Granada pioneer, January 26, 1943

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Granada pioneer, January 26, 1943
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 29

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Auraria Library
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0 .
^ ,J

Vol. I, No. 29
I IWN* Win . i
iiir.sche, Colorado
January 26f 1943
£Nfffi fftfiCI11
An important meeting of
all persons interestcd la
the formation of a chapter
of the Imericp.a Red Cross
here will be held at 7 of-
clock tonight et the ?H
Frank A* Cassel, field
representative of the mld^
extern area of the
can Red Cross,ill presGiit
the general functions and
organisational setup# fixe
establidament of courses
in first aid and home nurs-
e Junior Red Crossf
W-ilcms home services
will be the purposes of a
chapter here#
Consu lares-
Report Due
No arrar^ements lia yq
"been mad *betecoi tke UB
go^er ximecfcs
for treatiaaiit&cco:raa alien
evacuees in the ¥8rioue
relocation centers, stated
Saptnin Martin,representa-
arxdor end vice consulate
from Ssn Praacisco, las,
week* Martin was here to
LQBvlne this morning to
attend s conference ia Den-
ver Project Director
Jmes G. Lindley R_y
Joiinson, chief of community
sonrices; Bonald Horn, se-
* Wiien the Flrg of the
United States of America
ia teing r!isudoe lowered#
certain rules of fl£^ eti-
quette based on heraldry
and courtesy^ should "be ot-
aerved, stated Captain Joto.
Karpen of the 335th.Es-
cort Guard. ,
Civilians should show
respect due the Flog "by
standing nt attention with,
right hends placed across
their heerts. Men should
remote their hats
Cars should atop and oc-
cupants geb out, said Kerpen*
Bior attorney; Willis
sh$ lon?e officer; and
Joseph MaClell-andj infarmtir
tion specialist#
The group will idait
the N school Gt Boulder on Wcd-
nestoyj arid from Tlnrrsttey
tlirotigli Saturday they will
confer with WM Director
DUlon S* If^ev and admirds-*
trative officials fr o m
Haart I4)imtain, Topaz, cud.
The Revision of tli e
school contract, the relo-
or.tion program, pr o ject
emplopiunt 9 and public re-
lntions ere m2^ to topics
they will discuss#
To Be lopi.c
flRecreation ^nd Gnmss
for Groups11 will feature
the fourth sosaiox> in n se-
ries of Leadership Training
courses at Terry 11011,6:30
p*m "bomorm Iforris H*
Scglo^ head of the physical
education depdrtmartofi^
maelie schools, will be the
speaker for the evening#
Goimiuiiity singiiig, led
"by Herbert K. Walther, jun-
ior higii school principal,
'Qill open the meet ing, and
thoBQ present ?d.U partici^
pto in 8 nrnnber of games
to illustrp.tG ptosea f
Soglow^ talk Discussions
snd questions will follow*
Tb.rnks to the following
mess division workers, the
keer complaints and to a\i-girl PIONEER staff wgs
cusa problem of nationals, able to work late last
A complete r ajjo xt of night in order to get oirfc
his meeting with the aa- this issue: Mr and Mrs*
semtly arxd individuals win T<^d Tanaka, Kumayuki Ito,
appear in the next isstie &ennosuke Ishikara, Pat
of the PIOHEER* Funay&ma, George Ikiyama,
George Kiatsushlta, -nnd Wit-
==.C A L E N 0 A R ^ liGm ,
6t50 PisuMofiesj 121 mess
7tB0 p#m* --MÂ¥ies,10E mess
6s30 pm*Leadership train*
ing goutsq, Terry Hall
6;50 pit,~Movies* 12G- mess
7;E0 ^m4--Movies* 11^ mess
7:SO p.iR# -"Basketball ^mes.
Dukes vs* 'Pirate Bees;
Skookums vs* Pirates;
Granada ki^i gym*
At the J*A#C.L. ?s Spe-
cial Emergency Nat ional
Conference held in Salt
Lake City "between No^r* 17
and 24,1942, the question
of tlie nisei *s re-
elassificstion was brougirfc
up and discussed# As a re-
sult, a protest sub-
mitted to tie proper au*Baor-
ities l)y the league*
WPoi Director Billon S*
in a later statement
said, 1 consider that if
this program 11 alk ed bout
of resettlement is really
going to be successful,
tiiere is one key tMng that
must happen I consider It
important that ffll citizens
have the right to light for
their country# I have been
workiiig toward that end for
a 1_ timfn

