Granada pioneer, February 23, 1943

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Granada pioneer, February 23, 1943
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 41

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Auraria Library
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Auraria Library
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Amaciie^ Colorado
Voi. I, No, 41_____________
12t\ Leads in
Co-cp Drive
Block IgK leads in "both
membership and capital in
the Amaohe Consumers co-
operative merabersiiip drive,
E# H. Runcorn, associate
superintendent of oozamuni-
ty enterprises, announced
yesterday They liave S4
members and a total of
1,050 in capital#
Gecond so far in mem-
"bersixip is ?E with 81 to
their credit, while 11F is
next in capital with ^805
turned in.
Alt h ough the contest
closes toiiiorro'w evening,
residents may buy stock
any time, Euncorn said*
All evacuees who were
appointed "by California
courts as guardians of mi-
nor clxildreu must file a
report on their estate not
later than Jan* 31 of each
year, according to. an an*
nouncement from the project
director^ office. Severe
penalties for failure to
do so are provided by Cal-
ifornia^ Arizona, and Ore-
gon statutes*
Although the deadline
for filing last years
report has passed, the pro-
ject attorney1 s office "be-
lieves that 8 penalty is
unlikely if reports are
filed within a reasonable
In honor of fashington^s
birthday, Tom Sasakiwho
was official "bugler for .the
flag cereiaonies at the Mer-
ced .cen,tei', assisted in the
flag lowering of the 355th
I^por.t guards yesterday*
Sasaki, who volunteered
for the Army yesterday, is
a Scout le&der and publica-
tions director of the cexi"
ter Scout paper, Reveille
Deadline for iimy enlist-
ment of eligible citizens
will "be 4 p*xn* tomorrow#
Director LindleyreLeesed
tlie f ollowing te legram
from the War department:
Any alien desiring to
volunteer should execute
Form 3041.-Effort will "be
made to permit their enlist-
ment "but make no promise in
that respect since it will
require an enlargement of
the present program*ft
According to Estelle
liosiiimiya of the College
council, the following stu-
dents received releases
this week!
Joe Fujikawa, Illinois
Institute of Technology,
Evanston> 111*; Victor Fu-
jiu, Aeiiljury, Wilmore, Ky.;
Frank Kito, Drake Univer-
sity> Befe, M oines, la*;
Hannah Tani, Baker univer-
sity, Baldwin City, Kan* |
IViakoto Mark Kamiya, Brigliaia
Young university, Provo,
A schedule of wage rates
to be paid "by sugar beet
growers for labor on the
1943 crop has been prepared
oy the US Department of
Agriculture,it was learned
here today*
Adoption of the proposed
prices, however, will iinge
on results of a series of
meetings to be aonducted
in "beet sugar producing
Proposed wage rates for
1943 s
Blocking and thinning,
¢12 per acre, an increase
of $2*50 over 1942; first
hoeing, f3 50, -a *50-cent
increase^ second and each,
subsequent hoeing or weed-
ing, v£.501 50-c.ent in-
orease; blocking, thinning,
' February gg,243
Masao Satcw
Is Rlctd
Toshio Nino:niya9 Fred
Morimoto, Takashi Koga, to-
sao Satow, and Ivatsuki Iki
-were elected to the execu-
tive conmittee of the coun-
cil from their respective
districts "by the members
of the new council who were
inducted into office by W.
Ray Johnson Monday*
By a unanimous vote,-
sao Sato as re-elected
chairmen of the council.
Other officers elected were
Katsuki Iki, vice chairman;.
Thomas Salto, treasurer;
Yukiyo Tanaka, secretary*
Regular meetings will
bo hold Mondays at 9 a.m.
living the employment
building and Hanson hair
t)8cic in line with the rest
of the buildings are in-
cluded in the plans for
the beautification of the
administrative area, sc-
-cording to William B.
Wroth, engineer*
hoeing, and weeding as com-
bined operation, fl8 per
acre (last; years figure
unavailable); Harvesting,
^1.25 for each ton up to
and including 12 tons per
Gere, plus ^-1*15 for each,
ton acre above 12 tons,
an increase of 20 cents
per ton on 12 tons per acre-
The meeting of volunteer
firemen scheduled for to-
night at the fire station
has teen celled off until
further notice. The post-
ponemexrt wss necessery "be-
cause a concrete floor is
"being laid in the sts tion.

