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West side recorder, November, 1967
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Volume 4 Number 7
Monthly Newspaper of the West Side Improvement Association
November, 1967
West High Says:
Dont Drop Out, Work In
Students in the West High area should not stay out pf school just because they feel they : can't afford it. A .work-, study program has been in ef-! iect for over two years .now j which gives students] who show a financial need, up to1 ten -hours of work per week. The ; students earn enough mon-%y to pay their book fees, laboratory fees, class dues, school supplies, and essentially anything else they're required to buy to remain in school.
Students work in non-profit agencies around the city such as any Denver Public School building, the Mariposa Health Center, headstart centers, and edult tutorial programs. Wages are paid by the Denver Public Schools.
To apply for the work-study program, all the student has to do is contact Dr. Rodney Anderson, West High's career counselor. If there is ct financial need, Dr. Anderson will place the student in a job whereby money can be earned to pay for the various school : necessities,,,m ^____U
Over eighty-five West High students are involved in the Work-study program this year indicating there is no; reason to stay home from school because of financial difficulties
In order to provide, a better opportunity for coverage of Christmas programs of schools and churches, the RECORDER will be out on December 15 next month. Get your news in early!
St. Rose's Now Under New Management
St, Rose's Residence, 952 10th Street, is no longer being run by the Franciscan Sisters Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary. It is now under the administration of Mr and Mrs. Daniel O'Brien, of Chicago. Mr. O'Brien has op erated a similar home for women in Chicago for the past several years. Mr. O'Brien said he will continue to operate St Rose's as the Sisters did, with one exceptionhe hopes to begin a new rehabilitation program for the mentally retarded. He has a similar operation in his Chicago home.
Tim Dudley Boy Of The Year
Tim Dudley was'chosen the "Boy of the Year" for the Boys' Club of Denver., Tim -started in the club in 1961 when the Boys' Club opened. He has been in most of the Boys' Club sports and activities. He is now the president of the Keystone Club at Lincoln Park. Tim goes to West High School and is now in the 11th grade.
Tim lives with his parents Sam and Lenore Dudley at 217 W. 9th Avenue. Tim is looking forward in going to college on a scholarship.
Coming Event: Turkey Shoot on Nov. 22 and Christmas Party on Dec. 14th.
We will start selling 1968 cards on Dec. 16. So all boys that want to sleep out can come in and see Mac. Sleep out night is the 15th of December.
Awards Banquet was held on Nov. 14th and 30 boys attended from Lincoln Park Club.
School Bonds Beaten
Catholic Census Being. Held
The Catholic Archdiocese of Denver metropolitan area census started Sunday, Nov. 12, 1967. If you were not at home or work odd hours, please contact the Pastor of your Parish and let him know when you can be reached.
Girl Scout News
Girl Scout Troop 726 'Come to see our play called Hillybilly HouseV' The girls iqf^Siliing tickets for' 75c for adults, 50c for children. There will be games, needlecraft and cake booths. Also many other fun things. Come one, come all! to South Broadway Christian Church, Lincoln and Ellsworth on December 1, 1967 at 8 p.m. These girls are earning money for a trip to Washington, D. C, You can buy tickets at the door.
* * *
More girls are needed in the following troops: (Please notice the areas and time and place of meetings)
(Fairmont area) Brownies (2nd and.. 3rd gradqsj Leader: Mrs. Dorothy Britton, 534-8083. MeetsTuesdays, 3:30 p. m. at 241 W. 4th Avenue
(Greenlee, St. Elizabeth and St. Cajetan area) Juniors 4th, 5th and 6th grades) Leader: Miss Mary Hupp, 733-0598. MeetsSaturdays, 2:30 p.m. at 1438 Navajo St.
(Fairmont, Elmwood and St. Joseph area) Leader: Mrs. Victoria Trujillo, 623-8668. Meets ,S-Fri(iays, 3:30 p.m. at 437 &
; loti1 St.
(Baker, Byers and St. Joseph area) Cadettes (7th, 8th and 9th grades). Leader: Mrs. Dee Mena, 623-1049. MeetsSaturdays, 9:30 a. m. at South Broadway Baptist Church, Ellsworth and Lincoln.
(West High and St Joseph area) Seniors (10th, 11th and 12th grades) Leader: Mrs. Loretta Rhym, 255-4910. Meets Thursdays, 6 p. m. at Auraria Community Center.
Girls or adults who are interested in these troops, call the leader in your area or Mrs Loretta Rhym (255-4910).
Leadership training will be
In September, the Metro Denver Fair Housing Center entered a new phase of total community service by placing one of its housing specialists in each of the Neighborhood Action Centers.
The representative for the West Side area is Mr. Max J. Garcia. His office is in the West Side Action Center at 1042 Santa Fe Drive. Max, age 43, is married arid the fq^er jpf ^o.^cktiic^n^ tHo has served rds-a eortecttondi officer for the. State, of Colorado; Ond immediately prior to joining. the Fair Housing.- Center staff, he was;a placementcOun selor at,/Ihbv-GdldSri' Lookout School for Boys.
