Coast Walk

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Coast Walk
Sturz, Art
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14, [22] leaves : color photographs, plans ; 28 cm


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Shopping centers -- California -- La Jolla (San Diego) ( lcsh )
theses ( marcgt )
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Cover title.
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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree, Master of Architecture, College of Design and Planning.
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Art Sturz.

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University of Colorado Denver
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p ENVIRONMENT. n -,m .

Jn choosing a topic and ultimatelg pnojeet Jon. mg thesis mang sulgeds came, to mind. To list a /aw; noap gandens, intenion/'extenion. anehiteetunal synthesis, uenticalitg and -Ltd use In anehitectune (man leing maturated and directed hontzontallg Ig natune), Califan-nia anehiteetune, adventizing in anehiteetune and speeialitg shopping eentens.
Uhat J wad neallg looking pan. was a project which encapsulates the aloue and would allow me to experiment and range ajL parameters.
The Coast (Jaik, a speciality, shopping center located in La Jolla Caliponnia is Just such a project. Ton. the loiteuing neasons the prajeet was chosen:
* Steepness aJL Site Peguining a design with uentieal
cinealation and uentieal massing
* Caliponnia Location. Jnuiting a solution with interior.
and exterior synthesis
design within this
* Coastal Location Imposing, stnong site demands an
luilding (coastal ZlcLg. ondinances op 1971, uiews)
* Close rnoximitg to distonical Stnuetunes -
demanding contextunal integnation
* Uithin Cxisting Commeneial district -
demanding contextunat integnation *
* degnee oJL Site development
25, 000 sguane JLeet op lailding (leasaLte.)

on a site a-fL only. 76,368 scp it. This demands extneme attention to dcate, since exidtiny community, id pnedominontty. nedidentiat
* A Dicotomy uhich exists tetueen the. 3mages of. Coast
Bind, and Pnaspect Stneet
* Residentiat Setting. Row to xmecte a centen. uhich id
copacetie, yet didptays its aim. identity
* Cneation at, a Sense at 7tone -
3n an anea that had such a dtnony chanacten. atneady edtattished
* The Otirioud Jnuendion dedigniny a centen. uhich id
pnedominontty autuamd pacudiny, modi contend one inuand pacudiny
fULneadbg edtottishedL, due to the exidtiny commenciat centen. one. the ctientet, The existing, commenciat id pedestnian o/iiented, it id condidened enjayatte to meenden. amony the shops and uithin the naakd and cnonnied amony them* Plany a pedestnian Link exists te-tueen Pnospect St, and Coast Bind,, attouiny teach accedd.
33, COmUIUTU. BfatGROUm data:
f7uoh nedeanch into the communities dedined had teen done and the pottouiny documents uene uded ad ne.pene.nce an this nedeanch:
* The La Jatta Community Ptan
* The La Jatta S honed Community Ttan
* / he La. Jatta Shanes design flanuoi
* City oJL San Diego Paputation 8 Land Ude Buttetin ton. 7978

* Sign. Ordinance 7970-7h
* Coastal uulldlng Ordinances
The moAt usepil o/L the aloire were the La Jolla Cammunltg. Than, as a guide ad to what the commiuiitg caned alout, and the La Jolla Shones design flanuat, which was extnemetg helgpil In delineating design parameters and goals.
So /leleirant one. these documents to the Coast Ualh on ang new project, that J noire extnacted the most pentlnent Items and listed them, letow:
* The mcuntanence o.fL the nestdential character and a continuance o/. the mixed residential and cammenelaJL use In the cenlnaJL commercial district
* The corureigence ol a people place and not an auto place
* The malntanence o/L existing ulews
* The maSA and lulh oJL new lulldlngA Ahould £e In keeping, with existing, lujltdlnge thus maintaining, the communltgdA palnle
* The malntanence on Impnouement oJL leach accesA loom. Prospect to Coast BhrcL
* The enclosure ol all mechanical appendages
* The continuing ol existing concern pan street landscaping
* The use o/. Atneet JLunnitune to help In the eneation oj. a rewarding pedestrian experience
* The malntanence o/L existing Atneet parking and the stnuc tuning o-jL additional new parking with a ratio ol. 7/250

