco oato, G-2-6
Fukuoka, F, 4* Miyake. II A-5-5 Sato, Hirumi F-6-10
Fujita, H-l-4 Mlyama, Georg B-2-12 Sato, H* E-3-10
Fujita, K, Miyamaf Georgo B-2-12 S0t>o | H F-S
Miyamoto, M. H-2-1 Set,, Jukiohi 1-1-25
Haniu mmrnma^ Miyano# * D-l-12 Shintani, H^gime 32
Hamada, Shuyei J-2-9 Miyano E-1^12 Suenag,S H-l-20
Hama ga J46 Miyasaki, Seiohi D-3-16 eoka, J, H4-19
Hamakawa, Mojiro C4-6 Miyasakl, SOahiyo _ Suaoka, S H-4-19
Hanada, Nobuiohi 1-28 Miyasaki, U. Sumita, Ai D-3-12
Harata# J# B-3-13 Mizuma. Kanji mtmumm Suyen^gat I. H-l-20
Haruke, Tosuke -4-5 Mizutani- Harry J21
Hasegswa, Eijiro 0-4-11 Momura# Akira F-6-20 Itebata, Jenji H-3-4
Hasagawa, S* D-3-1 Mori, T. P-5-7 Taga?;af Fraak
Hayashi, S. F-5-20 llorita, Toshiro E-2-16 Tagawa t Prank J-l-27
Hayashida, Ken G_2_? ilorita, Toyono fakahashi, Kaichi H-l-28
Hid aka f J. B6**2 Moriyama, Jakao, Si. F-6-1
Hiratsuka, James F+23 Motonori* George fakeda, H. C66
Hirose, K. tmmrn-mm Jfcirai, T# F-5-9 Iameif Mrljl 1-4-12
Horlta, Uomie 0-3-3 Murakamif T. B-6-2 Tanabe, Harry H-3-4
Tnnif Kiyomatssu J-2-20
Imamura, J-4-16 Nagashi,] 1*2^10 2anitaf E# P51
Lato# S. E-3-4 Nagata, S F-l-15 lomiiicga, M# E-3-12
Inaba, J. G-5 3 Magata, T _ 1-1-18 xomiye, S* C-2-19
Xnagavia# Hioliiro E-5-3 lakainure t George D4I4r Soriusul, S* H-l-23
Inouya, Is mu C-3_7 Nakamura, J, D-3-X1 TsuiiUda, B* Tm X33
Inouye, Jimmy G-3-6 Nakamura, Rikizo J-4-9 fl?suruda, Yoshio J34
Isbiiiu f Y. D-3-16 Salcaxio, * I 1-15
Iwamura, G. J-4-6 Nakano, K. C-l-12 Uyedat E-1*9
IwaW, Buddy 01_2 Na'dant),* M. B-2-19 Uysmoto, J J-3-3
Izuno, saichi 0-3-7 Nakano, MizuKo H-l-15 Uyemoto, M* D-2-6
JMaKashinia ,j. H-3-7
Kanehiro, Monjiro B-4-10 Nakash iina ,N. H-3-3 Wada, II. ^ H-l-i
Kawamoto, J. B-3-5 Nakayama, Y. Wakaguma, H* D-3-6
Kawamoto,1* C. Nish id a, Nobutaro C-3-6 Watokawa, Sam B-1-1Q
Kawamura, iL B Nishita, Dan H-l-4
Kawasaki, K. H-l-ll Yamada, John H13
Kawasliiaa, ?oshiko J44 Obata, V/aKamitsu Yamada, Tom H-l-13
Karumura, Matagoro B-2-4 Okamoto, Mash I E-24 Yamaga, J. J-6-15
Kimiyoshi, S* Okamura, S. J-3-9 Iamanito,y Fred
Ki.itof N. James E-l-16 Oni^ii, C * 1-2-1 Yr.mane, N j4"*13
Kimura, 0. Ono, D, E-4-5 Yamasaki, S. Bl4
Kobutu, II. C-5-15 OshiroT Sana 0-5-2 Ysut_, N. F-1-2S
Kubota, S, 11-4-12 Oshita, T Gr4*20 Yoshihira, S.
Kn&hxin9 Mdraiyo J-5^17 Ot3f S G-2-5 Yuharn, G# 4-414
Kuwaxie, Soshiro G-l-3 Ouya, Baiso

Lau idr
^ Boiler
Clinic en
Warehouse 1*
warehouse 2*
n >omw

Surgery bldg
1 T Out patient bldg.]
At, Fiiarmacy
B. Doctor's office
C. Optometry clinic
D. Laboratory
Ef* X-ray room
F* General clinic
'f y ¥
mrse [3
a manager l5"'
t^Qn __
){&, property

Isolation "bldg.
Standard ward 1
Standard ward Z*
Standard Dental
ward 3 clinic ^
Dental clinic entrance
Pediatric "bldg
(Childrens ward)
0.3. bldg.*
(toternity ward)
Nursefs quarters*

Doctoi^s quarters^
Hospital entrance
Now in use*
Important: Clinic entrance is at north side of bldg,
and not tiiroufeh mein hallway*
12 3 4 5 6


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'^^*ji^-3;^trT|:i I ? |>55;?.3
kr|\I 6i.A^51P ;
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t me
4>4^1||§ § .fhilGntigh1
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jDatu ofpt9G o i
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n*wLrr>w^E ra
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