Any resident of the.'West Side greet iyho has er housing problem- of > -any^ > type< should contact Mr. Garcia gt "the Gen ter. Already (i mgre than 40
families have : registered' with him for some? type s of housing assistance.:. If you / Have a problem or you know of. some one who does, have, them talk it over with Max. -His phone number is 534-7522.
Denverites went to the polls on Tuesday, November 14, and turned down the School Bond issue by b vote of 43,983 to 20,381. I
As a result, long-needed improvements for West Side! schools will again be put off. The New Elmwood Committee has been working for somej time ,to have the building replaced, concerned about the inadequacy of the old structure lacking a gymnasium and an auditorium. Parents are also unhappy about inadequate lavatory facilities (located in the basement) and about the fact that the children must have lunch on tables just outside of the lavatory.
Fairmont parents have hoped that a proposed new addition would include facilities for a hot lunch program* West Sid-ers also hoped for improvements at West Highenlargement of the site (the smallest for any high school in the city), improvement of the school library: and improvement of athletic and vocational-technical education facilities. Now, all these things will have to wait.
West Siders worked actively fqr^/the bond issue, but it Wasn't enough. The^Wesf Side Improvement Association supported the bond issue, and people in the WSIA, as Well as others in the Elmwood PTA,
Rummage Sale
A Rummage and Bake Sale will be held Saturday, Novem ber 19th, sponsored by the Head Start Center at 228 Elati Time: 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
Money from this event will go towards a Christmas Party and gifts for Head Start chil dren.
Homemade baked items will be. provided for sale by mothers of Head Start children. Any useable items in good condition for the rummage sale can be brought to the Center at 228 Elati for donation or call Bev Russell, 777-7268, to arrange for pick-up.
worked actively in passing out the Improvement Association flyers and talking to voters. Mrs. Ben Hodges coordinated the West I High School area activities of the Citizens Committee for' the Bonds. Parents/ of children at Greenlee, Fairmont and Baker also worked on the campaign. Workers from the West Side Action Center knocked on doors and handed out election material to get the job done. Mrs. Phil Sanchez, for the New Elmwood Committee and the Elmwood PTA, helped prepare the West Side Improvement _Association flier.
Among those who put out time and effort for the bond1 issue in our area are Mrs. Ben-ita Lane, Mr. Salvador Delgado, Mr. Joe Blanscet, Mr. Jerry Soliz, Mrs. Alfonso Borrego, Mrs. C. L. Collins, Mrs. Jane Ramirez, Mrs. Stephania Maj, Mrs. Pete Martinez, Mrs. Jay Martinez, Mrs. Rosalie Padilla, Mrs. C. J. Partney, Mrs. Eunice Sperry, Mrs. Fedelino Chacon, Mrs. Frances Armijo, Mrs. Joe Avila, Mrs. Mary Cruz, and Mrs. Monty Borrego.
In spite of the efforts of all these people and Of West High, students, the bond issue failed. It did hot carry a single precinct in the West Side, though the vote at Elmwood School Was at least close.
More than 40 Denver-area families will telephone free Christmas greetings to relatives in uniform overseas, thanks to the Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO. Calls will be placed free to servicemen in Viet Nam and other points. Anyone with a son, daughter, husband or sweetheart overseas will be considered, "but Mom gets top priority".
Selection will be made by a drawing December 1st, at 11 a. m. at the Denver USO headquarters, d545 Tremont Place, a United Way agency.
Families living in Denver are eligible to enter. They should send their name, address and location of the serviceman they want to call, on a postcard addressed to CWA-USO, "Hi-Mom," 1545 Tremont Place, Denver 80222.
given at Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa. All adults who wish may take this training whether or not they are in a scout troop at this time. Perhaps you may wish to help with a scout troop at some future date. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Loretta Rhym (244-4910) for the date of this meeting.
High Rise Open
The 250 unit apartment house | for senior citizens, A. B. Hirschfeld Towers, at West Ellsworth! and Cherokee, is now open for occupancy. The Hirschfeld j Towers, operated by the Denver Housing Authority, contains 209 buffets, 34 one bedroom units and seven with two bedrooms.
The solariums and lounge areas are well designed and attractive, and the view of the city and the mountains from the upper floors is probably the best in town.
Mr. Leonard Chadwick, previously manager of Lincoln Park and South Lincoln Park, is the manager of Hirschfeld Towers. He reports that occupancy has been proceeding at a brisk pace. Anyone interested in moving to this new development should contact the Denver Housing Authority office, 1449. Navajo, phone 534-0821.
Police Aid
At the meeting of the Lincoln Park-South Lincoln Park Resident Council held November 2 at Auraria Community Center, Sgt. Ford of the Denver Police Department spate and answered questions about police services in the area. He encouraged people who had problems which required police help to call the police. If they cell about a disturbance but do not want police to come to their door, they should say so.
A question was raised as to why police do not do something about teenagers who make loud noise in the play areas in South Lincoln. Sgt. Ford pointed out that to some extent the buildings block noise and that patrol cars going through the area cannot. hear the noise so well. He pointed out the responsibility of citizens to report problems such as this.

