West side recorder, November, 1964

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West side recorder, November, 1964
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Volume 1, Number 7
November, 1964
It was announced' by MisSj Ellen HeaCock, Librarian,, that circulation in the past two* ^ weeks has taken b real jump] forward.. Many, new .adults, those not using the library fa-^ cilities previously are not onlyj checking but books but stop-, ping ift? to read periodicals and enjoy spending time in the quietness of the library reading : -short stories: v I
Miss Heacock .is pleased! with the response to request for magazines donated by people in -the community. There is with the exception of two issues, .a complete file of Readers Digest. I There is a
Auto Inspection Deadline Nov. 30
Deadline midnight ^November 30, for Colorado motorists to get their .biannual auto in- ^spection.- The.: State law ire-. quires that, .any. motor vehicle being driven on a public street or highway must be inspected .- twice a year. Automobiles on I thev street after November, 301 'Without a valid sticker will ? .ticketed by the. police. Dpn'tj wait unth theriqst minute when* the .^eryice. stations are rushed.. We have known, some people, who waited too long gnd: then had to hitch a ride, take a busjl qr walk to work* If you own t&ro cars, -they should both -be-inspected before- the deadline,r Some emergency- mriglif arise Ond Mama yrould have .'tp'v take the children :to the doc-7 tor or other unforeseen situa- '; tions. A word bf caution' ,
don't try to get away with it,w that isn't good citizenship plus the violation charge when ticketed.' Get your safety inspection now. . I
special request for issues of Time, Newsweek, U. S. News and World Reports. These particular magazines are of great assistance as reference works-' Magazines can be checked out for one week for those needing them for reference material. After -you have fin-, ished with your magazines; pease- give themdo the library.
The Library Commitee, sponsored by the West Side 1 Improvement Association met With Library officials recently and- discussed restoring -Byers to a branch library rather than the present Neighborhood Library. There must be a monthly ciruclcrtion^ df between six and seven thousand books to maintain branch library status. The librcay officials are encouraged and pleased with the response, of citizens in donating their issues of current magazines. *, They' also indicated their interest' in the community library program.
District Four Meets
Mr. Harold ^ Patton and Mr. John. Greenlee ,of-Sanitary Services offended' the October, meeting of District 4 ,of the West Side Improvement As-, sociatiori*- -They told- the peo-f spile .-at flie -meeting that dur-' ;ing -the rest of the calendar year, they would send trucks, to .. pickup tree branches,,
fehees,v6rd discarded ^gutters,! eta. -This would be d. .service available- to people iri -the West Sida Improvement Association area, and the pick up of this type of hash ^yould be made' on Saturdays. This service may be obtained by calling Sanitary Services, 296-2136 or 297-3127.
West Denver Auraria Society Christmas Party
Mr§. Mamie Bennett, President .of West Denver Auraria Historical Society announced the ghnudll Qiristmas party and program will be held on Thursday, December 3rd, starting -at 1:36 in Byers Library Auditorium. Refreshments will be served by the members followed by a program given by residents of/ the Adult Blind Home, 3289 Grove Street- Miss Celia .Parsons, from the Home is Th charge of the program. Tentative program, has Miss Blanche Mims in, piano Selections. Miss Mims now age 91, received her musical education' in an Eastern Conservatory of Music. Readings by Miss Ethel Spicer drid vocal selelctions by Bariton^ Mr. Albert Damon. Miss: Pearsons will accompany Mr. Dahion.
V The regular monthly meeting- of. the Society will also be held at this time. ':
Spelling Courses For Adults Now Ava liable
A special course to improve :the spelling ability of gdul'ts and collegp ^Taught M Dr." H<^Idck Cc>fd, the ,class stresses methods \ 61 remembering coprecf spellings ( of frequently mis-spellled' words and how-, to, "build ''up":' correctly spelled Words, frpm. wdrd-paris-
Anyone, may enroll for the course, which meets lor seven sessions, from 7:30 to 9:20 p. m. Tuition is $13.. For more information, persons mav call the Denver Center,. 244-6081.
The Police Citizen meeting held October 22, sponsored by the West Side Improvement Association had an attendance q^. sixty five. Representing the policeUepdrtment were Lieutenant RuBy, Sgt. Gerald Marker, Officers Daniel' Malloy, Phil Villalovos, DeT Black and Ralph Callahan' of District One.