Pago .....____________________ PIONEER--------
,_____6 R A N O A PIONEER
Published Tuesdays., Tiiursdays 3 and Saturday's 'by !
the 7/HA and distributed free to each apa'rtmbnt. Ed-1
itorial office: PIONEER building, Amache, Colorado* j
TqIqoIioiiq: 63.
On The Fence ?
..0 appreciate the f-ct that th^ra is still.a iarg^
percentage of draft-age men vho are sitting uncomfoi't-
ably on the fenoe, who ?java not ye4- decided whether or
nor to volunteer for the Japanese-American combat team.
Need we remind them that their op .ortunxty to volun-
t.eer will be gone after 4 toriiorrow?
x-ftor that time, the ArmyTs registration team '"'11
leave our center for good. t can .:ait no longer "be-
causa, under the present plans drawn up by the V/ar qq-
p^rtment, the formation of the oombat team ill begin
on Monday and will be completed by April1.
Tbe hours pa^s swiftly in times like these.
You, ^vho are still on the borderline, must realize
that you have to. make a quick ueoision. Wliat' you must
uls, realise is that your decision will have to be one
v;hici- youv/ill not regret aftor the p; esant opportunity,
is gono. - .
Well Chosen
.*iecau0 of the importaat events in the centei during
the pust two wt-Qtca, this is the. first chance .w^ have
had to ocumnent uoon the ne^ b,.ks ^ich have bean, s_e.'
cured by the senior high school and public library at
A total of 500 nev; books has arrived and though
they are still in the process of being classified, .tne
library is permitting theu to be circulated
The books were chosen by Pober.t George, Boberi Dier-
lum9 and Qraoe Le-ls of the .exii.ohigh sc]001 English
department, and by Mabel ^ndow, librarian-. .
During our visits, -have ^noted works of the ^reat
3nglish authors, best sellers, modern technical works.,
great plays, and oomx^rAliensiv.e anthologies/ It is our
belief that they have beon oho^en wisely and ;ell.
votiiAimRs for Amr
ica depends on ray ,jcrtions,
and I. am ha^py a.t the^ op-
port unity ,of serving my
country In this v/orld oon-
f lict ,H. Yami6 stuted., '
His mother proudly de-
clared f 1 can1t live my
sons life .Hevas born,
reared, and eduouted in
America, aad enjoyed all
the democratic privileges
that all American"citisens
are entitled to. X felt
fron the begirmixig' that if
he is to establish his home
in the United States, he
s obligations to fulfill,
and it is. his duty pri-
vilege to defend the country
he loves,"
Yamie can rest assured
his followers are, proud of
him and will always cherish
.the happy m 0 merits they
.spent vjith him. . *
--Suyeo Sako
MSupennanhas volunteered
for the special combat unit
in t3^e United States rmy,"
is tnie latest news item
that* s on the tongue of
every rad-blooded Japanesy-
ruiier icaru
7/ith his 0 n 1 istmeat t
Sujerman" yamoto Yamasaki
Of 9K--F, idol of countless
numbers of boys and girl 5,
justifies the faith and
leadership placed on his
broad shoulders.
Yamie, who deserves'the
"Superman" title, is well
knovjn for Ms strength in
v/eigh t-lifting.
Fe and his tv;o brothers-
in-la1,7 lurched down to the
administration building and
enlisted Sunday?aft9r care-
fully weighing the responsi-
bilities and significance
of their decision-.
"My whole future in Amer-
...February 23,1943
Proiuinent centeAfigures
V/Qre Gh^osen by the bouacil
to act as fho ei-r^cutive
committee of thot body.
I'osh Niaomiya, chief of
the documentation section,
v/as elected from District
I. Free1 iior i .}to from Dis-
trict II is the former man-
ager of the 0 mmu.a i ty
stores. District*III chose
Takashi Koga, assistant
police chief. Masao- Satovv
and Katsuki Iki9 both prom-
inent for their v.-ork in the
assembly,, will,.represent
Districts IV and V respec-
sje * *
Members of the old as-
sembly commit tees v;ho have
been marking time doing
a. minimum ofork will be
disappointed to learn that
their work is far f*rom done.
