Granada pioneer, January 12, 1943

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Granada pioneer, January 12, 1943
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 23

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Mr* JosephH, McOlcllaM
Information Specialist
^ ^
Tl-.I^ No. E3
^ ^ ^ ,i ^
. :'.;
_ _i_m *(4 I IMP li I* l_ m. '..*
Amaclxe f. .CoXor^dQ-. (

January 12,1943

Mesa hall workers were
paid their November wages
this morning, according to
Henry F. Halliday, senior
administrative offic e r*
Other employees will te
paid as 30011 as tlie checks
arrive from the Denver dis-
bursing office.
The greatest percentage
of the elotlxing checks ave
arrived and are now i^eing
mailed to the residents as
fast, as possilDle, T. Read
Hanson principal fiscal
accountant f said.
2rnest & Kaufman^execu-
tive secretary of the Wich-
ita town aM couxrtry HA,
will be the featured speak-
er at the second session
of the leadership training
course in the 9K recreation
laail tomorrow a 6:30 p*m
stecordiBg to Masfto iSato^,
chairman of tne sponsoring
Chriatine Rayer of Den-
ver univex*sity,s school of
social work, spoke last
week* .
Am^ timekeeping proced-
ure establishedWashing-
ton for evacuees lias "b^en
outlined by Ru'bj. C. Fuller,
head of personnel' and time-
keeping, as follows*
Eraployees will tie penal-
ized four days if they fail
to report for duty without,
being excused fey their su-
* Workers quitting work
without getting a release
are also subject to penalty^
Timekeepesrs must be noti-
fied of transfers so time
cards can be sent to new
timekeepers* Releases are
terminated only' after over-
time is us,ed up*
, Granada is'far ahead of
otixer cent era in relocation
plans, said Davis McSatire,
assistant WRA chief of em-
ployruent 17a_shiixgton
ficEnt ire, former cMef of
employraent in the San Fran-
cisco z'egional office^ came
-here today, in Ms tour
of'the centers to speed up
the relocation process#
.Workers ^ill docked
two days if'they fail to
work on the last' 4ayf of a
31-day mo '
Workers cannot te paid
for the 31st day of tiie
month if they start work
on that day
X worker must work at
least four hours prior to
Ms day off, and eight hours
the day following in order
to get pay for the day off.
Part-time and partial-day
workers will be paid only
for days and actual hours
worked* No pay will begiv
en to either for absences^
f,Melody for Tlirae,11 and
two start features, MSport-
scopeM andHPicture People^
will "be filmed for the res-
idents of Blocks 12E and
HE at the 12E mess hall
at 6850 tonight.
*Tlie people of blocks 9E
and 10B will see the pic-
tures- at the 10E mess hail
beginning at 7:10 p.m-. The
recr eatioa departments
girls will sell tickets*
£(vms nmmmQ% mkimm iEtiJKN
The Pacific coast does
not want evacuates Japanese
to return.
The following figures,
released Tdjt the American
Institute of Opimcsi,
will blast from tiie minds
of immy evacuees their at-
titude, f,After the war, back
to the aoast for me,H Tiie
figures are the result of
a survey conducted in the
five states in which, the
uapanese problem was most
acute^^California, Oregon,
Washington, Nevada, and
The questions put to
the voters and their an-
Do you think the daps-
nese who were BK>ved inland
from tiie Pacific coast
should t>e allowed to return
when the war is over?,f
Would allow all........29^
Allow only citizens.*..24^
Allow none****.*31¢
frffiiat should be done
with them?11
Send them to Japan*....70^
Leave them Inland30¢
Would you be willing
to hire Japanese servants
to work in your home after
the war is over?n
Yes. -; .26
Undecided* ***#***** 5/
"Would you loe willing
to trade at a Japanese-
owned sto-re after thewar?M
"Throughout the area there
is an almost unanimous
-public approval of the
Armyfs action in evacuating
the Japanese from the coast
.and sending them to camps*
Of those questioned, 97
per cent said they thought
the Army did the right
thing, while t^?o per cent
disapproved. One per cent
was undecided, according
to the report*
-Oski S. Tanlwaki

____.PICKEEfi.:.;___-i._______January 12,1943,
,G R A N A D A PI ON E ,E R-----------------------
( \
PubliiHed Tuasdays, ^uyeoais, an<2 Saturdays by
the. 7/RA ind diistritolited free to eaoh apertment. Ed-
itoria}. o^fiosi PIcMiSH building, JUnaohe, Colorado.