From questions put to the officers, it was learned that one of the best precautions against breaking and entering for the I purpose of robbery is to leave! the. porch light and yard light on ALL NIGHT. It was gratifying, to be told that the crime rate percentagewise has dropped in this area, however, robbery still -ranks as the number one offense.
'.The explanation, by, the. offi cers that people do not h,crve to Identify .themselves,.^ (if they choose hot to) when calling in p complaint may make our citizens more willing to give information and to call the police regarding suspicious actions in their neighborhood. The officers requested cooperation and citizen help.
Among other matters discussed was the Denver curfew law. On week nights at 10:30 p.m. On weekends* 11:30 p.m. (Parents please note).
Regarding the wave of purse snatching: throughout, the city, the officers, cited it as a SRon-
Chairmaxi of District 1 Elected Mn Lesllie J. Kalanqhih of 1423 Lipan Street, was-recent-; ly chosen by residents of District 1 as Director of- the district. His lelelction followed; his successul efforts as chair-: man of the Lipan Street Committee to get the Department of Public Works to resurface Upon Street. Mr- Kalanquin owns his own home and other property on the West Side. He is in business as a contractor.
November 7, by beating
The Boys' Club football team became the Stapleton Braves 39-12. This was the
Back RoyBill Cope, Coach; Danny Baca, David Lucero,
Ben Berg, Jeray- Cordona,; Jack James. Wk#
Front RowDanny McNamee, Richard Sanchez, Ricky Wallic, Alphonso Dishman, Victor DeLeon, Orlcmdb Martinez, Frank Wallic.
, Louis Perez, Eddie PeMzV'r John Alegria,
taneous act rather than pro-meditated in the majority at cases... Jt is usually a case of snatch and run'when seeing a purse on a woman's arm. The ranking officer Lieutenant Ruby, cautioned women about going out at night unaccompanied-* At least try to have another woman with you and a group is better protection and less temptation for the would be purse snatcher. .
It was also learned that the area within the boundary, lines of the West Side Improvement Association is in District One, known as; the Downtown area and covered, by squad cars 17, 18 cmd 31. This, is a large territory to cover and: perhaps the explanation of why there can sometimes be a few minutes delay in answering a call. The increased growth of Denver leaves about one officer for every fourteen hundred people. .
The police and citizens are concerned about vandalism and the police are constantly on tne alert for any signs, groups of youths aimlessly wandering around, suspicious activity, noise or even, lights in buildings at umisuual hours and unoccupied residences.
Two. people in the audience publicly thanked the police for their promptness to calls and efficient handling of breakins. Another person expresses her thanks for the special checking of her home while" she was on vacation.
jij Officer Phill Villalovos told, of the organizing of sports par--Vticipation for youths in certain, areas of the city including the West Side- The officers give j their time to work with groups in seasonal sports. There is j no money available and' much of what is spent must come from the officers themselves (not stated by the officersreporters surmise). Many of the people present expressed their approval of the very informal and frank. discussion between citizens and police. Every question asked was answered forthright and in detail with no alibis, hedging or glossing over.
It would seem from talking witn several people attending the meeting that they consider the following would assist in overall cooperaion with police and the community: Supervision of children's after school activity is indicated, plus teaching children from little ones that police officers are their friends, not their enemies to be threatened with or feared by. Less apathy on the part of citizens to suspicious behavior and unusual activity in their neighborhood, as an officer stated, we wduld rather answer a call and find no one trying to burglarize, no gang fight, no neglect or abuse, of children, than to be called too. late.
The Association thanks *ho* police officers, each of them gave up their off duty hours* to spend the' everiincr answering questions Land discussing-various problems with the audience.

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WM*W*TP"1.THE R E C O RDE R ....I November, 1964
Mr. and Mrs. DeLeon and family of 1263 Lipan Street recently moved to their new home in Westminister.
Mrs. May Day of 226 West 2nd Avenue, a long time resident of the West Side has returned from an extended trip through Arizona, Nevada and Utah. She saw Boulder Dam and spent two days in Las Vegas. While in Salt Lake City, Mrs. Day was honored at a reception by her many friends and relatives and showered with gifts. Mrs. Day spent 17 days visiting her late husband's family in Utah. She said the scenery, parties and spring'all her friends and family added up to a delightful vacation, but she is glad to be back in Denver and especially glad to get hack to her church work at the Wesley Methodist Church-
Mr. Henry Schonberg, 1248 Lipan Street has returned to his home froni1 Porter Sanatorium where he had; surgery. Recent guests of the Schon-bergs were Mr. and Mrs. Wil-ford Young, of Iowa and Mr. anc| Mrs. Lynn Kensler of Colorado Springs,
Mrs. Al.C- Pace, 424 Gala-pago Street passed away October 29. She is survived by seven children ; and many grandchildren .Ond great grand-childreh.