Tiie council is asking
all existing cnt:iittees to
continue to function, until
new committees odn be set

The flag that was re-
quested for the council
chamber by the old council,
119 Town Halls still
the oG recreation hall,
has yet .to materialise.
It seems only natural
that a hall-used by our
legislative body and other
public ga therings should
be provided v/ith a flag
ydthout repeated requests
from the counqil.
Community services divi-
sion please note
* * %
'Over 1500 requests to
contact parents, relatives
and friends in Japan were
made to the Spanish consul
by the residents of the
* <
The agriculture oommit-
tee announced that the farm
division has planned for
460 acres' of planting this
year as compared with 690
orciered by Vvashington* .
V/asiiington has requested
545 acres of vegetables
for consumption by the cen-
ter and 145 more to be
shipped to other centers.
.The success of the farm
proot will dopencl on the
response of the workers to
.th8 call for .labor vith the
approach of planting season.
Khan Komai

February 2?,1943
_____ FIONEER _____________Page 3
His genuine understand-
ing, his down-to-earth mrm-
nerisma, his sincere de-
sire to helpthe?"^ are
qualities that instantly
come to mind at the mention
of Joseph H. McClelland,
reports officer and infor-
mation specialist.
His quiet reaction to
the excited happiness of
evacuee youngsters at re-
ceiving gifts from stran-
gers at Christmas revealed
a little-known side to his
personality. For; as gifts
were distributed, the de-'
lighted cries of tlie chil-
dren "brougiit silent tears
to Ms eyes.
A native of Colorado,
McClelland was reared, ed-
end lia*s esta'fclish-e.d'
nxs livelihood in, t hti ,s.
state. He is 'thereiore
an authority on conditions
and opportunities in Coo-
rado1, and can relate- count-
less c olorf u 1 anecdotes
about this locality.
In 1932, he received
his BA in journalism at
the University of Missouri.
He also studied two and a.
half years at Colorado State
College of Agriculture and
,a short period at the Uni-
versity of Nebraska,-
As lie owned a half in-
terest in a printing ofiice
at Fort Collins, he de-
voted some time to t.hat
! type of work, lie later
sold ills interest, and went
:into general farming in the
jvinicity of Fort Collins,
Tv/o years later, he en-
tered the field for which
'he was trained when he be-
came assistant* editor of
the agricultural extension
service of Colorado State
college* He held that po-
sition up to the time of
|his transf erral here.
M cClellan dTs under-
standing of evacuees1 love
for California may l>e ex-
plained by the fact- that
he has visited that state
WASHINGTON, DC-Strong editorial support of the
V/ar departmentfs decision to form a comlDat unit oi o
y?,l persons of Japanese ancestry fur service in Ian ac-
tive theatre of war is disclosed in a survey here of
newspapers tliroughout the country. The survey reveas
a large number of papers
from coast to coast have
cornmented on the V/ar de-
partment 's action,and with
few exceptions the coxrjnents
have "been favorable.
The Springfield (iss.)
Hepublican, after tracing
the Gircumstances leading
up to evacuation, states
that "the organization of
such a (combat) unit for
military service would sure-
ly create a 0Dcl impression
amon^ themass of Americans.n
The Baltimore (Kd*) Sun-
views 'the combat unit* as
a valuable symbol-of what
we are fighting for and
a visible, tcn£.i"ble denial
of the-German theory that
thisis a racial war.M The
Sun .also observes: Tyranny-
is the- enemy, and a li'berty-
lovinf Japanese -may hate
it as heariiy pis 8ny. other
man. If he *.hatas it, we
can help him .to strike a
blow ..again'st' it.,T
After reviewing General
Delos C- EmriOns1, statement'
that American soldiers: of
Japanese descent in the
Hawaii an department fhave
added materially to the
strength of the Hawaiian -
area, The Atlanta '(Ga.)
