Granada pioneer, February 25, 1943

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Granada pioneer, February 25, 1943
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 42

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Auraria Library
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Auraria Library
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Vol.1,No. 42
Amacha, Golo.
Fob, 25,1943
G-r^duation oxeroisas for
Amache high school1s first
senior class were bald at
Terry hall last Eight*
Henry Kalliday, the -
t8rfs chief administrative
offioar,presented diplomas
to the 32 graduates#
The spoa^er of the eve-
ning Herbert Walther,
principal of the junior
high school,
.Priaaipal S* Claj Goy
of the senior hi school
awarded National Honor so-
oioty membership cards to
iSariko _abe, loaaji Fukuna-
ga# Sadako Hayas3f ilasao
Igasakif Hirosui Xto, Ivla-
moru iCanda, FI or enae Koirno,
Kimiko Naruae, and Woodrow
Other graduates:
Emiko Fujlsaka,
Mary Hamamoto^ Kitty
mo*Henry Ka^vamura, iVilliam
Kawasaki, ICei Kusuhara^Paul
iii^ukaai f Soni Murakami,
Roy Okuda,Sstsuko Osajima #
G-oro SasafeijIIiro^uEi Suya-
maRobert Susuki, Virginia
Takemura,i^9 Tanal-ia, Esther
Tanif Loo fatara, Isuiaa
Tsukashiimf Calvin f auaawa-
ki# Kay Yoshimura,
WRA Sign-Ups
Continue H)re
registration continues
this week at the 1011 rec-
reation hall for Blocks 8L,
8?, 8G59E, 9K9L,101
and 10E, stated 'Registrar
Lewis ff. Fanslan* '
^Ooagrutulations to the
first 10 bloods registered
last w^sk for tljeir smooth
and quick process. I1 ope
tlio residents this veek and
next will show %uq saaie
f iue oo-opera tiloii/ h 0
])r, William Oarstar-
phan has been assigned to
tliis center as Qhief medi-
cal officerf cording to
instructions received fr
WJU Diractor Dillon S. My-3r
in Washington,fnd released
toy rFy-O^eat Director James
0 Lindley yesterday*
Dr Garstarpheu is -
placing Dr# (herald Duffyf
who is on sick leave*
Ths assignment of Dr#
Caratafphu has been made
in order that the health
program of tlv^ Y/BA may not
be jeopardised, said the
The opportunity for Army
enlistment will continue
mtil 4i30 ^*111* tomoii'Gw,
Project Director James G,
Lindley. annotmoed today*
A tslegriam rooeived by
Capt .. illiam S Fairchild
of the Amy team has au-
tliOri^ed qualified dootors
and dentists, and ordaiaed
ministers to answer Ques-
tion 2? as follows; T,Yesf
if I 5 am 0 omniissioneo
iiudley s tated# Captain
Fairohild ill remain in
the center through Friday
to aca-ept saih enlistments,
and will also accept other
enlistments during this
Hie talegra/4 states that
^Svery vffrt will be made
to obtain ooramissions for
tiQm (doctors, dentists,
and iliEisters) althougli the
ipadiosl psrsemaei df the
oombat ^team will bo limited
beoauso of its sisQf"antf
for that reason,not all bf
them may be taken initial-
Double Bill
Is Scheduled
Shte iiV* co-star-'
riag Will Rogers and Janet
Gaynor, and ^Taming tho
Jungle,*1 tog^inex with
short subjects, will be
sho\m at the 12K aad 11B
mess halls tonight, re-
turning the movies to the
original one-week schedule*
75 00 p.ia.^skQfcball games;
g^ue^ -pastponud until
11011da /. .
7:00 p.a*-Movies, IZli mass
?s30 ^Boj? Soout Court
110110r^Terry hall,
7s30 p.a.--H9ord hour, 8G
mess hall#
7: 50 p.a#-Movies,11G mess
201-10:10*7 '.
7:00 p.m.Movies, 9X mess
7:30 ptu--Victbry concert,
Terry hall,
?*s30'p*^Movies,1011 mess
10 IWfWi
Gompiaxiits and requests
for ahaages in October9
Nov^iabara nd December
clothing allowaaoe GhQGks
ill be taken as soon aa
all checks ar: uiailed out,
said John 0 1100r# public
welfare oouasolor, today.