Page Two
November, 1967
Sponsored by West'Side Improvement Association
Office: 768 Santa Fe Drive Phone 24$&30l
Editor: Erma Je^v Harris
Assistant Editor:
Jaye Martinez
Staff Reporters:
Margot Serumgard, Mildred Iordan, Juanita Winterhakier
'Jtei$66ai6o*ct JlotcA
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cecil of Denver flew to New York City, the week of Oct. 16th where he attended an American Society Civil Engineers Convention. They were joined in the City by Ed's brother Bill who flew up from Alexandria, Virginia, especially to visit with them a day or two. They are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil ot 814 West 11th Avenue.
Mrs. Henry of 1005 Mariposa Street and children Billy and Juanita have recently returned from a trip to Mexico City.
Mrs. Susan Carr of 1011 Mariposa Street is sick and in St. Luke's Hospital. All neighbors and friends are praying for her speedy recovery.
Mrs. Martinez of 1001 Navajo Street has recently returned from the hospital.
Mr. Walter L. Taylor of 1337 Kalamath Street is in Rose Memorial. Hospital recovering from a recent illness.
Gary and Michael Gregory, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gregory of 1328 West Colfax, will be home for the holidays.
Harold Stancil, son of Mrs. Willa Mae Stancil of 1310 West Colfax, is continuing to improve.
Pfc. Raymond G. Leyva son of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Leyva, of 834 Fox St., is stationed in Viet Nam in Phu Bai. He is a 1965 graduate from West High School and is now with the U. S. Marine Corps.
Tina Carpenter, Dorothy Lil-lich and Barbara visited the Helen Burke home and Roy Winterhalder home recently. They are from Yuma, Colorado.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonzo Martinez of 1378 Mariposa Street had as their guests Sgt. and Mrs. Alfonso Rico. Sgt Rico has just returned from Viet Nam where he has served with the U. S. Marine Corps. His wife is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martinez. There are six children in the Rico family. He will be stationed in, California and will train troops for Viet Nam. He reports that he is very happy to be home with his family.
Miss Helen Cochran, 242 Cherokee, spent the weekend with friendls in Garden City, Kansas.
Mrs. Sonya Edwards of Arvada, the daughter of Mrs. Kalanquiri of 1423 Lipan Street, has been in the Lutheran Hospital for a month.
Mrs. Melvin Wiley was a dinner guest of Mrs. May Day at her apartment at 138 W. 1st Avenue.
Mr. Gerald Glynn of 1253 Kalamath is in Mercy Hospital. He is suffering with a serious arthritic attack.
Mrs. Marie Glynn of 1153 Kalamath spent several days with her daughter Mrs. Betty Dacy and family.
Mrs. Leola Polk of 1153 Inca had a bad fall and broke her arm. After a few days in the hospital she is now staying with friends.
Mrs. Gracie Espinosa of 1470 Navajo Street is home after having surgery .We hope that she continues to improve.
.Mrs. Leland of 1429 Mariposa Street is home after being in the hospital and continuing to improve.
Larry Romero and Elmer Romero, both from the West Side, are in Viet Nam at the present time. Larry is a 1966 graduate of West High. They were both in Germany before.
Bernard (Bemie) Valdez is going to Colorado State College. He was home for the weekend and his family was very happy to have seen him. He is hoping to be a teacher some day and teach at West.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Maberry 308 Inca, are enjoying a motor trip to Farmington, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, to visit their nephew and family and their daughter and family
Anne Molien of Anne's Beauty Salon, 971 Santa Fe, entertained her Samba Group in October. She also reports that she is having her home redecorated.
Mrs. May Day was an overnight guest of Mrs. lone Schroeder of 1454 Columbine. The occasion was a hearty supper followed by a musical and singing program. There were 12 invited guests.
Manuel Perez of 1325 Lipan
| Resident Council
Dance A Success
As many of you read in last month's Recorder, the residents of Lincoln-South Lincoln Park Homes sponsored a dance on Oct. 27, 1967. The dance was a very big success and the j Resident Council would like to j thank all of those people who (helped on this project. The proceeds from the dance will be used to buy candy and goodies for the annual Christmas party for the children of Lincoln and South Lincoln Park.
Among those who worked so hard, for the dance were Mrs. Willa Mae Stancil, who was in charge of the refreshments. Miss Sherry Smith and Mrs. Medrano and her daughter who made the decorations for the dance, and of course the Question Marks, who played and without whom there would have bden no dance.
Jesse and Linda Lujan were married at St. Cqjetgn's Church Saturday, November ll, 1967, at the 10:00. a. m. mass.
YOUNG-CRANE Mrs. Lulu Young, of 241 Inca was imited in mcnfiaWe' to Rev. E. O. Crane on' October 22nd. Mrs. Young's daughter Olethea Boman flew from California to attend the ceremony. She served as her moher's matron of honor. The Rev. Crane's best man was his son-in-law. The happy couple will reside at Mrs. Crane's home.
