Granada pioneer, March 6, 1943

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Granada pioneer, March 6, 1943
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 45

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Auraria Library
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Auraria Library
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, .i.ii.i ii ... 1 ~i. -m--i'"-
Amache, Colorado__________March 6,1945
ff ERESIiBCfii)E
Postoa and Gila roiocation ceivfccTS were removed from
the restricted zone at midnight yesterday*
The move, decided by the Secretary of War and an-
nounced bj the western Defense command? shifted tae
exlusion line in Arizona approximate!/ 60 ruiles soath.
- *- *- -, iiX jL of jPxn^l SdiQ. rnos"fc oj.
ilaricopa and Yuma counties
aa well as Poston and Gila
Vol,I, Ho* 45____.
Bed, white, and blue
will be the color theme
used to decorate ferry hall
for tiie dance which will
honor the Army ¥lunteers
Monday night* The sic
Makers will furnish the
music, and dancing will be
from 8 to 11 pm*
SntiGrtainment durir^ the
intermission will be pro-
vided by a tap dancer, with
sor^s by Sami Kawarmira.
Katsaki Iki, vice chairman
of the community council,
will be master of core-
Due to the limited fa-
cilities of Terrj hall, in-
citations will be given to
the ¥lunteers and their
gaests, ex-soldiers, Tw'CA
B and I groupst and repre-
sentatives from the TICA,
admini strati ire porsonnefl,
and the community council*
Members of tne various
WOk B and I clubs will be
hostesses for tae evening*
Henry Buzukida is gener-
al chairmarx^Ith Bill Tsaji
as his assistant. Groups
helping include Eockettesr
refrestanetrfcs; Les Serrelle^,
finance; ZsceJantas and
Florettes, favors; Hersan-
tas, Invitations and re-
ceptioni Iladenoiselles and
Twenteen^ cloak room; Blue
Circle^ n ovelty dances;
ion department and
new Y group, decorations;
YKGA, clean up| and
publicity* 4
The percentage of is/omen
citizens ¥01unteering for
nurse aides and ¥AACs has
risen from 50 to 75 per
cent,stated Registrar Lew-
is P^nslari today.
Clerks will stay through
Wednesday in the 12G recre^
at ion haM to complete re-
gistration for the 11 and
12 blocks#
Welcome Public
To festival
For those visiting the
center for the first time,
wc extend a cordial welcome
said Paul J Terry, super-
intendant of education.
The material in the Art
ar.d Crafts exhibit is but
a sample of the quality of
^ork which those people- arc
capable of producing*
r?It is an excellent il-
lustration of creative use
of leisure time and the con-
tx i but ion that Americans of
Japanese ancestry make to
American coltare.
hope you visitors
will feel free to come bac:-c
at any time*
ffHearty congratulations
to all of yoa who partici-
pated in this exhibit
Co-chairmen. Atsusixi Ki^
kuchi and lark: Luca add
their elcom to the vis-
Approximately 300 per-
sons attended the dinner
honoring Army volunteers
at the 9fl mess hall last
night. It was sponsored
bv'the appointed personnel
Those present included
enlistees and their guests,
and members of the comma-
nit^r council, Women1 s fed-
eration, appoirited person-
nel and the 53£th Escort
.wss pro-
iridcd Brash Aral and' his
Aloha Serenadors, Dorothj
were freed by the order.
ie 215 persons evacuated
from this area will be al-
lowed to retuxri to their
homes Immediately*-
Hereafter,evacuees vis-
itirxg Poston and Gila-will'
uot need military escorts
unless they pass through
restricted areas enroate*
This is "still another
step taken toward re-estab-
lisLin^ mrmal life to per-
sons of Japanese ancestry
emeuated from the West
coast,f, said Dillon S*
!^rcr, W1A director#
First* groups amog the
administrative a^d evacuee
personnel to report a 100
per cent response to the
Bed Cross drive were Ivlork
Radcliffe^ team, PIOffiER
and do c urn ea tat ion staffs.
Hadcliffe#s team con-
tribirted ¢5 per person*
HcDoagall, Chiyoko ivlatamda,
Cplf Cain, and Sami Kawa-
Paul Terry, super in-
tencierrb of education, was
master'of ceremonies*
Brief speeches ^ere made
by Project Director JmeQ
G# Lindlej, representing
the appointed personnel;
iiientenant Johnson, Escort
guard; and Pete Llasaoka,
Volunteers* _
In. charge of the dii^ner
were William Wells,project
steward! iormarx Satow, Tod
Troiaka, and S* Miyaharw.
mv mm ffssiimi sdiiicn

.5 R A N A D .A P I O N E E
Pub] ighed ^ediics 3 and Sat or toys by the "Ra and
distributed free to each a^artment^ Editorial-of-
fice: HONEiiR bail dirt ,iimaohe, Colorado.
Teleyhone 63.
Tazi Sasaki,. acting ed.
Worth While
The ..rt and Cr,,ftp fosx;ival held in-Terry hall to-
day and tomorrov/ is %ell worth -r* ¥isit.
Evacuation has provided time ar,! an a'venae for re-
lease of desires that.formexlj died unborn. The handi-
crafts on .display are' expressions of creative longings
thet heretctfor'e hsve remained itezrfc in so many.*
Hrrc^ ingenuity holds irway, for many worthless ceraps provided material for tae insight and sk.ill of tia
CTPStvA^en to mould into ihin s. o.f 'oeaaty and. ch^.rm.
ilx^iibited are- the results cf many hours of joyous
toil the skilled aad arr.atear artisans.
A fe^- minutes of our time i^n to view the exhioits.'
-K. K.
Frnnk. Hardin£, Wash-
ington, DC, \IRd, mess divi-
sion; Sam Perkins, Lamai":
2* V/. Hartin, Pueblo C W.
Eeqstuan, Denyer; Mis. valma*.
van Dusaeldorp,*- associate
ronsol t^rrb ofpafei ic. vs/el,
fare, Ja.Bhing%qn9 DC.; G-eor^e ;
Yasuk:ocai, ,.,Fort L'a pton,
Colo.; L_rs. Spencer and
SptencorFort lorgan1 Mr3.
Willis xij^nson., L'ara--rt ..
George ^ X. i^u^ocki, S^n
Lui s, : Colo. \ Mr Suz uii,
Cr>vvley, *poi0;-} .Mrs.,-J.'- Y-f
Ijofierty, Colusa, Cali,f.;
Cfepr^o, U s h i yr#ia, 5.0 c-0.7
Ford; Georpe and 3ejn wada.
?tt- LRpton; Sadao IilHSUOua-, ^
Boulder.,-r-v ........
.Toyaj.iro,,, Ha'ts'uin.i,. nwX
Midori- -ICitajima, Millard
H...; p{X rtg-y Jr., F'rank- p, n,
ferr^d her-c- recently froir,
other centers axe ifcaested
.to notify their. forrner post
officen,of chan^es'of n-
.areas so that ar*^-. delay
in the delivery of their
ruaLI raay- -be elimizaatea. '
The center post office
aanoimced also that letters
for: Renal d T. kagawa and
Jayce Okuma hnve t>een re-
c e i ved. J^he ad dregse^a
.aske;dto call for their
Hesiier.ts are -rerainded.
to. turn in their co-op re-
-ceipt^ now, at the oasaier1s
oflice at ; the v^est end of
- the PIOIaEH'bailding. .
____________i.[arch 6,
The next time thexe is
pork on the mess tholes,
t<.ke a goou look. It's
from the project hog farm.
Some 6,'^tO pounds of pork.
%ere slaughtered this week *
for center consumption.

