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West side recorder, May, 1966
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Volume 3, Number 1
Published Monthly
May, 1966
Candidates From Census Tracts 18, 12 and 21
Time of election?? Tuesday, May 24, 7:00 a.m. 8:30 p.m. Polling places: West High School, 951 Elati; Elmwood School, 720 Galapago. Voting for 2 representatives from the census tract and 7 from the list of agency candidates.
The candidates are:
Nick Avila, 830 Inca St.
I will devote as much of my time as possible to the programs that will help the community.
John Contreras, 731 W.llth Av.
If the younger generation participates in this program, more will be accomplished.
Walter Cunningham 656 Kalamath St.
My West Denver friends keep j complaining to me that they! are being by-passed in the War on Poverty program: maybe I can help correct this.
Julian Gonzalez, 1054 Kalamath
I am running as a candidate because I have "the interests of the people in my census tract at heart and I believe I' can help them.
Robert Guerrero, 729 Elati St.
If elected I will full-hearted-ly, and to the best of my ability, try to promote programs and projects our West Side j needs if when doing so I Will promote a better West Side. Tony Herrera, 837 Galapago St. Bernard Trujillo, 722. Elati St.
I will personally push any program introduced to the Westside Action Council if it is of benefit to the community.
Time of election: Tuesday, May 24, 7:00 a. m.-8:30 p. m. Polling place: Fire Station, 9th Street and Colfax. Voting for 1 representative from the census tract and 7 from the list of agency candidates.
The candidates are:
John P. Chavez 1040 Lawrence Ralph Gaschler 928 11th Street
Time of election: Tuesday, Mdy, 24, 7:00 a. m. 8:30 p. m. Pallihg places: Baker Junior High School, 514 W. 6th Ave., Fairmont School, 520 W. 3rd Avenue, Alameda School, 208 W. Byers Place, Voting for 5 representatives from the census tract and 7 from the list of agency candidates.
The candidates are:
Lupe DeNava, 444 Elati St.
Being the head of a large family, having known poverty, and having studied local developments on the War on Pov erty, I am well qualified to work for the best interests of the people.
Don Field, 142 W. 1st Ave.
For your qualified servant in our community, cast your vote for Don Field on May 24.
Ruperto Guedea, Jr.
425 W. 2nd Ave.
A working man for the working people.
William Haidon, 45 South Elati I will sincerely work in the best interests of the community.
Justice Jaramillo 214 W. 5th Ave.
Mark P. Jaramillo, 239 Bannock We have to elect individuals that know the poverty problem directly.
jose Danny Martinez 363 Cherokee St.
If elected, I will do my best to serve the needs of the West Side to the best of my ability.
Venancio Nunez, 126 Elati St.
Albert Roybal, 950 W. 5th Ave.
I have always devoted myself to the welfare of others.
Delbert D. Schoenthaler 244 W. 2nd Ave.
If it's right, I'll do it and the West Side will progress.
For Election News
On Census Tracts 19, 20
See Page 4
Action Council Elections To Be Held May 24th
WiTliam Haidon Mark P. Jaramillo Jose D. Martinez Albert Roybal
Voters in the West Side go to the polls on Tuesday, May 24 from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. to choose members of the Westside Action Council. Twenty-one persons are ,to be elected, 14 from census tracts where they live and 7 from agencies, schools and churches in the area. The number of seats to be filled varies from one census tract to another according to population. In order to vote, a person must be 18 years old or older and a resident of the area.
The Westside Action Council is important because it will select Westside representatives to serve on the board of Denver's War on Poverty, set policies for War on Poverty programs in the area, evaluate the needs of the area, and work with neighborhood agencies, organizations, and residents in finding ways of meeting such needs and obtaining funds for such projects.
All plans for the election of the Westside Action Council were worked out by a Planning Committee, made up of residents elected at meetings held on March 21, 22, and *23, in each of the five census tracts in the area.
Numbers on map indicate census tract
Agency Representatives To Be Elected
Seven representatives of local churches, schools, and social agencies are to be elected to the Westside Action Council from a field of 14 candidates. The voter going to the polls on May 24 will cast his ballot for seven agency representatives in addition to. representatives from the census tract in which he lives. The same 14 agency candidates will be on the election ballot throughout the West-side Action Council area.
You can vote on May 24 for Westside Action Council candidates if
. -You are 18 years old or older;
You live in the area.
Bring some kind of identification with you to prove age and place of residence.
The agency candidates are:
Rodney Anderson Counselor, West High School
Jack Beardshear
Principal, Baker Junior High
Leonard Chadwick Manager, Lincoln Park Homes
Moses Cisneros
Director, Fairmont Recreation
Eugene Graham Assistant Principal, Evans Elementary School
Gerald V. Harris Member of Exec. Board,
Boys' Clubs of Denver, Inc. Secy.-Treas., Eagle Printing Co.
Mississippi Ave.
