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Diario de la gente, Volume 2, Number 16
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Diario de la gente
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VoL IL Nft 16
18 de Abril 1974
Selection of Minority Dean near end
by Evelyn Martinez The Universitys selection of someone for the vacant position of the new Dean of Minority Affairs is near completion. The selection of the Dean is expected to be announced by the middle of May, according to Rich Harpel, Chairman of the search committee. .
The University administration appointed the committee to aid in finding a new Dean several months ago. Since then, the committee has met once a week to review applications for the .position. Harpel said the committee had already received nearly 25Q applications before the April 15 deadline.
The Dean will be the coordinator and chief officer of all the minority EOP programs and all EOP directors will report to him. He will also have a part in academic decisions with the other deans of academic affairs. In addition, the Dean will be. responsible in assisting in developing accredited minority programs in individual schools and colleges within the university.
The newly created position of Dean for Minority Affairs is part of the University's proposed reorganization plan, which will bring all CU campuses under one main campus. "If adopted, the new plan will do away with the current positions of vice presidents, and instead the University will appoint chancellors," Harpel said.
Dean instead of V.P.?
Last semester Chicano students attacked the current setup of having an Anglo vice president in the position of both student and minority affairs, claiming the vice president does not adequately represent the needs and, interests of minority students. Chicano students asked that a Chicano or other minority person be appointed to the position of Vice President for Minority Affairs. However, at the same time President Thieme was planning his proposed reorganization of the campuses and instead recommended a Dean for Minority Affairs as part of the new plan instead of a vice-president.
Chicano students have expressed their dissatisfaction at Thiemes proppsal claiming the Dean will continue to be answerable to the
vice chancellors and other University bureaucrats, and the problems of Chicano students will continue to be ignored. However, the Dean will actually be answerable directly to Provost Lawson Crowe, who is Academic Vice President at the University. Under the proposed reorganization plan, the Provost will become the Chancellor of the campus. All deans will be reporting directly to him and to the Dean of Academic Affairs.
The search committee consists of all five EOP directors, two faculty members, and several staff. The committee is responsible for defining the position of the Dean of Minority Affairs, screening of applications, and recommendations.
Selection process
Committee chairman Harpel explained the committee's input into the selection process:
V ^ The committee each week reviews 25 to 30 applications which are then grouped into three subdivisions for further consideration on a rating scale of one to three, ranging from 1 meaning strongly recommended, 2 tentative, and 3 does not qualify.
The basic criteria for the position asks that the applicant be experienced in higher education, have previous experience in minority programs in education, budget experience if possible, and consideration of educational background and qualifications.
Harpel also said the committee had checked with Barbara Jones, Affirmative Action Director, to insure that the committee had followed all Affirmative Action guidelines. "We've followed all Affirmative Action guidelines in posting of the job, representing all ethnic minorities and other procedures," he explained.
After all votes have been totaled by the committee, a list of 10 recommendations will be sent to the organization CAMBIC (Coalition of Asians, Migrants, Blacks, Indians, and Chicanos), who will evaluate the applicants and recommend only five of the 10 applicants back to the committee. "Faculty and students of each minority organization are represented through CAMBIC and will therefore have student and
minority input at this time, Harpel % said.
After receiving the five recommendations from CAMblC, the search committee will then recommend three applicants to President Thieme and the Provosts office, who will then select the new Dean.
Student Input
The ,five applicants will be brought to campus for interviewing before narrowing the selection down to three candidates. The applicants will aiso be available to all minority student groups, UMAS, MAP, BSA, etc., and all EOP staff. "At this point students will again get their chance to have input into the consideration," Harpel said.
UMAS-EOP Director, Joe Franco said he has recommended strongly to the committee that there be more student input. "Chicanos are the largest minority on campus; they are the action," Franco said. "The applicants must be conditioned to this fact," he continued. He also stressed that he will make it a point to see that each applicant in the final rounds of selection meet all Chicano staff, faculty, and Chicano students before the selection is made.
"At this time we will settle for a Dean of Minority Affairs, but next year we rrjay be in the position to ask for a Vice-Chancellor of Minority Affairs," Franco said. He again stressed the number of Chicanos as being the largest minority group on campus and UMAS-EOP being the largest supportive program.
Although neither Franco nor Harpel could reveal exactly the number of applicants according to ethnic groups, it was estimated that? there were more Black male applicants, but the numbers were expected to even out as more applications were received. Franco estimated that of .a number of Chicano applications received, several are, on the. positive, strongly recommended pile.
William Pitts, BEP Director said he doesn't know how many Black applicants there actually are, but indicated there was no problem in the turnout of Black applicants.
Other EOP directors were unavailable for comment.
Cover story
Liquor Mart target
of rally
Cries of Si Se Puede were heard last April 5, as .students, gathered around the fountain area, in preparation for a march on Liquor' Mart. The march was carried out to demonstrate support for the United Farm Workers (UFW) and the boycott against Gallo Wines, and to demand that Liquor Mart remove all Gallo Wines from its shelves.
About 100 people, most of whom were students, participated in the orderly march, arid after arriving at Liquor Mart, the demonstrators listened to various speakers from different campus organizations.
Jess Vigil, former ASUC Triexecutive, spoke in behalf of the Aztlan Defense Committee. Vigil asked for support for Judy Sandoval and' Randy Esquibel, two defendants who are accused of painting slogans on campus walls and asked for support of all politicla prisoners. Len Avila also spoke, explaining the reason for the boycott and the necessity to get Gallo wines of the liquor stor shelves.