Mr- Justo Pacheco of Las Vegas, NeW Mexico, is spending sohie time with his son Eloy and brother Adolph Pacheco of! 12§§ Lipan Street,
Mrs. Phillips, owner of the West Colfax Cleaners, is in St. Anthony's Hospital. .
Mr- Arthur Seritfngqrd, 1247 Lipan Street has returned after spending several days in Monroe, Nebraska, with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jenny. WS£m
Abraham Lincoln said, ''Most folks are as haPPY as they make up their, minds to be.'*
Book Reviews, New Listings, From Byers Library
Nekrasov, Vikto, BOTH SIDES OF THE OCEAN (914.5 N 319 bo)
A Russian writer's travels in Italy and the United States. Kruschchev attacked Mr. Nekrasov before the Soviet Communist Party's Central Committee in July, 1963 for writing an objective- book about the United States and Italy. The author visited America in 1950 and Italy in 1962. The book is basedon these two visits.
Miller, Warren. THE SIEGE OF HARLEM (M' 6192 si) :
This science fiction book supposes that Harlem separated itself from New York City and -established itself 'as of the. great black capitals n earth-.
A yery up-to-date look a1 the man who heads the Corps and who has riamed by President Johnson to head the War on Poverty program, ; ,
-Fleming Ian. YOU ONLY DIVE. TWICE (F 62317 yo)
Walker, David. WINTER OF MADNESS (W 14975 wi)
Luce, Iris. LETTERS FROM THE PEACE CORPS (338.91 962 lei) I
The second grade from Greenllee visits Byers Neighborhood Library with their teacher, Miss-Frieda Sater. Library rulels are explained to the children- Librarian Miss Heacock reads-a story to the younger children. .
St. Cajetan's Safety Patrol Ranks With Best
Sister James Marie, Principal of St. Cajetan Grade School points out the Stamp collection boxes in the school hall. Parents; children and friends contribute stamps under the P.T. A. stamp coll@§tin program-
Safety Patrol Watches Dangerous Comer
Saint Cajetan Grade School, located at 800 Lawrence Street has one of the more hazardous school crossings in the city*. The dangerous crossing at 9th and Lawrence Street is where the Lawrence Street viaduct terminates. However, the children cross UNDER the viaduct NEVER ACROSS Lawrence Street. This is due to the excellent Safety Patrol. There are 20 patrol boys from 7th and 8th.grades with six boys on duty each sqhool day. Safety Patrol boys are selected for responsibility, and dependability and must also keep their school grades up to av-
I el-age. Sixth graders will begin Patrol Duty in the second semester. The Patrol boys started this year with new orange belts and yellow coats and hats for rain, snow, and cold weather. The boys take their duties seriously and car-? ry them out with authority and courtesy. Sister Mary Reginald, 7th grade teacher, is moderator and instructor for* the Safety Patrol. . j
Last year St.'Cajetan's school received the "Archbishop Vehr' award for outstanding per-
formance in School Safety.
An enthusiastic crowd1 attended Elmwood School's annual Back-To-School Night on October 28- An estimated 200 people were in attendance.
Baker Jr. High School PTAu
The P.T.A.. Board of Managers of Baker Junior High was held on November 5th, including a kitchen, shower. The next meeting scheduled for December 10th at 1:15 p. m. will be a pot luck lunch and exchange of dollar gifts.
Left to right: Virginia Morales, Nicki Romero, Angela Chacon, Christine Maestas, Linda Sanchez, Lenore Duran, Veronica Sandoval, Sophie Cisneros. This group of girls assist in
preparing and do*all the folding, stuffing of envelopes, sealing and mailing of letters to' parents, School Bulletins; also-P. T. A. information, and announcements for St. Cajetan's Grade School.