Mrs. Elizabeth Kester Program Director,
Auraria Community Center
Julian L. Kreoger President, West $ide Improvement Association
Sister M. Liguori,
Teacher, St. Elizabeth School
Rev. James Nugent
Pastor, St. Joseph's Catholic
Rev. Max Santamaria, Assistant Pastor, r,
St. Cajetan's Catholic Church
Rev. Thomas Sepulveda Pastor, First Spanish Methodist Church
Rev. John Ventura Minister, First Mennonite Church
Miss Mary Waterhouse Principal, Elmwood Elementary School
West Side Supports More Clean-Up Inspection
West Siders .voted in favor of outside inspection of all property by Health and Hospitals at meetings held on May 4 and May 5. The May 4 vote, in the area between West 8th Avenue and Colfax excluding Lincoln Park Homes, was 19 to 4; the May 5 balloting, in the area from West 6th Avenue to West 8th Avenue and Santa Fe to the tracks, gave 4 to 2 for inspection.
In four votes on. inspection, the first held in April, 1964, and the other three this year. West Siders have supported the measure every time. The entire West Side Improvement Association area, except Lincoln Park Homes, has agreed to inspection now. Lincoln Park Homes has periodic interior inspection approximately twice a year and exterior inspection there is conducted on an ongoing basis.

Page Two
May, 1966
Sponsored by West Side Improvement Association
Office: 768 Santa Fe/Drivc Phone 244-3301
Editor: Rachel Guedea
Staff Reporters:
Rose Gomez, Iris Hewlings, Margot Serumgard, Mildred Jordan, Juanita Winterhalder, Mary Chavez.
TfoifAfotfoeet 'JfoteA
Mrs. Elaine Quintana of 144k Lipan. Street spent the weekend with her parents in San Luis. Colorado.
Miss Amy Edwards of the Neighborhood House Day Care Center recently attended a reception and dinner ihThonor of the 50th wedding anniversary of her brother and sister-in-law.
Mr. Alfonzo Martinez of 1378 Mariposa was at the Montview Hospital for three days.
Mrs. Ernest Conway and lamily at 1430 Lipan Street attended a bridal shower for Mrs. Conway's sister, | Genevieve Wiboni of Pueblo, Colorado. Beatrice Conway will be the Junior Bridesmaid at the coming nuptials.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ken-sler of Pueblo spent the 5th and 6th with the Henry Schori-borgs of 1248 Lipan Street. On Sunday, May 9th, Mr. and Mr§. Lynn Kensler of Colorado Springs had dinner with the Schonborgs and on the 11th, Mrs. Charles Olson an<4 Mrs. Edith Schonborg spent the day visiting friends in Aurora.
Mrs. Etta Reynolds, 256 Bannock St., has been in Beth Israel Hospital for several weeks.
Pvt. Larry Romero, 238 Cherokee St., is at home after completing basic training for the Army at Fort Bliss, Texas.
Mrs. Roy Maberry of 308 Inca St., is now at home after a lengthy stay in the hospital. She is feeling better.
Mrs. Carmen Hodges, 1114 Mariposa Street, recently returned from a weekend visit with her mother, Vivian Salazar, who is in a hospital in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Mrs. Salazar is improving slowly.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis of 260 Cherokee St. have a new daughter named Renee Louise.
Anne Molien of Anne's Beauty Shop, 971 Santa Fe Drive, recently entertained a visitor. Mis. G. T. Marcus, making her first trip to the U. S. from Dublin, Ireland.
Mr. Freddie Ortiz of 1314 14-pan Street will be leaving June 1, for Alabama where he will take his military training.
Mrs. Doris Quintana of 1223 Lipan Street had a birthday party for her little daughter Patsy. She was eleven years old on Mother's Day.
Mrs. H. Larsen of 1127 Inca had as her house guest for a week, Mrs. Lilly Garrett of Woodland, Maine. Mrs. Garrett used to live at 1124 Santa Fe.
Mr., and Mrs. Matt Walker of 669 Inca hcr^e recently returned from a two weeks vacation in California. They also stopped in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, which was one of the highlights of their Jravels. Mrs. Walker's aunt, Mrs. Hilda Nelson of Richmond, California, returned with the Walkers to spend several months visiting.
Mrs. Martha Olsen, 1406 Navajo St./ was taken to Colorado General Hospital and placed in intensive care following a heart attack, April 26. Though still listed as in only fair condition, she is reported to be-improving. Mrs. Olsen, a charter member and past president, is now vice-president of the Lincoln Park Senior Citizens Club, and president of the Tenant Council of Lincoln Park-South Lincoln Park Homes.
Mrs.. Dorothy Fritts, 1427 Mariposa St., is still confined to Beth Israel Hospital.
