West side recorder, March, 1966

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West side recorder, March, 1966
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Volume 2, Number 10
With less than two weeks still to go until the March 31 deadline for enrollment in the voluntary medical insurance part of medicare, about 75 per cent of the Nation's older people have already signed up.
The medical insurance will cover 80 per cent of doctor bills and a variety of other health services over and above the first $50 of expenses in a year, supplementing the basic hospital insurance provided persons 65 and over under the medicare law.
According to figures released March 10 by Joseph S. Sewall social security district manager in Denver, 121,000 people, about 68 per cent of 177,000 persons 65 and over in the State of Colorado had enrolled in the voluntary medical insurance as of February 15. Only about 11 percent had decided against enrolling and many of these are changing their minds, he said. Still to be heard from were about 45,000 Colorado residents.
The enrollment period foi persons wno reachea bb before the beginning of this yeai closes on March 31. Tnose who fail to enroll by 'then will have to wait two years foi another chance and pay higher premiums. The premium for those who enroll now is $3 a month. Persons 65 and over, whether or ncrt they have ever worked under Social Secrt-ity, are eligible for medicare protection, Sewall emphasized. Also, both hospital insurance and medical insurance benefits are payable whether or not they are retired or continue to work.
Persons 65 and over who have not received enrollment cards should call, visit, or write the district social security office for information about enrolling for the, doctor bill insurance and also about establishing their eligibility for hospital insurance. The address is Room 1412, Federal Build ing, Denver.
Published Monthly
March, 1966
Neighborhood Meetings Slated To Plan War On Poverty Elections
The 17th annual breakfast meeting of the Latin American Educational Foundation will be held on Sunday, March 20, at the Pinehurst Country Club.
This year the Foundation awarded 61 grants or loans to students, bringing the total tc some 484 students which the Foundation has helped to attend college over the years. Nearly 100,000 dollars have been awarded during these 17 years.
One of the highlights of the breakfast will be talks by several of the students who have received aid. Also, the Foundation will present awards to outstanding citizens who have made contributions in the field of education.
Information may be secured from the office of the Latin American Educational Foundation at 1375 Delaware Street. "The phone number is 255-5846.
W Mississippi Ave. AREA E
A widely known Denver man, Charles C. Vigil of 1397 South Vrain Way, has been appointed Education Coordinator for Denver's War on Poverty, Inc. Vigil, a native of Denver, has long been active in youth, educational and church work- He is president of the board of directors of Motivation Againsl Poverty, a voluntary organization connected with DWOPI; is vice-president of Latin Amen icon Research and Service Agency, a United Way organization, better known as LA-RASA, secretary of the American G I Forum, and a member of the Ecumenical Commission for Anglican-Orthodox unity.
As education coordinator for
Dates have been set for the first neighborhood meetings to talk about elections for the West Side Action CoundL Related to Denver's War on Poverty, community action councils will be formed by residents of the "Target Areas" in cooperation with agencies, churches and schools in the neighborhoods.
Present plans for the election preparations begin with a meeting in each of the five census tracts in Target Area E. Dates and places are listed below; Census Tract boundaries are shown on the map:
Monday, March 21
Census Tract 21, Fairmont School, 520 West 3rd Avenue Tuesday, March 22
Census Tract 20, United Fund Service Center, 1375 Delaware
Census Tract 19, Auraria Community Center Hall,
1178 Mariposa Street Wednesday, March 23
Census Tract 12, St. Elizabeth's School, 1020 11th Streei
Census Tract 18, Mennonite Youth Center, 430 W. 9th Ave.
All meetings will begin at 7:30 p. m. Among the subjects for discussion are: purpose of the council; how much responsibility will the council have; how will members of the council be elected; who can be a candidate; how will the elections be carried out.
At each Census Tract meeting a planning committee will be chosen. Together, the five planning committees will form one larger committee to make final plans for the election, to be held in April. Ideas expressed in the Census Tract meetings will be important in the final plans. All residents are urged to attend the meetings in their areas, to learn more about the proposed West Side Action Council.
At a meeting held February 22 at Wesley Methodist Church. West Siders from Districts 6 and 8 decided by a narrow margin to support a proposed Inspection of property by the Depart* ment of Health and Hospitals. The inspection, to be held In an area south of W. 6th Ave. and west of Santa Fe, began on March 9, according to Mr. Douglas Wigle, Jr., Chief of the Housing Section, Department oi Health and Hospitals.
DWOPI, Vigil will be concerned with the proper operation of dH projects funded by the Federal Office of Economic Opportunity for educational purposes-
Study Hall for Junior High Age7:00-8:30 p. m.. First Spanish Methodist Church, 935 W. 11th Ave.
Monday and Wednesday Typing Class for Adults West High School, 7-9 p.m.
Basic Adult Education, Room 111, Baker Junior High, 7 p.
Homemaking Class at 1029 Navajo St., 1:30-3:00 p. m.| Baby sitting provided.
Sewing Classes for Adults First Avenue Presbyterian Church
9:00 a.m. to noon
Auraria Community Center 12:30 3:30 p.m.