Page 2____________________________TIOUEB_______I__._____________January 26,1943
G R A N A D A PIONEER ___________________
j Published Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays "by
the Wli^. and distributed free X. ech apar'trient.Ed- !
itorial office: j?101H' building, ^maohe, Colorado, j
Telephone: 63, . - i
St-a'ff: Ta'si oasaki Ldithodama' Tsugime* Akj^i *
Alice Tui Yosiiii ..ii t Toioko Yatabe, Hiroinichi ,.^ori.noto, YutaKa
Kubojii., Eobert ^.samotoIiasaji ^iurai, Choji- Nagano,
ivIaKOto Uorita, Sab Okamura, Jin Y^maguchi, Frank
^ Yosiiida. . !
Oomplaints have bean nu-
merous and coas.tQnt ccnceti-
in^ the disoos^l lo-
oateJ at the west end of
the-center, Tho odor oman>
tiag from thG ponds h^s
be'en. a continuous reaiirxder
tnat inunediate action shculJ
Woma n Jpb. £ limbecs
The WEa is trying to-returri as--many*ioyal evacuees
as possible t.o l life, Fron five field offices, in-
vestigators are -carefully sounding out..aOir^munity' fee 1-
ing before att'Qiripting to. place eva.cUJes--.- .:.
:q taiien to reaedy the sit-
Lewis Dakan, sanit-ary'
engineer, explained that
un order has been placed
with the army for a raachinc
to mix choiaicals v;ith the
*-caasii*e ha^ been proud of numbers venturing dut. selvage. The order has not
Thi-s being a v/dm6ri*s Lditi-Oli, we asked x>l^w9mei;t of- boon filled to date, and
ficara fox wxion uipl:re's^aIts. hu has' boon searching for
j?luce.uQnt Office-i's' Walter Kiiodel and iiarid V'eGchio, a machine that \vculd -bo'
both are -pUw^led. Unl-i^e 'the men, women are a' problaiu available at onco but with-
The Qkipl'oyniQ'nt offadQ carfully selected both top ar>- out mrfch suocoss* ,
ployors ^nd' a^pli-ca'ntQ', Despite- a gr.oa.t deal of expanse Odor control is governed
und red tape,r sOn>eh:o\/1 va-thin1 at few v.5eeks, a majority cf *c^iiofly l^y -chemical action,
fhe girls leave fer similar in*the same city., ot'ton and to some dogre by bacto-1
in the. e^mo n^ighborhoo'd. - * rial Motion.
Perhaps th' aatside public1 has -the wrong idea of ro- The Iahoff tanks, where
looatiba. oenters fand 'empio/ars ^ oons'e^merTtly ara.arro- the' bao'teria is introSuCGd
gaxit or: evacuees 5arr/1 big 'O.Ml.s on thqir shau 1 ders into the sewage wero un-
re rhaps libpr* ijiratin^ occyur^, 'saving-niuah time and avoidably delayed i*rx in-
expense for th*9 thieves'.' Or ^Vtioueea expect mora* >ay. stullation and ware not put
Perhaps evacuees uf tempt a ]sy oho logical brQhK by into sorvioe until the ad-
jum-ping to another job or evu-auees have- too^ l*itfle ex-' vgxi of cold weather rhich
^erienoe for the first jo"b. ' ' n a tur ally slov;s up tho
Whatev-er the cause both .7/TJA and'evacuees are D^en baetorial action. ,/ h on
to criticism* Over influeutiul fea an§ dinner- tables warrn \veuther arrives this
the merits and demerits of ndvel evaauee lubor^ hire to- action, will incroaso and
Ing widely disaus'sed.* .
id, 0. Anderson,^Denver emvloymen*:' advises
girls to be careful and tiling *of fhe group as a wholo.
"Every evacuee \/h goes out;'Tw*da it to the* group to
to sincere about domestic or:.*any otner work, i.iuoh as
f-ho wR^. desires reset",lemtntfoi1.he qv^guoos i does
not v;anf xjaitions used as springboards. -*GGptin.g a
job under fals.e ^.Q/^naea from ;LAoyQrs who gonQ
into t;ha thir:g ingood faith\vill finally reflegt on
the whole ^roup £ a^a.cuoes.0 .
:be of sqmo helo in oont^ol-
li-ng, fho .odor '"but the.ben-,
of it is negligible now.
' Tho' Mach Inc which ^ho
oont^r iSf a-jva Lt r n g will
collar oi odor hy mixing'a
stiiall 'luantit.y of cBlorino
Into thfi diacihrLirge the
tanks . ..
'At present limo" is ixi-
tr.oduood in f-he suv/age at
thu inlot of tho pLds
v no,groat avail it. is
aL,ist*( impossible to ado-
^uut^lT/ mix in tho ohomioal.
'riiQ a gil cultural division i'iu3^iVQ Ges^ito 'tliv3 ^Vin- Dak an, however, proniSGs
try elWients, -Grda3 und oil.aro in thJt tho mWtur v/ill bo ta*
studied and 'definite- plans for spring planting .Aaoped. kon oar of boforv \mrra
grioultural i.iatnbors are grading tho roads, woatliGr oouoa.
hauling gravelurul assistinghe v/oll-drill3ng work If not, heaven help our
being oonduotod on the hog far '/ith t.he staff olfaotbrry --' phov;I l
KQflag for feeder Jigs, f-hu hog project Ljs .ben in- r. LC'WEP ( iP r c t*i
crGaaed during tho :;gci:s . . * ^ "M .
Ilago'" let ions aro-uo'w uudor ; to purohiso *5 pjprox- i blARI IN
irately 3,000 febtby bhicka Tbo aduitiori of* un able 2}} poultry Supervisor to* the dgricul^ural crav will bo im- of *uaorioan and' Japcin^so
^jortant ixi{iyttifig oroOuotiori'into f^ll swing. flo\/r arranganorit, classes
.iaFiy vvoiTiBn huvo oxf/resaeci thu-dusire to \-\\c ^hen- v^ill ha hold*from 6:30 to
ever vveathur and working^s-v;6uld 20mit; them. 8 p.m. 211arsdaytat, tha. adult
./hea t-h growing- s das on gong's., wq^ioii v/ill *bo to education o.ntur, announoos
ulay irn^qr^ant ^urf ir^ ^ho**t*gri^ultural-for ...Irs t Sonka ,G!-U7 C*da ins-
tiibre will ie,' a-d harvosti..5J\/ork* (truotr. ,Subs-uqu^riJ: cliss^s
doao. ' - ' 'will. bo hold oji Tuesdays
./o^ou nav-^ alv.'a.ys hpon *ho V.^OKtoriu *of ai/y ugrio/il- and Thursdays at. thu. same
t:\Udl ccmcmt. v/ox1 ^ lo* u^-c3ovm hore. '' tiuio .

