Civic Center, Fountain, Colorado

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Civic Center, Fountain, Colorado
Dodds, Bradley W
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Includes bibliographical references (leaf 23).
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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree, Master of Architecture, College of Design and Planning.
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Bradley W. Dodds.

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University of Colorado at Denver Spring 1978

Problem Statement
A Civic Center for the city of Fountain, Colorado, a small city just south of Colorado Springs. The complex will include five main components:
1. City Hall
2. Police Department
3. Fire Department
4. Court House
5. Library
Goals And Objectives :Vr . >
* \+.- .. fr/.'v tv
1. A massive center cultured to a residential scale
2. A gathering place for people . -,'v
3. A one stop center for several city functions
-city hall j c
-utility services ......*-
-court house' - j' .*
-police station ' . ' -
-fire station . *
-first aid -library -park -playground
4. Located in the center of town and off the main highway so
that it can be found easily
5. Nested in a park setting
6. Related to the river walk system
7. Expandable for future needs
8. Adaptable to a new computer system
The center of life and activity Program
This complex is to be constructed in four phases as outlined on the following pages.

A. City Employees 235 sq. ft.
1. Assistant Mananger / Director of Finance
Performs a series of administrative and supervisory functions felated to the operations and management of the city's financial accounting system.
36"x72" desk armchair on castors 2 sidechairs
42" dia. conferrance table w/2 sidechairs credenza w/lateral files bookcase for accounting books bullitin board
2. Bookkeeper 155 sq. ft.
Performs bookkeeping tasks in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and balancing of accounts.
30"x60" desk w/return 30"x60" desk
2 sidechairs on castors 60" credenza portable typewritter
3-4 drawer lateral legal files 18"x48" bookcase ( 4 shelves )
3. City Clerk 190 sq. ft.
Performs varied supervisory, administrative, clerical, and bookkeeping work.
30"x60" desk w/legal file drawer and 18" return
2-4 drawer legal files
armchair on castors
40" dia. conferrance table
3 sidechairs
retracting maps on ceiling w/cork wall behind
4. City Mananger 330 sq. ft.
Performs a series of complex administrative and supervisory functions related to the operations of all city departments.
36"x72" desk w/2-2 drawer legal files armchair on castors 5 sidechairs
48"x72" conferance table used also as throw out 18"x60" department organization chart 24"x36" bulletin board
Court Clerk Reception counter 35 sq. ft.
Work station 60 sq. ft.
Performs a variety of detailed and moderately

complex clerical duties related to the preparation, processing, and maintance of municipal court records; also performs additional clerical duties within the work unit associated with the issuance of various permits and the receipt of fees and payments.
30"x60" desk armchair on castors 2 sidechairs 24"x36" storage closet
6. Electrical Superintendent 144 sq. ft.
Performs technical and administrative duties related to planning, directing, and supervising the operations of the city's electrical department.
30"x60" desk w/legal file armchair on castors credenza w/lateral legal file 2 sidechairs
7. Engineering 40 sq. ft.
Drafting work under the supervision of the Electrical Superintendent.
36"x60" drafting table stool
tube file for maps
8. Mayor 144 sq. ft.
Chief administrator of the city.
30"x4 8" desk armchair on castors
2 drawer legal file
3 sidechairs
9. Reception / Clerk 100 sq. ft.
Acts as receptionist for the City Mananger,
Mayor, Electrical Superintendent, and Assistint City Manager; also performs part time clerical work related to utility services.
30"x60" desk w/2 drawer legal file and return for typewriter armchair on castors 2 sidechairs letter opener
4 drawer lateral legal file small bulletin board
48"x48" bookcase for state statues

B. Utilitiy Services
1. Billing Clerk 160 sq. ft.
Performs a series of routine functions associated with the computerized billing of customers of city utilities.
4-30"x48" desks 4 sidechairs moveable typewriter
60" bookcase for roll-a-dex files (fireproof)
48" 2-drawer lateral legal file
2. Credit Clerk Reception counter 35 sq. ft.
Office 132 sq. ft.
Performs a variety of routine and non-routine functions related to the collection of the city's delinquent utility billings; also performs routine clerical duties associated with the work unit.
30"x60" desk w/return armchair on castors
3 sidechairs
4 drawer lateral legal file
3. Utility Service Men 77 sq. ft.
Receives work orders from the credit clerk to be completed in the community.
30"x48" table 2 sidechairs
C. Support Facilities
1. Computer Room 336 sq. ft.
To handle 20,000 customers; special temperature, ventilation, humidity, and fireproof requirements.
4-disc storage units 24"x48"x84" lineprinter
24"x36"x72" casset cabinet 36"x48" central processer
2. Computer Storage Room 80 sq. ft.
81xlO' 24" shelves each side
3. Copy Center 120 sq. ft.
2'x3' deckalator 2'x3' burstor 3'x5' sorter 4'x5' stuffer 4'x6' throwout table