The Red Cross r-Fuad
drive started- yesterday and
will continue 'today and
There is no ouota set
for the evacuees, and they
ai 0 asked t-o contribute
voluntarily'- as .there will
be no active soliciting.
* ,
Red Ci'6B buttons arei*f t
oattoris this year, d at
tags. The change from
metal buttons to p a per
tags 'meant tne saving of
5& tons of steel.
The results of the Corv-
sunaer Enterprises aierriber-
stiip arive brought a letter
of commendation from the
educational unit of the
Kciaeas City ulesle co-
The fact that tnore cap-
itcil was -raised -in less
ti'me than in any of the
other relocation centers
although this is the small-
qs*,is really something.
After t%o days of wranf-*
lin^ and revising, the by-
laws of the cooperative
were accented by delegates
from the blocks.
The electi-on of- a board
of directors will be the
next big step for the co-og
members. .
* .
Block; managers request
.the. ncusing department to
cons.ult them oefore moving
anyone into a block. And
they also request that oat-
going persons clear with
them as tne'imhagcr s are
held responsible' for cots
and matti'esses.
A.I tho-ugh the h 0 using
depurttuent' may have power
to- ma^ce -changes as they
please withoat consulting
tlie fcanigers, it -is' the
managers that have to ap-
pease the disgruntled peo-
.pie 01 the blook.
Uniform relaxations' gov-
erning all moves should be
'.established and mfide avail-
a/oi'e' to all residents.
Khan Komai
The plan to .-change raov-
in^ pictures ev.ry fo,ux
days v/ill be temporaril.y1
discontinued this month,
states ^ Harve/ Turk, com-.,
monity service officer..
Howard Ur.o, rjn?--che en-
listee, writes from .Cm^p
3>iVa^e that Ma newsreel
entitled 'Lesson in Lo^al-
'ty1 novi- 3hovnx^ in Minnear
pal is is'the mo^t popular
td-jic of conversation
the boys. Su ts of t^e
Grarifila/ -center* ; thrille.d.
those 'of us' from ,f
he added.
Tonight ib the -l-ast op-
portunity- for cent x resi-
dents tp. see the double
".In, His Steps1* and
Wife,T Tomorrow
ev$eningj (,1511 That QiiostJn
co,starring Bad Abbott, and
Lor Costello, pi us selected
short S'abjects, will start
,ita. one-7/eefc run."
A Shepherd pappy-tarx,
whit.e collar, white
feet, white tip on tail.
Answers to the name of
"Peachy.Finder pie ase
.ccrili^cit Yosh Fajita at' th
canteen or 1UHiA in the
evenings. Eevvard.