Ti,i&|)Hae number 63.
Oski Tanivmki, dir^otor 1 Bob Kirano, ditor
Staff* Jiro Siunita, Taxie I^utrunoki, Jack Ito,
Robert Asarioto, Tomolco Yatabe, Alioo C?akta, Joseph
Ids, Ghoji Nakaao, Blaer Ioka, Hironiohi Moriraoto,
Tsugims A'ltaki, Jini Ysunaguohi, Sab Okamura, Gaorge
!amamto, Masoji Murai, John ?suruta, Hiroshi Ito,
Harry Xoka, Edith Xodama, Jun Taketi, liakoto Morita,
'A\taKa Kuteota, Ernest Uno, Roy Ilanaji, Suyeo Sako.

We G row
To jive resiiJent-s of the Grenada center a more com-
pleto and mora ti.naly coveragQ of *-he nev/s ,the PIONEER
will this week begin a t^ree-tinas-a-week publication
sohodule. 4
UivJor t"m pew st-up, the newspaper will be distri-
butod overy iHiesda:'/Tnuraday, and Saturt3ay.
V^o /6p. that in 'the not too distant future wa may
b able t& civo our readers either a daily mimeographed
papyir or a printed ;pap9r. How soon we will
roach our goal dupends largely upo the centerrs oom-
j.iunity ontorpi'isti st-up*
Cont ribut icrv
Pooplo.aro not hard to find who long and piao for
the timo to <3o the things they have always wanted to
The tihas oomo and so has onp opportuiaity.
As a feuturo of tho paper, the iatontion is to
put out a ma2ino auction at regular intervals, de-
ouncling upon tlxo quality and quantity of subnissions.
Find ar outlet for' your aavv experiences and per-
apeotivgs on p^r,
Short stories, ossays, pooms--any typo of creative
writiai^ will w^lccmtid at the PTT3F^R building*
Page --------------..'__
I_il _S1
by Khan Komai 1
Eight and. nine inonthc
of oonfinement with no real
source of ihoo.iio aas dwin-
dled the pursoa of the
evacuees to tho point wher$
meager pay oheoiis and cloth-
ing allowances v/ould bo a
welcome relief. These are
the only sources of income
for tha center residents.
Promises of the oheo^s
to oouie will not clotho
young and old, 111-equipped
to faoa tha Colorado winter
after a litime in Cali-
fornia warm winter clotli-
ing is needed to protect
them fro a winter unlike
any in their experience,^
The few dollars that the
residents bavs oomiag to
them may undoubtedly seom
but a trifle to officials
v*o regularly receive their
ohecKS twice a month but
even that 't.rifle means much
to the workers liero.
The joy with whioh the
Ootobar ohecUs 9 now two
mouths overdluts ,are reoQiyQd
by workers should makQ re-
sponsible officials realise
that something more than
glib pronises are needeo
* * *
ivlucsh ado has been raised
by the JAQL and the ACLU
becauso of the deletion
by radio sta.tion KWB oi
all reference to JapaaQsa
evacuation and th'air civil
rights from a. broadcast
OQlgbrating the' 151at aiiBi-
versary of the Sill o
Here in this oamp is an
official'v/Kd v^ould .appar-
ently welcorAe censorship.
The freed an Gf the press
has beon guaranteed by tho
constitution* This freedom
is being enjoyed here.
But this official would
censor all articles that
ar published in this paper
that concern his dQ^urtmaiiti
Criticism of any and
all departments f if justi-
fied f should be printed.