4. Conferrence Room 430 sq. ft.
conferrence table to seat 14 w/chairs
one wall to be corked
overhead screen
coffee bar
4-4'x8' wall maps
5. Court Room 1320 sq. ft.
used for: municipal court, town council meetings, planning commission meetings, and training room.
100 stacking chairs council bench 2-30"x48" tables
6. Court Storage 100 sq. ft.
2-4 drawer lateral legal files
7. Entry Vestibule 100 sq. ft.
air lock entry
8. Janitors Closet 40 sq. ft.
3' floor tub
9. Judges Suite
(Mayors office to be used in Phase I)
10. Jury Room 110 sq. ft.
conferrence table 6 sidechairs
11. Lobby
a. City Hall 320 sq. ft.
seating for 2 or 3
b. Court Room 500 sq. ft.
c. Utility Services 220 sq. ft.
note: a. & b. to be combined
720 sq. ft.
12. Records Storage 100 sq. ft.
2-4 drawer lateral legal files
13. Supply Storage
6'xll' room w/3' aisle and 18"
66 sq. ft. shelves both sides

14. Toilets
Public 192 sq.
2 lavatories 2 urnals
1 water closet
2 lavoatories
2 water closets Electric water cooler
Jury 40 sq.
1 lavatory 1 water closet
15. Vault 384 sq.
Special temperature, ventilation, humidity fire protection requirements.
300 sq. ft. for legal files
3' 5' conferrence table w/ 2 sidechairs
Total net sq. ft needed 5975
+ 15% 895
Total gross sq. ft. needed 6870
Actual total net sq. ft. used 5570
corridors 830
lobby 600
Actual gross sq. ft. used
7000 sq. ft.

A. Police Department
1. City Employees
a. Chief of Police 160 sq. ft.
Performs administrative, technical, and supervisory work in planning, coordinating and directing the activities of the Police Department.
36"x72" desk armchair on castors 18"x72" credenza built in bookcase 2 sidechairs
b. Assistant Chief or Police Sergant 90 sq. ft.
Performs supervisory and technical police duties to enforce municipal, state and federal ordinances and codes necessary for the protection of life, safety, welfare, and property of persons within the city.
36"x60" desk w/return and credenza armchair on castors
c. Detective 90 sq. ft.
Performs technical duties related to the investigation of reported crimes.
30"x60" desk armchair on castors credenza w/ lateral legal file 1 sidechair
d. Squadi.Room 14 4 sq. ft.
Space for Officers to write reports.
6-30"x60" report writing desk 6 sidechairs
e. Communications Sergent 72 sq. ft.
Performs administrative and supervisory work related to Police Department radio dispatch operations and responsible police related clerical duties.
36"x60" desk w/return and credenza armchair on castors

f. Administrative Clerk (shares e. above)
Performs secretarial record keeping, dispatching, and other office duties related to the operation of the police department.
g. Dispatch 55 sq. ft.
Performs responsible and technical work involving the radio dispatch of police and emergency vehicles.
36"x72" counter 24"x72" counter credenza sidechair on castors
2. Support Facilities
a. Reception 80 sq. ft.
24" counter w/ control gate
b. Lobby 100 sq. ft.
2 side chairs
c. Supply Storage 12 sq. ft.
18"x8'-0" closet
d. Weapons Storage 5 sq. ft.
12"x60" wall mounted locker next to Chief's Office
e. Criminal Entry 50 sq. ft.
separate from public entry weapons locker near by
f. Interrigation Room
(shares detectives office space)
g. Booking, Crime Lab, and File Room 110 sq. ft.
combined at this phase 30 T of .counter
fingerprinting aparatus installed in a drawer sink and towel disposal unit utility outlets for gas, electricty, and distilled water exhaust fan with hood 20' of 2-drawer lateral legal files