AHen Paint Supply Go., at 257 Broadway, has completed^ 16 years in the same vloca-tiori, providing all kinds; of paints to homeowners and small contractors. Their retail paint store supplies many national brands at reduced prices. The store can help the buyer get what he wants and save money, because the experienced staff have the knowhow to advise on all paint needs.
Jim Allen, owner of the Allen Paint Supply Co., has been active in civic and neighborhood affairs. He has been a member Of the South Denver Civic Association for fifteen years and is now a member of the Board of the Civic Association. He is also a member of the West Side Improvement Association. Mr. Allen is a booster for the Broadway business area: ''This is the proper area to succeed in the city. You can serve the whole city from a good central location."
Manuel A. Olmedo is now, operating the Santa Fe Shoo Service at 742 Santa Fe Drive-Look igr the Dr. Pepper sign to help you spot it The shop-is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30 to 5:30. The-store is closed' Mondays and holidays. Mr. Olmedo is giving out free ball point pens,, while they last.
Mr. Olmedo brings five-years experience and two-years of training to the business. He is married and has a teen age daughter.
4UttWCI 1967
Rest In Peace
Mr. Leon Rogoff, 68, hus band of Ricci Rogoff, passed { away Nov. 13 at Mercy Hospital. Services were held at Feldman Mortuary and he was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery Street has returned to the ser- Mr. Rogoff owned and oper vice in Germany. He is the nephew of Patsy and Eddie Fresquez of 1215 Lipan Street.
. Rolla Mogensen, the sister of Stella Alstatt of 1229 Lipan Street, is recuperating at Mrs. Alstatt's home. She had been in the hospital over five weeks.
Auraria Neighborhood Group *
On October 25 John Doyle from Baker Junior High spoke with the Auraria Neighborhood Group about school fees, policies and problems. As a result of this meeting, Mr. Edgar Benton of the Denver Schpol Board has been invited to speak to the group on November 29.
November 1st, Mrs. Andy Kahn from Channel 6 came to the meeting to ask the group if they would like to present a skit they had done for the Consumers Fair last spring to be presented' on television. The skit deals with consumer problems. Everyone has at onp time or another had dealings with disreputable stores, high rate loan companies and sales gimmicks. The skit will be presented to the Resident Council on Thursday, December 7th when the skit and the audience will be? filmed for TV. Everyone who lives in Lincoln Park and South Lincoln Park Homes is invited to this meeting.
West Side Action Center
The West Side Action Center has been involved in a number of projects, trying to secure a building for a Teen-age Canteen, helping to set up the Police Community Relations Seminar and working in close cooperation with' the schools on-problems that may arise.
Weekly meetings are held with representatives from all: delegate agencies at Baker Jr... High School every Wednesday at 10:00 a. m. Speakers^.gt
these meetings have included Rolland Osborne of the Secret Service, State Legislci^ tors, Welbom Helty of State Civil Service and others. As a result of these meetings the community is being made .more-aware of what is available to them in the way of employment, civil rights, etc. .The Center was able to help in a limited way some of the strikers; of Sheet Metal Workers Lo~ cal No. 9 with food for their families, and also in asking their creditors to be sympathetic till, the strike was over \yhich it now is.
There is, still a tremendous-, need for food donations. The food bank is empty but the-need increases. If you have-any spare cans of food, the-Center would appreciate your dropping them off at 1042. Santa Fe.
Over 1,000 families have been served since the middle of June and more people are coming in with the addition ot a full time lawyer and a representative of Metro Fair Housing.
j G-.ed the Santa Fe Economy Store in the 800 block on Santa Fe Drive foi 35 years. H-{also owned the Westwood De pciiment Store on Alameda and the Welton Department Store on the 2700 block of Welton. He had made many friends here on the West Side, all those years before closing, I his store on Santa Fe.
Mr. and Mrs. Geary Schad,' He is survived by his wife1 owners of Schad's Market at Hjcci. a daughter Frances Ann W. 11th and Santa Fe, returned a brother Frank from Denver, from a month's vacation in Cal- ? ifomia and Oregon on October 14 and reopened their store |
November 2. They visited Mr. j Economy Store has been great Schad's relatives in Oregon. ly missed by West Siders.
An open letter to the residents of Lincoln-South Lincoln Park Homes:
Many people on the. West Side hgve many comments on variolas events and happenings in their neighborhood. Some have very good ideas on ways to improve the siiitpundiijig; area or for activities that all could enjoy.
Others have questions about welfare, the new Metropolitan College, the police department and- several other things of
community interest. But do we .i . 9____I ., ,_,,7, ,__m
, , FTP fgm o this community a better place
eyer hear from these peopler.. :
No! Why? Because some of * * kPPe n0
Every month the residents of Lincoln South Lincoln Homes have a general meeting, hopefully to get the residents together socially and to discuss any pertinent business that might fee. of interest to the community. Do you go to the meeting? If you do, they're gla So is one night a month too much to give to help make
sister in California and a brother in South America.
