Granada pioneer, March 24, 1943

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Granada pioneer, March 24, 1943
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 50

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Auraria Library
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Auraria Library
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10h Ii 50
ixr.ache, Colorado
March 1943
A new system for the issuance cf gate passes will bo-
como effeotiire on Aprilaccording to Projct Dirootor
J_es LiMley, This system is to aid in standcrdiz**
of handling- gato gc,ssos fcr.
ing and clarifying methods
evacuees and Japanese-Ainer-
ican visitors.
Yellow cards will bo for
shorttehn £ibsncesigi* *8c;uj
indof inito lcaY| b 1 u o
3ape ho s o Axne r i c an vis it o rs;
trhito, BRA worker's and
thorized visits outside of
the'oontor, '
The -loavo officer will
issue tho y0ilp:w and gre@n
gate passas. at time of
leave Thoso vri-ll be di--
vidod in two sontiono^ A
o d by thongiiAVci
ut the patej and B for the
Visitors to the center
must register with the in-
ternal security officer.
Their cards will also be
perforated in tvvo soot,ions}
A for tho visitor and B for
the internal security of-
Workers who need to go
outside of the-center due
to the type of work they
have been assigned vdll be
issued whit;e cards which
are valid for 30 days, bo-
ginning an th^ first day
of the month and through
0ivil Service
Opens lo Nisei
March 15,
The Civil Service commission
has agraod to n .A plan
for p u 11 i ng Ame r 3 o a ns of
Japanese ancestry into gT-
orrmeDt o^vil seryicc jobs^
T n ta 3.vb arrangements
provida both civ"1 service
aM FBI examinations,
poyment only in areas des-
ignated by mi litai y r.uthor-
itiosP and assignment to
work of a non-eon,fidential
nature., '
YvTiA officials expect
several thousand ciisenn
of Japanese ancestry in
the relocation camps to
qualify. '
the last day of the calen-
dar month*
The hoads of each divi-
sion will apply for renewal
of tho pass on the 26th
day of each months ^hone
v/erk passes aro not wlid
on Sundays end holidays
unless so indicated on the
reverse si da, They are good
only between s'mrise and
For vis its cuside of
*tho center, era one as will
be .js^uod pas can signod by
Harlow VM. Tomlinnon or Stan-
ley P*. Adums. These v/ill
be/token up upon the utoc-
ueo!s return to })e oonter*
.Four of rdne men were
ohose^i for tho Consumer
Enterprises1 tonrd of di
rectors at an olootion of
co-op members held Satur-
day at various information
Thay ^ar-o- fKatsukx Iki5
12G? Matsuslii ^Nar^se, 10H|
Tomotaro Nishisaki, bil 5
and Toiaasaburo Yu^av/a, 8KC
They polled a majority vote
of 959 or more out of tho
* A ;8_
v /
7sOO p.TPe^-Moyios, ,!Pardon
My Sarong,** 12G mess
hall ^
7 j0 p^reWeek of Dodioa-
tionj 10H rec hall*,.
7;30 11F mess
7:30 p.,%ms--G ^ oun mpotir^;
of Blocks 6 and, 7^ 6H
rQcroation hall
7s30 peme Record hour,1XZ
moS3 haI1
;7s00 pin^Yook of Dodica-
iorij 10K roc hqll.
IJoro than 300 oh&rcoal
drav/ings and a number of
wrier color end oil gairit*-
ings vdll highlight tho art
exhibit to bo sponsored by
tha reoroation departraent
on Friday^ Saturdayand
Sundoy at the ?E roor^ration
' The antrios havo been
divided, intothreo divisions
--portraits,* 1 andne^pes-y
and still lifec They aro
the work of art studio in-
strmotors and thojr lllJ stu-
dents t*
Tho studio will be open
to "tho public from 9
to 4 pairii on the throe days.
In eddition-, the ezhibit
iriey bo rioted' from 6130 to
9 p#r*r on Saturday and Sun-
day for those who unable
tu nttcmd intho altornoons.
1,917 votu,^ ers
' A rur-off election for
tho flY otb-rmjinbjrs will
be hold today**
Toyoji Konno, 9H, Ta-
tsoihiko IfiyamQto 6Q r and
Konjiro Nosai-zt,, 12IT. v/oro
dice tod to the mcTribcrship
ooirLfiitteo ; r and YG&MhliCO
Hrgiwarn6C?; Heniy lahi-
ktvm, 12G;ar.d ^Torran Kinhi,
IDE; t-^ro elcotud to he
r.uditing ooxmnittieG
* ^ 'S ^ !p ^ L. - .. .......
7:00 poX'^-rMov.ios,12K ness
hall*, .
7: 30 dk;b--MÂ¥1os,11G mess
9s0.0 a*r*--Art exhibit,, 7E
'recreation hallo*
7 5 00 p^ii^'-'-Moy^cs "Iron
Duk.:" starring G-oorgo
Arliss.> and Chapter 3 of
sorlrl^ SX loss hall
7:00 p,r.>-'-7vreek of Dedica-
tion/- 10H roc hallo
7i3Q p9r ovies ,!Pai'don
Serong/f 10 H mess
hall, .