h. Evidence Storage Room 65 sq. ft.
wall mounted storage lockers area for bulk storage
i. Detention Rooms
small room 50 sq. ft.
large room 100 sq. ft.
wall mounted fold down cot toilet and sink
note: fixtures to be of high quality, tamper resistant construction. Lavatory installed at chest height. Floor equiped with drain.
j. Sally Port and Car Port 720 sq. ft.
20'x36' covered parking next to criminal entry
equipped with battery and radiator connections
B. Fire Department
1. Front Office 144 sq. ft.
36"x60" desk sidechair
12" counter for scanner and monitor wall map of area controlled
2. Fire Chief's Office
36"x60" desk armchair on castors credenza 2 sidechairs
wall map of area controlled
3. 2 Bay Garage (42'x60') 2520 sq. ft.
12'xl2' doors
overhead water supply (2" line) built in battery charger floor drains each bay
4. Storage Room (12'x24') 288 sq. f t.
5. Day Room (16 1x30') 480 sq. ft.
pool table 4 or 5 sidechairs
Kitchen 80 sq. ft.
sink, stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher

150 sq. ft
Eating Area
4'x6' table 6 sidechairs
8. Disaster Preparidness Room
(share bunk room space for small classes and meeting room from Phase I for large classes)
9. Bunk Room (9'xl6') 144 sq. ft
3 murphy retracting beds w/ drawers and closet units attached
10. 3/4 Bath 72 sq. ft
shower, lavatory, and water closet
11. Hose Tower (6,x8'x30') 48 sq. ft
Police Department
Total net sq. ft. needed 1900
+ 15% 570
Total gross sq. ft. needed 2470 sq. ft
Actual total net sq. ft. used 1785
lobby 120
corridors 440
Actual gross sq. ft. used 2345 sq. ft
Fire Department
Total net sq. ft. needed 4070
+ 15% 790
Total gross sq. ft. needed 4860
Actual total net sq. ft. used 3370
day room 385
corridors 375
Actual gross sq. ft. used 4130 sq. ft.
Total Addition Phase II 6475 sq. ft

A. City Hall Expansion 430 sq. ft.
1. New Electrical Superintendent Office 144 sq. ft.
2. New Engineering Office 192 sq.ft.
2-3'x5' desk 2 stools 1 w/return
1 throw out table 3'x5'
20' of^corked wall for pin up
3. Public Works Office
in existing Elect. Supt./Eng. Office (Phase.I, item A-6)
4. Cash Office
in existing Records and Storage Space (Phase I item C-6&12)
B. Police Department Expansion
1340 sq. ft.
1. City Employee
a. Chief of Police 106 sq. ft.
larger office (266 sq.ft, total)
oval conferrence table to seat 8 6 sidechairs built in bookcase
b. Assistant Chief of Police 10 sq. ft.
larger office (100 sq. ft. total)
c. Detectives
office 90 sq. ft.
to be used as additional interrigation
office 72 sq. ft.
30"x60" desk
armchair ^ both offices
larger room (70 sq. ft. total) extend counters
70 sq. ft.

2. Support Facilities
a. Lobby to open into main lobby area
b. Weapons storage and cleaning (36 sq. ft total)
c. Additional Interrigation Room (see item 1-c above)
d. Booking 192 sq. f t.
2-30"x60" desks 5 side chairs 1 end table
e. Crime Lab 120 sq. ft.
23' of counter top
f. Dark Room 60 sq. ft.
g- File Room 235 sq. ft.
h. Evidence Storage Room 160 sq. ft.
110 sq. ft. built in lockers 50 sq. ft. vault
C. Fire Department Expansion 1270 sq. ft.
1. 3rd bay (15'x60')
2. Storage Area (8'x44')
3. Emergency Entry (8'xlO')
4. New Bunk Room (in existing storage area-see Phase II
item B-4)
5. Larger Eating Area (expand into existing bunk room-
see Phase II, item B-9)
6. Larger Day Room (expand into existing court room-
see Phase I, item C-5)
note: other part of existing court room to be used as
training room, disaster preparidness, and large meeting room to seat 50 people)
D. Court Facility 2600 sq. ft.
1. Court
to seat 48 people
460 sq. ft.