da, jIt, to be dituated out o£ public view
* To maximize the dtnong tie with, the dea below
* The continuing mgand pan La Jolla, and. indeed Caliponniad amhitectunal hidtong
* The need pan landdcaped plazad and dpaced pan paddive /lelaxation and vidual enhancement
* The emotion oJL vidtad pleading, to both the pededtnian and the auto
b, Tumi mm dcsjqj mniALs
* New buildingd cm to be dismpathetie to the deale, poem, and pnopantion o-jL olden, development, by. mpeating existing, building, lined and dunpaee tmatment
* Lasuye deale buldingo dhould tnondition themdelved to the dmallen dcnle op adjacent dtnuetumd
* Good dcaJLe dependd upon a height that id eondidtent with the total pattern, op the land and dhjline
* Cxlneme eontnodtd in colon, dhape, eta., dhould be avoided
* RooJL dloped ip ledd than G/l 2 dhould be enudhed dtone on Pine aggregate oven built up naoling and eanth onioned, genenolhj. light in value
* Gxtenion wall aateniald dhould be limited to wood diding, wood dhingled, ctnploand, adobe, bnteh, dtueea, conemte on natunal dtone, Thede one pmdominentig what exidtd and id what id mom on ledd indiglnoud

* Colors should be muted, white or natural earth toned.
The use o.jL nor-earth colors is allowed par architectural accent
* Opj street parking. ojL greater than 2D autos must be structured, less than 20 must be screened
* The building should pit the -band not the band to the building
* Shed roo-ps cute discouraged, pan they one considered a cliche to modern development, the gable or tow pitch Is more Indiglnous and In keeping with the historical pabrlc op the community
* By. mixing, residential and commercial, stuJents and elders can exist without an auto
* The use opL tie pront op shop spaced pan tie activity within, with vidian panels, allows pedeitrion involvement and advertising with less need pan. pormol signage
Sack text included page upon page op tiese and each Id a tedtl-meat to the involvement and sincerity op La Jo than* d and their community.
An existing dtructure wad located, on the dite and there was much dldmay at it'd demolition In 797it, Jt'd demolition wad imperative due to age and weathering, Jt wad a wood dtructure with wood dhlngle exterior and low pitched gable reaps, Jt contained a mixture oP commercial and residential, end stood two storied high above Prospect, auch sympathy wad aroused and any new structure wad asked to resemble

the acidting^ Thnaugh ike. ude of wood Aningted and a gahle nooP Ji id now limited hj. the caadtaJL height ondinance to 11 ,~0'* ahaire PnoApoct f necoAAitating a uenig tour pitched gahle noof), Ponding., ocean uiewA and incneadod Ahop acccAAahilitg wene a pew things, which might he. hsttened in a new design. But, mateniahd and chanacr-ten. one to he appnoximated in anden. to maintain the e&tahLL&hed Acme of. place,
The rath:
* Location 1298 PnoApect St,, La Johla Califonnia (pant Of. San Diego, Caltp County.)
* 32? 44* 11 Latitude, 177 70* (i Longitude
* Annual Painfahl 9,5
* Alienage hmiiditg 67%
* Alienage % PoAAilhe Sun 67%
* Alienage Hind Speed Summon. 7,0 mph HNU
Hinton. 5,5 mph //£
* Alienage Tompenatune Annual 65 F
* La Johla iA a town af 9,8 Ay. miled Aome 6,300 aeneA,
CompoAod cp: 4-3% Aingle family houAing
4% muhtilamilij. houAina 2% Cf'IL
4% iiiduAtniah
30% guhlic/Aemipuhlie hand 20% undouehoped
* Population deiiAitg id 4.3 poogJLoJacne, a total, of Aome 28,000 people
* Hooding denditg id 1, 86 unOd/acne; median age of itd nedicLcntd id 35 geanA

* Pelgnlng code. 1976 UBC.
* Sets, area 16, 363 dg, fit,
* Parking. required 1/250 dg. fit,
* Tra/fiie on Prodpect 12, 900/2k hrd.
* Height Limit 128 -0" atoire dea level (30 aJLoue dpeclfiicolig determined dite elevation)
* F.fIR* 2,0
* Zoned CS Didtrlct
* Fine Zone 2
* Site privately ouned
* Proposed occupancy. F-2
* 2, ¥30 dg, fit* rjntdential
* Spexuaity Shopping. Center.
* 3 1,200-15,000 dg. fit. dhopd
* 1 k, 000-5,000 dg. fit, redtauront
* 15 800-1,000 Acp fit. dhopd
** 2- ¥30 dg. fit. dhopd
'then cpproaehlng thld pro&lem J uad excited par the dite experiencedy a. 37* drop fiiom P/iedpect to Coadt BlvcL on itd western extreme and a 17' drop on ltd eedtem loundary. Thld at pint

