Bulletin, temporary publication of Granada Relocation Center, October 17, 1942

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Bulletin, temporary publication of Granada Relocation Center, October 17, 1942
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )

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Vol. A, No. 3______ __ Granada,
Enos mioniGHT monofly
You'd better huhry if you want
to enter the "Name Our Newspaper"
ontest. It ends midnight, Monday,
so you only.have two more days to
enter. '
We have over 75 entries right
now and think that we'll have dou-
ble the amount, by closing time.
Don't forget that, the winner,
gets a year's subscription to the
Reader's Digest, a da,rn good maga-
zine, plus five copies of every
edition of opr bulletin and the
newspapers which will succeed it..
mmi mu branch opeds
A mail order-office was opened
by. the Montgomery Ward Company of
Denver 'this week behind the news--
paper office at the 8F recreation
hall. R. Darden and Beth Plunkett,
company representatives were pres-
ent at -the opening to .instruct a
staff of Japanese girls. - ...
The office.will operate under
the Community Enterprise system' and
a share of the profits will revert'
to the project, the representatives
stated. >
Time and expense will be saved
by hulk shipment and only cash or-
ders will be accepted. One cata-
logue has been distributed to .every
barrack and no more will be issued
from the Denver off ice.
Colorado October 17, 1942
Regulations concerning medical
treatment for residents of the Pro-
ject were released this week by Dr.
G. A. Duffy of the hospital.
The text of. Dr., Duffy's state-
"1. Only emergency cases are
seen after clinic hours, Saturday
afternoon and Sundays. These do
not include cases of minor nature
and cases which may be safely seen
the following' day-.' '
"2. Requests for home Visits
should be made before' noon, and
should be made by a member of im-
mediate family., -
"5. A doctor making. a\ special
home call should not-be asked to
see another case in the.:vicinity..
All deserving calls must be re-
ported to the clinic first. It is
only fair for' all concerned to Wait
for their turn.
"4. Very careful consideration
should be given in each case before
requests for home visits are made
in order to facilitate this service
and to help out the already over-
burdened doctor on-duty."
He "also announced the follow-
ing hours:
Venereal, Mondays, 9:30-ll::30
a.m.J well-baby, Wednesdays, 9:3.0-
ll.roO am#; pre-natal, Fridays,
9:30-lli30 a,m,
Other special clinics will be
held as.more facilities and. working
space are available.

Page 2
October 17, 1942
Sunday School
Jap. Service
Jap, Service,
YP Meeting
Sunday School
YP Service
SS Teachers Mtg
Adult Service
0 W vs
Si 10 Ci":
Time Re c. Hall
9: 00 a ..m. 8H
10 'Sl5 a .m. 7H
11 s 15 8H
7: 30 p 811
9s 00 a m- 11G- 7G
10 sOO a.m. 11G- 7G
11 SOO am. 11G- 7G
2: 00 p m. 7G-11G
Yuriko Uyeda, 21* became the
bride of Joe Furusho, 26, at a sim-
ple but solemn church ceremony at
the Methodist Church, Wednesday.
The bride wore a navy blue suit
with a corsage of white carnations.
She was attended by May Furusho and.
Hat sue Satow while Dave Sugimoto
and., Stanley Adams were best man
and usher respectively,. Rev, Upton
officiated at the- altar.
The second honeymoon cottage to
be opened here is at 6E-8P.
Rye grass will be 'planted in
all Open areas to hold down the
soil until next spring, the Admin-
istration announced Thursday. Op-
erations will begin in a few days.
Residents are asked to stay off
the planted areas and. to -stay on
marked ... .paths.' Markers will be'
placed by block managers.
A Japanese supplementto this
bulletin will, be- added as regular
feature as soon as equipment is
Frances Senaga, 24, left the
Project for Minneapolis yesterday
to join her fiance, PFC Sam. Umade
at Ft. Savage, Minn, Miss Senaga
came to Granada from Santa Anita.
Additional beet field workers
are being sought, said J. S. With-
erow of the Great Western Sugar
Company, at the block council meet-
ing recently,
Tadao Toyoshima, formerly of
Merced assembly center, and Alice
Sakai were united in matrimony a
the Cody, Wyo., "WRA center Oct. 8.
Chess, checkers, cards .and
other table games will soon be in-
stalled in open recreation halls
soon, said Charles Kamayatsu, com-
munity recreation supervisor, today.
Two diamond rings valued at
$400 were lost Tuesday afternoon
by Mrs, R. K.' Satow, 12H-2C, Mrs.
Satow believes she lost the rings
somewhere between her apartment and
the 12H mess hall,
A survey of crippled ehildrer
who may require hospitalization i&
being taken by block managers for
Dr. G. A. Duffy of the Project
Approximately 80 entries have
been received for the Centers
first sumo tournament which opens
tomorrow, 1 p.m, at the 6G play-
Judo.practice will be held from
2 to 4 p.m. and 7to 8;.30 p.m. dai-
ly, except Sunday, beginning next
week.' All interested men and boys
are Invited to join the,classes
which are held at the 8E recrea-
tion hall. Fifteen boys have signed
up so far.