Checks for IE blocks
have been mailed out.*to
date ? he a^id 3 and astir^
ted that tl-10 task will be
bomjpleted "by tL0 middle of
next w^ek.
-New r6guMtious"'xoluda
paymsats to man; of the
residents m ho x eoeived
checks for the three-month
period beginning in July*
'Under tba V/IU ruling
which has been in effect
since Ootobarf the head of
a faiaily must havq worked
at least 15 days of a month
on a HA project if the
members of his family are
to receive oLecks for that
Deductions for govern-
meat clothing, purchased
from the warehouse in I>e-
ce-Asr, hav^ been made from
the current checks, ICoors

Page 2
.February 25,1943
,____G Rf\ f^l .A D A PIONEER________
Published Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays,,-"by
the WRA and distributed free to each apartment- Ed-
itorial office: FIOKEU? building, Amache, CclorGdo.
Telephone: 65 Acting Editor, Tsugime Akaki
Many Thanks
IWi iiii
Some interesting facts
and ffigures have ccme to
light as a result of a
survey of evacuee farm
labor conditions of last
fall "by the doctimentatiion
We appreciate the patience of* the military team mem- section.
ers sent to us "by the War department; Cap.William Approximately l,070#e-
S. Fairchild, Staff Rebert I. Bischoff Sgts. vacuees left the Granada
George T. Davis, and Fred K. Odanaka. They had to trav- center, to aid the farmers
el a long way psychologioaly to meet us. They went out in harvo.stirjg their crops,
of their way to give everybody a fair chance. Another 300 ccmr.uted from
We appreciate again the deep understanding of th? tlae center bu-c these work-
center administraxin. Especially to Project Director ers were rot contacted in
James <5. Lincle:- Edunbicm wSuDerintendent Paul Terry, ccmpiliry ule r<3porx*
and Walter JKr;olel, afininistrauive member of the A:*n:y rJbe tulh of Tprt:ers
team go our vote of for frankly stating their were' ^riuloy-d m late
observations of nisei re-iistr*tion in the US Army--more SeptmLbr t.:]!a first
proof that the gov.runer:fc represented by the //EA is our of I'toeri-or, They were cut
best friend. of xhe oa ar. average
are grateful that the community council recognized of l~:> divs- The, working
the center situation and mobilizedto cori^c misunder- perloluring tl^eir stay
standings. avfira^; ?f. days or aLout
Enlistees must bf* ongratulated for accepting their 53 p^r cen-i .the time*
responsibility personally and for doing something acout il'e woTKeis v ere shel-
it. They rightfully f1celgig15 and* all of us are obligateircd "Inwoodenrame houses,
ted to them for whatever vicarious benefits come because tra'r! coa?ss, "brick or
of their action. cemeut' 'bar-l.dings shacks,
Our enlistees met the challenge as one of our "best "brr.s). au*co courts, and
friends maintained that we would^ that ultimate salva- tenta. In many instances,
tion is in our c?;n hands; tii&fc our status in -American,
life now and a^ter the wax depends .on-How we conduct
ourselves now; that cheerrul patriotic service will
cHnt in our favor; uhai; tines and circumstances are
testing us; and,if we.come through with a fine record,
we will be "better off ttian we were "before,.
Without parents, sisters, and friends sharing and
accepting respon^ibilixieB too, by supporting the en-
listmerit progi^am.we v?ould have failed to show the rest
of America evacuation as uiinecessary, America
cannot question the loyalty of our volunteers. --E. K.
and should "be
granted the God-given right
axd liberties that right-
Loyalty is a frequeriuly
discussed topio, and here
is an Bngle which should
prove of interest arid im-
port ^ce to every draft-
Serving in the front
lines is not tiae only w&y
in which ^ny citizen car.
express loyalty. Serving
on %he home front is no
ess loyel than serving on
the fighting front. The
Lisei compose only a hand-
ful of the total draft-age
population of the United
fully belong to every citi-
2i 611 #
T. F.
v-/hy couldnT t the recree-
tion deprtraent ^ive the
*boys 7/ho are volunteering
for the Army a "big farewell
dance, preferably March h}
6 or 7?
Another thing--^hy have
admission charges at every
fuxiction' that they *give?
tixe quarters were unsani-
fcar'y uncomror batle, and
overcrodtd -
Th5 i-Ly-one per cent of
heris hacIriO lavatories,
nbt even outhouses, and
workers had to construct
their ov;n or use ^neture^
Wash i'i\)ss irrigation
ditches. and showert were
the 1'^atiiirg facilities for
17 .per cert *,03
per ceut hnd none.