Mrs. Viola Smith, 1351 Mariposa St., is recuperating from a heart attack at the home of her son, Lyle Smith, after spending ten days at Denver General Hospital.
| Mrs. Emily Sanchez, who had been living at the home of her mother-in-law ana father-in-law, Mr. and. Mrs. Luz Sanchez, 1127 Lipan, left May 6 for Frankfurt, Germany to join her husband, Mel, who is in the Army. After his tour of duty, they plan to return to Denver. Mr. Sanchez is a brother of Jerry Sanchez who operates the Santa Fe Shoe Shop at 742 Santa Fe
Mrs. May Day, Mrs. Lulu Young, Mrs. Viola Henry and Mrs. Esther Sullivan were entertained at a party for Mrs. Viola Henry, formerly of 138 West 1st Avenue, at Mrs. Bobby Deters home, 3230 West Colorado Blvd., recently. Mrs. Henry will be visiting friends in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Mr. Joseph Bleb who has been in the hospital the past two months is at home again at 65 Acoma Street
Mrs. John Pace of 647 Kala-math Street has a niece from Oklahoma visiting her.
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Pacheco of 1253 Lipan have had as their guest Mr. Albert Ortega of Plains, Kansas, Mr. Pacheco's brother-in-law. He is on his way to Glendive, Montana, where he will work for the U. S. Geological Survey.
Debra and Donna Winter-holder, 226 West 3rd Avenue, celebrated birthdays last week with 27 guests in for a birthday dinner. Misses Linda and Donna Winterhalder, took part in the YWCA water show during the weekend of May 12, 13, 14.
Timmy Ventura, who was hit by a truck on January 24 underwent surgery on April 29th in which approximately one third of his foot was removed. On the 11th of May, he had another skin graft and it ap-oears that he will be going home before the end of May. Timmy is the son of Reverend and Mrs. John Ventura, minister at the First Mennonite Church.
The Mariposa Maternal and Infant Care Clinic, which o-pened February. 4 at 1178 Mariposa, next door to the Auraria Community Center has proven to be a great success.
More than 50 mothers have registered for this service.
The baby clinic operates on. Monday morning from I 8:30 to 12 noon, and the prenatal clinic for expectant mothers on Friday mornings from 8:30 to noon. Appointments are made only to 10 a.m. You may make your appointment by calling Mary or Ellen at Ext. 471, at Denver General Hospital, 244-6969. Appointments for infants may be made by calling Ext. 302.
Job Corps
Young men between 16 and 21 years old interested in the Job Corps should apply at the offices of the Colorado Department of Employment between now and June 30. Job Corps is for young people unable to find a job or training for work.
Economy Plumbing & Supply Co. is one of the older firms in the West Side, having been in their present location at 754 Santa Fe Drive for over 20 years. This is a family business owned by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tepper. The Teppers are known in the neighborhood for their efforts to improve the appearance ot the area, especially oi properties they own. They have just completed extensive remodellingincluJui^ drapes, rugs, and tiled bath and showerof four units next to their store. These units are suitable for offices or apartments.
Mr. Gary Schad, owner oi Schad's Grocery, has recuperated from his operations and is now back serving his customers.
Mr. Mack Salaz of 631 Lipan has recently taken over the barber shop at 701 Santa Fe Drive. Mr. Salaz has lived in the neighborhood for 18 years. His daughter is a graduate of West High.
On Saturday, April 30, Mr. Joseph David Aragon and Miss Nancy Martinez were united in marriage at St. Joseph's Church. Nancy is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Martinez, formerly of the West Side. David is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Aragon. David's mother Mrs. Helen Aragon, lives at 1363 Mariposa. The bride looked lovely in white lace over satin and carried a bouquet of white rose buds and satin streamers. Her head was adorned with a pearl crown and a shoulder length veil. The maid of honor, Patricia Martinez, sister of the bride, wore a floor length empire j gown of pink satin. The bridesmaids, Shirley Martinez, Eu-gena Poison, Glenda Magnu-son and Rose Martinez, wore blue floor-length empire gowns. The best man was Frank Espinoza and the attendants were Donald Poison, Tom Martinez.. Donny Rendon and Domigo Castro. The ring bearer was Kenny Martinez and the flower girl, Chrisie Martinez.
Mothers Trained As Crossing Guards
Three West Side mothers trained as adult school crossing guards, left to right: Mrs. Flora Pacheco, 1230 W. 10th
Avenue, Mrs. Maudie Carney, 1111 Santa Fe Drive, and Mrs. Tommie Garcia, 418 Santa Fe Drive
The program for adult school crossing guards is now in op eration in Denver. The guards are ADC mothers who have been trained under Title V funds from the Economic Op portunity Act provided to the Denver Department of Public Welfare. The training was largely in the hands of the Police Department. Other city agencies involved in the planning of the program were Pub-
Auraria Center
The Auraria Community Center Bazaar and Carnival was held on Friday, May 7. The whole day was a very great success. Many of the prerschool mothers helped in getting the clothes for the bazaar and sorting them on the day before. Mrs. Lofton and Mrs. Joe helped with the sale of the baked goods. Mrs. Vigil and Mrs. Wonner also helped us with the bazaar. Altogether about 125 neighbors helped with the total day's events. Profits from the day will go to the expenses oi the day camp.