October^17, JL942____. BUJXETIN_______________Page 5
Stt£WE) ff&BSLS
Lonesome and. homesick for Cal-
ifornia climate and perhaps a foam-
ing ice cream soda, a 16-year-old
evacuee decided to thumb his way
back to she. coast recently.
He was picked up by Patrolman
Carl'Dowell at Caddoa and returned
to the.Center.
This was his second symptom of
" itchy-f-set" according to an offi-
cial here. His first attempt at
Merced also was a failure. ' .
The youth has been given aejob
and rehabilitated to Center life,
School libraries will be avail-
able to the public in the near fu-
ture, school heads said today.
The location of the librariess
elementary, 8H-10F; junior high,
8H-1F; senior high, 8H-5A.
flumEnis on oct. i
Mrs. Kiyo Yoshioka, 65, of 11F-
12F, died Oct. 2. She was attended
by Dr. G, A. Duffy-and Dr. George
Takeyama who revealed that coronary
thrombosis was the cause of the
death. '
Death paid Its second visit to
Granada on Oct. 2 with the passing
of Taneshiro Fukusawa, 61.
He as found outside of his
mess hi- 1, death caused by heart
failure. He is survived by his
wife and three sons.
post office nomEPty
The name of the Centers post
office was Maypr L.
Christy *Of Lamar, an authority on
local history, the Reports office
revealed today.
' Amache was the daughter of
chief of the Cheyenne Indian tribe
located in this area. She married
John Powers, early pioneer cattle-
man, after whom the county of Pro-
wers was named.
The population., of the Granada
relocation project hit a peak'of
6997 on Sept,30, according to
figures released today by the Re-
ports office.
Approximately 4000 residents
were relocated from the Merced as-
sembly center and. an 1 additional
3000 came from Santa Anita.
Over 1000 have left the Proj-
ect to-'harvest sugar beets and po-
tatoes, the Reports office revealed.
0 n
'1 H
1 G
! 0
! 1 t
I <
L- v.'
hi eh' relat ively few exceptions,
persons now residing in relocation
centers are of Japanese ancestry
and members of their families who
have been evacuated from military
are as dssignat ed by executiveorder.
There have been, however, a
number of requests from other per-
sons for permission to reside in
the relocation centers, according
to IRA instructions received-here.
It is the policy of the WRA to
consider favorably such reauests
when made by (1) a person of Japa-
nese ancestry, or (2) a person not
of Japanese ancestry related, to a
person of Japanese ancestry in a
relocation project within -which he
wishes to reside.
Application form WRA-100 may
be obtained for persons directly
concerned at the Project Adrtiinis-
t ra 11on bui1ding,