October 2%, was Q big day in the life of Gloria Reeek. Her parents, Mr. Ond ert C- Reeek, 1§2 Street,, gave a party to celebrate Gloria's 16th birthday. The Odd Fellows hall in Edge-water was taken over occasion with the Four tions providing music for danc-j ing from seven to midnight* There was a huge birthday cake in pink and white topped; with a doll. Gloria wore a: white satin formal to receive her guests.
Sponsored by West. S\de} Improvfesnent Association
Office: 76,8. Santa Fe Drive Phone 244-3301 -Editor: Mary E. Larkin
Rose Gomez. Iris Hewlings, Margot Serumgard.
Patrol boys leaving school take up their assigned posts-,
turn trip.;
Mrs. Edna GarOidr, sister of Mrs. Ida Vasqu^z, 1239 Lipan Street, who attended the wedding of her sister 'Miss Elizabeth Trujillo remained aS house guest of Mrs- Vasquez for-two weeks, i
Mr. and Mrs. Gumma, 438 Inca Street and her brother, Cecil .Tate, and vrife recehtly took in a sight seeing trip
Front row: Paul Aencio, Lupe, Ynostrosa, Matthew Torres, Glen Alfred Back row: Everett Trujillo," David Tafoya

November, 1964
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Youth Activity
The Boys' Club held" its annual Halloween Party on Sat urday afternoon, October 31, 1964, and had g line., turn out of boys to participate in the fun. They bobbed for apples and enjoyed all' kinds of other games that were set up in the Club gymnasium. .
The first Boy ,of the Month night Of the Fall and Winter season got under way in fine style on Wednesday night, October 21st, at the Boys' Club. This is the night where boys are honored1 for outstanding participatidn and conduct in the various departments of the facility, then a boy is chosen for the entire club and in turn receives gifts such as bicycles, Savings account in his name at the First National Bank of Denver and many more. The boys that were involved in the program for this month are as follows:
Boy of the month of the Club Floyd Murrillo.
Boy of the Game Room Valentine Blea.
Boy of the Gymnasium Robert Gonzales.
Boy of the Craftshop John Giron.,
Boy of Football Alphonse Dishman-
Fifteen boys were presented trophies for being junior counselors at our summer camp-Glenn Close Jr., John Medina, Sammy Gallegos, Ray Garcia, Danny Rivera, Robert Chavez, Tom Martinez, Danny Yates, Frank Wallic, Louis Perez, Floyd Murillo, Dave Simeriski, Joe Salaz, Michael Flores, .who ) was awarded' Camper of. the Year; and Ray Garcia was given a special award-for being outstanding counselor of the year.
of the boys are showing real tdlent- The kids lost-- their pet squirrel and feel the void left by (his) (her) absence.
7 Touch Your Toes By Mary Jo Eastland 8th Grade
The seventh and eighth grade girls of. St. ^Joseph's School have recently begun to take physical education. As a member of this class, I have already; noticed the difference in weight, and posture.. On behalf of the. girls;> our. thanks to Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs. Trujillo' for giving. their time; and energy in helping us become better looking and healhtier young ladies.
Physical- Fitness
By Robert. Candelaria 8th Grade
Around 11:30 the seventh and eighth grade boys at St. Joseph's school go to the gym and have a program known as The Physical Fitness program. That includes 10- ..minutes of vigorous exercising and 20 minutes, of. hard playing which includes. a game-, of dodge ball and sometimes a game similar to soccer. The program was set up by former President tphn F, Kennedy, who urged each school .across the nation to have a program on Physical Fitness.
Martin Martinez bobs for apples at Boys Club Halloween party
The passing away. oF Miss Halloween affected the- creative interest of the boys in the craft shop too. They have lost their interest- in drawing and painting goblins/ witches and like objects, of their irhinagi-nations. These days they have turned*; themselves to more utilitarian value. Some are busy in making coffee tables where others are making shelves and decorative objects out of colored plastic. Leon-and (Peanuts) has discovered rhat an aggregate* of four colored floor tiles fined on a piece.of board can make a beautiful piece for placing hot dishes on the. dinner table. The drawing and painting class is making good progress- and plans are .tinder way for holding an arts exhibition;bv-the] end of December, 1964/Some
AURARIA NEWS si. By Gerqldfne Hodges |p||&j1 Junior, We^/^igh0-^;.
