Cedaredge High School, Delta County, Cedaredge, Colorado

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Cedaredge High School, Delta County, Cedaredge, Colorado
Foster, Carl E
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Carl E. Foster.

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Town of Cedaredge
. historic setting 1
environment 2
economics 3
technology 3-4
social & cultural factors 4-5
High School Design
site plan 6-7
floor plan 8-9
elevations 10-11
Cost Estimate 12-15
presentation graphics 16-17
model 18-19

Cedaredge is located on the southern fronge of the Grand Mesa. The Grand Mesa, at 10,000' ASL, is the largest flat topped mountain in the world. It sports nearly 280 lakes and an abundance of summer and recreational activities.
Cedaredge began as the headquarters of a cattle spread. The wife of a ranch foreman named it Cedar Edge (because it is at the edge of the cedars) which later changed to one word by the new town post office in 1894. The town (elevation 6,200' ASL) boasts a population of nearly 800 inhabitants and serves a regional area of 4,300 people. Businesses include the normal services plus two medical clinics and a dentist office. They support their own ambulance service and a volunteer fire department.
Community activities include related activities of horse riding, with annual competitions on their own rodeo grounds.
Cedaredge stands as the largest town on the over-the-top-roadway link between US 50 at Delta and 1-70. Most recent commercial development occurs along this roadway, leaving the Cedaredge CBD with little activity. The community seems to lack the cohesiveness needed to foster its own vernacular.
A large percentage of the people who live there are retired. Either retired on the land they worked for decades or settled from other areas, they seek "quiet and solitude" on a small plot of ground.
It i£ quiet there! So quiet in fact that most young people leave soon after their high school graduation. Cedaredge is not located between anything, and therefore has not the through traffic needed to support bars, restaurants, theaters, bowling alleys, etc. .

Town elevation is 6,200' ASL. The area in the immediate surroundings of Cedaredge is characterized by high terraces, mesas, and tables. The town itself is situated on a relatively large expanse of land with little variation in topography, save for the channel cut by a creek that leads into the north fork of the Gunnison River. Gentle slopes to the west and to the south, it affords spectacular views of the Grand Mesa and the San Juan Mountains.
The geology is classified as Ustollic Haplorgids with Ustollic Calciorthids (gently sloping, hilly, and/or steep, well drained soils with clay loam subsoils formed in outwash alluvium, weathered from igneous rock.)
Vegetaion is predominantly warm, dark, colored, dry grass and low shrubs.
Any trees found in this area have been planted after the 1880's.
Soils are well drained, yet runoff is slow. Drainage accumulates via Surface Creek to the Gunnison River.
Annual temperature average is 48.6 F. with 11.64" of precipitation. Heating Degree Days number 6,267 and snowfalls average 40.5" per year. The general wind patterns are moderate and usually follow "upslope during the day and down-slope during the night."

Cedaredge and the entire surrounding area defines economic depression.
In 1980 the average per capita income in Delta County was 62% below that of the national average. In 1969 it was 56% and in 1977 38% ($3,637 and $5,041 respectively). One of the major reasons for this gloomy trend is the high percentage of retired people in the area who are on fixed incomes. 24% of the people in Delta County are over 65 years of age. The average age is well above the national average of 31 £ years old.
Of the high percentage of retired people, a disproportionate share lives in Cedaredge. This makes the economy the worst in the county by comparison. Its major industry is agriculture followed by ranching. Some mining goes on, but as yet it is a relatively undeveloped potential. Though some growth has occurred, the development of mining will stimulate both growth and the economy.
As in all the towns around Cedaredge, limited retail activity forces average or major shopping to take place in Delta (15 miles), Montrose (35 miles), and/or Grand Junction (60 miles).
The technological processes of the area are by no means backward or outdated. Agricultural technology is advanced, yet the area of specialization has been slow to thrive in Delta County. The simple life styles of the region dictate a versatile mode

of existence and a well rounded education based on practical, everyday experiences. In the same manner, the approach toward technological advancement is viewed in very rational terms. Evidence must be shown that any so called "advancement" will truly solve problems and not merely be a meaningless or fashionable substitute for what could have just as well been accomplished by "leaving well enough alone."
A most common characteristic shared by all in these Western Slope communities is a strong feeling of self-reliance. Of all the farms in this area 85% are owner occupied as compared to 60% nationally. 32% of Delta County's inhabitants are self-employed (the national average is 8%).
Unique characteristics of Cedaredge include a high percentage of retired folks in the area. Few civic organizations are active in Cedaredge with the exception of the senior citizen clubs.
Low per capita incomes and remoteness from urban areas limit the opportunity for elaborate life styles. Day to day living revolves around families, jobs or farms, schools, organizations, or churches. Recreation activities may include hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, high school sporting events, T.V., or just driving around for pleasure and solitude.
The slow pace of the town, dictated by the desires of the senior citizens, holds little opportunity for the school aged person. The school takes on a very special role of trying to involve the kids in as many activities as possible. But, unfortunately.