Page 4
October'17, 1942

m U
sal \

EDUJfiUD m. T.OKUnflGfl
Yaeko Morishige, 2 6, and Edward
M. Tolcunaga, 28, both,of Woodland,
were first to wed here.
The ceremonies were held at the
Presbyterian church in Lamar on
Sept. 18. The Rev. C. Westfall
Granada relocation center and
all other centers in the Rocky
Mountain states where Japanese
evacuees from the west coast will
be interned for the duration have
been designated as military areas*
The designation, -announced re-
cently by Secretary of State Henry
L. Stiinson, means that military
police will guard each camp* No
Japanese in the camps will be per-
mitted to leave- without written
Forty Caucasian teachers, and permission from proper authorities,
three Caucasian principals are em-' Articles, considered contra-
ployed in Project schools, it was band in-the coastal zones will also
revealed by Paul J. Terry, super- automatically fall into that cate-
intendent of education, today. gory in the areas, it was learned.
With more equipment and mate-
rial arriving daily, the regular fjQpT DO DU fUDjCjrnrn
school-day schedtile should be oper- I i e I In > J ^ 11111 J i L I f L U
ating within a week, he added, A p f) D fj I 010^0^0 T Q H f jQ
number of books and desks have al- tHu U u 11 irf Jm\ U i n i h l\ n
ready arrived. Carol Masal^o Tanaka was the
New obstacles are confronting name given to the Granada reloca-
us daily, but we will solve and or- tion 'project* s first baby. She
ganize everything eventually,Terry was born to Mr. and Mrs, Takashi
continued. Tanaka on Sept. 22.'Carol*s mother
Mean-while hopes for new build- is tho former...Lilly Miyashima.
ings are fading because of priority
ratings, lack of equipment and few fi'lf LiT CpUOf!! TO H D P Pi
skilled carpenters, 'the superin- 110(11 jlltUUL IU Ur U I
tendent concluded, at present. j p ] f p TfTppLj | D H f P Q T F ^
Lil Neebo and his: creator,
Chris Ishil, have obtained their
work orders with our newspaper.
As soon as equipment is avail-
able, Neebo will make his appear-
ance to continue .to amuse and
gripe our readers.
According to u sually reliable
sources the little evacuee from
Santa Anita will discard his
jockey silks for a complete ward-
robe of government-issued haber-
dashery. '
Night classes will not begin
until regular day schools are or-
ganized into, smooth functioning
machines, Paul J. Terry, superin-
tendent of education, indicated
The majority of the adults de-
sire Caucasian teachers for night
classes and full. consideration on
this issue is being given he added.
Today1 s football' scores -will'
be broadcast this evening at 5s30
over KOA, 850 kc, and at 8:30 over
KLZ, 560 kc.

It '
Vol. A, No./2
Granada, Colorado October 17, 1942
'J ".............................................
Voted into office in yester-
day* s election, th-e Granada reloca-
tion projects first, ware the fol-
lowing block representatives, who
will serve for six months!
Gsojffc Kitabay&oai ......... 6E
Sadaau Bejioa ........... 6F
Boa. off Tuesday ..........6G
Max Kiiaus & 6H
Boy Nakatani ......... ?E
Akira Iua'ba- ......... ?f
Yos-dko Nishiadura .........
Harry Okada ......... 7H
Hun off 'Tuesday ......... 7K
Tokio Havanaima ......... SH
Edward Sugioka ............8F
"David Sugimoto ......... sG
Masao Satow ... .... 8K
Election Tuesday ....... 9E
Bun off Tuesday; ......... 9n
George Watana'be ......... 9k
Mrs. Grace YokoucM ....... 9j,
Mikio SViimoto ......... ioe
Saburo Cujuw ............ 10H
Jaroes K. Yosliino ........ HE
George Ofcani .............11F
David 3. Suzuki ......... illG
Alter t S Takata........ 11H
Thojaas Saito ......... hk
George Eimura ......... 12E
Henry Shimizu ......... 12F
Eatsuki Iki ............12 G
Frank M. Ysucliiya ........ 12H
Bun off Tuesday............12K
The Lamar chamber of commerce
will be host to Granada block re-
presentatives at a ''get-acquainted"
dinner Wednesday evening at Lamar,
it was revealed by Donald Harbison,
assistant project director, today.
Entertainment for the occasion
will be provided by local talent
being signed up by Charles Kama-
yatsu, supervisor of community re-
The Lamar chamber of commerce
will discuss the future relation-
ship between the people of their
city and residents of the Project,
according to Harbison.