Closing of the Santa Fe
them are working or going to school to improve, their incomes, but not all of them! There are a few who are just
The next meeting of the Resident Council will be December 7, 1967 at 7:30 p. m. at
not interested or can't be both-' Auraria Community Center, ered coming to meetings i 1212 Mariposa Street, where their ideas and sugges- j&M ^ bring a friend, lions would be heard and ex-
ploired; I ; An interested neighbor

November, 1967
Page Three
St. Cajetan
PTA held Its monthly meeting on Nov.' 16th at 7:30 p.m. in the church basement.
* *.
The people who wish to see the pupils who performed their dance for the Catholic Education Convention last Tuesday w*ll have ah opportunity next month. The date for this performance will be announced.

Catechism classes are held on Saturday from 9:00 to 10:00 for all Children attending public schools. Please send your children if you wish them to receive the proper preparation for receiving the sacraments.
"Sing Out 1968" was the answer last fall when teachers at Greenlee Elementary School, searched for a community relations program to represent best the heterogeneous backgrounds of students attending the school.
Mrs. Joyce Davis, music teacher, and Mr. Michael Connors, sixth grade teacher., collaborated to produce the program which, since the first of the year, has been featured at churches schools, May D&F, and at the opening of the Auraria Community Center.
Connors wrote the script and Mrs. Davis directs and plays the piano for 120 sixth graders and 45 fifth-grade- members of an after-school chorus. Miss Margaret Casey, physical education teacher, plays a guitar accompaniment.
First produced by a group ol Michigan college students, different versions of the "Sing Out" have, been presented. by Denver junior and senior high schools. Greenlee is the only Denver elementary school giving such a program.

On Monday, November 13, two assemblies were held at Greenlee Elementary School in observance of Veterans' Day. A 30-minute film portraying the history of our flag was shown by members of the United States Marine Corps. This was followed by the presentation of a new United States flag to each classroom. The flags were presented to student representatives from each room by Mr. Jim Eakins on behalf of the American Legion.
Baker Recreation
The Denver City and County Parks and Recreation Department offers a complete rec reation program from 3:45 p.m to 8:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Come and join the fun-basketball, volleyball, kick-ball, dddgeball, eto., at Baker Recreation Center. Held in the girls' gym. Funr-Fun-Fun l
HL pfPf
Left to right: Linda Santistevan,
Virginia Garcia was crowned queen by Father Nugent.
First runner-up was Gloria Avila and second runner-up Linda Santistevan. Virginia is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Garcia of 458 Inca Streett
Virginia biarcia and Gloria Avila
Lincoln Park Resident Council
The Resident Council of Lincoln and South Lincoln Park Homes wouldTlike to welcome their new manager, Mr. William L. Ratzlaff. We also would like to welcome all of our new residents.
The Resident Council would like to thank Sgt. Bill Ford cf the Denver Police Department for being our guest speaker at our last meeting.
The Resident Council would like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.
Baker Junior High
Frances Casados Bernice Montoya '";Denise Owens
Students of Baker Junior High School are selected for hie Achievement Roll. The students are recommended by their teachers on the basis of attendance, citizenship and achievement in their .class work.
7th Grade Judy A.. Bqrgas Marie Boninez Nelly Fullwdod Louise Gallegos -Paula Martinez fosse Papilla
Rebecca Padilla Arturo Salas Carol Schofield ,
Frank Salman Rose Tafoya Beyerly Trujillo Yen. Yen Yin 8 th Grade Mike Apodaca
Rosemarie Rogers Sally Sandoval Jeanne Silva Davey Smith
9ih Grade
Rosalyn- Gaffney Y olanda.. Go. .legos lyjike Herrera Sidney Angelo Nancy Carter Elizabeth Delgado Patricia Lehman Gloria Maestas Garfield Martinez Jane Padilla Linda Reynolds Mary F. Rogers Rudolph Romero Linda Vigil
St. Elizabeth's
As many of you may already know, Congress is currently in debate over the amount af funds that should be given the Office of Economic Opportunity (O.E.O.) to continue to fight the war on poverty.
As a division of O.E.O., VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) is one of the agencies that is suffering because of the difficulties in passing the appropriation bill.
Congress was supposed to have passed the final budget bill by June 30, 1967, at which time the budget from last year expired The bill was delayed and emergency money was extended to enable all agencies to continue working.
On November 3, 1967, the VISTA's in Denver were notified that this emergency advance had run out as of Oct-23, 1967, and not to expect any further food' and living allowance until Congress passed the final appropriation bill.
The VISTA's have been waiting anxiously for news, but as of this writing nothing more is known about when funds will again be available. During this time, the VISTA's sent a telegram to President Johnson re-stating our dedication! and saying that with or without' food allowances we will stay with our projects, even if it meant getting part-time jobs so that we can pay our expenses.
Previously VISTA's received a monthly food and lodging allowance plus $75.00 a month, minus taxes, for personal expenses.
!; Smce this emergency has occurred. many people have come forward and offered assistance: and for this we are very grateful.
On behalf of the VISTA's, i especially those on the West Side, I would like to say thank you for all your thoughtfulness and generosity.
Bee Wales, VISTA.