November 8 was a big night for; families at Auraria Community Center,, for we began our monthly FAMILY NIGHTS. There were games' fdr everyone,./, some demonstration. of Danish dances and the evening was tbpped off with refreshments-''v It was a.., gopc for families to play together. If you didn't make it this month, ketep December H free in the.evening. This-.will be the evening for Auraria's annual Christmas party. The planning committee for our Family Nights is as follows: Mrs. Tate, Mrs. Joe, Mrs. Van-ceal, Mrs. Rhyme, Mrs. Won-ner, and Mrs. Lopez.
Halloween was the occasion for many parties by the groupsj qt AuTaria. The Junior High
^irls .; entertained themselves and; their friends with a "Beatle Party/' The Junior. High boys had a day: in the mountains f6r Halloween, while the elementary aged clubs made masks and had parties in their separate ./clubs. The Auraria Preschool is now about three months old. One of the little girls in the preschobl was overheard saying the other day Were having a ball. We're all mothers and iwe're moving!" These kids-about 15 pers s ' For High school boys and girls the Teen Lounge has opened, again. Usually on Thursday nights there's nothing to do- Not so anymore if you join the Teen Lounge. It is really swinging. You can dance* play pool, ping pong cards, and other games of all sorts. The Lounge is open Thursday nights from 7:30 9:00 .p;m. Come and join the Teen Lounge at Auraria Hall 12th and Mariposa.
' The high schopl, girls club is doing some: new things this year, some of -die activities this club1 has done are: a picnic at Evergreen Lake, a visit of Opportunity School, some iiscussions of employment possibilities, and wefre planning a swim at the D- U. pool. If any high school girls would like to join or. visit the club they are welcome. We meet on Monday evenings at 6:30 1:30 at the Auraria Community Center.
Dear Parent, .
Do you ever think' of the "good ole days", when you were in school? Do you often try to visualize what your child does each day in school? Are you concerned about his pro gress; in school? Do you want to know your child's teachers better because you realize his success depends upon parents and teachers working together? You do?
Then, your child and his teachers have made just such an opportunity possible.
The Occasion-Home Room Visitation Hout.
The Time: 8:45 10:30 a.m.
At. this time you will sit With
your cshild during his-/ first hour class, and observe his class room role, as. the class, participates in. a typical class activity.. Your child,, will show you his classwork which he has completed in each of his 'classes- At the. end of -the' hour, you will sip coffee, and. have an opportunity to chat informally, with -your child's! teachers and then take a tour of the school/building, if you like.. Because many, of" you have., young children, free baby Sitter Service will be provided right here at the school.
Your child and his teachers are eagerly looking forward to. this occasion., Won't you plan to .come? We shall be very disappointed if von don't. We shall.expect you then!
Tuesday, Dec. 1-Mr. Gohn
Thursday, Deer. 3Mrs. Roberts
Tuesday, Dec- 15
Mrs. Garwood
Wednesday, Dec. 16
Mrs. Jackson
Thursday, Jan. 7Mrs. Bates
Wednesday, Jan. 13
Mr. Rudoff
Wednesday, Jan. 20
Miss O'Meara
Tuesday, Jan- 26Mr. Leo
Thursday, Febr. 4Mr. Hillman
Tuesday, Febr. 8Mr. Heifner
Wednesday, Febr. 17
Mr. Garver
Thursday, Febr.- -25-Mr. Doyle
Tuesday, March 2
Miss McCrory
Wednesday, March 10 .
!Miss Slayden
Tuesday, March 23
Mrs- Carney
Thursday, March .25--/
Mr- Amundson
Tuesday, March 30Mr. Ray
Tuesday, April 6
Mrs. Golden & Mrs. Widmann
Thursday, April 22
Mr. Esquibel &Mr. Oliver
Tuesday, April 27
Mrs. McGregor & Miss Schilt
ST. CAJETAN'S Grade School
Every school has a P. T. A. St.' Cajetan's School is unusual in haying a Father-Mother team, to serve in ALL offices of their Parent Teacher Association. This unique arrangement results in good cooperation, interest and attendance by parents. Heading this year's : committee on, : Gold Bond Stamps are Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ankele, Presidents of the P. T. A. with Mrs. B. Clifton in charge, of Mor Valu Stamps. The goal for stamps is to replace tables and chairs in the school library. Last year thru the stamp plan, electric clocks Were provided for each classroom and halls.