Study Hall7:00-8:30 p. m. Welfare Training Center 646 Delaware Street
Study Hall7:00-8:30 p. m. Lincoln Park Homes, 1438 Navajo Street
Adult Education Tutorial Program
St. Elizabeth's School ,7:30 9:30 p.m.
Adult Night Fairmont Reo recation Center
Reading Improvement Group, 1029 Navajo, 1:004:00 p.m. Baby sitting provided.
March 21 War on Poverty Meeting, Census Tract 21, Fairmont School, 7:30 p. m.
March 22 War on Poverty Meeting, Census Tract 20, United Fund Service Center, 1375 Delaware, 7=30 p. m.
March 22 War on Poverty Meeting, Census Tract 19, Auraria Community Center, 7:30 p. m.
March 23 War on Poverty Meeting, Census Tract 12, St Elizabeth's School, 7:30 p. m.
March 23 War on Poverty Meeting, Census Tract 18, Mennonite Youth Center, 430 W. 9th Ave., 7:30 p. m.
March 24WSTA District 7 at Fairmont School, 7:00 p. m.
March 24Chest x-ray at Elmwood School, 10:00 a. m. to 6-00 p. m.
March 24 27 St. Joseph'# Men Is Cursillo to be held at Notre Dame Parish
March 25 Varsity-Fcicuky Baseball, Boys' Gym, Wert High, 4:00 p. m.
March 25Chest x-ray at Elmwood School, 9:00 a. m. to 3:00 p. m
March 30 PTA coffee for teachers, West High Social Room, 9:00 11:00 a. m.
March 31 Confirmation, St. Cajetan Church
April 12-WSIA District Meeting, Auraria Community Center, 7:30 p. m.
April 13 PTA Achievement Night, West High Auditoriu-n
April 17Soring Carnival, St. Jcr-oh's Grade School, 1:00-8:C0 p. m.

Pag Two
March, 1966
Sponsored by West Side Improvement Association
Office: 768 Santa Fe Drive Phone 244-3301
Editor: Rachel Guedea Staff Reporters:
Rose Gomez, Iris Hewiings, Margot.,Serumgard, Mildred Jordan, Juanita Winterhalder, Mary Chavez.fY
Beatrice Conway of 1430 Li* pan Street has been ill for several days. She is much batter. She celebrated her 10th birthday on March 3rd.
Mrs. M. G. Crider of Cleveland, Oklahoma, the sister of Mrs. M. M. Churchill of 1209 Lipan Street, is running an apartment house at 1410 Pearl Street.
'JZeiyhd&ifocact rJtote&
. Mrs. Dorothy Lindsay attended the Founders Day Tea at Eagleton School February 24. Mrs- Lindsay was PTA President in 1959-1960.
Larry Romero, 238 Cherokee St, was called into the army the 1st of March, going to El Paso, Texas. He had been attending Jr- College in Trinidad, Colorado.
Mrs. Dorothy Lillick and daughter Barbara, and Mrs. Gilbert Carpenter from Yuma. Colorado, spent Thursday and Friday, March 10 and 11, with Mrs- Helen Burke, 222 Cherokee St. Mrs. Lillick is a teacher in the Yuma, Colorado schools, and came up for the, basketball tournament,
Mrs- Lena Richards of 244 West 3rd, is out of doors again, after a long winter of being confined to her home.
Miss Connie Speck spent a week and a half visiting Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mayberry* Connie is on vacation from El Paso, Texas.
Anne Molieyi, of Annes Beauty Salon, 971 Santa JFe Drive entertained nine members of her Samba Card Club at her home on February 27.
Fay Nera is back at work at Anne's Beauty Salon, 971 Santa Fe Drive, after a three weeks absence because of illness.
Petty Officer, Second Class Gary S. nail nas been spending part of his 15 day leave from the U- S. Navy with his grandmother Mrs. Kay LeClerc of 618 Santa Fe Drive. Gary, whose home is Grand Lake, Colorado, is a graduate of the Grand Lake High School. He has been in Viet Nam since March 1965- Home to Gary the past year has been the U. S. S. Neches- His next reporting station will be Florida. Mrs. LeClerc had her brother, James Horn of Rifle, Colorado visiting her. His wife Edna Horn is in Rose Memorial Hospital after undergoing heart surgery on March 8th. She is convalescing satisfactorily-
Ronald Patrick Vigil, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vigil of 561 Santa Fe Drive has been accepted by the Job Corps and is in training at the Job Corps camp at Collbran, Colorado for the next six months. Ronald, who is 17 years of age, graduated from Baker Junior High and attended West High-
Mrs. Lulu Young of 241 Inca SireY has just returned from a visit of three months. She vis ited her relations, in Louisiana, Texas, Kansas and California. She received sad news. Her great-grand-son was kicked by a horsp and died last Friday in Perrytbn, Texas. It was a sad ending for a wonderful vacation.
Miss Ruth Ann Unzicker, a 1965 graduate of West High School, was recently initiated into Alpha Lambda Delta sorority at the University of Denver. The sorority is a freshman- women's honorary sorority. Ruth Ann is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs- Harry A. Unzicker of 144 W. 2nd Ave.