Q-21 y P,J per cent ere
prov^cec m e ans of
4.;heir^g ax-
though ix'ri.gBtion ditches
are irjcixded in this xmm-
Eighty-seven per cent
coolro^ for themselves. Be-
cause cocking fac 5lities
were far from complete,
pots, v ,v.3, dishes ^ and
.silverware had to "be vut-
.chased tyG arge percentage
of the evacuees
The average gross earn-
ing of the work^ra was 100
or aboui; day 7hen ^hey
were working, Net ea""ni^3
were :cii iesn.
States, "but they car. do
much "by serving wi].]_ingly
on the home front...
Lne r.isei c^n prove
^he.tthe J^pj^nese race here
ir Joaericti is iit a menace
or a protl eraVit
coTitr jlutors to Americon
Jhere does all "the money
go? Hem about a report
Please inform the rec-
reation department to get
into action bxA really ^ive
the 'boys a break.
The survey was conducted
in order tc present a -uri;e
picture of the condi 0 10TiS
that existed "because of
the .evacueesf dissatisfac-
tion toward the farm labor
conditions of the past
season. Khan Komai

February 25,1943
Page 3
C0U1I ff IHNi
Tom Saaki of Trooj 162 receive his LifQ S c.oia t
yin at tiie centerT s first Court of lroti'r t'pnight^ *at
Tarry hall, 7:30 o,m. Next highest; awards are t.h' e
t;!e Star Scout tadges, \vi,xch will be,, presented : to
Frank Mcrimoto, Kenji Yamaga, John., Ito, \Valte.r i,I-atsu-
i Also featured on the
^ro^r^m will be the pros
Qiitaticn of troop and cjub
charters by Dr, T'akash i
Terami. The charters will
b received by the follow-
ii3£^ committee giia i rm:
Uenry Shim-izu. 9 160; Fran,;
:Unices,161;Kan Do.aoto,
i r2; Kawashir i t 177;
:>u:u. Tsuohiya ,.179; a;id
9r^Q Moro/uji,1770; and
aow Aijiwara,179
Larve/ jsaooiate
canmimity sarvices Ciiief,
will pretjQnt tue badges t
^roo^ 160;Ilarlow voinlinson,
oliief of. police,161;John
Lioore, counselor fox public
welfare,162; and Paul Ter-
ry, superintandent of edu-
cation, 17L ,
Project Jamas
Lindley will ad Jr ass
the Soputb \hi are reodiv-
in^ a.iurjs.
riio ceromonies will be
craned vIt}} First Cc.ll by
Bugler rin Sasaki v/itii the
color bg^rer and guards
par 2 i ey are
The 8/ slioa stora. is
open for business now \:i%h
?rank Nakatani, ?rank ivlori-
moto,,and James Ogawa,"
Iso on the x^rbgr^m
are fledge of Alla^i'anee
to the Flag led by George
x/Uiru.v.oto; Star Spjrlgl ed
Bannert JacK Ito; Opening
of the Ccrart, Tom latsuura;
invocation, E e v Lester
8u^uk:i; opening and closing
addresses l^d T o kunaga
3 a out oath, JLn ili/ano.
The Court will close
with 3enodiction, lad by
George T.aahiro, Saout com-
missioner and taps blown
b To.a Sasaki.
Thu public, is invited
to attend.
Edwin }.Arnold has baan
designated as chief of the
relocation- assistanca di-
vision with headquarters
in Washington,V7RA Director
billon S* Myer announoed
-.rsoentl y.
Responsibilities of this
division include 'evacuee
-roperty with headquarters
in 3an Francisco and field
.office.s a t. Sea ttle,. San
Francisco, and Los Angeles;
and individual exclusion.
item& 'Aiiich are not ra-
tioned on sale Bob &a u i-
/ahia, manager, announced
;.-st erday.
Footwear wjiich oa7 bo
obtained ^ it-1; out ration
o itds are infants' sIjoqs,
siz.^s 1 to 4; house si le-
pers ,ro,je-^oleu sandals;
and rubber overshoes. it4is on sale at
tlia store includo 3isiery,
Sjtoe strings, snoe polish,
aaci. insoles, . ;
.KesiJants v;ho liavo not
upolled for tij-eir ration
o^rtifie-tare to do
so i^aed iatGly at t]o BF
store, 3 i ma conoluJed.