Page 2 _
March 24,1943
,R A H A D A P'l O N t 'E R
j Published Wednesdays and Saturdays by the V.HA and j
| distributed free to -each apartment. Editorial of-1
1 fice: PIONEER buiIding, Amache, Colorado. j
j Telephone; 63. editor, Khan Komai J
11111INI im in. i, ........f ........-... -- t f.i- M i -rc.^T
i^^Gu^able .
Only of the twenty-nine co.uncilmen of "this
conirnimity considered it necessary to attend their regu-
lar weekly ne ting (Monoay morning.:
If this is ;-r ir-axovti on of he interest selfov-
erament holds i this cenier, it may b better to dis-
continue j.t .
Tho?o men are bhe representatives of their respec-
tive blocks, elected by the residents axid, supposedly,
voir,.: -chair or'inions and look after their welfare, If*
. >
Last Saturday the Con-
sumer Enterprises, Inc bald
a generc/1 election among
the shareholaers 0 chooso
a board of uirecors.
On th'ballot were 26
candidates for the nine
board of direQ.fcors and each
o.f the mine directors was
required to roceive a ma-
jority of the votes cast
befb being eleded.
To expect nine of -the
28 candidates to receive
::: rcsiaentc ar3 av/ere. that the representatives are a iiiajofity -was absurd, but
not ytfcencJirxf the meeting and do not care, nothing since the nominating com
more ne^'d be said. , *- mi t bee of one-delegate from
-'orb, on the other hand, if these councilmen do not each ^lock refused to eli
t hi rue- enough of their responsiDili ies to attend one
..meeting; a weelc> the people should be informed* "
I:o one was elected, who did not sign an affidavit in-
dieting his willingness to. take the job if. chosen.
11 departmenos excuse these men from work to attend
the meeinf s Ther^, .does no seem to be any valid ex-
cuse for non-attendance,
.The switchthis *week of
the. film, ^Syxioopation^1
for 11 Pardon My Sarong was
a oDeplete surprise to the
rp.ovie coiTUT^it'tee Either a
olericn 1 rr,istake or failure
of the distributor to re-
ceive the return- chipiuonc

of "Pardon My Sarong1* in
time to semi xt' here may
be rasponsiDle
Iranspoftation diffi-
culties an4. other war-time
conditions may force last-
minute changes in scheduled
.moviesoften after the
PIONEER has gone to press
;/e regret the chsnges but
a sincere effort is being
made to correct 'those sud-
ininat the lesser qualified
candidates^ all'-26. .nominees
were put on the ballot*
Fout of the candidates,
Matsushi Iferuse, Katsuki
Iki/ Tomotaro Kishizaki,
and' Tomasabiird Yuzawa re-
ceivad a majority of.the
1,917 votes cast *
The votes received by
the other 22' candidates
ranged from slightly more
than 100 to over 900 On
Monday the original nomi-
nating comhi tee inet again
to prepare 'the ballot for
the run-off election#
AIhough a few of the
delegates* favored elimina-
ting the candidates polling
only a small vote, some
unreasonable delegates in-
sisted t&t all 22 candi-
dates who did "not receive hanishirOj Sidney,
Mont; S h inichi .Saisho,
Henry Eirose^Jerome, Ark*;
Tatsu*70. hidpri Llary, aM
Bobby Endo^ Rocky Ford;
Daniel Shibuya ^ fenzanar;
t and Mrs mnnoshin Ifo-
bsuoka and Os a Thomas',
Kiyoiro, Rnd Haruya^ Arkan-
sas* .
BIHTE: .'. '
To :0% and rirsHarukiho
Otsuji, 10E-6A a son, at-
the center hospital ^ IviFrch
To and ^irs Lincoln
H Ctod.a, 12F-0E^ a daugh***
ter, at tHe center hospi-
:.i\rch 21 * *
Shin morimot, S5,
8G-*8F5 a c the carter hos-
pi ur.l -warch IP.
aen changes in films*
_____ W ANTE D_________
WANTED: Two young male
janitors. Inquire at the
center hospital
As of the last issue,-.
Khan Komai, ToWn Hall
tattler, re p laced Bob'
Hirano &s editor of the
PIONEER. Bob is await-
ing orders to report for
indutiticm into the Army
;Khan is the son of
H* TKomai, former pub-
lisher of the Los Angeles
Japanese Daily lews f for
which he wrote a snorts
columnHe'is married and
has a 10-month-old baby .
a majority beplaoed on
the ballot again. And to
add fUrfcher to the muddle a
they insisted that all
wit'-in candidates &so
be placed dn he ballot.
'This will mean that there
will be more than 25 can-
didate^ for the rive re-
maining positions as board
It is doubtful v/hether
any of bhe candidates not
able to poll a majority of
ho votos in the final elec-
tion will 3 able to do any
better when running against
some opnosition#
. This coula go on .indef-
initely ;until the members
rqfuso to6ast, their verbeso
Unless the .nominating
corrmiitt^o is willing to
eliminate instead of in-
croaso -the candidates it
may be wiser to select a
-Bev/ nominating committee
. -K-rKhan Kom&i