Court Room
1250 sq. ft
council bench to seat 10 or 11
space to seat 80
screen for overhead projector
c. Overflow seating in main lobby 460 sq. ft
2. Support Facilities
a. Jury Room
b. Jury toilet
c. Judges Suite
30"x60" desk armchair 3 sidechairs
d. Judgets toilet
e. City Attorney's Office
2- 30"x60" desk w/ return
1 credenza
2 armchairs
2 sidechairs
f. Court Clerk Office
30"x60" desk w/ return armchair on castors 2 sidechairs
2-drawer lateral legal file walk window
160 sq. ft 30 sq. ft 130 sq. ft
30 sq. ft 190 sq. ft
llSfsq. ft
E. Library
2640 sq. ft
1. Law Library
2-3'x4' tables 2 sidechairs
2. Childrens Library
3'x4' low table 4 child's chairs
3. Check Out
24" counter top bookdrop
400 sq. ft
150 sq. ft
100 sq. ft
30"x60" desk armchair 2 sidechairs
120 sq. ft

5. Public Library 1870 sq. ft.
F. Main Entry 580 sq.. ft.
G. Main Lobby 1250 sq. f t.
City Hall 430
Police Department 1340
Fire Department 1270
Court 2600
Library 2640
Main Entry 580
Main Lobby 1250
River Walk Corridor 500
Total Addition Phase III 10;600 sq. ft.

A. Gym and Locker Room 1985 sq. ft.
1. Police Locker Room
42 lockers 4 lavatories
2. Showers
3 showers drying area
3. Toilets
3 water closets
4. Firemen Locker Room
15 lockers
4 lavatories
5. Gym
exercise equipment
Police Department Expansion (12'x60') 720 sq [. ft
1. Expansion
a. enlarge evidence storage area by 192 sq. ft.
b. new booking room 112 sq. ft.
c. new criminal entry 100 sq. f t.
d. new sally port 240 sq. ft.
2. Enlarge Crime Lab
3. Existing booking room to become tank
4. Existing weapons storage to become additional detectives
5. New weapons storage and cleaning area to be added
with gym and locker room addition
C. Fire Department
Existing 3/4 bath to be converted to laundry facility Note: allow for possible female locker and sleeping area
D. Court Facility (12'x36') 432 sq. f t.
1. Expansion
a. new City Attorneys Office 240 sq. ft.
b. new Judges Suite 192 sq. ft.

2. Existing City Attorneys Office to become Sect/Legal
Assistant space
3. Existing Judges Suite to become conferrence area
E. Library Expansion 456 sq. ft.
additional stacks and seating in public library
Gym and Locker Room 1985
Police Expansion 720
Court Expansion 432
Library Expansion 456
Total Addition Phase IV 3600 sq. ft.
Civic Center at Phase IV
City Hall 4984
Lobby, Entry's, and Main Corridors 3478
Library 3096
Court 3028
Police Department 4128
Gym and Locker Room 1985
Public Toilet and Training Room 1152
Fire Department 5340
Total Square Footage 27,191 sq. ft.
0 $35.00/sq. ft.= $951,685.00
@>$40000/sq. ft.= $1,087,640.00
1 million dollar building h million dollar site development
1.5 million dollar project

Background Information
U.S. 85-87, The main arterial thru the city, will be widened to a four lane highway in the near future.
Commercial development is expanding up and down highway 85-87.
The Atchison Topeka and Sante Fe and the Denver and Rio Grand railroads run through the city of Fountain. Both railroads will soon be running fifty coal trains a day thru the city.
This means on five minute train every twenty four minutes
on each track, around the clock.
Because of the two railroads and no overpasses, the city is segregated into four fire zones as indicated on the USGS map that follows.
Zone A -the north east side of the Rio Grand line
Zone B -the north west side of the Rio Grand line
Zone C -old downtown between the two tracks Zone D -the west side of the Sante Fe line
The Fountain River winds around and through the town with 30 to 60 foot cottonwood and willow trees towering above its sandy, brushwood banks.
The city of Fountain averages 310 sunny days per year.
Winter winds are out of the north west with warm summer breezes coming from the south east.
The city plans to annex part of the Widefield unincorporated area from Fountain Blvd. south to the city limits. The USGS vicinity map shows this area included within the city limits.
Population 1973 1980 2000
Fountain 6540 7590 12850
Widefield Annexation 6100 7340 12375
Total 25,225
Local Serving Employment
Fountain 380 550 1430
Widefield Annexation 105 140 325
Total 1755