Auraria Community Center is again planning a day camp, at a site on a ranch near Morrison. We will have spaces for 24 youngsters during each two week camping period. Children will come to the Center and be bussed to the camp site. We will have lots of space for hiking, compass reading, map reading, fishing, outdoor crafts, games, and cook outs. The first session of day camp for 1st and 2nd graders will be held July 5 to 15- The second session for 5th and 6th graders will be from July 18 to 29. The third session for 3rd and 4th graders will be held August 1 to 12. The first and third sessions will be held between 8:45 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. The second session will be held 12:30 to 6:30 p.m. The reason for the difference in the hours is so that more youngsters who are in the morning school reading program will be able to attend. This is an experiment in a change of camp hours which we hppe will encourage many more 5th and 6th graders to attend. Cost of the camp will be $1.50 for each child for each two week period. Milk will be provided for each day. The registration for day camp will be on June 7, 8, and 9, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 9:00 5:00 each day. A oarent must register each child. Specific details about clothing and lunches will be given to the parent during the registration.
lie Works and Traffic Engineering. The Denver Public Schools also took part. It is hoped that some of the women who are crossing guards may be able to become self-supporting if. the city decides to begin their own crossing guard program.
Other cities are using adult crossing guards, and many people feel that these guards, are effective in cutting down on accidents involving school children,
Senior Citizens Club
Seventeen members of the Lincoln Park Senior Citizens Club were present for the bi-monthly luncheon and business meeting Tuesday, April 19. Mrsi Viola Smith acted as hostess,, and Mrs. Elsie Lilienthal had decorated the tables with wicker baskets of daisies At the business meeting which followed, the luncheon reservations' for the spring luricheort of the Federation of Senior Clubs, to be held at the-Ley- den-Chiles-Wickersham American Legion Post, May 21 was. discussed. Tt was also voted to send a note of thanks to-the West Side Improvement Association for the help given the Club and Auraria Community Center in the printing of the 1966 Year Book of the Lincoln Park Senior Citizens.
Mrs. Lilienthal's daughter, Mrs. Grace Patson, gave a fine, thought-provoking, talk on mental health and ways of keeping mentally alert. She finished with a short reading from the Reader's Digest, Your Mind Can Keep You Young.
At the May 3 meeting, business, but not the food, was dispensed with in order to give-Mrs. Winnie Gilbert, sociaL. worker at Auraria Community Center, ample time to show-slides and speak on her experiences in Japan.
A large group of Senior Citizens Club members were present at Resident Council meeting held Thursday, May 5, in the Lincoln Park Homes- Community Center, 1442 Navajo St., at 7:30 p. m. The meeting was addressed by Mr. Robert Allen who spoke on the War on Poverty election to be held' May 24. Also Mrs. John Love,. wife of Colorado's governor,. explained the need for volunteer workers in the Head Startfc program, and distributed free flower seeds to help beautify-the grounds of the Lincoln Park Housing Projects. A fea--ture of the evening was the ac- cordion music of 'Miss Melody -Dabrowskh.

May, 1966
Elmwood's Mobile Schoolroom By Kristine Martinez
Elmwood School has a mobile schoolroom for reading. We are happy to have Mrs. Brown for our special reading teacher.
Fifteen boys and girls from each of the 6th grade classes spend half a day in the mobile classroom.
We have many interesting things to work with in reading. We have program readers, games and reading kits. We have a bulletin board called "Hop on the Reading Express," in which each student has a card to record the books he has read. The mobile unit is equipped with a li-, brary, storage room, an office and air conditioning. The walls are paneled with wood paneling.
This is the third week in the mobile classroom. We have learned many new words and are enjoying our new books
we are reading.

The first grade in room 102 a^ Elmwood is very busy getting ready for Friday, May 27. This is an all important day because'our first grade friends from Carson School are coming to visit us at our school. We are planning a play for oui program. It is called The Country Mouse and The City Mouse. We have worked hard for this special day.
On May 20 at Fairmont, a concert is being given by the combined band and orchestra of Cheltenham, Elmwood, Greenlee and Fairmont Schools. This program is being presented for students of Fairmont j
Mrs. Dorothy Parker will retire from the Fairmont faculty after teaching kindegarten classes for about 34 years. She has made many friends and will be missed by all. The faculty will honor her at a dinner June 2.
Election of P-TA Officers 1966-67
Officers elected at the April P-TA meeting are: President, Mrs. Arthur Smith; Vice-President, Mrs. Leon Morris; Second Vice-President, Mrs. Margaret Wilson; Third Vice-President, Mrs Beverly Smith; Secretary, Mrs. Robert Allen; Treasuer, Mrs. John Rael; Historian, Mrs. James Anderson; Parliamentarian, Mrs. Sam Martinez. Mother-Daughter Tea
This year the Mother-Daughter Tea was split and held on two days. May 16 was for kindergarten classes through 3rd grade and May 17 for grades 4-6. Installation of officers was held on May 17 at the Mother-Daughter Tea. At the May 16 Tea, Mrs. Parker was given a gift from the P-TA and the children from her kindergarten classes were present.