Constitution says Tf There
is no reason* why loyal Japa-
nese-Americans should not
make, excellent soldiers,
and... they should "be grant-
ed the privilege of fight-
ing for their country in
her hours of greatest
The Linneapolis Morning
Tribune regers to the. War
department s action e s
wisely undertaken1 and
observes that, Per the
loyal citizens in those
(relocation) camps, there
should "be freedom to parti-
cipate in the war effort,
either on the home front
or' in our armed forces.
Several other papers,
it- was observed, also made
reference to tne increasing
opportunities for employment
of evacuees in private in-
dustry, particularly war
industries, as a solution
for problems £rowin^ out
of evacuation.
Amn Jest coast news-
papers support inf the. foa--
luation of the combat unit,
tne Portland Oregonian re-
gards it as News for
Hirohito,M v;hile the San
Franci^cp Chronicle said
the decision r*Will ^ratify
all who have felt txat the
only proper test in their
(Jepanese-Aiuericansf)' case
is loyal.ty, not racial
orgiru. 1
Residents who have Fed-
eral Civil Service ratings
and are interested in ste-
nr-raphic ^nd secretarial
work in the .7asiiin^ton- V/IM
offices are asked to con-
tact Leave Officer Lillis
J. Hanson.
Hensonf s office is 10*
.A mus ic appreciation
concert will Ide*help at the
BG recreation hall Tiiurs-
ciay, 7 according to
an announcement niade by
the adult education depart-
Descriptions and demon-
strations of several musi-
Gated, "below tae north ad- cal instruments will "be
on severalfoccasions.
Admired and respected
aighly by associates, "Joe
McClelland is friend, as
well as adviser, to the
FIONEER and documentation
Here is one appointed
personnel" member with v^hom
every ev-acuee should
acquainted. Suyeo Sako
ministration buildin-
A road to the main en-
trance gate f^om hi ''trway
50 is "being constructed cy
the puclic works crew, sta-
ted William 3. Wroth, ir-
rigation ^ and conservation
engineer -
iven by Tad Has call, in-
strumental music instruc
tor; pn(i tne recording of
Sorcerer fs Apprentice/
r,;ade more popular Idv Walt
Cisneyf s "Pantasia will
"be played,.
Two of Benny Goodman1 8
most popular records ill
be played as' an added fea-
ture of the concert.

Page 4
February ZZ9 1943
Perhaps ifs ignorance,
or maybe just carelessness,
"but countless mmbevs of
daily visitors to the carter
hospital need lessons in
Walk and talk quiet-
ly. The noise of heavy
footsteps intermingled with
"bo is t erous con versation
is very annoying to pa-
tiexrbs who are seriously
2. Observe vis iting
hcurs. Prolonging visits
doesnt improve the pa-
tients condition. Instead,
it upsets his treatment
schedule, often resulting
in serious complications*
3. Remember that the
patienfs diet is carefully
and properly supervised-
take home-prepared food to
4* Use north entrance
of second building for clin-
ic visits.
Observe these lit tle
suggestions and our friends
nnd loired ones who are now
confined will enjoy a quick
recovery. '
Itfs your hospital and
mine, so letfs do our part,
Suyeo Sako
Pf Thoinas Kimura, Camp
Hale, Colo.; Sgt. Max. H
Iki, Ft. Benning, Ga.; Pvt *
Tosh *Kasai, Ft. Leonard
Wood, Mo.; Pfc. S. Saisho,
?fc. G-ecrge Okada, Ft. Sill,
Residents are asked not
to request fishing licenses
urtilApril10, the official
opening date of the Colo-
rado fishing seasen, an-
nounced Clark Tuck who is
in charge of issuing li-
censes for this area.
No more passes for fish-
ing will be issued until
further notice, announced
Stanley E. Adams, internal
security officer.
Residents are requested
to wait until instructions
on licenses can "be obtained
from the Fish and Game com-
X is quite unnecessary to
Clinic Hours
Are Changed
The regular ho s-pital
clinic will "be closed in
the mornings except on Sat-
urdays between S;30 and
11.:30 a,m., according to
Dr. V/. T C arstarphen,
chief medical officer.