January 2b ^ 1943
Ten* measures of speech
des'aended on the world;
women- took nine and men
one .
Babylonian Talmud?
Just for tne dickens of
it% and strictly ?,between
ua girls, we iie$e .present
the-rwiirinin!f who turned out
this edition of the FIOISER*
mA swell person# Grace-
ful ? attractive, and tal-
ented co-proprietress ..of
tlie Sasaki "Plop iiousg*H
i Duse in the making {didja
see lier in HTne Trysting
rlace She cuts a mean
terpisdaoreari caper; in-
vents the darndest sandwich
f illings-T.aee-l i shus^J*-^
produces cute iittl.e char-
acters with a few.:swift,
def*t maneuvers of ixer pen-
cil; plays the s&x, piana,
BtA--cross my heartthe
t&ssporJ , f
* intellectual type, but
the nice kind. V/ill argue
till the cow jumps over the
ircin cr_ any gi^en topic.,
a4 usually win§. -Calls
people names they canf t un-
rstendtle e-herous old
^vixen/1 etc-^so they
Mver know -whether to grin
unkr-owix^gly or vomit* p-
pe*-rs to Ids a confirmed
cynic 'b.ut we 'betcha thatf s
just a front.*
, ^.ooks and acts like a
Ghera^ic Iittl.e angel r all
four feet 10 inches of her.
Works hard, says-little3
_e sits uriolitriisily in
h^r little corner snd types
away like mad Practically
fainted dead away wLeti asked
if she would contribute an
im for,this pires to "be is tall*
Very; feminine n^exictif!
wiio 10ves to sir;dance,
htA turn out perfect, sten-
oils. V-ants to sirig like
5earj.a Durbin# Her favorite
Br.§ of the .moment MI Hed
tl.o Craziest Dream Last
Types like a. speed
d^iTiOL 'asu^lly 7?itb. her e-
cnt from ner
sho.ijders like a pair of
.. PlCKSSR..,..-.
Not to be outdone the
role played "by their
"brotier nisei in the armed
forces, more than, 30 evac-
,ues^ QirlB naire asked ^obcut
possible enrollment or en-
listment in the WAACSj i/AYBS,
and other auxiliary military
and navy units, revealed
Leave Officer \iillia F.
In response to the re-
quests,, the center as
written to WKi Director
Dillon S. &4rer in sh
!) C-*, for iilve tigation
and advice* These requests
are largely from young wo-
men with "business, educa-
tional 5 and occupational
backgrounds, ran the com-
municat ion.

Ir)ants To.
Be Inoculated
All infants up to three
years of a^e are to receive
whooping cough ironunization
from 10:3U to 11:30 g .iru
tomorrow at center hos-
pital, announces Gerald
I3uffyf chief medicfel of-
ficer .
cts.hi otservingthe correct
time and in reporting "for
the ixnnranizatioii for their
children will be much, ap-
preciated in order that all
can "be cared for Gluring the.
hour1 b time, said Dr. Duffy*
lage 3
mtss PERSonnEi
inauo wo l
The feeding of Neebo and
his family in the center
requires the-cooperation of
hundreds cf people includ-
ing 581 women and girls,
informed Lorraine Ikesakx
and Kiyome Saneto of the
personnel department of
the mess division office.
Waitresses, kitchen helpers
and laundresses'number 535;
cooks, 35^ and-m^ss divi-
sion staff inembersf 13.
'f,Feople like pretty at-
tendants, gentle voices,
attractive tables^ aad hos-
pitable seivice* whicii only
the members of the. :femiiiin8
sex csm supplyadded the
two secretaries*
The majority of .the
elementary school children
have received their report-
cards ^ Principal Enoch Du-
mas 'revealed yesterday*
Report cards differ
from the ones the children
hate -oeen accustomed to as
no grades are'issued; in-
stead, a written report on
the childf s progress in
each subject* iv^ ma^e.
club .. AdvisekS
Korettes met at bF~4C
on Friday,-and Prexy Cherry
Yoshitomi introduced the
club ^dvise'rs^ krs Morris
3og].o^ axid Li].i Sasaki.
wings. Rexalnds you of an
affectionate little ^Per-
gian fcitteni '
Busy bundle of irolCBiilG
laughter and s^tBmina* Is
always the cliairmanof this
'party or that social,and
poKipialns like crazy that
?!l wuz hooked Hf1 In her
busiest momeuts, she -seems
always to "be on the verge
of cussing, then decides
to laugh it off instead.
After f limp teen years of
studying journalism, she
insists she ,,can, t'Write,n
but we knowV ^ donrt we?
Tall, meticulous,.high
pom p ad ourf d, and well-
£,roomed always. She dresses
like a Vogue models is
quietly reserved"but friend
ly, and' fairly oozes that-
thii-g-*called-po i s @ Does
her Tiork efri.cionT.17 atA
sens corments. Can wear
ordinary man^
and make it look like nze
Htest theei.g from tfreen
mmux. .
Coiiceiitrated p&n,k^e of
fun emd vitality. An ex-
trovert* She loved to cut
up and is the girl thex'e.iB
never a duil moment with*
Does a dilly of an imper-
sonaion of Rosalind Hus-
sell, laughs-uproariously
at her own quips, and plays
the ka^Qo under protest
(everybodys protests)
Decidedly an introverted
character. Loaded ^vithun-
wanted but persistent in
hibitions that she hates.
Idolizes tergaret Sulla van,
Louis Armstrong, Muggsy
Spinier, Lu ^Vatter.s (ask her
who they are!) / and DOGS *
all kinds and sizes of the
asthnxnedJ You Dog!