after high school graduation, many find opportunities outside the area to be more lucrative and exciting. A few go to college, some join the service, and many find jobs elsewhere. A few do return, though, usually after the bitter taste of the urban environment.
Politically, county and city governments speak only when spoken to. Initiation of government action originates at the grass-roots level. Official intervention occurs only as spokesperson for the needs of the people. Typical community attitude is against all planning practices, especially when it infringes on the control of their personal property. All three county commissioners are farmers and/or ranchers, and are not considered to be progressive in their policies by urban standards.
Cedaredge has its own approach to the political process. The mayor in this town also runs the ambulance service. It has been rumored that the reason for his long string of successive terms in office is due to the support he receives from the senior citizens. It seems these seniors feel that refusal to vote for the incumbent means a sluggish ambulance service.
In a nutshell, Cedaredge is slow paced, remote, and mature.

Arcade 2,952 s.f. Site: Horse Pasture
Blacktop 6,144 s.f. 30 acres
Entrance/Cour t 1,152 s.f.
Entrance/Stairs 936 s.f. Water Retention: 5,175 s.f. of ponding
Foundation Footprint 70,840 s.f.
Decking 5,128 s.f.
Garage Apron 952 s.f.
Greenhouse I60 s.f.
Parking (231 parking stalls) baseball 4,000 visitor/faculty 5,298 all school 73,728 82,976 s.f.
Patio 4,311 s.f.
Ramp 1,568 s.f.
Roadbed 67,987 s.f.
Sidewalks 8,720 s.f.

CLASSROOMS 21,920 s.f.
1. biology/geology-1,152 s.f.
2. greenhouse-160 s.f.
3. display/storage-112 s.f.
4. instructors' work space-216 s.f
5. chemistry/physics-1,152 s.f.
6. project room-192 s.f. MATHEMATICS
7. mathematics A-1,024 s.f.
8. mathematics B-1,024 s.f. LANGUAGE
9. language A-768 s.f.
10. language B-1,152 s.f.
11. language C-1,152s.f.
12. language D-1,024 s.f. VOCATIONAL
13. arts-1,536 s.f.
14. business-2,304 s.f.
15. food/clothing-2,304 s. f. GENERAL DESCRIPTION
16. storage-1,924 s.f.
17. student atrium-1,024 s.f.
18. classroom atrium-1,024 s.f.
19. circulation-4,248 s.f. (24%) CENTRAL SCHOOL 28,372 s.f.
20. reception-304 s.f.
21. work room-144 s.f.
22. office A-180 s.f.
23. office B-108 s.f.
24. counselor A-120 s.f.
25. counselor B-120 s.f.
26. principal's office-240 s.f.
27. secretary-180 s.f.
28. locked vault-40 s.f.
29. faculty lounge-448 s.f.
30. female w.c.-60 s.f.
31. male W.C.-60 s.f.
32. school nurse-228 s.f.
33. electric closet-24 s.f.
. 34. janitors closet-24 s.f.
35. circulation-280 s.f. (11%) REHEARSAL-3,542 s.f.
36. rehearsal floor-2,326 s.f.
37. ensemble-200 s.f.
38. practice room-150 s.f.
39. practice room-150 s.f.
40. office-128 s.f.
41. instrument/uniform storage-384 s.f.
42. circulation-204 s.f. (6%)
GENERAL SHOP-4,672 s.f.
43. shop floor-3,840 s.f.
44. assembly/wash/lockers-672 s.f.
45. circulation-160 s.f. (3%)
C A FETOR IUM-5,376 s.f.
46. cafetorium-2, 304 s.f.
(with commons)
47. platform-896 s.f.
48. kitchen-1,152 s.f.
49. chair/table storage-128 s.f.
50. circulation-896 s.f. (17%) MULTI-MEDIA CENTER-3,840 s.f.
51. library-3,120 s.f.
52. check-out-200 s.f.
53. photo lab-160 s.f.
54. media storage-120 s.f.
55. librarian-240 s.f.
56. circulation-0
57. commons-2,048 s.f.
58. storage-39 s.f.
59. storage-39 s.f.
60. circulation-5,360 s.f.
ATHLETICS 20,960 s.f.
61. gymnasium-12,000 s.f.
62. wrestling room-2,304 s.f.
63. weight room-768 s.f.
64. storage-384 s.f.
65. circulation-4,360 s.f. (21%)
LOCKER ROOMS-3,584 s.f. (4 @ 896 s.f.)
66. male P.E. office-200 s.f.
67. lockers-192 s.f.
68. showers-120 s.f.
69. W.C.-96 s.f.
70. circulation-288 s.f. (32%)
71. male varsity traning toom-200 s.f.
72. lockers-192 s.f.
73. showers-120 s.f.
74. W.C.-96 s.f.
75. circulation-288 s.f.
76. female P.E. office-200 s.f.
77. lockers-192 s.f.
78. showers-120 s.f.
79. W.C.-96 s.f.
80. circulation-288 s.f.
81. female varsity training room-200 s.f.
82. lockers-192 s.f.
83. showers-120 s.f.
84. w.c.-96 s.f.
85. circulation-288 s.f. MECHANICAL/SUPPORT 5,376 s.f.
86. male toilet-448 s.f.
87. female toilet 448-s.f.
88. all school storage
mechanical room 4,480 s.f.
boiler room