Mrs. Arthur Serumgard of 1247 Lipan Street went to a masquerade dance heid at the Aii force Academy in Colorado Springs, February 19. She won a door prize for her costume. She reported a wonderful time.
Mr. Maynard Felch, formerly of 1209 Lipan Street, was in St. Joseph's Hospital. He now has been released and is now residing aft 1045 West 14th.
Ie would like to see all his friends.
Mr. Joe Knifton of the Fellowship Church at 1443 West 14th A. venue has been released from ihe hospital. He is doing real well.
Mrs. Ida Baer of 924 West iUch Avenue had a surprise party oib her' 91st birthday. There were 51 relatives present. A Pot Luck Supper was served at the Hallmark Homes Club House on East Hampton Avenue.
Tobias 'Manchego of 4748 South Cherokee, the father of Mrs. Doris Quintana of 1223 Lipan .Street, was taken to the Porter Sanitarium with a heart attack. He is out of the hospital and is much better.
Family Harry Johns of 839 I^ca was stricken by a severe heart attack on February 12. He has been in Park Avenue Hospital for several weeks. Mr. Johns iq Director of District 3 of the [ WSIA.
Linp MaRinez, the nephew of Mr. Alfonso Martinez of 1340 Mariposa, returned home from the hospital. He is doing fine. Mr. and Mrs. Jose'V. Martinez, brother of Alfonso Martinez have been visiting him. They are from Ray, New Mexico.
Mrs. Esther Sullivan of 272 Inca was entertained on her birthday, February 25, by her cousin Mrs: Matt Walker of 669 Inca. A bountiful luncheon was served at noon alt the Sullivan home. Then they all met at the Walker home where the main entertainment was cards with May Day and Hazel Walker winning high score, At 5:00 p. m. a delightful dessert luncheon was served and the ceremony of cutting the birthday cake by Mrs. Sullivan, A most delightful occasion and a I chance to meet so many West Siders. .. I
Mrs. May Day of 138 W. lsl Ave, was the honored guest ai a luncheon Saturday alt the new "Golden West." A mosi wonderful meal, service and surroundings. It was given by Mrs. Roberta Deter of the West Side. Mrs. May Day also entertained some 12 guests at a luncheon and musical at hei cousin, Earl Martin, and wife's home at 1685 South Sheridan. Accordian and Hammond Organ selections and a "Free Foi All" singing made a most memorable occasion.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kens-ler of Pueblo spent February 10, 11, 12 with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schonborg at 1248 Lipan Street.
Mrs. Henry Schonborg oi 1248 Lipan Street has been in bed for the past week with the flu. She is feeling much better.
Allen Sprouse, senior at West High, won first place in the division one City wrestling and also the championship in the Colorado State High School Wrestling matches. His mother, Mrs. Sprouse is the attendance clerk at Baker Junior High.
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Pacheco of 1253 Lipan Street celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary February 7th. They were married in Puerto Luna, New Mexico, February 7, 1916. Their daughter, Mrs. Lu-by Apodaca of 4236 Raritan Street, had a surprise party and reception for her parents on February 13. Mrs. Pacheco has been an active member of the West Side Improvement Association since the beginning. She was instrumental in getting street lighting in her block on Lipan Street. Their many friends and neighbors wish the Pachecos many, many more years of happiness.
Wedding Bells
Joanne Marie Renner and John Sanchez were married February 28-
Ben Hurtado and Virginia Romero will be married March 22-
Rest In Reace
Mrs. Thelma Phillips, a long time resident of 1429 Lipan Street and owner of the West Side Cleaners, passed away February 19. She suffered a heart attack. She retired from her business some time ago. She will be missed by hei many friends and neighbors. She was an-active member of the West Side Improvement Association.
GIRL SCOUTS February 12 J Girl Gadef Troop 726 had a Valentine Day party/ They invited Boy Scouts from Troop 200 and 52, The weather was very bad that night, but it didn't keep Ricky' Mena, Randy Mena, Ricky Cothran, Ronald Cothran, James Cothran, Benny Maj, Pete Maj, Gary Tavis, Terry Tavis, Gary Bruning, Teddy Perales, Randy Vastine, Joe Bargas and Scout Master C. G. Naney of: Troop 200 from going. There was ho dancing, but the games-and eats were just great. Troop 200 hopes to invite the girls to a party in the very near fu-ure.
Spring flowers were the table decorations for the March 1st luncheon and business meeting 1 of the Lincoln Park Homes Senior Citizens Club. Alter a des-| sert lunch, an educational film j distributed by the Telephone =
\ Company was shown- Titled j"The Invisible Diplimats," it demonstrated proper telephone procedures by means of a | short, very amusing, story- Fol- lowing this program an hour of Bingo was enjoyed by the twenty-four members present.
A * * A
Reports were made of cards sent and personal calls made to several ailing members. Mrs. Imogene Walker has been convalescing at Park Central Nursing Home after several weeks: illness at St. Luke's Hospital. Mrs. Louisa Rines, of 1320 W. Colfax, is in Swedish Hospital where she underwent the amputation of her left leg in February. Mrs- Rines, 92 years' old, has been a long time resident of the Lincoln Park Homes -. Housing Project- Miss Maud Ganson is recuperating at the -home of her nephew after being hospitalized with a severe
attack of the. flu.