Any ooiument^ or criticism
appearing in this j^par
are printed with the in*
tontion of improving exist-
ing coadition in the center.
If criticism is reseated,
the department heads should-
clean house first before
storming into the editor^
offli39 dei^andius censorship.
Besic qii^s v/jiuiia^ trans-
portatiou to tho {Jranada
station to board a train
or a bus must fill out an
escort form at the polios
station, Police C5hief II.M.
Toinlinson announaed today*
' ArrSingement-s for tho
transjportiug of jjassengers
anff "baggages will then be
madfo acsaordingly#
Persons traveling on tUe
An agriouituro labor
problem survey is being
condudfed 'by ilaxtc Hayaahi
,of the documentation sec-
tiem *
The results of this sur-
vey v;ill be presented to
the VVRA and to the people,
to show the actual living,
working, and sooial condi-
t rains should purdiose
.tickets before 4 p*m aid
arrange for the ohooking of
their luggage to avoid de
laj?. Bus travelers may buy
tickots baforo the trip.
Send-off parties are re-
quested not to go to the
station booSKiso of the laolc
of transportation fedilitis#
announced Polio^Giiaf Tom-
This will hilp to im-
preve the future evacuee
employment conditions and
will give the administra-
tion a basis upon which a
better resettlement program
oan be developed*
Agricultural labor Survey
.Being Made by Mark Hayashi
tiofis* which the evacuees
experignoed during the past

January 12,1943.
.Page 3
Teams in the oiimunity enterprises, oharter meiUber-
Siiip drivo will meat witu the residents of the respeo-
thQ.Las Ninas are Saudie tivo blocks according to the following Sh9dul8
Saito, proaident; Sq ts u Wed. Tlra. ?rli C |
Osajima, vioe president; Team 1 (i 8P 1113 ?
Esther Yosalci, secretary; Team 2 6E 72 611 m
Mary Hori, treasurer; Buth^ Team 3 SK 7K 8K 9L
Hatauaka, historian; 10mi Team 4 IIP 123 12a 9B
Murakami, member at largo; Team 5 1111 12H 11G
and Tougiiie Iaouye, re- Team 6 6P 12K 1 OH . 6E
The group will hold its
next meeting Saturday at 2
p.m. at ? K-3P Cabinet
members -will meet on ^nurs-
day at 8H-2C aftar school#
Reports of Blue Tri-
angle activities ana plans
for the ooming month v/ere
discussed by the members
Saturday, "As a Girl Ro-
serve, I will_________11 mas
tha theme suggested for
Skits t talks f and dis-
cussions will feature an
all Girl Reserves* meeting
Feb# 13, Highlighting the
affair will be a Y quia
'ith throe girls roprosent-
ing aaoh-club. Prises will
be awarded to t^e wiruiers.
Starting with basketball ,
the GB*s will hold intor-
olub athletics*
Making layettes for the
hospital and tha selootion
of a constitutional com-
mittce vjere among the maBy
subj'oots disoussGd by thg
Y circle council Saturday
at the Y office.
?he group!s next meeting
will be on Fab, 6 at 2:30
p.m. at tha Y office.
Newly elected officers
of tha Toquiwas include
iTumi Saito, president; Vi-
ola Ohama f vioe president;
sake Sugiyarna, secretary;
Yoshiko Dorioohi, treas-
urer ; and Kiyo Togashi,
meraber at large.
The next meeting of the
group will be helc^ on Jan.
31 at 10H-3A at 1 p.m.

Head ing the activities
of the Wee Teeners will be
tli e following officers
Julia Yosliioka, president;
Fumi Tonai, vioe president;
T!?fihi^o Sakamoto, secretary;
Pujiko Amumiya, treasurer;
ano i\imilco Sotomura, ser-
geant at arms. Any Hat tori
is tl.e adviser of the Wee
The laoi. of rtspunso on
the part of Uie residents
to act as volunteer fire-
ueu was a coL^plaint voiced
by the block managers at
the Town.iiall yesterday
Although the service is
without pay, residents
should consider it an ob-
ligation to their own* fam-
ilies by joiniAg the volun-
teer squad, it vas stated.