Sixth grade continuation will be held June 6.The P-TA will give each of the 6th grade the class pictures for gifts and there will be "Fun Time" for them and their parents which will include a movie and refreshments.
Page Three
: Youth Activity : Recreation
Jacks and Marbles Champions at Fairmont School are Hope Rodriguez, age 12, 429 Acoma Street and Danny De Nava, age 10, 444 Elati Street.
The Parent-Teacher Association held its annual Mother-Daughter Party on Wednesday, May 18, at-2:30 p. m. About 350 girls and their mothers attended.
Mr. Tom Gatschet presented the boys and girls of his instrumental music classes in concert the evening of May 18. Represented in the program were Cheltenham, Fairmont, Elmwood and Greenlee Schools
The piano students of Greenlee School will participate in a recital May 23, at 2:00 p. m. in the school auditorium. Besides parents, each pupil who is participating has extended invitations to four of his friends to attend. Mrs. Geraldine Van Wormer is the teacher Field DayMay 27
The events will be divided into two divisions. Those for grades one, two, and three will be held in the morning, starting at 9:15. Grades four, five, and six will compete in the afternoon, beginning at 1:15.
St. Joseph's High
Friday, May 20, at 7:30 the choruses of St. Joseph High School are giving a concert foi their parents and for the! pub lie. Selections from "The Sound of Music," "The-Ballad of the Green Beret," and "Tonight" from "West Side Story" are among those to be performed. Soloists will be Nancy Christiansen, Dennis Burkhalter, Howard Kelley, Dave Evangelista, Ron Gonzales Ken Roybal, Ron Ulibani, Carolyn Moye, Pat Rubio and Sue Cunningham. Accompanists are Yolanda Delhierro, Anthony Velasquez, Tony de Lorenzo, and Sharon Larkin.
Admission is free.
Students will be installed into the National Honor Society of St. Joseph High School Thursday evening, May 26 at 7:30. Seven seniors will become permanent members. Nine Juniors, fifteen spoho-mores, and 20 freshmen will also be honored. An honors assembly will be held Friday, May 27th.
St. Elizabeth's
May Crowning was held at Saint Elizabeth's Church on Sunday, May 8th. Genette Trancoso crowned Our Blessed Mother. Pamela Adams, Jean-ine Angle and Bernadette Sam-brano were the attendants. Benediction followed the crowning. K
That same Sunday evening, the members of the P-TA enjoyed a party in the school hall. The proceeds from the dinner are to go toward a scholarship for one of the eighth graders of this year.
Baker Junior High
Approximately 200 mothers and daughters attended the Mother-Daughter Tea at Baker Jr. High, Thursday afternoon, May 5. Girls at Baker invited their mothers to attend the tea,'' which was followed by a fashion show, musical numbers and crowning of the Posture Queen. Tina Haro was chosen Posture Queen, Linda Ranniger was the 8th grade attendant, and Hilda Miera was 7th grade attendant.
David Escobedo has won two speech contests in the Denver area and is now a coritestant for a regional contest to be held in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The contests are sponsored by the Optimist Club. The title of David's speech is "Optimism Youth's Greatest Asset."
Baker Jr. High students in shop classes were awarded a superior rating for their entries in the Industrial Arts Contest held at Fort Collins on May 5.
The Baker metal class entries won the outstanding achievement award in competition wih junior and senior high classes from all over the state.
The ninth grade concert choir received a superior rating in the music contest held April 30 at Littleton, Colo. Schools from Denver and the suburban area competed.
The public is invited to attend the Annual Spring Concert by the Vocal Department on Wednesday, May 25th,. at 7:30 p. m., in the Baker Auditorium. Groups participating will be the 8th grade chorus, the. Baker Dozen, the 9th grade chorus and the Concert Choir. Admission is free.

An Occupational Information Program for ninth grade pupils was held at Baker Junior High School on Tuesday, May 10. Co-sponsors for the program PREPARING FOR THE WORLD OF WORKwere the Denver Area Labor Federation Community Services Committee, and the Colorado Apprenticeship Council.
On May 5, new P-TA officers were installed at Baker Junior High. They are: President, Mrs. Sally Trujillo; First Vice President, Mrs. Doris Friend; Second Vice President, Mr. Jack Beardshear; Third Vice President, Mrs. Alphonso Borrego; Secretary, Mrs. Mary Schissler; Treasurer, Mrs. Zel-ma Morris; Historian, Mrs. Fe-delino Chacon; Parliamentary ian, Mrs. Florence Joe; and Teacher Representative, Mrs. K. Thomas. Installing officers was Mrs. Dorothy Lindsay, past P-TA president

Six ninth grade students who expressed interest in working in activities when they went to West were guests of West High Student Council Friday morning, May 6. Senior High activities were explained tc them and the students were taken on a tour of the building. Those who attended were: Rosabel Gomez, Danny Candelaria, Donna Winterhalder, Maxine Padilla, Robert Montoya, and Terry Sides.