Mnrch 24,1945*______
mm. iPiOfSOTt
PIONEER_________________Page 3
SALT LAKE CITY, March 17^--Bowing to pressure exerted
by agricultural processors^ Gov. Ilerber Maw recen
ly vetoed a bill by ]le Ut&h le^islaure to bar aliens
ineligible for US citizenship* from acquiring real prop-
ory irihe state
In his veto message, the
Governor sau
MThe bill is worded so
as to include allsia^ics.
If it "becomes effective s
our allies, the Chinese
and ;ilipin,os *.will uecome
ine 1 ir.ible to enm .land
v/ithiu the s bate ...
It is ray ioeliaf that
it would be most unwise
or the Sovereign Sb£te of
Ubd,h to pass any legisla-
tion that would tend to
vl ^hearten these Asiatic
MThe bill is so broad,u
the Governor said, 11 hat
it would prohibit Japanese
aliens in centers from
cultivating and occupying
lands0 make it impos-
sible for hem to work and
harvest crops during the
The cnra; ement of I3stty
8. Fujir?a!:i o winoru ka-
na^:a]-"i v^.s revealed at a
BbA Executive
To Visit Here
Juage Hubert Glover,
president of the R o cky
Mountain Council for the
Bqy Scouts of /jnsrica, will
visit tAe center tomorrow.
He mil be accompanied by
Chief Executive L. E. Glink-
man and Field dxecutive
J. j,. Brittain.
A program honoring Judge
Glover will be held at he
Scout hallj 10E recreation
hall, at 4 p.m. Knot tying
contests, singing by the
Cubs, and yells will be
included in the program.
All Boy Scouts are re-
quests! to be present.
The program 'will be open,
BOULDER, I^Iarch 20Mem-
bers of the faculty and ad-
ministrative staff of the
Naval Japanese I an^uage
school contributed 100 per
cent to Boulder 1s Red Cross
campaign, reported Chair-
ici.a Robert L. Crosman.
Of he 90 members of the
faculty and administrative
staff, 80 are Japanese.
Crosman expressea his ap-
preciation for the new-
comers support of the com-
mtmiy project*
YORK, March 20Le-
roy Yogi Fukushima, 24,
J a p'anese-Ame rican, will
have fulfilled his wish
April17 v/hen he enters the
US Army*
Leroy, "embarrassed*1 be-
cause people stared at hiiti,
applied for duty under pro-
visions of a recent seloc-
ive service dir 3 c t'7e,
permitting certain regis-
trants to volunteer*
o the? oublic.
surprise arty held a the
1103ne of her sis ::er, Shizu,
6P6k} S-curday night.
hiss , Iorderly
of vwajnut Grove aizd Oak-
land, is bhe daughter of
and : Tsuru Fu jisaki .
Kanagaki is a TJC graduate
and is now employed as a
civil engineer a Topaz,
Utah. Prior o vacuaion,
he was vvorking for the Farm
Security administration in
San Francisco.
Baishakunin are r/ir. and
i-^rs T Kusano and at. and
Lvrs K. T Wada The couple
plan o be married in Ariril.
Outside Placement Officer
Mario D* Yecchio reports
calls for the following
Turkey raisers at $85
per month, plus board and
room; experienced green-
house workers o work v/ith
potted plants, at from .^30
to ?3 per week; laboratory
technician ,to :'e in charge
of hf^ blood bank in an
Illinois awn, from ^125
0 4150 per month, with
mainenances tv/o auo me-
chanics,!^ to a dollar per
hour principally ^ork on
F'ord motors products com-
bination auto pr-inter and
body and fender man,
Lihogruphe'r !s helper ,
70 cents psr hour; sales
correspondent, experienced
on figures and business
correspondence, 125 per
month^with promotipnai pos-
sibilities; shipping clerk
for prinin£ firm, ^31.20
per week.
Power machine operaor,
90 cents per hour; layout
man for canvas #120
per hour; shade checkers
and trimmers, girls, 50
cants per hour, could make
^100 per month.
nI am incined tov/ard s se-
gregation program for the
Japanese and reduction in
size of the e&mps," Senator
;or G ia il^ron i Washing-
ton (said, following his
arrival hero frothe rule
Lake center.
Wallren v i g i ted bhe
crv) s a irte.nocr of the
1111lib ary AfTa i r ^ com nit boe
*and wi1 proceed to Wash-
A number of'men. .are
known to hadeclared al-
legiance to Japan and these
should be put under strict
u r ,IT ¥ a 1lgren
saia* u0thers appear to
be perfectly loyal and want
to do the right thing. They
should be given a chance
to work.1*
The monthly magazine
section which is to appear
soon will contain various
types of short features
There are many people
the center who have a flair
for writing* These people
are urged to send in their
contributions" to the PIO-
NEER of£ice* Anyone may*
submit short stories^ sket-
ches, essays, original jokes,'
poems, and oher* types of

March 24,1943
GH UXC H .S R V ["C t 5 ,'..i A T D H D Ar:
Th^ Girl Rese^-^s who
attended the La Junta con-
Event .
Reo Hall
f^rencp wish to thank Flo-
re rje Dilloxi, RHf of the
center hospital^ and Grace
3abba,th school
8:30 anu
9:30 am.
Lewis for driving them to SEICHO-IO-IYE
and from La Junta,
Also thanks to Norman
Satow and the various mess
halls for the lunches they
provided, and to the police
department for their escort
jAdult service
f Kas s
7:00 p.m. 7G-12G
2100 p > TTi * 7G-12G
8j00 8. m # i .X1K
service. Call on he ds
if you want their help^for
thei^ motto is nReady For
Xo the Colleensi Re-
^neirbe^* the important busi-
ness meeting at .the Y of-
fice tonight at 6;30 o1-
clock. Officers will be
elected, the constitutlen
adopts and future plans
Y -
All Y n:e!nbers are re-
pii-ndad to coop^rat-e by con-
tributing scrap n*etal to
the scrap pixe on the pmpty
lot across fi'orci .Block 63?#
Mrs. Louise North, GR
seretary of the Arkansas
valley, s ^ rs ds special
greetings to the Amache GR
with the hope that she will
s you vsooru She is sorry
her illness forced Her to
niss the conference *
***Y"* .
Our sinoerest thanks to
airsHoward Eckl^y of ^en-
wr, who sent us a box of
materials for craft use,
4 -Y-
Following & short busi-
ness meetings the Mersan-
t s held a sca^er^er hunt
and a ha^burr^r feed at
the -hoir/*'- of Snazue Yama^x^
9L_VJ, Sunday afternoon.-
1 ot;! cn of o f f 5 c ers
.hold "by tle TV/enteens
Tiiesday^ xii^hi 'at' the1 home
of Margaret Jaines and Eno-
la is}Blp;aar^j *', 2 barrack*
Yoshiko r-urukara and neiko
ffabu are in charge of the
April 6 r.eeting; v/ith ,!How
to (Jhoose Friends11 as the
Topic Iv.embers will meet
on the first Tuesday of
^v^ry -mo^th at No* 2 ba
rack, '
, Y-
. Thanks Ito th@ GR.1 s in
Rocky Fcrd and La Junta who
1:: re hostesses to the Amache
Thitty-cme GR delegates attended the Arkansas Valley
Mid-winter conference at La Junta Saturday, They were
accompanied by six GA advisers, Mrs* Kazu Kuwahara,
Smiko Oka^Jaine Oi, Mae Uno^'Emi Hinoki> and Hana Uno5
and Mrs Lotxie Morej Mrs. Freda Mahoney^ Grace Lewis,
and Catherine. Ludy of, the education staff.
_..w..... ----------- The theme, !,GR*s on the
Home Front^ft was carried
out in the speeches, dis-
cuss lens and recreation
Ge orge E. Rundquist,
xecirbive secretary of the
Ccmmitee on Resettlement
of Japanese -Ame r i o a ns ^ w,i 11
m,ake' an officia-X Visit to
the center April'25 to 27.
^He f is x|e|r*3p6rrbirig his
ecrrmiitee "wfiieh has 14 de-
noininations in the United
States participating* This
group aids in organizing
resettlement comnittees,
A candlelight-ceremoni-
al, which brought the con-
ference to a close, was
written and presented by
the Amache GP fs Those
partioipating were Sandie
Saito, Mary Heri, Louise
Sasanoj Karuirio Hamahashi,
Rtiini Tnaia Grace Yamagu-
ohj., Miohi Kobayashl1, Ha-
rako Kochi? Jane Sate, Ada
"Is Japanfs War i^roDhe-
sied in the. Eible?n will
be the topic discussed by
Evangelist George Kiyabu
tonight at 7 i 30, p#ir, at
the 7G recreation hall*
Preceding the lecture,
movies wi1 be Shown from
7 o1 clock# The public is
cordially invited to attend*
Yamasaki^ and Namiko Ota.
Following amner^ Grace
Yamaguohi, Grace Yatabe,
Jane Nagai^ and Julia Y-
shioka presented a minia-
ture quiz quest.
More than 250 delegates
attended the conference re-
presenting chapters from
Fowler? Kanzanola, Rocky
Fordj Sugar City, Swink,
Las Animas, La Junta3 and
Amache *
l)cdicaiio,.p Week
Program Announced
Rev. Curtis'. vYestfall of
the L a mar Presbyterian
church will speak tonight
at the 10H recreation hall
at 7 p.m. in the firs't in
a series of Week of Dedi-
cation se rmons. Special
music wi11 be provided by
ths church ohoir and solo-
ists from Lamar*1 Rev,' Ma'-
sao' Hir^ta will be the
Speaking tomorrow night
will be Rev, Harry Hashi-
with Rev. Chiaki Ku-
^uhara as the oMi5rmanf
^oapel singing and special
Itmsic wiu precede tbj ser-
Reir* -Gabriel..Upton of
the Lagiar :MstHodist ohurok
will speak-on .Friday nights
Gospel singing and special
music are-also planned*
Rev. Hashiinoto will be
Dr. Kirb-^*. .Page, well-
knannhwttte f and traveHer s
is scheduled to speak Sat-
urday night.