I The Senior Citizens of Lincoln Park Homes meet to sew* for the Cancer Society. on the 1 second and fourth Tuesday of 1 each month, at North Lincoln : Housing Project Community Center, under the direction of Mrs. Marda Simmons, 1348 Osage St.
Terry Hewiings, 837 Santa Fe Drive, competed in a rifle: Harry L. Nicholson, West High Principal, Retires match sponsored by the VFW 1 in Longmont, Colorado and received a trophy as a member of the winning team.
Freddie Ortiz, son of Mrs.
Julia Ortiz of 1314 Lipan Street, has been called into the service with the U. S. Reserves.
Mary Elizabeth Quintana oi 1223 Lipan Street, daughter oi Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Quintana, has had some surgery on her leg in Los Angeles, California, March 4.
Mr. Jack Newfield has boughl a home at 5363 West 4th in Lakewood. Jack operated the Comer Grocery Store at 1400 Lipan Street.
Mr. Harold Slater of 1117 West 13th was in the Veterans Hospital for a checkup.
Mr. and Mrs., Crescendo Barela, formerly of 9th and Champa, have moved to 1251 Lipan Street.
We hope Pete Candelaria of 231 Galqpago Street gets well soon. He entered Mercy Hospital on February 28, 1966.
Announcement has been made of the request for retire ment by Mr. Harry L. Nicholson, principal at West High School. Mr. Nicholson has taught 30 years in the Denver Public Schools. He has been at West for 3*/2 years,
Mr.' Nicholson has brought many, advances to West in the educational student activity programs. He has put great effort and work into the counseling program. New furniture and equipment are also results of his efforts. Extended programs in tfie Industrial Arts,
Home Economics, Business Education, and Music Departments are other accomplishments of his. Increased student activity programs bringing* opportunities for good leadership have been emphasized.. Another goal was increasing the number of graduates from West who entered college.
We are sure Mr. Nicholson will be missed but we wish an enjoyable retirement. He plans to do some writing, a little work, lots of fishing and some-traveling with his wife.

March, 1966
Page Three
School : Youth Activity : Recreation
Elmwood School P-TA's regular meeting was held on Tuesday, February 22 at 1:30 p m. in Room 107. The flag was posted by the color guard. Following the business session the program was presented by the children in the instrumental classes. Refreshments were served in the Gym.
On March 5, the Spanish Club of Elmwood, ate at the Casa Mayan. Several faculty members and parents enjoyed the evening with the Spanish Club.
We were entertained by a guitar player and songs sung by the Spanish Club.
We have about 15 members in the Spanish Club. We meet every Tuesday and learn Spanish songs and dances.
Anthony Borrego
The kindergarten classes ai Elmwood School enjoyed a trip to Fire Station Number 11 last week. The station is located at 40 West Second Avenue. The morning class visited the station March 2 and the afternoon class visited on March 3.
All of the children enjoyed the short bus trip to and from the station. The firemen met us at the door.
Each child got to try on o fireman's helmet and ring the silver bell on the pumper truck. It was very exciting to see the firemen slide down the pole.
After our visit to Fire Station Number 11, it was fun to write the firemen a thank-you letter for such a good time. Many oi the children made pictures, about the trip and sent them with our letter.
Mrs. Cleveland's Kindergarten Class *
The two classooms ai Elmwood School used as gyms have had some repairs. The downstairs room which is used for PTA meetings as well as a gym for the lower grades had an entire new floor put in. The other room had the floor repaired.
ON OUR TRIP By Josephine Padilla, Grade 4
We went to the museum. The name of the museum is the Art Museum. We went on Friday, March 4. After the tour, we got stuck. Our bus came late and we were late getting home for lunch.
On Wednesday, March 16, we are going to the Museum of Natural History. We are going to see all about the dinosaurs.
By Gloria Marie Martinez, Grade 4
We went on a trip to the Art Museum on Friday, March 4. We saw things of new and old. We like the things they had from Egypt. Our bus came late so we had to stay outside and it was cold.
Next week we are going to see dinosaurs. We are going to the Museum of Natural His-ory on March 16.
On Monday March 7th, the seventh and eighth grades oi Saint Cajetan Grade School made a visit to, the District Court No. 6 in the City and County Building.
The Honorable Neil Horan thoroughly explained the court procedures to the students. Some of the students actually experienced a mock trial and took part in the procedures.
Mr. Frank Conry made it possible for us to step inside a courtroom while an actual hearing was taking place. The students found this experience to be very interesting and informative.
The students and faculty of Saint Cajetan School are deeply indebted to Mrs. Bea Pe-tracko for the endless amount of time spent in our school to teach the faculty and students the techniques of the Physical Fitness Program. Mrs. Petracko has the program well organized and on its way. It will now be the complete responsibility of the faculty to continue to carry out this program.
