Granada pioneer, December 12, 1942

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Granada pioneer, December 12, 1942
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 15

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am&ouoxordo December 12j 942
raiCK mi 8.ISIED
All center workers will be able to requisition and
pay for surplus clothing until Deo* 31 under an order
issued by James tt* Lindleyt project director.
The new order goes Into effect Monday and toe loan
of clothing to outdoor workers ands today*
rPhe t^pes of olothing
offered and prioes as
Vol If No> 15___________
Chicken dinner and ioe
or earn will reward the three
mess halls judged best in
the oenter, Chief Project
Steward miliam Wells pro-
mised yesterday#
The following basia will
be used for judging: least
breakage of dishes, 50 per
cent; sanitary oondltions,
30 por cont; oourteous con-
duot,10 per oeat; and morn
prop^ration,10 per ooat.
James (J. Lindley, project
d ireotor, ^nd Wells will
be tliQ judges. Tub first
contest is already under-
way and will end on Deo. 31
Mesa halls have been di-
vided into the following
groupsGroup Qmt 6E 6F,
7Et 7Pf?a, 8Ef 8Ff 8G, 9E9
aroup Iwos 6a, 6H, 7X,
8K,9K,9L, 9H,10H, and ?E.
Ckoup Three 113,12S,
IIP,12#,12H, Utt, 12G,
11K, 12K, sod 111.
The 335th Ssoort Ouurd
company played hosla to the
Savage Military Intelligence
school enlistment staff
aad also Gapt# Jerry P.
Sobin1s recruiting staff
from Pueblo this week, ao
cording to Goinmai-riing Of-
ficer Lt Jolm Kr-
H'WQfve enjoyed v;oricing
v;ith the people hers and are
proud of the way they mo
responding to the army oall.
Were going to live and be
happy together, 'lehope tWs
attitude will bving hax-^pi-
ness to future g^BQratxons,11
stated Lieutanant Serpen#
enlistaeat staff in-
oludad 1st bim Hoy Hirano,
blaster Sgt#Iohiro Hishida,
and Teoht Sgtt G-oorge Iolii-
kawa. The personnel of the
recruiting staffs &ta ff
3gt* Hobart arson, Sgt*
Charles ?ordfand Pvt* Mel-
vin koGrath*
V/ool breeches ¢1.50
Ootton bre^olies ,1.00
Ootton ooats #50
Wool pea jao, Jerkins 1.00
Wool leg rajjs *10
\/ool mittens .30
Ootton paats 1.00
Blue denim paata *75
/! windbreakers 1*50
Witli t3ie exception of
2bose vdio ha/e not been
interviewed for olothix^
allowance are urged to re-
port to the community v1-
faro division in tho ro-
oeption hall Monday, a-
oording to John J. Moore,
counselor and head of the
public welfare division..
Olothing grants will not
be allowed if interviews
are not ooaplated#h0 added*
Future payments to v/oi'k-
ers ill be made in oheok
form,statao Prinoipai Fis-
oal Aooountant T* Raad Han"
son today, Tm absenoe of
many evaouaes frora tiia proj-
eot matea oash payments
aiffioult, ho said.
ThQ proaoss ofunolaimod
moacj beiag returned to the
US treasury, another vouch-
er issued, and oliaoks for-
warded to those away from
the oeater oausss ranoh de-
Soptanbor workers ar.o
urged to oail for their pay
at tho Giiginoors* building
by tho front g^to limned late-
ootton ooats, only one ar-^
tide of each type may be
requisitioned by an indi-
vidual* A worker may order
two ootton ooats*
Requisition forms will
be distrilnatod to aiviaion
hea^s Monday and olotting
may bo obtained from Tsune-
jiro Tanaka, clothing foro_
man, in Warehouso 12*
Evaoueos need not pay
qash for olothing but may
have tbe value of the req-
uisition deducted from their
October, November, and De_
cembei' olothing allov/anoes.
Garments loaned after
Oct* 21 may be returned by
v/o_rs and no rge will
be made. If the itoms arc
not roturned by Deo* 28,
it will bo assumed that
workers wish to keep them
and they will be oharged.
Preparations for Monday's
9 to 9:30 p#m. blackout
v/ere today being rushed to
ooapl^ti on und^r the guid~
hnae of Direotor James G
Lind ley and Police Chiof
II* M Tomlins on.
A two-iainute blast from
the guard tower sirans v/ill
sound the alarm and a se*
ries of short blasts ^11
signal the end.
Lights must bo out and
everyone under oover within
five m inutes after the
alarm is sounded. fflie blook
\7srden go into build-
ings in t.hich lights are
still "burning and switch
them off.
The blook ^varden %7ill
ba responsible for tha ex-
tinguishing of all lights
in his block*
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Page 2
.December 12,1942
for the first time Sunday
to form permanent councils
which will coordinate group
B and I girls seeking