Jharl.-.*s 7.ivlpcn froui tlie
mcAo\,neat office of tha office is here
adinting hi iSelf with
project procedures*
The letter group will
work with the defense com-
manos of the iir/ay us fol-
lows :Western Defense com-
nund witJj offices "yt Seat-
tie, b^n Francisco, and
Ls Angeles; Eastern De-
fense c m^nd Boston,
3-1 tiaor g a a Nev/ York;
Southern Defense ciUnand,
Little Hoc. ,
A farewell social hon-
oring Crashi ^litoma was
held recently at the ?G
recreation hal- by members
of tLe Anache SeventhDay
Aaventist. oliurch. Gru&iii,
\vho has acted as 'chur'oh
pianist and Sai^batli school
teac/ier, is leaving soon
to join his. .mother and
family at Topa^.
oisplayQd ty the Sir Tte-
servos at the Arts and
Grafts festival. Dolls,
pictures, arJ material are
on display at the Y office,
611 rooreation hall.
Prizes of all kinds aro
i store for the Girl "e-
corves v;hun they hold tijeir
Quiz Quest Saturday night
Che prizes .will be awardeJ
to the groups v/bo have the
gf^utest peroentage in 3t-
tendance, who present tho
best skit, and to the quiz
winners. So ranember,girls
--time; 7 p.m, ; placf : 711
recreation hall.
The Florette*s are con-
tinuing their scrap drive
with requests -formore con-
tributions .They aro will-
ing to pick up donations
Uj>on request, The cause is
-a good onaf too. The money
will aid the center U30
activities, one of the Y1s
gcod d^cds,
Officers of tne Jurxior-
ettoa are Hose Tanif^uchi,
president; Sally 'igio vice president-; Itcuko ?a-
Kano, secretary; Louise
Sasano, .treasurw Joyoa
ilis^Ki meinber a t large;
and Groce Yatabe, historian.
o vere hagjy to have
ilr, and dm. Caupbell- and
tijeir ivae^-encl guests from
Larrjar Mr, and* r.lrs. Smith
of the La;:;ar Ci)amber of
Ccmi1iGrce,Ge,rtrade Sugiokaf
and Kami iluk^yo of Denver
as tiie honored quests for
the Y Circle*s Washington
Llerrv-Go-^ound sooial Sat-
urday night. Cluhs that
.hadn't ,,reparod skits
forfoit skits whi3h added
'to tho evening1 S' orxter-
taiumant *,
Reminder to Las Ninas
ne.nbers special meeting
on Saturday at 7K-3? to re-
hearse tha >acst skit.
Honft 'junp to conclusions
if you see girls with their
olo'thes o.:i inside out or
v;Goring funny sign^,
tiioy are being initiatv^
into the Tri i>olts. 76g
Teeners held fh^ir initia-
tio.n rdcantly,*

Page 4______________________
Tickets for ti-e Amaohe
Littld Theaters ^roduotion
of "Minuet and "Spartcir"
may bo purcLased for 10
o^nts at tlio 7E recreation
Lall,tuG om_ployment office,
tli information dosKS in
both administration build-
ings f and th<3 PICIS2R of-
Tho ^rosantation,sebod-
utodvfor 7:30 Monda/5
Tuesday, and yodnasday? at
Turry hall, will have a
limited aut^icirice of 150
t each perfornianoe.
7oaving o-lasses v/i'li bo
held from 9 a.m* to 5 p..n#
on uondays and Wednesdays,
and from 9 a.m. to IS noon
on Thursdays9 .at the 12F'
rucreati'on hall.
Residents who have scrap
d :rials., such as old
dresses, sheets3 and stock-
ings,aro as^ed to contrib-
ute thQui to tliQ v/oaving
classes tlirough tue night
school office at 8Ii.
srrte i"1 a.v.-ars. V I 5 I X C# ^ S .
Pvt. :las F.nomoto, Camp
Robinson, Ar^#
'Dr John V/rhtaas 5 Kow
York; Dr. A. hiUlips
ii. Fisher i,Irs, .iyr tlu
Jarr 6 tt*, Ivl, L. 'Lyc^jOlm,
Denver; V. Justiao, 0.