The recent P- T. A. meeting on November 10th had a large attendance. Sister Carmen-cita, the curriculum consultant for the Archdiocess of Denver, was guest speaker. Mr. John Archuleta also addressed the group.
Witches, ghosts and animals start out on haunting mission from Elmwood School's Halloween party.
Learn from the mistakes of others. You 'haven't time to make them all yourself.
Social Security Checks
//There is no limit on the length of time you have to negotiate your check. But, the sooner you do, the less chance there is of losing your check or having it stolen- Incidentally,/Jt is a Federal offense for anyone other than ypur-. self to cash your, check. It is
- ; thanksgiving
By Frances Apodaca 8th. Grade
"Bless' us, O Lord,'and these Thy gifts which we are about ; to/ receive freftfi/ Thy.bounty, through Christ our Lord Amen." After these words or words > df similar meaning the family hungrily eyes the turkey and prepares to eat heartily. After dinner the guests will sit and discuss many subjects and stories. It all seems pleasant enough but what about the feast day itself? Have we forgotten why this is a happy day?. Don't we give a thought to being thankful for our feast, friends, and. many blessings. Some people don't and they are letting the real meaning of Thanksgiving pass by-
Thanksgiving was meant to be a day when people thanked and praised the Lord for what He had done for them. When the first pioneers landed in America, they knelt humbly and said a prayer of thanks, Are we, their descendants,
a good idea, too, not to sign pi§ able to do this also? Yes,
ST. CAJETAN SCHOOL. SAFETY PATROL has 20 trained boys alternating each-drionth,
your check until you are ready to cash it.
If you lose your check, or it gets destroyed after you have received it, get in touch with your local security office and explain what happened. Your check can be replaced if it is destroyed, stolen, or lost. It. takes time to do this though. Take cafe of your checks.
we can and should for we have many more things to be thankfUl for than they ever did. So oh Thanksgiving will you and your family remember? Will; other families remember? Thanksgiving Day is also meafrt to be a. day, of thanks-Sjrnot just a huge feast of turkey with all the trimmings.-

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November, 1964
; Mrs.D. J. Liesveld, Chairman j active for a year and is of the Denver Board for the charged with implementing a Mentally Retarded and Ser- broad, community-based effort
Piously Handicapped, announced the opening of new facili-' ties for pre-school and for trainable school youngsters at *-8000 Montview Boulevard.
Additional programs in oth-* er parts of the city will be -started as facilities and money -/become available.
The Denver Board has been
Baker Jr. High Has JRoom Visitations
(First Hour Semantics students invited their mothers to the first home room visitation -held at Baker Junior High -School this year. Parents attended a Veteran's Day assembly, -looked at folders contain-iMag- samples .of work, looked *at learning materials in the classrooms, and had refresh-- merits with the students and their counselors*
(Student impressions of visi-
fudy Tate: "We should have ^these gatherings more often --so that parents can understand v/what we do in school. It was Jtmpossible for my mother to Income today, but I hope she .&can come next time."
W .'Jerald- DeCotean: "I wish pDfip^^mothbrs. had, cpme, they have;: enjoyed it. m Viaipando;We went {figs .tm assembly;-, a£d' -didn't .^i^e. much time for classwork. ;^|v^sh-. all the. mothers could xidve eeen more of what we *do. MY mother likes the way te dll -say the Pledge of Allegiance' together every morn-
£Saint Pete's Episcopal Church, 12S West Second Avenue, Parish Hail, is having its Annual Bazaar and Christmas /Fair on Friday, November 20, 1964, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 jp.m- Lunch and dinner will life served all day.
JBantry Shelf Homemade Fruitcakes -Needlework -'Aprons, ate.
Filteen of the nineteen girl -scorns, members of Troop 607, -recently held a cookout at the
- iiome of, their leader, Mrs*
- Frank J. Dabrowski, 1115 Inca v Street. The girls prepared TSlgRpy Toes" and "Some 'mores"1 over a charcoal fire, in addition to ice cream, cake
^xzcRJbot chocolate rounding out Sae menu.. They held their -regular meeting previous to Mhe cookout, opening with the ~ Fkig ceremony and songs. Ev-v *ssfiyane present voted tfie meet-ii'vjtig -and cookout a success.