Greenlee boys and girls will participate in the Denver Public Schools Annual Play Festival which will be held March 16, 17, and 18, at the City Auditorium. Greenlee will take part Wednesday evening with the following participants:
Kangaroo Dance: Danita Rucker, James Baca, Danette Rucker, Roy Fullwood, Lavern Duncan, Lester Martin, Diane Kirby, Raymond Martinez, Yvonne Vigil, Steve Runnels, Valerie Conict, Dominic Martinez, oren Dyes, Yvonne Romero, Gloria Jackson, Jeanie Caviness, Celeste Harris, Pauline Cummings, Mary Sanchez, Danny Chavez, Rudy Elliott, Mike Aragon, David Dunworth, Larry Alcorn, Donna Roth, Cecil Es-
Irish Washerwoman Dance: Rudy Williams, Audry Rivera, David Salazar, David Contreras, Doreen Ne-gretti, Jeanette Barella, Artis Full-wood, Bonita Hodge, Helen Gilmore, Tina Rodriguez, Timothy McClure, Ricky Duran, David Valdez, Mariano Rico, Lauro Gallegos, An-tonette Comacho, Ramona Heredia, Ernest Gallegos, Clarice Dixon, Roy Vigil, Carol Perez, Angela Quintana, Cindy Martinez, John Davis, Vivian Martinez, Mario Garza.
English Navy Dance: Ruby Gonzales, Rose Marie Tafoya, Loretta Flores, Cathy Guillen, Lora Alegria, Josephine Marquez, Denise Arkadie, William Jones, Eddie Padilla, Richard Acosta, Casey Reyes, Donald Abeyta, Ernest Wells, Willie Thompson, Arthur Orge, Vernon Lopez, David Coca, Ernest Duran, Pete Jar-amillo, Michael Collins, Bobby Romero, Jeanie Kay Valdez, Shielda Blakeney, Yvonne Montoya, Trudy McClindon, Beverly Martinez, Faith Martinez.
Mexican Dance: Connie Lucero, Beverly Duran, Annette Martinez, Ruth Garza, Barbara Lujan, Cecelia Alonzo, Joyce Griego, Geraldine DeSantis, Eva Perez, Caroline Maynes, Cath Negretti, Anabelle Martinez, Rosella Vigil, Richard Del-mendo, Lawrence Martinez, Vernon Lewis, Fred Lovato, Douglas Van Gemert, Bill Henry, Anthony Garcia, Toby Rampa, Paul Quintana, Bobby Aragon, Fred Maestas, Carlos Vallejo, John Roybal.
Parents and teachers have ST. JOSEPH'S GRADE been holding a series of grade At St. Joseph's Grade School level meetings to discuss the PTA meeting on March 3, the work program of the various following officers were elected classes and to talk over the \Q serve during the 1966-67 achievement of individual pu- school year: President, Mr. Don-pils. Teachers and parents dld petersen; first Vice Presi-determine how they can work d^nt Mrg< Donald Petersen; together to help pupils. These 2nd Vic0 president, Mr. Dan meetings have Proved to be Sq 3rd Vice President
very helpful to both parents u. A ^ , 0
Mrs. Virginia Quezada; Secre-
and teachers.
tary, Mrs. Mary Ponce; Treasurer, Mrs. Stella Valdez; Historical, Mrs. Maxine Lovatto. #
On Sunday, March 27, the
Baker students were among the nearly 1100 students from all over Colorado who attend- PTA's of both Grade and High ed the Midyear Leadership School will hold their annual Conference at Thomas Jeffer- Sisters' Pantry Shower. Donations of non-perishable items will be accepted in the Church Hall before each Mass thal day. Anyone wishing to contribute groceries, who cannot bring them to the church on March 27 is asked to contact Mrs. Betty Hernon at 534-4627, and arrangements will be made for the goods to be picked up.
son Jr.-Sr. High School Saturday February 5-
This conference is held annually to give students a chance to discuss problems their councils may be having and to share solutions. Leadership techniques and new ideas are also presented in the series of meetings held throughout the day.
Rosabel Gomez and Michel Dyes, assisted by Martha Medrano and Maxine Padilla conducted two group sessions during the meeting. Others from Baker who attended were--David Escobedo, Danny Candelaria, Terry Sides, Anthony Hernandez, Alice Borrego, Robert Cunningham, Charlyne Brown, Wayne Barella, Charlene Lopez, Tim Chacon, Judy Tate, and Galvin Urtado-
The Optimist Club speech contest was held February 22, at the Centre Motel. Three ninth grade boys from Baker Junioi High participated in the contestBuz Perez, David Escobedo, and Anthony Hernandez.
The topic for the speeches was ''Optimism-Youth's Greatest Asset-"
The first place winner was David Escobeda. He will now compete in the regional contest on April 15.
* *
The Student Council worked on plans to help with the February patriotic assembly.
Eighth graders received their cop/ of the Declaration of Independence on the day of the assembly- The Sertoma Club, a service club made up of Denver businessmen, provides these copies to all eighth graders in the Denver Metropolitan area. Robert Cunningham
accepted the Declaration in behalf of all the eighth graders. Andy Vigil spoke on George Washington and Janelle Cut-shall was Mistress of Ceremonies.