outside e mployment will
assemble on the same day
at 3 p.m, in Terry hall*
A oentralizeci group is being
considarod to betfcer as-
semble geaaral information,
study employment problems,
and maice up an employment
file* All girls are in-
The holiday season prom-
ises much merriment. The
GBs are making 36nas deco-
rations for the pra-sohool
and all Y girls have been
invited to join the Tsaas
caroling. Pro oediag tho
caroling, tho Y girls plan
a ceremony in recognition
of olubs and! club members.
0011timed from page 1
All police will be on
duty* Two policemen will
be assigned to eaoh block.
The police will be res-
ponsible for putting out
street lights* except in
warehouse, administration
and military areas. rJhe
Military Police will ex-
tinguish lights in the
warehouse, administration
and military areas..
The oenter polioe will
extinguish the li^it oq the
water tower
The center police will
see that all trucks and
cars are parked and lights
extinguished as soon as si-
ren sounds#
All firemen and auxiliary
firemen ^ill bo on duty at
the station.-
All limits must be ex-
tinguished ,and everyone
inside buildings with in
five minutes aft el1 the alarm
is sounded Residents must
not attempt to get to their
hones from any distance,
but must stay v/here they
are until all clear is
Training in the schools
will be handled by Super-
intendeat Jerry*
^______GRANADA PIONEER_________________________________,
' .
.Published Wednesdays and Saturdays by tha and
distributed free to every apartment. Bflitorial of-
ficei PIONEER building, Amaohe, Colo*
Oski Taniwaki, director Bob Hirano, editor
Staffs Tsugime Akakl, George Hamamoto, John Tsu-
ruta, Masaji Murai, CSiristojiher IshiiHarry Ioka,
Edith Kodama, Hoy Hamaji# Suyeo Sako, Y/alter Fuchi-
garnif Jiro Sumlta, Khan Komai, Takako Kusunolci, Jaok
Itof Fred Miyamoto, Bobert Asamoto, Tomoko Yatabaf
Alice Taketa, Joseph Ids,
_________;____. .................
This is the Armv, Mr. Sato
With an Amy staff here to^recruit men for the Gamp
Savage Military Intolligenoe Language sohool,it Is in-
teresting to note how volunteers from other oonters
havo fared
Here are impressions of a nisei recruit who reoent-
ly arrived at Savage from another relocation center;
MToday is Sunday and we have the afternoon off.
Usually on Sundays we have the whole day off but this
morning vve had baccalaureate services prior to the
graduation ox&roises tanorrow* Yesterday I went into
Minneapolis, about 20 miles by bus, to take in a couple
of shows and stuff. .
'People in Minneapolis and hereabouts are very
friendly and sooiable.
"So it1 s pretty soft here compared with other posts*
At Ft. Snelling, i^iero we were first sent for fiv
days, we were kicked out of bad at five in the morning
and four when on KB duty. Light's off at 11 p*m# with
a nightly bedcheok at midnigjit.
M2he barracks hare are pretty much the same as those
you find in conters oxoapt they are not partitioned,
Stoves ara tha same oxoopt wo got all tho ooal wq need*
i?od is about vSiat you get in camps, maybe worse. Pt*
Snelling is the place where grub was really tops. I
put on about a pound a day there.
f,Th8 early part of this week they \iQro drilling us
hard and giving us a lot of basic training tout it*3
not so bad. School, v^ioh of course will be our ohief
work, does^t start until the middle of the month, but
one thing I'm looking forv/ard to is payday* And it
is wonderful to oa on the outside again.
It is apparent that life in the Amy is tou^i Uit
it should prove valuable in the post-war world.
The major objective be-
fore America and our allies
is to win the war. However,
w must continuously think
and act in view of winning
the post-war period* Upon
the young people in imerica
will fall much of the re-
sponsibility to decide im-
portant issues when the war
is over, experiences
that you aiid your associates
are having in publishing
the Granada PI0KEI8 will
help you to understand aid
bo prepared to meet some
of our post-war problems
and issues,
I wish for you* aad your
associates omtimed success
in the important vjork. you
are doing,
The "Boyal Araiaas11 were
hosts to approximately 90
guests at a social held
Saturday at the 6E recrea-
tion hall. Brush Arai and
his Kanaka boys furnished
the dano musio. Games and
refreshments were the other
d ivsrs ions.
Warehousemen, form the
group!s personnel and it
is named after Brush Arai*