A oourse on how to assist
the firemen will be on-
Shoe Store to
Move to 8F
Tlie shoe department of
the community enterprises
will be moved to tno 8F
recreation hall as soon as
the carpentry Work is com-
pleted ,Hio Kasliiwagi an-
nounced* yastarday*
i/ijeri the department is
moved the 010thing store
will be divided into men* s ,
woman's, and oliilaren1 s ui-
visioas, he said.
A s^wGial sale, oonduo-
ted by the entcrjir isas was
advertised bv- means of a
atenograpner in the north
administration building,
will prosont a concert, at
Terry hall on Jan. 23.
ducted as soon as enough
men answer tue aall*
New olassas in transla-
tion (3Snglish to Japanese
and visa versa) for the
nisei are being offered by
the adult education divi-
sion. Classes are being
conducted from 4 to 5:15
p*nu on Tl'iursda /s by In-
structor Shizuoka.
More iaforiiiation may be
obtained at tiia night school
office, ^
A sign-up for those de-
siring a class in beginning
shorthand is Doing held
at tho night school office*
Those who jurchased be-
girding or intermediate
sho r thand books through
the adult education classes
will be given at
the office.
Pour stuaents left the
center recontly to continua
their studies at various
Among them were Yutaka
Ha^cagawa, Moody Bible in-
stitute, Chicago; Jam es
Haratani an3 Tmi Mi^utani,
Denver university; aid Famio
I^ata, University of 7/yo-
Thirty interviews are
granted daily to complete
applications for leaves at
the former infirmary build-
ing, stated Leave Officer
Willis J. Hanson.
OhanceQ for approval
from the Washington office
are better whan married
mon fill out applications
for members of their fam-
ilies, added Hanson, (iroup
a pplications are given more
attention and many ap rovals
come in from V/as]ji^ton

Page 4
January 12,19415
Winners of the shogi
and go tournanent held in
the 8G- re creation hall
from Dec, id5 through Jar
7 were announced this week
by the recreation depart-
ment .
Momijl Kobayashi was
judged th.e winner in the
shogi tournament with To-
sixio Saito and Juichi Ha-
siiixr_oto as runners-up In
the go tournament, Kenji
rsuchiyr. was awarded i irst
place while Kiyomi Yckoya-
ma and Kitsuzo Ko"bo placed
second and third.
j Coining alr.ost as a
| Christmas gift was a ba-
j "by ^irl adopted recently-
j "by Mr. and Mrs* Paul J.
i Terry- Terry is the cen-
j ter superintendent cf
j education. Slightly more
I than 5 months old, the
i child has been named
Lir4a Joyce. 1
Every inch the proud
father, Super intendent
Terry smilingly disclos-
es that 3 had
to do h night foot-
I work yet*"
Mess Staff
C enter chefs, cooks,
head -waitresses were
guests at an appreciation
linger given "by the mess
iivision m and
Three nisei te a claers
inve been added tc tte jun-
ior higii scncol facuity,
revealed frincipal Herbert
K. w'altner,last ;veek.
Jaiues Tagavva, for iner
UCLA, SC, and Oceanside JG,
will teach science subjects;
Because they have re-
ceived no word from the
Alien Property custodian,
many coast officials who
hnve evacueesf cameras and
other goods banned "before
evacuation will not forward
them despite the removal
of restrictions here.
SRid Project Director
J?jnes 0 Lindley, who has
written to the Attorney
Generalf s office to clarify
the situation, "It will
pro'bG'bly je useless to
carry on additional cor-
respondence vjith Califor-
nia police officials until
a ruling has been received.!1
The Amcicne high school
athletic teams will be
known the **naiar-s, it
was officially announced
>)y Coach John C. Hoke. The
scUool colors will "be "blue
and gold.