Following the speakers, El Teatro de Ustedes performed an act written by Luis Valdez. The students then proceededto picket Liquor Mart and leaflet the
Liquor Mart was singled out because it is the largest liquor store in the Boulder area. The Farm Labor Task Force met earlier this year with the manager asking him to comply by removing Gallo products from the shelves. The manager, however,
refused "but did agree to display leaflets concerning the boycott. FLTF also met with other liquor store owners and some have agreed to remove the scab wines until the dispute between Gallo and the UFW is settled.
Randy Esquibel and Judy Sandoval
ing the Crusade for Justice*s March 17 TH DEMONSTRATION* THEY WILL RETURN to courY May 20 for a hearing to hear arguments whether They shoulo 8E bound OVER for COURT*
They will probably be tried after THE SEMESTER ENOS AND WILL NEED THE
ENTS* Photo by Ramon Vera, A hora
Greeley Chicanos sponsor Friday rally
Greeley Chicanos are currently planning follow-up activities after a 19-hour takeover of the University of Northern Colorado Student Center building. A rally is planned for Friday, April 19, at 1:00 in Greeley on the UNC campus to protest police inaction after a bomb, threat was received at an UMAS students dance.
The Greeley Chicanos occupied the building Saturday night and much of Sunday after campus police failed to react convincingly about their intentions to protect the Chicanos at the dance. The police reaction was especially questionable after a recent bombing of a UNC dormitory, where campus police immediately evacuated the building and called in Greeley police officers and detectives.
During the occupation the Chicanos called for an investigation into police procedures and policies, and for the creation of a citizen-reviewt board to monitor police department operations. The Chicanos also called for an affirmative action program at the University to hire more minority teachers and staff members at UNC.
. The Chicanos were also angered because Jose Calderon, who has-taught at Aimes Junior College and UNC, is not allowed to teach now at the Uhiversity.
The UMAS organization at UNC is coordinating the Friday rally. We'urge all interested Chicanos to attend and participate.
Teatro Campesino touring Colorado-see page 6

Not Another Election?
Yes, folks, its election time again!
Due to the new constitution, a new form of legislative body is to be elected, the Representative Council and Local Council. The election, to be held April 2jf|24 (Primary) April 30-May 1 (Finals) will select 10 at-large representatives and 1 representative from Arts & Sciences For Local Council.
Representative and Local Councils Elections
Primary MApril;23 24 Final .. April 30 May||

El Diaria, 18 de Abril
Pagina 3
Why not ask Pintos about prison reform?
Recently there has been plenty of lip .service paid to the prison problem the state-wide grand jury has decided that what is needed is more professional guards and public control of the corrections system; the state legislature, after token debate, has Attempted to resurrect. the death penalty; and the governor; in the true tradition of Easter, has washed his hands of the Jose Gaitan case.
All of this talk and no action has led the public to believe the problems are being dealt with, but, in reality, the talk has served largely to drown out the voices of those who probably know the most about the "prison problem the pintos.
Since the tragedy at Attica, and before, victims of the penal system have attempted to make themselves heard, but the price has always been high. Advocates for prison reform have been effectively eliminated by what ever means available to those in power. The price for speaking out ranges from time in the "hole to mysterious suicides.
In Colorado, Jose Gaitan has been one of the leaders in the prison reform movement. He was the first to implicate former Acting Warden Fred Wyse, who has since been indicted by the grand jury for requisitioning prison sup-, plies and foodstuffs for the personal use of the warden and other staff members.
For his courage in speaking out against a corrupt system, Gaitan has been given an additional two years before he is eligible for parole. The Governor's office investigated the charge that Gaitan was being punished for exposing Wyse, but the investigation "failed to reveal any evidence to substantiate the charge.
Strange affair
. The strange part about the whole affair is Gaitan was granted parole in 1972 to take the directorship of the Colorado Pinto
Project. A month before he was to be released, he and another inmate were indicted for murdering a fellow inmate. Eventually the charges were dropped, but in the intervening time, Gaitan's parole was revolked. During this period, the Wyse affair was exposed. The way things now stand, Gaitan will be paroled in 1976, unless he receives the public support he seeks.
Gaitan is not giving up. He is part of a program the Crime Prevention Team Program which is lending more than lip service to the prison problem. He and a group of other inmates have attempted to utilize their own prison experiences to benefit other potential criminals.
Recently this El Diario reporter was present at one of the programs presented by the Crime Prevention Team. The program was presented by Gaitan, Joe Scheer and Edgar Story in Eaten, Colorado.
Paradox in prison Gaitan discussed the paradox of the prison system. "If you commit a crime they put you in prison because 'you acted abnormally.' Then they put you into the most abnormal situation known to mankind; they take away your liberty your wife and then they pat you on the back and tell you to act normally."
According to the pintos, the Crime Prevention Team is attempting to keep others from making the same mistakes they> made. Scheer, a Pat Boone look-alike, said he wished he had had the opportunity to talk with people who had done time before he became involved in crime. The only people I talked to who had been to prison were guys who told me "how to do a betfer scorS or to get some stronger dope. Story, a Black who wears a tiny gold cross in his left ear, said he didn't believe in giving advice. We just draw a picture of ourselves and if the kids we talk to
Edgar Story, 40235
Joe Scheer 34665
Conferencia de
Estudios Chicano
April 29, 30 May 1, 2
en el Glen Miller Ballroom
Check for further listings, posters etc. for the hour.
Sponsored by National Councilio for Chicano Studies & UMAS Boulder
can draw a parallel between our lives and theirs they know theyre going to end up in prison."
School for crime
He gave creedance to the belief that prison makes better criminals out of men rather than reforming them. He was first sent up when he was 15, he said, and he didn't know anything about crime. "But, in. prison, I learned to pick locks and shoot dope. When I got out I went back to high school. The first thing I did was see if 1 could open the lockers. I found I could open every locker in the school. .