Page 4
Marion Yoshioka^ of the
outside placement office
announces that her chief,
liario Vecchio^ junior place-
ment officer, is on tempor-
ary leave to check on labor
conditions and the reception
of center evacuees in west-
ern Colorado.
Jack Gw Bohon, chief of
the auditing unit,returned
from Colorado. Springs ton-
day. He 'attended his fa-*
ther-in-law^ .funeral,
POUKDBeige shawl wi-th
maroon strides, in front
of the north administration
"building* Owner mey call
for it at the police de-
partment .
Fireman Yasuhiro lahi-
moto, 8E-12F, who suffered
an injury to his eye while
on duty last week, is out
of the hospital and conva-
lescing at home, said As-
sistant Chief Yoshi Kuto,

The following students
left for various schools
recently: Andrew Yahiro,
Drake university; Fusajiro
Aburano, Albion colle^fe,
Albion, Misli.jj and Walter
Fuchigaiai, Barnes School
of Commerce, Denver
Dance lickets
Bids are now on sale .for
the Pt^esideut fs "bsll, sohed-
uled for Saturday at Terry
hall, at the 7E recreation
hall. Admission will be
25 cents per couple. Dan-
cing will be from 8 to 11
Entertainment will te
presented during intermis-
sion. kusic v?ill "be pro-
vided "by repords, according
to Bill Tsuji and George
Bote, co-chairmen
proceeds willlse donated
to the liu^rch .of Dimes com-
Hana unc,Y leader, left
for Heart Mountain, Wyo,,
Saturday, to attend the -fu-
neral of he^ uncl, C. H.
Uno. She also plana to
visit her father in Lords-
burg, Hew Mex.
Catalogues of tile Campus
Textbook exchange of Ber-
Iceley are available at the
educaticn office, Boom 5,'
south.,aaniinistration "build-
i'ng. There nc charge
Recordings, co mmunity
sirring and special solos
will f eature the young peo-
plefa fellowsHr- meetin^ of
Seventh-Day Ad v ant 1st s,
7:30 p^m* et the 7G recrea-
tion hall ton ight Thef
public is cordially invited
to attend*

Those i'ntei'ested in eps-
tume designing ere urged
to attend a meeting tedsy
t "thp edult education cen-(
ter, S f.m.

XO&T: Black Buxton wal-
let with initials G. M.,
belonging to Oeorge Afcrtsu
moto, 11F-7C, betweeir Blocks
8G and 12K. Contains draft
card, WRl'driver^s license,
cash, and identification
card* Return to owner.
3ev 'Knrry
spoke at thf morning- wor*-
ship service of.the Grsx^_
da Protestant church Sun-
day*' Victor Fu,iiu was
chairman for the meeting
hell Hij Terry 'mil*
--------January £6,1945
Joseph H* Riley cf the
Department of Ccmmerce,
Washington, 0 C*,*and mem-
ber cf the Interstate Com-
merce Commission, Bureau
of Service, made an. official
inspection portation conditions here
l^st week*
nUnress we get inore cara
unloaded- tnA free for serv-
ice, an embargo will tc
placed on coal shipments,f,
said Riley#
In a memorandum prepared
"by the center, coal haulers
are' urged to accomplish
this jc*b htA prevent the
occurrence of such diffi-
culties by cleaning ,up
mDVB cars every ^.ay* The
idea of hftuling r limited
amount of coal pe.* uay will
have to l^e forgotten#
The Pecember pay roll
will le out by tlie eni of
the month, premises Ruby
Fuller| head of personnel
and timekeepers*
.^iVith the new timekeep^
ing procedure- in effect we
hope that in the future all
checks wille on time/
she snid*
VJhat d6 you diecusf
most? lancing, food, net*
ties? A topic of never-
failing interest to giris
Envirotoient and daily,
activities should Mend
with your appearance, per-
sonality, and mental out-
look* A velvet dr.ess is
lovely for a partyi^ but
it# a act the most appro-
priate thing to. wear behind
a cosmetics counter, 3
cii'es^ appropriately.
A must in a small werd-
rote is a suit, .as it is
so adaptable# The' most
severely taiicrei suit>
when iworn witii casual hat#
oxfords, tagacd gloves,
and tailored shirt, stjleB
you perfectly for day wear*
That aair-e suit (cnn become
a ^lamorouti affair when
worn witii frilly "blouse,
sheer hose, gloves*, suede
or patent pumps', tag, and
flower 'boutcnrLiere*
Here are a few sensible
dress rules:
Complete enseari \e effect#
Dort wear hit.'hs cre-
ations, as thou^ you had
said, Come along, clothes,
if you want to go with meM
A controlled and molded
silhouette# ,
Conservative color com-
Heat shoes (polish and
use trees), enSL straight
-stocking seams*
Modern attirer tut no
faddish, freakish apparel*
(Applies to coiffure as
_ Finally, your outfit i.B
never truly canplete without
that important requisite
which costs nothing tut
works wonders, an ever-
ready smile*
CJrace Hirookft