.Page 3

Event Time |
Sunday sohool
SS teachers1 abating
YP service
Sunriso prayer
Sunday school
Japanese service
English service
YP meeting
9:00 a#m
10:30 a..m*
2s6 p.m.
6:15 am.
8s45 avm
10:00 BPm.
1015 am*
7tOO p*ra*
Rec Hall
'. :7G
December 12^ 1942
* Articles of all kinds
by issei are weloom^d at
the j?I0NEEB office.

Fellows interested in
forming a men* s glee olub
are asked to attend a meet-
ing at T^ryy hall,2 p,m.9
tomorrow* i&yme Kishi will
direct the group,
A masa rally for those
interested in leadership
worii is scheduled for Wed-
nesday at 7 p*ra. in the 711
Morea-tion hall* Five ses-
sions # beginning on D@o
30, ard planned td oover
various ^uses*

An important meeting of
the Girl Rasarve council
will b held tomorrow in
Terry hall at ls30. All
clubs are asked to send
two represGiitfitives,

For their kiudnoss and
sympathy, the frleads of
Jrs. Kimi Unoki, vftio died
here recently, are thanked
by 2Qnaaemon Unoki, her
husb&nd$ and other menibers
of the family#
Residents v;h have had
experience as stqre clerks,
as department heads or as
shoe repair aen are asked
to register at tha clothing
store office. A oall is
also out for a manager of
the Mil order house*

This is just a short
aote to thynk you for your
kindness at the tiuie of
the passing of ray father,
K. W^tanabe, several weeks
Both my mother and I
appreciate it very mucii
and to express our
deepest gratitude*
D^c. 7Lh
Monday was tba coldest
day that weWa thus far
experianoed. The nwroury
fU to XO degress sbov
At noon the thormoms-
ter orpt up to 20
graesstill 12 dagrsas
bslow freezing.
YMCA Official
Visits Center
Carroll Moon, executive
secretary of tttQ YI^ICA and
YV/CA of tbia region from
Topeica, Kan, f visitor the
oontor this v^oek*
lioon met th thQ local
Student oommittee and dis-
cussed way s aaC moans by
^iiGli student groups oa th
outside oould be of help
to prospective 00119ge stu-
dents within the center*
He also spoke to the
organizing oo;anitteo of the
nawly formed YMCA Sunday
aftornoon,and addressed the
young people*s fellowship
maeting that evening.
Tha regular weakly dance
will be helc at Terry hall
tonight from 7i30 to 10:30
o0100k. Tickets are still
available at ?E recreation
hall and oouples only will
be udmittod
Effective thia month t
periodic iaspeations will
be made of all mess hallsf
latrines, school buildings,
block areas, roorea tion
halls, laundry rooms, and
all other places portixiQiit
to the health, sanitary,
and hygicnio oonditions of
this projcot# announoes Dr.
U. A* Duffy.
Members of the newly or-
ganized sanitary oorps work-
ing under Dr# Duffy are
iJesdames Yo Ishihara#Koma-
Ico Kuge, and Aiko Hori,
and Messrs* Josei^iMiyahara,
Kiyoshi ivIiuiit Seijiro Oku-
no Toshio 3akaiv Haokl Oka,
and Kiyoiohi Maka..
To avoid misoonoeptions
and rumors about ohbicse"
foods fed evacuees in the
center. Project Director
J&mes Lindley released
a statement to '' .the Lamar
Daily Nv?s on WodiiQsday af-
ternoon* .
2be statement rea3s in
part * .
Ttal meat consumption
at the Sranada relocation
center is less than two-
and-a-half pounds per per-
son par week. Residents
have never reoo ?ved over
one-fifth of a pound of
baoon in a week, .nd many
weqks they got none#
'Coffoo is served onoe
daily to adults* Sugar
rationing quotas are strict-
ly adherea to. Consumption
of bread and butter is less
than the average outside
the 0011ter*f,
Employees To
Be. Pai'd Today
Employees of the ocnmu-
aity enterprises are asked
ter call for their September
October, and November wages
th9 variety store office
sometime today. *
Schools New
Bell Peals
The school ball located
in 8Hvsas rung for first
time Tuesday to cjnote the
end of ^ a qlas*. period t
Prinoipal S.' Clay Coy re-
vealed today.
The bell was sounded for
the senior hi school stu-
dents only but a schedule
will be drawn up for the
junior hi and elameritary
schools in the near future,
Coy further stated*