A ^oys* and girls! pep
club to cheer for the teams
is Iso '*being formed; he
li^rry vjho received
his Lister of arts degree
at California, will instruct
general education courses;
and Lafayette No da, who
studied at UCLA ar.d SO,
will he a mathematics in-
stractor. sent
Expressing the thanks
of the residents, letters
v/ere forwarded "by the com-
munity council l?*st week to
WRa Director Dillon S.Myer
and to Janes G. lindley?
project directorfor malting
it possible fbr the evacuees
to enjoy New Years day in
traditional fashion with
Offer Jobs
Job offers for garage
mechanics and apprentices,
electrician helpers, elec-
tric meter installers and
repairmen, administrative
acc ountiag cle.r k s9 end
general office clerks with
multilitii, mimeograph and
typing ability are open in
On;aha, said io Vecchio,
junior placement officer-
Domestic work is 130 a-
vailat>le in Iowa, Missouri ,
ard Kansas.
Applicants should apply
at the former contractors
Inez Neill, grade school
flii.mir.istrative of f i ci^Is
Tuesday at the 9Kmess hall,
-.nformed Assistant Troject
Steward Norman SatT?. Ted
Tanaka and Mitvsuji Doi were
^Q-chairmenfor the program.
The luess division would
-ike to thank the perform-
ers who made the program a
The senior high school
co-op is sponsoring a con-
test for the "best sc1001
en:bleir. It 'is open to ail
high school students.
The em'fclem must incorp-
orate the Indian insignia
the colors, blue and gold,
ar.d if possible116 let-
ters, AHSt
iTour -sons ^re wanted
irnmediate to serve on
^he 3*aft of the reports
office doc'amertation sec-
tion as research writers3
according to Tosiiio lllno-
ni?/cL,- of the aecti.or..
A CQlle^e educatid.,
though' not required will
be of much help in this
type of 7vork.
Tnose interested should
acpl-7 t.Le reports office,
?iUEER tuildin^* Persons
accepted ^111 be accorded
a 11Cn ii-^e classif ioat ion.
teacher, left the center
Batur day to attend the
WAVZS training school at
Si..ith college, Mass.
Kiyabu Gets
New Position
George Kiy^u, pastor
of the Granada Seventh-Day
AdveLtist church, attended
the three-day session of
the Colorado Conference of
Seventh-Day Adventists held
at Boulder last week, and
was accepted the employ
of the coat'erence at that
A graduate of Pacific
Ur^ion college, Pastor Kiyabu
received a "bachelor of arts
degree in theology there.

J xmary 12,1943.
Women are wiser than
men because fthsy know
less md undsrataM more.
James Stephens
.Ycu^ve no doubt noticed
the coimendable job -of
ground beautifying done by
our MB. friends. Bouquets
to theml Quite fraiikly,
the' following it aw are
designed iso loxock the cen-
ter1 s citiaenry out of
their t#letiiargic inertiaH
(wowJ) and into doing some-
thing about it*
Probfly Y^hat first hits
the eye of tiie onlooker, are
those apglegreen fence
posts? that surround the
quarters* TJaat par-
ticular colox^Vas Karpens
idea,* srailes Captain John
P. Karpen, commanding of-
ficer with the 335th Escort
Guard company, and a former
superintendent of education*
HWe don#t mind being fenced
in, you see, he chuckles.
Those neat walks that
appear to be lined with
Hsimi|)"be:ry" are lined all
right, birfc with tiie oMinary
species of cactua (cacti?)
that you find wherever you
turn in Colorado# The aold-
ier-landscapers "brougiit out
the green in the plants
with the use of white rock
aa w-ell as brieics for tlx
walks and borders*
vfe oanft avoid mention-
ing the rustic appearance
improvised by the soldiers
for their mess hall tables
and benches* Tiie effect
they obtained "by "burning
into and then varnishing
the wood is Something1
After patiently clears
ing what used to *be a messy
eatcli-all for all kinds of
debris, the MPs have made
for themselves a swell rec-
reation field, with volley**
"ball court and baseball dia-
Not a hundred feet away
is their official plothes
line and attached clothes-
pin "box. Oh yes0 they cLo
their own!