Elections for Student Council officers for 1966-67 are being held on May 20. Candidates for office must have a B average, with no D's and must be approved for good citizenship.
Those running for office are: Alice Borrego, Charlyne Brqpm, Tim Chacon, Loretta Gonzales, Hans Krfsch.. Charlene jLopez, Judy Moore#.Roxanne .Rios, David Rivera and Greg Robles. Three boys and three girls will be chosen.
Twenty-six Baker students attended Presidential Prep School at Rishel Jr. High, Saturday morning, April 30. This leadership conference is to instrucl students running for Studenl Council office and for those who wish to work in activities next year.
Those attending were: Michel Dyes (leader of one of the group sessions), Charlene Lopez, Alice Borrego, Charlyne Brown, Nancy Pena, Valorie Wessel, Tim Chacon, Harry Allacher, Hans Krisch, John Morning, Loretta Duran, Linda Cortez, Kathy Tafoya, Gloria Barron, Susan Sawders, Beverly Grube, Sammy Lucero, Judy Tate, Benita Olivas, Loretta Gonzales, Joyce Garcia, Archie LaForett, Joe Thompson, Albert Varoz, Julia Martinez, Rosalie Blea.
St. Joseph's Grade School
St. Joseph's Grade School Spring Carnival, held on April 17, was most successful and our thanks to to all of the readers who helped us in this, project. The following are the prize winners: Loretta Taylor, Patricia Welte, Francis Cordova, Estelle Hayes, Mrs. John Estrada; Carlos, Martinez, Linda Johnson, Clifton Webb, Joseph Garcia, Mrs. Frank Nickolaus, Bob Lujan and Loretta Flynn. The top ticket sellers for these raffles were Estelle Hayes, 1st Grade, and Ronnie Rodriguez, 4th Grade.
* *
Installation of new P-TA officers for both Grade and High School took place May 18 at 7:30 in the Church Hall. As the newly elected grade school president and first vice-president, Mr. and Mrs. D. Petersen are leaving Denver, we are happy to announce that the following have kindly stepped into the vacancies: Mr. Daniel Salazar, President; Mrs. Pauline Koyama, First Vice-President.
There will be a paper drive on the weekend of May 27, 28 and 29. A truck will be parked in the Grade school playground.
On May 29 the sacrament of Confirmation will take place at 4:00 p. m. lor children of the upper grades at St. Joseph's Grade School.
Denver Public Schools Head Start Program
The Denver Public Schools have two Head Start programs going in South Lincoln Park Homes, one at 1017 Navajo and the other at 1201 W. 10th
Avenue. Each location has a morning and an afternoon group, and there is a need far volunteers to help in both programs.
Mrs. Cramer, the teacher at 1017 Navajo, said that the classes have trips twice a mohth. Their last trip was to Miller's Bakery, and six of the mothers went along. At the bakery, each youngster was given a doughnut and each mother a cake.
West High School
Color Day was held May 13, at West. Featured events were a Sox Hop, Costume judging, an assembly and Tract and Field Events in the morning. At 1:30 was the All City Track Meet at South High.
Inge Jeike has been chosen as Editor-in-chief of the next year's Westerner. Others assisting her will be: Christine Purcell, Mary Candelaria, Mer-rilee Pedigeau, Pat Jones, Patsy Chavez, Mary Grader, Chuck Jackson, Steve Teter, Mike Daniels, Helen Carter, Chris Cobo, Harlan Chan, Bill King, Janice Messenger, Mary Metzler, Greg Strausheim,
, Phil Soreide, Ronnie Winters and Karen Zoltenko.
All-school officers, cheerleaders, Senior Class officers and Junior class officers, have/been chosen to represent West next year.
Tom Pagliasotti has been elected to the post of head'boy For n$xt year, with Suzy Rodriquez actirg as head girl, and Kathy Frank; as secretary, 'accompanying him. ' |
West High School's chapter of the National Honor Society has added eleven. names to their rolls, and Spur, five, ;as West's scholastic organizations grow.
Inducted into the National Honor Society were Doreen. Bridgewater, Gary Cochell, Ken Drybread, Kathy Farmer, Charles Halasi, Inge Jeike, Vickr Neighbors, Tom Pagli -sotti, Bryan Story, Cathy Strauch, and Barbara Zdarsky. All are juniors.
Inductees into Spur were: Gary Cochell, Frank Jones, Kathy Kana, Louise Schnars. and Gary Sutton.
* *
All-city sweepstakes honors went to the West High's Rodeo and Westerner staffs at the annual All-City Press Conference held at the University of Denver, April 21. The University of Denver and the Denver Public Schools sponsored the Press Day activities. Judges for Press Day were editors and staff members of the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post
West took the sweepstakes award, compiling 15 points from individual competition. East followed with 14 points and Lincoln third, with 8 points.

On May 20, 7:30 p. m., the West High Alumni are having a get-together in the West High Auditorium.