Because of the large
number of patients coming
in right after lunch, those
who come in after 2 p.m.
cunnot be trVken care of
that day, although the cli-
nic hours have been pub-
lished as 2- to 4 p.ra*,
Ca^rstarphen e^ded*
Mr. and L>s- Henri Ivlc-
Clelland, parents of Joseph
McClelland, i n for mation
specialist, arrived from
Fort Collins Thursday to
visit their son and his
wife in Lamar.
During their stay, -they
spent much of their time
in the center talking to
the residents, viewing the
Mr* and krs. Hiro Ivlxya-
kawu, Bo^b H. Eejima, Betty
Matsu£aga, Garnet Harino,
Larry Isiiisaka, Kimi Muka-
ye,. Gertrude Sugioka, Kev.
Goto, Heary Yoshii^ Kasuo
Nomurn, Denver.
Movies li&ve oeen dis-
continued Until films of
better quality arrive, it
was disclosed by Harvey
Turk, associate community
An editorial coinmentirxg
on the volunteering of ni-
sei for military service
states, '^hat we face is
the acid test. If we flunk
it, we damn ourselves and
an6 Jerome entered.
Converting a dining hall
into a night clubtT for
two nights, with bar, tables
and chairs, and soft lights
featured, r floor show
our posterity. ..e ligi^le
nisei can no longer fleave
it to the other guys.?
The hard,, r e 1 exiting
fact is that the extent
and importance of all that
is at 3t'ee does not permit
petty quisling and squirt-
ing o'f hyper-sensitive crit-
icism at he one great
chance we have
White Sain Browne belts
will "be presented to raise
funds for en t ertainment
Spinning tops is the
latest fad to hit the cen-
Discussion on various
problems and aspects cf
roarriage and family life
will be conducted in a
modernmarriage class.
and blue felt insignias
are now being worn ty the
junior safety pa.trol memr
A first aid instructors1
course was completed by 34
men and women. F i r emen
have also passed tests for
standard certificates &nd
sights, £md acquainting
themselves with, the gen-
eral surroundings.
The elder McClellands
were greatly impressed with
the camp and the people,
and were sorry they could
not extend their visit.
They returned to Port
Collins today.
Cel e*b rating xxat ional
Boy Soout week, the Boy
Scouts took over th.e ad-
min istrative' oft l cialsf
jobs for one hour.
The center physical ed-
ucation department is spon-
soring an inter-pr o ject
freest hrow league with
Topaz, Minidoka, Rohwer,
advance' courses.
Kirty Fage, well-known
author, lecturer, and re-
ligious leader, spoke at
one of the Sunday services.
V/ith more than 100 as-
pirants learning how to
play golf, a club is being

.Page 5
The Irtsand Grafts fes-
tival .sponsored "by the ed-
ucation division and the
PIUNBEB on ter, 5, 6, and
7 has reserved space in
Terry hall for 100 wood
carvings and 50 paper-flow-
er displays from the adult
clashes^erionettqs? masks ?
inin.iature model of the cen-
ter, and a m\rral of the
various modea of transpor-
tation executed by the jun-
ior high.' school.
Residents are urged to
IjOO p.m.Co-or d inating
council, 6H recreation
hall. ;
6:30 p.m*~Amache Little
-TCM}HR0W 1 -
7:30p.Ei*Record hour, fea-
turing 8P: Music Makers ?
bE liiess hall,:
713Op.m*Boy Scou Court
"of Honor practice ses-
sionf Terry hall*
The manufacture of w2^c
gl:Yes, "whidh is clsis'si',
fied as:' an ..§ssentia|^.
industry needs, pwple-.With '
some experience in 'gio'v^ ;
making, said rio ¥
of the employment office*
Outside farm work is
alsd available* .
turn in work made at this
center- to Masaji Murai, 8K-
2A? or..Tom 1XG-11A,
who are ir: charge of out-
side holDbyists. Possible
entries include soap carv-
ings, needle work, wood
carvings, model planes,
flower making and arrange
ing, lamp shades, metal
work, paintings, and gar-
d*en ornamentation.