The reason for such a low local employment rate is because of the high number of servicemen who are stationed at Fort Carson Military Base and live in Fountain.
Future Outlook
It is anticipated that the existing small town charcter of Fountain will continue in the future. Residential development is expected to be mostly single family. A fairly substantial amount of industrial growth is projected by the year 2000.
The Widefield Annexation area is anticipated to continue its residential growth at a steady rate. Some commercial, mostly services and shopping is also expected.
Site Analysis
Site One (approx. 1.65 acres)
1. Original site and owned by the city of Fountain.
2. Located on the main highway in town and therefore easy to fing
3. Present site of the Fountain Volinteer Fire Department.
4. Close to the geographical center of town.
5. The expansion of US 85-87 will encroach apon the front of
the property making it necessary to have some kind of a drive off space from the heavy traffic onto the site.
6. The Sante Fe line runs adjacent to the rear of the property
making it necessary to build a special sound and shock absorption system into or next to the complex.
7. A 100 car parking lot would leave little space to construct a building on. With an 88 car lot, there would be enough space for a 7,000 sq. ft. building. This means the complex would need to be three or four stories tall, which would be out of character with the small town atmosphere.
The two railroads make it difficult for the Fire Department to move around town quickly.

Site Two (two city blocks)
1. Present site of the Fountain City Hall
2. Would revitalize old downtown
3. Close to Iowa Ave., another major avenue in the city
4. The City Hall Building could be remodeled to serve as a cop
5. Two city blocks would need to be purchased by the city
6. The Fire Department would fave the same problem of menouvering
as indicated with site one
7. More difficult for visitors to find since it is away from
the main highway
Site Three
1. Located in the center of the geographical and populated
area of the city
2. Backed by the Fountain River and its vegetation growth
3. Good location for the main city park
4. Leaves room for expansion
5. At the present time, the land is vacant and therefore there
would be no need to use or remove any existing structures
6. An underpass where the railroads converge makes it easy
for the Fire Department to get to each fire zone
7. Located on the main avenue of the city and therefore easily
8. A river walk system could be developed along Fountain Creek
for bicycles, pedestrians and hourseback riders and would link the complex to other components of the city via the river.
9. 30 acres would need to be purchased by the city Conclusion of site analysis
After careful consideration, site three was choosen because of its size and location.

rouMTUH a -i i
N3637 5-W1M37.S/7 5

The complex was placed on the northern side of the 30 acre plot to allow the rest of the land to be used for a large green-belt park, which acts as a buffer from the residential area adjacent to the site.
The 100 car parking lot is located on the east side of the complex, out of the path of south east breezes, which blow across the retention pond and thru the building. The warm summer breeze will be cooled off by the evaporating water from the pond and in turn act as a natural air conditioner for the building.
There are four entrys into the building. The main entry, used by the public, opens onto the park on the south face of the complex. The secondary entry opens into a shady area on the east side next to the fire department. A third entry opens toward the river walk system on the west side of the complex, which faces the tall trees and looks toward Pikes Peak. The north face of the building is used by police and fire department staff. This side is also used to bring criminals into the police department via a sally port to seperate the public from the possibly dangerous.
The river walk system mentioned above would begin at the park located north of the site (indicated on the USGS vicinity map) and would run along the river to the Civic Center site.
Here it would make a connection with the center and park area before returning to the river where it would surface again at Mesa Avenue just above the high school.

Iffy jUjtJlfii**

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It- jiLl | S ^ifP

Since the City of Fountain will be experiencing a considerable amount of growth in the next twenty years, it was found necessary to allow the complex to grow with the needs of the city in four phases.
Phase I is the minimum amount of space the city could use to start with. The existing city hall would be remodeled to serve as a cop shop at the present time. The fire department will have to make do with what they have until phase II.
Phase II allows the police department a minimum amount of space and fives the fire department a two bay garage.
Phase III expands the entire complex and adds the other two components, namely the court and library.
Phase IV expands the library, court, and police department along with adding a gym and locker room to the complex.

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vaira? ?iai? Ht3?VfU


Building the complex as five buildings connected under one roof has the main advantage of shared facilities. One law library can share referance books and state statutes with the city attorneys, judge, police department, and city hall. One main lobby and public toilet can be shared by all five departments. One gym, locker and shower room can be shared by both the police department and fire department. They can also share gas storage tanks and service garage. One training room can serve the city hall, police department and fire department.
The roof plan is projected over the Phase IV plan to show the relationship of the triangular window wells to the spaces within. The rectangular shapes show the location of five modular HVAC systems serving each of the components of the complex.
The renderings should give an indication of the character of the interior spaces and the details show some of the built-in features of the building.

0 5/0

report ^

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