Preparations are well under way for the Grade School Spring Carnival slated for Sunday, April 17 from i p.m. to 8 p. m. There will be many booths, bingo and refresnments, lots of grand prizes, and fun and games for all ages. The Big Raffle gets under way this weekwith a boy's or girl's bicycle as first prize (donated by Mr. Leisenring of W. 6th Avenue) and ten other fine prizes, including watches, cam
The forensic members qualified for state at the district meet on February 26 at Greeley Central High.
Bill Adamson, a junior, captured honors in two events: o-riginal oratory and discussion. Also superior in discussion was Victor Ortega. Sophomore Lorraine Martinez and freshman Carolyn Moye qualified In poetry and oratorical interpretation.
Loretta Rael and Robert Hoff-setz were named alternates in the fields of dramatic interpretation and discussion.
* *
Cast for the spring play, "The Glass Menagerie," by Tennessee Williams was announced last week. Loretta Rael will portray Amanda, the mother; son Tom will be played by Victor Ortega; Laura and her gentleman caller will be Helen Tafoya and Patrick Ryan. April 30 and May 1 are scheduled production dates. Mary Ann Von Tilius will serve as student directress.
Basketball practice for the upper grades is held in the Greenlee School gymnasium. Monday is for the boys and Thursday for the girls. The PTA is sponsoring this school activity.
Basketball is fast and an exciting team game, which is played before many fans. The
I basketball season starts in November and ends in early April. Team work is necessary come down on April 17 and for success in playing basket-join in the fun? We are at the Jxill. It is splendid training comer of W. 6th and Galapago, {or leadership, because it em-and hope to see YOU there! phasizes team work* There * * * * are fifteen players on our team
St. Joseph's Grade School Mr. Qashler-renovated a room to be used
as a classroom where students
On March 20, eight of the
to begin work on Trailblazer Week. This week, devoted to promoting good school spirit, is planned for the last week in March. The only event definitely planned so far is the sale of Baker pennants.
A five-school chess tournament was held at St. Francis de Sales High on Saturday, | March 12 at 10:00 a. m. St. The Goodwill Drive is_ the Joseph participants hoping to second week in April. Start brfng home the trophy were
now to collect usable clothing toys, furniture, etc-, so that our drive will be a success.
Art Gow, Henry Mondragon Tony De Lorenzo, Gary Harty John Mendoza and Dennis-Woodford. Mr. Michael Bar-bich, social studies teacher, was in charge of the group.
Six St. Joseph High students traveled to the state speech meeting was on cooperation tourney at Boulder Friday and and communication. Saturday, March 11 and 12.
A "Know Your Neighbor" conference was held at Morey Junior High the afternoon of February 16. Emphasis at this
will be helped with English, P^s will enter the Aichdio-Reading and other subjects. cesan sPelhng contest-This opportunity is for grades are
four, five, and six- Public j 7-8 Pamela Adams, Leon school teachers will conducl Kerstiens, Vera Stiesmeyer, and these -classes. The children James Gutierrez, are every grateful to Fathei S-6Mary Ann King, Debra Stewart for preparing the room. ShaW/ Holanda Hernandez,
* * Gregg Baca, substitute Alberta
St. Joseph School is having 1 The Boys Patrol Club meel3 a Spring Carnival. The annual each Friday afternoon. Steva festivity will be held on April LeFebre is the Captain, Larr/ 17th from 1:00 8:00. This year Gonzales the Lieutenant. The the school hopes to make more patrol boys are Leon Kerstiens, money to pay for cafeteria | Michael Aiken, Richard Valles,
Jerry Winterholder, Jay Alire, Henry Lucero, Leroy LeFebre, James Gutierrez, John Mum-ford, Ricardo Garcia, and substitute Gilfred Vicarial.
The new Adult Choir meets every Monday at 8:00 p- m. in the school hall for practice. Mr. Wayne Hendrix is the director and Sister Mary Clare the organist.
The children in the intermediate group enjoy their classes with Mrs- Wall. There are 30 students enrolled in the New Reading Clinic at our school.
The P.-T-A. met March 16. Tt was Father's Night and the fathers entertained with a program.
Sister Martinelle, who teaches second grade, will have the children make their First Holy Communion on March 20th.
equipment. The P-TA is collecting trading stamps, to purchase prizes for the bingo games. Everyone is invited to Commitees are being formed j the festival- Games such as
bingo, ring the stick, fish pond and others will be played.

Pige Four
Church News
The following women made a cursillo at Marycrest High School over the February 24-27 weekend: Mrs. Rosemary Martinez, 363 Cherokee and Mrs. Mary Candelaria, 231 Galapago, bringing the total of cursillistas to four women and nine men including Rev. Joseph P. Meunier.
A men's cursillo will be held at Notre Dame Parish the weekend of March 24-27. Any parish member wishing to apply for this should contact Rev. Meunier at 534-4408,
St. Joseph s Parish is starting to organize their committee for the drive which wili take place on Sunday, April 24. The parish director is Very Rev. James J. Nugent Pastor, the parish chairman is J. Danny Martinez. Any parish member (men) interested in help ing in this campaign should contact Father Nugent, 534-4408 or Mr. Martinez at 777-9796.