January 26,1943

Pege 5
A former CCC cemp located et toet, Utah, will be
used qs a temporary segregation camp for evacuees who
for any reason must be separated from their respective
Raymond H# 3es,x'ormei*
transportation and sup-
ply officer at Mnidoica,
will "be in charge of the
A board of review con-
sisting of ,three officials
has "been to investi-
gate the .records of the in-
An article^dealing with
the adjustment at' the evac-
uees to camp conditions
and the Americanization of
dividual^ who have "been ar- .'the younger ^enerstion. ap-
rested or- remove from the
centers end to make recom-
-menda^ions on the action which, should
*be taken in each case.
The names of these evac-
uees have "been submitted
peared in tne iVichita Bea-
conf leading newspaper in
WipMta, Kan Lionday.
This was learned In an
interview with Police Chief
Harlow Tocdinson.
to the FBI an Naval Intel-W trouble among the
ligence for. additional in-
formation. ^
A lar^e shipment-af used
clotMnfe- sent by sister
churches outsitiethe center
waa recently received here
by the Granada S,evQnh_Day
Adventist church, and is
now being distributed to
families* needing tnem*
Persons who wish such
clothing are asked tq .con-
tact Pastor George Kiyabu.
population here than there
is in a Caucasian city of
th-e same' size/^ Tomlinson
v/ae- quoted as saying.
sbcMHU) BY .
.,-Newooiners in the high
school young peoplefs group
were. honored -at a social
Saturday in the tK recrea-
tion hall < Ken Yamaguchi
was chi^rmaa.
Harry Fukasawa lea the
devotional service.
E vac
Furnish Labor
Italian war priaoners
and evacuees from,the Gra-
nsda .center are expected
to furnish much of the farm
la"bor for Colorado, accord-
ing to Governor John C.
Vivian, who approved the
The Italians will work
under government supervi-
sion, while, the evacuees
will work under WEA rulings.
T'he wallet belonging to
Isamu Kuge, 11E-12A-B, which
was reported stolen at the
Block bF party last Tveek,
was discovered by*Ku^e in
his coal bin Sunday, ac-
cording to Y* Nakamura,
special detail officer.
personal papers aad gov-
ernment checks for |I02
acd ^19 were still in the
wallet "but the 9 In cash
was missing#
Herbert 'R.tow,- governor
of Utah, inducted the 33
members of the center^s
council. He s the first
state governor to visit any
of the centers# Mrs..
Maw was'honored at a tea to'
which ell women residents
were invitedf* * -
A Hed Cross chapter was
organized recently^ "
A questionnaire for per-
sons who have gone outside
to accept employmen will
be conducted to help those
v?ho are planning to go out.
AWOL in the army means
away without leave but at
Topaz it is ft Wolf on the
loose* Among the sugges-
tions the women,3 editor
has for a g;irl to get her
mantf are full quota of
sleep/1 learn to dance well,
"be healthy, keep voice soft
and low/
Shares for the community
co-operative have "been set
Plans for the ache
Arts and Crafts festival
were formulated at a meet-
ing of the planning "board
Saturday in 8H-12B.
The exhibit, tentatively
set for the first week of
Larch, will be sponsored
by the grammar and junior
and s.eniorhigh schools, the
adult education department,
and the Granada PIOKEffi*
The products .of the in-
genious arid crevive alDil-
itiespfstudbirfcs and resi-
dents will go on display*
The only limitation an sub-
missions will be^tliat they.,,
the work of residents
and done in camp* '
'The time'6nd i>lace for
submitting articles, in
addition r to applied printed later in
Eighty thdusan square
feet' of San. Francfs*c*o,s
famed Trolden Gate park will
become ¢1 vegetable garden
this year. *
JUready"1 400 citizens
hav*e staked tiiei claims
to start planting onions
and carrots*
.dt d
at |l each, and no person
will oe able to purchase
more than. 'one. Approx-
imately 4500y, have *stated
they would like to "become
' 'Twenty-two nurses1 aides
are' taking a training course
and will ^^ceive Red Cross
certificates in home nurs-
ing at the conclusion*
What wa6 a dream "becBme
a reality when the co-op
board approved a li-notyped
newdjj^per for the center-
plans cgtll for having it
printed outside the center
and taking advertising to
mate it self-suppori:ing-
Open- forums -to' acquaint
the; lssei-*with relocation
will "be conducted under the
adult education -program*
Swinfes,' *teeter-totters,
ana a merry-go-round will
be purchased "for the ele-
mental1^" school children^