ijiarcli ,1940_
go Tj
Out of fmy strands of
unravelled rope, s p r ing
tars of pine needles from
the t',igs and branonss of
a _jroud unci st. teiy avr r-
greea--sije? six iucl'ids,
ut of cctton, v/ire,
paper, and >>ink cream of
\-uie-. 1 9 0100iis a cloud of
loveliness in fh9 perfect
form of an ancient and
tvv'iotea cherry tree, inches
higii. ,
These s -^rts of
i Tx^ iiCi 0 Q caU. "t'j. 1*111 tra-
laadscapes viiioL are the
rough mountains, s m oofh
hills, oroad cejdv/E, or
inf 4- gardens through
vj h i oh 3 t r eais feuc 5
bridges cobciqs ^ ain:;ai3,
cjrid jeojle vnd their :e-
xarute ways.
Ivlr s.ITiuomiyii v;a;j ^oll
n own for her tuiai^liuru
t r xy land scapes in Los /wi-
golos where she livoa bufore
3v^cu-t.ii With colored
saad, pier-m-che or peat
soil, bits of v;.-d 'room
, ar.d an iugeuious
use of other materials, she
creations of .[imi Ni-
no-aiya, 6F-4D. Tiny houses
and Cjiurchaw ne. tlo ai'iong
Largest Class
Makes Blooms
croatos them, s o metixes
v/ithin the s^jgq of a few
minutes, or many hours of
exacting ins taking \or;.
One tre yscapu ad an uu-.
usuc.1 flower arrangement
will be s own during tne
r*_rt aad Grafts fost
7ho fcifioial flower-
inaxing classg with 414 -'s tu-
dents, is the largest single
class in the adult division,
cicocraing to Director Sumuei
J. Gordon.
jxs tneir part in the Art
and Crafts festival at Torry
uall today ^nd tomorrow,
the students :!re showing
blooms, seemingly fresh?.y
plucked f r om California
garuens, out acituay ere
a ted mth cre^e paper, wire 3
and jjbsta.
uioii you visit the
and Grafts festival at Terry
hall this week and, drop
in at Apartment 5S,
Here, with ingonuityf
^ersevorancQ," and s c r ap
lumber, ^irls in Gatherixio
Lague* s senior higij soliool
horn emalcir^- class have
traas forced an ordinary
drab unit into a bright 9
livable r00m.
Tarr/ ha'.l today and to-
--Ma r ga ret 7/a t >1 a r
Varied types of art \;ov-x,
iiacludin-ga s^ooiai d is:luy
of I id iari art creatod oy
Luril.G. Billings1 Glass,
doaiinate tho 0 1 e nientary
sohool Qziiihit ^li,e cur-
rent ..r t and Crafts show
^ t. Terry lia li .
The .dult school life
class has ooutributed ohar-
coal figure and portrait
stud ies.
liesearoh w.ork on interior
oeooration, fine ar ts, coa-
nierciai art, and oartco.i-
in;; will also be shewn.
Fabric crafts
i.-:emonsr. rated
"A pleasing design and
a bit of color on ^lair.
material adds uisti;t ivo
a recoueed uiess table 5
upholstered oaairs, a cof-
fee "t a b le b 0 ok 0 a ises ,
screens, and window boxes
have been constructed by
tho girls vatu the aid of
Loi'eazo Burgert's industrial
arts class,
charm to any room," points
out Shizue vVatanabe, teacher
of fabri.G arts in the adult'
d iv ision.
lier students demonstrate
her credo at tho Art and
Grafts festival Terry
ball week end
Visitors w:a v/i §h to
try their hano at interior
decorating will be given,
blueprints by the hign
sohool mechanical drawing
--Hannah Oani
Uitri orayon pat ter:is
stemmed on unble- ohed mus-
lin., 5 h.eet ing9 i^n.6 evan
flour sacking, they have
made a ttr aotive b-u r eau
aoarfs,laundry bags, cur-
tains and other useful
Grafts fQu4; ival in Terry
Atxll this week end will
n-rvelat the Twcd carvings
done by Yutaka 3u mki a^d
.is ni Jit school students.
5u'u^i* s toennioue and
atility ^5 an artist md
teacher are icfleeted in
the oarvinyt- of flowers,
lauc-scapes, -na animals--
more than 1 JO of ti.em--
wnich are on 0 is^lay at
a fastivc.I.
Just anotier one of tho
countless numbers of issoi
Xioneers to arrive in Amer-
ica ,he strove diligently
to acquire an ouuaafion, a
caafor ^able iaocme ? and a
After receiving his col-
lege edifc-tion in Tokyo,
he at tended high school for
two' years la Seattle, then
established a nursery busi-
ness thore. Intermingled
v;ith iii regular livelihood
Wc3s his attendance at a
iiight sohool v;]jero he stud-
ied :i course in jrchitec-
ture. In 1^25 he ap-
pointed ma n agor of the
Sav.udy and Gc. in
Seattlo, the largest let-
tuce-shining fira 011 the
West coast*
Three year s lutar 9 he
moved to Los Angeles, 7/hera
he re-esfablis].ed himself
in the nursery business un-
til evaouatiOxi ordei'S Game.
Suuukl1 s Qjpur tnient is
a r t i stically f u r nished ,
iris bad s, bookcases Jress-
ers, bureaus, tables 6qs. and bexiGhes re so excel-
lently duue that everyone
\ii0 has soeri them waxes
enthusiastic anout his mar-
velous work. If is r*aster-
piQGQ ma;? be seen on a
shelfa bas-rellQi.1 of ila-
hatna Oh^ndi. dib ^ e r -
sonal oride and Joy ? tlie
dragon, 110'v being dis-
played at the festival.
His .jatienoe,-. ability,
taTent^ and desire to teach
--;all these attributes can
be seen by a4-tending ti3 9
restival and viovdng the
grand e:ciiibits of his Etu-
dents. *
Suyeo Sa .
iteas. rilso on exhibit are
designs made v-'ith le tie-
and-dye process, another
textile art form.

i?aga 4
March 6,1943
Clay for tlie figurines
in tho Art and Grafts dis-
play Terry hall tody
and tomorrow oume from a
mud hole vjnich ns diacov-
6rad recently near Lanur
by Ain^chQ school teachers,
Tli tiny figures, which
include charming Dutch
children, boudoir figures,
and seduotivg sirens, were
moulded by Mrs. Lili Sasa-
ki* s night school handicraft
cl-iss^ and wer^ baked in a
regulation Army stove.
of my students have
ever worked in clay before
On display at the Art
and Crafts festival today
and tomorrow at Terry hall
is the handiwork of the
200 membars of the junior
high school homemak iiig
The girls, under the
guidance of Julia Presoott
and Emi llino^i, followed
all basic rules of good
desiga in the sewing unit.
On e^dJibit are samplers,
purses, embroidery,luncheon
sets, and table runners,
Attractive dressing ta-
blas, constructed from or-
Block 6E honorGd Iho fol-
lowing 0111istccs with a
dinner-party in the 12H
recreation, hall Wednesday
nigh John Akimoto, James
Kitabayashi,Mitsuo Munemu-
ra, James Saito, Minoru
Saito, Junior Sugara, Ernest
Uno, and George Yamasaki.

Volunteers Bob Pujiwara,
George Kara, Hughes Tatara,
and Mactc Tesairogi were
guests of honor at a dinner
party given Wednesday night
by Block 12H.