Morris E Soglow, health
and pLysical education-ad-
viser will quit liig pos b
this week to ropor b as an
& p-rfesor* of
hesltt 'and physical educa-
tion <;-t Den ^'6r university,
Friday. .
.In announeix^ the accept-
ance of hxs new jot, Soglow:
stated,. 111 have worked-with
many n a t ionalities but;
my^-f irst( experienca.
with Japanese a group
I*.. hav^- en-joyed oy job* and
regret' deeply, to leave^be-
Gause of many friends I
have made1
Tentative plans are be-
ing ronned for organizing
the -io.fiball leagues^ and
sign-ups x'or the teams will
Deg in is soon as more in-
erest is shown, reports
Koe Yosmda ^ athletic di '
rector. .
Sneaking pn the future
points-^)ut that he expects
wholehearted c o operation
from tbte r6sidGnts and otalb
iihem to cake more respon-
in carrying out
the orogramthan vms shenm
during the b?sketbc'll see-
son, '
wide table te
Fo rpore ^quipinent mil.
be rr ]/r,'.secl -from ,the t?S
r ar e atiori office, ann ounc^ d .
John Kiiaurc, e q u i ^ m, ^nt
manager. .....
*. Therefore, who.
wish to ,bor^ ow a chiotic
equipment rre :\skd to ^cfc
it at bhoir block recroc-,
ion halls ...
PinC, bc^ils 0re-on
sale atthe oXTic ev.-ry
day >:cent Saburdny r.fbei-
noona and Sundays They
can also ba secured ct the
11G recrenoxon -office any
day during bh^ week0 Only
one .to ,a jicrson 11
bo sold
Marthxi Tsuchiya')- gi!ls!
physical education teacher>
left'. 'the ce'rtfcer last week
to a t t end -. the B-r i ;;ham
Young university t
Iftah -V
As ,a member of to PE
department^ she- co ached
the high.. s c hcol girls 1
Dasketbcill teaixu .
lie cctcr
is ournoy
arc boin^ conductod inill
block rercution hails and
at the '7Z office.
The three-division tour-
namojitj under direction
of Hitch fkshiguclii mil
begin Saturday, April13
GMldrqn up to 11 y$^rs
se eligible for fche junior
diirisibn, while the inber
msdiatb group is open o
hose 15 years a.nci under
Anyone may oa rt i clp at c in
t'.senior division*
iiccordj r.y to Kashx^ncni,
an entry 'xo of 5 cents
vdli.. assess od in the
s^yiior division, but .the
entries of the int jnmcliute
and junior groups vdll no
bo charged..
..All Qnntor plc,ygr;ounds
will bo sui> or vised' by the
rocrcation depart-
ment on Saturdays, Sundays,
and o.ft^r 5 o'clock on
school days, ii::.r*TCy Turk
ha ad £ the rocr tion do
partm:nt' anno^xncod.
This a g r 3 c mont was
rlachod by the education
and rocr-ation departments
to further a 'hotter or
ggnized athletic px c% g ram
fqr tjij cent or r-siclents
Softball ,.:vioo.': "blie cen-
ter athletic 3p otli-;ht
over the week end at .six
games "vrere playodon Yrrious
tory 'ever the 12H girls on
he 11G diamond '
Whilo softball was being
played bliroughout tlid. con-
Sw|$>t sMxt$ ;that. were
issud by the 'recreacron
de:)a:.:ttent aro bo be. turned
in to:tbs 7E office by
Saturday, according o the
recreation deartnent
:* rf; s1:e t bo.11 a war as have
been ordered
be expected
threo or fHr-
Koe Yoshiua.
but they can1 b
to arrive for
weoicssu states
athletic di-
An soon 0.3 the awards
arrive3 a banquet is ex-
pected be held
diamonds v lhe other ac_
tivities -'y^rc volleyball
and be SA'ttell
Tho iL^nathc' Zephyrs s led
the softball they
defeated the 7T Skibos.,16-
6, Saturday on bhc 8E dio;-
mond axxd repeated theiij per
f oratiaheo Sunday by .'wotm-
oing he 3E i'urtlas-, 156
on the turtles cliamonql.ft
In qthor ball games Sun-
day,he lUil Falcons nipped
the BE Comets, 5-3 J on cho
8E diamond, ;vhile the'12H
team was being defeated
by tho 12G toc-iv^ 19-12,
on. .the losars f diamond* .
In the 'only girls1 tilt
played Saturday, the 11G
girs oked out a 191B vic-
tor, v o i 1 oyb all C;c, me s" wc r o
feGnterodin Block 11G# Sun-
day tho jirxs* of that
b.l'&ck iiict the gir lsf irjumn
of Blo'cks 11K ind 1IF and
clc:f 0V tcd ];iciri 0 lie anwhi le ,
the' boys 1 tjnm tied with
th:Skookuns r o llcybr II
hi]> 11G was -Grip-
he opponents in soft~
and -yollv^ybull,tlic-'ir
baskctbL.ll team losing
a '^undr^ doubleheader on
the 8G -court. In tKc ini-
tial csortfccs"with the 11F
"ccgcrs they ward defeated^
23-20, and in tho second
't'iltthcy logt a thriller to
thd Roydl Aruian Yursiy,
3340. '