Although there are few
organized womens athletic Page 6________
teams in the center, there
are many individuals who I ( . _
were outstanding athletes I H Q I Q M
January 26,1943
Hitting the "burke for
17 poins, Soapy Myashima
led the Skookums to victory
over the Kau Kau Laners "by
a score of 5S to 39 in £
feature game of a double-
header at the Granada high
0yxti last rxight.-
Ir, the opening
of the thrill-a-mirnl^-e
game, Yuk Yev/ate -me
Laners stored the
points, oaly to ha^-M'y-a-
shima tie up the
Tiie lead see-sawed >'ark
and forth with the first
quarter ending in the Sko-
kums1 favor.- Prom then c:i
!,lDack home*-11..,-
Heading the list is Dor-
othy Saito now P* E, in-
structor at the center jun-
ior high*., possessor of two
200 pins for bowling..*
held third highest bowling
honors inL. A. *.*.also skates,
plays basketball and soft-
bsl X *
Yoshiko Ito, the gal
who writes out the police
passes all around athlete
.plays "basketball and
softball and swims*
Shinobu and Ayone Kuni-
moto.*from Sefcastopol***a
hard to beat combination
as pitcher and catcher in
softball t *-
Defeats Holly
Lefty Kitagava,' who
chalked up a total of 12
points,, led the Acache high
varsity to anotherwin Sat-
urday night at the Granada
high gym when the Holly went down 29 to. 20*
3-rioben was high-point man
for the losers.-
In the preliminary tilt,,
the Arnache BT s defeated
the Holly B team,19 to 7
Floyd Niizawa, forward, was
high-point man with B digits*
George Aoki and Kiyoshi
Yamamoto played good defen-
sive ball* Pinkerton ac-
counted for 5 of the losers f
Martha Takemara tennis,
aoffball,.and basketball
star* is teaching the
tiny tots in the pre-schoo 1
nursery,*.a Cal grad.*
Martha ' Tsuchiya
*. teaching the senior high
girls the fundamentals of
sports, "likes and parti-
cipates in all sports.
Eva Suglyama, Mory Ta-
niguchi, and Annie Yokoya-
ma. ...all are softball and
points* ,
Vern Campbell, associate
fire protection officer,
is captain of the IffiA bowl-
ing teem which is now com-
peting in the Lamar Bowling
leagae Other members of
the team include Mark Rad-
the Laners threatened, "but
never overcame the lead.
The half ended with the
Skookums out in front, 20
to 11.
?he Skodoims never relin-
quished their lead. .Resides
Treing high-Sf'OP-er, Myashima
also played £od defensive
Playing good defensive
>all for the Laners veve
Okuda, Grove Yoohiwa-
basketball stars..
Jaine Oi and LTary Oi
tp basketball stars",
The boys relincuish the
basketball courts at least
clifTe, transportation of-
ficer; Lewis Fanslan, rdg-.
istrar;2oke E^nnison, agri"
culture chief; and William
Wroth| engineer*
The team is now in fifth
ra, and Kenzo rimoto.
In the preliminary game,
the *imache Zephyrs won over
the' Lindy Hoops "by a score
of 36 to 34, The game was
never decided until the
twice a week so girls place. There are 27 games
can play***.,. in the series, according
Organized teams for the^^o Campbell*-
Some tennis courts**cr
is that a dream.**.?
iucc i
closing minutest .
Jack Hamsiinslii was high
with 24 points..
A health program for the
iris so we can keep that
figure (vjhat figure? ). In the only B league ball and football, won
The weekly co uaity
dan.ees come back*-# *dt helps
to keep up the young peo-
ple's moral .. *
game played on Saturday,
the Del t Esguire s defeated
the Santa Eosa team by the
score of 30 to 15 For the
against the SmokeyStovers,
2 to lZf in A competition.
Scoring 29 points, the
Buccaneers defeated the
An ice _sbating rink clos-
er to the center,^
A bowling alley for ev-
eryone^ use*"
A swiimiing pool,. *itfs
winners, Shiro Kammurawas
high point man with 8
points, and Man Kimura had
high honors for the losers
with 8 digits to his credit#
Argonauts "by 7 digits in
the other A league encoun-
ter* Shinkie Sano hi the
bucket for 12 points to
take high honors for the
cold now but think of the The 12E Ramblers, playir^; winners while Mit?3 Usui
hot d&jrs to coiue. a combination of b(*skot- scored 10 for the losers*

January 1943.
P^ige 7
The Skook'jjns will pl^y
tte G-rar.ada Pirat^" ir* a
rut'xrn game at the Jrnncda
righ gyn tomorrow evening*
.Iii the proliminary encoun-
ter, tae Diikes will vie
against th? Sranada Pirate
B cagers. Genie time is
7:30 p.m.
Basketball games rs*
poned over the weekerxd were
Aero v3* Sebastopol to Jmu
30 at the 8^ field,- court
5, 2:30 p.m.; f-r.d Royal
Araians vs* Gd^^ts, -Je
30, 8G field, court 5,1:30
p.m. All teams, are in tile
a league.