_________PIONEER __________
nT .n'ElU iOCflLE,
> -Griecks ^ill "be oaslxed
from U30 to I at tiie
west end of- the PIONEER
building, Kendall Snifh,
oormunity enterprise supe3-
intendent, announced Mon-
day . . '
Pvt. Tsutomu Takagi, Pfc.
Takashi ffbata, Gamp Hale,
Panda*,. Colo.; Pf|5i George
Ivforimitsu, Pt. Sam Houston,
Tex.; Cpl. George Nagai,
Camp Carsoa, Colo,
Mr. and !,irs. Uyeda and
son, Las Animas; T, Takamo-
to, R Takamoto, Ushi-
jima, Brighton.
Toshiro Yoshimura,. Sab-
uro Kasai, Larry Ishiaakaf
Denver; Davis 1/bEntire,
VTsshln ton* ,
Oliirer ?* v/aite5 Trini-
dad; Tomiy Kawana"bej -San-
ford; Mr* and Mrs* T. Ogu-
ra, La Jara; Tad Fujii,
Denver; Ken Haupt, Los
Requests for home calls
by a doctor must "be made
by an inanediate member of
the family whenever pos-
sible, emphasised Gerald
A. Duffy, chief medical of-
ficer However, if the
patient has no imediate
family# a close friend or
reativ may make such a
request for iiirn. .
Calls should be made to
the hospital receptionist
before 10a.m. and full in-
formation gitren as follows 5
name of patient, age, ad.
dress, fanily number, and
reason for the call
Sr. Duffy further stated
t.hat telephone to the
hospital should "be made to
report emergencies nly*
Pull information should be
Stella Harmon, senior
clerk, became ]ae "bride* of
August Zanoni, formerly- an
engineer here, at a oere-
many performed in Altuquer^
que E* M* f Saturday*
Tiie couple will live at
Lordslsurg where Zanoni is
working as an engineer of
the interiment camp*
_____________ Pag 5
A meeting on safety was
held recently *by ,M* Tom-
liitson chief of, police,
and the truck drivers.*
Safety rules anil.regulations
oi .the center wast the, ^nain
topic of the discus^icm.,,-
ac cordiag to TomMn^pn.
We have- a good bunch, of,
truck drivers and we h^ave
iiad no reports of accidents
in ,tMs center or on tiie
outside roads since I took
overlyjcto^said Tomliiiaon*
E# H* Runcorn, ^associate
superixrbendcmt of ooimimnity
entarprises, will *speak- on
c onmun i t y c o op r at i y s
meinbers of the BWA on Jan*
24* A discussion, will also
be held.
Robert George, junior
kigh school instructor,
sppke on th Caucasians
viewpoint of the Japanese
given to a policemen, who
in turn can telephone the
New appointments for
optical services will not
be made until after Jan.
18, continued 3)r* ..Duffy*
R sidentsdesiring examina-
tions must make an afppptrrfc-
merit with the receptionist
during hours*
Genera 1 cliuic hours
ar^ from 2 to 4 p#m^. on
week days and 9j30 to llt3
a.m. on Saturdays* Resi-
dents are asked to use the
north dooraay |see hospital
diagram) The main hallway
i-s not for public use.
.Patien-ts reporting to
either the special or. gen-
eral clinic must register
with the receptionist .at
the desk. Strict adherence
to the hospital rules and
regulations is asked- "by 3)x%
Special clinics will te
open in the mornings from
9i30 to 11:30 and are
as follows.:
fenday. .-renar^ai
Tueaday, #cliest
Wednesday. *.#,. .well-1381)7
Thursday. *,# .gyiiecology
attitude and maimers Sun-
day at the 9K recreation
Released For
Cal Is

The 1943 Amaohe "basket-
ball season will be played
under three leagues, the
Recreation department an-
nounced yesterday* They
are A, AAf and the indu:^-

The A and AA leagues
will?te open to all play-
ers, except high school
students, who are ineligi-
ble. Teams may enter either
one of these leagues ac-
ciording to the strength of
the squads* The'industrial
league will be tot the
workers qf the various
The r-ecreation depart-
sjent specifies that no in-
dividual may participate
in more than one ;league
* or one team
The entrance fee for a
team has been set at $1.50.