____ PICffiER_____March 24-, 1943
Probably a numbe r of
people thought- they had
see.n Cesar Romero of screen
fame in this center, but
instead they had been look-
ing at Kim Yamasaki, de-
sign architect of the Aina-
che Consumer Enterprises,
Inc.$ who is a splendid
double for the film cele-
Nev/sreel shots, of the
Granada center* titled !tLo
yal y in Amor ica!t were
shown qs part of he Para-
mount News at he Pioneer
theater in Lamar last week
end. The normal quoa of
passes to Lamar were doubled
on those days.
The noxvBroal showed a
a group of nisei leaving
for outside defense 3003,
and school children salut-
ing the Flag.
'Junior. Pioneer'
Makes Debut
The first issue of the
briy. Kim Tvasnft far from
he Hollywood film studios,
for, during his svonmer va-
cations while attonding the
University of Southern Cali*
fornia, he worked-for the
Universal sudiosas an sr-
chitec He remembers vi-
vidly he time he helped
design the title of th
picture, "Showboat
He received his EA in
architecture at USC in 1937,
and the training and fine
ta^te in architecture he
acquired there have been
put to marvelous use here.
All those neat signs read-
ing, Dry Goods S t ore ,11
Canteen, a nd "Variety
Store," were designed by
him* Even a greater con-
tribution and accomplish-
ment 'were he modeling ahd
designing cf the shoe store
which have drawn -many 00m-
plintents from "both the res-
idents and visitors.
Prior to evacuation he
was employed by mary firms
to design ad dreft plana
for numerous stores, modern
homes, and factories in
Southern California. Evao-
uees from 8ouhern Califor-
nia may recall the exclusive
and distinctive homes in
the Bel-Airo district. It
is there tha some of his
fine architeotural work may
be seen, for ho designed
many homes in that area*
Recently the monthly maga-
zine, Arts and Architect
ure,gaTC him an honorable
mention about a building
which he helped design in
Los Angeles
Friends and visitors
who have seen his apart-
ment in this center, marvel
at his fine taste inarchi-
tecture. Anyone who sets
foot in his apartment
will wonder if they hadn*t
walked into one of hose
fine homes on the Pacific
Kim will be leaving for
Chicago this week to re-es-
tablish himself in his pro-
general view of the cen-
ter, the registration of
Army volunteers, 3ssi at-
tending English classes,
fession, and he sxill won-
ders why he decided to study
archiecure in colluge and
take it up as his life time
vocation, ffis close friends
caI him ,fCesar Romero,
and he plays a mastorful
game of folf. He is an
iirtersting chnractcr and
can rOlato some very fine
stories -^Suyoo Sako
JUNIOR PIOMER,publication
of the Amache elementary
school, wont to press yes-
terday. It contained nows
stories, editorials, feature
sories,.cmd art work.
The staff, under he
supervision of Miss Enola
Kjuldgar rd, 0 onsicts of
Rope r Tokunaga, editor 1
Ecrsei Hinoki, ciy editor;
Arthur Okamura, art editor;
Frod Furucu nows oditory
and Iro Hairamoto .(brothor
Bt Uftorge, you know) and
Sally Kuge, sports editors
If PEOPlE could sec things The WAY I -DO