appeaned ovenwhelmlng. 3 could not help tut -loot Insplned £y the. Sandstone Huffs lelow BtircL and hour beautifully. they changed levels, dnarruatlealig get gnocefulhg, powenfultig got not dev-zstatinglg* They appeaned to conguen the ventlcal elevation -change without taking an the monotong on solidarity of a, tat Instead contained tntenest and vitality* One of my veny flout desines ones that nug jcomplex. compliment tluese towns and shone thein massing, and sculptunal context* This ojos the -feet Coast Bird* eommanded, Tnospect St., on the othen hand, is mostly one stonig (some 2 stony) commenelat biddings of nesldentiat chanacten. J -facec.i two pnatlems of mayon impact hern*
One was to dwnw -people toojand the complex; two, to mahe the scale of the pnofect opponent without ovenwhelmlng the pedestnlan get adding sunpnise, tntenest and intnigue upon entng* J needed to cneate a desine to e-'ten and biowse*
To answen the e negulnements J opened a stneet ieiret count off Pnospect to tie siters western toundonig (the toundang closest to the main, commenelat distnlet) and set the shops took 20* fnom the pnapentij. line. Going funthen east J Snapped 7 level and opened a- iothen count (this Snapped count concept is used 2 times In the town, alneadg.), this continued to the east until it Intensects a 3-stanjg high octajgonat atnium, which is used to tnteynate the 3 levels, Pedestnlan Inldyes and stains Intensect the octa.gon and the focal is fnom off the Inldges to the penlpherug which is composed of hugh shop windows and plazas.
Amenity is glvex to the stneet scape ly ope lag Sfxace to it*
The pnageets scope is appanant due to the 3 stony atmlurn get it nztalns a smalt scale chanaeten. The shops to the east come out to

TeoApect Street to end the. njtofeet and lound the commemtal distlet fnom the y.unction o-jL T/roApect and Coast Much
On the top. level hi a tonne put-tie deck with, an cxtasiue ocean iriew to give tack, what view id Hacked and eitnJULLih a place pan. nest and thought. At eueny Ahop lard at teat 2 iriewA of. the ocean and complex. lelow exist
To emote a destns to cinculate thwugh the complex. Aeueeal things wene done:
* The ataltiihment of the afo/iementLoned uistas of ocean and the complex, Lelow
* The establishment of a mstmuuant on the fiat two flood creating peretation of stmeture to dine
* The creation of the 3 Atony, atniwn. creating deAim to penetrate all 3 levels
* Location of tie langen. AtoneA lowen. in the complexgluing them, plaza amenity.
* The accessalility of the leach thnougji the complex, creating, flow and extinguishing the anxiety of dead end calculation nodes
Lnothen Atrong deAim was to emote within this complex. some amenity that Apeclalty ce tens in Auluinlia could not 3n /response to this 3 created lalconlei and decks oircrlaoking ocean uists, upon which items could le displayed. 3 a keeping with the Lecmtiful Calipo/uiia climate 3 wanted the cental to open outwand with Ahaded walks and as many cxtenlo/i windowA as possille on moAt Ahops.

The centens mcglon, axis Aa c/fJ which -can take adoantage of cool, summen, Ineezes fon. natunal cooling.
The nesAdentlal pontion was placed to the westenn site. loundamg which agneed with the. acLgacent pnopenties indeed use, Jt Aa thuA sepenated fnom the commenelal diAtnlct of. the complex, allowing sepanate entnles, eaAij. entng fnom packing, and gneat visual panonamas A 45 angle. waA emploiged to lneah dined Atght lined .fnom the xcommencloJL, to Anenease the view, to deenease opponent westenn mass and to eneate entag ;iogzns and lloAjngnoom/lednoom decks.
This 45 angle Aa followed down to the lotion, leoel which As commenelal to Anenease plaza Apace and entng aneaA, also adding Antenest to tie dining patio.
Jn massing, gneat effect was made to neduee the complexes opponent maAA, AJLmoAt eoengwhene you can Aee natunal light penes-tnation and the Aha Aegond on. a&oue, llAth negand to Coast Block the complex. stepA lack An height and penetnation of the 2 plazaA lneah the honleontal maAA, Also, thene Aa a Ate, pAng fnom west to east nAjnieing the sites coastal loundang,
Tlantens and steps one used on the Coast Block loundang. to once again lneah the ventLcal plane and eneate mane comfontalle pedestntan spaces along the sidewalk,
A colon, scheme was wanked out whieh adhenes to design guidance cnltenlcu The latJLding As mainlg cedzoi shakes, which one a nick Anown, tseng eanthg hi appeanance and the noofs one lollt up with light Inown fine aggnegate finish, /o add some uAtatltg to what