* *
The' parish ushers recently elected officers at their annual dinner in the Parish Hall. The new officers for 1966 are President, Herman Maes; Vice President, Gilbert Casias; Secretary^ Otto Winter; Treasurer, Dan Vialpando.
WESLEY METHODIST The Fellowship dinner was held at the Wesley Methodist Church, 7th Avenue and Galapago, on February 21. There were over thirty attending the dinner. After the dinner they were entertained by singing arid games. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Serumgard were host and hostess.A good time was had. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Todd ol Commerce City attended. They are old timers of the Wesley Church.
Editorial Answered
We are happy to report that we have, received some answers to our questions in Iasi month's editorial about the traffic lights at Seventh and Kalamath and Seventh and Santa Fe.
A call from the Traffic Engineering Department gave us the following information. First of all, these lights were installed primarily to make it safer for school children having to cross Santa Fe and Kalamath. These lights are run automatically with a 60 .second or one minute cycle at Santa Fe and 7th and a 120 second I or two minute cycle at Kalamath and 7th. At the Santa Fe light a car on 7th should never haye to wait more than 55 seconds and at Kalamath no more than MC seconds unless, of course, it was ecessary to wail through more u."1? one light change. There are a.zo traffic detectors at these corners which help determine how much time in each cycle of 60 i or 120 seconds is given to each street. This is to help 'traffic flow better depending on how busy each street is. In other words, 'this keeps you from /having to wait a long time on a red light on Santa Fe, say late in the evening, when the traffic on 7th Avenue, is very light. However there is one problem this produces. If there are cars on Seventh Avenue waiting to make left turns and none going straight through on Seventh, then the traffic detector registers no traffic on. Seventh and the light switches back to the regular cycle. .
We wish to thank Mr. Jim Brown of the Traffic Engineering Department for these answers and additional facts. He also, informed us that a truck was sent out to check the light at Santa Fe and Seventh tc see if there was a possible malfunction. He suggested anyone who has further complaints or questions about this or any other light should call the Traffic Enaineering Department at 297-2763.
The Mother's Group at Aurar-ia Community Center meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month at the. Center. Since January, the group has been investigating the area of purchasing, credit buying, door to door1 salesmanship, and contract signing.
Two films from the Better Business Bureau were viewed. These films pointed out sortie of the tricky methods used by unethical salesmen who are out to take advantage of \he public.
Mr. Howard Rosenberg from the Legal Aid Society spoke to the group. Mr. Rosenberg talked on the subjects of contract signing in credit buying, and divorce procedure. A lisi of ten things to watch out for when making a purchase was given to the group. Many questions were answered, bul some were not because time ran out.
i t
I Miss Helen Keaveny from ,the Federal Food and Drug Administration discussed labels ori canned goods and non-pre-I scription drugs. This was an .interesting meeting and many things about -labeling were learned. Some of' the ladies would like to follow up .this meeting by going on a torn j through the FDA laboratories I here in Denver to see how this agency protects us by inspection. . .. 1 in a
I An exciting future is planned 1 for this group. The ladies will welcome anyone from the neighborhood who would like to attend. Those who have been active are: Pauline Barela, Georgia Carrilo, Gracie Dixon, Florence Joe, Juanita Martinez, Pauline Quintana, Esterline Stephans, Omega Van Velkinburgh, Elaine Vigil, Gracie Lofton, Rosemarie Galindo, Gloria Medina, LaVem Ward, Geneva Braxton, Rosemary Chavez and Jean Decker.
, C. G- .Naney, 144 West 3rd /Avenue, is tne new scoutmaster of Troop 200 of the Boy Scouts, succeeding Mr, R. C. Mena, who is now full time Cubmaster of Cub Scout Pack 200. .
Troop 200 meets every Monday at 7:30 p- m. at the First Avenue Presbyterian Church ^basement, located at 1st Avenue at Acoma.
AH boys who are interested : 'm joining the Cubs or Boy ; Scouts are to call Cubmaster -Mr. Mena at 623-1049/ or Scoutmaster Mr. Naney at 733-3034 for further information.
District 7 Director J. Danny Martinez, 363 Cherokee is attending an eight week course available to him through his union. This is a union counsellors training program and he wishes after completion of this course not only to help his union members but also to help the whole west side area in individual problems such as: Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Compensation, E-mergency Child Care, Public Welfare, Food Stamp Department, etc.
The G. I. Forum had a workshop conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Those attending from the Mile High Chapter were Mrs. Sarah Barela, and Art Valdez of Denver.
The Denver Office of the Colorado Department of Employment is conducting a new Household Employment Program under provision of the Manpower Ac* to train women and men in Household and related occupations. |
Interested persons may contact the Colorado Department of Employment at 14 East 14th Avenue, Denver, Colorado, or call HEP headquarters at: 292-6464.
A Medicare Alert meeting foi the metropolitan workers was held at 360 Acoma, Thursday March 3.
Mr. Emilio Dominguez, Director of Metropolitan, informed us that this was a very important meeting and a must for all workers to attend-
Mr. Baker and Mr. Suell from the Social Security Office were the main speakers
Slides were shown indicating the main purpose of medicare and explained in full detail of what the benefits of the in surance means- There was time for questions and answers, which were of great meaning to all workers since we encounter many of these things on our block work.