Each resident is limited
to one entry in eacli m^di^
um, it was stated.
iilraost one-fourth of the
fire department force has
volxinteered for the Army,
and more are considering
etilistnient ? according to
Fire Chief Yern Campbell*
"efre sorry to lose this
swell bunch of "boys, "but
e feel very-proud of
he said
VoltrneersKiyo Doiu6hi,
Shiyo Doiuchi, Sam Kawakami f
Ben Sasaki, Hiroshi Tadaku-
xta5 Shoichi Takechi^ and
George Shoji Yoshida will
be honored at a banquet to
"be sponsored "by the station
-| ^ .i..'M
LObT Oourtland high
1942 class ring, 7G shower
rooiru Finder please return
to FIONESh office*
McEvoy Nisei Should Be In
Armed Forces Or Factories
February ^3,1943
Sr TAXt^ kus U^OHi
She was a phantom of de-
When first sJie gleamed
upon my sight;
A lovely Apparition sent
To be a momentf s orna-
You pro"bfXy lie^rd Ghas*
MoGarthy say it Sunday,
"but here it comes again;
are those girls who
go down to the sea in
Here1 s a -typical remark
mad@ at the Y*8 Washington
M er ry-Go-R ound S tf day
nights' t!?e may as well get
used to the idea (no "boys,
ware invited to the party);
this is the kind of party
w@f11 have to hold after
the "boys all leave.ff
Yuki Tanaka, only woman -
council member, was electea
secretary of that *body y.ea-
tsrdey...unanimously I
HBI-Hffi 1
Ever wonder about t^e
mfr*ing of those best known
Itees from the libretto for
Verdif s Higole tto ffLa
donna e mobile? Quol piuma
al ventoft? They translate
iiito fWoman is as false as
a, feather in the wind/1
If /our "brother or b.f.
volunteered for the Army,
why not take him to the
Protestant morning worship
service Sunday? Itfs to
*be 3 special farewell serv-
ice honoring them*
Wefre ready to offer a
prize or something to who-
ever (aside from members)
can guess what RWA stands
for. Itfs the same o*f a
YWCA club, ^nd is
st imped for an answer.
B/2rs# Ma^ao Satow wonders
if it mightnf t be Hugged
Womenfs Association.!, (Ho-
ho-ho-ho*.jokeJ) At any
rate, letfshave jour idea^.
Think of the home-inade
cake ypu might, win, and
buy some V/ar .stamps or
"bonds for Friday night fs
Victory concert. -
ftT housands of u ise i -
should "be in our armed
forces where many of them
ant to serve* Many more .
thousands are skilled work-;
ers who should he used in
A practice session for
the Boy Scoutsf Court of
Honor will "be held tomor-
row at 7 p.xn-'at;Terry hall,
according to Id Tokunaga,'
chairman* All 'Scouts are
requested to attend.
B The Court of Honor, the
cent erT s firsts will "be
held Thursday at 7:30
at Terry hall Seven troops
will participate.
our fields and factories,ff
writes J P. McEvoy in the
March issue of the Reader*s
Tiie story, headed n0ur
110,000 New Boarders,0
states the problems of the
evacuees and explains they
should not "be kept in camps
at-the expense of the gov-
-Morfe than u ton of pa-
per was collected during
the past week "by "Boy Scout
Troop 162 for the scrap
drive# The Scouswill con-
tinue the drive throughout
the center*

The Skookums and the
Kau Kau Laner-s, "both tied
for first place in-the AA
league with the Royal Arai-
ans will take on two easy
opponents at the Granada
hi £ ii £ ym Thur s d ay night.
Botii will be playing their
Ixst league games of the
season. '
facing the Skookuns will
be the winless, luckless
indy Hoops in the first
g&me at 7 p .m. and oppos-
ing the Kau Kau Lan^rs in
the second tilt will "be
the Livingston Sockets.
Neither of these teams
are expected to give the
league leaders any trouble.
However, the Rockets will
tear watching with their
two sharpshooters ? /red
ilishi and Nob Kuwatani.
coa -mumhmm istie,
..The ; Royal iraians ,;are it--cb.aipions G.f the fiftia
Anual Granada h6op t>bu.:rnie:rfc whichegAn Sunday.