F^uird Fukud^, Toshi Fuku-
and Yori Yamasaki of
.the cc-oj canteen received
a reward for, t*^rr_ing ii. a
wrist watch to the police
department* .The money was
donate! tc trie Kau K^u Lane
ethleti1" oiu'b # tc te used
for Sforts equipment*
Of Girls Low
nGirl?i hardly ^er clause
trouble,tT says Jirrxr>ie Te-
xaenak^, school attei.fence
officer ho makes from se-
ver. to eight home visits a
day to investigate absences
of ttree or more days.
The girls c o restitute
only two per cent of the
absences, they stay out
of school only because of
illnesses in the family or
"because they want to work
"before school or work for
full time pay., Yaiuanaka
To ivlr-. and Ivirs.# Tadao
L;arcl, RF-9S, a ^irl.,nt
the der.ter x^osplt M Jnru
21.' .
To Iv2r-* KrsXoshio
at the cexiter hospital.,
Jan* 21.
To 'Jx ^vA Ivxs. Yukito
Yukihiro,12G34, a "by^>
at center ho s pital-,
J 22 *
*! Iv2r -and Mrs,* Ilcuto
Susuki, 8Ff4-F^ a "boy, at
the cei.ter hosoital, Jau*
.Differences--soci&l and er'.oncmic, as well as racial
--were discussed bxi address tc the college-age group
of the Graneda Protestant ch'arch >y Captain John F#
Karpen, rorana^^ling officer of the 335th Escort Our.rd
.nompiiny, at Terry hsISusl-
dy evening.
.The miiority rac 1 a piol)_
lem is just one of the many
.emanating oilt of ihese dif-
ferences, said (feptain Kar-
pen* The hierarchy, h e
declared, irciides the field
of education tl^e Joctor
.of Fhilosophy in his sanctum
regis; the union porker,
as compared agoinst the
unorganized ^rqups the
socially elite, smu^ and
secure in their >14>
and the intra-racial-na-
tionality groups*
George Yoshiokp. -ctei
p^s chairman ajid Suni IvBr-
wemura rendered' -a Vocal
solo> /W'e durir.g
tKe f ^Uowstip hour.. V
Ticket^ for the inaetie
high "benefit to "he
held at Terr-y ball- Thursday
evening are nev; on srle at
(e high school plncirajls
office, 8H.-5F, -Proceeds
will ^0 to. the physical eck
ucn^ion department t'o >uy
sweat 'shirts /and -athiG.tic
The admission prices are
25 cents for couples ^tA
15 cents for stags. Dan -
cing. -will "ho from 8 -to'11
p.m* -
Entertainment will he
p;ravided iDythe Rc\y^.l Arai-
ans^ A special bljackout
dancet is planned#
GirJs Hsve
High 'Record
Estelle' ns-
sistar.t in Student Reloca-
tion ir.forrr^ that 22 girl a
have .left tlie center for
*. mid-western- and east ern
.schools -since September..
Most of.the Airis have
done well* Kiyoko- Hosoura
created such a ^oad impi'eg-*
sicr* -t the Webster w!nenfs
college th.e school is
offering scholarshi.p to
another qualified evacuee,#
.Other centers report like
.receptions np/corrte'd* th-e ir
women represei.tativOR,
Sally Y ajn a s h i te in
charge the sec-
tion at the canteen, has a
finger or the. intellectual
,pulse cf the center. She
says that she still canH
get over issei -requests fer
magazines sucL as Life,
Post, Colliers, Atlantic, and Harpers.
Vogue, M ad emoisplle,
.Ohnrm, Glamour, Enquire,
Atlantic Monthly, Harpeire,
Time, Newsweek,, and
the womerJs 'mn^azi:ies dis-
appear isimediitGly into, the
hands, of ^-he ^Ider nisei.
These hier priced jrnli_
riations go as soon as they
Teen sters like 3 eng
.sheets, screen magazines,
.det-eative stories,and love
trash. The boys are orazy
a"hout. aeroplane and redio
mo^azines, while youngsters
en^oy the comics.-
Tf'Cp Ksicru fesudn, Camp
Phillips, Mo.; Pvt. K, P-
Sugimcto, Camp Crcwder,
Cpl.* Ed*-Ikegami, Pvt Ted
Adachi, Gcmp Welters, Tex*;
Pfc. S# KidQ, Camp Carson,
Colo*; rvt# Joseph Peguclii,
F Sam Houston, Tex#
' Sgt# Roy'Hiramat?u? Cpl*
Phillip IchiiiO, Georpe
Akiyaxna, Camp Cpcwder, Mo*
Pfc. Joe H* Xoza;va, Fort
Riley., Kan.; Fvt Geo^e T*
Kat3uura> Camp RoMnsor,
hrk,; Pfc Chas., Carman,
Chanute-Field, 111.*-
,Harriet Scotty. Caroline-
Suadfcriin, Junta;
rence IJLimfhirys., B.Bel
T# 0. Downing, Willdain T.
Mason.,'M. C. Siuith,
Ray Lidikery, 0 oloradrt
F. E. Griffen, FueMa;
Mr. nud Iv!rs. Incuye,
Takashi ^ig.aki/ Lav-. S*
nouye, la Jar,C r
Frank. Cashel.,St^ Louis,
1C A. H-
Ivmap, Col^>*

Page 8.
January 26,1543
!fThe 'conditions on the'
qutside, medipa-llj speak-
ing, axe very -different- from
the society that .
left 'behind .them>n- s^id/
Dr* G. D. Carlyle Thompson
chief medical "officer of
WEA ho sp ih his'
address to. the contimnity
^aaimoil last -Friday^ after.-.-
noon. iTt /
Although ^ the si^e of,,
this ceuter*s hospital- has
fceen the cause of seyere
criticism to- the V^BA, Dx* :
Thompson declares that vth^
present size of tlie.hos-
pitals in the centers are
justifies^ -because patients
who can be c^red for ixi
their homes under normal
conditions cannot bg attend-
ed tc in the type of apart-
mints'- they' ure' fcreed to
occupy here ill these' cen-
t-ersVTf .
Matakeshave been madfe,
admitte'd Drl Thcmpson, *be-
cause there was no prec-
edent in t-lie matter cf med-
.ic3l care for a group such
evacuees pr.eaanted.
Ther^ was no 't ime to plan
tliorcuglily, and prctlema.
Hadc be m*fc'as they arbsei
hence,' many-;things were
learned Vy trial and error^_
Time tos heexr and fe 801ring
many df "Hie problems, he
concluded. ^ *-:
Dis Tfecmpson left this
center Friday night for the
Topaz ^Rel'o'cation center to
continue his inspections*
Any driver frilling to
heed the new Stop signs
put up on G street will
lose his driver?s license,
farn^d Stanley E* Adams5
internal, security officer*
btop signs were erected
Saturday through the cc-
operation of tl\e recreation
department sign painters,
Louis G. Templets crew of
shovelmen, and.1 d am sf s
carpentering* ,
Gkls Wo
seventeen evacuees were
interviewed by a representa-
tive of the United Rations
.last Saturday for b I-lingual
positions as radio monitorsj
script writer^ and-broad-
(festers here and abroad/
Center candidates will
cmpe,te. wi:th .others from
the */7mxrig, Utah, and pos-
silly Arkansas centers,
saia Registrar Lewis W*
Improvemerxts around the
fire station which include
^ ipstairs sleeping quarters
"for ten men, officep. for
1 ?ire Protection Chiefs. ye3?n
1and Jerry M. ^ul-
liyar^ a s3-iding-p9les and
a j^rep^red basketball court
were constructed Recently
*"by 'the firemen-under the
' f1With the addition,of a
[m canent flor we will
hB-^eareaJ. up-ta-date fire
station51f said Sullivan*
. -farewell, part/ was
.^eld "by members* of the
Protestant churchy c h o lr
Sfiturday r^ight at tjie SL
hall for MyecJ/or
lia^rrie Eishi,, left the
n^r^.er VmAhy to Nurull in
gW i x^i,r St^
.Y/men are also working
in the various divisions .
in the education departments
K reueaied* by Mae P-urusho>
clerk-stendgrapher in the
education !office
Six women teach in the
.senior higlx; eighty .junior
high; seven, elen^ewtary;
14, mir&ery school; and y,
*aduit^' education*
Residents with training
iti physics, engineering, and
'the-sciences are requested
-to dome to the night school
.Offices to interviewed
for teaching positions'in
elementary radio'and elec-
tricity ^^.ass^s-j anno'irinel
B&jmiel?- J. Gordon,' director
of tlxe ad^liT sciaoos.
-^ There seems to be some
misunderstaiidirig regarding
crxr handling >8138 here
at the depot' from the peo^
pl^ ri¥ihg at Amache, Colo.
Would you l)e kir.d enough
to, put the following in the
HOWEEn? " V1
; We' here to handle
all of jxjnv trBSpo^tatioh
yroVl ems Gl:^d to haudle
Western tod Westerxi
UxJon raoi£^ r>rdBrs#" Express
,-forfirmed receitbd.
At Hospital
Cne pharmacist, a .regis-
tered nurse,a dentist, and
a medical historian are a-
mong the 422 women employed
in the various departments
.f-rthe center hospital^ ac-
cording to Pumi Takata,110s-
pital secretary.
.The greatest number of
women workers are in the
mess department, with 41,
followed \-j 30 nurses1
aids. There are 8 secre-
taries, 6 seamstresses, 5
dermal assistants, 5 dental
receptionists, 4 reception-
iats, and 4 maids. There
are 3 womea workers in each
of -the following occupa-
tion's .laboratory tech-
Aician, studeixt rmrseware-
hpuse clerk, laundry wprker,
ajid sanitation, inspector.
,.Field Dii^ector .Dean Sut**
tie, of the American Red
Cross stationed at the Army
Air lDai$e at Juxrtavisited
the 335th Itecart Guard camp
here : cm of ficial "business
yesterday. ,
Gan, sell ticks and- send
freight any place in the
United States# Have had
few parties come^in-and ask
how they'' get their
freight and express to-come
to Gramda instead of Lamar*
JU1 that need l^e done is
tell then} tp-send to Grana-
da 5 .Colo,. t?i^iache5 Golo.,
ia Lamar, Colo* i delay-
ing tx^uaijQrtation and cost-
ing more to resWents* -