______PIQUEER___________-December 12,1942
Page 4
Vn not deayin* tbe
vooan ar foolish: Go<3
Almigbty nftdt to
match tho nan*
-^-Oeorgo Eliot
.Tails about the riotous
oolors used in wimmin^s
010thes.take a good look
at the sorewy color ooubi-
nations in some of the knit-
ted caps v/rn by our mas-
ouline frionds. And then,
quicfcc-lilce-a-flash, reaoii
for your dark glasses.
That the oenter olothing
store sells many, many more
articles of clothing to men
and boys than to wiinmin and
girls # we announce v/ith
pride and considerable sat-
isfaction after too many
years of bad jokes about
feminine extravagance.
Margaret Pishbaoic has
sagely observed th-t two
inches off a slim girlf3
skirt may be all right; but
tako two inch os off tho
skirt of a squat, middle-
aged matron, txnd what have
we got? A hydrant.
What* s a dissertation
on 'vimmins clothes without
some mexxxion of v/immin in
slacks? The o ombination
makes strong men shudder
and weak men wonder what
its all about But we
gals like 1 em* Period *
Please, please do your
Christmas shopping aad mail-
ing- early. Shopping days
number now only 9, and the
time left for mailing same
is even less. Incidental-
ly, have you bought Christ-
mas seals?
Jr. Matrons
Hold Social
The newly-cirganized Jun-
ior Matron group of the
YWCA will hold a sOoial
All women of this &ge
group are Invited to attend
and meet with tho wives of
the administrative officers
and Caucasian teachers#
RGfiOlutions to oanool tho
charters of Californians
tiivo JapariQse American Lq-
gion posts vere to be en-
acted ivlonday^ Dec* 7, at
the Legion1 s executive oom-
mittoe ses^ioas, aooordiug
to a story released by tho
With 25 caaes of obiakeu
pox in tho oontcr* parents
arc asked to have their
children examinod whQn they
become 1.11,Dr. Q4 A<,Duffyf
ohief msdioal examiner^ an-
nounced Tuesday.
Children with small poxf
scarlet fever, or any other
communicable disease oreato
a serious health hazard and
will b quarantined until
such time as discharged by
the attending physician,
Residents are asked to
make and hung up mailboxas
for the prompt delivery of
mail,a ooordins to the
Amaohe xjat orfioo.
The boxes should be
placed t such a position
that tlia children will not
tamper with the contents.
ivL?il -will bedoliverod onoe
every afternoon except Sun-
Dr. Hugo *konogi, for-
mer chief physioian at the
Merced assembly center,
has opened an office at
3oston, Itoss., according
to a reoent report* His
wife and son hove joined
him thoro#
Fifteen nisei service-
men were entertained ut an
informal get-together at
the 10E recreation hall
Saturday, The evening vas
spent in games and dancing'
Hof r c shmonts were also
Tdzi Sasaki, Ohorry Yo-
shitomi t Yasuko i-iadokoro,
and Tokiko Tanaka ^cro in
INS figenoy hore*
Declaring that there
is no place for Japaneset
supposedly loyal or other-
wisat(in the Legion," Ccandr*
Leon Happel said that the
California department would
eliminate all Japanese mem-
Dr, Duffy stated.
(5,ua rant ins si ,.13 will
be placed where jhildren
are siok, but one or the
other parent vvill be per-
mitted to go to work Dr.
Duffy surged that block ma-
nagers cooperate inonforo-
ing the quarantine rules
in thoir rospootivo blocks,
The Amadie* YMCA was form-
ally organized Sunday at a
meeting held inTorry hall,
She first, activity to be
undertaken by thegroi?) will
be organisation#
An organizing oommittee
vn\s appointed and includes
CxQorge Onof Goorg$ Yukawa f
GeorcQ Morey, Henry Suzuki-
dr., J iinmy Yamanakr., and
Mcsao Satov
isi_ mm
A class where you receive
little homework, sing Snas
carols to improve diction
and pronunciation,and hold
after-class discussions of
socialf domestic, and re-
ligious problems#
This is the liberal odu-
oation policy being carried
out ^ by the issei English
classes of the adult educa-
tion department. And a
good way of learning it is,
according to the 161 adults
under the instruction of
Ross ;,toiraf Jadahito aii-
zuoka,, and Aiko Kobuke*
,The taaobers* have found
that i2\bpxth ,the* lD^gianers,
and advanoed olajssea there
is -the sam^ marked diffi-
t oulty. on the psrt of issei
in distinguishing between
the nli/ and consonants
and in omitting th9,Mth,
and v." sous.
.yeo Sako
fSMSN110N ff lit
£ti_0)KE SKID