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Candidates From Census Tracts 19 and 20
Time of election: Tuesday, May 24, 7:00 a. m. 8:30 p. m. Polling place: Evans School, 1115 Acoma Street. Voting foi 2 representatives from the census tract and 7 from the list of agency candidates.
The candidates are:
Joyce Ellsworth 428 W. 13th Ave.
I will try to do my very best.
W.R. Blanton, 1220 W. Colfax I favor Denver Housing Authority taking responsibility for lawn care in the 12 square buildings at Lincoln Park Homes, and I favor city ownership of the Tramway Co.
Frank J. Clay, 1314 W. 10th Now if you elect me I will try-to reprpesent you in bringing such projects and programs that will ben&fif ~~us and improve us based on what you want and need.
Louise Gobleman, 1262 Elati
We sfiall strive to develop j Donald M. Gallegos an organization that will ac- ]237 W. 10th Ave. complish a successful program | elected I will consider my-for job training, remedial edu- sejf a public servant for the
cation, paid work experience, and advancement in social atmosphere.
Sandra Quintanilla 1331 Elati Street Believing in the War on Poverty as I do, I want to give it as much of my time as possible.
Silfred L. Ramos 1333 Cherokee St.
Interested in neighborhood problems, education needs, job training.
. Time of,;election: Tuesday,
May 24, ,7::0b ct.' m. 8:30 p. m.
Polling places.'Greenlee School,
1150 Lipan Street; Lincoln Park .Homes, 1438 Navajo. Voting j schools, for 4 representatives from the Jose 1 Manzanares
entire community on this, the War on Poverty.
Erma Jean Harris,
1228 W. Colfax The West Side needs improvement: let's go out and vote for it.
Carmen Salazar Hodges 1114 Mariposa St.
If elected the welfare and needs of the community will be most important to me.
Larry A. Lucero 1316 W. Colfax I have been working in the field of juvenile delinquency and, as a truant officer for 30 years, in Wofks Progress Ad-minisfratibn (W.P.A.) and in
census tract and 7 from the list of agency candidates.
The candidates are:
Joe Roybal, 1268 Mariposa St.
I just want to say that I do consider myself a public servant for the entire community oh the War on Poverty.
Angelo Sanchez, 1127 Lipan St.
T, as a teen-ager of the Youth Corps, think we should have more health centers, more recreation halls, more jobs for our teen-agers.
Mary Solano, 1470 Osage St.
Being poor like others in the neighborhood, I know the problems and will try to work: with the people.
Perfecto Martinez,
1221 W. 10th Ave.
T will seek action: your wishes are my goals.
Stanley Valdez 1431 Kalamath St.
T will try my best on all problems that come up.
977 Mariposa St.
I, would like to be elected and help everybody that needs it, and T hope to see everybody from our area the 24th of May at the polls.
Alice Martinez, 1359 Navajo I will fight all the way.
Paul Martinez, 1422 Osage St.
If I am elected I will try to help the people with any problems they have and will try to improve recreation programs.
Esterline Stephen, 934 Navajo Knowing that all things are possible with God, with His help would I fulfill my duties as a council member if the people so choose.
James J. Quintana 1322 W. 10th Ave.
I am not promising anything right now because I want you to come to me with your problems and. ideas, because this is for all of us, sp let's work together.
arimrriT Nimia
PRESBYTERIAN Vacation Bible School will be held from June 13 to 24, at the First Avenue Presbyterian Church, for those from preschool age through high school. Daily classes will be 9 to 11:30
The Apostolic Church of Jesus, 1039 West 13th Avenue, has the following programs: The Sewing Circle meets on Tuesday evening at 7:30. Prayer meetings are on Wednesday evening at 7:30 and Bible Study on Friday evening at 7:30. On the last Sunday of each month, thep is an all day Fellowship Meeting and Dinner.
The Wesley Methodist Church wishes to thank their many friends for their participation in the Annual Rummage Sale on May 2. This includes' those that gave us the rummage, those that assisted in the sale and the many folks that purchased items.
iVlrs. L. Estrada, 71 Alcott, Mr. John Roybal, 855 Kalamath, and Mrs. Alice Vasquez, 1037 Kalamath, recently painted, the kitchen of Metropolitan Baptist Church, at West 9th Avenue and Kalamath.
Joyce Ellsworth Sandra Quintanilla Silfred L. Ramos W. R. Blanton
Carmen Hodges Larry A. Lucero Jose L. Manzanares Perfecto Martinez
Open Enrollment Schools
Forms for Limited Open Enrollment for the 1966-67 school year are available at all Denver public schools. Any Denver pupil may apply to attend any Denver school listed as having available space. Parents must provide transportation.
The Limited Open Enrollment plan was one of the recommendations of the Special Study Committee on Equality of Educational Opportunity in the Denver Public Schools and was established by the Board oi Education in 1964. There are 43 schools with available space for the 1966-67 school year. A list may be obtained along with the- form's.
Frank J. Clay Donald M. Gallegos
The Mile Hi Chapter oj the G. I. Forum Had a dance at Third and Acoma on the 23rd of April. It was given to nominate a queen for the coronation to be held later.