Sunday, Nov. 19, the Feast of Saint Elizabeth, there will I be a pancake breakfast at 8:30 a.m. Adults $1.00, children
Lincoln Park Senior Citizens
On October 7, 1967, five Neighborhood Law Services offices officially opened in Denver's neighborhood Action Centers to provide free, legal services and advice to indigent persons.
These offices are funded by a grant from the Office of. Economic Onporiuhity and will constitute a significant addition to the local war on poverty program administered by Denver Opportunity.
Douglas D, Dorine is the attorney at the West Side Action Center, 1042 Santa1 Fe.
Four interesting dates were scheduled for the Lincoln Park Senior Citizens Club during October. On the 3rd, thirteen of the ladies met for lunch and spent the afternoon sewing large terry-cloth feeding bibs which will be donated to the Veterans Hospital in November.
On October, 18, twenty members sat down to luncheon at tables decorated with, autumn flowers. Mrs. Georgia Caywood, 1476 Navajo St., and Mrs. Marie Benabeles,. 1216 W. Colfax Ave., applied for membership, and were given a hearty welcome. The lunch and business session were followed by a discussion of medicare, led by Mr. Baker of the Denver office of the Social Security Administration.
A group of fifteen Lincoln Park Seniors attended the dedication ceremonies of the A. B. Hirshfeid Towers, the Denver Housing Authority's new high-rise apartment building at
Cherokee St. and Ellsworth. A number of seniors from Lincoln Park Homes have applied for apartments in this building. Mrs. Sue Wonner and Mrs. Dagmar Christiansen, both of 1319 W. 13th Ave., Mrs. Clara Vanciel, 1426 Osage St., and Mrs. Rose Adams, 1429 Mariposa, were among the earliest applicants and moved the first week in November.
Halloween was celebrated by the Lincoln Park Seniors with an afternoon party in the Library room of Auraria Community Center. Twenty members and twelve guests were present. A buffet of assorted sandwiches, cakes, and coffee was served. A beautiful cen-
under 12 yrs. old Elizabeth's School.
50c at St.
Christmas cards are on sale after each mass at St Elizabeth's Church by the PTA.
VISTA's without income be^ cause of problems with Congressional funding are eligible for food stamps, to be purchased at 1360 Speer Blvd.
St Joseph Elementary School
There is a good school spirit at St. Joseph Grade School this year, and the football teams are the reason. The grade school sports program is supervised by Rev. Raymond G. Steward, C. Ss. R. Father Stewart encourages all the bOys to participate in athletics.
The midget team which includes cdl the playere in the first six grades played a tough schedule. They were coached by Mr. Dan Vicdpando, and Mr. Thomas Martinez. We thank these generous men for working with our beginners:
St Joseph is very proud of their 7th and 8th grade team. These boys played the regular season undefeated with a rec-
r . , , ord of six wins' and. no losses,
terpiece of handmade paper This eamed fQr ^ cham_
flowers was arranged by Mrs,, pionship of the central division Elsie Lilienthal. A thirty min- in the Junior Parochial League ute documentary film of histor- and their first new trophy in
ic Central City was shown 119 Years. In the play-offs .. ! , ,, , , ,. for city championship, St. Jos-
following the buffet, and a finished third place,
ly game of "White Elephant a Joseph honors thes0 boys
bingo completed the afternoon, who represented their school on
the championship teams: Jerry Martinez, Joseph Romero, Charles Candelaria, Dick Yrib-ia, John Wickersham, Raul Ponce, Anthony Martinez, Via Kolenc, Ben Duran, Fil Mae?* Richard Ramirez, Marty Caso-la, Neil Choquette, Robert Lovato, Nick Avila, John Barcelona, Rene Huerena, Ton* Gomez, Gib Duran, Jerry Johnson and Dan Ruybal.
The mothers of all the players will sponsor a banquet in the next couple of weeks for the boys. At the banquet; the new trophy will be presented to the team, and "J" awards will be given to the players.
The girls are also included in our fight for the championship. The cheerleaders and th pep club, are under the direction of Sister Mary Christopher, R. S. M. They traveled to all the games to cheer their team, making the. sports program an all school project. Both the team and the pep club are looking forward to the basketball season and more success*

Page Four
November. 1967
I Welcome to
4- Wesley
Methodist Church * 5th' and Galapago
Sunday School 9:45. Church 11:00. Rev. James E. Hall, 222-3337.
Many thanks to our West Side friends and neighbors for the beautiful floral pieces, sympathy cards, phone and personal calls at the. time of my sister Hilda A. Johnson's death. Your kindnessis deeply appreciated.
Olga M. Apple
The Recorder is now car-j rying classified advertising at the following rates: 30c I per line, $.50 minimum. Box I 50% extra. Bold face35c j a line.
Ads must be brought to the office of the' West Side Recorder, 768 Santa Fe Drive, by the 10th of each month. Payment for the ad must be made at the same time the ad is brought In.
The Recorder is offering this service to the community feeling that it will be useful to our readers.
SPECIAL EVENTS Nov. 18Bake and Rummage Sale, 228 Elati, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Sponsored by Elati Head Start Center
Nov 19St. Elizabeth Pancake Breakfast. Adults $1}.00, children under 1250c.