Deoember 12,1942 _______________.JIQNILEH____________________________Page 5
flans for eaoh block to
have its own Christmas tree
and program were discussed
by representatives of var-
ious organisations who mat
recently at the 7H recrea-
tion hall to outline Christ-
mas activities for lie oen-
ter. Groups represented
were the assembly, rainis-
terial bod y, federated
clubs, YWGAf and special
delegates from blocks..
Concerning the .paokagas
of gifts which have 00me
into tiie center from vari-
ous outside organisations,
Ooaununity Servioas Head \h
Bay Johnson stated that the
planning oonanittaewill de-
termine the general method
of distribution of these
He added that although
ths amount of tree decora-
Two Teachers
Write Article
Co-authored by Gra oe
Lewis, instructor of Eng-
lish and speooh, aud Robort
Dierlam, English and dra-
matics tcaoher# an article
entitled MAinaohe 2eaohers
Help Japanese Evaouees SOlvo
Ihoir Problsn appeared in
the December 0010rado School
a general outline of
the center vjas itmde in the
article with stress placed
on the center school orga-
nisation, facilities, and
ourrioulum. An eventual
solution of many of the
problams facing Jspa-
nesQ^Amerioan through the
educational pro gram was
also cited.
New Arrival
Is Linguist
Irene Reiser from Mi-
ohigan has been added to
the 5 011001 faculty as kin-
dergarten instructor of 9E
recreation hall this we etc,
Dr, Lnooh Dumas, principal
of the elementary school,
Miss Beiser is able to
read, write, and speak the
Japanese language fluently*
She learned the language
when she was a Presbyterian
missionary in Japan*
tion? in the ooal stores
should be sufficient to
caro r the trees in
blocks@adh "block manage
or speoial comcnittao In tho
blooii should make necessary
arrangements with tho stores
for su<3h ornaments imme-
diately. Johnson stresses
the importanQ of immediate
action in this respect.
He concluded, MIf your
block or organization is
not r opreseated on the
planning oomaittee, or if
you wish to volunteer aid
to the committee# please
get in oontaot with I^qv*
Yuzuru Yamaka or lamasaburo
Yuza of the oouncil/*
Ihe Amache Little Thea-
ter group announoed the
formation of two ooramittees
in preparation for the oae-
aot plays ioh will be
presented Doc.16 and 17 in
Terry hall.
Mitty Kimura is ohairman
of the business committee.
He loping him are ?om Okamo-
to, Anne 1110uye, and Hoy
Hama j i
Heading the stage com-
mittee is Julia ?anjl vdth
Harry Fukasawa^Sdaa Amamo-
to, Pranoos Fuxukawa, Tad
Murakami assisting,
CSierry Yosbitomi and
lazi Sasaki are responsible
for costumes.