declares Mrs. Sasaki **This
v;s a totally new experi-
ence.i( E, K*
ange crates and scrap lum-
ber ,are also on display.
Hannah Tani
a coirjnunity safety com-
mittee is being formed to
work toward safety measures
in industrial wprk as well
as in the recrev.tiual and
educational fields.
Sending messages to Jap-
an and making arrangements
for sorvicamon to visit
the center in emergency
cases will be among the
duties 'of the Bed Cross
home service oommittee 'be-
Brush Arai an^ his Aloha
Sereaaders gave a dinner-
dance honoring the following
11 volunteers at the 9K
mess hall Saturday aight:
Kiyo Doiuchi, Sho Doiucbi,
Kai Hamai, xshi Igasaki ,
Teiji Kajimoto, Toshio Ka-
ma i, Paul Ctaya, Shin Saka-
moto, Kay Sugahara, and
Yarnsto Yamasaki.
Frank K. Harding, chief
of mess operations from the
Washington office, visited
A d oil-making contest
was featured during the doll
festival* with the follow-
ing age groups 'c crape ting:
6 to 9 years;10 to 12
years; junior high girls,
and senior hi girls.
Prizes were awarded for
dolls made out of paper,
rags, clothespins, wood ,
yarn, and crepe papers
The popular dance or-
chestra p,xvided the music
for a dance at Delta, xhis
affair climaxed the "Buy A
Bond*1 campaign at the near-
by town.
Hundreds of residents
viewed the dedication of
the new high school and
organized in the canter.
Denson Tribune" has
"bean chosen as the name offiia
center publication. For
the last four months it
vas called the ^GomnuniquQ.^
The newspaper also' ap-
pears in a four column,
page make-up.
Lumberjacks andl volun-
teer workmen felled 500
acres of troas during the
winter months. *heso trees
wero used for fuol and lum-
four 3aKura brothers,
Kenny, Ted, Cliet, and How-
ard f have volunteered for
the center last week to
gather data to use in for-
mulating uniform regulations
for the centers,
Euth and Hideo Xhara
were tlie guests of Bobert
C. L.. George, junior high
school instructor, at ijis
home in Boulder last week,
Ihara, an Army enlistee,
is the director ofthe Col-
lege council.

The 9E mess hall workers
have contributed $3 to the
Bed Cross, reveals Flock
Manager Prank Pujii.
Donald H. Harbisoa, as-
tbe ground-breaking aere-
monies for the auditorium
A basketball league for
toys under 14 years of age
Is being organized.
Fines 001190ted from
Overdue hooks enabled the
colony library to buy 10
Aew books.
Said Columnist Z. H.
Honda in !,Very Truly Yours
,fIn the Army we1 re all fed
well* The menu th other
night had hundreds of
things, but they all fiap-
euad to be beans.. .**
srviCQ in the all-nisei
oombat force.
T3ig estimated 10 por
cent wh.o ar^ disloyal to
the Unitjd States will bo
tho only ones in a cen-
ter by the middle of next
ycjr, ruv^alod the Washing-
ton ,WRA office rocently,
This group ill be ccnsen--
trated in one or perhaps
two of thG existing contcrs
and will not be allowed to
Loyal Ja^njSG arc being
placed in various jobs
throughout the country to
help in the war effort, it
was said,
sistant- project director 9
has resumed his duties in
the center after recover-
ing from a'serious illness.
The adult education of-
fice has made arrangements
with C. W. Manat tt d is trie t
representative of the La-
Salle Lxtension university
to* explain work opportuni-
ties in tha field of sc-
counting and stenotypin^
or "macljine shorthand
Manatt will meet with
interested persons cn Tues-
day, 6:30 pm,f at 8H-4D.

9;00 a.ffl.
2; 0C p !
7DC c.m.
"Jvao.uaxioa--Is It Con-
stitutipr ,a^.?,f willl3e the
topic of a de( te to be
c o riductfed by the a i gh
school ^vciy of the
Prote^tar?/: cui'rcn ^o^urrc,%,
7 p ,l.w at, 6.1-J l ?>. -J c!
ijT.ijf.. \.i l be rh:iAuiC.n,
Bett.'f lCa\rimf ibl-1 v'vi )! o';
Uno r>jre: enth nc^.
ative side, and -Ta 11 aa
Ishida and ^xira Gaiaesaima
will speak tor the affirm-
ative side.
Rev* Harry Hashi moto
will be' the speaker f.t the
inorning worship service of
the Gr a. nada Pr o t estant
church touorrov and
Lester Suzuki will be chair-
man. The meeting will' be
held at the 10H church hall
this week end in order that
the art and crafts exhiDito
i.iay be s..o^yn in Terry hail.
The rri.\che Seventh^DP.y
Adventist chorch annoances
the opening of a series Of
eva%elistic services, ce-
gizmir%- Wednesday, 7 p.m.,
in the ?G recreation'hall,
Films on the actual bomDing
of Manila shov&n at
the first service* Th§ pub-
lic is cordially iriviteci-
All mem-bers of the ad-
da 1st young people1s group
are urged to oe present at
the joint meeting to be
held, d p.m' tomorrow, at
the 7G Buddhist hall. Sev*
eral important matters will
be discussedt
___________________Pafoc L
Men interested, in timber
operations are r3: uested
to see Qeor^e
10bf ctTi^hr,:< ^ ei .it -tive,
any day ce -.i w ;.
niiG^ tj-5 30 r:\en i.eeded
for nna 3.vw mxii
:rs td cut-
ters^ .'H'. */ei 3,6 akit-
t s' or i ijst 2 savrf
' '.Ici., and a ocrn;ni sary
^' i;afocr.
FCR :!N:
-.11 v,ho hnve
h e i c v>i u/r. me-
cl-ar.ic-.J .L or
machine sso 1 w/*ks are asked
to report Yeccnio,
outside placeruent officer,
for possible ei.ployment.
lo fishing will be per-
mitted until ilpri1c when
the season opens, Police
£i.let- Harlow Tomlinson
stated yesterday. At
time licenses will be sold
to citizens only The iee
is $2 for men and ¢1 i'or
For boys and girls up
to 14 years of ago, r.o 1 i-
cense* is re quires he
catch lirr*it i'or a miner is
one-half of wh&t is allowei
to an adult.
Rales prohibit the use
of nets, seines, ^s,
and Sie?rs. Special per
mits ill be issued t.y the
Fish and Game commission
to evacuees who wish to
seine lakes and fonds for
catfish and carp.
Rec H.xll
G.Ha:R.CH:: ,1.,,
Sunrise prayer meeting
Sunday school
Japanese service
English service
College-ae group meeting
High school groap meeting
Sunday school
33'teachers meeting
YBA joint meeting
1 rcii 6,194,
The Girl of
junior and senior high
school v^ill oe asner-
ettes at the .rt and Cra fts
show today .^nd tomorrow*
Patriciftrs will sell re-
freshment r at Terry h^ll,
p.nd e.- ch GR vvill wei r an
arn band.
,*.n xhioit of Victor;;
dolls v,ill so be dis
pi5- ;ed b- the Silv^riaes
and Tri Delts.
Profits from the sale
of iefresGuents at the fes-
tival -aill help send dele-
gate s to the ..lid-Winter GK
confefence at La Junta at
the end of t^e orith, so
won't ;/a iielp?
A^ice Suzuki, Y secre-
tary, i3 r 11 ending the
Basiaess &irls* conference
in De r.ver today axx6 tomor*
The I council meeting
scheduled for this afternoon
has been postponed until
Wednesday, 6:30 p.m., at
the Y office, advisers as
vt^ll as cabinet membeib ;-re
asked to attend.
RWA members and their
gac^ts please note--the
meeting scheduled for to-
morrow is postponed until
the following Sunday. A
job forum is plan ned.
Speakers v^ill be Mrs-Marao
Sato**, civil service Emi
H i noki, di e tetics; and
Mi chi Oiaibo, dressmaking*
Harrir-tte Lrika\va v.dll act
as chairman. _
Membeis of the B and I
duos nre reminded to lis-
ten to Dr, Eveline TI. Bums,
noted economist and cnief
of national resources plan-
ning board, over the Colon
bia net- orl: Tuesday at l;lt
p.m# She ill speak during
the YWCA nf.tioa-%ide' ob-
servance week. It is spon-
sored by the national
board. ;
In observance of tai s
%eek:, the local Y has been
receiving greetings from
groups in Duluth, Minn.
Kans-' s City, Kfn.; Paeolo
Tal sa, Okla.; Elmira, N. Y.
^.st St, Louis, Mo.; Bur-
lington, Vt.; and Pekin,