W. Towns t* Harry *Svvimly,
v A, Vills9 C.'.V. JacKson^
G-. ,] riojGc ? Puablo.
Francis iIalouff,La Jun-
ta Mitsuye and George Ya-
sUfcCOG.ii Zkizo Iura,Eonry
Yamaga, Port Luptonf John
ido, Roc^y Ford; A, L,
Luolian, Grand Junotion;
13. D. LIaG-uIra3Kan3as City.
Tho Minoru Karima's, Fu--
miko i'va Guyana, John and
Fuk.i Okiiiioto, from Jarome;
tho Larry liirabaras,I,Iarion
and David iCamagai, tIj Ida-
saji ilaruya.nas f S]iuzo ivix-
tani, the Lincoln Okadas,
from Ivlanzanar.
Rosemary, Sliigc-tco, a no
Chixaro 2uruta, Sontaro
and Tani' Inui, Yuriko Yo-
shii', froa Poston; Kuraki
Asaka, from Gila; Tosjiimi
avlatsus^itu, froiu Longmont,
Colo. ; Sue and Yasuo uiura,
Jaitaro Okazaki,
________ PIONEER________
They Go
To Serve
lii response to the Ar-
ray* s call for nisei sol-
diers, five members of
the PIONEEB staff volun-i
toered for serrioe. i
Heading the list is j
Editor Hirano. Other!
volunteers are Ernest j
Uno, 20m .Sasiiki,3ab Oka-;
rauraf and Jim Yamaguchi,
Two former members of
the dooumentatioix sec-
tion, Hiroshi Shibataand
Hide Ihara, are also
among the enlistees*
Kiyokazu iJiyamoto and
,amoru ivloriwaki are how re-
x.airixig watches at the va-
,riety store, ifer^ger Ken
ohiatan-i -reported today
A nev/.stock o^f mainsprings
}jas arrived, and cu.stomers
turned av;ay before v;ill
now bo agcomr::qda tedho
added. '
_________February 25,15=3
Job offers from th6 3as
and Midwest include the
following, accord ing to
1Ib r io V e c oh io9 outside
^lacornGnt officer:
V/Oman hand silk pressers,
malq machine pressers, silk
spotters wool spotters,
stocim cleaners, dry clean-
ers laundry women, ana
shir t ^rc-ss operators, Llinn.
Malo supervisor and 10
..Men experiencod in making
artificial flowors, a w
Iotk; stenographer, 21 years
or younger Olevoland .
Two waiters, Chicago
a couple \to ^ct as oare- s of a suin.nor catix)*
Donald 1.. Ilarbison, as-
sistant. _)rojuc1; director,
is still ill at his homo in
Fort Collins,reveals Doro-
thy IvIcDougall, dork-s tono-
graphGr, v/ho returned this
week after a visit to her
home in Fort Collins.

if! T

j rJ 1 i ^ --_ .:;;^
Much, has been said of "unit acreages'* and many, no
0 oul't, would like a clarification of the term.
At fiie present .time the agricultUra.l division is
developing a program for vegetable cro^ production.
Tills program involves operational units that ar known
as Unit acreages By "unit aGroage'1 is .ieant that
the' farming land will be divided into units 7 each com-
jerised df from 40 to 50 acres depending upon the in-
tensity of the crops to be f^r-own. rhese units will'be
devoted entirely to voge^ablos and feed crops. All
.details of planting dad harvesting will bo taxon care
of by a supervisor who v;orks closely with liis group of
agricultural workers.
Insofar as possible,' ti*e kind of vegetable pro-
duced on these units will be. deteminod by tho super-
visor ,with .taff personnel aiuin^ wlienev-./r and wher-
ever suggestions are necessary. During the coming
weeks f meetings will bo held to discuss soring plant-
ing on tho units.'' .
^very day of the, wck lias bean utilised ty the ag-
ricultural ,workers j ^nd' emoh of tljQ ground Is now
ready for. apring planting. Lot beds and cold-fra.nes
have been, made ready, for vrans^lanting from seedbeds.
Some units are in the process of preparation for
crop production. Zna Nakamura su^jle-ien^ed Lis duties
as hog project foreiaan with approximately 1J0 acros
whiGii he proposes to' ilant v;ith 'feed crops for hogs,
Yo&liio Asai h^s ^re^red approximately-50 acros for
vegetable crops which ha will su^ervie. The voca-
tional agriculture uepcirt.uahf 9 unaer Jiji Burgert' s
supcrvision,2ia,s taken 500-acres to, farm, Jitsumi Abe,
foruer dairy forom&fn, is' 'planning on taking u 50-acre
unit,.....:"1 ,
Those intere ted in farming or. this "unit acroago"
jlan are requested to coritaot tho staff of tho agri-
oultufwil division.