Nov. 19Public Meeting sponsored by Crusade for Justice at 360 Acoma, 2 to 5 p. m. Topic: "Police Brutality." Nov. 22Turkey Shoot, Lincoln Park Boys' Club, 910 W. 8th Ave.
Nov. 29'Greenlee School Parent Conferences 3 to 5 p.m. Nov. 30-^-Father-Mother Night, 228 Elati, 7 to 8:30 p m. Head Center
Dec. 1Girl Scout play" Hilly-billy House" 8 p. m. at South Broadway Christian Church, Lincoln and Ellsworth. Adults 75c, children 50c.
Dec. /Resident Council Meeting, 7:30 p. m. at Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa Street Dec. 14--Christmas Party, Lincoln Park Boys' Club, 910 W. 8 th Ave.
ft 't school activities. Baker Recreation Center, 3:45 p.m. to :8 p.m., Monday through Fri-'day. Basketball volleyball, Ikickball, dodgeball, etc.
St. Cajetan catechism classes for public school children, Saturdays 9:00 a. m. to 10:00 a. m.
GREENLEE PARENT CONFERENCES Greenlee School will have parent conferences from 3 to 5 p. m., Wednesday, November 29. These conferences will take the place of a PTA meeting this month.
W. 7th Ave. & Santa Fe Drive
Mon., Tues.,* Thurs., Fri. 2-5:30 p.m. Sat. 10 a.m.-12 noon and 1-5:30 p.m. Closed Wednesdays.
There is a harvest of fascinating new books at Byers Neighborhood Library for your November reading. Here are some samples:
TURNED ON by Dick Schaap. A report of icy -precision gives a glimpse into the chilling world of the drug society of the wealthy. Interesting and easy to read, it's well worth the time!
NIGHT PASTORS by Stanley G. Matthews. Dramatic stories of ten of America's tough, new breed of dedicated ministers and priests whose "churches" are bars, gambling casinos, nightclubs, and the dark city streets.
Elati Parents Night
Father and Mother Night will be held Nov. 30th at 228 Elati Street from 7 to 8:30 p. m. Parents of children in Head Start are cordially invited to attend.
WESLEY METHODIST Christmas is an important event in the life of any church. At Wesley Methodist we will celebrate Christmas with two special programs. On December 17th which is Sunday evening, our youth will present a Chr".'.tmas p. oqram and our choir will sing, his will r'ait at 7:00 p. m. and the public is invited; On Sunday. Lo-cember 24th, we will have a Christmas Eve Candle Light Service,' with a special Christmas Communion and special music. This will start at 7:30 pirn. Everyone is welcome.
9th & Galapago Tel. 244-2636
Staff: Harlan Beach, Mctrilou
Taggart, Janet Brett, Cathy
Community Meetings and Worship Services 9:00 Wednesday mornings.
Nov. 22Thanksgiving program
Nov. 29Education in the Inner City
Dec. 6Councilman Edward Burke
Family Nights
A program of recreation and entertainment for the whole family. 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month 7-9:30 p.m. Rummage Sale
Tuesday 9:00 a. m.-12:00 noon, Wednesday, following community meeting Playschool for 3 year olds Tuesday through Friday, 9:30-11:30 a. m.
Sewing Classes Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-11:30 a. m.
Nurses' Health Services Friday 9:30 a. m.-12 noon Children's Hour For children ages 6-10 Saturday 10:00 a. m. 12 noon
Please call the Parish for information about other programs for elementary and junior high children. All people in the community are welcome.
Robert Flynn. A comic, and sometimes .fragie, novel about a few of the wonderful misfits,! | and dreamers who drive longhorn cattle from Texas to the railhead in Kansas. This is the history of our own legendary West.
VALENTINA by Evelyn Anthony;' A strange and exciting love, story of Napoleon's in: vasion of Russia. .
MY BROTHER TOM'by James Aldridge. Deep insight and ironic wit help tell, a tender love story set in the Australian countryside.
A TREASURY OF AMERICAN FOLKLORE -edited' by Benjamin A. Botkin. A fresh and unusual collection of five hundred American stories and o-ver one hundred songs. There are many more new books with tempting titles waiting for you! Open the pages and! reap your own harvest of pleasure.
November Food Buys. Turkeys are featured on the November plentiful foods list; .according to the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Also plentiful are broiler fryers, pork, dry split peas, potatoes, and grape juice.
MAKE-YOUR-OWN CASSEROLE GUIDE Colorado Dairy Council A leftover plan
Leftovers can be combined easily and quickly with cooked crumbled hamburger to make a tasty "new" dish.
In a skillet, cook Vz cup chopped onion' until golden. Crumble and brown 1 lb. ground beef. Combine the following in a casserole dish and bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 25 minutes or until heated through. Makes 4-5 servings.
1 cup cooked rice
1 cup cooked' green beans
2 (8 oz.) cans) Tomato Sauce with cheese
Vz teaspoon Oregano
Salt and Pepper to taste
Top with crushed crackers, com chips, or grated cheese.