All of the inmates charged the prison officials with insensitivity. Story told about an incident wher£ a friend \tfasinformed about his fathers death the day
before the funeral. "His sister had called several days earlier, but it just slipped the guard's mind. The inmate didn't get to go to the funeral "they really care, Story added sarcastically.
Not only is the system insensitive, it has its priorities turned around the inmates charged. Theyll pay a guy 60 cents a day for driving a tractor, but if he tries to better himself by going to school, he only gets 20 cents a day, Story said. They agreed that a prisoner needs the 60 cents a day just to buy the basicssoap, shaving lotion and tooth paste.
The pintos in the Crime Prevention Team have little to gain from the project. Most of them are long timers and lifers. For those who
Jose Gaitan, 37880
do get out, there is one thought ^-not to return. According to-Gaitan, inmates in the program return to prison at a rate of 11 percent, which is compared to an overall average of 67 percent for the entire prison population. That figure in itself indicates that they-might be on to something.
Im not going to say we don't need prisons, Gaitan said, but we dont need these kinds of prisons.
Anyone wishing to schedule the pintos for a speaking engagement should contact the Crime Prevention Teams at the Colorado State Penitentiary.
Court oks recall
DENVER The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that signers of the petition to recall City Councilman Eugene DiManna do not have to be registered voters. The court's decision boosts the number of valid signatures to 3,521 well above the 2,111 needed to call for a recall election.
Organizers of the recall drive do not expect the city's election Commission to call for elections at least not right away.
Florencio Grandado, a spokesman for the group, told El Diario, "we think they are going to hit us with something else." Although they are pessimistic, the community leaders say they will continue to do what ever necessary to remove DiManna from the office "he is holding illegally.
The group's lack of faith in the political process is not unfounded. Since the recall effort was initiated nearly tw6 years ago, DiManna has used the City machinery and legal stall tactics to sidestep the move.
On Oct. 4, 1972, the group presented more than 4,000 signatures^ of which the'election commission ruled onjy 1,912 valid. On Nov. 6, 1972 the petitioners withdrew their petitions and obtained about 900 more. In December of that year, the commission ruled that the amended petitions contained only 2,079 valid signatures only 32 short of the needed 2,111.
Granado said that DiManna has continued to represent his own interests and ignored the interests of the community in his district whicl) is largely Chicano. The interest in recalling DiManna is as high as it was when the drive started, Granado said.
The petitioners feel that the court's most recent decision will serve to help other recall efforts started after their own, rather than help the DiManna recall. (Since the unprecidented recall effort, Colorado citizens have initiated numerous recall efforts based on the decisions made in the DiManna case.)-
"When we started, Granado said, the main objective was to recall DiManna. But the drive has served as an educational tool for the community, also. He said that people were realizing their political power and were opposing the system which before they felt was unbeatable.
What ever the outcome of the recall effort, DiManna is up for re-election in 1975.
Order restrains Rep. Benevidez
A temporary restraining order in a lawsuit accusing State Rep. Betty Benevidez, D-Denver and her husband Waldo os assaulting a teen age girl was issued in Denver County Court Thursday, April 11.
Mrs. Benevidez is accused of assaulting Arlene Garcia, 14, near the Benevidez home on March 12 and her husband is accused of preventing Karen Ruiz, 15, and Pat Montero, 16, from going to the girl's aid.
County Judge Samuel M. Kir-bens ordered the Benevidez* s to refrain from "in any way harming, striking, molesting, or com* municating with the girls or their mothers, all of whom are plaintiffs in the civil suit.
2 Student Openings
University Board on the Environment has two openings for
students. Contact: Joint Boards Office
for application in UMC 332
All applications due by April 26th

Pagina 4
El Diariot 18 ile Abril
Sodom and Gommorah
IT has been said that Boulder is slowly becoming a modern-day Sodom and Gommorah because of the increasing corruption.! Called the drug capital of America, Boulder has an abundance of drugs, free sex to be found just around the corner, record-breaking number of streakers, and now sexual preference; should or shouldn't homosexuals be discriminated against in areas of employment, housing, etc.? .
First we must examine those people who call Boulder £ modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, the complainers. Could it be they too are contributing fc^the increase of corruption? One such complainer, especially against sexual preference, is Mr. Middle Class. Mr. Middle Class, in the privacy of his neighbors house, sees no harm in swapping his wife; after all he does go to church on Sunday. Hows about Mr. Dirty Old Man who subscribes to dirty hooks, reads them, then goes out and tries to pick up little girls at the neighborhood schools. His little old wife? OH, dont worry about her, shes out collecting the high rent from the tenants who live in the old shacks..
Then theres Mr. and Mrs. Well Off. Theyre middle age, have a nice home, but the sad part is, neither of them know the other is having an affair with someone else.
The list could go on forever. The aforementioned people all have one thing in common .. they all hate homosexuals and don't want to see Boulder become a SODOM GOMMORAH^ Unfortunately these co/nplainers dont realize they themselves are the true corrup-. ters and shouldnt complain. Therefore, a word to all homosexuals: An angle will be sent to warn you of the destruction of SODOM and GAMORA, and all* those who are corrupt will be destroyed or turn to salt.
Legal Aid slapped in face
Once again the poor people of Metropolitan Denver have been coldly slapped in the face as a result of the Nixon Administration's de-emphasis on social welfare programs. As of Monday, April first, the Denver Legal Aid Society cut its legal services to the poor to an emergencies only basis.
The Legal Aid Society immediately cut its caseload because of a decision by the Nixon Administration to terminate Model Cities funding, who in turn fund Legal Aid.