By bowling over the ihen-un'oei-ten Ramblers, 29-18,
i^i the play-off gpane at the Granada iiigh last raght
before an overflow crowd
Although matching iiae
Arna che vars it y Indians
bucket for bucket during
the early stages of the
garae, the MoClave h igh
school quintet faded in the
final two quarters to go
down in defeat, 37-24, in
the feature game of a cage
doulDleheader at the dr ah a da
^yin baturday niglit.
The McClave beys had1'^
definite advciltage in
height, "but could not cope
V7ith the speed of'tlle local
prepsters- *.
Mis Uyesugi did sorrie
clever feeding to iielp Tosh
Okomura take high point
iiorxors for the evening
H . :
tney clinched the c^own
fought for by eight teams
in the two-day tournorLent.
Completely t hrottling
the Ranbior^ offensive
dynamo, Tosh Shiraizu, who
accounted for t\i gratis
shots the Areians turned
loose their big ^uns, lanky
8hig Fukuyama and iki Kishi
to aaint?:in a three-bucket
lead throughout most of
the game.
Fukuyama and Kishi rang
up 9 and 8 points respec-
tively for the victors,
while Pete Lasuoka bagged
B -for tne osers.
Following the tilt,
Coach bu Fukuyama was pre-
sented the winnerfs trophy
and e.igiit gold basketballs
for rrembers of his teaiji,-
donated by- I\Tewmrj-n, s D-Ug
store m Grannda,
The Skooks and l3ners
ill no doubt utilize their
reserves throughout most
of the game.
' Tickets ill go on 38le
Thursday at he 7*3 recre-
ation office.
Table Tennis
-inals Set
Table tennis finals will
e held Sunday at the 11G
recreation hnll, 2 p-iu.
0 decide the sectional
amp ions, according to
Ifitch Hashigucai, tourney
Elden Tanaka,11G, will
meet bam Nogawa, lid, to
decide trie top. man in
Blocks 11 and 12; Haruto
Ivioriguchi BE, and Kenny
Ohki, 9H, will vie for the
Blocks 8, 9, and 10 cro^n;
and No"boru Masuda, 7K, will
face Louise Nakano,?E, the
only girl to reach tLe fi-
r.^ls, for the Blocks b and
V cnaxnpionship. _
according to Hashiguchi,
prizes will "be awarded to
the vinners and the runners-
The Block 11G cagers
-defeated the 12G te^ra, 38-
18,at the BG court Sunday.
The grudge battle "be-
t??eei: the junior hi;-xh var-
sity and the high school
C team ended, in favor of
Pete Masuokc.fs, C tear., 14-
12 f in tl.e opener.
Yuk.Yawatu, sti^v guard
for the Kau Kau Laner
cage team, is confined in
he center hospital with
a le injury received in
the G-ranada tourney game
against .tfe.e Rantlers. Sun-
day .night. '
Yawataf s condition is
unknown, ljut X-;iay repo-rts |
rtre expected to be re- |
leased soon, according
to the head nurse. !
The Ram'blers, following
their defeat iDy the Arai-
ans, took *on the Granada
Firites for second place
honors and came through
with 1 a 47-44 win in the
final game of the tour-
rrament *
The Pirates won third
In the first tilt of
tiie' evening, the Knu Kau
Laner s were nosed out,
35-34? by the Granada'Pi-
rate's and dropped from the
running for the second
trace berth in the tour-
Liinus the services of
Yuk Yawata, .the Lan ers
found the going tough, out
tlie game ws never decided
until trie final seconds o f
Results of 5ux,dayT s a ft -
ernp.on- %3Xiie3i. ,
.Kau K;iU Laners def. Man-
zar^ola^ 55^26-
Rgm^lers def. Vfiley, 37-
20." .
Royal Araians def.Holly
H ..
Skookums ei.:Pirates,
40-3.8' ,
rieselts. of G und (a y 1 s
night games. . \
Hainclers def. Kau Kau
laners, 42-30..
Manzanola def. 7iley
Royal Araians def.Skoo-
kums, .,42-33. *
Pirates def Holly, 34-
Results oftonday^ aft.
ernoon carries.
Kau Kau laners def. Skoo-
kujTib, T52-29.
Pirates def. fenzanola

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