This will "be used to pur-
' chase' trophies which will
be given to the winning
teams at the end of the
season'. '
New Station
Being Built
^ ^elTW'-poric6 headquar-
ter is now under construc-
tion at the 9F block',-which
is the centre-1 location
of the center. -
,fWe are gl-e.d to report
that not one serious crime-
lias been committed for .three
months,Msaid the ahi.^f,
ftV?e hop to have the con-
tinued cooperation of the
residents in keeping -the
crime rate at a low level."
The Arrieciae iiigh school
.IMiqtns will 7/ith
.the 3-ranada -high school
varsity -fivo ^ at the Bo"b-
,oat*s .lair tonight" in. the
.feature game of* a liesket-
ball Reader,
The Indieme teve. already
chalked up a victory over
-the. Granadans and are ex-
-pecrtesi to do the trick
again. k ' ..
;sta'ii.iag line-up for
f the.; iUraciia boys will be
,Johnny Niit2.avja,..Hai\k SW-
madfi, Mas Okuda,\.Toah Oka-
mura.f .and 2fes Uyesugi*
.:tiie preliminary game
Tlie athletic department
of the Axnache high, school'
has ordered*ten ^varsity
basketball slaii*ts, reports
the aigh school newspaper,
Itt They- are,made of white
durene trinimed' with blue
around the,. arms c.nd, neck,
and will feature gold sat-
in .numbers on "both back
and front.
According to It, as scot
as fimds are aVa.ilable,
pants % irjatoa .the shirts
will be ordered. Also, 20
;shirts- for both the. B
and C squads ^ will."be pur-
starting at 7:30 pm., the
once-defeated Amache high
school sextet will again
meet with the Granada high
school girls.
This game should provide
'a lot of' excitement for
the fans as both teams are
evenly matched.
: Tickets are now on sale
at the high school prin-
cipal's office* Ten-cents
will be charged for chil-
dren, 20 cents for .high
school students,' and 30
cents for adults*
A "big turnout of the
residents is urged "by Coach
Hoke as the center teams
will receive 50 per*cent
.of the gp.te receipts.
The ping pong team of
Block 11H defeated the 11G
boys, 14-6, at tlie 11G rec-
re&ticn hall on Sunday In
the singles contest, Sam
Nogawa of 11H,. downed Tom
Sakurai of 115*
Joe T. Ide was elected
president of the 9E'social
clul) recently* Assist ing
with activities will"b e
Hizi Hinoki, vice pres-
ident;' and Miye Masuda,
A soldier^ registry
has been pieced in tHe
south administration "build-
ing. This will be used as
an i.nfonnation source by
the PIONEER so .that the
names of the soldiers can
be published in each issue*
Igasaki Talks
To_ Lions Club:
Stressing thepai*t played
by t-h Japanese -language
instructors and tne, eyacu^
ees in- .the -war. effort, Ivlas
I^&aaki-,. -formerly of the
legal- a-taff- here> spoke to
the Boulder- Xibnf s club,
last - .
What in world is the
matter with the etiileics
division, of the recreation
department? ':
'Some tiine ago, the de-
partment announced in the
PIONEER that a toottal1
meeting will be' held* iu
tiie near future, tore than
two weeks have elapsed with
still no sign qf meet ing.
The department'has writ-
ten letters to ell football
teaxamanagers asking- whether
ori;t they warrttiaeifcdesto
Skoclcmns as champions ever:
though the league is not
completed. I donft care
who "becomes Ghamp "but feel
that the rec d^pnrtmeirfc
should net start anything
they cannot finish.
Furthermore they want
sll the managers to pick
to all-opponent teein.
do not see how the xnane-
gers ftn doit without \)eing
unfair to players on the
teams against which they
not _plyed*