TThe^girl scouts also enjoyed. V2t eonibkied Halloween and caLebr&tion of Juliette Lowe (founder of girl scouts) birthday FMrs. Dabrowski would ap--tpreciate help from the girls' 'mothers in art or homemaking.
to provide programs for the I mentally retarded and the seriously handicapped* Legisla-| tion enacted by the last Color rado General Assembly provides funds, on a matching basis, to Community programs approved by the Colorado Department of Institutions. The Denver program has been approved and the Board has been authorized $27,000 in state funds. These funds, however, must be matched by the community either in services, facilities or money in order to accomplish the planned programs. Basically, the programs are for individuals who are not now receiving care or training in existing tax-supported programs, and for those not currently, enrolled in any private1 program.
The Denver Public Schools are providing four half-day teachers for the trainable school age programs and other organizations, both private and; governmental, have conribu-ted in the planning 'phases with money and services. It is hoped that other individuals and organizations will contribute services or money in order td provide training and care for the many retarded and handicapped in Denver who presently dp not or cannot receive such care*
The Coordinator of the Denver Board's programs is Mrs. Hope G. Curfmah With offices at 1360 Vine Street Additional information concerning eligibility and. enrollment procedures may be obtained by calling 355-0715 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Home Making Class At South Lincoln Park Homes
A homemaking class was started on October 13, 1964, at South Lincoln Park Homes under the auspices of Auraria Community Center, and with the collaboration of the Housing Authority and the Denver Welfare Department* A group of seven women, eager to improve their homemaking skills, have been meeting once a Week with Mrs, Eleanor Graham, teacher in home econom-, ics at Opportunity School. They have certainly had a good time together, exchanging their experiences and problems, and discussing how to help theii children to make their contribution with the housework. It is. so much easier for the mother when everyone in .the family is picking up his own things.
Mrs. Grade Lofton has been the baby sitter and has sometimes had a very Busy time. The whole group wants to thank her for the good job she is doing with the children*
This class will end in the first week of December when the mothers are planning a party with their children.
, Some people's minds are S3h may be reached by call- like concrete: thoroughly mixed Srig CH* 4-9096. ' up arid firmly set/ '
The Santa Fe .Cleaners and Tailors, 618 Santa Fe, has been under the'same owner for thirty two years. Mrs. Perkins and her husband bought the business iii 1932 and together built up a reputation of good work, with small alterations and close attention to detail. For the past sixteen years, her son Charles, Julian Quesnoy has been managing the business having learned pressinq from his mother and as he said from "helpling out/' For fourteen years hfe was with the General Iron and Machine Works. Mrs. Perkins married the late' Henry LeQerc a few years ago and thought" of retiring but the pattern of Working habit had become sO strong she couldn't give up and is still active in the shop. Mr. Qudsnoy lamented the fact there is no school in Denver where one can learn, the pressing trade so it is a case of apprenticeship and good pressing is one of the major factors in a cleaning establishment They often find it necessary to employ extra help.
The former Mrs. Perkins and her husband came to Colorado faking up homestead rights around Craig, Where their son was raised.
Both. Mrs. LeClerc and her son said they have seen many changes on the West Side in the past 32.. years,, but they nave built up a clientele, of, continuous customers, many of them, returning to the^ shop after moving out of the neighborhood. They also stated their faith in the. West Side jusifies their remaining in the same place and they are still putting out the. same land of work with promptness one. of their main considerations. The Santa Fe Cleaners and Tailors is open from 7:30 to 5;30 weekdays and until 1:30 on Saturdays. There is also a pick up and delivery service for those who need it Mr* Quesnoy and his wife who manages the Colorado Reweaving store maintain their home in Englewood. Mrs. LeQerc has her residence in the back of the shop, thereby she is constantly on the. job. Mr. Quesrioy's family of three children are grown, and married.
CHURCH OF GOD 5th and Fox Street Rev. Leroy Vance ServiceSunday Service, 11 7:30. Sunday School, 10.
METROPOLITAN BAPTIST 910 Kalamath Street Rev. Salvador Cano ServiceSunday Service, 11, 6:30.
- Sunday School. 10.
ST. CAJETAN 9th and Lawrence Phone 825-8059 Rev. J. Ordinas, Pastor ServicesSunday Mass: 6:30, 8:30, 10:30 and 12:15.
Holy Days6:30, 8:30, 10:30, 7:00.
Apostolic Church of Jesus 1039 W. 13th Avenue Rev. Toby Rampa Rev. Lee Velasquez Service §S|§jj Sunday Service, 10:30, 12:00.