i'ebruury 25,1943

.Page 5
llCtrtrCN%fCT fiMWff i/tND
YMCA Meeting DANCt AL'^O
Dr* Kirby Page, outstdnd-
ing religious ladder, is
scheduled to spo^u during
the Protostant of Ded-
ication, iiiaroh 24 to 28,,
the 10H ohurch hall,A
well-known orator, Dr ?go
has '.ritten sev&ral books
An important mooting to
outline jplaas and prGa-
dares of the ^muh& YlvlGA
will b holol Sunday, 2 p.m. f
ut 8M-4C. *1.11 boys inter-
ested in booaning charter
members are cordially in-
v i te'd
Tomoirow niffs'Victory
concort, tho first public
concert to be pr^s<.ntod by
tho znusiq departments of
the Arruiche schools, will
begin at 7:30 in Torry hall;
During *th avening,Con-
ductor Tad Ibscall will
and pamphlets, spoken at
300 collogas ard universi-
ties ,and visited 35 coun-
tries *
The five Week of Dedi-
cation services will fea-
ture special music and
talks by Curtis V/^st-
fall of tho Lamc-r Presby-
terian ohuroh, Masao Hira-
ta f Harry Hashlnoto, Akira
Kuroda, and Lester Suzuki.
according to information
received from Washington
by Project Attorney Donald
T. Horn, tha Bureau of In-
ternal IRevonua has ruled
that payment of wagus and
clothing allo^anoes to evac-
uees employod by the W Ji.,
ooasumur ^nt^rpribes, or
by any other omployur,must
be rogardo. as taxable in-
como. -
Subsistance fur ni^hod
wvacuees including food ,
husingmedical oare and
Stoie To Gm
Oiiemal Food
A shi^TiQnt of Oriental
food will arrive at the
a dol9gito will be elec-
tod to attGnd the annual
mooting of tho 'Vast Central
-rua counoil of thu Nation-
UnO^CAtobo hold in Kansas
City, i/Lr 5 and 6*
An invitation from the
Donver Hi-Y clubs for ro-
prasontet ivus to a t fc ond
oduoation, public assists
anoo grants# unempldymont
compausationt und clothing
allowancus- paid to vacuots
involuntarily unomployod,
need not be rugc,rdou as
according to rev isgd
adrainistrutivo instructions
from V/ashington, DC, the
following hours have boon
sot for th& serving of
myals: breakfast, 7 am.;
lunch,12 noon; and dinner f
5:30 p,nu
The announoomGnt will
remov-o the criticism that
auction his baton to tho
hipest bid 6 qt for ar
stamps, and five l.omo-mado
ckos will bo awarded to
the fiv persons having
pu r chasud the greatest
amount of 7/ar Savings bonds
and stumps, prior to the
concort. '
Tho- -progrim vill fea-
ture the hi^i sohpol and
bogirming bands, tho junior
liigh girlsf trio, and the
senior high girls* sx-
totto, in Victory and World
war suloctluns.
Admisbion will bo the
purchase of a 10 cent 7ar
stamp or more, which will
bo sola at tho door for tho
convonionco of those v;h
havo not-yot pirohasod thorn.
Nciurly $3000 '-Orth of
bonds and stamps havu al-
ready been oreditud to the
Victory oonoort*
A Victory dance, fea-
turing Paul Higaki and his
Royal Gal iforniaus, will
immediately follow the
ooncort in Torry. hall,at
9 p.m.
Thoso vhohavQ .^rohasod
$5 or moro of War bonds or
stamps will bo giv^n two
froo tickets.
Others may p ur c hase
-tickets from the musio do-
par tmnt office at 8H-3E,
their annual conforonco on
Mar. 6 will also be consi-
d ur ed. *
Consumers' Co-o p era tivo
grocery store by tho ^nd
of this week, it w^s
closed today by liunager
lien Ito.
lato breakfasts are rospou-
s ible for rsid*unts, boing
tardy, for wor^, said Norman
Satow, assistant project
steward *
or from any high school or
junior high school band
mombor. i-.dmission prices
ar 15 cents for couples
and 25 oonf s for stgs*_
^oc Hull
Shoyutban oak-.-sf driod -
shrimps, noodlos, fortune
catces, mi so, und ^ji-no-o,
a s*j^soning similar to Aji-
no-moto, uXq exp^ctod in
tho shipment.