This low Blow by the Nixon administration will have a tremendous impact on the poor people who live in the Denver area. Those currently on welfare will probably be effected moreso than anyone else. With the high cost of living, which is constantly increasing, welfare recipients are barely able to purchase food stamps and pay their rent; muchless hire an attorney. For example: According to a local attorney referal service, a one-half hour conference with an attorney will cost ten dollars.
As of April first, the Denver Legal Aid office will except only uncontested divorce cases. If for some reason the divorce is contested, the legal aid client will have to make arrangements to hire a private attorney. A private attorney bandleing a contested divorce case will charge approximately two hundred and fifty dollars. The poor shouldn't have to pay these ridiculously high attorney fees.
Cuttling Legal Aid funds is a classic example of the Nixon Administration's efforts to save the tax dollar. Unfortunately these tax dollars aren't saved and used for something constructive, but are used to send men to the moon, make bigger and better bombs, etc. No thanks Mr. Nixon, the poor didn't need that slap across the face. What they need is their money in the community where it will do some good. Now they will become poorer and you will become richer.
Daily Camera or Cancer?
Ive often reflected on just what a tranquil little community Boulder appears to be, and on how easy it is to forget the problems Chicanos in Colorado face daily. However, Im always brought slap back to reality by undoubtedley the worst, and most racist newspaper in Colorado, The Boulder Daily Cancer ( Camera).
The Daily Cancer is a malignant growth of outdated ideas, sloppy journalism, and outright racial hatred. (The,Cancer has done its best to distort news involving Chicanos for as long as I can remember.
Examples? The Camera editorially condemned the old Human Relations Commission for endorsing the lettuce boycott (keep your noses out of Human problems, the Camera said.) The Camera erroneously reported that Chicano students demanded Governor John Vanderhoof fork over more money for other starving Chicano students (Let them eat tortillas, the Camera said.)
The Camera purposedley distorted! an auditor's report on student fee spending at the University to read as an attack on Chicano student organizations (Get out of student government, the Camera said.) The latest attack came on a proposed bilingual program for Chicano students in local elementary schools (Let them suffer if they cant read or write English, the Camera said.)
I remember approaching a Camera editor and asking, that he run an article about a Chicano student who was paralyzed in an automobile accident and could not afford the exhorbitant medican bills his treatment would entail. Im sure the people of Boulder would have responded in a big way to his plight, but the Camera never ran the article.
Yet not only Chicanos are victimized by the Camera. The Camera cheats its readers by amassing a fortune in advertising revenues and subscription payments, but failing to cover all the news, or even a substantial part of the news. Im forced to read the Rocky Mountain News' and the Denver Post to learn of events in international, national and even statewide news.
(turn to page 5)
Letter from a pinto
Well, l was walking down the back alley of my cell block, when I ran into the March issue of El Diario! It was a great relief to read about the familiar faces in the Teatro, and other items. A relief in a way that it brought me out of the slump Ive been falling into here, at this hell-hole! I can handle the time here; what is hard is the memories of my time in Boulder! I was free there and I had the world at my fingertips. What happened? Que paso? Dope! Heroin!! I quit school, got involved in the traffic of heroin and crime. Sure, I had money, clothes, everything, but I lost the respect of my most loved friends there; I lost my education, the only thing that is vitally important to me, even now!
< So much for hard stories, the message here is for my carnales who are there now, and just getting into the scene there; those who are going the same route that I did. Its not worth it, no matter how appealing it may seem, or how high you get, the man uses you twice over! First he gives you the Dope, and then one way or the other he sees that you are put in a place like this. Here is a poem that best describes the feelings I would like to say in this letter. Maybe you can publish it in your next issue.
Behold my friends for lam Heroin.
Known to all the destroyer of man.
From whence I come, no one Knows,
For I come from the land,
Where the poppy seed grows.
Whole nations have gathered To plot my destruction For Im the breeder of crime And corruption-
I first entered this country Without a passport.
Ever since Ive been hunted And sought
By pushers and dealers and Plain clothes Dicks,
Mostly by addicts who need A quick fix!
To all kinds of people I find My way,
From doctors to lawyers, to Children at play!
fwaefltc\ \)epf ifcvvici£rrr people-T*,e-IfoCKEFEtLEXS etua ORDER THE
-tvteq oMlH FW on. so rr makes
ft RZCVlT... AND -tHrt- iNLbuJES
"WE fltR,sPuui4<* ok. Across-the coeans, DESTRy/ltifir H&ME5 ,plSftAciMSr ESfiMCES, ftr\o wuJrtG? pecPlE~..
MANS UtnN AWERGANS e*ETTfllD4)ESs-nlAM 75 ¥ A f>*l SS GCRreRflTVNS...
This cartoon is from The Incredible $Rocky$ ...vs. the Power of the People! a comic book by Joel Andreas. The book features Amerikas Richest Family. The Incredible $Rocky$ tells about the Rockefeller brothers and how they control everything...and I mean everything. The author boasts htat everything in the book is true. The comic book is available in limited numbers from El Diario .staff members for only 75 cents.
I can take world beauties and Make them forget their looks,
I can take a school boy and Make him forget his Books!
Am I not a God, a king to Behold?
More precious than diamonds, More treasured than gold?
So you would like to hear More of the things 1 can do The women I have delighted, The men I have slew.
I can take a man from his Children and wife And put him in prison for the. Rest of his life!
So while you're lying in your cell Plotting your fate. Remember I'll be waiting outside The gate.
Run if you must, Ill never Give chase
But as sure as I'm heroin, You'll be back for a taste.