"It Started v/ith 2vefsl
starring Deanna Durbin,
was shown to school chil-
dren free of charge under
tho now consumer entorprise
A puppet play is sched-
uled as a part of the
Cliristmas celebration* Six
bicycles speed up messenger
A bazaar was held to
aid residents in buying
gifts and the proceeds will
be us^d to give needy fami-
lies a happy Christmas.
nother Story
Appears Soon
Luoillo Friedman, senior
high sohool instructor in
commercial subjects* has
written an article for the
Business Eduoation magazine
dealing with the Amache
schools, Prixioipal S. Glay
Coy, stated Monday.
The article will appear
in the February issue of
the publication.
Qiie Montgomery Ward of-
fice # 8P, will not take
any new orders until fur-
ther notice, the ooramunity
enterprise division said
this week.
Previous orders and de-
liveries will be handled
at the usual time and place r
OTH E R C E N T £ R S ,
A Kiddie tj^omo was used
for on of the singspira-
tions with participants
dressing as children and
prises given out for the
most* original oostume#
Swoaty-nino nisei en-
listed in the Camp Savage
Army Intelligenoe school.
Ivlovies of center scenes
and activities wore taken
for liistorioal doaumonta-
Information has bocn re-
leased by the WRA regarding
persons vlio msh to be re-
patriatet3# "The United
States interests will be
represented the Swiss
government, the Japanese
by Sj>aixi* The Exchange
ppint is Lourenoo IJarques,
Portuguese East Africa.
The Portuguese government
is responsible for insuring
the .transfer of the nation-
als. Date and time of sail-
ing will be determined by
the State department and
cominuuioated to the '"/HA in
v/asliington, then to region-
al offices,11
A.llmitof 30 cubic feet
of *holdM baggage and three
suitcases will be allowed
eaoh repatriate, regardless
of age* Funds must not
total over $300 for those
over 21 and also for minors
traveling alone.
Artioles which may bono-
fit tho onemy or a lathing
v^ich may bo oonvertod into
international oredit will
be oontrabaad*

Granada may be over a
mile from the odnter, but
the distance didnt kB&j
hundreds of tho center's
oasal^i fans from going to
aee the basketball played
there Wednesday Soma
walked and some rode, tut
they all got thero for the
think this kinC of
enthusiasm ^oves beyond
doubt that the fans have
not forgotten the days when
they ere part and parcel
of sportsdora.
(/e* ve never seen a more
appreciative o r owd than
the one that paokod the
stands that night. The
game vas beingplayod under
abnormal oiroumstanoes, but
this was soon, forgotten as
the scoring got underlay#
It waan1t very lng before
each spectator r;as atraixi-
ing his lungs for his home
Although our two teams
went down to defeat,no ono
oan deny the players of not
having played hard and
olean. The spirit they
showed as they fou^it to
the last minute, iiad each
jam-paokad fan on his fast
most of the t^o and oae-
half hours.
Every school we can
think of h^s an emblem,
sohool 0010rs, and a team,
name; yot as far as wo
knov}f the imaoha schools
have none of these* V/e
have been wondering if three
months -have not bgeu more
than Qaough to aot upon
and select ttieso and other
Items whioh \ic- believe add
greatly to tr ditiem and
pride in ona1 s own alraa
Bill lokunori Wada is
our sports figure of the
week. A graduate of Ukiah
high school, Bill attended
San Franoisco JO aad there
earned his football letter
barring signals.
Bill has t^kexx a job in
the grade sohool as A*ysi-
oal education teaoher and
oan any day b fount, train-
ing the minds ai^ bodies
of young toys.