p p

page 6____________;_______________________PIOiTSSR
March 8,194
-----AMACHE EW^f==z==
Attendance OFFICERS PICKED The Jr. Hiqh
An attendance rec o r d
averaging over 95 per cent
daring the first semester
was reported by the sen1-
ior high school office#
The total enrollment in
the senior high is 110w 568
as compared to 586 at the
beginning of the year.
The drop is accoanted
for t>y the mid-year-graua-
ation of 32 seniors#
Classes Begin
Adult classes in pattern
drafting and basic cloth-
ing constraction %ill begin
March 15 in Block 0H*
The tentatiire schedule
Is as followat
Mondays and Wednesdays
9-11 eutn*, 2*4 p#m#, and
6s30*8s30 p*m*
Tuesdays and Thursdays^-
6t 30,8 s30 p.rtu
Return Books
Dae to the inadequate
ft tinker of books in some
rectus, parents are allied
to haf children return-
any school "books they have
borrowed imiedi^telyi
The Future Homenmicers
el ab, recently organized
Dy the membors of HoiuSimk-
ing IV class of toe senior
high, elected Mai^ .Incuse,
presideiitj Esther Yasaki,
vice president^ and Mamie
Horlta, sectetary-treasai-
&r* last week*
Practice in.the art of
eivfcertainirig and good use
of leiaare time are the
main objectives of the or-
Mrs* Lottie S# Mcoor e
is the advisor.
New. Schedule
The new schedale of the
flower arraag-Otiieat class-
es, revised by the Malt
education departraent9 is
as follows:
.HMay^**6F, 6:.a0^8j30 gjn*
^Gdnsdaj*-"61i l30-^a;30
p#m.; 6si5P-^830 p.m.
Thursday--8 9-li a.m* j
lt^0-3ja0 p*m., aiid 6DC-
9 p,m#
Friday11F-, 9-11
l 0-3:30 p n and 6|30-
9 p.m* *
by H# K* walthor
(Tiiia is the first of a
series of articles explain-
ing the organisation and
tae objectives of ^.rnache
junior high school *)
s The first junior high
schools were established
in Califorrda citiesi. Oth-
er cities soon followed,
and today,la mostlarge
cities, jurdor high aciaools
enroll tlxe childran %irx
&re in the seventh, liiglitU,
and ninth, grades.
wera established,
to provide more gradual
transitional perxexi tfeteeen
the 6iec;eutary aadthe sen-
ior iaish sG!aools. Addition-
al parposas of tte junior
hign school aa*eas follow5
1d separate cnildren
iio are approximately 12
to 15 years of age from
younger arid older ea|ldren
1108b interests are dif-
ferent* , *
Z* To enable papiis to
pass gradually from element
to secondary subject
matter v/itiiout an
break between the two*
.r6* To offer the px^ils
a variety of exploratory
subjects which enable
to make more iritelligeiat
selections of feheir high
schocil courses and, ulti-
matel/, to',.,ma^e wiser
choices of their occupa-
tions. ' , *
4. To provide for self-
expression and individual
differences through the
medium of extracurricular
activities aa d elective
'sfafejectst -
ffiie Amache jcuaior high
school dnj £s divided iato
ei^ht period^ beginai% at
8;^6 a*a and closing at 4
Ltui.cii hour is one hoar
and 15 m-inates. Teachers
are or duty from 8 a#m. to
4s30 p#su> six a v^eek-
Papils are erixolled ia
the followingsaojeets:
Mathematics, algebr a,
jardor business mathematies,
science, homemaking, ladus-
'triai. arts,1 physoai edu-
c^tiori >arid heal tli, art and
crafts, nauisic, .and general
Postgraduate Courses Open
The senior high school office annoimcea that there
is room for a limited number of post^raioates this
semester in the following courses; *
Office practice and'txf Mcriptiori-^periods 1 and 2.
This class include3 work in shorthand and iy^lng and
carries t%o units of credit# -
Bandperiod l* Th9S enroll ing ia this class must
haire their o^n instruments and the approval of tae
iastraotor in charge# Oae unit of credit*
Orchestraperiod Z* Bsuae- conditions-as ian4 'class*
Solid Geometry-period 1# Student must have haa
some algebra and jear of Plane geometry*
Trienmetrjperiod 2. Same conditions as Solid
geometry* '
Speech*--period 4# Student should have a good back-
ground in 'the fundamentals of oral English. 4
Dramatics'period 6* Anjooay welcomed. lo reqaire-
ment8. (perhaps aiittlQ toowledge of Baalish 'will nelp,)
Typing^period 4 or 5. Student em-llir.g in this'
class mast liev had a year of more of typing.
woodworkingperiods 3 and 4. Sard lee mast ta k'0
two periods of classwork to get credit for tue two anits
teat this course carries. :
Vriii I.Ie4nesday> March 1^, students *my enroll
at 8H^5F* at gresant lo postgraduates are attending
high school.