y_. cr-4

tWN uun / /ft >

W -='^1'
# _

w a 1)
< S \ t * ^ j
y N *c i^s!
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ -h^ b^ir, ^ ^ ft
V k k? -o" "c tf\ > c\ ^ 4^ tr
$ Vw >
wy-.4 . KwI
i-^' 6|
_, i
tJc. rf
-S 6| ^ H 4H P ^ ^ ^
j t $ A. Ifef-
Yn # : _
.C 9C 2 g <
Jr u'sw. V' *
ii vi B?-
1 ~~.**^
K >c < 31^ ii k h(.' |
Jk I
S' w S.j
-§^ ^ ry s^. h v +4 K -*- <'*
J tl.'
t; r< % +^ rO ^ Is' 4^.
4r f A
Ufs # W^
Â¥ fi Sffi 4't* "
m ^p? % w ^ t' ^ ^ ^
^5ir u ^r
UL)4< C
2 y ACr< tt
ID^' I& C
*x\ < K r^
- '
I K+ VC6'.'
w H'e
^ x. v a ^p -k ^ -^ -/> v | ^
^ u^.w#
^ ii M

n'V: .N S5 t!
w:.f .trm t <
...v < .^'.
< :.?ftv
~' '< tf. 5>
ar Vs 4 4>
^.. >J 4J~ i f'^ 0\T
c a .wj
W W e.§/=*,
ti fr^-i ti *
^ V ^ ^ ^ ty S^ ^ t5 4| -^
>f\'- i Ett^ ^ ^ ^ S W< C -§<
< WW. 4
^ ^ t ^ ^ V ^ ^ lj
SFK ) !V Ji
j V'fIst m
t W m'|gv)
V 4
' 0
e2 V KV\
it '1 ^ ^ ^rf^ 4 <.
>r' 1.
::tH _
|t: ewS
.Vs % N r
IkT,--tJ A+
h3D V">> 4
^*6 A
a Vd a,r
| $-5
| w
%n< wp
H W *V
AQ~^ = Hffit-( *-1~R = '^|' 7 _
\ -4=4.^^"
1'=.+Un t?^f wH-
- = _^_M
i^-N'^-K- = H tet--^^- {S ^ 6-^-fi-
-^ f^f..A ^^4~ f-| ^^71'>
^ *r*. +- ^x ^ st ^ -p
> .C
H r^
^ 5

U >


1* Granada Center
2* Amache school
3m Grammar school
4. Representative
& Reader's Voice
6* Seicho-no-iye
7* Agriculture
8* looping cough
9. Editorial
10. Gambling joint raided
11* Temperatare--12 below zero

0Bt3 7+ *
1 CD^Gr-6.

^*^T-p L-C
c-0_-4 6^^^/*),0.
-^0'34----1.pj _^_^^.

11 ? t^*&1£
#* r^^.^7

lt6 G.i4H-
.L t
I *.7 A- ^ iu aA
15-(-.^-^?< ~

Qrl+ :

0 .8
4 c^5^^4C,3
A #-
^ ^ o t >^3 0
_^.= ^
-f .,?:^ i 4 C ^ c/vi. +^v)e
iihci I
C VJ#;&^!^<
3t C-4.1'$|1<£1
-0- xj TtfA-§" .i^v). -!^*^:--\£-*^
gs. ^|1^
-?'D I^1
C '^-M'9^.

I7>w or ^f ci>fir
Cf -V P
ro; -Vtr-f
+ VS-
7*^^ ^


QD^C .?j;tt
< TIt