Page ______________________ DooombQr 12^ 1942
ffiNiEi cici imm
A hard-flgiting PIONEER Nowshawks baskotball toam
oamo within-tliroc joints of upsetting the tall Granada
Pirates, three-yoar champions of the Arkansas Valley
Basketball league, aa they played to a 33-31 score at the
Granada hig^i sohool gym V/ednesday in the feature gamo
of the evening.
The game found tho Granadans dominating tho floor
in tho # first half with tho Newshawks coming back in
th sgooncl lialf to tako complete oontrol.
With the opening 1st 1the Pirates took advan-
tgw of thglr superior height and jumped into a ccn-
manding laad while their air-tight defense oomplately
bottlad up the scoring threats of the Newshawks.
Trailing 22-13 at half-time the PlONBEBmoa oame back
After a weeks lay-off,
the Ai^erioan touoh football
league will again b busy
Sunday as t0 games are
sohaduled at tlie 9G play-
In the first gamo at
1:30 pm., the powerful and
undefeatad Modesto Skookums
will tangle with the t^vioe_
defeated PICUESB Nevishawlca
and are Gx^Qctisd to boost
thoir record to throe suo-
OGssivo ^ius#
Tho second game will
bring together the Araaoho
Roughriders ond the ruggod
Kau Kau Lano 2sros Tho
Kau Kau boys v/ill onter
the field a favorite
to v/in th game.
Hoop Games
Coaohed by John (Mioke,
and assistants Peta Maauoka
and Yuk Yavtaf the center
high sohool oasaba artists
donaed their togs and went
Hall out11 for basketball
Aooording to Hoke, the
ohlof interest of the teams
will be In. the intraaural
program, although inter-
sohool oontesta will be
soheduled. Invitati ons
have been reooived from
CrranadatLainar4 Holly, Hart-
man*Wiley, and MoOlav hi^i
in the soooad stanza with
renewed spirit to close
the gap to 33-31. Fighting
desperately to tie the
count, the Nawshas took
shot after shot but failed
to hit the buokot. Thus
the game ended*
Harold Eioeand Jack Ty-
aar shared scoring honors
for the Pirates with 15 and
13 points respeotivaly,
vhile Pete JIasuoka led the
losers with seven points,
Johrmy Tsuruta scored slx
In the preliminary gamef
tho Amaohe Les Etcile went
down to defeat 28-16 before
the strong Granada high
school girls sextet.
Skillfully eluding her
guards, Libby Tyner amassed
& grand total of 22 digits
to lead tho high sohool
taanu Jaine Oif starring
for the losersf found the
basket for 13 points.
Tho visiting Amaoha high
school five foil oasy vio-
time to tho strong Lamar
Savagos, 40-26t in a prao-
tioc gamo Wednesday at tho
Lamar high sohool g^mnasiun.
The boys from fee oenter
had no ohanoe vAiatsoever
as the tall Lamar oagers
used thair height to advan-
tag and out-soored and out-
played the visitors.
Qoaoh Hoice Qxprmsed his
satisfaction with tho show-
ing riade ty his boys des-
pite the lopsided defeat#