Amaoho m i n istors and
thejir faaiilios uro guests
of thu ?r o w^rs county
prua]jrs ut a dinner and
informal gut-togctliai1 a,t
tho Bristol Community ohuroh
Sabbath school
^00 7G-12G
7:00 a.m. UK
9:00 a.m. t 7G
10:00 a .m. ?a
?:00 7G-12G

*** Joseph Ide -mmmm
the Oranada oaeaba tour-
nament is.past history but
the lowing made by the
local teams is still the
big -talk among the beat
sports circles*..the Bo^al
Araians survived tlie gruul-
lixig .tournament schedule
and plucked the 1st ^gri-ZQ
of ^251 plus a trophy and
gola basketballs,. the3sm-
blors roped in the 2nd a-
ward *if $15 and It- was
only iiurd- luaic " pre-
vented the Kau E!mx Laners
from making it a oloan
sweep forth oe^nter oagers.
..0 can und-erstand nw
^liy the ?irates met'e tfbe
kingpins of this seotioa
*sthQ-ir oppositioa rates
with our A le^gaQr-s/#, -
the Granada gym was
januedt-0 tb rafters lor
the finil games*.tfte spon_
sors beaiaed^ as'
their purses Jingle-Jangle
iiugiad a-3 it had never
done before,*our guas^ is
tiit. tha: tTO-day take, was
bi^ggei1 tli^a i-t lias been for
t3^e pastfour years 00
biaad ... ' ' '
as: of fi<2iating? t h e
lss sBia.- about*tb
bettwrv*'** v
diaappoiating^ was tlie*
sho^n., .of dead-eye Tosh
Salmim o.f tha S'bl6 r's-*
o was..t quits so dead
o.f-ayQ, t tbQ Lanera needed
Xuk Xawata ta steady; them
wiiOE they ware under pres-
sure. tile -two-4 ay grind
wis too muoli for -tlve Gkocr^
Rums,who faced tbrae tou^i*
teams ixi a row^ and foil
iE; tli9: saal-Cinals witli
two defeats#. .thQ .Araians
v^itbout ^irig Fukuyama vould
have *bw-eri as sad as the
tourmuient wit:h o u toe
QQnier fans,. *Siiig is tlia
team,, #* -
vrttl) fimla written, to
tlie tournamaat, all ayes
will again be turned to
feliQ oataoiaQ of t ha AA
L fl^-g figjt-M.t lie'
Skooks and Laners are head-
set for easy wins tonight
against the Hoops aad Sock-
ets and will uaclbubtedly
their top rankings.,
thg Araians tLougLwon' t
fin^ it m easy;tlaay still
aave the tonitters- to face
*i>sycj iOiogioaliy, the
Aaiuns will be under prss
suret # tlioj must wxa r 'o
) paQ -with the Skooks
: t >
Hounding.the final tiura in the AAbasketball league,
the Skookums- and the Kau Kau Laners will face two easy
opponents on the Granada hardwood tonight!
Both of these teams are tied for the league lead#
along with't Hoyal Araians, and tonights wins- will
be all-important^, Tl-ia Araians* 'have yet : to meet the
Bainblera* ; .
- TJi first oontest'at 7 p*m* will x>it tho traak Lindy
Hoops agaiust tt9 formicK
able Skookums,' This one-
sided match: should- be a
runaway for the Skoo^s^un-
less tliey dQid to use
tuQir reserves uost of the
game idark Haaijimoto and
Jim Smmru will be tliS
men to watdif thia should
be tle o^se. .
2he Hoo^s, who have
lost four gartiea In as many
starts, will r^lj 7as usual
on the *j6i'nt-inaiiiag abil*
it/ Bemy Yamagi^e -and
Aki Yamazumi* Diminutive
(Jaorg.e Yamazumi ^ oan a,iso
38 aBngerous* .