I gave you my warning And you didn't take heed,
So put your foot in my Stirrup and mount my steed,
Sit tight in your saddle And ride me well,
For the white horse of Heroin shall ride you To Hell!
Please tell my carnales tp freeze on the stuff. Take my word, I've been through it all. Everything! Todo! I have to go now, my cell door is opening. If anyone there gets a chance, write to me or come and visit.
'Editors note. As a' matter of respecting the privacy of the author of this letter, we have withheld m his name. However, anyone interested in knowing who he is and would like to write to him, may you find this information in our office, CMC 416.
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El Diaria, 18 de Abril
Pagina 5
Mas cartas
Mario Vasquez writes
El Gallo, the Denver Chicano newspaper based at the Crusade for Justice, received the following_ letter from Mario Vasquez, a former Crusade worker who was imprisoned after the March 17, 1973 police attack on the Crusade.
Your letters and thoughts give me strength and happiness that knows no limit. The times Ive shared with you all have taught me more than I ever hoped I would learn. I send my deepest feelings of gratitude and love.
Oppressors will use anything to try and stop a struggling people from winning. Propaganda, drugs, police tactics, and prisons are just a few, but in our unity we find strength, the weapon to overcome all this.
I've been reading books about the Tupamoros and other guerillerso in Latin America, about the Indians, the North Vietnamese peasants, and to the people who are struggling today against the same monster who is trying to control the world by destroying us.
Through education we. overcome the psychological chains that have kept us enslaved, and we liberate the feelings of revolution we've had inside for so long.
1 know that with your support, 1 will continue to be part of Our movement no matter where I am. Here, as everywhere I go, I tell our Brothers about Corky, Luis, the Escuelas, Kiko, La Raza Unida, the Black Berets, and of political actions taken by my people.
1 would like to write you all individually, but the cheap suckers only give me two stamps a week. (I sure miss those Wednesday lunches!)
Tu hermano de la lucha, Maria
Due to the recent harrasment of Chicanos by Boulder area law enforcers, it has become essential for the Chicano community to protect the interests of the community against such harrassment. It is for this reason that the Chicano Police-Relations Committee, a component of the UMAS Student Organization, informs the community that law enforcers have been entering private property without legal reason to be there.
At the recent hearing for Judy Sandoval and Randy Esquebel on April 11, 1974, at the Boulder County Court complex, UMAS Chairperson Mike Carreras con-
Cancer from pa
fronted Lt. Dave Evans of the University Police Department. Carreras said that it was lucky he (Carreras) had recognized him (Evans) and Officer Bill Perea, who were snooping around his home, instead of mistaking them for prowlers and taking action against them as prowlers. However, Lt. Evans denied any part of being near Carrareas home, but indicated that the alley behind Carraras home is a public freeway. Strangely enough, Carraras had never mentioned the area where the law enforcers had entered the property, the alley.
This is only one of many types of harrassment, not to mention the "platoon" of police photographers who surrounded the Boulder County Court complex and photpgraphed any Chicano entering and leaving the complex, and taking this license plate numbers the day of Judy Sandoval and Randy Esquibel's hearing.
Police law enforcers are urged to wear illuminous uniforms co run the risk of being mistaken for prowlers," since all the officers are not known by many of the community and shouldn't snoop around without making their presence known. Also, we would like an answer to the reason why the platoon of police, photographers are present at Chicano functions, i.e. rallies, dances, homes and court appearances. Sin Mas
Police Relations Committee
Meet Bill Perea He is a member of the Police Investigation Group (PIG) of the University Police. He is presently investigating the recent bombings in the Boulder area and apparently believes Chicanos arc responsible. He has been seen roaming around the campus disguised as a Chicano student complete with backpack and ski boots.
To top it all off, the Camera is currently trying to run City Councilmembers out of town, and in doing so, gain a stranglehold on city government in Boulder.
The first Black mayor of Boulder, Penfield Tate, and Coun-cilmember Tim Fuller are the objects of the Cameras wrath, and for what reason? They dared to advocate equal rights for everyone in Boulder, and have also worked for an end to growth for growths sake in Boulder.
Who is to blame for this mess? You could easily place the blame on Norman Christiansen and other top Camera staffers. However every Camera staff member who contributes to the malignancy is also to blame. They havent the guts to stand up and say I dont need your blood money, and I dont buy what you're selling. ,
I am also a culprit, and so are all those Camera readers sadly shake their heads at the Cameras distortions and lies, and do nothing to combat the largest polarizing force in the Boulder community.
Let the Camera continue its ravings unmolested, and you will get what you have paid for: an extremely polarized community where cops and Chicanos eye each other with hatred, where womens rights must be fought for at every step, and where the Camera grows rich on' human hatred.
As a public service, cancel your subscription to the Boulder Daily Cancer. Cut some of the Cameras money and watch how fast the newspaper becomes responsive to the needs of all Boulder residents.
Paul Mora
Police Welfare divides families
The wheels of Amei^kajS social progress go on! Systematically grinding in the web of social entrapment of our familias. Again gestapo tactics are being used against poor people.
Una madre in court, the confusion on her face can be seen, she looks around for our support we smile gggHVenceremo^ Her-mana". The judge with her dyed white hair and black rim glasses, stares coldly at Nuestra Raza. The doctor takes the stand; he speaks in medical terms we are all confused with his rhetoric.
The social worker with that Mrs. Olsen smile states she is only doing what is best for the children calls one twin Polly (Originally Paulina). The worker again with her smile swears under oath, continuing her treacherous accusations influencing the minds of those ready to prosecute our Raza!
La madre de los quates takes the stand, I dont know why she (the worker) won't even let me hold my twins, why she (worker) didn't notify me about my child's needed operation until my child was in the hospital and they needed only my signature to operate. I want my girls she (worker) has no right to keep me from my twins.