CAN SUBSTITUTE; noodles, macaroni, spaghetti, hominw) (Vegetables such- as celery.-peas, carrots, spinach.) (Meats such as chicken, turkey or ham)
West Side Church Directory
CHURCH OF GOD 5th and Fox Street Phone 244-2339 Rev. Leroy Vance Sunday Service, 11.
7:30. Sunday School. 10.
Young People's Endeavor Friday, 7:30 i p. m.
Primera Iglesia Bautista 910 Kalamath Street Rev. Salvador Cano Sunday Service, 11, 6:30. Sunday School. 10.
Denver Inner City Protestant Parish
910 Galapago Street Phone 244-2636
Rev. Marilou Taggart, Director Harlan Beach,
Part-time minister Janet Brett,
Administrative Secretary Church Services: Thursdays, 7:30 p. m.
Church School and Junior Choir, Saturdays, 10::0Q a. m. No Sunday Services.
Apostolic Church of Jesus 1039 W. 13th Avenue Rev. Toby Rarapa Phone 244-2765 Sunday School, 9:30 a. m. Sunday Morning Worship, 10:30 a. m.
Sunday Evening Worship 7:30 p. m.
Wednesdays: Bible Study 7:30 p.m.
ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN West 3rd Ave. arid Acoma Phone 733-3777 Paul G. Hansen and Roger A. Stiers, Pastors
Services: Sunday 8:30, 11:00 a. m., 7:00 p. m,
Sunday 'School: 9:45 a. m.
ST. JOSEPH'S REDEMPTORIST CATHOLIC CHURCH W. 6th Ave. and Galapago St Phone 534-4408
Rev. James J. Nugent, C. Ss. R. Pastor
Services-^Sunday Mass:' 6
7, 8:30, 10, 11:30.
Holy Day schedule: 6, 7,< 8, 9, 12:15 and 5:30 p. m.
Elati Head Start
Recently Head Start children of morning and afternoon classes at 228 Elati and their mothers and teachers took a trip to the City Park zoo. Transportation was provided by volunteers who drove them to the park by car. Lunches were taken and eaten at the park where the children especially enjoyed a visit to the Children's Zoo. Head Start teachers and aides who went along on this trip were Miss Ogata, Mrs. Keller, Miss Norman, Mrs. Lopez and Mrs, Martinez.
* *
The Halloween Party for the morning classes of Head Start at 228 Elati was an event greatly enjoyed by the children. Mothers provided trick or treat bags filled with apples, cookies, and popcorn balls for the costumed children and joined with thetn in playing games.
ST. CAJETAN 9th and Lawrence Phone 825-8059 Father Max Santamaiia,
SericesSunday Mass: 7:00, 8:30, .10:30, 12, 7_p. m.
Holy Days6:30, 8:30, 10:30, 7:00.
FIRST SPANISH METHODIST 935 W; 11th Avenue J Phone 255-6152 Rev. Thomas Sepulveda Sunday School: 9:45 a.m. Sunday Service: 11' a.m.
First Avenue Presbyterian 120 West 1st Avenue Phone 777-5325 Rev. A. J. Blomquist Sunday Service, 11 a.
6:30 p, m. ,
Sunday School 9:45.
APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH 1000 Kalamath Street Phone 255-3215 Rev. Leroy Toews ServiceSunday: 11, 7:00. |
Sunday School9:30.
ST. ELIZABETH j 11th and Curtis Streets ( < Phone 255-9556 Rev. Fabian Flynn, Pastor Services-Sunday Mass: 6* 8, 9:15, 11, 12:15.
Holy Days: 6, 7, 8, 12:15, 5:45 p.m.
Confessions: Saturdays 4 to 5 p.m. and 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.
ST. PETER'S EPISCOPAL 126 West 2nd Avenue Phone 722-8781 Rev. David Minton Holy Communion, 8:00 cun Sunday School 9:30 a. m. Sunday Service 11:00 a m.
Rev. O. L. Crager Phone 722-4888 Sunday servicesll.
Sunday School, 10:00 q.m.
Iglesia Betel De Las Asam-bleas De Dios
West 2nd Ave. and Fox St. Rev. Mike A. Salazar, Pastor ServiceSunday, 10:00 and 7:30 p. m.
FIRST BETHANY LUTHERAN 215 West 5th Avenue Phone 825-4862 Rev. Fred A. Bloch Sunday Service, 11. 1
Sunday School 9:30.
WEST SIDE CHRISTIAN 668 Inca Street Phone: 623-3419 Ronald D. Cook, Minister Services: Sunday Worship 10:10 and 7:00 p. m.
Bible School: 9:00 a. m.
WESLEY METHODIST 465 Galapago Street Phone 222-3337 ' I
Rev. James E. Hall Sunday Service, 11.
Sunday School 9:45.
FIRST MENNONITE CHURCH 885 Delaware Street Phone 2442093 Rev. Marcus Bishop Rev. John Ventura Sunday Service9:00; Spanish Service 11:15; Sunday School 10:00; Evening Service 7:00.