Exterior walls steel columns, web or bar joists, ornamental block or face brick
Exterior walls steel columns and girders, face brick, best ornamental block
Interior Finish plaster, acoustic tile, ceramic or vinyl wainscot, vinyl asbestos
Interior Finish plaster, wainscot, basketball floor, vinyl asbestos, good detail
Lighting/Plumbing good fluorescent fixtures, good
plumbing, extra features
Lighting/Plumbing good lighting and outlets, tiled
shower and restrooms
HVAC individual controls, package A.C.
HVAC forced air
Exterior Walls steel columns, web or bar joists, ornamental block or face brick
Interior Finish plaster, acoustic tile, hardwood or vinyl asbestos
Lighting/Plumbing good fluorescent fixtures, good
plumbing, extra features
HVAC package A.C.


foundation footprint 70,840 s.f.
floor area 76,468 s.f.
roof area 73, 952 s.f.
use categories - 76,468 s.f.
classrooms 21,760 s.f. central school 28,372 s.f. athletics 20,960 s.f. mechanical/support 5,376 s.f.
total wall perimeter 1,386 I. f.
area of bearing wall 31,984 s.f.
14' height - 6,384 s.f.
16' height - 11,520 s.f.
32' height - 14,080 s.f.
cost estimates do not include:
parking, sidewalk, concession stand, exterior ground improvements such as athletic fields, or any other site work, bleachers, fixed seating
cost estimates include:
mixture of classrooms, multi-purpose buildings, administrative offices, etc., and may consist of one building or several separate buildings

1. Construction Description .masonry
some concrete load bearing walls
masonry or concrete load bearing walls
steel, wood, or concrete framing wood or steel floor joists
slab on grade
wood or steel joists for roof
wall wood, concrete block, brick, tile on masonry
2. Quality of Construction
a. School Areas (good quality) $49.51/s.f.
exterior walls - steel columns, web or bar joists, ornamental block or face brick
interior finish - plaster, acoustic tile, ceramic or vinyl wainscot, vinyl asbestos
lighting & plumbing - good fluorescent fixtures, good plumbing, extra features
heat - package A.C.
b. Cafetorium (good quality) $45.02/s.f.
exterior walls - face brick, ornamental trim, good entrance, lobby
interior walls - good finish and detail, carpeting and tile, auditorium, good kitchen
lighting & plumbing - good fluorescent lighting, good plumbing, and restrooms
heat - zoned
c. Classroom Areas (good quality) $47.33/s.f.
.exterior walls - steel columns, web or bar joists, ornamental block or face brick
interior finish - plaster, acoustic tile, hardwood or vinyl asbestos
lighting & plumbing good fluorescent lighting, good plumbing,
extra features
- package A.C.

d. Gymnasium Areas (average quality) $31.96/s.f.
.exterior walls - steel or glulam, truss or lamella roof structure,
brick, block, or tilt-up
interior finish - basketball floor, showers, vinyl asbestos, some
interior finish
lighting & plumbing adequate lighting and plumbing, shower rooms
heat - space heaters

Classrooms 21,760 s.f. @$47.33/s.f. Cafetorium 5,376 s.f. @ $45.02/s.f. General School 28,372 s.f. @ $49. 51/s.f. Athletics 20,960 s.f. @ $31.96/s.f.
Sprinkling 64,468 s.f. @$1.12/s.f. =
Outdoor Decking 5,128 s.f. @$14.00/s.f. = HVAC Improvements,
Acoustic Treatment 76,468 s.f. @ $1.80/s.f. = Vaults, Atriums,
Arcades - 10,120 s.f. @$20.00/s.f. =
$ 72,204.16 71,792.00
Story Height Factors 14' wall height 6,384 s.f. @ $1.126/s.f.
16' wall height 11,520 s.f. @ $1.189/s.f. 32' wall height 14,080 s.f. @ $1.398/s.f.
$ 7,188.38 13,697.28 19,683.84 $40,569.50
X $1.01 (local multiplier; Grand Junction, Colorado)
$3,911,685/76,468 s.f.