Pre-gaae 6o^e reveals
ttat the Kau kau I-axxers
are expected to make, easy
jli'e/ of tlie Livingston
Hocketsv Respite the ab-
senoe of their l guard Yuk lawata, K&iazp
Ai^imott) ^ill proWbly: a tar t'
ia YuI^'b s^ot and isa^r :off
with eiW* AM Watao&fee
or ,*osh 4iats.,uoka# h .
Though tirey ara,defin-
itely ^ toe uaderdog five,
Liviiig^tou Sotiet*s are
not 'beyorig pulVing an uo-
set, QspQQiallf fred
ifisfti ani3 Sot/Kawatani oan
find buOkot, * ,
- T\Qk:Qts for the games
are available t ; Wiq 7E
r;ecr0atxan' office# /
aad Kau Kau1 s, virile th'Q
Baiublers. will really have
110thing t gain or 103"
vjq like .the Sam"biers just
for tliia reason*.
after ",a v/eek*s layoff,
tM A league will move in-
to their final games'Sunday.
f. *i'^ortant willbe the
§et-to between the iuraians
axid the Lasers,,, wild v/ill
it out for^tite Divi-
sion I crown* **ii'tsnt
too, will be clash
tween tlie 3st|i|ires ana thQ
Begol Haablers, and the
beef between IUb Sepuyrs
and tliQ 1011 Sues, .
we re wondering now who
will 43la.y tiie prelim to
the Araian-BambXer tilt
Monday night*? XI would be
a good sjot for two K out-
pag8 6 ?e;**raar'y. £fc,1945.
LtSTs3 TI0!>,
Q)ree: high sabool. games
aro soSQrfuled at"rf;Q:Gra-
nada gym Saturday night#
^he first gam^i begin,
at 1 p* i* '
H'G a dlng^ ^ the I is t wi 11
be- the varsity r nd ia:ns
against Uie'ytinior v.-rsltyi
'Other gaiMs ar e 01 's
sxgh'imt' the junior ;high
varsity and a play-off tot
tlis';-iritramural ahaapion-
ship,' .' ''. '
Tickets ^r'icod a:t '15
cents ;m£/be purCtirased at
the 8G reoreation hall or
at 8H-SP,
OlRtS1 CA<3f. (QAME
ON ,SCH£OUt£ -
?Le patx)aed be-
tween tli Sopol Rsablerettes
aad the Las Lstoiles will
be played. Saturday-, at .the
6F courtt. SjSp p,a.
? h o %h er postponed
game "between, tl^e Modesto
Nuggetts and the Lindy Hoop
juniors was forfeited to
the Nuggets, giving them
tliQ scocmd place in 3
league standings*
llith the beginning pf
th "spring se^esCor yes-
terduy, a new physio-1 ed-
uoation program was aa-
aounc-^d ^ by the phy&icm
eduoation department, .
Threy das of the wq!c
will ba devoted topliysical
activities,arid.the romain-
ing two days will ba used
for Glasses' in the study
of health"aaa hygiene,said
thb department.

:a 5 J >H OB0
a4 #AW*
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cA^ a 7?a ^:'^ ^\ 5 J w nJ. 7'
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x>Wr^P 3,3M' G^'
> M# > 5 .-'3
21*5-.".v\ 4s
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KS 3
7T3 3 ;sr* S
7-^-, 7THg
5 ^l^MM
H) -V fV kftr d
.>>a^rite*# >
ft T. 4 |\ ''o'1*1''
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:M4 #.u yr
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ir* <* 4 3 r h
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' s ta& ^ Ssi /it a iJ* 'M-
M >E,.^; V >. >
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h ''> 7
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4, '^4,
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M1Y v^'fA
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6 H 6 3 6 90 i oo 3 6
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a^ti'.-l.+(/' -T-fe-l-4 3 ^r>i,^7-$'^|51.p^'
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.HÂ¥^4-er>! / \'-&..'1&121*1|.^^^^
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1 n¥.'?l*af/->.>,>lu
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r.sfrdli> .|'<6 u 1.
-. t :iii 5,0,'¥.*> ¥ o V 3
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§i'J^ '4" &s
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5 '"#Â¥ J 2 2
,w^. i % ,4- ^ Y
c#,_ ;?3 6 t* />1
#'!4'i / v 30 4
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S Mfev#-' / V A Bf
/V- v?Mic/er
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-f 3 & A 1%
o-for' f fl?is^j
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j!ll-.#Â¥H 2?1;^.rt'#-^
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-TIS- vafs^.) 3 -6
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