The AA ch ampi o nship
crownill"oe at stake to-
Meeting on the Granada
ym to fight' it out f-cr
this bi'3 booty will be the
Eoyal Araians and the Skoo-
karns, each with a record
of four v.ins in five league
starts. .
Favored to t alee the
title will'oe the Araians,
if Shi^ Fukuyama is hot.
He will be counted on to
carr' :.ost of the offer sive
load, and to control the
Zalakin.^ this 6-foot c-
inch center v/i 11 be Aki
ICioi.ii, B.aother scoiin0 a^e,
and. ,orrmj I to, one of the
smoothest bail haadlers in
the 1 ea:'e 3 a cliin^ up
tiiis formidable front 1 ine
will be Chip Kurita and
Bob .Cojir.a, a couple of
alert and fast ^iiardL^. Su
Fukuyama, another guard,
can ce counted on in a
The 'game "birfc cor ip pled
Air.acac Indians fell before
the hot Granada Bobcats,
29-2?, In the feature game
of a doa^lehealer at
the Granada ni-h' f jmnaslum
Thursda night;, Ihis loss
was the Inaians! second in
1H starts.
Playiiv, without the serw
vices of their hi^h-scoring
guar 7ohmij laisawa, the
Indians founi trouble in
piercing the Bobcats1 de-
fense and trailed 19-7 at
the irtermission.
What looked liked awalk-
away v^in for the Grauadans
in the first hal f was corn-
pletcl.7 reversed in the
second half as Tosh Okamuia
dropped in li point's. Only
the nands of time k-o^'t the
Amache varsity froi;: ch^lk:-
Ing 'i[ another win.
C. Silva scored 12 i'or
the victors, vaile Olcamura
tallied 11 for Miache#
In the initial game, the
Amaario .3*3, paced by the
deadly shooting of Goro
Shisuru, who rang ap 10,
wallop to. the Granada B f3,
41-1 The local, five
at 11 izod ever/ on -the
Hoy Dossey collected 8
points for urraiada.
Against this classy
Axaian five, the Sicookujr^s
will pit tneir best. The
best include center Soapy
1'vliyasliaa, whose job it
viiill betovyatch Shig Fal:a-
.ycima. The forward posi-
tions will iiandlea by two
hi£h scoreres, Ickie I-
and Hooi Fuji'a. In
the ^ uaru slots, x'osu Itori
and Rish Tamate wxil hold
S7/ay. Tais duo, aside from
boi'ri^ the best pair of
guards in the league, boast
of high scoraverages.
ivlar. for man, the Skooks
are better balanced than
the .xraiar.s and if taej
can show the sare ^olisii
they displayed in tneir
first t'uS3le against the
Kau Xau Laners, they may
pull an upset Despite the
out come, the fans can be
assured of a scre.ur.i.v:-^ou
g fu: e.
Joth tear.:s will no doubt
utilise taeir first string
thi ooghout most of the
Tickets are 'available
at the 7E rebreation office
or at the south adininistra-
tion building f,rter6o^>p.m.
Showing the same polisiied
leadership with which he
guided the Hoyal Araians
in sweeping the Grenada
tournament last wee.v, Shig
Full ay am a, again led his
team to a victory
over tne Kaa Kaa Lan-ers in
the C r anada hifii Thar a-
day nierht.
This eliminated the Kau
Kau. bojs from i;ho perumnt
race and leaves the Araians
and the 3kooleums to
nn All-STARS-
Rcs^cc ^ive. raari^^ers*"
ara or^ed to .turn in
their selections for aa
ail-sta-r first, second
and tiiird. teams in the ^
jxA, A, Knd B cage leagues
to t h e 7E recreation
office by Llonday noon.
Selections will be
pabl isiiOd. in the ^ecUiGs-
dr*yT s isuao of the PIO-
Bolling up 78 points in
five regularly scheduled, TOsh Shimizu of the
Barublet s, took high scoring
honors for the AA league
with an ,average of lb*8
points pi^r ga^e* He was
closely trailed by Shig
Fukuyama of the BoyaiArai-
ans, who dumped in and
had an average of 1 Otiier scorers
i\ Kaatani, Rockets 61
F. Kisiii, Hockeys 60
A. KisUi, Araians b&
J. Miyashima, Skooicums 51
K. Ohki, Rockets 47
G. Yoahi^ara, Laners 42
H. Fajia, Sxookums 58
M. Okuda, Laners 36
Y: Iwaua£,a, Skookiums 36
K# Yaaate, Skookams 35
3, v^aua, Laners lori, SKkums 34

J. Tsar at a, Ran.'blexs . 33
-Y.. Yawata,. Laners 33
it out for the AA crown
After being held by the
crippled but still potent
Lariers to a 2-point margin,
17-U, at halftime, the
Eoyal Araians came back in
the third period to stage
a sensational scoring show.
Shi^ Fukuyama accounted for
ID of the 14 points made
in that period*
This third q uartcr
scoring spree was too much
for the Laners and thej
were never able to catch ap*
While Shig %as the Dig
^un for the Araians, Bill
^ada carried most of the
offensive burden for the
Laners. Time and time a-
gain his accurate shots
kept the losing team in th'e
* Fukayarr.a and Tom Ito
snared scorinj honors for
the winners with 23 and 9
points respectively.
For the Laners, ^ada
and Kenzo ^rimoto scored
13 and 3 each.