Mrs. Carmen Hodges, Captain of this area, says her boundaries are from Colfax south to Mississippi and Platte River to Broadway. There are eight workers including Mrs- Hodges on door to door duty and will have the area finished by March 31.
Mr. Joe Howell of the Office of Economic Opportunity from Washington, was also introduced as was Mrs. Larry Ramirez, Regional Director from Kansas City-
Mrs. Ben Hodges
March, 1966
The Boys Clubs of America National Billiards contest ended on the last day of February and our best pool sharks" racked up some high scores. Jim Martinez was top. man in the intermediate class with Ben Romero second and Jesse Castro a close third. They, being the top three, made up oui team in that division and they will each receive plaques. The boys that will receive plaques.
I in. the junior division for hav-. ing the three highest scores are Ronnie Maestas, first; David Valdez, second; and Reynaldo Pacheco, third. The scores these boys made are being matched with scores of all the other Boys- Clubs in the U. S. that entered the contest. These boys will have a chance to win either team oi individual honors in addition.
* *.
The dedication ceremonies for v the new Boys Clubs oi Denver, Inc., J. Churchill Owen Building were held February 24, 1966. The beautiful new building is at 3480 West Kentucky Avenue.
All 1966 membership cards of the Santa Fe club ere accepted at the new. club.
Boys of the Month" for the month of February were: Max Salazar, Boy of the Month of the club; David Valdez, Boy of the Month in the Game Room;, Bobby Fernandez, Gym; Glen Valdez, Shop; Randy Mayoral. B" team basketball ,and Jerry Espinosa A" team basketball. All the boys were given awards and Boys Club shirts and Max was presented with a bike. . ; IIS
District 7 will have a meeting on March 24, 1966 at Fairmont School, 3rd and Fox Street at 7:00 p. m. (use gym entrance in back of school). They will discuss new problems in the District and also appoint a secretary tp help District Director J. Danny Martinez in his work. We will also discuss "The Helping Hand" idea. This will be explained at the meeting.
Kalamafh One Way
In a letter to Mr. Chester Sieminski from George V. Kelly, Administrative Assistant to the Mayor, Mr. Kelly stated that the matter of crossing protection at 12th and Kalamath is being reviewed by the Traffic Engineering Department. Jack Bruce, Traffic Engineer, is of .the pinion that once the one-way system southbound on Kalamath is in operation, "sometime in August," the situation will improve- If, however, Mr. Bruce's study shows the need for a light, one will be installed.
Basic Adult Education classes are now being held at Baker Junior High School, Room 111, Monday and Wednesday at 7 p. m. The first class was on March 14. These are small classes, offering help in math matics, English, and reading. These classes can lead to a high school certificate. Classes are provided through arrangement with Opportunity School.
VALUABLE PRIZES OFFERED BY LIBRARY WEEK CONTEST A contest with important prizes was announced this week by the Denver National Library Week Committee relating to the ninth annual observance of National Library Week (NLW) to be celebrated April 17-23.
Contest chairman, Mrs. Geo. Cannon, said that entries for the "You and Your Library" contest must be in by midnigth, Friday, April 8.
Simple rules for the competition require contestants to write an essay of 150 words or less in which they tell why their library is important to them. The library to which they refer may be a school, public, business or other type of libraryany library which the contestant uses.
There are no age or residence restrictions for the NLW contest which has four categorise for entries, each with a valuable first prize.
1. Primary Category-Youngsters in 1st through 3rd grades may enter this category in which the first prize will be the Thornton Burgess "Old Mother West Wind" series
, of 8 books, donated by Grosset & Dunlop, Inc.
2. Elementary Category children in,* grades 4 through 6 may submit entries in this category for which the first prize is a choice of 10 clas-. sics in theIllustrated Junior Library series^ donated by Grosset & Dunlop, Inc.
3. Young Adult7th through 12th grade young people
may enter this category and compete for a first prize of the 24-volume Encyclopedia Americana, donated by A-mericana Corporation.
4. Adult-College Students and all adults may participate in this category which
| carries a first prize of $100, donated by the Friends of the Denver Public Library, for puchase of books of the winner's choice.
Second and third' book prizes in all four categories will be donated by the Colorado News Co.
Fliers explaining all rules for the contest are available at Byers Library.
These rules reuqire that each .entry include the name, address and telephone number of the contestant, as well as the category in which the entry is made. Contestants in the primary, elementary, and young adult categories also must include their age, grade, and name of school. Contestants are advised that punctuation, spelling, and grammar do count in the judging, and that no more than 150 words will be accepted in any essay.
Eixtries, postmarked no later than midnight, Friday, April 6, should be sent to the Denver National Library Week Committee, c/o Office of Adult Services, Main Denver Public Library, 1357 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80203. Winners will be announced during National Library Week, April 17-24.
We think this would be a good opportunity to show the West Side's appreciation for our own branch, Byers Library. We hope there will be a good number of entries in all categories by residents of this area.