December 12,1942
Page 7
Parsons wishing to ride
to Lanar on the mail truck
were this week requested
to obtain special permis-
sion fxon Stanley Adamsf
assistant police oliicf
Said Bob Thor.ianf driver
of the mail truck fI v/ould
like to take everybody but
there is only room for 20
people on. each trip. It
ia dangerous to carry raore
than that nUiUber*M
After obtaining pemis-
sion from Adams, residents
bound for Lanar uust get
preferenoe .61ips tho
west eutraaoo of tho i?ost
Mitauru Kanki is the
oerxter's only ugv/ 8p:ipcr
vendor. II g goes at his
tasks with n rolish that
v/as born of a desire to
make nowspapor soiling his
He got his start in 1920
soiling papers under the
sponsorship of Go or go '7a He-
ar of tho San Fmnoisoo
Chroniolo# Onoc establish-
ed4 his career took hin
around the bay region, end
the people of Mill Valley,
Belvedere, California Oity#
Corte ^ladera, aad Sausalito
came to know him by his
voice and the evor-present
pipe in his mouth.
Evacuation dashed his
hopes of selling papers for
the rest of his life orx
the oity streetsf but he
has got some consolation
out of being allov/od to
return to his trade irx the
Griftod vdth a facility
for romombering faces, Kan-
Ici, or ,,Johnscnlf as ho ia
sometimos calledf has dif-
ficulty in recalling names.
With the cxocptioa of a
few olosc friends# he ad-
dresses everyone as c^i-
sanf, or Mobasau.H
Buy Tickets
Tiotccts for the Amaoho
Little Theatre's first pro-
duction are now on sale
at the information desk In
the south administratioa
building, 7E reo hall,and
hi sohool co-op.
Tho outlook for
Amerioen evacuees ia aoaroh
of Federal Civil Servioe
positions has some proa^o,
writes Aotinti V/RA Lireotor
E m. Borrnlt from 'washing-
Exoept for offioial busi-
ness, the administrative
hospital offices and main
corridor should not be used
by the public, axmounocid
Dr* d, A. luffy# chief mod-
ioal officer, yesterday.
Said Dr, Duffy, "Those
desiring ncJioal or opti-
cal cxDminat.tor.s should use
the geu^rr.l clinic eutrunoos
on the north side of the
hospital* The out-pntiont
building is the second
north wing as onn be noted
on the diagram whi(3li > ap-
peared in the last issue
of the PluB
With tho exception of
thG dontal olinio, dopc^rtj-
meats including tho oito
uctry department takc pa-
tieuts on?.y after tho pa-
tients are referred to tibem
by doctors in the general
olinio, acoordiiig to the
hospital head.
Delays Mail
The long delay in the
arrival of mail from Comp
Livingston, La.,whore rel-
atives of many of tho oontor
residents interned t is
due to ocusorship in Now
York, it w;s learned in a
wire from Lt, Col* John L*
Dunn, oOiTunending offiocr,
His message also stntcd
that the internees "nrc
all well."
Nisoi soldiers visiting
in the center this week
i?vt. Shigaki, Onmp
Robinson., ArLe*; OpL. 'Harumi
Kawayo, Gpl# Ooorge Kotata,
Staff 3gt, David Watan^.bc,
Gamp Sr.vrgct ; P f o*
Joe Harnda, Camp Phillips,
Kan.; i?f3, Koio/ii Yamasu-
ohi # Gamp Orowder, ilo*
ton, !) It will be sev*
era! months before any vol-
une of employment is avail-
able, hovMvart he added.
Evcuf3QS who have halol
civil servioe jobs or who
are on oivil service regis-
ters should file npplioa-
tions for leave c gnronoQ
and should be sure to heve
oivil servioo ratings noted
in thGir applioations or
on form \/I?A-26,
For tho prosont, cvnou-
oca intarosted in possible
federal employment but who
do not have oivil servioe
status should merely file
for leave olcnr:nact
x'irs* Donald Et Hr.rbison
brought her tcn-ycnr-oltf
twins, Jim nnd Joe, for a
visit with our .assistant
project dircotor this week-
Joc f whose middle namo
is Lookhard after his moth^
ers iia id an name, earned a
little f^me in our family
circle 3emembe r Joseph
lookhard t the rad'o opera-
tor at ^earl Harb r? Well,
hes a distant lativo.
2hatf 3 ooming r-ither 010so
to a DSC or somothing,'* de-
olarcd the proud father*
])E1'TVXH--Army officials
ooatinuc to investigate a
fight whioh took plaoc at
tho Union station hora when
four cvgougc sugar beet
workers and militr.ry polioc
ol^.shcd this wook. One of
the evacuees suffered head
Oaptain ?nul Rach^ in
ohnrgc of the 1¢ forocs,
said his iacn told him tho
fight started when one of
his man aooidentelly brushed
the leg of one of the Jap-
The Japanese asserted
the fight resulted when
one of the MP*b made in-
suiting rcmr.rk.
The four ovaou .es# who
arc from boston Arizaia,
gavo tiaoir names Eddio
Okahnra, Ocorgc S Tanaka,
G-corgo Y* Taknhashi, and
Tom Ta^ahashi. Okahara was


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