Otra madre con ocho ninos in tears, she waits for someone to explain to her (she speaks Spanish offfy) Why, why? did the police take my baby away (a 14-month old boy) Yo soy buena madre Yo querro mucho a mis hijos por que? mi nino, mi nino!
Child injured by fall from stairs December 73, hospitalized for eight days. Doctors at Denver General claim child brutality. April 5, 1974, almost three months later, social worker and police are sent to pick up the child. Por que entran a mi casa como si you ftiera creminal?
Mother tearfully exclaims, wKHe her mind continuously tormented by the separation of her youngest child.
Still in another courtroom another child custody case is being tried; the competent look in our hermanas eyes, she hugs her child (social worker looks on).-A Raza law student represents our hermana, he questions her (the mother), the child is also questioned and she too answers with confidence. The judge enters,' and the city attorney calls the social worker as his first witness, I called the home, and was told by the children that the mother had gone to the store; 1 figured something was wrong, so I called the police. The children were hysterical and alone.
After questioning by the law student, it was learned later that the children were hysterical because the police insisted they (the children) put their coats on and would be going away with them! Gracias to the Raza law student: the mother was given back custody of her three children.
This is what is going on in the juvenile courts: children are placed in foster homes on Doctors reports; children were examined and termed dirty with bruises they interpret this as child brutality in their blue eyes. Doctors, nurses, social workers, and community aides plant a bad seed and bring false charges against our Gente.
Again we must pay for the so-called responsible agencies blunders for not responding to past reports on actual child brutality cases! Typical of agency robots, now they over-react with their hopeless conciousness and victimize innocent Gente! Those primarily harrased are Chicana women.
The issues of Welfare injustice must be exposed. If your child has been kidnapped by Child Welfare, contact Chicana Welfare Rights at 573-9223 located temporarily at West Side Legal Aid, 820 Santa Fe Drive. We are a voluntary group focusing on the issues of welfare pertaining to Raza women If you are aware of someone unjustly denied their rights, or have had their children taken away without reasonable cause, or their parental rights violated, have them contact us immediately. We are documenting cases to legally pursue a Class Action suit
We are finding out as mujeres that we must organize our car-nales y carnalitas and expose the child custody (welfare) depart--ment. It. is truly devised to separate familias and breed the gringo institutionalized mentalities.
Using their gringo middle-class W.A.S.P. standards io justify their claims that Chicano
SAN JUAN, P.R. A machine-gun attack on the night of March 16 seriously wounded seven persons, including two leading members of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party (PSP).
The attack took place in front of the Impresora National, which prints the PSP. newspaper Claridad and also at the newspapers editorial offices two blocks away.
The attackers were unsuccessful when they attempted to bomb the print shop but later, as their car passed by Claridacf s editorial office, -the terrorists sprayed the building and immediate area with gunfire wounding five persons.
The two PSP members, Manuel de J. Gonzalez and Domingo Vega had been wounded moments before as the car they were riding in approached the Impresora National and was fired on by the attackers.
Persons on the scene have identified one of the terrorists as Felipe Diaz, a member of the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). YAF is the organization founded by Sen. Barry Go Id water and is associated with the right-wing of the Republican Party. Claridad has published reports which document CIA financing and organization of these small terrorist groups.
* 8c ** 4c *
Wounded Knee defendants
There are few trials," said Kenneth Tilsen, a defense attorney for Wounded Knee defendants Russell Means and Dennis Banks, in which every day there is a new revelation of government misconduct. This is one of them.
The defense has filed several motions to have charges dropped against Means and Banks, leaders of the American Indian Movement (AIM). The defendants face lengthy jail terms if convicted on government charges following the 71-day seizure of Wounded Knee, S.D.
Defenjse attorney Mark Lane outlined the main reasons why the defense is seeking dismissal.
First, evidence of illegal wiretaps of conversations among the defendants by the FBI has come to light. Government of-
children are neglected in order to herd our children into foster homes and SLAUGHTER our Gentes PRIDE and Dignity by their legal Technicalities. All this in the name for the betterment of Society Their Society.
. With the power and control of the judicial system the Govt has it down pat! Jointly the social worker and the police department play a major part in the destruction of our Raza's familia ties with written rhetorical reports, usually biased, unfactual informal ton submitted to the judge who then bases his decisions on these types of statements. "After all who's to question a fully qualified social worker with a Masters Degree, a uniformed cop, or a doctor's testimony? These people are professionals in oppressive education and know how to play and control the wheel of social progress, they are the webs, that continue to entrap our Raza and all oppressed people!!
Chicana Welfare Rights Org.
ficials lied, Lane said, telling attorney's earlier that there were no illegal wiretaps. Further important government witnesses have perjured themselves while givipg testimony, Lane said.
In addition, dismissal is sought because the government is suppressing evidence of benefit to the defense lawyers.
Joseph Trimbach, the FBI agent who heads the Minneapolis Bureau and supervised FBI activity at Wounded Knee, apparently lied when he took the stand last week to state that he had never participated" in the .making of an affidavit seeking a wiretap.
The actual trial is now in recess while the evidentiary hearing into government misconduct continues.
Political trials
Forty-nine officers who were under the command of former Marxist president Salvador Allende will face trial by Air Force prosecutors at the Santiago Air Force Academy.
The officers are charged with sedition, treason, espionage, and attacking the sovereignty and foreign security of the state. The Air Force is asking for the death penalty in some cases and a total of 350 years imprisonment for others.
All of the defendants arrested since the September 11 military coup are being held in Air Force garrisons and regular prisons under the worst conditions including torture and force labor.