March 24,1943__________
150 persons
atended the dance a the
12F mess hf3ll Saturday night
which v/as sponsored by the
Ramblers basketball team*
Hideo Sagara, former su-
pervisor of timekeepers,
recently left for PuaMo
where he has a job with a
private concerri. Jim Fu-
rukavra, formerly of he
mess divisioii, is the nev;
supervisor of timekeepers a
Kaoru Kay Fujikawa and
Suzy Onomiya will leave
for Washington DC, where
they will work in the IVHi
office there.
Audrey Fujitawill leave
fer Chicago to work in he
"iYRA office there,
Roland A. King and Urs.
Margaret Reef are in the
center for a fevr days to
get pointers on the rr-sthed
of hand] inf outbid eTapicv-
ment to help thm v/nen i_hey
start v;oik in tlie DeAver
of f xoe of tvaoueu employ-
A]1 coss incid^'ital to
the epevgt-ien of t-he culmj
nistrobive staff reos ha 11
will h' carried by tha a -
pointed medrs ,
as of /.pril X, ruid HMrrv
Halxa^l se or edr.ini^ -
tratlve effi*3r
}l bomb the ocitr c,f fodiig
thv 'ajucv ouployocG
NANA K.!)1 V\ IS
v)gna Kwa chosen
s th e rr fnj young
people s ^lub indiool;7k
Fla;ir. are being- go
honor tho ^oiu/vte^r 3. and
the F o rua^v gr^du. -ce^
fro hi-,:1: s hool m. sc-
C.iy 1 t C-e h v .3i:r
FO.i 3 Rca-3d in
subr: t A.ier.leai. or
Japriac^^ [_w:', v. re
a s i ed to '*'V-'.rc their
blocks r^.iiogt.-rr by the t
of . .>^neuiar
Enterpr ' 2 rrs.3
to \A.^ t;x pe^ei ^
to t/\a variouc nlock mar.a-
ger3 1 offi c 3 s a vhere the
subscribers iv.ay pick hem
3K HONORS f.Kilif
Service flags and, rod,
white, ani blu-^ streamers
decorated the cK hall
for the r:a''ty hexa :n honor
of -the fllowiaf oluntser
Y- ^hiro B->fu, C a i vin
and (?eor^^ Sam Tal;a-
nahi^ l''y .Mr.-cow, Soy Take-
chi, Drke Yurr.a^iiiri, ar i
Hir ceh Ta^rj'tcumaGift
w-ro pn'-r-l.'1 tc h:. n*
l:st'er} our in. tho evening.
Mot nnd 'iis
s Jlabors po' dW ruin ic c
-V.\ ^ I j ?Ta-
nahn^} j , hi/: vt>-jihara,
a^c -sjeor^e J^a.nwr-;otc, he
an ve e .;111'.ted ^ r ^hc An,.^ ,
v/ore gves fcn V'rrjr .;t h
darc-o .^ivea by Block'9j] at
their mess h q iFrid'^
xiod whit^ and b ].ac
streus vrer ? usoc- to ^ar-
ry out the patriot10 color
the^o, v/ith fur s-'rs rep
rcc^otip.r thw vo] unteors ^
Js3ph Icle wa^ raster of
cereTncniea ^ H i / i Ilinoki
was in. charge of the games,
A dYrnor paiy feting
hrje volimtot-rs vras given
by he Block IIP resideivts
Sa.turda^r T h os honored
7/c re Gt.-orfe- Otsuka,, Harry
^ak^be t ona Vcm Mo^aku^a.
jif ts 'ver ^ prezsnt^d to the
ons Bgc1.: monager
Iiae'i ou^nur. ra nede the
lr. duc.1 ory ru
F i 'r6i 'XJ 'ir/c^ers were
i^etor bv che Rcy-i] /vraians
at a don3 he >xt Terry
hall Sq-'^^rlay r.i"t.. They
c Uy'.:l t I, ac -shida,
Mar1\...1;; 4 l. i os uo une -
ur.-l Sah :u of
the Ai. v.ns: 3'cookiM
tearu ^rbers 7^'i a a 16 o
gv wirs
S-l 55 >Vkuc.rnci \ms ire,
and a1 obi charge
ol refr1nts ; Richard
Xojima decora c.i ens 1 and
i^as YoshiJn, nus ic
Pape 7
3 "
C p 1. Cchn )h. ireawa.
Savage ? Mxrn,; Pvx I aul
Yf Ilondft. Pfc 6 Yarra-
gvchij tnk^. '
Kish? s Port 21113 C_:la.:
Fvt. H- Yasutake Pfc. X'. n -
so Kiyaxn jto, Car,'j Hale.
Colo, ; pfc c Boh ^l-:nhe.ra.,
Gpl* Buck Hi rata, C amp
yhill ipr Kaiin -; p',
s-Sera, rfc. fveorge bom j
Lt e Jarus Merino 0, Ft
Riloy, Karr.
Pi/;: David iv8.'nayatsuJ
Gamp Robinson, Arli.t Staff
Sn Bob Morim 0.. Fort
Lcom'rd 7>oody l*o, Spt.
Da\?d ¥ir ih^ raC-v^ Chelby^
Hiss..; iplr T">:C3 ^ F1 taha:r a,
Cairp St^ff
3f ^iy^x.otc and
Pfc, Tboitms Kinurn,airp
HaleCo] 0.
A r^copti^n h 0 norin^
ipr,thcr Lnvery of "the
Lc 3 .A^x^olf. 3 jv'Arykr :>1 nis
3 -Ion 1s 1;e j ur day e\re -
et IP.F n-ess hal 13
Dr lasa-ji .'-agrir. otc, loh. ja
A]ahshi and 'ra-
gn.h rpo.'-, a id 1¢ u4*a]ca
KuU^'-ri .reE d-r ,
^2ti YP CLUB
Jce CiC* da w^.s rleoted
pi e?i idei. t :t. the young peo-
ple 's clui. organized in
^lock 12H .'.unc.ny nj.e ht.
offijors rsmedare Fu-
rn Takata. vice y:r3p idervt;
Jun^ Oki / ki., secretary;
Hack Sasaki^ treasurer; and
'\yo Kutrj ^ i manager,
z '-ike Sasuki was appointed
to ':ak^ charge -f the girls1
athletic schedules
A cortect is being held the members to name
the 12H b^seba]1 diamond.
Kiroki1 Yorirr-oto, 9K-9C,
recently announced the en-
gagement of his yovn^st
daughter, Fargartt" Kazue,
0 .Riche.rdKiycsh:: Sakamoto,
6F-1E-, Th wsda^ng data
has no y:3t "been set*
Miss Yorimc 0 is em-
ployed as a iurse a Ida and
3akar:otc as ar_ x-rfty tech-
nic isn ft_the center hos
The grocm-t-be is he
son of IrsKurr.e Sakemoto,