Page 8_____________________________________________PIOlffiljR
iviaroli 6,1943
--r=:r .-"by iJ OS QJi] Xu 8 --rrr---
tii8 Royal raians are
still riding Iiigli they
applied the olf kickaroo
to tho Laner s Thursday
nigiit'aud drooped tliem from
the pennant race... tonight 9
txiQy will wrangle witr. tuQ
femne-st ruck Skookums for
the c r o *. the hot
Araiaas have oome a long,
v^ayii... they! ve siiwn more
stuif than any other
outfit, arid theyre tabbed
as the favorites tonight",
but we'll stick with the
OiiOOiiums and our or£3-season
cry^tal-gasing that they'll
taka the titlo..,
the Zephyrs rose to the
hei.^hts Thursday and took
the A league title from th'e
K&u iau -n. ?s, (it ;jas a sad'
night for the Laners)".
Jau Hanahashi9 Zephyr high
scorer9 v/as colder than an
Amacbo snov^storm3 but guard
8hi-e Isjji^aki made up for
Ilim by tossing in 17 points
"lie was as hot as Jack
was cold".
oamo a letter to this the versa-
tility of the Araians. #. jo
0 or respondent MB 19 aoher
booutiM-'.'e are apologetic
that ..e are not running
vaax mas tar pi 90 9,.. it isnf t
that ^ aran119 quote: big
enough" unquote, but its
just that you v/eran11 big
enough to sign your real
namo,.. thanks any'va.y.
\/adrx9sday9 the sports
paje will carry the of-
fical.hll_3tar oage teams
of +'Le various leagues. .*
v/o111 venture into tills
field and name our choiae
for top AA honors today...
at the pivot spot ? we
like Shig FuKuyama: clover
ball handler and feeder;
indisponsable offensively
and defensively*. .c^t for-
wards, give us Tosh Shi-
misuoi the Ramblers: dead-
ayo f f.. st, colorful 5 dan-
gerous at all tiiiias. ...and
Hot ICuvatani of the Hock:-
ets: smooth floor man,
a oils i s tent- s o o rer.. .at
gujirus ve* 11 take Kish
Ya;aut*e of t. a Skookums;
demon on d efQnse (times
h i n; salf per fectly) ; an
o f f a n s ivQ 11r eat* c .and
Yuk Yuwata of the Laners:
steady^ reliable, o o ol
dndor r e s^ur o shoots
v/ell,guards well...
3y knocking over the
Kau Kau Lane Af ^, 41-36 9
the i-xiache Zejliyr s were
crov/nod undisputed cliamps
ox the A oago league in
the preliminary game played
at the Granada gym Thurs-
day night.
Baforo the be^vilderod
Lanors Knew '"hat vas hap-
pouing, the Zephyrs had
piled up a 90 load in- the
first quarter and built it
up to 15-5 by the end of
the first half
T o nigiit( s ba s Netball
games complete the pro^ont
3eries9anu the G-ranada high
school gym will not bo
available in the future9
stutod the recrQ..tion do-
pa rt mo nt today.
The duoision to gqbsq
to use thG hi school gym
was not as a result'f tho
shopping-pass p o 1 icy to
Granada, it is pointed out 5
but rather bocauso of prob-
lems of transportation and
oontr. tho g*7m.
The limit of 25 passes
)or day to G-ranada is for
shopping purposes only and
docs' not in any way effect
tho rcrnation pro gram,
Protiact Director James G.
Lindloy said.
Post^onoci from Saturday,
the hoop contest botv/Gon
the Am^chc Indians arv] the
Holly Bobcats v/ill be
playod tho Granada gym
Tuesday night.
0ther gaiiios slated for
th6 n i ght will be tho
Aiaa]) B! s and Holly 3!s
tilt, and the s ch ool1 s
intramural playoff.
The first gamu is sot
for 7 p.m.
Tiokcots dated Fr i day
will be aaceptod.
*£3C, v;ith tonights tilts 9
the lic-otiG 1943 AmacliG cage
season will bow out and
Busio Softball will too
mark for that familiar
Gall of "Play Ball: W11
sad you on the diamonds,,.
th o gvjnc bocamo a aip-and-
tuck affair.
It 'vab all K=?u Kau Lane
in third period as
Isigaki9 Tom Yokoi9 and
Flu Inaba hit the bucket
for 16 points and
tho to 23-21.
-Tho tide changed, how-
evor, in tno final stanza,
\ihon Bhigc Ishigalci found
his c and spotted four
straight from the aornar
and jut tho Zophyrs ahead
by a safe margin. V/ith 3
minutes to go in the final
quarter, they were-10 points
to tho good, tho scoro
reading 40-30.
Th Lanors rang up 6
mor g in d oublo- whilo ZcDhvr John Nisliirnura
made good a gratis toss9
but tho Kau Kaufs scoring
thrust was not enough to
c a t oh the vio tory-bent
^ophyrs. The gun sounded
as the winners wore giving
the Doucic Kau lads the
Running oifwith scoring
honors for tho Zephyrs was
Shigc Ishigaki v/ith 17,
whi1^ teammate Kan Miyo-
shi made 9. For the Lanors,
Tern Yokoi and Flu Inaba
tallied 10 oach and Hasa
Ishigaki scored 8.
Scorhvq iiC^q
G-corgc Hamamoto of tho
Aoros is the Kingpin of tho
i league, scorers vith a
grand total of 49 points in
five gams. Close on his
hcols oamc JaoK Hamahashi
of the Zephyrs v/ith 43 tc
his credit.
Other scorors:
Nam 5? TP
J. Nishlmura, Zophyrs 5 39
J. Kawa, Dukos 5 .39
]£ nouyG, Dui;cs 5 37
B. OkainotOj Aoros 5 34
a. Ishisalca, Lsquiros 5 33
Hits Usui, Argonauts 5 33
J. Otsuki 3 Sopol 4 31
G. Yama^uml, Lanors 4 30
B. Ka vasaki, Dukos 4 25
20gashi ,12% 4 25
K. Hiyosh i 9 .^opijyr s 5 25
S. ?-Iogava, Giants 4 24
B. Jano,10H Bugs 4 24
S. oano,1011 Bugs 3 23
I. LIukaihata, Arai3ns 4 23
Y. Xur ita, Giants 4 21