J unta calls up reserves
TASS news agency reported on March 20 that the Chilean military junta has called up for military service all reservists under the age of 33. The order, signed by General Pinochet, gives no reason for the injunction under which tens of thousands of Chileans will be forced to enter the military.
The newly drafted servicemen will be used mainly for around-the-clock patrolling of the streets of Santiago and other cities, as well as for administrative functions which the junta entrusts only to the military.

"La Carpa de los Rasquachis a play written by Luis Valdez and performed by El TeatrO Campesino is touring Colorado. No one within a hundred miles of a performance should miss it it's a must! .
One observer summed it up when he said, That teatro was everything Chicano studies tries to teach in a year all wrapped up into 90 minutes."
In La Carpa de los Rasquachis" Luis Valdez has traced the evolution/revolution of the Aztecas, Espanoles, Mestizos Mexicanos and Chicanos from the past; through the present; and into the future. El Teatro Campesino combines the arts of dance, music, gymnastics, conjgdy, and tragedy into a polished presentation which is riveled by no other medium.
The teatro deals with nearly every imaginable aspect of Chicanismo. It threads its way throughout the history of the Aztecas and the landing of Cortez to the fields and streets of the United States. From the Marine Corps to the police department; from the barrio to the university; from submission to resistance; los Rasquachis experience it all.
El Teatro Campesino grew out of the farmworker struggle in Califor-, nia but has since grown to a movement in its own right. Last summer, theater performers from many countries including England, France, and Japan traveled to San Juan Bautista in Califas to study with the teatro.
There they worked, lived, ate and slept side-by-side. The hours of strenuous exercise; the repetious practice; the exchange of ideas are evident in every performance. The teatro that is the impromptu theater has grown^into an art form recognized worldwide.
Chicanos everywhere can take great pride in all teatros because they are performing the plays which never would have been performed by any other group. They are telling the story which may have never been told they are the voice of all Chicanos.
The following lines are from the play:
You are trie and / am you If I love and respect you,
I love and. respect myself If / do. harm to. you,
/ do harm to myself You are my other me.
El Teatro Campesino may be coming to your town be sure to see em. Friday, April 19, they will be in Alamosa at Plachy Hall (Gym), Jams State College at 7 p.m. At press time we have been told they will in Colorado Springs and Pueblo but we do not know where or when.
El Diaries 18 de Abril
Pagina 6
Quetzacoatl bears his cross as he banishes himself from his Rasquachi sees vision of Lady of Guadalupe as he beats his friend in a drunken rage.
Yo soy Chicano! people.
Black G.I. foils facist military police
On December 1 1, 1973,
Charlie Beamon, a Black GI assigned to the Ent Air Force Base at Colorado Springs, Colorado, was driving near Peterson Field when he was stopped by four white security policemen and told to "get oi. of that car." They gave no reason; so he refused. One of the cops then yelled, Nigger, get out of the goddamn car," and yanked him out. He was then surrounded and searched.
Two of Beamons friends arrived and demanded to know why Beamon was being stopped. The cops said that Beamon had given the finger to someone outside a building he had just left, and said they were going to take Beamon in.
With that statement an argument started. Being angry and upset by the racist remarks and harrassment, Beamon slugged one cop. Immediately three cops
El Pueblo Unido Conferencia
Emphasis on People without papers and Immigration problems
April 26, 27, 28 en Alamosa
Sponsored by AHORA and Apostoles de Justicia
For further info contact
UMAS Office at 443-2211
x 6572
ganged up on him and threw him to the ground while beating him. Beamon was then thrown in the car, where he heard a women security cop give her rationale for the beating of Beamon: Blacks dont belong in the Air Force anyway. They dont know how to act in a decent society."
As Beamon entered the security building at Ent Air Force base, a white Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) demanded to see his I.D. When Beamon didn't respond, the NCO grabbed his pants and tried to pull out his wallet. Beamon grabbed the NCOs arm and two NCOs then began beating him again.
Beamon had to file a complaint before the base hospital would treat his wounds.
Basic Grant applications for 1974-75 are now available in the Office of Financial Aid, 2nd floor Admin. Annex, 443-2211 x6281.
Beamon decided not to let the issue rest,, an filed a multi-charge complaint against the arresting cops and the officers. However, the Air Force command personnel responded by moving for a court-martial for Beamon on several trumped-up charges.
Other GTs refused to let-this travesty go unprotested, and
organized a defense committee for Beamon. As the committee became organized and began leafletting the surrounding community, the Air Force brass grew wary of the publicity and cognizant of what might happen, and a change in sentiment occurred. All charges against Beamon were dropped, and he is a free man now.
Beauticians Wanted
Excellent opportunity for licensed hair dresser in established Chicana owned shop.
Present owner-manager is seeking semi-retirement and position promises rapid advancement for right person.
contact: Freda Espinosa
210 South Townsend Montrose, Colorado 249-3857
la muerte
El Treatro Campesino

El Diariot 18 de Abril
Pagina 7
Noticias Noticias

COORDINATOR OF PUBLIC FACILITIES $21,500 $24,800/yr. Must be able to provide strong leadership and be innovative in proposing creative solutions to the City's problems. Must be sensitive to environmental and social issues and have a strong background in engineering including four or more years experience in public works or engineering in an administrative capacity. Must have experience in and a committment to organizational development. Advanced degree in nonengineering field is desired. Registration as a professional engineer is desirable. Apply at the City of Boulder, Personnel Dept., 1777 Broadway.