Page 8.
-rL.rch ^4,1940
Fa llmg in lv.v iz
like falling dovnstair3;
we never kan tell exact-
ly how the things vaz
did* Josh Eillings
1-IEH, IL31I
We 5UG\kir-£ cus-
pid on tho tele ''iv'-ph
operator L: Juntu is
' trying to do some social
work on the side. In ..
telegr-.r. sent here hy Ilcair
Uno from La Junta o in-.
form the parents of the
girls v/ho went with hor to
the conference th... their
d a ughters would ex end
their st^y, the operator
relc,y Dd: nP lease reforr,:
parents, Rikimaru, Konishi,
ec chidren staying over-
niglvt n
Oc not believe cny ru-
mors instigated in his
center by Tosh Ninorniy ,
Witvxn the pst week, he
hvS lIhr,rried olT1' c. he If
d2ri couples, every one
of whort' vrould 1-o-v-o to
^;et air. into a d:.rk, d:\rh
-nd this is c;a good ^
timo my to ^ive you
another cur .^riend Annnfn
ohoico s.iyis--fi e meruber
your .rcn.^ue is in wot
r>j n ncllikely to slip I
Ijidj hear of this ./.lule,
who iiu dtiredjrt to show
hi3 t;voerinrity. had to r.d-
ir:if. u^;t;or drfe to"r
hcr?r ? hiked 65 miles
in 19 hours in r'ce with
. acr^e, bvit reurnod o
homo lecu'nthe herso
hv.d covered 135 miles l
*'Fascimching Suyeo,! Sako
rec'dhis second fen letter
his woek Like ho first
bhi3 one cc.ttig from ^3.r 1
Ills cohorts hoot and heckle ,
but S:.0 cl" i;nr, theyre
iust jealous
irP2"ior. ky Sc,von{', 'Yhioh
Leg.n j t run here Iwt
nighty will be shorn through
SuncL.y overling, according
to the recrewfcicn den,.r"
nont. On Frid<,.y, Sr.^vrai.y,
nd Sunday ni^hV>K, ch.'.ot^r
hrve of he r.e/ic.l,u¥ys^
tery' .in'1 vn i aocojii-
n..ny t,1.e main fe.turo at
Hov'rvor, nev; film,
nIrcn Duk-..,'1 tu.rrlr.^ G"or2^
;rliss, 7vi11 r Ijo e ^hovm
Friar.y 5 S<..turcJ/;y ^ ..rd Sim-
di./, toebhcr ^ it] ^he f-er-
?...lj 't ;r;^ he.11 not
zYio^raig nP rd^n ?'V Swron^.11
lr) thij i-y, tw re.rfc
ucvle^ ]1 b a}!/r! in
the center for tiir c^rje
b v /rinnian: Fr i dr.y.
Thic, \-r.ll en-.ll^ r:,idv.rrts
v/ho wir.h to r.ce. th s
witLoub seeing uP.rd)n ,vjy
Srrpgn o do .y ^oinf;
to the mess h...11 rhordne
n ron 11 The s'me .?er-
vr.ll to !.oth
Must obtain
Ration Scoks
I is ub^olutely n(-.ce-
Gs^ry th.t i*coa r rt ion
books be obtained by c*ll
pcrGons louvin^ the cen-
ter s; ys L( vc Off? cer
Lillis Huns on, csnoci.. lly
vince mc^.t end euablo rts
rv.ioning [ces into effect
on March 28.
Hr,ns who is in charge
of issuing the-e ration
"books, reoorto thc.t it re-
quires at I'.st r week to
secure thorn kc 11 rosi-
denes v^ho nbicim le le..v-
: CliecK idle
farm M.^chiaery
Si\CxCA?^iTu, I\-rch"17
Tho C'.lii'crni^ Dop.rtnent
of Ag'ioulburo 1st week
hog rx c.n inventory of Jc.p ;-
nos *:-o;.med .au chino ry now
' vus'ein^ v.nd idle on f r. rms
t.nd in y; .rehouses bhrough-
out C.+-if ornit.
Fr^nk M. Kramc-r, super-
vising inspector of tho da-
11 Thu 3 te Depr.rtment
of agriculture1 is ringing
this important in,:.tor to
the r,tontion of the Feder
.1 authorities, ,nd will
do cv- rvthing it c..n to
get fchi^ vit^l c.griculturul
m:.chin:ry rolc-^.ped to our
farmers n
Wshinjon ofxici.\ls so
f*.r hj,v}. denied goverrnneiit;l
.peaci js bho ric;ht to take
steps bo obuin nc^st.ssion
of tho nachincry t,
A prelir.;incj"y check dis-
closed 'chut 267 ti\curSj
owned by J-p^nosej .were
fvVO FYpr W\rfRS
are missing
Tvi typc-ATitors borrowed
fron the llou^in^ of lice
the time the Houaing cfi'ioo
wes 1 Govtjd ir? che
buildings not been re-
turned, return the type-
v;ril-er3 t once tc he
Housing orfice or the Prcp-
ery Jth urc
C. S iu i th b y p c wr ifct-'rs ,
scriul numbers 401266 ..-.nd
ing th3 conor -rc udvised.
to :pbly for ]loir bocks
at 1c. st u woek in t.d-
Ivlorj then ono-h -j.:C oi'' x,r.3 V.rr:1.nd on tno proj-
ect h.*G been ovor to outsida f. nr.ers to w."rk be-
er, use of t*he lu^k of furn workers from the center i^nd
of nccess u'y :quir.n rrt
The i\'rza section has ^.ivcn permits for ]use li.rmers
to tuko over n soue .ro prp.ring to st: rfc
Somo 1200 acre s }x.-ve been turn evo these
Don11 forget Tc.d Hr.s-
ooll1 s music ppr3ci.tion
hour fh: JO-7,30) tamorrow
night: 3H-3B* Youfre li-
able tc get everything
from H i mslcy-K r s a kov *u to righteous
New Orleans ji.zz Fun 1
ors More peopl.:iegot;L'ting for h nd cn the proj
'ct 0
.They will xv.isc alfulfu sugi.r beets, foed crops ,
r.nd grin uhe I'.nd tht is locu ':ci north oi* the San-
tt... Fu r..ilrond tre-rks.
The suction is trying to got tho recess .ry ma-
chine ry, but is rinding it very difficult, Mcsfc of tho
needed seeds h,-V boon purch.ised nd re uvuilablc,
Plraitin^. of u;. rl;/ p.s -..nd onions is rc,.dy to bug in*