Sunday. School, 9:30.
ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN 33 West 3rd Avenue Phone 733-2777 Rev. Paul Hansen Service Sunday Seivices, 8:30, 11, 7.
Sunday School 9:45.
APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH 1000 kalamath Street Phone 222-7489 | Rev. W. R. Nichols Service-Sunday: 11, 7:3C. Sunday School9:30.
The Santa Fe Qeaners and
FIRST MENNONTTE CHURCH 885 Delaware Street Rev. Marcus Bishop Rev, John Ventura Sunday Service9:00; Spanish, Service 11:15; Sunday
Tailors, is a union shop with Schod 1Q;00. Evening Service
membership in Local No. 304.
West Side Mothers Club YWCA
The club consists" of about 8 to 10 or after three in the forty mothers not only from afternoon; or Mrs. Madeline the West Side, but other parts.! Baker, 244-5091, any time af-of town too. They enjoy swim-Iter four; or Betty Brown at the ming and sewing each Thurs-.YWCA, 825-7141. day night at the YWCA. After January, more mothers Will be welcome to joirl and ; to enjoy crafts, cooking and other activities they help plan. J Any new mothers wishing to join may come to a meeting and talk with members who will explain the program more fully. The group always finishes! cember. a. term by having a party of what to
some kind.
It has seemed to help a great deal for the mothers just to get out and join in on some kind of outside activities. We hope that in the near future we will see some new faces. Anyone wanting to know more about this group can call. Mrs. Marlon Garcia, .825-6669, from.
Each Christmas most of us promise ourselves that next year we will have all the Christmas presents bought and wrapped long before De-We know exactly give Aunt Minnie,
Uncle Joe and the kids and even tell ourselves to take advantage of the after Christmas and summer sales. Creatures of habit. Do we follow through? I have been prom-; ising myself to avoid the hectic rush and last minute disappointment for forty years ngw* WhfrJ about '.you? ,
First Avenue Presbyterian r m 120. West' .131 Avehue Phone 77,7-5325 Rev. A. J; Blomquist ServiceSunday Service 11, 6:30.
Sunday School 9:45.
ST. LEO THE GREAT West Colfax and Stout Street Phone 623-1803 Rev. Robert A. Banigan ServicesSunday Mass: 8:30, 11:30.
Week Days: 7:00 p. m.
Holy Days: 8:30 a. m.7:00 p. m.
W. 6th Ave. and Galapago St Phone 534-4408 Rev. James Nugent, C Ss. R. Pastor :
ServicesSunday Mass: 6, 7, 8:30, JO/11:30.
Holy Days 6, 7, 8, 9, 12:15, 5:30.
ST. ELIZABETH 11th and Curtis Streets Phone 255-9556 Rev. Berard Giblin, CFM Pastor Services-Sunday Mass: 6, 8, 9:15, il, 12:15^/
Holy Days: 6, 7. 8, 9, 12;15.
FIRST SPANISH METHODIST 935 W. 11th Avenue Rev. Thomas Sepulveda ServiceSundayi 9:45, 11.
WESLEYAN COVENANT : 525 West First Ave. v Rev.- O. L. Crager 1 Sunday Service, 7:00 p. m.
Sunday School, 10:30 a; m.
Iglesia Bethel De Las Assem-bleas De Dios y West 2ndAve. and Fox St Rev. Vindente Rivera, Pastor Rev. Abel Rodriguez Service^Sunday, 10:00.
FOIST BETHANY LUTHERAN 215 West 5th Avenue Phone 422-1298 -Rev. Fred A. Bloch ServiceSunday Service 11. Sunday School 9:30.
Phone 623-4044 Rev. B. L. Thompson Service Sunday: 10-11-7:30
P- hn.
WEST SIDE CHRISTIAN 670. Inca Street William K* Linton, Pastor ServiceSunday* 8:30, 10:50 Bible School9:40.
WESLEY METHODIST 465 Galapago Street -Rev. James Smith Service Sunday Service, 11. Sunday Scnbol 9:45.
ST. PETER'S EPISCOPAL 126 West 2nd Avenue Phone 722-8781 Rev. David Minton ServiceSunday Service, II. Sunday School, 9:30.
Denver Inner City Protestant | 910 Galapago Street Rev. O. K. Schlesselman Phone 266-9065 Rev: Russell S* Williams