mat,i le othenwide too monotanaud, J employ a -Light Lima on. all window and doon Lrimd to complement Le Inown* All earned, etc*, one dank. Inown to cap. the. dtnjuctnne and delineate the top galle making ltd pnedence morn oluioud, At each floon plane a dank wooden Land id employed to Lneah identical madding, and mimic dtnata of, ratunnl fonmd*
The Lottom plaza ti> covened with ned Spaidk tile f hexagonal), ter add Inilliance to plazad. A pnogneddion of adding mane colon ad tyau. go down, and ledd colon ad 'you go up mimied the dund effect on colon> Ad an adjunct to thid nathen fixed colon deheme, thnee plan-ten diced wene picked and thnee colond choden: lunnt ned, yellow, and dank Hue, -in which one det flowening plantd ( L e*, Genaniaitd) to add additional natunal accentd Thid neduced the dende of penmanciy, enticing, a nenewed tntenedt in uidualig dxonning the complex, with each uidit*
To add to the dende of dmail dcale and dpeciaiity, the dixjnd one dpecified ad hinge mounted on Liachetd aloue on Ledide entnied (dee dnawingd), with a maximum. total dize of 12? da. -ft* Colon may. Le used on Liede and dkould Le appnoued Ly an anciiitectunal cantnol committee*
Clang pnogneddiond exidt within the complex, and anothen not tyet mentioned id Lie tnaiidition fnom coisemd walk to extenian walk on plaza* Ad one pnagn&dded inwond modt cUdplag windawd Leeome lag wtrtdowd ad if neachirg out fan extenion light and Lienefone adding modulating to the walkwatyd* lindoud one aldo employed ad a dnawing coed -in Lie centnal atnium dpace* All dhopd lounding thid cone

o-pen out Lilith lange ex. ande a place pan. the nienen. uiith the leundhg dhopd lehg the peatuned, thud cneating. an alaodt natwial adnenthement. Fnench paned one uded exeludinepg to konon. much o-f Calipannia'd eanly leghningd and medltennanlan tnfLZueruce, tut they, ace langen. than nedidential to nead ncammeneialn. They help, to emote, appnopntate
deale and context.
The eitng. plaza dhecta/iy. Id Lnoken Into 3 leneld and 2. dhectiand: top, mid, laze .leneld, and plaza on /light plaza toe eady drop location.
The mechanical dydtem. id 2 pipe hot oaten, uiith pan cohJLd placed aiot/e entey doond. Moire each doom a uiichen. pattenn polite extdtd pan Pnedh ah. Intake and dummen. pan ah chculation. Only, heating. Id 6 applied .pan due to the location. Sammen. cooling, td seldom iceded, aid due to the natiine of. the ce-ten. (ext. chculation.), modt doond one open all dummen. making, cooling impnacthaJL
irutteoA one employed and dnohage padded doun thnough the ganage dtnaetune and into dtonm dozen, located unden. Coadt Bind.
Site Analydld
At Ranking Rian Bade Lenel
A2 Ranking. Rian ('lid Lenel
A3 Ranking. Plan Top Lenel

/Uh Shop. Plan Bcu>& Leuc! A5 Shop Plan did Level.
A6 Shop Plan Top Level A7 Fnamlng Plan Plid Floon. Pj8 Fnaming. Plan Top Floon. AS Building Seellon A fV 0 Building Seetlda B AT 7 Signage

* San Bingo Building BepcuiHnent
* AllL&on and Zuonken. Qunen*
* La Jallan*, One*. Comrrjinily O/uganization
* La Jaltan A banning. Benantment
* La Jolla Community Alan
* La Jolla Shanes Aneci*e Alan
* Sei*mic Solely Study pan. City. o-f. San. Bingo
* Cxtnact* plan. Hue. fluniciple Code, City at San Biego Relating, to A turning and Zoning Regulations -fan. Hue. U*e oj.
* Local ClHnatalogical Bata Annual Susuneng with Campanathrc. Bata 7977 37 genuz Bocunentation
* City oJL San Bingo Aopatation and Land U*e Bulletin 7978
* Asiopa*ilion B Snitiatiire iieaAtuie Limiting. Hue. Height oj. Building* In Hue. Cocntal Zone Hi Hue City a-jL San Bingo
- Geologic. liazand* dap.
* Soil* Repo/it (Benton Cngineentng Jnc* )
* 79737k Sign Ordinance

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