UC ¥U$0 ( E

.- '* -1 / ...*-.--.-
-:**j t ^ W ;'
..' i.:W
C W *< d 4 =
< ,g.. W <:.of: ti
I .' $..+-
-'^ 4: S^
. ,.
--'*- ..
^ 4" .:
.1-l?il -tt jflS~ -H^1
. fc#-fe-.:'
+ -' 'V

l \

....-* .-;4 ^
M1\41*'| C < W' > '
>-V.#(li i.< | w #gti
> |.
V ~ t' 't? i ¥:W
^VVH> W'
P @V^1
2 i¥
$ d tf 4
V \ 03 ^'
v Ur ^ Cn^ ^
^ -i N irP^ ^ *fe" < W ^ ^4 ^ ^
Q M.
\JV^ .
:.'s :&£.: i
:1,sf >
p--1 '' '^.i4 -' ^ ~ r -HJff 4=\
e! 'k % |- ^ * jv-v - ^
^'- r' ^J-' C ^ l E K <
Sf-, '.'^
H tf -r \ fe' - ^ V-
.^' ui y-t- V -i -j ^ ij >^
t .'$
^ a G^*^ J:
.^#A to -rP{
- '.' :-r ..:.. .
iH ...-V w
..n w
^ ^ ^} &
n1w .
w $< > |
^6 ^ \
'4^ %i -

b r^ >, a
! g ^ W. s-1?7
|. -S.
!'^ i
f t '-^
teq .
s >q' e3
v', ^ \-r li S^ -f.
-\n- M i - ^ ^ "ir U
:A w-;< .V<.
'U_S '1ii''
*? Sr ':^^.s .
; -: f ]^ r.' ^> :.J
i..f^uir .w K-^% ^^t -i -*"* 'M A r^- ^ ;
D K 'r A V i. K # w4 r w
%VD.^ A < <3.=' @
-i ^V V ^ -WW.: V
N e W e vry /.^ W 1 < ^ # x m .a
A H ' > > '"'^^< W V4
w f V^ g V <:>.<~
- '' .4 § d: .r".,
'::^TV nP w .-' >j.!11^1
;.Â¥ r y>:i.
m...W _
'# t> K
;.V .
'). W..,.'t
-.^'| >J
^ C-. >. 4^-&(-


Co-op Election
Father Levery
Senator Wallgren
Out-going people
Farm Tool
Chicago WRA Emp.
Little Tokyo
Terry speaks £t
J^punese school
English school
Saxurhone lost
i7# New Chairman
18* Man Wanted
19, Art Exhibit-^ 20.Dgs
21* Notice to Outsider
22. Job Outside
23* Boy Scout
24 Contrabarwi
25* New Permit Rule
26. Other Center*s Shorts
27. Engagement
28* Red Cross
29* Seicho-no-Iye
30* Classified Notice
Founcl 15. Explanation af words31.Birth 32. Death
Alert in L. A. 33* Church
U vis ; II^r

| t st-i. >|1^1!:>><
n 'K.^N

vr^ V
- 3L
^1^^=4 9 3
0 I 4
>^- C
T4 n
t 3

j §.&il
' ;u

S V\^'7^4'J
^^^ S 1.V.^.) VS



44V ^
V .^
4^- A^'c f t V
4<,0--W- +'v^
Vk c'A./ft
c .Ps^'4
-13?L .t !

gA. 7 H

5¢ 5

rt- "-^'|
k^u Ao^ lx
:^^-/ -:,',;>--^^^$ *
. Vr 1.4r
,>I.JJj r >1
-i >.x,'x,.4r^ir;_J-r.
IJ.V < .-.
it ii A..II
A vy -^.^!
|"'^--,-3 .. V,
^-s ^^"^ 4
+ g B^> V -e *> 7

^t r *
7 G81
>t^-"-<0 <^6,1"
fR tff
t-H -
_>#0 ^V6I
.-vp£.-4*^^t-J!t0 -vlf
Jft ;1^:1.\1

- '

* v A .*- ic '
5::'v(.>;> v ^'^
Mr::?s .? 3
nr. H C: p S 3 "^ J
4 rr.** .: ^ ~^r 2K'
3^ 11*v .0 r> fis^
;<5H" J <-+-
-.J o.
r..:S w 4.
r.5-'^? rt
+'a .cs
a.'> ..-
. . *^M;+.
'.ri d <-$
^ > J
no. > g ?.,^H-.
-a in #
A* p:^7
S > .1A C"0" _
^ 3 tt -^v
I T/c -r- <2?- ^'
|.$ pH..Â¥ s <
T,. -3' r3

$ V^^^.'3 rV-I ..' Va v.:
$ cr-Si *>> ^ 3".
5* r< r>5 > *v¥.3-v ^ P^?
?* R 1>
G.^ r$
H^ .9
r 4T S

^^ >4
* '
.S^ (V$
>ir*V CS^-'i7"
3a $^.
onV ^ S> -^, Sy^^ V ^
--'- - ^ H^r^-^j
I' r|
VC x V ^ p- \£ v-^ T* -
. r- v.. g 4
3 -'.
^ A^^ P^

QS f;-

^ E3
> <

4 snrt\,,Bm,
-! 0 T.1+A ' ar-.
_'^ <+ -s-
>r ci3 @r & W-
+ n ^ ^vv
-. A )< W '"^ > (% --
471T >
r. rK 54
0wS >
y i oV? .5 S ?! H V A ^ m
-0^3. -^r t r^.\V < A v
yk^ ^ v 4
<0 ,t>i*
j-;~^4" 4
!.-.vS (v'i r-
h U
t j3i s>
j_0tt^ -yc ^^---
-6 SVfrt
P n> ,.H
jfTl _.1 ^f, P7 |'' 'i iD*j^ ^-.- (Sk^)
\^> )!- -f S ^-\ r.p- y ^ ^
M ^ ^'VK ^ >, -> ^ ^ ^ ^
' /$ I
n#. f u^,(:
?.,. ^> <,; , '/. -'. ^4 ^sv c^ % ^iSr h
Cr- -- >J C* ZU' j-t v>-' \* Vj
H i--^T.-^
A W ? -vi
c -- >- -'* ^F (^
-r IV $C*
c- j$J& ^- r# A K \
;4^;'''^''t 4 H
-4 \ n> 1"V&
$ n


crV '..!

. 0?i+ '-4M'
< -4 p (-%% 4 W
r4rv/U* g 3
< > ST rt
\''-d'y>V'4/- -r-rr
-43 W'-
%>* 4 \i -3^ P ?5 |
C f< ^ j|
;9x h
T4 E> W''=
h Waj^r-^T
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