& ft 3 ? It ?'J
/- /£ & 7+ 'N it- ^ B% fe-J 5 3-f > T -t-i,. '1$ -- * 3 *£
xl> 31 ,a & ^ t ^ A' (SJ y T- > 1l0
z- ik & **r<3 tffy'yyt-i&.y ^ rf,^ f5;
- a ) g £ -f T ^Ho
^7yL yi^i_ ^ 2.^ ^ =/ f^ . 'y f / i v iiJ HA/ 5',' /.it =; eg y *v KJ ^ /> f': 7f) 'a :1a-# -4-/ zL ^
4$ 7 -V-L 3t' £l ? f - A A ' i SS V A y \ t-'i - ^f-if vj A, iz.. ^ C X C}
iE a.:-- /O ' 5b It st ^ spn t. i. rf' A, £> 7 i% 7v ^u i£/K ; 7i k / ^
72 J$- 1- ^ ' i- h, K ' '7 H !*; A C fc_ ?''/$.& tL t T 1, 1 Si1! / I-
> St 7 T ^>v V & -t-/ v ;% 4 7* -^L r }.%1 =* ii. .. -r r i- x Tie- r5] '1 A /A yf =7 x2i 7
3 - V r -* i ^ ? 7N 0
Hr A /£?v O **v ) , -,
i^3 7 ./i \ b { t ^ J A. < :z:i.
ft F in 8 b?£ '3 j£j ^ 4 3 *j + - )3T 4 'i" >iL
Sj ^ \ /)C S* £ I vj^.9%4 ' a / + h rj - 4i 1 ^ 4'- iiL.
*. S'C 13
-f iV^S-J^') + AA
it > m 31 ^ w -'' mfi t- T-i W IL"-
y $ ni 7*-
)??- 7" 7 1

Adams, Stanley H.
Bench, Delbert A.
Bemiison, Warren R.
Brown, Elzie C.
Asb. Internal Security Officer
Foreman Mechanic
Chief, Agriculture & Industry
Foreman Machinist
Campbell, Vemer
Ass. Fire Protection Officer
Diven, Mrs. Augusta
Driven, Roy II.
Downs, Mary L.
' > *
Duffy, Dr, G.'A.
Frier, Paul H,'
iller, Ruby C.
Gross, Norman H,
Sr. Fiscal Acct. Clerk
Ass. Clerk (Property)
Secretary to Ass. 'Project
Director Harbison
Health Officer
Housing Superintendent
Secretary to Project Director
Cost Accountant
Hallj Wm, E.
Haliida.y, Henry F.
Hanson, T. Read
Hanson, Willis J.
Ha rb iso r.. Donald E,
Harmon, fella L.
Hayes,- Vera M.
Hollingsworth, Ernest
Hohe, John C.
Project Steward
Project Administrative Officer
Fiscal Accountant
Acting Ass. Project Director
Sr. Clerk (Office Services)
Secretary to W. Ray Johnson
(C ommuni ty service)
Senior Mechanic
Instructor, Physical Education
Jphnson, W. Ray
ones, Clarence
Acting Chief, Community Service
Head Storekeeper
justice, John R. ' Acting Agriculture Marketing S uperin tendent
Katz, David E, Ass. Procurement Officer
Knodel, Walter J. Placement Officer
LaRue, Blair C. Secretary to Ad. Officer Hal:
Laverick, June R. Nurse
Bindley, James S. Project Director
Love, Delbert E. Fiscal Accountant
Mead, Alton 0. Miller, Frances S. Mitchel, Ralph J. Procurement Officer
Personnel Clerk
property Clerk
Moore, Clarence Morrill, Eugene Chief, Stoployment & Housing
Foreman Com.minications
McClelland, Joseph H. Information Specialist (News & Records)

Page 2
Oliver, Wanda 01Rourk e, Ralph J, Chief Purse Engineer (Head Public Works)
Quarnstrom, Bagmar Radcliffe, M. W. \ Rams land, Mrs. Virginia ;M,' 1 Head Nurse Sr. Trans. & Supply Officer Social Case Worker
Sandvos, Sidney II.... .; ;r Schmitz, Henry W. ,.-J Schrader,' Clyde H." Shilton, Perry Smith, Martha J. Smith, Robert W. Soglow, Morris H, \ 0ommora, Monica D. H Ass. Design Engineer .'Farm Superintendent Senior Mechanic Blacksmith Foreman Sr, Clerk (Procurement) Chief Garage foreman Health &. Physical Education Advisor H end Ifurse
Temple, Louis 0, Terry, Paul J. Tigges, Ernest W. Sin Construction Foreman Su.p1 + of Educetion Ass. Farm Superintendent ,
Wells, William Wroth, Wi1liam B. Young, Adam Zanoni, August Assistant Steward Irrigation & Conservation (Engineer (Public Works) Sr. Foreman Plumber ^Maintenance) Engineer (Highways)