PROGRAM SPECIALIST I RECREATION $699/mo. This is a Temporary, full-time position; May thru December. Work hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday'. Some evenings, and weekends. Under the direction of Class Activities Supervisor, will be responsible for instructing recreational activities and special events. Must have Degree in Recreation or equivalent experience in Recreation Leadership, WSI certification and skills in a variety of recreational activities. Should be skilled in working with handicapped, aged and low-income citizens. Apply at the City of Boulder, 1777 Broadway.
MAINTENANCE MEN I PARKS $589/mo. This is a permanent, full-time position. Work hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Will be responsible for general maintenance in Boulder City Parks.
Must have valid Colo. Operator's License. Must have horticulture background and be in good physical condition. Apply at 1777 Broadway.
PROGRAM SPECIALIST II RECREATION $783/mo. This is a Temporary, full-time position from May thru December 1974. Work hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday with some evenings and weekends. Will be responsible in programming for low cost housing and welfare; supervision and leadership in class activities including aquatics and all other classes and programs; assist in registration; and the responsibility for dissemination of public information. Must have Degree in Recreation or related field, and some full time administrative experience in recreation.
Over twelve students from the Spanish Dept, will be performing a play entitled Auto de Com-padecida" in the New Deli Monday, April 22, and Friday the 26th. It will begin approximately at 7:30 p.m.
The play satarizes the governments of Latin America and the United States as well as organized religion, life, and death. A carnival, says Don Wadley, a Spanish instructor and director of' many Spanish plays.
Beer will be sold.
Russ Scheidler r peoples singer from Colo. Springs will play revolutionary music Friday night April 19 in the New Deli, UMC. Strumming begins at 7:00, admission is free and beer will be sold. Sponsored by VVAW/WSO.
EPOCA, Inc. presents:
1st line of Chicano shirts
Choose from these designs in turtlenecks and t-shirts
-Yo Soy Chicano Yo Soy Chicana -Mucho Macho
-Menudo Breakfast of Champions -Mestizo
T-Shirts $4.25 Turtlenecks 50% cotton $8.00 100% nylon $12.50
Dress muslin shirt Design: Viva la Raza $16.50
In Boulder:
El Diario UMC 416
University of Colorado 443-2211, ext. 8836
In Denver:
Mr. Freds
3019 Zuni- (in>Zuni Plaza)
Mail Order:
Epoca, Inc.
910, 16th St. Suite 714 -Denver, Colorado, 80202
(for mail order, add $1 for handling and make checks and money orders payable to Epoca, Inc.)
A State-Wide Workshop on Revenue Sharing, sponsored by the Denver League of Women Voters, LARAS (Latin American Research and Service Agency), and Citizens Coalition, will be held today, April 18 at 9:00 a.m.. Friday, April 19 at 12:30 p.m.
Speakers will be Sen. George Brown, (Dem.) talking on The impact of Federal cuts; Donna Lucero, speaking on How To Monitor the Expenditure of Revenue Sharing Monies. Other speakers will be Mayor Bill McNichols, Boulder County Commissioner, Wally Toevs. Mr. Foley from the Executive Budget Office and Representative Kogocek.
Also on the Agenda will be a) Basic Presentations on the Realities and Background Sharing to Date; b) Open Forum of Elected Officials; C) The Expenditure of Revenue Sharing Monies.
Friday will be an important day. A Strategy Session on Citizen Participation is planned. At this time, participants will break up into urban, rural, and county groups to discuss what they feel they can do.
Tickets will be $2.50 at the door. For more information, call; The League m Women Voters at 458-5239.
A dinner to raise funds for Chilean refugees will be held Saturday, April 20 at St. Thomas Acquina Chapel; 14th and Aurora St. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and will last until 8:30 p.m. Tickets arf available at the Spanish Dept., UMAS, UFW, Young Socialist Alliance, and Foreign Student Center; or call 449-6332 or 447-9329.
Basic grant applications for the 1974-75 academic year are now available in the Financial Aid office. 2nd floor Administrative Annex. If you started post high school education after April I, f973 and will be a full-time student in 1974-75, you may be eligible for a grant as large as $800.
After completing the ap-
plication form and .sending it to Washing.ton. DC, you will be notified pf your eligibility within four weeks. Then you should send the notification to the school you are interested in attending, and the amount of the Basic Grant will be calculated. If you have any questions about, the grants, feel free to contact ,the Financial Aid Office at 443-2211 x6281.
Priests protest Flag
"As a symbol the American flag stands pale before the true Christian syinbol-thc cioss-because it mixes good and bad images together. This is while some people view the flag as a sign of peace and good will, others may view it as a sign of discrimination, inequality, or vengeance. Such a 'tainted symbol' has no place beside the pure and unconditional love and forgiveness of the cross. Protesting the presence of the American flag in the sanctuary of the Church, three Roman Catholic priests with the help of five other persons allegedly removed seven US flags from the sanctuaries of seven catholic
churches in Colorado Springs, last March 23. They also distributed ,4,200 leaflets in six churches before masses and according to the Denver Post admitted taking the flags in a message to the parisoners.
Two of the priests Rev. William Sulzman and Rev. Stephen Han-den declined to tell the Post where the flags are stored or whether they intend on returning them. The third priest who allegedly took the flags is Rev. Richard Buhr.
According to the Post, leaflets were distributed at Corpus Cristi, Divine Redeemer, Holy family. Sacred Heart, St. Mary's and St. Paul's Churches, all in Colorado Springs.

Un Potpourri de Comida, Musica Y Gerbeza. El veinte nueve de Abril hasta el Tres de Mayo. (April 29 May 3) En el Packer Grill Y el Nuevo Deli. De las Once en la manana hasta Tres de la tarde. Varios ios para las differentes comidas. Presen ado por El Human Relations Center, UMC Board Y el Cultural Events Board.