The Denver City Dump is now at the old Lowry Bombing Range. The Dump is open from 6 a. m. to 6 p. m. There is no charge to individuals dumping trash.
Mary Solano Stanley Valdez
West Side Catendgr .
Study Hall for Junior High Age7:00-8:30 p. m., First Spanish Methodist Church, 935 W. 11th Ave.
Monday and Wednesday l Typing Class for Adults West High School, 7-9 p.m.
Adult Education, Room 111, Baker Junior High, 7 p. m.
Greenlee School, 7:00 p. m.
Homemaking Class at 1029 Navajo St., 1:30-3:00 p. m. Baby sitting provided.
Sewing Classes for Adults First Avenue Presbyterian Church
9:00 a.m. to noon Auraria Community Center 12:30 3:30 p.m.
Study Hall7:00-8:30 p. m. Welfare Training Center, 646 Delaware Street
Tuesday and Thursday 4-5:30 p. m. After school activities for grades 4 to 6 First Spanish Methodist Church
Study Hall-7:00-8:30 p. m. Lincoln Park Homes,. 1438 Navajo Street
.Wednesday and Friday 9-11:30 a. m. Pre-School, First Spanish Methodist Church
Adult Education Tutorial Program
St. Elizabeth's School 7:30 9:30 p.m.
Adult Night Fairmont Reo-recation Center
May 20West High Alumni meeting, 7:30 p. m.
May 20St.Joseph High School Concert, 7:30 p. m.
May 20Combined band and orchestra concert, Fairmont May 24Westside Action Council elections
May 25Spring Concert, Baker Junior High, 7:30 p.m.
May 27-29St. Joseph Grade School paper drive May 29 to June 4Clean Up-Paint Up-Fix .Up Week, promoted by Denver' Junior Chamber pf Commerce June 11First Free Day at City j Park Zoo'
BYERS BOOK REVIEW Byers Neighborhood Library ,W. 7 th Avenue and Santa Fe Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., 2-5:30 p.m.; Sat. 10 a.m, 12 noon and 1-5:30 p.m. Closed Wednesdays.
A fearless expose of the automobile industry's practices by an author who was so feared by these powerful companies that they attempted to discredit his disclosures.
Headlines in today's papers parallel the claims made in this exposure Of the automobile industry's practices. A chilling eye-opener, the book is in part responsible for the current federal drive for automobile safety standards. Read this and understand the nation's concern.
May, 1966
ft &hopp(Hj lipj.
FARM VACATIONS: If you've got more time than money for a vacation, think about taking your family to a farm this sum* mer. It's relatively inexpensive. You won't need a fancy wardrobe: There are things for the whole fami^y-^a zoo of animals for the kids, swimming, fishing, boating, and hiking. PICK THE PLENTIFUL^. Swing with the supply and demand pendulum during May and save. According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture, there will be lots of raisins, honey,, grape juice and scallops available.
HOW MANY, HOW MUCH. How many seeds you get in a package of lawn seed depends on what seed you buy. And usually the price is pretty much in the same proportion the more seeds, the higher the price. The U. S. Department of Agriculture says that in a one-pound box of Kentucky bluegrass you'll get 2,177,250 tinv seeds (each a potential blade of grass). A pound of red fesCtie contains 544,000 seeds; a pound of ryegrass, 22§,800, y
We read in the' newspapers all about the demonstrations going on about town. The spirit of old still lives in the hearts of Americans today. Someone recently said that the early American rebels were the architects of the freedom our society enjoys today. These rebels had goalsand could foresee a great world before them. We still have rebels and they stand and fight and demonstrate for the same principles. Those that do not back or agree with Mr. Rudolph Gonzales need only remember the builders of this great country. Mr. Gonzales is not looking for fame but his name will go down in history as a man dedicated to his people.
Mary Chavez
The Recorder does not necessarily agree or disagree with the preceding common* by Mrs. Chavez. However, we do agree with our readers* rights to express their opinions on current issues. We are printing this, hoping it will stimulate further discussion and expression of opinions and ideas by our readers. We would welcome letters to the editor and would print those which are suitable and for which we have space. '
In the last issue we paid tribute to some of the volunteers who help make the Recorder possible by aiding; in the distribution of the paper. We began by listing some of the distributors in Census Tract 19, the area north of West 8th avenue and west of Kalamath. Others distributing in that area are: Denver Boys1 Club, MrsUlda Moseley and sons, Mrs. Grade Lofton, Mrs. Florence Joe, Mrs. Paulina Barela, Mr. and Mrs. Edmond LaChapelle.
In .Census Tract 18, north of West 8th Avenue and east of Kalamath, these others donate time and shoe leather to the cause: Frank Dabrowski and daughter, Julian Kreoger, Inner City Protestant Pa-ish. First Mennonite Church, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Trujillo, Ronald Horton, Donald Horton, Anthony Borrego, Mrs. Olga Apple, John Archuleta, Mrs. Benlta Lane and daughters.
Vote May 24