March 6,1943-
A survey of iiinache crip-
pled children is announced
by the public welfare de-
All parents of crippled
children are sked 1;o re-
port their cases to their
block managers or to. the
public welfare department,
Co-op'ei'ation on this sar-
vey may rcs--alt in aid. being
given to these persons, it-,
was stated
Meet Don
C-i-'.r'tooras't Sai-^vUci,
r rt uiuent from Loe; ngc-
16 3,. tis r.o%. lending his
t\Unts ,to the ?ItCEH.
'His-^eatorc, fter
])p.y,u; the firet of which
appcr.rcdln t'm last issue,
will i rcgui^fly paolisLed.
MPov.-er of the Spiritaxl
Mind vvill oe tt topic of
h 1¢ cturt Unnsukc iCr^-
tsa t tut 5-:
service tomorrow, 7 p.m*,
r^t tie 1£G recreation hr 11
Other fcturvS uill ct tbs-
timonif'ls and r-v dings from
imei-no-Jisso by v&-
ri^as membtrsi
Er^l istmeats for the r,l1-
nisc i combat unit will ead.
on v>tdrieday.
Ebchioitors are rec aestea
to claimtheir works oefore
LCondfty noon, advises the
nd Cr, festival
Checks Being
Clothing allowances for
Octooer, i\vemler, and De-
cerriber ve oesn completed
,nd sent to he Denver
field office, Cnectcs ^re
o.oing 4istri)?ategL to the
residents t hr cagii oloc^i
managex s.
Ccrrectiona and rdjast-
merits on allowances will
be taken by the fcjabiic wel-
fare sectic*n, t eginning
Mnnd^y, arin^unc'ed Jr-hn 0.
Mr-nre, cr>anselr-.
9; OC .m#rt and Crrfts
fc-stiv1,Terry hall..
7sOD p.m.Movies, 7H mess
hall. \
70 p.m.~Movies, 6K me^a
hall. ''
70 p.m*Basketball gv.mes,
Royc.l ^r.-.ian^ vsi Slcoo-
kums, A Xeacae game,
Granada high g^m* .
9:00 a.m..-irt n'nd Crafts
festival,Terr hall.
7:00 ^1*: vies, ?3? mess
7\0 p.m.--Jovie§, 7G mess
70C p,m*Movies*raess
*?:5 p..a#*lovies\ 8S mess
8j00 p.m.--Dance honoring
lonteeis, Terry hall*
7:00 pm.--Movies,12E mess
?:30 p.m.--'T.vif,1.02'.'mess
The foiling levc s for
students ver,e granted this
week: Tsdamasa Mprishige,
Milvvauicee School of Engl-
neering*, Milwaukee, Vds.;
Frank T. Sazoki, University
of V^omingf Laramie, 70.
Martha Tsachi^a, Brigham
Youn^,-- university, Provo,
Utah; ana Luc/ Yamamoto,
Barnes School of Cotterce,
Dc^vei. J
working hours for hos-
pital employes will be 8
a.m. t450 p.m., beginning
Monday, to allow worker's, to
bxtfticfast and supper
at their ovv-rx mess halle*

Saturday, afternoon, / 4 p.m.
jmio _ _ .
IJiaA solo. V .* . .. BLiefiuyo Io*Q
*AriXin't^io :a ^co. ':.l^ry
. ^ X;Y'koh ^?l^SU .jTJXOK .
iTlov/er ' i
,3QrQQi process
VqguI- ^olo, ....
Cilrls* vaaal trio
l; . i*" Kato
-9 /?
.Fenry' Qu..;u-idp'
Junior .1
mt*Jodell wralnf'
*^i4ao scvlo,
-fiQv/ur, niakin^ ..:
./^virig .'
i'lQVcr arr^u^auant
.Tiniko Ota.
i i

v ii lato
v. Jcuiiin r.
,kr* j. t..,iabG
t iill' vJ # 0 J 3
/ 4 RM/
vpoal s.olc. .J .ill ml Sasaki
Koto solo . .' . u - , 0 .Hr. Okumura
liv/a sclo . .uQKUhuJo r: Sav/a.
Yioiin: 010 . : . oa-Uu O^u^-
.v oh l sol:. k buuii Kav/a.iUr^
H.1 L L=Ij:: ; .
'j-.txi.-iut u'oa 7m OUanoto
:) t: / rs. 0. Wu tana be
V/tj.vir,£1 :;. . . . JoxiixiQ
'.Voodo^rving .3. Gu:.u^i1 s students
., \r 7 ,iiur,., x.i Ji.idc



^j! !
Me^I g:nj'^sK!
F* -ri
V M C1)I
I ,;.@*!
' -W- -1+- ^ ip t
k? A ^ -K D A " -M-
KkH^M |
SJ ^1 < 2( ^ ^ ^ X ^ (-1^ I
4 4 e' *^;^'I
7c@f^a w|
V A ;


^?$1 V W->
-^ ? - V 2*V> >,Vk***^; k
'V4^#-gS--> 4 :K-"V 4A 4
+- VcV.v-u¥-,e-
*'-4:.-> v w -w .--s';-- \.-,K !
.c :!.2 4 ..r V roVWc ^?^W'-i -?->'.:ivj .w m ^ 5¢ r yy ,j ^ a^j^j
\.'vgewC+> 9V |C-5, I
'*X .*sw!, < _WW §i
K*c S7Ac P ?W-7-A
-^'- rQ ^1% 1$/ t? A ) s ^ : ,4 -.03 |
r;..-< ¥ W Hk1-Wt?OT f-{ CWV |
?W '-!w *_ !^>"PM |
;_<> ,* ._> v ^ t? r
^r r
** |£ W _/ C e H
A6? e *6?e1
=k ^ i: ^ c cb^ ^ ^
^ -fe c ^ ^ e ^ |
^^Â¥A 1
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- Contagious disease
Nisei Volunteer
i S- F- Court case
17 Engagement
18, Art Exhibit
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C. B^ood donor sought
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C.t Tfc,^a-teer feted
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19* Newsboy
20 Change of address
22. vV'oading
^3- Art exhibit
24# ij-'tificirl flowers
25. Ciotiiin^ allowance
£5-. Er!'4i.\ment
£7. ChristJau Services
,28 Crirple children
29- Income 'yaxos .

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